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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  December 5, 2021 6:30am-7:00am EST

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now joined by them, the paths of profession marriage as comparative government as. d just in technical university professor, it's great to talk to you. thank you very much for your time. it's a pleasure to talk with you now this last elections in germany and produce that rather paradoxical result. and i think historically, our lowest showing why anglo americans, christian democrats, and some of the best results for her rivals. both the social democrats and big means as far as you are concerned, is that more about america, fatigue or the excitement for her opponents. our for her successors in this case. well, actually what we have seen is that the vote was a city you have not been vote for this party. they have been vo triangular america . and the policy angland merkel has conducted so many years was up policies. welcome for the social democrats and for the green voters. fearful what
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we have seen is that many of people who formerly voted farmland merkel wins. im also top candidate of christian democratic union. now did not vote for the christian democratic copied, but for the social democratic and green original. this is what we have seen and of short, it's has promised to continue the policy line of anglo america and say a fool. he has won by a narrow margin, but he is one. and he said you without merkel his last. not you argued that they and our fire marshall's time and power is good for a german democracy because she's been such a stable force for so long that she essentially became her party. and i was wondering if you are any concerned that the spirit of adjustment of a new government coming at such a turbulent moment in global history when even the established experienced leaders
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struggling to deal with some many issues simultaneously. and you can sign that these particular time, it may be stabilized germany. well, as things are chimneys, quite strong and stable, therefore, even in these times right now, the changing government will not do very much harm for germany stability. the basic issue is that the program of this new government is full with political visions, wishes for transformation, hopes and so on. and it will crush down on to reality. and houses crash will feel for the government. and in particular, was a green partisan social democratic party. this is a open question. so my best guess would be either this new government of us 2 years or 2 legislative terms, of se a fascinating issue right now, because we are at the beginning of something you. but nobody knows whether the good intentions of the new government will work out in reality. just as reality really
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is. well, i hope we can discuss those issues in detail, but before we move there, let's talk about the, you know, this question of how long is too long? because, i mean, for russia it is a very pressing issue. and i think to some extent, we are dealing with a similar dynamic as inappropriate as this comparison based him did a job here in rush. we also have at staples, fairly popular, very experienced leader who i cannot or does not want to leave power out of the fear that if he does it, miss system might run a mock. now i understand that the german system is indeed a fall last concentrated that the russian one. but on this issue of how long is too long a. when is that the right time for strong leader to leave a voice regression? what are your thoughts? my basic argument is that it is among the responsibilities of
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a political leader to find successes for him, for her, and to open up political space for new lead us to emergent to process our really lead us and seen from this angle 16 years without making clear who might be my successor, is too long. the inter party discussions in the christian democratic union have been stopped for many years because the only questions the party was able and willing to discuss was, are in favor of myrtle or are you against the merkel spell? it is politics. and therefore, there was no substantial discussion for many years. this is why i would play 16 years is a bit too long. maybe we should to introduce in germany, term limits for a federal chancellor. say something like 2 legislative terms. then the next generation can grow up and then innovation can take place in the political system.
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johnston you correctly not as much as you believe in democracy. you still believe that the section of the succession should be in a way managed and chaperone by a strong leader will at least in the ranks of the own party. a strong leader has a responsibility to open up ways for the next generation. because otherwise, you are in the midst of problems of who might be the next possible leader. look at the german christian democratic union. this part, the right now does not know where to go with whom to go. although during the last year, there were 3 times elections for a new pa to leader. and this is one of the legacies off too long a chancellor ship like a lot of fun dilemma. not maybe i'm reading this figure too much, but one of the words that most often comes up for me in describing the detail on of the political discourse in germany is outraged. and it's usually be the greens why was reaction is described in this overly emotional trends. is that just
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a journalistic exaggeration or has be, instead of the emotional temperature of german political discourse indeed increased? yes, his temperature has increased. there's increased censor, mid twenties, for women. the picket movement came up, lindsey a f, t a fill the political space left or open by if you see you, when those who are not rightist, joined in a unitary front against a right wing. when struggling against the writing became the central mission of many of german politicians. he has a political discussions, became quite heated. many topics became a somehow toxic. you could not raise certain questions, not promot certain arguments. and there's a says high temperature that we have in germany. and actually it is very much due to the green political style that his temperature has gone up because they have
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always taken very emotional, political positions. the next catastrophe of 54 years ahead. in former times it was a new nuclear war. then it was a dying out of german forest and now it is climate change and to the human race will disappear due to increased temperatures. so apparently the green party cannot live without the catastrophic, in which the green party is called to save human kind from these problems. in the book, i see you said just before that, perhaps because of this tendency to catastrophe. it is much easier in germany to be a popular green or a social democrat politician than a conservative or a christian democrat one. in fact, i think you know that the word conservative is now associated with something rational rate. but it's one thing to buy for power and another thing to be in power which is inherently conservative undertaking. do you think this new government will
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be able to keep this progressive shine? this progressiveness edge once they get down to the really mundane and boring and tedious business of governance. well, this is the open question. this will be a source of much wonderful political analyzing of what is going on. there is a gap between positions and the hopes of this new government. the difference between what is written down in the coalition agreement and how reality looks like . and usually less part is try to move on in a visionary of a move on when they are convinced it needs to be a big concern formation of a society. and then the problems are within the governing left. this part is already now the social democratic change located at future terms. less problems with the youth organization of the social democratic party of the youth
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organization of the green party was claiming their to this coalition contract who would not have enough of agreeing policies. this will be the attention to we will see, i'm convinced of the government seriously will try to initiate all this information so promising the coalition contract between to because a german politics do not think that government should simply administer what they are or should not simply conserve a piece of what is their little so should change the country for the best professor that you know, effective governance or even preserving what your half is challenging enough when times are good. but when the government, the new government and a complicated lea, i'm to together, government has to deal with so many issues in a global pandemic at risk. alpha additional log down disruptions in line and absentees, repetitive migration prices. the possibility of the military confrontation in the
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middle of europe, the changing world. what on earth, what have you, you know, with looking at all this, all the, all that they have on that plate from the get go. what do you think will be that operational prior? it is not the ideological and rhetorical ones, but what are some of the issues that they absolutely cannot afford to, nor well, they can't afford to ignore the precarious situation of energy, of our energy supply to conduct, nor the collateral damages off a repeated migration vase. and so on. so the biggest challenge for the new government is that those who are in the government and supported needs to have a very steep curve of learning because really looks different from how to proceed to look at our future. for a minute. on the lena bear book in her mindset exists differently. a quite
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different world from the verbiage really exists. i would like to be present when she for the 1st time, has a talk with the russian for him in his the oven for, for, for the 1st time. just to go to the, the, to the ministers council asi of nato. because there she will be confronted with a vote, which she does not believe to exist and therefore a steep learning curve is required and may be the members of the government will have steeper coast than the followers in the parliament quite to be silent on the photos in the political parties differ or not of disappointment will come up your and so next week's was a government tries to learn how politics and world politics really work. now i. * think you would probably agree with me at that. angling, marco, i know that you have been critical of some of your policies, but institutionally is she had a tighter reap on power. i'm not saying that she was
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a non profit for ability to enforce her decisions, to sell them to the public, much are greater. she was also very experienced politician looking at this new coalition to personality, political agendas that they represent on how easy or how challenging do you think it's gonna be for them internally to agree on day shift lateral on selling them to the people. so this will be quite difficult because there are a lot of political projects from the collision contract for which no finances are available. this is like a setting up a list of desires. then go into the shop and finding out that you don't have the necessary money on your bank account. so this will be the problem. as the liberals have made clear that there should be no raises in texas. c, a for they have to do with the money which comes in. we are. 1 as a beginning, as many people feel of an economic crisis deal to the pandemic due to the inflation
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into euro's own and so on. so they will run out of money. therefore, they will make hot will have to make hard decisions, which are the projects which are really necessary, which are projects out of alex here, a situation which now is no longer given. so this will be a kind of problems. and this will require all capacities of political leadership or le sholtes seems to have well, professors, that angle america was very strategic for access time. and we shouldn't be too many to take a short break right now, but we will be back in just a few moments station. ah, the postal service delivers a $155000000000.00 pieces of now every year, approximately 40 percent of the world. right now the us postal service is in a flight of its life, the survey that is really bad financial shave. now facing default,
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the postal service is a cash cow. and there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put in the federal budget. there was a mandate that you're bringing $100000.00, new revenue every month. the nature of privatization in the us postal service is very much hidden from public view. it's private as a, from the inside. oh, that's a big business. in money. it's not about the public and given them a service that they deserve. it's not about quality train workers, it's about the mind for is your media reflection of reality
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high solutions for community. are you going the right way? where are you being that with what is true? what is great in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depth will remain in the shallows. ah ah ah, well come back to wells apartments, no pets, all professor emeritus of comparative government as just then technical university
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. professor basil before the break. we touched on german jones and try now politics . let's talk about foreign policy on the and that america and on there for many assessors was primary only be counselors to me. do you think it's likely to stay the case under the new government under the new chancellor and under your foreign minister? you already mentioned as somebody who has a very peculiar a vision of reality and yes, very determined to see them in the real world. well, during the last 2025 city years and ability for foreign affairs, this was usually growing during his time in office because san domestic politics important if they are become more boring if they have begin at the beginning, if they have been at the beginning of a chance dealership and chances become acquainted with the top leaders around the vote and therefore they feel a certain obligation to deal with them. so this certainly will happen in this new
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government as well. ola sholtes were left to do a lot of things to do in domestic politics, to make sure that his power base in this difficult situation. and on a lena bear book, wants to show that she is really a competent foreign policy person. and therefore, she needs some free space as i'm maneuvering space to show her qualities or to acquire qualities. but in the course of time, the usual pet on the will come in because due to geminus, delegates, a foreign policy situation, it is really a top position in government where the ultimate responsibility needs to be. now you mentioned the issue of competency and it could be interpreted in many different ways. it could be interpreted as a practical ability to get resolved even an unpleasant difficulties off. * or it could be interpreted more in an american a way of standing shock, ways through the, you know, media error rates. why? what did one do you?
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thing is the german answer, interpretation of what a competent, foreign minister or a competent leader can achieve. well, i'm said, then i have to say that the stand, the criteria in germany for many years has been compatibility with public opinion. those politicians pause as competent who act in line with what the people expect from them. but public opinion is produced or shaped by mass media. those are shaped by journalists, most german journalists, us, the sizes of the social democrats, no supreme. therefore, as long as it, cuz you green and social democrats policy projects, you pass as a competent leader. if you don't do so, you pass as somebody like a conservative for reactionary, somebody who is not able to do his job. and therefore, what we will certainly experience is that mess media will try to find everything.
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what is plausible and laudable in the political activities and statements by on the lena bear book, and that would be hesitant to discuss some collateral damages. and only if too much damage is done, there will be criticism raised against our new foreign policy. foreign policy of foreign minister, and this is sad because usually there are certain standards in particular for foreign policy. foreign policy is something so complicated security politics, global dynamics, hands on as a brighter spirits of a country should deal with these things. and those are to the practical politics should be able to communicate with them so far. and alina, the book, in her poverty, korea has not shown that this would be really a top interest. now we hope that she uses such arms, her job is offering to her because she can get at rise of the best pol, possibly experts in germany. so let's see whether she has a steep or a flat learning curve. well, i think we have to, i have to admit that there is
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a sitting termination i with regards to angelina barbara here in boston because people are here for change in position. but they're simply because many officials here in moscow believe that there is already a headache in the world edition. now, having said that, how one of the, one of the things that i often hear from the russian officials, an analyst is that german point is more than any other national politics in europe is constrained by certain imperatives which exist more or less consistent and stable both internally and its relations with the east and the west on the recent history seems to support that. for example, you know? yeah, for sure there and i'm going america were very different, ideologically, when they came to power. the chancellor ship of sure the result is in the construction of a stream one pipeline and the chancellor ship of america culminated in the
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construction of the north stream to pipeline. how much do personalities really matter when it comes to germans foreign policy and particularly german relationship with russian? i would say i'm the lumina circumstances. the personalities do not matter so much. because as one might say, nations have interests. and this interests are independent of personalities. who are in charge of running foreign policy, but there should be edit the those responsive lou should know about national interests. they should have a clear vision of what the national interest is and why this is the interest or not another one. and here you can have doubts in times of crisis in times of big changes. good, personal relationships are of utmost importance. sink back to the process of trim reunification without so good relationships of chancellor cool with global chief or with the american president or with the french president that would have been note
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re unification and see if or it does the meta with us. those people in charge are able to establish and maintain good personal relationships. and if historical, this them knowledge about national interests and the ability of socializing with others of easy going relationships come together. then we're in the best of all possible votes, but it out that now we are in the best of all possible votes. i mentioned the noise stream you project and i know that you aren't before that mark treatment of a project as a purely economic one. dammit, germany's relations, and it's a european partners. do you think the new government is likely to revisit or even change to policy on, on this issue? well, you know, our new government is hearing a threat. we try to get rid of nuclear energy. we try to get rid of fossil energy,
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so that is of colin, so on. and therefore we have a gap in our energy supply is the same time we want more digitalization which needs more energy. yvonne, hybrid economy. busy which needs more energy, we need a mobility which needs more electricity and see if or as a government says that frankly, we simply are dependent on guess from russia. transported to show me of our new stream to see a for. although i think that this has been around strategic move, geminus dependent on that germany, so to speak, tract. and one of the interest in germany is job, but reality imposes certain limits on your imagination doesn't. well, let's agree to disagree of this point. but what, what is fascinating is to see how the german government will deal in this situation . on the one hand, at least on alina ever,
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she has many concerns about the strategic, well, rationality of motion to other, on the other hand, there is still the need of germany, r. c, energy. and therefore they have some problems. and as an observer, i'm very happy to see a government acting in such harsh situations. where until the greens inbound a way of using or warming up german homes with their own emotional energy, they will have to rely on traditional energy stores and addition to dislike of the russian gas. the new government is also unwelcoming. as you set up an energy which puts it at the logo has with france and major force to reckon with in this belt, which wants to see nuclear energy recognized as a sustainable and green energy source, which at least at the moment the greens are not really eager to do the german
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greens, i mean, do you see any possibilities for a compromise here? well, if you're filled of be in tract, you're looking for an exit, then maybe this is the exit offered by the french president. the greens have a problem with the followers and support us. imagine the green leadership could say, well, we still think that atomic energy should not be used. nevertheless, you to our special relationships with france due to the desires of our neighbors in the interest of a stable and which is apply all throughout europe for a certain period of time. we have to accept to move on with the use of nuclear energy. so my feeling is that this might be an exit strategy out of this energy game in which our new government, when find itself due to policies, which were strictly according to their own desires. now angela miracle seemed to have prioritized european confusion about everything else. both mich moderately and i have to say practically and, and i had
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a sense that sometimes she put it even above the rain issues as painful as it may be to the gentleman electorate. do you think in her absence that will still be germany, his role and if not, if my internal issues will be deemed or prioritized above the union issues? what do you think it would mean for the ears a whole? well, one of the things, one of the issues on which there is really a consensus in germany is the important asi europe. he had union as a framework in which germany can do her a foreign policy. so this pro, you course, will certainly go on with the new government and her here angle america did not to have policies for technical reasons. she really was convinced this is part of our german consensus. however, we need to see that we are in the field
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of declining marginal use of certain politics. because one, if you want to have a strong europe, apparently says can be something like the united states of europe. it needs to be a european union where the european nation states can preserve their own identity, can define own interest in particular domestic politics. and he angle america. as i share the opinion with many other observers, has gone too far. let's go to for see with too much attempts at, at having a joint migration policy in the european union model on the german bad example. as i would like to stress. this has drift has driven the united kingdom out of the you . and our insistence at only german or german dominated visions of what rule of law might mean is now driving, driving out poland and hungary,
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from the european union. or it is creating a feel of alienation between central european states and germany. so there can be too much of europe, you can try to attempt too much and you lose your fellowship. and this is the danger in which angle america has guided our are of european policy. does he have behavior during the euro on prices with greece 1st, insisting then giving in. and so my feeling is that a germans will have to learn and tribal leaders will have to learn that even though we are pro you, we do not share the idea that there should be something like a central government in brussels and a weakening of national identities well, mister penciled, i have many more questions for you, but unfortunately our time is up. thank you very much for being with was a pleasure talking with you and thank you for what you want to see. again, that's great on well to part
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with . mm hm. welcome to max, kaiser's financial survival. god looking forward to your as we go. yeah . this is what happens dimensions in britain. del, at this as you watch kaiser report with
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ah, give us give us a nightmare scenario of military confrontation has returned to you room. that was at the start warning from russia's top diplomatic, the head of our meeting with his u. s. counterpart. adding that moscow would not tolerate the beefing up of nato's presence in neighboring states. asylum seekers may have to wait months, so that e u bela bruce, florida to get processed. if a new plan from brussels gets to go ahead a rights group, oxfam told us the move, throws away the rulebook. we could have managed this easily, but apparently the commission is not very interested in doing that. the cia is embroiled and a child sex abuse scandal that involves children as young as to, with all but one alleged offender going unpunished, according to declassify document.


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