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tv   News  RT  December 8, 2021 3:00am-3:31am EST

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ah, ah, joe biden is accused by republicans of surrendering to vladimir putin by dropping russia punishments from a defense bill. while democrats drafting what they all touting has been the mother of old sanctions targeting. moscow comes after the president of russia and the united states. how crisis talks triggered by tensions of ukraine? in other news, we speak to an african family who found the last toddler during august celtic us withdrawal, when desperate parents were handing their children to western soldiers in the bid to get them out of afghanistan. and do it suddenly i saw this baby on the ground crying in pain was too hot and the baby was just wearing a shirt. so it was difficult for me to leave him that germany bands, they unvaccinated from public places from wednesday,
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including paul's public transport and sport events, meaning a 2nd blessed the merry christmas in a row for many in the country. ah . oh hi, good morning. thanks for joining me. this is ante international. joe biden has been branded, spineless for not pushing forward with sanctions that target brushes north stream to gas pipeline to germany. most vocally, the criticism came from republican senator ted cruz this calamitous foreign policy disaster is joe biden. spot this is the direct consequence of joe biden, surrendered of lad. amir potent on nord stream. to the tirade came as the draft
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u. s. defense budget for next year moved up to the senate. a number of anti russian measures were dropped in the house. and this previous form, the billet included the ban on americans buying russian debt and sanctions on the stream to the senate will vote on the defense budget next week. on t america spends one says the removal of sanctions from the bill indicates that the u. s. president simply doesn't want them that the fairly big deal. consider the fact that obviously when the house version was written, as you mentioned, these sanctions were included, the senate version, they're not included. that's something called reconciliation, where essentially the bill has to match. and so it looks like those stations won't be there, which means that the biden administration is actually cutting ties with a lot of the rhetoric of the democratic party right now in the u. s. which is insistent upon having these kinds of sanction built into the u. s. defense spending bills. and it's pretty significant for a couple of reasons. one is because the president himself has been indicating for some time that he does not want to continue to push forward on sanction, specifically over nor stream to because of pressure. he's getting from germany,
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the germans don't like this idea. remember, this is not a unilateral measure on the russian part. russia and germany together are saying we want the pipeline. russia says we want to send oil in natural gas that pipeline. germany says we desperately need oil in natural gas pipeline. but it does as you know, all go back to this issue of ukraine. the idea is that by russia bypass the ukraine, that somehow this will be harmful to ukraine, or they'll be able to have greater leverage over ukraine. and so the rhetoric doesn't necessarily match the reality, and again, you have to sovereign nation insisting that this is something they both want and both need. and i think the u. s. a finally backing away from this idea that they now recognize they can't stop it from happening. now it comes up to the russian in u. s. lead is it held online, crisis talks as tensions over ukraine and nato expansion mounted after some initial pleasantry spot. and apparently ramped up talk about sanctions against russia in case of war. the more on how the meeting went down state side. his kellum open here
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is what we heard from the biden administration. they talked about how biden raised concerns about the build up of russian forces near the border with ukraine and from there, talked about how the united states and its allies would respond with decisive economic and other measures if there was a military escalation. now biden called on to de escalate and to return to diplomacy. and he instructed the respective teams to continue dialogue on ukraine the same time we did hear from the national security advisor, jake sullivan. we still do not believe the president putin has made a decision. what president inviting did today was laid out very clearly the consequences if he chooses to move that, you know, seems to fly in the face of some remarks that we've heard from other us officials. there are new sanctions to be imposed on russia that are currently in the work. these are not run of the mill sanctions. what is being discussed is at the maximum
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end of the spectrum, or as i have call that the mother of all sanctions. so there seemed to be a desire on everyone's part for today's meeting to result in a de escalation. however, this hasn't stopped united states from talking of these new sanctions, and it hasn't stopped us media from playing up. this idea that there is somehow a russian threat or russian aggression. so quite an interesting day, we're waiting for more information from both sides about what went on in the meeting between the 2 leaders. well, thanks as they remain a central to live u. s. foreign policy with the u. s. under sect, under secretary of state for political affairs, victoria milon, once again threatening russia with heavy economic punitive measures what we are talking about would amount to essentially isolating russia completely from the global financial system with all of the fall out that that would entail for russian business for the russian people for their ability to,
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to work and travel and trade. washington is also just rubs china up the wrong way by imposing a diplomatic boy carson. the upcoming winter games also imposed penalties recently on 14 officials and 4 entities in iran and syria over alleged rights abuses. we discussed the role and impacts of american sanctions with a panel of guests who agreed on the destructive nature essentially got. you've got a view of it and walk into the u. s. american exceptionalism and, and supremacy. and they are basically, they're, they're, they're doing whatever they can do, you know where we're married, it's a very arrogant, aggressive policy. and they use the sanctions. and if it really is a means to destabilize other countries, sovereign nations and create economic hardships early, why do you think america is threatening to sanction russia for something that a has not happened and b will not happen according to the criminal. but i think in
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one way the political move out on that side. the other part is that we need it. we need a bogeyman and i think partially, there were luther are in once it's kind of like a rabid dog. you know, you start to lash out in, in different ways, trying to protect yourself. and the only one problem we have is the thinking is this kind of destructive approach to international relations. but it's, it's just so silly because ultimately you saw enough the brand he was sitting on. how do you think the continental united states is going to survive? if it makes a devastated mess of the rest of the world? do you think any western power seriously believes russia is about to invade ukraine? you know, it's hard to understand the logic. what could moscow stand to gain from, from starting a war? well, i think that the western governments do well know that this is
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a rather blame game. they make the public belief that russia is a real threat to the ukraine at the moment. russia is really in defense because they have to fear that a ukraine will become a part of the nato alliance. and this is, of course, a major threat to the geopolitical setting of russia. cutting russia or. busy from swift would be the most extreme of measures deployed yet it help into iran, devastated the economy there. is there any chance of washington pursuing what's being called a nuclear option based on their questionable diplomats that they potentially good. i would think be very unwise move. very little impact, i think internally, externally it would, it would kind of back fire. i would think rub europeans would be very strongly lobbying against such an action. and if you're going to set off to do something
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like that, presumably not the goal. well, let's just like opening a black hole up under the international banking system. we're seeing what's happening and showing with a grunt warbling in the property market, possibly going down the drain. and that's going to pull down the western banking system, potentially germany is rolling out new coven rules that become active from wednesday. the measures severely restrict the unvaccinated banning them from using public transports. and from going to balls and sporting events, and with christmas just around the corner, it could mean another festival low for businesses around the country. each of oliver explains the measures being brought in and the potential impact the new measures which come into play on wednesday. it going to cause quite a bit of disruption to anybody looking to go for a christmas drink as only those that have been vaccinated or can prove that they've recovered a going to be admitted to pubs and bars. you'll also only be able to have
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a drink while seated. that sounds the rules are designed to prevent people from standing too close to one another. the aim is to get to the point where it is okay to sit down to eat or drink something, but then there shouldn't be any wild standing around without any distance. we have had similarly designed regulations in the past, although they prefer a wild nights than just a few drinks with friends. things are also set to change berlin's might. club scene is world renowned. in fact, bill in tech knows currently applying for unesco world heritage status. but while you will be able to enter clubs, that will be mo, dancing under the new rules. anyone using public transport will have to show proof of vaccination recovery or a valid negative test that includes those standing at the platform. for any want going to sporting events, a maximum of $5000.00 will be allowed into outdoor stadiums and berlin, which will affect the capitals to elite football teams. union and heather. we need
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the significance reduction because we can see the events isn't the only place people end up mixing in close proximity. there's public transport and the sausage, stunned after the game. christmas markets are only accessible with either print for vaccination or that you've recovered from coven 19 to g. as it's known here in germany and market stalls, i've seen a drop off in customers. it's a scene repeated not only in berlin, in mecklenburg, for manya in the north. sven works as a baker who sells his traditional stolen at christmas markets in the region. the drop off in customers because of restrictions means he selling considerably fewer of this batch worth some 10000 euro 9 way spin snow to the blast for open air settings is completely beyond my comprehension. customers think the same. the kids had fun in the fresh air at the christmas party, but they weren't allowed on any merry go round. were fairies will without their
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paris. i think that sad. i think it must requirement like last year would have been enough money. we tried to sell our christmas cake stolen on line. now. businesses and other shoppers buy a lot of stolen from us. when asked about government hell, he isn't convinced enough is being done with the broader quick question, the bridge in eighty's, more hassle than it's worth christmas markets are worth around 5000000 euro to the german economy. this is of course the 2nd year that they faced disruption because of cov, at 19 german ministers. expect that the peak of this 4th wave of the virus is going to hit pretty soon. and these markets are going to face even more disruption because of restrictions that are being put in place. peter, all of a r t, berlin store is coming out of afghanistan now off to negative. this will know office a ray of hope during last summer's u. s. troop withdrawal,
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the world was moved by scenes of desperate parents passing their babies over to western soldiers. and over the cobble apple fence, pleading with them to get them out of the country. not all those children did manage to get out and some it seems. were lost in the celtic crowds of fling afghans their fates, in some cases remains unclear. but marty did speak. so a family that says it found one abandoned baby amid the man of yeah, the family says that the child was in such a bad condition that they had to take him to the hospital. i think he was a little over just a month old and they found in again in the name mohammed and silently grown to love him so much so that they would actually be willing to take him in permanently if the real parents aren't that much. as we shall, it was late at night when my brother asked me to help him drive to the airport when he was leaving for the us. when we were there, there was
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a big crowd and chaos. everyone was pushing to get inside the airport. suddenly i saw this baby on the ground crying in pain. it was too hot and the baby was just wearing a shirt. i was confused. you see, i am a father and i love my children. so it was difficult for me to leave him there. he was dying, so i decided to pick him up. then i moved to each family i saw in the airport and showed them the baby and asked them whether the baby belonged to them. then i asked each mother there to feed him because he was hungry, but no one agreed, his condition was deteriorating, so i took him to some water and put it on his body, washed him and changed his nappy. i waited until 4 pm to find his parents, but couldn't. i had just one bottle of water and i gave him a few drops when he was crying. because he was hungry, i was worried because his condition was not good. it was too hot and he was lying under the scorching heat of the sun. then i contacted my wife and told her that my brother had already left. but i'm still stuck here because of
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a baby. i told her we are humans and i can't leave this baby alone here while his parents are missing. i also told my brother to leave, but i had to stay until i found the missing parents. while many children are believed to be reunited with their parents, it isn't always the case. the mother and father of one boys though desperately trying to find him with a number of organizations helping. his name is so hail, ark, muddy. he was passed over the fence during evacuations at campbell airport, so hells parents fled to the us. his father says he worked as a security guard at the u. s. embassy in afghanistan for 10 years, and he has a picture of him coming up on the right of the screen. now the picture on the left, that is the found boy by the john family. we can confirm it here, but it is hope the man, if i be the same child will try to establish whether that is the case and let you know how things turn out. of course, that little boy wasn't the only one the stunned it. thousands of people fling the taliban in afghanistan were allegedly left behind with no help from the british
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foreign office. mainly because of a lack of staff that sir the accusation coming from a civil servant whistle blower in a damning report in which he says that even pets were given priority passage out of cobbler. i estimate fewer than 5 percent of these people have received any assistance. it is clear that some of those left behind have since been murdered by the taliban. her majesty's government therefore transported animals which were not at risk of harm at the direct expense of evacuating british nationals and people at risk of imminent murder. including interpreters who had serv, with the british army or the civil servant question. also claims that there were thousands of letters with calls for help. the majority were completely ignored. downing street denies the allegations and has called them entirely untrue. the deputy prime minister who was then foreign secretary says that the government was doing everything. it could, i regularly checked that we were properly resourced. we did everything we could,
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but you have found that some form of process again, otherwise you're not going to be letting those who are most at need of your help. we're talking about a guy who left university an answer to civil service. who's got no knowledge of the grind, wisconsin or no knowledge of mine. we rehearsed 15th surgeon. we're going to rehearse over 2030 to the next 5 years us 3030. now because we employed a guardian surgeon, musket, austrian, and anything the afghans was, they asked us to go as a coalition. if god was found to help them fight the tomahawk. we went there. we were, if you were by the afghan people, we were here that we were spot on. we had the tan, both taliban get paid to shoot against. we were abused. the afghan courts refused to acknowledge biometrics on dna, not a single telephone. went to jill. and it was a corruption after corruption. we do not owe afghans a single thing with a spy, that a former african interpreter we spoke to says in comparison with other countries,
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evacuations. the okay, definitely mishandled the crisis. it was a very current situation in afghanistan. it was a chaos. however, it could have been managed much, much better way to, to recreate as many of those partners and interpreters or, or who have served the british government in frontline, in the past 20 years in war against terrorism. however, all those who are trying to reach people in the government, they are they, the response was very slow and for many it was too late. i've provided a list of almost 700 of those. i'm very in need of partners of us. so pretty much are they, the government has do not have an excuse of not processing beard applications. as soon as possible. you can evacuation process was much, much poorer. i managed, compared to many other european countries, and we've contacted the british foreign office about the whistle blows,
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claims we await their response. fisher staying without international loss. one is coming up after the show back. ah, the world is driven by dreams shaped bankers and those with dares sinks. we dare to ask all when i was shown seemed wrong when i
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just don't hold any world yet to see how disdain becomes the advocate an engagement, it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah ah, welcome back. a russian village in the oral tiger, also known as the russian area. 51 is the source of many myths and legends. locals claim they live in a place of strange powers abnormal activity, and even u. f. o landings on the $100000.00 tourists visit the place every year to see for
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themselves. at his constantine rush, cough went along are right in front of russia's area, $51.00, and nonetheless zone in the year old taiga, that according to forbes, is among the 8 best places in our planet to hon for extra to rest her. it are numerous reports of mysterious fine objects of different sizes and forms rolling balls and human shape figures. there are people who claimed that they felt like they're floating in the air or heard some weird out of the world. sounds well, it's more in this area. well, to be honest with you, i take these stories with renaissance yet this place does have something special about it. there used to be a pagan, altered, an iron mill, a good la cam, and now is just an unassuming russian village in the middle of nowhere that still keeps fascinating people from across the world. ah, my lord came into prominence in the late 19 eighties, thanks to so he a geologist,
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immune by judith who had allegedly discovered a large circular impression and no, he couldn't find a better explanation than that. it was a u. f o landing site direct. now we're hen, we're to said to be one of the most active parts of the ha malika anomalous own. and we're gonna repeat an experiment held by a group of you fully just a few years ago. what they did was they put a watch into a thermos bottle and then they left it. and when they came back, they found a wash, still taking only it was 5 hours 26 minutes behind, as if time stopped inside the thermos back bottle. so i'm going to do the same thing with my watch. and i said, well, we'll see what happens. the my o, my phone. yes, just i didn't see much didn't e and she saw i do not sitting hunched it as we go deeper in the woods. the group starts to communicate with the novela zone. it's not that i didn't try. i stood
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honory birch tree next to what stalker. sas is a portal between the 2 world. yes, nothing happened. then he pulled out a thermal image or to show me a strange data with someone's behind me up were by the only feeling i had was this c year hunger after spending 6 hours out in the wood. while since we haven't satisfied anything significant, that would be quickly prove that this area is truly anomalous. so we have decided to come back to the forest after midnight. all jokes aside, this was a bit scary, especially when at least 6 or 8 people yelled altogether that the sea, glowing balls with so dark and the lights were so weak, our cameras couldn't capture it, but i saw the light yet what it was is up to the lake. well the group is going to
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split over what they have seen. so say that they indeed shaw the light, the tiny shining, shimmering balls and the woods. so say that this is probably just the village or maybe your railroad station. whatever it, what been out in the wild forest in complete darkness gets your imagination going. oh, it was just the snow. the group decided the really source of as a terry, get our junior by and it's worth it together around a campfire for spiritual session. people started to fall in the trans do the ominous sound of a tambourine. now sent to check what has happened to my watch. it turned out that the watch i had left in the for 6 hours ago was one minute behind that chunk. i'm on one minute and 6 hours is a lot. there's been ways are you believe this is the impact on his own?
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of course, there are rational explanations why the watch was the high one. the mechanism could have slowed down in the cold, but it's not to point. if you genuinely believe in anomalies, you'll finally see what these people have come to the zone already believing that there is something out there. and with that mindset, these spend a truly fun weekend. so at least one mystery solved why this unassuming russian village in the middle of nowhere keeps attracting people like a magnet. and less than an hour ago, russia successfully launched a rocket from the bank, nor cosmo jerome in kazakhstan, who was going to japanese space tourist a billionaire and his assistant ortiz, any armstrong repulse, and how their adventure came about. i just want to go here, joe. and so the,
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so use m. s 20 flight takes off. transporting ye sark, who may saw it to the i assess, gonna take 6 hours from here on the ground for obvious of earth to get there. now miss i was mission, a simple one simply to create as much content as possible for you to channeled you the top 100 things suggested by the public. so $750.00 thousands of graph. so sky was, he has on that platform now is the chip of a light, of course somebody who's the star, the gossip channels in japan, the country 30th that most rich person just modest to go until or until take of here at the by can or cause my job, he says he's feeling like an elementary school boy. you saw him is our, i think last year that we can all relate to now just as it takes off, i'll just leave you with the the images of the other 20 rocket taking off now. wow . that the tail of a flame taken off behind it was his 1st through the
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crowds sake, if i can. okay, soon they how did the, the m. s. 20 rockies penetrating through the crowds. that on the way to the i s. s . sam ship of a lifetime for you, soc him is our osha and get a new era of space, travel and space tourism. he says he's gonna miss eating sushi of beth, but he did take with him. so space male, so mass and powdered beef, curry and chicken noodle soup, i wonder what his celebrates re meal when he gets to the i assess to night is going to be down here by can no control where your regarding took off to be the 1st man in space, i $9061.00 emmys our his just to come the 1st person on a ross cost machine flight dedicated entirely to space tourism. the nose of the flight had the the m said signature this of course maze. i was a 2nd name,
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shortened in, so a couple of letters, even just a little squiggle. it was the same thing that was on the mass of the dozens of japanese tourists and his family and his friends that have that have come here to the by can or cause mitchell you sock him, is our will take part in a batman said a game with the rest of the crew to day on the m. s. 20 fly. absolutely fantastic scenes and just behind me here the bike and o cosmic jo isaak. m is our on the last flight at that ross cosmos will send that to the i assess this year. the now shank, artie by conner academy ship today to get lost more new stories on our website. check them out by having to auntie duncan lou with
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the dynamism of the ecosystem of planet earth predictably is dying because there's too much pollution, whether it's landfill pollution, pollution or the river's pollution in the oceans. pollution in the air, chemical pollution, permanent chemical, pollution. all the bio systems are dying. humans effectively estimating mass, suicide, or species is becoming extinct. i have often said transparency for the powerful privacy for the bow less, but it is about privacy where people care about is power. julian hassan just become a symbol of the battle. the privacy information is power. that's what's going on in the world. a huge struggle with governments and corporations to want to keep information secret and others who think democratic rights should be pushed forward
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. and people have a right to know what their parents are doing. watch how assange helped shift the conversation around transparency and see what that battle has done to him. i feel like children's life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest, most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable because of all i was going through with a big boom, but the one bigger show you care to boredom it ambridge war and i'm rachel lemons in washington coming up oil prices, they're up nearly 5 percent as concern surrounding the latest covariance.


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