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[000:00:00;00] ah, the president of russia and the united states hold crisis talks triggered over tensions over ukraine. joe biden raises the threat of sanctions against moscow while vladimir prudent calls for diplomacy and slam ski abs attempts to undermine piece talk. a gunman is arrested in southern moscow after killing 2 people and injuring for others and a public services center. and pope frances slams the you for trying to enforce supposedly inclusive language lincoln likening its actions to the quote nazi dictatorship
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ah to i am here in the russian capital in your watching or to international. i'm your host donald quarter. welcome to the program. a lot of your putin and joe biden have concluded a 2 hour video call focusing on fears of a military escalation in ukraine. the kremlin and the white house have revealed the key talking points are t. saskia. taylor can tell us more. there was a lot of hype around this cool, but at same time, very low expectations in any major breakthrough would happen. and not indeed seems to be the case here. after that phone call in which a number of issues was raised ranging from cyber warfare to strategic stability, to regional issues such as iran. both sides have come out with statements now and i will say it's very interesting to see how the 2 of them paint very different portraits of both the content and the tone of the phone call. i thought, said there are 3 points on which they do converge. the fust is not the u. s. on
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russia, we'll continue to walk diplomatically together. moving forward to that, the bulk of the conversation. i was dedicated to ukraine and 3 that indeed bite and did warn of a serious punitive measures in case of any attack on ukraine. now for the differences on ukraine, the u. s. statement quite broadly said that really all that happened was that the president boynton expressed his commitment to ukraine's sovereignty and urged 40 escalation. that's all. what we're hearing from the kremlin, though, is that president putin very clearly laid out. the numerous ways in which case is violating the immense agreements which just reminder our list of protocols that are in place to try and settle the conflict in the dumbass region in eastern ukraine. now another thing that completely didn't get a mentioned by the white house was moscow's concern about aggressive nato activity, especially in the black sea region, as well as its expansion it to the east. let's take
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a listen. the responsibility should not be shifted onto the shoulders of russia, since it is nato that is making dangerous attempts to control ukrainian territory and is building opus military potential at our borders. russia is seriously interested in obtaining reliable, lengthy binding guarantees that need to would not expand east or deploy offensive weapon systems in states bordering on russia. you know, maybe because they took time at touring it up. it does strike me that the kremlin statement is much more detailed. it also very specifically describes the concrete proposals made by both leaders, one particular positive encouraging one was suggested by vladimir putin. now he said that may be the sanctions and limitations on diplomatic missions in the 2 nations could be removed. meaning it would be an end to tit for tat expulsions and n to overburdened and undisturbed missions. and instead, and the embassies on the dip from out getting back to walk as usual. now the final difference i would make is not about content,
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but in fact about tone. because whilst the kremlin came out and said, yeah, you know what we did agree, operations are not in a great state at the moment, put on balance. the conversation was constructive with washington. what we saw instead was really a continuation of aggressive rhetoric that we thought in the need up to the cool. it was all about how president biden had issued warnings, how he had pressured his russian counterpart. so it definitely struck me that it was all about projecting this image of strength. how is a power play between these 2 men rather than what it should be? which is a bit, of course, to breach the gap between 2 nations when they've never really seen. so far apart, but i think as a summary, what we can say is that given us russia ties really have not a sunk to such lows in many, many years. even these 2 statements blind as they might seem without any major promises of change. and even with all these very large differences, even though they can be seen us as success. now, despite the initial pleasantries,
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a real shift in relations looks like it's still a long way off, given that the u. s. has ramped up talk about sanctions against russia for the take across the atlantic on today's video meeting between the 2 leaders. here's ortiz, caleb martin, the court topic of the press conference that went on and the aftermath of the meeting was media ramping up. hysteria and fears that somehow russia may be planning to injure the or invade or attack ukraine. now it's important to know we did hear from the national security advisor jake sullivan. he did speak to the press and he said, quote, we still do not believe that present brewton has made a decision to quote, further invade ukraine. now that you know, seems to fly in the face of some remarks that we've heard from other us officials, jen, saki, the white house spokesperson continued to play up this notion of russian aggression . here's some of what she said. the fresh were to invade, invade ukraine,
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prevents of russia and president putin from invading ukraine and most importantly, not to invade russia and president putin decides to invade ukraine. now it's important to note that even though the national security adviser said they felt that russia had not made such a decision, there are new sanctions to be imposed on russia that are currently in the works. we heard victoria newland testifying about these new sanctions before the u. s. senate committee, here's what she said. what we're talking about would amount to essentially isolating russia completely from the global financial system with all of the fall out that that would entail for russian business for the russian people for their ability to, to work and travel and trade. so there seemed to be a desire on everyone's part for today's meeting to result in a de escalation. however, this hasn't stopped united states from talking of these new sanctions, and it hasn't stop us media from playing up. this idea that there is somehow
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a russian threat or russian aggression. so quite an interesting day, i were waiting for more information from both sides about what went on in the meeting between the 2 leaders. despite the aggressive rhetoric, though american law makers have not included certain anti russian measures in the 2022 u. s. defense budget draft that, that were actually in the house draft. they include sanctions against the north stream to gas pipeline and a ban on americans buying russian debt for more of the story were joined live by r t. america's been swan bed. and hi, thanks for joining us. how should be room? how should we read into the defense bills, exclusion of sanctions connected to the nord stream to pipeline? yeah, i think it's a, it's a fairly big deal. consider the fact that obviously when the house version was written, as you mentioned, these sanctions were included. the senate version, they're not included, that's something called reconciliation, where essentially the bill has to match. and so it looks like those things won't be there, which means that the biden administration is actually cutting ties with a lot of the rhetoric of the democratic party right now. in the u. s,
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which is insistent upon having these kinds of sanctions built into the u. s. defense spending bills and it's pretty significant for a couple of reasons. one is because the president himself has been indicating for some time that he does not want to continue to push forward on the sanction, specifically over nor stream to because of pressure. he's getting from germany, the germans don't like this idea. remember, this is not a unilateral measure on the russian part. russia and germany together are saying we want the pipeline. russia says we want to send oil in natural gas that pipeline. germany says we desperately need oil in natural gas pipeline. but it does as you know, all go back to this issue of ukraine. the idea is that by russia bypass the ukraine, that somehow this will be harmful to ukraine, or they'll be able to have greater leverage over ukraine. and so the rhetoric doesn't necessarily match the reality, and again, you have to sovereign nation insisting that this is something they both want and both need. and i think the u. s. was finally backing away from this idea that they now recognize they can't stop it from happening. well, ben,
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europe's obviously been in the grip of an energy crisis. how disruptive would sanctions on the pipeline be to ordinary europeans? do you think? why would the extremely serious consider the fact that that what congress was proposing to do was to place sanctions, not just on germany itself, but on any private company that helped to certify the actual pipeline itself. they wanted to sanction individuals and sanction companies that would be part of the certification process, which of course, is madness. the idea that you would punish these groups for certifying a pipeline that again, as you mentioned, europe in the midst of a terrible energy crisis right now, watching the cost of energy continue to stop skyrocket and of course winter is now upon us. and so in europe specifically, they have a desperate need to get as much energy as quickly as possible to bring that price down, nor to stream to is the most sensible and quickest way to do that, the germans know it, the rest of europe knows that and the fact is, the united states knows it too,
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and i think that's why they've stepped back here. while this a exclusion of sanctions on the north stream to pipeline of course doesn't say anything final about u. s. foreign policy in that sphere. how do you think? what's going on with ukraine right now is going to impact of the u. s. as future foreign policy with regards to nordstrom to pipeline. because obviously russia supply has long supplied some of it's a natural gas through ukraine to europe. and the attention seem to be quite high right now. well, they are high and there's a couple of important ways that i think russia can help to stem some of this criticism. and of course, president putin has said that he will not end payments that are being made to ukraine. those essentially the, the right to lease land to move across oil across land and ukraine, even when nor string to is activated that they won't stop making those payments for the foreseeable future. and so by continuing to do that, it strengthens his argument that this is not some kind of economic weapon to put
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pressure on ukraine. again, germany has already said that they are watching for that they're, they're making sure that that doesn't happen, and that ukraine is harmed by this. but again, you have to think about the way that americans are looking at this. even though congress and members of congress continue to insist that there's this great need to fight on behalf of ukraine and protect ukraine. so many americans are watching gas prices here, rise and are watching an energy crisis at the beginning to unfold here in the united states. they're much less interested right now in issues of foreign policy. and certainly in the u. s. rushing to the aid of ukraine and much more concerned about why russia is not delivering oil to, to the e u, and specifically to germany. and why the u. s. as in producing its own oil right now. so there's a lot of concern about how people are living their everyday lives, and much less concerned about wanting a tit for tat over what is happening with ukraine right now. our t america house spend swan always
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a pleasure having on the program. thank you. still ahead on our to international a british foreign office. whistleblower says the u. k. abandoned thousands of its afghan allies leaving them at the mercy of the taliban. this story and others in just another 90 seconds. ah ah ah
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mm. so rather than by dreamer shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, come back. now a deadly shooting, rock, se moscow. on tuesday, inside a public services center, the gunman killed 2 people and injured for others, one of which was
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a very young child. ortiz nicky. aaron can tell us more. one has been, seems of absolute chaos and panic on this relatively quiet street to the southeast of moscow. this afternoon. after a 45 year old man opened fire in the city service center right behind me, as you said, killing 2 people and injuring for others. now we believe that one of those killed today was an employee at the service center and it has been confirmed that one of those injured was a 10 year old girl. of the conditions of those 4 people who were injured today is said to be very serious. it's unclear at this point. what exactly led this man to open fire on these people here today? oh, those been reported that there was perhaps an altercation or an arguments over the wearing of protective face mosques off to which he opened fire and then tried to flee the sea. now pituitary, there was an off duty police officer, am in the service center at the time he managed to chase off to him and restrain him until the police arrived and arrested the man and, and took him in for questioning. yeah,
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boomer of butcher. mr. i was at my workplace and had a far alarm as well as a sound similar to a gunshot deal. then i saw a man running towards the exit of a building. at that moment, i made a decision to detain him, and i ran off to him. he resisted rush i. sylvia was carrying a knife and afar off. but when i was entangled, i made sure he couldn't use these weapons were civil and neutralize him go. then it was found that this man actually had not the knife, a gun, but also a knife on his person. and that man that off duty police officer could be in line for an award for that tremendous active bravery today. now the moscow mer answer gets beyond and he has, of course, expects, pressed his condolences to the families of the victims. they lost their lives day to day and also express the hope for a speedy recovery. for those 4 who were injured in this sad, this tragic turn of events that day we spoke to a man who knew one of the people killed in the shooting is local and silly.
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similarly, i knew alexei ross left we worked together for about 4 months. my was a clerk for him. attendance. he was a security guard. he a good. he was a kind hard working man, a good man or 2. so were never any problems with him soon. and he always told him funny stories and anecdotes. so what ocean, which i found out earlier today that they were angela says to police head o stuffs, we thought it was a bomb threat. what there had been a fire, but you found out that there had been a shoot link with dead and wounded ears. and among the dead, i sold the name of that man, i was, well, so this was his food. i say, o francis has warned the e u that it's in danger of bringing about its own downfall. that's if it doesn't tone down its desire to impose its own way of thinking on every one else, even compared its methods to the quote nazi dictatorship. the head of the catholic church was referring to a european commission drive to make official communications more inclusive, including a suggestion that staff se holiday period instead of christmas ortiz charlotte, who pinsky as the story hope frances,
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essentially condemning the european commission in likening it to the nazi regime, he also offered a warning saying that brussels shouldn't be moving on a path towards at this type of woke language. this is what the pontiff had to say in history. many, many dictatorships have tried to do this kind of thing. think of napoleon, think of the nazi dictatorship, the communist one. it is a fashion of a watered down secularism, distilled water. it is something that throughout history hasn't worked well that document was cancelled last week after a firestorm of criticism with politicians across the block describing it is lacking common sense. now they also said that the commission was trying to cancel christmas . why? well, one of the guidelines within that document said that people shouldn't say christmas can be stressful. and there was the idea of saying you shouldn't ask people for
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their christine name. now this idea of inclusive language is something that the commission president herself on de leon has in the past, backed and said she wants to move towards. but this document which contained many other examples like not greeting people as ladies and gentlemen because that wasn't inclusive enough and saying you couldn't describe something as being man made because that would be sexist, was just as step too far. and as a result, the commission has had to make an embarrassing you tune and delete this document. now pope frances also talked about the idea of a document like this essentially weakening democracy. he said when national values are being sacrificed and this is something that was meant to unify europe as instead what it's done is sewn even deeper divisions. and the pope himself warned that something like this could cause the fall of you itself. brussels must be
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careful not to take the path of ideological colonial, like zation, which could end up dividing countries and causing the european union to fail. well, was that document was canceled last week. what it does is it raises questions about the political set up of the commission itself. and i say that because the commission is supposed to dot the eyes cross the t's, make sure that any document that's published is exactly what it wants to be. so the doesn't to track the sort of criticism we've seen over this document, and as it would have verified that before publication, it really begs the question, is this the direction that the commission wants to move in a direction where we have a world without christmas political analyst nicholas markovich thinks the pope's intervention shows just how far the e u elite has drifted from the views of its citizens. for many people who dreamed of building europe after world war, they never thought of this. this is the europe. unfortunately,
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brussels though the super elite in europe today who are copying was coming out of the american campuses. this is relayed by mainstream media by a major corporations and they're trying to re engineer the society. this has nothing to do with tackling the sanitary situation with fighting against poverty, with helping countries integrate. this has nothing to do. this is so for re engineering, this is quite scary and this is coming from a top, brought him a momentum with again, the super elite, which is wanting to dictate to people how they're supposed to think what they are not to say again if you just think about the document, the essence of the document. this is, this is frightening. this is the essence of the author's authoritarianism. this is a series of totalitarianism. tell people what they're supposed to think and say china has slammed a u. s. diplomatic boycott of its winter olympics. next year, calling it an attempt to provoke and manipulate may go don't go us politicians
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keeping up a yet implementing boycott without even being invited the dangers, this wishful thinking and pure grandstanding is aimed at limits was manipulation. it is a very easy travesty of the spirit of the level charter. a blatant any provocation of ginger and a serious front end of the 1400000000 china people don't to tell him. the stand off comes amid tense relations with washington and beijing's political and economic competition affecting ever more spheres. us athletes will still compete, however, they are just won't be any american officials. the i of see says it respects biden's decision and stress. the importance of leaving athletes out of politics. the white house though, for it's part sites, concerns about a legit human rights violations. and china. as if i knew ministration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics. and paralympic games, given the peer scenes, ongoing genocide and crimes against
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a humanity and john and other human rights abuses, the athletes on team usa have our full support will be behind them 100 percent. as we cheered them on from home, who will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games. we got reactions from a couple of guests through both think that washington is trying to politicize the chinese games. it's an unnecessary slide against paging it. it looks like a reactionary attempt by a week president. well, you know, it does signal at the, by the ministration wants to politicize, the olympic, somewhat similar to what we saw between us and the ussr during the cold war. now this will indicate the many by does not subscribe the life experience a peaceful, athletic competition. we should keep in mind, however, that it's not a total boycott as your lead and noted. american athletes can still compete. furthermore, it's not as provocative as what we see from the u. s. with respect to ukraine against russia, or taiwan again, failing china,
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or how the us stand or the proliferation of nuclear weapon to australia. the bigger question now is whether other countries will follow washington lead and impose similar boycotts and how china will respond. it's always unfortunate when you know the olympics is politicized. but i do think that the trend in american and china relations, despite the brief moment of call that seem to be expressed in the, in the video conference between general secretary, she and president biden, that that seems to have passed. and we're back to a more overtly hostile attitude. it's interesting, of course, that american athletes will still be competing american corporations that sponsor the olympics and broadcast that on television of course, don't want to lose out on their revenues. so i think that there's a very interesting dichotomy here between this attitude on the part of the
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government and the broader position of the olympics. thousands of people desperate to flee the taliban in afghanistan, many of whom worked for the british armed forces were left behind without any help from london. that's the claim from a former staffer at the foreign office who's blowing the whistle in damage report. it's left official scrambling to defend their legit actions. i would just seem axiomatic to me that if the foreign secretary is going to be away, the permanent under secretary isn't going to be way. i should have been more visible, told people who came across as a risk recently or have reflected on this or trying to get, i would have come, come back. i've gotten it done. need to repeat it. i'm going to say it again and i've reflect tumors 30 firstly, and if i hurt my tone again, it would accomplish it sounds less credible every time you repeat it. it sounds prostitutes while uncomfortable watching, but certainly uncomfortable for those top civil servants here in westminster, sat there facing an absolute grilling at the foreign affairs. select committee this afternoon. of course it follows his testimony from
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a now whistleblower in the foreign office. raphael marshall, who was working on the desks during those incredibly dark times as cobble was falling to the taliban. now he said, up to a 120000 people were frantically emailing the foreign office here in westminster, begging and pleading for their assistance, saying you've got to help us. you've got to save us from the taliban. now he's blaming it on a lack of staff. i work from home culture here in the united kingdom at the moment, but also he's blaming it on the very fact that members of staff are away on holiday . the foreign office, most senior civil servant, didn't return to the united kingdom some 11 days later. the problem with all of that though is that these senior civil servants were leaving junior members of staff to deal with this crisis, dealing with issues that a way above their skill set. and also the amount of emails that are coming through just left many of those emails on red in the inbox i estimate between 75150000
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people applied for evacuation. many of these emails were not right. they were usually over 5000 unread emails in the inbox at any given moment, including many unread emails dating from early in august. these emails were desperate an urgent. well another contract soul matter as the fact that cats and dogs were given priority over human beings. indeed is allegedly at a highest level as well. the prime minister apparently used considerable capacity. i tried to wangle the situation to get pen fall things animal char, to the animals that he was looking off to back here to the united kingdom and arguably ahead of prioritizing desperate people that were trying to flee the taliban. now, forrest johnson has since denied all of that this afternoon, but the grilling isn't just at boris johnson is also out. dominic rob then, foreign secretary here allegedly took hours to respond to even the most simplest of questions. apparently,
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he didn't fully understand the situation in the regional tool, and according to this whistle blow up, it was the entire team that was woefully how to woo, full lack of knowledge when it came to the situation of afghanistan. now despite all of these, damming allegations, morris johnson is still buying the same drum singing, the same mantra that the u. k. did an excellent evacuation job, the operation pitching to a 15000 people out of couple in the way that we did over the summer was one of your outstanding military achievements. i think that the loan for foreign offers the roman free function. everybody involved and it won't be sufficient, but they didn't. i'm actually on strategy for what we've really seen her to day a some pretty damning allegations. not just against dominic rob, not just against morris johnson, but now the government as a whole. this is a whopping 40 page document,
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this testimony that really goes into all sorts of allegations against the government. basically saying that the united kingdom let people down. but not only that, not only letting people down, but it cost people's lives or contacted the british foreign office about the whistleblowers claims. and we will of course, bring you any response they give to us. but that basically wraps up the program for this hour. if you'd like more details and your top new stories, you can always check out our website, r t dot com or follow up on your favorite social media platform. we've act with more news and just about 30 minutes. so stay tuned. ah ah
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