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ah ah, twitter faces a barrage of accusations that it's during the u. s. government bidding. it's after the social media giant worked with a washington think tank and suspending, more than $3000.00 accounts from 6 countries for alleged at state bank to propaganda bouquets. well, college of midwives apologizes for new supposedly inclusive guidelines describing mothers as post natal people a former and h s. a nurse believes an influential lobby group is steering the conversation is easy yet can. now the example of stonewall going in with diversity offices and telling people how to reset their thinking that members and in a landmark ruling, a woman born with a spinal defect wins her case against the doctor who 20 years ago is said to have
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failed to advise her mother, properly about having children, our guests discuss the verdict. because what i do now with medicine now in 20 years time, we may judge my actions and the doctor has completely wrong. but there is something rather bizarre about somebody saying, and i mean, this is a sensitive like, i wish i had never been born. ah, oh my kathy, my director of studios and monica, this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us and we're in no concerns are being raised over twitters, possible ties to the u. s. government. it is after the social media behemoth suspended more than 3000 accounts from 6 countries, including china and russia, over alleged state sponsored information operations. a twitter admits decisions on which accounts to suspend were made with the guidance of the australian strategic
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policy institute. a think tank sponsored by us government agencies, including the department of defense artes. daniel hawkins has been delving deeper into the institutes, activities. it's common knowledge that trusts in conventional media is falling. you know, when you ask someone where they get their news on late reply, i don't watch tv. i'll do my own research or get my news off social media. that's fair enough. that least with normal news, you tend to know who's sponsoring it, be it's a government or corporation. and you can make your own conclusions. but when you see who's behind an organization claiming to be independent and non partisan draft or in to help provide independent analysis to stop social media manipulation, world, anyone would have a few questions. it's not like the australian strategic policy institute hide the fact there, sponsored by the u. s. government or some of the biggest names in the military. industrial complex. the long list is there for all to see is just when so much
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funding comes from the sources. one does wonder just how independent and balanced they can be. even former australian officials have concerns about the things thanks output echoed by some current lawmakers. surely it's fair to subject aspect funding arrangements to scrutiny espy receives core funding a $4000000000.00 from the department of defense. again, the thing thank makes no secret of its anti china stance and the list of works on their website. in fact, china is a key target of the organizations works from human rights in shin gan to chinese tech systems influence projects or this information in social media. many funded by the u. s. department of state and defense. their definition of independence may be malleable to say the least. an a s p, i are good at what they do, at least for their defense, industry, sponsors. the numbers say it all since the think tank was founded 20 years ago.
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weapons manufacturers have collected tens of billions of dollars in government contracts prior to the cobit pandemic. the organization hosted dozens of events, some bringing together key players in defense and politics. providing the opportunity for closed door discussions with government departments and agencies. the s p i is so heavily involved with foreign governments and political organizations. it's even registered with the australian governments. forward inputs transparency register. many were so pleased with the thing thanks. work. their funding to the organization has grown significantly year on year as have their funds from sponsorship and commercial revenue under the direction of executive director peter jennings. who is himself clear where the blame for increasing tensions lies. most rising south shawnasee, posing china's authoritarian control in hong kong, threatening taiwan and japan on
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a daily basis. china is the strategic problem in the region and back to the point. the thing thank is now partnered with the social media joint, helping to decide and coordinate what information users have access to. and what is sentence it so much for independent analysis and serving the public conversation is little wonder that some question whose interests does this really serve? britton's royal college of midwives has said, sorry for its latest supposedly inclusive guidelines which make no reference to women or mothers, but only to post natal people responding to complaints the college called it an oversight the organization had taken advice from the controversial pro diversity group. stonewall if former and h s nurse we spoke to says the lobby group or the r c m itself has no right to tell midwives what to think will is perfectly healthy. asli they apologized because of the instantaneous backlash. health services sat her to be
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a safe environment for this normal process is natural process to happen. it is not the her college of midwives role to tell that make wives how to think. and i'm afraid that this is yet another example of stonewall going in with diversity offices and telling people how to reset the thinking of that members. the royal college of midwives withdrew the gender neutral guidance after an online backlash. in the instructions for energy staff on how to put newborns to bed safely. women weren't mentioned at all, referring rather to parents or terrors. the guidance was supposed to be algebra 2 inclusive, but response was overwhelmingly negative. how can you possibly rise about pregnancy and bus without mentioning women? that's deliberate, not an oversight. apparently the royal college, a midwife sized midwives need to call mothers postnatal people, not mothers,
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all women. so to all you ladies out there, you are a postnatal person, not a mother. i. right. how did the royal college of midwives forget about women? they are the so reason you even exist. a nurse, rebecca butler again says that neither the general public or transgender people support the idea. people don't want to replace the words very, very, very vocal minority, and a very effective activist group in stonewall who want to rewrite the rules by which we live. i don't know who they think they're appealing to because the person in front of the midwife is a biological woman. why the world college midwife has chosen to adult policies advocated by stonewall, is american to then to but my point here is that the general public does not face
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midwife do not take. actually, neither does the transgender community. it is one organization that is pushing it to gender so hard, and it's getting it very, very badly. a mother is a mother and the role of the midwife is to ensure the mother's safety and the baby safety. and that is the end of their role. they should not be involving themselves in this sort of ridiculous political posturing. the white house is blaming a surgeon lawlessness in the u. s. on the pandemic press secretary gen saki, when questioned about the recent mass looting said cove. it was a key factor when a huge group of criminals organized themselves and they want to go, lou, they store a cdn in order to struggle, home depot, and tell the shelves are clean. you think that because i think a root cause and a lot of communities is the pandemic? yes. well jen, talk his remarks, come amid a spike and looting in
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a number of states over the past month. something that others are blaming on the rise of the d fund of the police movement. ah retired police officer dominic his oh, told us why he thinks the crime serge, and the pandemic are not linked just embarrassing that they're not admitting what it is. it has nothing to do a co, but it has nothing to do with bell reform and then releasing criminals right back on the street, not prosecuting properly has nothing to do a cul de fun. the police movement is an emotional response for any time that the public doesn't understand when use of force is needed, right? you have unarmed either black americans or whatever the case is shot by police in and before an investigation is done. the civil rights activists come in and claim
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police misconduct. so we already have a situation where emotions are high. the voter thinks the emotional voter thinks is that who this is d funding, the police, which means we're going to get rid of the cops on our streets and then let's replace them with the social workers or other people who are better trained and equipped to deal with emotional issues on the street, when you start to have that mindset, well then you're, you're looking at police negatively. so already the immoral, the criminal who are out there, feel that they've got the backing of the public. well, i don't have to obey the law. i can break the law because there's already this massive movement to define the police, which means they're going to side with me. it's a mindset i'm, it's okay for us to do this and we're going to act like criminals because nothing's gonna happen to us as well. as facing a crime wave, the u. s. is also suffering from soaring inflation. many americans are blaming the button administration for that with a 5th of responders in a recent nationwide paul saying poor leadership is the country's top problem. that
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includes democrats with some quitting the party and even switching sides, breaking it all down for us with commentary is ortiz coleman. apparently, it's not only working families throughout america who are disappointed by the biden administration's handling of several crises. it's also members of biden's own democratic party, some like the former spokesperson for the washington dc mayor have decided to switch over to the republicans hispanic and also black eyes. i should be democratic by default, but i'm going against their narrative. and i feel like right now, everything is crumbling for the democrats biden is completely destroying the economy right now and people can feel it. so that's what's happening in washington dc. now washington, d. c, is a city that is pretty solidly in the democratic camp. democrats sometimes even get 90 percent of the vote in elections. no wonder democrats as far away as texas are switching sides. friends something it's happening in south texas and many of us are
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waking up to the fact that the values of those in washington d. c. on not our values, not the bodies of most texans, the ideology of to funding the police of destroying the oil and gas industry, and the chaos. our border is disastrous for those of us who live here in south texas. in addition to the recent shifts, 19 democrats are set to leave the house of representatives in 2022. that includes 3 committee chair. some are retiring or seeking another office. republicans only need to gain 5 more seeds in the upcoming mid term vote in order to re take control of the house of representatives. and many observers say their chances of doing so are pretty good. some are comparing it to the republican sweep 10 years ago. how's democrats have more retirements than they did in 2010? when the last 63 seats? it's not only the party that's losing people. comalla harris, the vice president of joe biden, is watching her team implode as well. her spokesperson and her communications
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director have both decided to quit with reports indicating that there are 2 more aids who have one foot out. the door reports are leaking out about strife between her office and the biden team, and the backdrop to all of this is the joe biden's approval ratings. keep going down. the mid terms are less than a year away and the democratic party seems to be crashing and burning. it appears that some in light of the circumstances have decided to jump out of a sinking ship, which might be causing the democrats even more trouble. the democrats are not delivery a clean and simple, and they're specifically not delivering to the people who are responsible for putting them in power, namely indigenous black, brown, asian, and poor white people. they had given his president and his congress a chance to govern, and the results so far have just not been adequate enough. we have not seen a protection of voting rights. we have not seen police reform. we have not seen
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action on climate change. i think that people are rightfully letting this administration know based on the approval ratings that are more needs to be done and very, very quickly. or there will be electoral consequences or things i turned around and i did very, very quickly where people can start to see the trajectory of it going upwards in their favor. they're going to respond with their boats and the democrats could be wiped out an investigation has been launched by us central command into a recent drone attack and syria, which may have resulted in civilian casualties. the strike was said to have been targeting a senior al qaeda leader and planner. we uphold the loss of innocent life and take all possible measures to prevent them. the possibility of a civilian casualty was immediately self reported to us central command. we are initiating a full investigation of the allegations and will release the results when appropriate in a separate development, the us defense secretary also launched
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a new probe into the an air strike in syria back in 2019, kill dozens of women and children. meanwhile, 21 humanitarian organizations have published an open letter calling for an urgent rethink of pentagon policy. we at gta ver, bastere, cancel and rec, in with the civilian hum of the last 20 years and commit to finally implementing structural changes to prioritize, sit in protection and accountability for civilian hom. in september, a decade, long costs of war project by brown university released its findings with part of the study focusing on the death toll in syria since 2014. it claims the u. s. military was responsible for more than 95000 civilian deaths with 75 journalists and more than 200 humanitarian workers, also killed peace activist kennestone beliefs. the actual number of civilian lives lost is even higher. the u. s. does not care about civilian deaths. they are merely collateral damage in its foreign policy,
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aims to achieve hedge ammonia in the middle east, and in fact, the entire world battle so far has been not 95000, but closer 260-0000. basically, u. s. jerome strikes and foreign countries are flagrantly illegal. they, they are at extra legal assassinations that take place in countries where the government does not approve of the u. s. operating their u. s. president's loud your own strikes. it makes them appear in the words of the u . s, media as quote presidential. so in other words, when you as presidents are acting in a heavy handed manner against p, mainly people of color in foreign countries, they look good in the media. the u. s. attacks, countries that can't fight back small in the countries swinging around the world to look at some other headline stories this hour. at least one person has been killed and dozens injured. after the mount sumerian volcano on the indonesian island of
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java erupted on saturday, media report say villages in the vicinity of the blast became covered in debris and thick smoke obscured the sun, leaving them in darkness. several 100 people have reportedly been moved to shelter . thousands of protesters in paris demonstrated against colored restrictions on saturday, right gear clad police tailed the march and mass with anti government sentiment. rising. amid the introduction of health passes and mandatory masks in all indoor settings. and at this time of year and antarctica, it's usually daylight around the clock, but the only total solar eclipse of 2021 turned day to night. for 2 minutes, at least there on saturday, the remote stretch of antarctica, where it was seen as exclusively treated was other parts of the world. seeing only partial eclipse. young woman with a spinal defect has successfully sued her mother's doctor for giving the parent
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that advice. 20 years ago before her pregnancy in the landmark ruling now the case high court agreed that the medic failure to tell her to take supplements amounted to negligence. evie tombs overcame her condition to become a para show jumping star. though she has to spend a days at a time connected to toot, the judge said that could have been avoided if her mother had been recommended to take folic acid, both before and during her pregnancy in accordance with official guidance. provided with the correct recommended advice she would have delayed attempts to conceive in the circumstances there would have been no later conception which would have resulted in a normal healthy child. the doctor in question denies the allegation, saying he provided all necessary instructions. we discussed what precedent the ruling sets with our guests, john gaunt radio host and columnist and doctor dean exit. ag. this taste we're talking about was 20 years ago in year 2001 i think it was. and around that sort of
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time, we too would probably have been giving advice off. well if your diet is rich and go to kathy, keep that up, keep doing it. you don't necessarily need to supplement. so again, it's really hard to judge what happened back in 2001, based on the standard that we have today. can you really bring what you can? because it's what can you bring the case? 20 years after so many port afford. i mean, this isn't for linda mind where somebody was given, you know, a tablet. it isn't that kind of situation. this scenario shows that you're going to have to take a long time in the future to very clearly document. the advice we give. and more importantly, actually the advice that we don't give. so it's kind of a significant plan to put on time. one of the, the big challenges that often documentation is about how you're judged. because of course, what i do now is medicine. now in 20 years time, we made george my actions as a doctor has completely wrong because as time progresses and we learn more, our practice is progress. one of my worries would be for doctors that they would on
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the side of caution now and perhaps start recommending for other both difficulties . maybe abortion i'm thinking particularly of down's syndrome babies when we do know that they, these people can go on to lead. very successful lives as well, so have to be aligned somewhere, doesn't matter because of course we recognize that and patients name certain details of medicine. it's our job to and teach them. busy to bring them on that journey to get them on board so that we can make decisions to get that to treat the problem. but if we're saying and all that common sense stuff too, falls into the lap of the doctor to have to deal with and say, well, come on, the doctor's responsibility to tell you how to live your life. what to do. not only they're responsible for prescribing, but also responsible for telling you how to live healthily and if you don't have healthy doctors all. and that's an impossible situation to doctors to work it. we do need perhaps now in the light of this we need to put some safety guidelines in
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there goes to the patient and from the doctor. i mean, i do find it incredible that 20 years after this, the doctor is in this position with his whole life ruined. and i still of immense sympathy, obviously, for a lady involved as well. you know what, we're already in that position of jeopardy, because that's exactly the situation we, doctors name and at the moment. for example, if i was to get the patients and advice today. and the patient doesn't necessarily follow that advice, doesn't necessarily come back to see me again, like i asked him to do. and then sadly they developed a severe illness and they come back and see me and say, well, the doctor found it. my argument back would be, well, you didn't come back to me like ask you to or you didn't do the things that i asked you to. nonetheless, i will have to go through the process of call. i just think this is a really tragic case. and i wish you had never come to court. i wish the evie had got the help and the assistance she needs. but there is something rather bizarre about somebody saying and i mean this in a sensitive way. i wish i had never been born. the festive season
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has not gotten off to the greatest of starts in the british capital. that's because it's showcase christmas tree in trafalgar square. is not quite up to its usual standard. every year it is gifted to the city by norway, leaving some to ponder whether london has done something to upset the nordic nation . ah ah. ah, but trafalgar square, christmas tree, got a trim from boris johnson's baba. all we had to go with no, we know the trafalgar square. christmas tree has arrived with the following
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media includes potentially sensitive content. sometimes i wonder if no way is trolling us a bit when they choose which tree to give us full trafalgar square. i would like everyone to know that half of my branches are not missing their social distancing. remember to stay safe this christmas and where a face covering on public transport and while inside shops and their habit that does it for me. for this hour i went back with a look at your headlines and let's say 28 minutes. you're watching art international. glad have you with us. ah, i
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mean with i gather financial survival guys. i don't. why am i guy mama, teachers. this was a friday at the last time i buy it from a teacher. so crocker watch kaiser reporting
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ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led? somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. the postal service delivers a $155000000000.00 pieces of mail every year. approximately 40 percent of the world's mail right now the us postal service is in the flight of its life. and that
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is really bad financial shape. now facing default, the postal service is a cash cow and there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put into the federal budget. there was a mandate that you bring in a $100000.00, new revenue every month. the nature of privatization in the us postal service is very much hidden from public view. it's privatization from the inside out. that's a big business in money about the public and giving them a service that they desire. it's not about the quality of train workers, it's about the money. mm. ah.
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back breaking toil. forced labor stress. mm. industrial injury. corporal punishment. mm. oh no. words with which we're all familiar. are you certain that the world you live in abolished slavery long ago.
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welcome to redacted tonight. so it seems like everywhere we're seeing the signs of automation, which makes a lot of people feel uneasy. but i don't get why some of my best friends are robots . what's so weird about a self checkout machine on cbs wishing you and your family? i happy hanukkah. why doesn't make you so uncomfortable when the caring verizon customer service chat bought? asks about your mild lupus. it's not disturbing that these guys know where i live after they delivered food once and truly visit. but it's not creepy, they're my friends. but do you know that some of our automated friends are an automated at all? in fact, there's a large amount of human labor that gets hidden behind so called algorithms. it's also known as micro work. micro work is a series of small, tedious tasks that workers often in the global south get paid pennies to complete.
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many of these workers live in prisons or refugee camps their work powers, the likes of google, twitter, facebook test for amazon, the richest tech companies in the world. profit awful labor from the most poorly paid, poorly protected workers in the poorest parts of the world. so i found out my best robot friend who just gets me with his sophisticated algorithm is actually just 30 somali refugees and kenya, if i find out that smarter child was actually a child, i'm going to cry contractors post human intelligence tasks to the site which appear on the screens of thousands of workers who jostled to complete the tasks on a piece by piece basis from each transaction, the platform takes a 20 percent cut. the work is carried out remotely, and workers never encounter each other accepted digital avatars on online forms. so
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while we criticize billionaires for shooting themselves into space, unfortunately successfully, we're missing the fact that for over a decade just means those has been profiting from a site that hosts micro job listings for the most disempowered workers. for a penny, you might pay for a person to tell you if there is a human in a photo. jeff pays, as explained at the public opening of his business, amazon mechanical turk, mechanical turk is actually a small fish in the pond, but was the prototype upon which bigger micro or companies like appen. click worker, and plea meant are based on placement. that's in and so imagine spending an hour finding humans in this picture and these loves don't have anywhere near the career of waldo and you still can't afford to buy lunch.


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