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tv   News  RT  December 7, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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nato and american military is gotta exit germany. i call it air 1st. you say, i'm crazy, but that's what i'm calling with this ours headline stories vladimir putin. none. joe biden. rough ball, 2 hours of crisis talks, the russia u. s. video summit was triggered by tension surrounding ukraine. so i had a gunman is arrested in southern moscow after killing 2 people and injuring for authors in a public services center. po fronts is slums, the e. u for trying to enforce supposedly inclusive language likely infections to enough c dictatorship and and a british, a foreign office whistleblower essays, the u. k. abundant thousands of mates afghan allies,
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leaving them at the mercy of ah, 247. use live from moscow. this is art t pleasure to have your company today. my name is you to know me. vladimir putin and joe biden have concluded what was a 2 hour video called the russian and american leaders had plenty to discuss and made rumors on van impending conflict over ukraine on titan's nato activity in the black sea. less cross not to r t saskia. feler who's been following developments evening fosgate. it's one of those meetings, isn't it? that whatever comes out of it will be intensely analyzed. but do we actually know what house well, absolutely. the much anticipated pretty high stakes video conference call between
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the russian and us president has officially wrapped and like you said, the to lead to spoke for a little over 2 hours now. so far, the only official reaction we've had is from the white house and as expected, no major breakthroughs, no groundbreaking. revelation probably as anticipated. not a surprise given how courses dominated headlines over the last couple of weeks. ukraine is front and center in the white house statement with president biden reiterating his commitment to ukraine sovereignty and to returning to the escalation and diplomacy. of course, this all follows claimed by washington, the russia party invasion of some calling to the media and adding to the hysteria by content, speculating about why russia is amassing troops at the board with ukraine dogs to fight moscow only a couple of hours ago coming out and saying, we have actually no intention of hostile intentions for our neighbors. and quite frankly, what we do with our troops and all not is all business. washington also commented
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that flight and made clear that that would be decisive action. there was no specific details to what that would potentially entail if any. and cousin was to happen though, given that in recent days, both he and his extra state, i'm can you blank and have spoken. why do about economic sanctions? that's probably what they have in mind. and you can option on the table that most recently read it had with kicking, rushed out of the swift international payment system used by banks all over the world aside from ukraine, those strategic stability, cyber wolf and regional issues such as iran were apparently or so touched upon that will be official, was so far as we will of course, be waiting to hear what the kremlin post and compare those 2 interpretations of how the meeting went up. the international reaction so far we've heard from the austrian foreign ministry, they praised the 2 for coming together in this difficult time, also had from the for president and manuel mac crawl,
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who i added that he hoped that to tuesdays call would somehow soften the tensions between russia and the west, specifically russia and nato, which we know has or is moscow's quote, red line, specifically it's expansion and ukraine becoming a member state in terms of different reaction out there. just looking at some of the headlines, it looks like as a bit of disappointment in joe biden, they were expecting him to be tough on vladimir putin instead die in those 1st meetings. i 1st minutes of the meetings and said they saw a friendly smile, a wave, and pretty will, was just greetings, mr. president. hello. unfortunately, i saw myself. we didn't get to see one of the g 20 o next time we may redo it in person. so for a few harsh critics out there that was really all tantamount to treachery, certainly wasn't bite and living up to his promise to put all that pressure on
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vladimir putin. i asked for what the cool look like because really that's where we can talk about the moment until we got word from the russian side. we've been told that it was strictly one on one that even interpreters were indifferent. a separate rooms, but then we got to got a photograph of the white house situational situation room in which we can clearly see the fight and was flanked by 4 officials, including the sect of state, or antony blinker. by contrast, the image of vladimir putin doesn't indeed seem to just that he was by himself, and you might have caught in that video, the hit a button on his table printed out. his only form of communication with the outside world, though were allegedly he did not make use of it at all in those 2 hours. so those are the things that have come out so far. like i said, nothing major, it seems to be a commitment to engage again and continue engaging at the highest levels. also seems to be a commitment to dial down at the temperature moving forward to use diplomacy. and of course, a sort of a promise by the wilds. nikita superpowers to kind of keep tensions as minimal as
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possible. it might not sound like a lot, but you know, what, given how us russian tensions have been recent months hit his store at close. i think that most people would agree that that is the success r t course on his saskia tailored sickness right through that. thanks, husky. ok. moving all night, there has been a deadly shooting in south east. moscow at gunman kill 2 people and injured for others, including a young child's inside a public services center. nikki. or i can tell us more what is being things of absolute chaos and panic on this relatively quiet street to the southeast of moscow this afternoon. off the 45 year old man opened fire in the city service center right behind me, as you said, killing 2 people and injuring for others. now we believe that one of those killed today was an employee at the service center, and it has been confirmed that one of those injured with
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a 10 year old girl of the conditions of those 4 people who were injured today is said to be very serious. if i'm clear at this point, what exactly led this man to open fire on these people here today. although he's been reported that there was perhaps an altercation or an argument over the wearing of protective face malls. cuz off the, which he opened fire and then tried to flee the sea. now pituitary leader was an off duty police officer and in the service center at the time, he managed to chase off to him and restrain him. and so the police arrived and arrested the man and took him in for questioning, of which mister i was at my workplace and had a far alarm as well as a sound similar to gunshot. then i saw a man running towards the exit of the building. at that moment i made a decision to detain him and i ran off to him. he resisted arrest. i saw that he was carrying a knife and a firearm. when i was detaining him, i made sure he couldn't use these weapons and neutralized him. then it was found that this man actually had not the knife gun but also
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a knife on his person. and that man, that off duty police officer could be in line for an award for that tremendous active bravery today. now the most going to be on in he as of course, exp, expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. they lost their lives day to day and also express the hope for a speedy recovery for those 4 who were injured in this. this tragic event said today, we spoke to a man who knew one of the people killed in the shooting solution. what if i knew, relax a rous life? we worked together for about 4 months. why was the cloakroom attendant? he was a security guard. he was a kind, hard working man, a good man. there were never any problems with him. and he always told me funny stories and anecdotes. so i found out earlier today that there were ambulances and police that we thought it was a bomb threat. well, there had been a fire, but you found out that there had been a shooting with dead and wounded. and among the dead,
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i saw the name of that man. i worked with good care, we will continue to monitor the new story. of course, bring you the significant updates on it as they come into us. francis has worn the you down. it's in danger of bringing about its own done for if it doesn't tone done its desire to impose one way of thinking on all even compared its methods to quote, the nazi dictatorship they had of the catholic church was referring to a european commission drive to mc official communications more inclusive, including a suggestion that staff say holiday period instead of christmas years are 2 charlotte students hope frances, essentially condemning the european commission in likening it to the nazi regime. he also offered a warning saying that brussels shouldn't be moving on a path towards this type of woke language. this is what the pontiff had to say in
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history. many, many dictatorships have tried to do this kind of thing. think of napoleon, think of the nazi dictatorship, the communist one. it is a fashion of a watered down secularism, distilled water. it is something that throughout history hasn't worked well that document was canceled last week after a firestorm of criticism with politicians across the block describing it is lacking common sense. now they also said that the commission was trying to cancel christmas . why? well, one of the guidelines within that document said that people shouldn't say christmas can be stressful. and there was the idea of saying you shouldn't ask people for their christian name. now this idea of inclusive language is something that the commission president herself on de leon has in the past, backed and said she wants to move towards. but this document which contained many other examples like not greeting people as ladies and gentlemen,
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because that wasn't inclusive enough and saying you couldn't describe something as being man made because that would be sexist, was just as step too far. and as a result, the commission has had to make an embarrassing you tune and delete this document. now pope frances also talked about the idea of a document like this essentially weakening democracy. he said when national values are being sacrificed and they see something that was meant to unify europe as instead what it's done is sewn even deeper divisions. and the pope himself warned that something like this could cause the fall of you itself. brussels must be careful not to take the path of ideological colonial, like zation, which could end up dividing countries and causing the european union to fail. although that document was cancelled last week. what it does is it raises questions about the political set up of the commission itself. and i said that because the
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commission is supposed to dot the eyes cross the t's, make sure that any document that's published is exactly what it wants to be. so the doesn't to track the sort of criticism we've seen over this document, and as it would have verified that before publication, it really begs the question, is this the direction that the commission wants to move in a direction where we have a world without christmas still ahead they suspected member of a saudi head squall that murdered a distant journalist. how's it been? arrested? the details of that on more in 90 seconds. and ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation,
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let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i'll see how that strategy will be successful. very difficult. time time to sit down and talk ah ah ah.
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ah, 14 minutes into the program. welcome back. thousands of people desperate to flee the taliban in afghanistan. many of whom work for the british armed forces have been left behind without any help from london. that's the claim from a former staff or at the foreign office who's blown the whistle and a damning report is left official scrambling to defend the russians. company sounds less credible every time you repeat it. sounds plus tutors. well, that foreign affairs that committee was uncomfortable viewing, but certainly uncomfortable for those top civil servants in government. it must have been a very difficult time for them as they were facing a grilling this afternoon. it follows of course the testimony from a now whistleblower in the foreign office ref our marshall who was working on the
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desks during those very dark times when cobble is being seized by the taliban. now he said, up to a 120000 people were contacting the foreign office here in westminster, pleading for their help saying, you've got to do something. you've got to save us from the taliban. well, only 5 percent have received any assistance from the british government, which this man, this was a blower, says thousands of people are left behind. but also ultimately thousands of people's lives were lost. i estimate fewer than 5 percent of these people have received any assistance. it is clear that some of those left behind have since been murdered by the taliban. h m g, therefore transported animals which were not at risk of hom, direct expense of evacuating british nationals and people at risk of eminent murder . including interpreters who had served with the british army. what this whistleblower is now saying in the foreign office was totally unable to read, let alone respond to the cohort. the thousands of people writing to them. arguing
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that this was due to a work from home culture and the very fact that numerous people were away on holiday. now that does indeed ring a bell dozen tier. of course, if you take your mind back to the heights of august when cobble was falling, while dominic rob was simply nowhere to be seen. in fact, he was sunbathing on holiday. but it seems as though he wasn't the only one away on holiday as we had there, a senior's civil servant was still on holiday 11 days after the taliban took over the region. now the problem with all of that is the very fact with these civil service in government were away leaving junior staff members to deal with a humanitarian crisis that was unfolding. this is way above their page, right? but also way above their skill set to and arguably they couldn't take on the workload of the tool, meaning that thousands of people were just left waiting for their e mails to be responded to in their inbox, i estimate between 75150000 people applied for evacuation. many of these emails
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were not read. they were usually over 5000 on read emails in the inbox at any given moment, including many unread emails dating from early in august. these emails were desperate an urgent. well, another controversial matter as the fact that cats and dogs were given priority over human beings, and that indeed is allegedly at a highest level as well. the prime minister apparently use considerable capacity. i tried to wangle the situation to get pen farthings animal char to the animals that he was looking off to back here to the united kingdom and arguably ahead of prioritizing a desperate people that were trying to flee the taliban. now, forrest johnson has since denied all of that this afternoon, but the grilling isn't just at boris johnson. it's also at dominic rob then. foreign secretary here allegedly took hours to respond to even the most simplest of
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questions. apparently, he didn't fully understand the situation in the regional tool, and according to this whistle blow up, it was the entire team that was woefully had a woeful lack of knowledge when it came to the situation of afghanistan. now despite all of these, damming allegations, morris johnson is still buying the same drum singing, the same mantra that the u. k. did an excellent evacuation job b operation pitching to a 15000 people other couple in the way that we did over the summer was one of your outstanding balance. she achievement so and i think that the role of the foreign office, the roman c o. one from everybody involved in the home office officials. they did a i'm absolutely understanding. well, what we've really seen her today is some pretty damning allegations. not just against dominic, rob, not just a gang subarus johnson, but now the government as a whole. this is a whopping 40 page document. this testimony that really goes into all sorts of
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allegations against the government. basically saying that the united kingdom let people down, but not only that, not only letting people down, but it cost people's lives. we've contacted the british foreign office about the whistle blowers claims and will bring you any response. french police have arrested a saudi nationals suspected of involvement in the murder of jamal cas shall g. the journalist was killed on dismembered inside the sodium to see in istanbul 3 years ago. ortiz kill him up and picks up the story. well, from what we understand, one of the suspected killers of jamal to shoji the saudi journalist has been arrested at an airport near paris france. now the individual is reported to have been a member of the royal guards of saudi arabia, and he is reported to have been directly involved in the killing of jamal shoji.
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now it's important to note this comes just days after the french president visited saudi arabia. met with ben solomon and they had conversations. so interesting development. now from what you will recall, it was back in 2018, 3 years ago jamal shoji went to the saudi consulate in istanbul, reportedly to pick up papers for his planned marriage. from there, he was killed at reportedly dismembered. at this point his remains have never been found. now initially, it was saudi arabia denied any involvement in his killing from there. we saw saudi arabia go as far as blaming it on a rogue elements within their security services. there were 8 people who were sentenced up to 20 years in jail for being involved in the killing. however, there have been a number of reports that indicate that the saudi crown prince and de facto ruler mohammed than solomon was involved. now, despite international condemnation of the killing, at this point,
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there hasn't been any us response. there has been no penalty, really imposed on saudi arabia by the united states. so we'll wait to see what happens with this latest development with one of the suspected killers of jamal shoji being arrested in france. china, her slum, the u. s. diplomatic boy kilt of it's winter olympics next year, calling its attempt to provoke and manipulate. they wouldn't go us politicians keep a hyping up a diplomatic boycott without even being invited to the games. this wishful thinking and pure grandstanding is aimed at political manipulation. it is a grave travesty of the spirit of the olympic charter, a blatant political provocation, and a serious affront to the 1400000000 chinese people. the stunned off comes amid tense relations with washington and beijing's political and economic competition
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affecting ever more spears. us athletes will still compete, however, there just won't be any american officials, the i o c say that respects biden's decision on stress, the importance of leaving athletes all out of politics. the white house for its part sides concerns about alleged human rights violations in china. as the by new ministration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 2022 winter olympics and paralympic games given the peer scenes, ongoing, genocide and crimes against a humanity and john and other human rights abuses, the athletes and team usa have our full support will be behind them 100 percent, as we cheered them on from home, who will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games. we got reaction from a pair of guess. they both say the biden administration is trying to politicize the winter olympics. it's an unnecessary slide against paging. it's it,
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it looks like a reactionary attempt by a week president. well, you know, during the cold war attrition wants to politicize the olympics. somewhat similar to what we saw between the u. s. and the ussr during the cold war. now this will indicate the many by does not subscribe the life experience of peaceful, athletic competition. we should keep in mind however, that it's not a total boycott as your lead and noted. american athletes can still compete, or the more it's not as provocative as what we see from the u. s. with respect to ukraine against russia, or taiwan against mainland china, or how the u. s. stand or the proliferation of nuclear weapon to australia. the bigger question now is whether other countries will follow washington fleet and in post, similar boycotts, and how china will respond. it's always unfortunate when you know the olympics is, is politicized. but i do think that the trend in american china relations,
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despite the brief moment of call that seem to be expressed in the, in the video conference between general secretary, she and president biden, that that seems to have passed. and we're back to or more overtly hostile attitude . it's interesting, of course, that american athletes will still be competing. american corporations that sponsor the olympics and broadcast out on television, of course don't want to lose out on their revenues. so i think that there's a very interesting dichotomy here between this attitude on the part of the government and the broader position of, of the olympics. while a deeper dive into the arts, or indeed any of this, our stories can be find on our website to give it some of your schooling time today by for the the
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awe back breaking, toil. forced labor stress . industrial injury. corporal punishment. oh no. words with which we're all familiar are you certain that the world you live in abolish slavery long ago?
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a wrong one all through just a shape out the same because the advocate an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. i have often said transparency for the household, privacy for the bell. this bitter case about privacy or people care about is power . tuning into sanchez become a symbol of the battle for privacy. information is power. that's what's going on in the world as you struggle with governments and corporations want to keep information secret and others who the democratic rights should be pushed forward.
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and people have a right to know what their minds are doing. watch how assumption helped shift the conversation around transparency. come see what the battle has done to them. i feel like children's life might be coming to an end. we are in a conflict situation with the largest and most powerful employer in such a situation. it's remarkable to survive a ah, the by new administration will not send any diplomatic or official representation to the beijing 22002 winter olympics. the president bindings just taken a bold move against the china boycotting diplomatically the beijing that went for
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olympic over you. the latest reaction from china as well as if any other countries are going to stand with united states. this is the secretary defense is announced, a new goal of re vamping the u. s. air force planes all to secure china. we discussed at these goals are realistic and hear how the new york city layer de blasio might be considered the grant. who felt christmas as at children ages 5 are, are giving demand for proof of a double vaccination to be played in play. we will give you the response. in germany, france, or scope of vaccine mandate and the rumors of australian cova camps are no more as their existence have now been confirmed. we will bring you one woman's story in the camp as well as the fine she faces. when she is clear and our companies including media, alice speaking out on social justice issues because they want to achieve real change, or only are they doing this to avoid being put in the cross hairs of an activist
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group. change is not free, but could it costs the entire company? will break it down. all of this is another loss of a prime time anchor falling allegations of improper behavior. is that the real reason, however, why cnn has decided to cut ties with chris cuomo? we will give you the 360 view on these issues on today's news use. use right here on our t america. ah, thanks for joining us here. the vine ministration is proceeding with a diplomatic boycott of the 2021 winter games in beijing. over repeated human rights violations. now this means that the athletes may still participate, but there will be no official us dignitaries or delegation present. now this move which president biden had been considering for several months now, was not well received by the olympic committee or the chinese government. they were
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doing good without being invited, american politician or hyping, the so called diplomatic boycott of the beta winter olympics, which are purely wishful thinking and grandly handing literal manipulation is a blatant of the spirit of the olympic charter and an outright political have occasion it seriously as one point and more chinese, people will say, reason behind this action as well as what will be the result we bring in my coma loop for me as thing artificial and chris sent it us trying relations expert and author of the area go feeding the dragon thank you so much for joining us, chris. and michael, obvious, a lot of different parts i want to get to this. i'm gonna start 1st with you on chris, on this one. you know, the timing of all of this, this has been hinted by the by administration and the speaker plus even said it that this is going to be coming. so i've got to ask you what the recent headlines is this happening because of the attention being given to the test per pinch. why.


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