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saturday will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with one meter on spreads to 24 countries from the u. s. becoming the latest w ha, sans the alarm we look at how different countries are responding to the new strain of cov id or so they say we visit at child care clinic in moscow as more and more younger patients are needing treatment for the virus. our children are age from one month to 17 years. the conditions vary in severity. the children harris, severely ill, and in the intensive care unit the while in the u. k. thousands have been without electricity for almost a week now, following an intense storm, sparking complaints of the government is lagging in its response. black um, homeless to thought it feels like like i have no roots,
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every day tells us that you really have a base. so that hard on students protests to the university in arizona for and against acquitted murder, a car written house is right to attend classes and ah, hello. well, can you watching out he international? now the united states is registered. his 1st case is the new code varied, omicron evicted, miss fully vaccinated has mild symptoms and was returning from south africa. south korea and norway have also seen their 1st cases. where with $24.00 countries now affected the world health organization does say it spread is inevitable. europe, meanwhile, is considering mandatory inoculations and ye restrictions with more his peter oliver, sweden right now, where from wednesday we seen vaccine passes having to be shown. if you go to any
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public gathering now, there are some issues with that because not everybody in sweden is able to get that required vaccine pass even if they had job. now if your residency is being processed or if you got your jobs outside of sweden, elsewhere in portugal, what we're seeing is the government. they have a see what's called a state of calamity. it's the 2nd highest state of alertness in the country, and what it means is that they're going to be bringing back in things like mass squaring in public. you're also going to need to be able to show either a negative test or a vaccine certificates. if he had to go into bars, jims, restaurants, hotels, or cinemas. now european chiefs are having serious discussions about a mandatory vaccinations being rolled out across the u. it is understandable and appropriate to lead this discussion now. and how we can encourage and potentially
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think about mandatory vaccination and within the european union, one country that is already said it will be implementing mandatory jobs is austria that set to come in. in february, the country is currently in a, a full national lockdown. it's supposed to be in that, at least until the end of this week, it can be extended through until the 13th of december. however, that's moved, not gone down well with some people her brought it glossy every day. the new rules besides the health system should have been improved again, and i don't understand why we should pay the price for that law. michelle, isn't that a relatively many people in austria to think the virus doesn't exist under think they're stand above everything that hurts me a bit because these people are sometimes really dumb position a fish in austria say they didn't want to have to bring in mandatory vaccination
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but their hand is being forced on this issue. we haven't once dismissed, we didn't want to vaccine mandate. let me make that explicit sex count that 20 months on for missed out of the pandemic. we are in a situation that is dramatic. if you look at intensive care units at hospitals, oh, finish off in germany, where the country recorded the highest coven death rate. since february of this year, 446 people in the last 24 hours dying with covered 19 in germany, we are going to be looking ahead to angela merkel and the german government meeting with state leaders in that country on thursday. we're expecting to hear of more developments, perhaps more restrictions put in place in germany as well. it's all over there with her cove. it no longer being a disease that only effects elderly people and those with preexisting medical conditions, doctors and i warning that young people are becoming more susceptible to, to new variance. we visited a child health clinic here in moscow. ah,
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ah, what age are the children here and what conditions are they in through our children are age from one month to 17 years. the conditions varied severity for children here severely l and in the intensive care unit. but unlike adults, co related pneumonia is less common among children, but it still happens listen showing 3 to full and c t severity to period 30. 0, so this means complete lung damage, almost 100 percent or store or what is especially alarming is that very importantly, just like an adults, there's a tendency for the disease to rapidly develop. meaning that at some point, no 10 percent of the lungs are affected. and then suddenly it's up to almost 100
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percent. yes, that's exactly what we've been seeing. especially when parents wait too long to call a doctor. how old are you? 10 years out there. exactly. how do you feel? no, sometimes i have a headache, but i'm okay. that's not a my. how long have you been ill? 10 days already? yes, i'm in my 2nd week, which are age puts are at risk, which is we've actually seen the highest incidence right among teenagers, 2 thirds of the children, a school age kids between 7 and 17 years old is because they are hanging out together and contact and each other all the time, right. among other things, yes. do you how to them? it's mostly teenage is that become and thanked it because they always hanging out together also because statistically they demonstrate a more severe cause of illness than individuals of other ages. don't get rid of them because their bodies are growing so fast. and because of their hormonal
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processes, yes, that mono bye grounds. and the physical transformation can influence the illnesses more by the lessons, are affected by more risk factors related to the course of the disease or teaching it the name is and in their money. is it, it's not a harmless disease, it's not sorry that we sound alarm and there is a disease for which there is no medicine. we have to day the course of the disease is unpredictable. we don't know why someone has it hard and someone else has the easy human. we, as we know there are risk groups, but for some unknown reason, a severe case of the disease can be observed among healthy children. ah, here's a child and eventually wearing an oxygen mask. well yes, the child is really missing his mother, which is logical. that's why we always talk to him. the doctors are always with him . otherwise, he can tear off the mask that children are getting much sick than in the 1st way. and worse than the 2nd. and 3rd, yes, worse than waves $2.00 and $3.00,
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which in joker is yours or for your full complications develop very often after covered. i do not depend on the severity of the disease. this even children who have shown no symptoms face complications. what do you think about vaccinated adults? i think it's a very good idea. you 3 me hasn't died. there is no time to wait for children. are also a source of infection, which if children are not vaccinated, we will not be able to grade the necessary collective immunity, which will have all been talking about for so long. it works in that book with the vaccine works. so what should the concerns be here? the theoretically, we understand that this vaccine cannot be more dangerous than ada. no virus infection. well, some of the vaccine is infectious for cell, but not for the body in between. at the level of the organism, the virus does not reproduce the earth, was any real sinew, priesthood. ah,
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i, while the world health organization just insist that people should limit their travelling at the moment where mass and get vaccinated south africa, which identified the micron fair and does continue with life pretty much is normal with shops and restaurants remaining open from their poor sleep sent this report. take us him, south africa are fast approaching, came a new po, the positive cases per day. now this is a 20 percent increase from what the figures were just a few days ago before the commute comfort value and the corner was discovered in the world a terrified and why fi. so can you imagine that south africa to wait, find her 1st came forward and identified as the strain you'd have people here with who are just as fighting officer the way strong or open. nobody. ncp is social discipline thing. nobody is wearing moss. i'm one of the few people can't think i'm the only person who's wearing them off and even that is on my turn being out is, is,
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or is it is friday by to can also not limit your life for living in fear. because if you live in here, you're always be consolidated to the circumstances that you are in a level of like going against rule. so we don't, we don't, we not really law abiding citizens in many cities around the world. you have to show a passport twin entering the restaurant, in other words, that you've been vaccinated. hearing south africa, no such thing exists. and this is the country with 70 percent of the population has not been vaccinated and the entry faxes are using and that's new on the on variant as proof that vaccinations don't work. the only thing you need to do in south africa when entering a restaurant. it's put on some sanitizer, we only good for the tires and sometimes it gets screamed sometimes on his screen. ok, temperature, which the temporary to the to the mean back off when? well, some people can go chair is to room during the for target 95 because of their ignorance
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. nobody actually ticket in frequency. i feel like the safety protocol that please put in place and not enough to ensure that everybody is safe. you can only assume that iran is vaccinated because you would never know. so if you vaccinated, you did your part. this president has urged the population to remain calm. he said that there is enough information known about when we conduct that state not to justify. so that restrictions, however, he has war that he might consider mandatory destination for some activities and for some location if the situation to terry. in the meantime, the sub, to open the restaurant to open the schools open. you can travel anywhere in the country. you want. you can wear a mask, you cannot wear mass, you can social distance, you cannot social distance. in fact, what more south africans are afraid of is not a locked down, rather than operate con policy or r t, johannesburg, south africa, within the united states. so micron has also sparked grave concerns the economy
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with stock market shaken by the news. i will have more on the say a bit later in the program and with that the car written highest case discontinued to divide the united states right dang to his education. he was recently found not guilty of homicide and the killing of 2 black lives matter protested last year. however, his prayer, his previous links to arizona state university have prompted protests, even though he is not enrolled there. some students are opposed to the idea of him being on the campus the toll though others are rallying in support of his right to attend classes. we have spoken to one of the organizes of a demonstration supporting kyle. he thinks that i was only university should accept britain house if he wants to apply. i created
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a counter protest against the students for socialism that were against covered in house being on campus and say they were educated on the town. they were super ignorant about the whole thing because if they really wants to try, they would realize that cow is not a murderer. how they verbally describe them to be at the process. today we had a lot of support for our written. how's that people showed up and yeah, i think, i think we had was 200 people and we out numbered the people protesting against how to the one from my understanding cover in the house is not a, a full time student. a su is a non degree seeking online student. i mean, you would have to go through the application process, and i understand that any university has any right to not accept the students. i think that's a challenge faces, arizona state should. you know,
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if you were to apply to a 4 year degree program like nursing like he wants to, i think you should accept them well last month called written highest was acquitted of all charges after fatal shooting to white people during a black lives matter protests in wisconsin, which had descended into a riot. he said though he acted in self defense. mean we're on again says university should be unbiased. in cases like this, universities should be free from local narratives. um, right now what we're seeing is from seeing a lot of professors indoctrinated students with left as ideologies. and it's trina, it's trading and negative impact on the students on campus, and they're not being able to have the right resources to be able to understand certain targets or information. the problem lies where the, where the media is because the media falsely covered the were cow rittenhouse child, and they depicted him as a white premises, a murderer, all the terrible things while the child was going on. and what the trial basically
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did. it proved to be exactly that officer that and he acted in self defense and that's what the, the child root. so the problem lies were the media is, i mean, it used to lie to the or to the masses up to 30000 homes in the u. k. without electricity for sick stay. and after a huge storm course, the biggest power disruption it more than a decade and claimed the lives of 3 people. northern england and parts of scotland were worst effected with many residents forced out of their homes like um, i mean it's what it feels like. like i have no roots and it's a bit tough. sorry, i didn't mean to cut that. so it's been hide, like we've got our animal that high and actually we got to go fish either one today . and it is to feel very unsettling. is still trying to work and take the kids school and carry on like normal that everything feels up to down. you really have a base so spit hard.
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okay. when it's cross sat live night to cumbria from where that resident says from and speak. we shandey edwards dashti, all correspondent, shouty just listening mer to that clip. that woman and things are very tough. the people there at the moment. it's incredibly tough for people here in the north of england. in fact, tens of thousands of people now is still in darkness. with no electricity for 6 consecutive day and it feels that there's no and inside to some people have even been told. now this could go on for at least another week. i'm in south lakes in cumbria where people are so desperate now trying to look for places to he top to keep room and to have some temporary accommodation. now, hotels like this one have opened the door now to the local community is being funded by the local council because still around 1800 people are still without
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electricity. and that's in just in this small area alone. it includes, of course, the vulnerable, the l to the living on the own as well on it is i have to tell you absolutely freezing weather conditions here in this part of the country. now the local counselor who i've been speaking with myself south and spend the evening with her, she told me she has been speaking to so many people. i saw her relentless, the working day and night trying to get people into a positive accommodation. she says it's the community that's really come together. if you haven't seen any support from the government, the government has done that in the community has done everything. it was only yesterday that we got the 1st and teams going out and actually attempting to find people. but that was 5 days into this with as a say, a minus 5 degrees to 2 degrees temperatures. if he went ahead o people were in a room with no hate, no lights, no food, no food,
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no hot drink. if you say that even for one night, he would say that was extreme, but fat to that and it's been ongoing. now, while the prime minister boris johnson says he's extremely sympathetic told of those people affected while the business secretary, he says the government is ensuring that people are comfortable when he was taken to task about the situation in the house of commons by the opposition. what is the government doing to help the most vulnerable residence in durham to get the help that they need not to moral, not next week, but to day, we'll work with the local resilience with the job of the local residents. for the 1st instance. the 1st instance to find out what's going on and to coordinate local responses. and then the government here is very, very focused on helping them to get what they need to make the situation much more
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comfortable where people haven't been comfortable here. that is certainly not the reality. i've had people waiting days and days to get a response from the power companies only to be sent. a very generic text message. still we've seen day bri on the roads, wires and even in people's gardens. just driving around this morning. it's very evidence about the situation and how bad the damage really is. it's an incredibly traumatic situation for many local residents. i spoke to one woman who is a mother, she's got 2 very young children and she's got 2 dogs as well. and she says it's impossible to cope at that moment, but we went to blackpool to stay, but the commuting has just been so hard. obviously we've left a house left animals and we just left for blackpool. and i finally got hold of somebody when i was in blackpool, who said, we do know of your fault because the 1st few times we had friends phoning for us
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and they said, or they don't know of your fault, we flag them down and they said they don't know of the faults, and then i did get hold of them. they said, we do know of your fault now, and just to be patient and to wait. so we're waiting. we haven't heard anything yet . so when they gonna fix it. so it seems like it really is a waiting game. of course the government and the power supply companies, they all say the situation is unprecedented. and yes indeed it is. we've seen wind speeds up to 98 miles per hour, snow in some areas as continues to fool, all of which the united kingdom really doesn't feel very prepared for situations like this. but it's taken areas like this. a small area in north of england, almost back to victorian times with no end in sight, but ultimately living many families totally in the dark. okay. well let's hope things improve for them sooner. thanks. shouty that reserve shandey. edwards ashley reporting that from cumbria, or in the north of england i some big names are being dragged into the
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sex trafficking trial of his lane, maxwell, a long time companion of the sex offender, jeffrey epstein. it's been alleged presidents, princes, and hollywood stars, often used his private jet, which ferried young women to his private caribbean island. maxwell is accused of dreaming, underage girls for epstein and american financier, convicted of sex offences back in 2019. he died in prison the same year his what we've learned so far from the trial adam and eve leader, express and unexpected scapegoat, 5 takeaways from delane maxwell trial. so far, prosecutors go with ab shane's partner in crime definition. sometimes she was even in the room for the mass, largest herself, and sometimes she touched the girl's bodies. and even when she was not in the room, make no mistake. she knew exactly what epstein was going to do with those children
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when she sent them to him inside the massage rooms. defense claims maxwell as a scapegoat for abstains christ invoke some bible as proof. ever since eve was accused of tempting adam for the apple women have been blamed for the bad behavior of men and women are often villain ised and punished more than the men ever are. pilot of abstains, lead express, called as 1st witness recalls flying important people including prince andrew, donald trump, kevin spacey bill clinton. but i never saw any sexual activity, no witness identified as jane. so she was sexually abused. at the age of 14, jane claims maxwell instructed her on how to please ab thing took part in abuse herself. he asked me to take my top off and then their hands were everywhere, and glean was robin him and kissing him and fondling defense as accusers cannot be
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trusted memory. spade money does it accuses, have shaken the money tree, and millions of dollars have fallen their way. reference to find set out by abstaining state to compensate his victims. elaine maxwell trial to be continued. don't forget, we've got a website full of stories b, u t on there at the moment sir, a policeman is sacked after shooting a wheelchair bound man, 9 times for allegedly shoplifting a toolbox. you can read that chris, of the stories at $82.00 ah, on the current could potentially be another blow to the global economy with financial institutions, raising the alarm over spike and inflation. you in part to supply chain issues, cal muffin as well, with inflation as their excuse us corporations, excluding the financial sector, are now jacking up their prices. the biggest corporations are now raking in the
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highest profits they've made since 1950. according to the u. s. department of commerce. meanwhile, average americans are getting squeezed on everything from food to fuel. but when you hear about our taxation being super low, you know, i'd like for it to be an increase that everybody pays their furniture. that's fantastic for corporations and not sure trickles down to middle class or lower income people. it is discussing and unpatched level, and i think it is an example of unbridled capitalism. lawmakers are demanding answers from the treasury and the federal reserve. the experts who have been advising you about the future rate of inflation the have a pretty much the same credibility, those as load. so late night shy cot lands you see on t b we, we've got to get control of inflation. it's, it's ravaging our peep,
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not much consolation from those tasked with running the economy. instead of telling us how things will improve. they tell us that because of the on a chron variant, inflation may be here to stay. the recent rise in coven 19 cases and the emergence of the a micron variant. post downside risks to the employment and economic activity, and increased uncertainty for inflation. not surprisingly, the public is starting to lose faith in the government's ability to manage it. any way to be honest is actually one more of like everything we're not bad is really bad, not a fan of joe biden in particular. so i do not think he's doing a good job feel like ever since he became president, things have been slowly going down. hell, especially in this city, but everything is about 40 percent higher than or was a couple of years ago. so now i would not say that there during for a job secretary of transport pete blue disease says it's time to buy an electric
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car. he's pushing for an e vehicle discount to be included in jo biden's bill. back better for a lot of american working families, upgrading to an e car is not exactly in the budget. many are starting to see the white house as out of touch. you know, some people just need a cheap way to get to work. people who don't have jobs can buy an electric car. we have hiding economic crashes before and we have had public. does it health disasters before? but we have never had the 2 at the same time. colvin 19 together with an economic crash. when we were barely recovering from the crash of 2008 and $9.00, it is too much and it needs a massive government intervention to fix this. and mr. biden is simply either unable or unwilling to make anything like the intervention
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needed by the crisis. we're working and living through many americans are starting to feel like they've been swindled. biden's administration seems a bit reluctant to offer a helping hand hail, mopping, arts in new york. okay, well let's have a quick look at some of the, well he's nam, palestinian security forces, have rescued to his writings from a mob after they entered the city for marla. by mistake, the pe, we're attempting to drive to westbank settlement. that car was torched by palestinian youths. 7 people have been injured in a trained derailments nova nestle to try the bright hard after noticing fallen rocks on the tracks. the train them went off the rails and was trapped at the entrance of tunnel and hundreds of pro choice activists who rallied him all source the polish parliament debates to proposal to complete and ban abortion, including in cases of rape and pregnancy, that posed a threat to women's health protests, his health sign, se with red paint symbolizing blood, while chanting slogans. rushes
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federal security service says it has apprehended 3 ukrainian agents. he which says with gathering sensitive information and planning terror attacks with more on this story is don't quarter or russia's federal security services say they've detained 3 ukrainian agents that were planning 3 different terrorist attacks. the suspects are a man, his son and another young man. and they were planning acts of terror on a radio tower and rushes, a black sea fleet on another television tower, as well as on an electrical station. now, one of the detained agents even allegedly planned to use to hold made 1.5 kilogram, t and t bombs to carry out this terrorist attack. now, all of the suspects gave video confessions, and they've said that they explained exactly what the terrorist acts were and how they planned to carry them out. according to the suspects, they were directly recruited by ukraine's security services. they were told to collect sensitive information. they were told to carry out these terrorist attacks
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and they were even instructed on how to do all this while not getting caught. so this event really doesn't bode well for relations between ukraine and russia. at this time. the money train itself to have been anti government protests in the capital here, following claims of a key. the country's president, a hundreds marched 2 calves independent square and 3 coins at the president's office, calling him a traitor and demanding his impeachment, the protest. claim the authorities of violating the constitution and are conducting a king themselves. last friday, lensky set apart, had been uncovered, topple his government that it had been orchestrated by russia. so that brings you up to date watching or take it. have you company will from us that the top mm ah
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with the postal service delivers a 155000000000 pieces of mail every year. approximately 40 percent of the world's mail right now. the us postal service is in a fight of its life history. that is pretty much a bad financial shape. now facing default, the postal service is a cash cow. and there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put into a federal budget. there was a mandate that you're bringing a $100000.00, new revenue every month. the nature of privatization in the us postal service is very much hidden from public view. it's privatization from the inside out. i .


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