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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 1, 2021 9:30am-10:01am EST

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oh, and for closing borders against viruses is ludicrous as a concept, as australia demonstrated and australia is very well protected by oceans. and yes, it didn't prevent them from, from getting viruses or, you know, reduce the number of people who might be infected. yes, it immediately in the beginning of the pandemic a year and a half ago in allows health care systems to prepare for what was coming. but at this point, if our health care systems are not able to manage, you know, the pandemic. and if we don't vaccinate enough, and if we don't get protection, you know, the gear and everything. well, we're, we're behind, we're behind we, we need to do what is necessary and it's not closing borders. closing borders doesn't stop viruses. well, the british government begs to differ actually just before again, i get to this terrible events in the, in the channel in the bus to a few days. do you as a form as much we're about to see the, the,
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an attitude to migration echoes of it in the so called war on drugs that we ban heroin. and we've had the cocaine and expect the arrows and go game to never come to the european union. i mean, absolutely. you can, you can start with the prohibition, the, or i'm in the twenties and thirties in north america. and when you have a need on one side and a need on the other side, and you put a barrier in between, you create an underground market that happened for alcohol happens for drugs. and it happens for migration because all you know, immigration welcoming states have millions of employers who want to employ these migrants, often exploiting them. and these are, i'm acknowledge, labor nice. we, here are politicians say that we don't want, you know, low wage migraines because they're going to reduce the, the average wage in our country, or they're going to bring poverty,
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et cetera. but in find employers, a reason why them in all the economic sectors that are not delicate, don't rely, civil, agriculture, construction, fisheries, extraction care, et cetera, hospitality. so these people are em and they know that no one dies of hunger really in canada, in the u. k. in europe, so they will have a job and if they have a job, it's because there's a job market for them. not acknowledging that, and preventing them from coming actually creates a market for all those smugglers were explaining them. there was no smuggling in europe during the shingle area between let's say, italy and france for almost 20 years until to 3 years ago. france this, that to stop people have been to media and suddenly the food pass in the us where we discovered by smugness. so smuggling migrant smuggling is a policy induce activity and criminal activity. so that seems to suggest
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british politicians, a recruitment charges for human traffic is that they're always criticizing. let's get, let's get to the channel. we were just talking about 24 year old mariam nori trying to reunite with their fiance here in britain in iraqi women. of course, britain bombed iraq. her the labor party is just to point to people in 2 positions of the shadow cabinet who supported that war. 27 dead was it? manslaughter stays are certainly responsive. states like european states immigration welcoming states and that includes militia in south africa and brazil. it's not a global issue. it's all well immigration, welcoming states are responsible for those deaths in deserts and mountain passes in the at sea. we've seen what's happening in the mediterranean or the past 10 years and it's happening over the road in johns. it's happening everywhere. they are
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responsible because they know that these people will come and they know that their policies are preventing them to come and are offering the smugglers an opportunity to make money without taking risks. and they know how to reduce that. but in the fifties and sixties and energy seventies, no one died in the mediterranean to take an example, because people could get visa very quickly and could buy ferry tickets. there is no need, and yet millions of people crossed the mediterranean millions of people from central america into the u. s. and millions of people from the caribbean and the the sub continent. to bridget, no one died. there was no need for that because you could, you could be mobile and states know that reinstating mobility taking over the mobility market from the smugglers by providing these us and this has to be done gradually. you don't want to, you know, flood the country,
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but you have to do that gradually and have an objective of making mobility faster, cheaper, safer for everyone. or is it because european union countries now know they were involved in was that they don't want to approach this object the way you just described that? i mean, i've some of the people that die the kurdish men and women from syria do mails from yemen to males from iraq. do you think come countries like britain should have to institute those kinds of policies you just mentioned before they bomb syria before they bomb iraq before they sell arms to saudi arabia to bomb yemen? yeah, the question of responsibility for past action is so, but i, i don't touch what i'm interested in. are the migrants themselves. if we look at what happens in germany, in 2015 mangin, america decided to keep the boarders open. she welcomed almost a 1000000 people. she got the flag he, she, there was a political reaction over the next few years. when do you hear today?
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these people are integrated, their children, a speaking german like natives? where's the problem? and, and there was an uptick in the, the german g d b over the next 2 years, a one percent one percent of their german g. b is a lot of millions of dollars of euro's. and so where is the problem when you need is to recognize that mobility is actually a development factor, even for immigration, low low of countries, and organize it, manage it, take control of it by opening progressively more and more visas for people looking for work. but for that, you need to know that you have labor needs in those categories. and for that, you need to have politicians who have the political will to change something and to especially do strategic planning of that mobility over the next 20102030 years like we do for all other economic sectors, infrastructure, energy,
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food security, we plan long term mobility never, it's always reactive. why? because for lost politician having a permanent crisis is actually beneficial. well, i'm going and angler merkel johnson germany also bade off turkey to take a lot of refugees as well. at wagons. we forget that i had that you said this validity, expedient to the hair bars, johnson's a bonus equity, pretty battelle said, we are not working just to end these crossings because we don't care. and we are heartless, the united kingdom as a clear and generous, humane approach. to asylum seekers and refugees, what would you make of that? and of course that's in the context of a witnesses saying they saw jets. he's practicing on the south goad coast deterring a ding ease in the channel. and a report denied by the johnson government of putting up a wave machines to stop. ding isn't getting to getting
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to britain and plans to just or send them to disuse, platt oil platforms in the north sea or, or send them to ascension islanders fleeing at was britain has been involved in. yes, britain is, is doing things that greece has been doing with your approval of the you on it's on its eastern coast with turkey and that many other countries are doing what, what has been done in the past few years. the american mexican border is not much better either. so all these things are risk, you know, are killing people or, or hurting them, at least when, if governments were serious about helping these people, there are techniques that exist that have been proven workable. for example, communities, sponsoring of refugees. if you ask groups of breasts like groups of canadians to sponsor a refugee family,
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you will have an outpouring of volunteers in canada. they could not imagine. it could not manage the outpouring of volunteers. the advantage of something like that is that it changes the perception of canadians. it changed the perception of canadians towards refugees because that those were canadians welcoming refugees being responsible for their integration. and therefore having, having some beef in the discussion they would, they had, they had political interest in the refugee sponsorship working to which of course, after the 20 crisis, people will say one and 4 children in this country are in poverty. the food banks lines are right beside the studio. i just want to quickly get though, to the fact that once those seeking asylum arrive in this country, the numbers who have been dying in by so many privatized facilities has led since 2016. we've covered the manly cling of pregnant women, and now
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a whistleblower is come forward talking about to, to actually to maybe see about g for s or a run the site of abuse of those seeking asylum. what about what happens to migrant circle migrants when they arrive in european union countries in their treatment? well, what i've seen when i was such a rough worker, i visited probably 80 to 90 detention center throughout europe and, and, and elsewhere. and, and, you know, there's no invest in those facilities unless there are purpose builds and then they become like maximum security detention centers. there is the tension of children almost everywhere i've seen when the committee, the un committee on the rights of children, the rest of the child says that detention of children for migration purposes can never ever be in their best interest. i've seen that everywhere. so the u. k is doing badly. okay, but that's,
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that's true of many other countries. are politicians do not care about migrants because migrants do not vote what they are doing is managing their electorate and managing their electorate through immigration policies means that these immigration policies are made by non migrants for non migrants, the electorate, and they're not aimed at migrate. so politicians actually do not err about what migrants do in the country, and it seems that we have a mobilized double electorate who, which is empty immigration, which is very happy that we detain and support all the time, including children, including pregnant women. and that's what our politicians are doing, and we can blame them. we have the best system we've ever invented the govern ourselves electoral democracy. and they reform to the electoral pressure. and the electoral pressure is not come from people who are pro immigration, who was mature of it a thank you. my pleasure. after the break,
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as the un general assembly discusses palestine, is the time for talking in resolutions over. we ask the you and roger and human rights in the palestinian territories. if solidarity is no longer enough in the face of ever increasing settlements and surveillance, all of them all coming up in plot to have going on with
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from supporters and conservative media, spare no energy. dallas democrats are going to bar there to the left. the present really true. let majority of all voters say they support universal pre kc free community college and low drug prices. so is going to far left really about the culture wars. mm. with welcome back morris. johnson's u. k. government chose the international day of solidarity with the palestinian people to announce its new packed with israel. today as we approach christmas, it's narrative based in palestine. the un general assembly debates the ongoing like, while the u. k. u. s. a and e u. pool weapons into his really hands,
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amidst continuing violence in the legal settlements. joining me now from ontario in canada is professor micheal link, the un special rebel to the human rights situation in the palestinian territories. thank you so much. so much robideau for coming on as they said, britain has announced a huge pact that spanning cyber security, that loan trade with israel just update us on know whether, despite britain saying they do have some concerns about sexual violence, whether the situation of virgin greece was getting much better actually in the territories this occupation is getting deeper and it has been for years and there's really been no change with the arrival that he was really government, which came into our in gym. so these continuing military agreements with israel, i'm only one of giving israel much more confidence that the world was i could pay attention or any meaningful attention to the fact that it is a, it's occupation is now becoming indistinguishable from,
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from annexation. remember that there are already almost $300.00 settlements in the occupied territories through islam and, and the west bank. there are almost 700000, a settlers, which is a girl that more than 200000 sectors from 20 years ago. and the current israeli government has proclaimed that it doesn't even believe in a, in a 2 state solution. so when it winds up signing these important military paths with, with the united states, with great britain and, and with europe, it only needs is going to be continuing to be extensively armed. and most of those arms are really being looked at in terms of maintaining a rebellious population of 5000000 people who don't want to remain under occupation . what so an agreement like that does as condemnation um, i think the call now should be an end to middle your agreement to military sales to, to israel and tell if fully and finally ends the occupation. you can't go around
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separating decisions with respect to the israeli government and with respect to which 54 year old occupation. the creation of the settlements, the maintenance of the, of the occupation and the development of defacto annexation is the largest single project in israel, 73 year old history. so as long as you're continuing to trade with this, your particular with respect to military arms, you're only enabling israel to people that deepen that occupation which the world itself, including western countries, has said, you know, is it should be and it should be entered as soon as possible, yet they've taken no meaningful steps to be able to do that and, and selling arms to israel, only exhilarates the opposite. well, we invite a bar as johnson government official do talk about how proud they are in the agreement. in contrast to what that you are saying, we had obey him, obeyed even the by san center, a humanitarian and geo. on the show. recently amidst the designation of 6 n g,
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as in palestine as terrorists. this comes actually as a, as the british government has decided to ban the democratically elected government . they were democratically elected governor of gaza, hamas. what's going on as regards the batting of human rights organizations of political parties by not only a israel, which considers those groups harris a but by european union entities. let that you've asked 2 questions. they're let me take them side by side. first of all, with respect to the 6 palestinian organizations, these are among the leading human rights and humanitarian organizations in palestinian society. they, many of them have concentrated status with united nations. some of them have one international human rights awards for their, for their advocacy. the israel has been, has been attempting for some time to persuade european countries, which are the primary funders of the,
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of the work of these organizations that they are and the terrorist organizations that they're tied to in an organization in the occupied territory. the p f l p, the popular fun to liberation of palestine, which is designated as a panelist as a terrorist organization. so certainly when israel presented its evidence in the spring to european countries, are the result of the consequence was the european countries saying there's, there's no evidence here. there's nothing persuasive that israel has, has given us that makes us think we should be re a stopping or a reconsidering the funding that we give to these organizations. israel is now up the anti by, by proclaiming these organizations in late october and early november to the terrorist organizations, and therefore unlawful. and they presented their dorsey again to the europeans and through the americans. and what we know from these dossiers, it's been leak publicly, is again that there is nothing persuasive as it is in the middle of november. the
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attrition for foreign affairs with the european union and said we, i've been presented with nothing that persuades me that we ought to change our attitude towards these organizations or post or convince me that these organizations do have back of ties to a terrorist organization. so to get you right to the israeli government as well in your position is rota. i have, i have to go to the number, any reply, no, listen i, when i write i ordinarily write with a number other special rapid tours on to these ready governments. sometimes they reply not to me, but to the others, but what we sent to these really government has not been answered. and certainly our public statements have not been challenged by, by israel either with respect to this or, you know, it's one can only surmise that israel is, is worried. among other things that some of these organizations are among the most effective, gathers of evidence and arguments. going to the international criminal court in the
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hague. and that is 11 strong motivation, motivating reason for israel to one of see if they can wanted to further shrink the space available for democratic criticism of israel's human rights violations in the occupied palestinian territory. well, as israel says that they're all terrorists, you know, it doesn't, doesn't matter if you the agriculture committees, the women's, a policy, the women's committee, and so back to this british government decision, pretty patel though. secretary here, controversially, saying to day i've taken action to prescribe hamas in its entirety. the government is committed detecting extremism and terrorism wherever, because hm us has significant terrorist capability through the access to extensive sophisticated weaponry. what will it mean for britain that it is banned out? one of the major political groups in palestine. i said this that took place last week that the house was prescribed under the terrorism act of the united kingdom. i
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gather means that it's forbidden, under british long to be a member of a mass to express support from us to arrange even a private meeting with a mass and all of which could draw a prison sentence for up to 1414 years. let's be clear, certainly in my view has committed terrorist actions. it has fired rockridge and rockets indiscriminately into, into civilian areas in israel. and it is presently being investigated for work crimes by the international criminal court. but having said that, one has to look at the landscape of israeli and palestinian politics and want us to acknowledge that the mass is a major political force in palestinian society. and it's the de facto ruler with respect to guys a. i think there are several things wrong with the, with a british decision. first of all, it ignores this significant role that hamas plays in palestinian politics. we're
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not to be able to find a piece or route to and ending the occupation and realizing palestinian self determination without having him us at the, at the table, no matter how odious some of this acts may have been. second of all, i think it was of ignoring israel's very troublesome human rights record with respect to its conduct of the, of the occupation and of human rights violations. and it, too, is also being investigated for war crimes by the international, by the prosecutor of the international criminal court. the 3rd, you know, the most important thing is, i think it's common sense. you make peace with your enemies. you wouldn't have had in britain a workable durable, good friday agreement with whatever flaws were for the past 23 years without bringing the i r a to the political table and involving it in the political process . i don't think there's anything qualitatively different with respect involving a mass at the political table with respect was rarely in palestinian negotiations for a final and just a solution to the situation there. as special roger,
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i presume you are able to talk to these have asked politicians that additions here are not, i presume what ever they said to you. well, clearly given that britain is arming israel to, to, to mom syria in the past few days, let alone its actions in the occupied territories. britain becomes a legitimate target. well, no, nobody should be a legitimate target. now what did they say to you and what is, what are you in touch with? hm. us, are you allowed to be in touch with us? um, phil land of, in a plane in britain, i've not been in touch with the mass. you know, i'm my, my context right now are, are with the palestinian authority and with austin in civil society. so be like i view hamas from that from the outside. i don't have any formal contacts with them. but i know enough with respect to the, the nature and occurrence of palestinian politics to know what
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a significant force they were. you're right with respect to the last democratic elections that were held in 2006 in palestine. they won what job international service said was a free and fair election and were ready to pick a stores to take rains with respect to governing the palestinian institutions when a world wide boycott was imposed on them. and that in that process, one of collapsing with the world now recognizing the palestinian 40 in the west bank, but not recognizing a mass in the gaza strip. but as i said, you cannot if you have division among palestinian society, put em, it's political figures. you're not going to knit that back together to be able to form an effect of political force to negotiate with israel, unless you recognize a mass in the same way that britain recognize the i r a and brought them into the puzzle process. now i know the en, eh, so group which created the pegasus software associated and linked with the
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assassination of a washing to post jonas demarco shoji and in turkey denies any wrong doing. apple is suing them there in israeli manufacturer. what is the role of surveillance and washington post talking now about greece. facial recognition, using the occupied territories of surveillance, now used against palestinians as we approach christmas. and people know them to a t story of the roman empire as occupation of the palestinian territories. what, what is, what disturbs you about the surveillance? well, of course, you know, i think in any society where there is surveillance, it's either it's either encouraging authoritarian government or it's encouraging those liberal tendencies within a democratic government. and these, these surveillance techniques should have the most restricted process possible put upon them to ensure they're not misused, you know, for israel and the palestinians. the palestinians of long said were in
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a laboratory for all of these israeli army manufacturers and cybersecurity firms and facial recognition companies. when they go out and sell their arms or their technology to the world to police forces to security agencies. we have been the guinea pigs with respect to the development of these. so facial security recognition technology has been used to trying to be able to maintain, even like an enhanced surveillance over the or the occupy population in order to ensure that israel has, i suppose, early warning signals with respect to possibilities of rebellion or reaction to the harshness of the, of the occupation. so when these are sold worldwide, you know, most, most police agencies or for security agencies aren't recognizing the palestinian fingerprints, which are all over the facial security recognition. and how it is been developed in
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order to be able to keep a population of $5000000.00 states people are under subjugation special habits. i thank you. my pleasure. that's over the show will be back on saturday. 52 years to the day of the de facto u. s. state murder. marx is lenin as black panther, fred hampton, and jill. then keep in touch with social media and let us know if using international law is fit for purpose. when it comes to palestine. no postal service delivers a 155000000000 pieces of mail every year. approximately 40 percent of the world's mail right now the us postal service is in the fight of its life to see everybody that is really bad. financial shape now facing default, the postal service is a cash cow and there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put in the federal budget. there
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but i will that be careful with will still be stuck with these odd to do. i also use with no headlines to see the from out. see the a you can sit is mandatory vaccinations, is the new coven strain? a paste have been on the continent. much earlier than thought we speak to to have our ologist from the russian developer of this put nick the job on what to expect from this new form of the virus. it, in the cases we're seeing now everyone has a mild form. on the other hand, there's no doubt on how it can affect elderly people. want to wait another month or so to be sure. is another dia, gas canister. they are somewhat to see the effect of yes they, they do irritate the eyes in the throat, but only a little bit. also coming up to the report from the scene of protests in sudan with tens of thousands of marched against military rule following last month's code.
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