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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  December 3, 2021 7:30am-8:01am EST

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the ultimate results of an august law suit. now there's been a very significant increase in the number of migrants crossing the u. s. border sense. joe biden has taken office. a lot of videos and information has been revealed about how these numbers are rising. the number of people crossing over the u. s. border has been a big point of contention. many of jo biden's critics in the republican party and in local and state government in places like texas, arizona, new mexico have been very critical of biden, and his administration and how they handled the situation on the border. so it appears that starting next week, some border towns in taxes are, will be re implementing the remain in mexico policy of the trump administration. a policy that biden initially opposed and tried to dismantle, but it appears that it will be re instated. i'll be friday is going good. that's it for this use addition. thanks so much for checking in reporting from moscow for you
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. my name is kevin owen. stop by for dennis mother show of the break in your part of the world. here. we're now to international the global broadcaster life from russia. ah, ah . ah, i hey
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folks. next up on dennis miller plus one, we've got a british boy, an action hero, scott adkins. and he's got a new flick out called one shot. he's been in a lot action films and i think as a part in upcoming john wick for love that series and but he's fronting this one. it's called one shot. scott atkins will talk to us about, well, how he grows to be an action star in the town of birmingham england. and where it goes from here right after that san dennisville are plus one. hey folks. welcome to dennis miller plus one. and we're happy to welcome actor and martial arts expert scott adkins to the show he's appeared in blockbuster films like was 0 dark, 30 american assassin, dr. strange. and he currently stars in one shot alongside ryan philippe
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and ashley green. and it's now playing in theaters in video on demand. mr. adkins, how are you? my friend? very well done. i sound good. good. it's nice to be the 3rd guy out of the copper and 0 dark 30. then it's another thing to front the film. i have a feeling in one shot your front of the film. tell me about the film and tell me about being the guy who they're hanging, the tensile off of. somebody's going to be the, the may fall and it's like it's you and this well? yes. well, i don't know how to do it as the title suggests, it's an action film that takes place in one continuous unbroken sake. and we had a choice scripts, and you have very proud of how the film john down i've always felt like the one take really pulls the audience and because there's no edits, there's nowhere to run the content away from the screen. started captivated stream
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. we have a very tight, so a script that's very exciting to the audience. i had it sounds very successful, proud of it. scott, i am blown away, but i did not know that that was the technique and this i'm fascinated by chris nolan. when he did moment when momentum went backwards, and then there's the great old hitchcock film where he did 20 minute takes and then would push into a black coated a dinner party for rope. but i have never heard this from. absolutely fascinated by tell me what would be the longest one clip that you would do? how did you do the edits when hitchcock would push it to the black, or how did you guys do the, the tape change or whatever it is. and i guess it's digital. yeah. yeah, of course it isn't really one unbroken sake for 90 minutes because it's an action film. there are films the are legitimately one take the whole thing you can do with action film, make it anywhere near exciting. in my opinion. we've got guns, we got explosions, you've got $0.05. no, i find, you know,
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it's maybe somebody one day. bob, don't think it be that exciting is hard to do so. but what we're trying to do was make the length of the takes as long as we legitimately felt we could and still keep it exciting and of course safe. so it definitely feels like a legitimate one and it is in many ways. tell me about the story that now we've got the technique used, which i find fascinating and in to kids, especially with short attention span theater. they're so used to from dire straits on these quick cut mtv videos. it'll be interesting to see that immerse themselves in something a little more protracted like this. but give me the story. what's the story about? who do you play and an overview of my friend? i play going full. jake harris is the leader of the sealed same, and we saw the movie awful coming in and a halo garcia, cia analyst played by ashley green. and we're coming into this guantanamo by type of facility off the coast of poland. we've got to extract a guy that's one,
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it may have been inflammation about on an impending nucleus threat. we've got to get this going. we got to pull him out of that. when we land on this island, there's these terrorists slash mercenaries that turn up stage place or hell breaks loose last switch some times and a hell of a lot of action. i love that i did reminds me of something like the rock meets, were eagles there, which i watched over the weekend. the great where eagles dare say that sort of thing. where you've got to go in and get the guy, get the guy out of the malware clinic. what richard burton, who's stunning in that film, by the way, folks, if you haven't seen that great sound track, you always need that. the repetitive music, you know, action films, obviously when i go to see an action film, i kind of like a little character development, but i have to insist i go to see character development films for development. i
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walk by action films to be hickory. i want them to be run, run, show, tell me. but did you keep the closure up in this one? well, the film says place in real time, so you're in this situation and you know what the mission is for these guys and you know, so you guys, whatever, you don't, you don't need to know the back story. what you need to know is what the objective is and what they're trying to do. you can easily put yourself into their shoes and say, right, well that's what they got to do. and this is happening. how are they going to get out of this situation? and you know, it is a really good script actually, and there is a lot of character development within it. but essentially you just on this mission and you with these guys in your, into it. yeah it's, it's like the wick films. now people always wonder why the, when i go to see a wicked film 1st piano seems like a good cat in real life. so i admired him, and secondly, i want the action to speak, graham genial and they deliver that. and i know there's a bit of
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a back story i know, and the other cat in the private club and all that. but the set pieces are absolutely beautiful, you know, as i was watching or talking to scott atkins by the way. and the film is one shot, star stars alongside ryan sleeping, and ashley green. it's now playing in theaters and video on demand. as i watch the you up see over the weekend and saw the 42 year old man. do something so brave and win against the 38 year old man. and you could see what a great triumph it was for him. i know you have a background and mixed martial arts, and i was wondering films to me. i know when you get on the set, it can be exciting, but the actual movie world of hollywood seems so nebulous to me and so weird and so much. but, you know, going on, did you find it hard to pull out of a really well to me, a nuts and bolts, ethical approach to things in mixed martial arts in co,
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into the nebulous world of hollywood. how was it for you? that's why i still live in birmingham england real about there and have my old friends tell me about a hollywood full. i mean, yeah, that's amazing. glovers. to show that he's able to pull that off at his age, inspiring. so all of us myself included, some still trying to pull a few things off at 45 in these action sounds. but yeah, look, i mean, probably the bright thing for him is all those guys is to figure out when to retire because that's the real decision. those guys just want to keep on fighting till they're drunk. i'm sure. glad 40 to god bless. i'm finally reached the pig, you watch. cowboy was well into his life. might be time for him to hang up. looks like he's taken some shots. he shouldn't, but i tell you as i watch the car the other night i was thinking, what are they put in the? well, i don't even know where daggers stand is. what are they putting in the water over
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dag? it's then that is the bad wrestling actually. yeah. those go down . it didn't matter. you actually definitely had not a guys old lady in the tavern and diag instead. i want to think about it. every guy over there looks like a b. they've all got that beard. they're all serious stone killers. you don't want to grapple with them, but you don't want to stay on your feet. there is no safe zone with those guys. is there got incredible. incredible. fine. just yeah. must be the altitude or something i don't know. when did you 1st get the bite? you're over. birmingham, i grew up in pittsburgh, pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and birmingham. england are sort of the same thing. and i think you live in a little community or a little city under itself inside birmingham, it seems or something like that. tell me about growing. i was on the street oil town and the royal town of sutton, cold film on from what was that like beverly hills, 9. 021. 0 what was happening in. 2 rock hill,
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its launches to push ca birmingham because you know, this is the birmingham accent and everyone sounds a little bit then put in something called filled, we pronounced the 2. so we're little bit smarter. that is how it's home. and obviously i have some big dreams for myself, which might come from the family butcher's and my dad's it was trying to get me to learn a trade and do what he did and trying to protect me. but you know, i had the bug when i was a kid, and i started marshlands when i was 10 years old because my dad and my older brother did a judah, and then they stopped and i continued to and it's just a way of life. i've never stopped training just who i am. you know it's funny when you watch like rod laver, his left arm was overly developed because he would hit with it all the time. and you watch some guys who strike with the right arm and you think you perceive maybe they're right or a little bigger. there's no bigger arm, the butcher's coming and clear from the thing and half that much the been
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a good training ground for you to watch your own work. cars like that. yeah, it's a tough job. my dad's graft and my mom gave me a very strong work ethic and you know, being a martial arts, action star, when you 12 seems like a good idea at the time. but it turns out that it's hard work as well. so they set me up for a good bit of grafting, were talking to scott atkins and he was also in one of my favorites. and i don't know the director, i know she did point break originally. 0 dark 30. you know, when you were talking about going in with a helicopter scott, in the new film, one shot, it reminds me of the 0 dark 30 thing. and although i follow that story to some extent, i never know what happened in about about as far as the one shopper. i assume you being in the film had to be informed to some degree. why did the one go down there in real in real life? do you know why wasn't in that sequence? i didn't play one of the seal team in there. i was one of the us. see i guys at the,
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the base that but the, i don't know there was just some sort of i why went down, maybe it was because they would say close the wall and some that soon the air driver made it, but it suddenly went down. yeah. a bit of a shock, but they still got the job done. well, i'll tell you what, i don't agree with a lot of things. a lot of presidents do, but i gotta admire obama. his balls were huge. to go across the country line like that when you got a bad guy. and it's somewhat anecdotal evidence, but pretty good evidence, but to go in there at night and off that pig. certainly the high water moment for brock obama. good on him and good on the troops were talking to scott atkins. and when we come back, we'll talk more about the new film one shot. he's also in the marvel universe to some degree and dr. strange, i want to ask about that. well oiled machine. one shot also has ryan philippe and ashley green. now playing in theaters and video on demand back was scott atkins right after this. on dennis miller plus one.
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ah, join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess from the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. long long. when i would show the same wrong. when all just don't the road. yes to see out. the thing becomes the after an engagement equals the trail when so many find themselves world far as we choose to look for common ground in
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the hey folks, welcome back to dennis miller plus one. we're talking to our friend scott atkins, over in walter at the multiple 4 seasons. as you can see. he's appeared in many blockbuster film, 0 dark, 30 american assassin, dr. strange in the marvel universe, currently starring along ryan philippe. and i only say, philippe, but i think it might be fully be. what does it do? you know, i think it's fully tiny, but some people on the step se knows philippe. yeah, i gotta i gotta get too far out of my way to say felipe piece. i'll just say rough ryan, so i could get away with it. yeah, there you go. and ashley green now playing in theaters and video on demand, you know, as i'm sort of fascinate. i'm like the least physical guy in the universe. i just lay claims that out. if i can, i can break a 100 in golf. i'm good. but whenever i watch martial artist guys and you see guys
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i find it must be so mentally healthy. like for instance, when i watch the great bruce lee, the diminutive character. but at some point it must be i can't imagine how good it feels to know at some point you never want to use it, but if you do have to defend yourself, you've got it in there. and i'm wondering after you learned that scott is a young man. did it bring some peace of mind to you? or what does it do when you learn that you can take care of yourself? i think people that train and martial arts and they go in the gym and in a controlled environment, you get to trust yourself against another man and you know, you get it out of your system so that when you go out on a friday or saturday and i have a few drinks you're less likely to look for trouble now, and also your various, your sensors because you know that if something does happen, you feel comfortable in yourself. so you're a lot more measured than some other line. lance that would be out that looking for trouble because that goes chip on the shoulder some to prove. we haven't gotten
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a sense of prove we prove it in the gym and i think that's one martial arts. it's a great thing for people to do. you know, i used to watch when i lived in new york as on saturday night live, and i would brush up against tyson periodically in public situations. and there was a whole leg by the fast this gun in town around him. but i could sense it's tyson knew if it hit the fan, half the people who would think maybe i want a piece of that and there wasn't, many of them would float like that. like the he always had the best lie to me when i know everybody has a plan, so they get hit in the face. and indeed, i think a lot of these young there have never actually just got on and thought, wo i don't want to be in the game. what's it like the 1st time you actually just pull left in the face? god, well i, i get something. you're going to get used to going to be able to stay in the pocket and slip those punches, and some of them are going to get through, but you're going to be able to try not blank if you can. i know you start out and i
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believe that young age and practice, ty quando. when i watched you see now and i watch it religiously, i'm fascinated by the dedication. i'm fascinated by the hard knock story of many of these kids. and these young women who only have this way to express themselves in a large degree, but some people are put off when it turns to grappling ground and pound as they say, where you go down onto the mat. i'm ashley, i'm fascinated by that aspect of it. too, i don't know enough about ty, quando, is it striking or is it matt work or is that a combination thereof? any, a little tutorial thing. it's striking in the olympics. they just use the legs that any have the other side of it, which is hands on fate. so it's like righty but ticonda guys and known more for the jumping kicks. apparently they were trying to kick people of forces, and that was the father reason for the flying kicks. melissa crossing, that's interest. they do have a favorite now where, where you, what do you find?
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you can lean on the most in the films in the new film as one shot available. and then there's video on demand. where do you find the comes the flying kicks work best in the movies. i guess they have a great player. busy to them, right. hi, quando is still dear to my heart. you know, that's what i did through most of my teenagers and the style. i can't get rid of that style. it, it's, it's within me and i always fall back on to it. but obviously have trained them and many other things, but those kids, she don't get better kicks than than ticonda. the best kicks book. there's, there's a bumper sticker, i get my kicks kicks, scott atkins with us the choreography. so important, scott, i would imagine the on air shooting time is almost dwarfed by the prep work. you've got to get this right or somebody's catching a template her a. he'll kick in their temple or the soft eggshell bowl and you've got to get these down. tell me about how much prep goes into it. a lot of traps, i mean,
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i'm pressing a movie at the moment and all today i've been arranging 5 sequences and sometimes i feel like i'm losing brain cells. could spend that many hours in the day just didn't this center to get punched. it's like, man, i've got, i've got a headache at the moment, but yes, you, you really drilling drilling you with the guy that you're fighting on screen. i mean, it may look like you're trying to rip his head. in reality, you're walking as if you are dancing together upon a ship. it's a violent dance, but we're working together to show that aggressiveness bookkeeping each other safe . and you know, if i trust the guy on with, i can get much closer to him and i can let his fist come much closer to me because we have the timing down. and it's about being, you know, staying with it inches of the movements to make it really exciting. so you really have to trust the guy you're doing it with talking to scott atkins, new film, one shot. i know you did some work in china,
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sometimes you read these returns on grosses and when you, i think it's i p, man gross is more than star wars over there. it's an amazingly huge thing. i think sometimes in these asian cultures where everything is sort of law down and that they find great catharsis, and sort of tell me why the chinese love the, the, i believe the big was sha studios under run, run shots always been popular over there. how do you, why do you gauge that it's so popular over there, maybe even more than the western world. i think certainly back in the day is different now because they're kinda caught up with the technology. there's a lot of good c joined that they do in the movies now, but back in the day they couldn't compete with hollywood was doing, with all the special effects and the car chases and all that. so they concentrated on what they could do, which was kung fu, and those were the action films. and the why were they advances, you know, very cheap things to do,
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but they became masters asset and they suddenly made martial arts come through movies better than anywhere else. in the world, and it wasn't until really the matrix where hollywood sort of adopted that style and did it the way they've always done it. and now i think marycris. so of course up with the skills involved in doing these martial arts movies. but the same time china's caught up with the c j and the special effects and all the rest of it. but certainly that's why they, for some time in that sense, become family. this. i assume that kiana was well liked in the martial arts community he seems to pay, i have no delusions, that he's going to step in there with a chuckle, a dell or a whole a zone. but he seems like a good hail fellow. well man, i think he takes care of his crew and he certainly pays dedication enough to make it look absolutely great. i see of a part and chapter 4 wick, i'm not even sure. kiana knew that was going to be, afford, seems like you did the 1st one to help us friends. and now it's the biggest franchise in the world to some degree. tell me about piano if you crossed paths
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scenes with him and for or tell me about it. absolutely, we do. and i can happy to report that the room is true. he is one of the nicest people here, is just a great guy. just a lovely soul, so generous, so great to be around. so hard walking. i mean, you look at the john, wait movies, and it's obvious that he's doing so much for himself. it's because he puts the walk and he never complains and shops the house get, the director says keanna, this is what we're going to do and he gets there and it doesn't. and it's not easy . and it's amazing to watch an ice thing. postulated the job with movers as you're saying when it comes to an action film at this point in time, there is nothing better than a john wet film. some i'm very happy to be involved. and a brilliant director note for him to go to the have a dash for and a habit be the armor to. i always love that scene where it goes in to get kit it out there. they're dealing with a half inch coff. my van opened the other rack and there is
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a day or 5th. it's the blending of those 2 is absolutely what is actually katie when we're we're yet and for is for finished filming. when, when can we expect it? is it out soon? john? way for i believe, comes down in may now, scott, obviously you're going to be fronting these terms out. so, huge dedication. i look at cats like mom, our and guys like that. and, you know, sly when he did it and you know, arnold, there's, you can live a life. obviously, i'm not saying it's to the, in the exclusion of any sort of regular, but certainly it's a complete immersion. where do you feel healthwise at this age? are you about that? are it now that you going to be fronting these films and do you desire it or are you going into it thinking, well, this is going to be a 2 o'clock strange trip. where's your head out right now?
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be in the main guy. well, i love it. so anything ever want to do with my life? i feel very fortunate to be in a position that i get to earn a living doing well. you know, i do it for free, really don't some agents out there. but you know, i'm getting ready to shoot a very tough faction. film at the moment, asked the man who is full of fight sequences. and i'm, you know, i can't say that i'm happy about it. there's a lot of trepidation and anxiety because i know that i've got to go from south through the ringer, but i don't take it for granted. you know, i'm gonna give it my all, and i appreciate that. that's what's going to keep me in this position. so i'll give them a shot. you know what i i think that there are certain things that should be held off on until we find out exactly what happened. that's the reason i'm not querying you about this baldwin thing. i don't think all the, the facts are in now. it seems like a, like when you read about the titanic getting the iceberg, 10 things had to go wrong to put it there, decrease it side at that moment. and i'm sure when they peel this back and reverse
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engineer. and we will say though, that whenever i've been on film sets and i know it's not perfect, i'm not trying to get anybody off the hook, but they do pay a lot of attention to it. and if it's, if it is slipped here, i feel horrific about that. but i don't want anybody. i've only been in 6 film. scott obviously does this for a living. the level of professionalism, amongst most of these people, is exquisite. as a scott, the people who they have to deal with as far as the keeping people safe, it's pretty amazing failsafe system. yeah, no, i think when we heard the news of this, every one in my business was just kind of ask themselves, how is that even possible? how is this even occurred or happened? because you had the, you have certain rules and you know, we don't know what happened, but it's, it is strange and very surprising. now what we say a prayer for the poor woman's soul and we'll find out what happens soon enough. in
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the interim we can all be just i, i don't think we deal well was being baffled anymore. but the same thing. like i said, i've only done a few films, whatever they had and we a fake gun. they opened it showed me the whole deal, and i often think geez, how did it, how did he come to this? we will find dad in the interim. ah, we will be looking for scott. adkins one shot long side ryan or an ashley gray. now playing in theaters and video and matt brother. yep. a headache and yet you were so charming. oh, good. bear with your time we appreciate it. my friend. oh, thanks very much. dennis. thanks for having me. appreciate it. all right, scott atkins, dennis miller plus one ah, the war drugs is noted as a way to combat a gray problem. what's the warrant?
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it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected. this time in the fight against drugs took a trend chic tom told us that andrew was competent, short foreman. this is way too dangerous for him to be doing. clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student does interest get shot in the head and found in the river like that something else had to be happening again. there are rumors of war. there are rumors of invasion and again the country is ukraine. their allegations of a russian military build up within the countries borders. though it is a fact, ukraine is receiving lethal aid from nato countries who benefits from this strategy . you
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a tool that was bad for your eyes and your po, just that it would stop you from having real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they fail to mention is that you can make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video games. a couple of companies that we fund the fortune of well sure, it's a little under a georgia resume with much what we do except there's no sooner course to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quick witted, hang on to open up with installation. people are still listening. bottom in this santa webpage, berkeley from youngs produce park even started yet galler voice. when you mouse storm you my video it out or you me. i was at news few guy of the order, but diode that vehicle. it was just that these are the do. i also reviews
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with people headlong this. our asylum seekers may have to wait months and the better with border to get processed. if a new plan from brussels gets the go ahead, writes group, say the move, the throws away, the rulebook the cia is embroiled in a child sex abuse scandal that involve children as young as a 2 years old, with all but one alleged offense going unpunished, according to the classified documents, nursing it in surround the globe, corporate coven vaccine. patients to be lifted. blaming production, restrictions for the day in the developing world. as the army comes, train will be followed. the other ski, please do not act. and if all countries do not adhere to a single vaccination strategy, ah.


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