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not so talk about your font so much more, darcy dot com. thanks for watching out. international review to dens. kevin, i, when setting off for now, but stop by of the break news. fuse hughes ah ah, and do own drugs noted as a way to combat a gray problem? what's the warranty? it's part of the attitude of the nation, not just of north dakota, and it got to be something that you could get elected this time the fight against drugs still good. jake todd told us that andrew was a confidential informant, is his way too dangerous for him. to be doing clearly they put him in harm's way. a rural college student doesn't just get shot in the head and found in the river like
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that something else had to be happening. ah ah ah ah ah, the obama were union in the western continues,
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as president biden to appoint a former obama official to be the top arms buyer for the pentagon. we will discuss if a bill the plant should be viewed as experienced or just another military contractor crony. this, while the pentagon is ordering a new inquiry into an air strike which killed dozens in syria, is this a target investigation into an event from 2019. while the pentagon dismisses the latest one just for a few months ago in afghanistan. and do you remember when a major hollywood actors that he was attacked by trump supporters, which a later was disclosed, he staged at the entire event or quarters. now in session on this hate hopes and our 360 panel will discuss in strides in a i continue to be made this time living robots being able to reproduce. we will tell you about this breakthrough science and why some believe this could lead to a cure for cancer. i'm sky now use and this story more on today's news via hughes
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right here on our t america. ah, thanks for joining us. it's in almost a one year and the job and president biden is still making appointment. however, why is it taking so long as many of those who are serving in the current administration are from the past when joe biden served as a vice president. now the slightest, his bill of plants as the next under secretary of acquisition and sustainment at the department offense, simply put, he is the chief weapons buyer, which is curious considering and his last role when he was in the obama administration will plant, oversaw the acquisition of the $35.00 fighter, the casey, $46.00 tanker and the be a $21.00 south bomber. now, 2 of the 3 of those weapons have actually been highly criticized as highly troubled purchases. now the plant was not present. biden's 1st choice for the position. as
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michael brown withdrew his name from the position in july of this year, this was all following a civil service. finally, a complaint, charging the brown had paid college higher than normal salaries just to attract them to his unit. this was a violation of regulation and the investigation could actually take up to a year. so discuss this latest appointment we bring in john jordan commentator and former navy intelligence officer and ed martin, publisher of pro america report. john, i want to start with you and it's ideal of why michael brown actually basically pulled his name all because inspector general was looking into another issue regarding brown, what he in brown would disapprove of brown running the pentagon's acquisition department. while there was an ongoing investigation, my question all of this is the power i believe, of these independent investigator generals and federal offices. and do you feel like they're being weaponized to actually derail people's careers and cross all administration and trump himself got rid of 4?
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i jeez, be the felt like they were doing this well, the i g or inspector general's across the executive branch and federal government. they exist in pretty much every department they're independent known as a result. they have a lot of power and they have a lot of credibility and this type of power and credibility can be weaponized. on the flip side, you do need sometimes an independent watch dog who is independent, the normal chain of command these departments to enforce the rules and to gather evidence and sometimes forward it onto the justice department for prosecution. so it's a good and a bad, but i think it's the most important thing here is when you hire a president appointed, if you're an id, is hired that it be a person of the utmost integrity. because if you don't have one or you have one that's vulnerable to the ship of political winds, you can have political problems. it can undermine the integrity of the entire process. and that was a part of the problem, the trump administration. he might appoint somebody to him, but obviously getting them through the process. took months, took years and in fact probably didn't even have that happen in the for years. the
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president trump was an office. but ed, considering all of the issues with the purchases made in the past, why is the pain even being considered? i mean, should be his fault, us invested millions, actually probably billions and to problematic equipment. so should he be held accountable? well look, i think there should be accountability. that's the most important thing. but i, you know, there's a famous conservative strategist named richard vagaries scotty. you probably know him over the years. john may he used to phrase early on, i think on the late seventy's personnel is policy. who you pick for these positions says what's gonna happen in the larger point. scotty, as you open up this conversation, was that this is an obama part 3. and we're seeing the same people remember in the white house, the number one aid on all of domestic policy is susan rice. susan rice had vetted and were hired all these people, the secretary of state, the current one, the head of the cia right now. this guy le plant, so we have that obama team and what do they do?
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they only politicize things, whether it's been ghazi, whether it's now a syria investigation. as you pointed out, they kill the family of 9 innocent civilians and just one about their day. what are we expect from miss administration? we can expect lots of payouts to the people they like. and i think you'll see that they'll use these weapons and move them around the world because that's what the obama people did. well, in jordan, how do you feel about that? mean, do we, don't we want experience to be in these key positions or in this case, is this cronyism, considering how tight he already was with a lot of these defense contractors that get billions of dollars and back at the majority of taxpayer dollars? every budget yeah. i mean, i grew a lot of what as to say, and just to amplify out of some of it. what you have here is one of the big problems of government, of been government and the beltway. in particular. you have these people in the defense form and develop expertise in the procurement process. and whether not they have 35 or casey 46 with this guys. probably plans probably fall or not as kind of
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open debates and mercury and, but you have these inside. they are in government, then they're in a think tank or then they're on a corporate board and they're back inside of government again. and the democrats, they've been doing this, this goes on in the democrats and it goes on in the republicans. i do. but this is what happens when you have a governing ruling class that just lives inside of d. c. that is, that is making rules for american spending their tax dollars, but it's otherwise unaccountable. and this is part of the problem. this is just a big part. one of the, the tentacles of the deep state is you will. and people feathering their own nest and nobody's, nobody's accountable, but it's just a in and out of government making money. well, john, as to why, like having you out of california. i mean, you're at least you're out in the belt way now, and you move a little closer town, but that's okay. we give you a pass for once a while, but you brought a really interesting point about serious. so i want to talk about the us defense secretary lloyd austin. stay with me gentlemen, because he just ordered a new investigation into a 21900 air strike in syria, which actually killed dozens of women and children. now the inquiry comes after new
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allegations by the new york times the top america officials tried to actually conceal that carnage are to allegory, however, which investigates the story. it happened near this fierce battleground to syria, and it's known as one of the largest episodes of civilian casualties in the international fight against isis. on march, 18th, 2019, near the syrian town by bruce a u. s. military drones searching for isis militants like these spotted women and children along the river bank. soon after an american f 15 e fighter jet dropped a $500.00 pound bomb on the crowd, followed by another u. s. jet which dropped a 2000 pound bomb killing most to survive. the 1st blast, according to one officer who was said to have been at a bass and guitar, where the live dro footage of the carnage was on his way. uniformed personnel were stunned by what they saw just days after the incident. russia called out the u. s.
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coalitions actions in the area at the united nations study modulus. you know, by the way, i've spoke with many of you today, expressed your concern over escalations attentions and id live, having completely forgotten the fact that but then at the same time when the civilian population is dying. as a result of the coalition strikes the wickenburg, hulu as a model in the resort a new york times investigative report revealed the death toll on the ground. according to journalist, state phillips and eric schmidt who were behind the investigation, the death toll 80 people was almost immediately apparent to military officials. a legal officer flagged the bombing as a possible war crime that required an investigation. the defense department's independent inspector general began in inquiry, but the report containing its findings were stalled and stripped of any mention of the strike. ah, you, us led coalition forces ended
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a bulldozing de blasio and top leaders were not notified. there was an attempt to bury the incident in the civilian casualties that went with it, both literally and figuratively. however, over 2 and a half years later, us defense secretary lloyd austin has ordered a new investigation here to the air strike. the inquiry will include an assessment of the following thanks. the civilian casualties that resulted from the incident compliance with the law of war, record keeping and reporting procedures, whether mitigation measures identified in previous investigations into the incident were in fact implemented effectively. whether accountability measures would be appropriate, and finally, whether authorities, procedures, or processes should be altered. the investigation will be conducted by general michael garrett, the commander of u. s. army forces command. he will have 90 days to complete the review of the deadly bombing, which was carried out by a secret of commando unit called task force 9. in addition to this, investigate,
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austin is looking at plans submitted by talk from interest on how to mitigate civilian casualties. in military operations worldwide. for news. what's my cabinet bring back in our panel, john joran commentator and former navy intelligent officer and ed martin publisher . in the report. john was this to inquire into the 2019 air strikes justified perhaps, you know, certainly the new york times didn't investigative piece on it. and if nothing else showing a spotlight on or whether or not the people that authorized this air striking wasn't a drug strike, air strike really complied with. all of the rules, record keeping and the protocol remains to be seen. you can comply with all of the rules, do your best work, and do the best you can and still have a bad outcome. and so that's what they're really trying to figure out as compliance with associated procedures. now the problem with this in this is one of the saddest parts of wars, collateral damage and innocence being killed,
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which has happened since man 1st picked up sticks and stones. but what you have, but the oftentimes you have is the, in this case the syrians are the targeted bad guys. oftentimes using civilians a shields because they want to have some sort of god awful story like this because a, it makes america look at it. but most importantly, it would slow down or make less likely future strikes in the process. that would be militarily significant for them. so that's so that's, so we need to mean to better understand what decisions were made and why they were made. but bear in mind that civilians are use the shields and they are used as passive weapons absorbed by adversaries. such as this was interesting to bring that up because you're right about this john, that it's not always about actually what happened on the ground of the injustice. they're more about what happened in the government. that's what the new york times focus on what was going on the government, but we still have no solution, no more knowledge in that article of what we found and their investigation. what actually happened on the ground that led up and justified with those questions. i think are very important to answer,
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but add the other part that i find curious is that this administration is scrutinizing an event from 21000 before they were even an office. more than they've actually scrutinized the drones drive, which we just recently saw in afghanistan, which kills 10 civilians, including children, the pentagon, dependent on found there was no laws violated. that was then when they're investigating themselves. what say you? yeah. well, listen, i mean, at this point in our history, if this was done, a vacuum may be differ at this point in our history. what we know is the government used allies to initiate the russia hoax which debilitated government. it was a coo and then the government, the same people that are in power. now in the congress, had they had impeachment, they made up impeachment that ukrainian peacher was a joke. there were 1st and pietro as a joke. they have a january 6th commission. that's a jo and in other words, my point is what they're using. it, use government and media to weaponized against the american people. so the people should have no competence. by the way, for guy like me,
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i want it to be clear when you fight wars all over the world and bomb people, this is going to happen. that's why you can't fight wars all over the world because it's going to happen and it's terrible. you need to be very careful, but right now we're watching this administration weaponized their government against the people. now we're going to have an investigation. i guarantee they're going to come out and they're going to say so. and so, and so, and so, and so, and so did something wrong as john will tell you, he's a, he's a veteran, i'm not, you know, in war a lot of things happen. some of it's writing some of it's wrong. you have to deal with it. but we're watching something that this administration a track record that the democrats are track record. the obama people is to drag the country down. one last point, the new york times didn't do an article on their investigation. they were fed a story by the defense secretary, i'm going to open an investigation right about it. if the new york times wanted to, they could've done their job for 3 months, 6 months, 10 months. where's the new york times on the drone strike in afghanistan, they could be doing that, and they're not because not in their interests politically. and america feels that
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and sees it. that's why biden's administration of popularity so low, no one trust the media. and we're gonna have to break up big tech because they're in the tank to well and, and john, that's why it's always improv. however, they are here real fast. yeah, the one, the one constant and this is no find a way to blame dropped no matter what i saw. like what you said about blame, bush, blame obama. now we're blaming at trump, but unfortunately, i think that's gonna be a continuous for everything. thanks for joining me gentlemen. the jesse smaller trial is underway, but many are wondering if the trial is not about being a host for more brother about a bigger scamp. we will discuss with mom when i would so seemed wrong when old fools
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just don't hold any rules yet to see out disdain becomes the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground from supporters and conservative media, spare no energy. dallas democrats are going to bar there to the left. is that really true? let majority of all voters say they support universal pre kc, re community college and low drug prices. so is going to far left really about the culture wars. mm hm. and so any is continuing for day to any chicago courtroom or actor a jesse small. it is being accused of a 6 felony counts of disorder conduct and allegedly filing a false police report,
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claiming he was victim of a hate crime in 2019 and more than 3000 hours have been devoted to the case of 2426 officers assigned but what we now know was the attack was stage by small as he hired 2 brothers. and to hate him and staging an attack. now small it told police he was attacked by 2 white men wearing trump make america great again, hats, yelling, racial and homophobic slurs including this is maga country. and they put a noose around his neck in the early morning, hours of january 29th, 2019. says guest, his case to bring in we are joined by conservative commentator mic abdul and robert patello attorney and talk radio host you earlier are talking around i think we're all we were on a, i mean that's it wasn't that long ago. and when this all happens, we have those questions from there. so let's 1st talk with you, robert. is there any justification to why small it committed this crime and made this accusation? well, i think it's important that we've now brought to justice to criminal mastermind just the same way. you know, the biggest issue faced in chicago right now,
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not crime model, so sorry. now the, the other issues. but look, just, it's just a small and i think should settle this out a core part of who's happening. so payback with city from the time the officer spend on the case or you should have immediately made a public apology. i think this is what happens when pop culture goes too far. he wanted to have a moment in the culture as they say, he could be the victim. he could be the new spokes person for both l g b t q writes, are african american rights. and being the anti maga because he saw many of their deliveries were doing at the time. and it's come back to bite him in the and the tale because the story was ridiculous from the beginning. the idea of a multi millionaire walking on the street to am during your polar vote for tips on chicago to get the so boys sandwich and then being attacked by 2 mags who happened to watch empire and faults every week and knew exactly who he was and that he was a member of the l g b t community and happen to have a noose with him at the time. everyone knew that i was alive from the beginning. so i think it's important that he's brought, that he has held accountable for,
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did that everybody but jesse, but i think there's a bigger picture that i think was a problem with all this. and it was the time that we are already has such and such turmoil as a country dealing with race issues. i'm out in the open, black, conservative. how did you view this story when it happened? kid, obviously in 1st immediately went after the trump support your transport at that point, talking about how horrible they were and where you know, when did you feel any figured out this was a hoax in the rest of the world. knew it. how did you feel at that point? well, the beauty of this all is that robert and i can always agree, disagree many things. and i disagree with robert here because the narrative was, is it just the small? it was an actual victim. i was one of the very few of course i got attacked for, for questioning the same thing that robert said wait a minute. so he was going out at 2 o'clock in the morning to graham away. yeah, he was then hungry. it didn't make sense from the beginning, and particularly the area in chicago where this apparently happened, this is it mag a country. so the notion that he had some mag of beef cakes who were out in,
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during the polar vortex, you know, out after him, it was already ridiculous from the start, but you had not just his cast members. you have the current vice president of the united states who actually said that this was an attempted, modern day lynching. this was the narrative. people didn't believe just the smallest, because they are all perpetuating what i to now call the for profit race, hustling industry. kamala harris did that with joe binding with her. i'm that girl when she went up to him for this subjugation, and what we're seeing now with just the small that we're seeing it written house, we're seeing it all over the place and it's disgusting, but it's profitable. but it, and it doesn't have the conversations where i get it back. i think believe it takes us farther away from actually getting a solution for both sides for the problem. that being said, what she was doing, i mean, you can be a lawyer in this, or you can actually look at this as a, as a citizen. why should small at receive as a punishment. i'm, i'm hoping that he will come to his senses because of that she shouldn't have gone this far in the 1st place that his lawyer to find the next plea deal for him,
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where he can avoid jail time, pay restitution to the city, make a public apology do community service, all sorts of things, worst case scenario, he can spend a couple of years in prison if he wants to take this all the way to the, to the mat on this issue. and as you were saying, i don't think which will allow them to distract from the larger issues. because what we've seen the last few years is the black live matter movement be taken over by all these outside issues. i'm outside group people trying to make money, make a name for themselves, and it's taking intentional way from the actual movement, which has been one of the most effective and successful social justice move most of the anti apartheid movement and be early eighty's. but we're talking about just a small laying, spit. well there seem bring that out. can i do and ask, what damage did this to, to the conversation of african americans being conservatives at that time? because you got you. okay. you got the double hatred thrown at you. well, the thing is, is that, that never in so that was back in 2019 we just had recently senator tim scott. it was trending on twitter. uncle tim, because he said that a rate america is not
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a racist country. he was attacked all over the black media apparatus. no one came to tim. it's him. senator scott's defense, just like they don't come to the defense of any conservative. all of these things are actually allowable if you are a conservative. so whether that's a condo lease arise, whether that's a tim, scott, whether that's of me, whether that's a hurricane, we get the, the, the, the majority of the a. and we don't have people in media out there to actually defending us. the tax on tim scott have been horrendous, but they're going to continue. so if it's not tim scott is going to be another molina at do lower johnson. i'm right. or you're wrenching your inch and people like you, but you mentioned tim scott is you know like the center you're meant you're mentioning candice or and i can't is that kind of lisa who is very well established and obviously, but then you do have people that are on air and they are talking and people go kimberly clay sick. candice and others that have no background but are given a platform because they're conservative. they're going to see, look, here's the next holiday this weekend. those people actually trained and that's what
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it is. and they and they create trouble for the real people that are legitimately they are and the end of one are not and i believe name. this is also of the problem with the conversation around politics. because on the one heavier people leak made, the list of the conservative luminaries, tim scud, from the loser rights malick, or herman cain are purely. those are, those are the leaders of the republican movement. but then you have the entertainment wink of the party. and those entertainers tend to put a negative perspective out there for the black community. so they start lumping everybody else and with diamond and silk and some of these other entertainers. oh, you can't say that names. i'm you know, your friends. i can hear what you said to me. i think this probably in the drive in the room back there who are getting what you're going to hear. make up done. yes. you're getting make of done. yeah. i have to admit that you, me, you way. governments beautiful was that you actually had to go out and actually knock on doors and be a part of what was going on in georgia. it wasn't just coming on having a pretty face on tv. and actually speaking, you had to have actions by that's the difference. and i'm afraid that that was the
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conversation that was heard. i've seen you out and doing stuff and then the grassroots is not just being a pretty face on tv. that conversation gets take away when issues like this come up because it's like when you say, and that's what, that's what i think just the small that was trying to do at the time that he saw you know, chrissy teegan and john ledger been invited to the white house, he saw the activism people to raise 50, like i want to be the forefront of that. and so he went to far, he said i had better people round him and hopefully he's willing to take a plea, build his point. because otherwise, you're not gonna be film again. tv shows from the cook county jail. he law. right. the law is just that. how the truth am i feel you, george? oh no. trav. variety war. how about this? if you go to law, have a better life, a william miguel's during the polar vortex getting a so boy say no, the audio, the eyes were more form from were combat than they with tell. and thank you for the life or conversation like y'all, scientists have developed a zeno buys, they walk,
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they swim, and now they reproduce. now the best part about these so called living robots is that they're actually able to reproduce scary. but researchers actually say if they break through, they can bring up massive improvements to medicine. argy correspond, natasha suite has more on these findings. regenerative medicine might see a boost in technology including advanced cancer treatment. it's all thanks to frog stem cell shaped by artificial intelligence. living robots been able to reproduce might sound scary, but the thought of them being able to kill cancer cells could be a game changer. these is in a box were designed on a supercomputer at the university of vermont, and then biologists at tufts university brought them to life. researchers from both uvm and tufts university were able to obtain a living cells from frog embryos repurposed them and assemble them into new forms of life. scientists behind a creation say they were not considered a robot, nor species of animal, for a new class of artifacts. they call it
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a living programmable organism. these in a box moved toward a target and had the capability to actually heal themselves. after being cut, the findings were published in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences . the study touches on how application has evolved into many forms. well, some involve growth within the body or organism like humans. self replication is able to assemble material in their environment and to into functional self copies. then a bots are able to do the latter one seasonal bots, find the cells they were able to build copies of themselves. joshua bon guard, a computer scientist, part of the study says with the right design, they will spontaneously self replicate. so far, scientists envisioned several uses for the self replicating organisms. they believe it could be useful for searching not radioactive contamination gathering plastic pollution from oceans and in the world of medicine traveling through arteries to scrape out plaque. but that's not all. some researchers believe these dental bots could also be programmed to kill cancer cells and make headway in anti aging
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medicine or scientists. part of the study believe the idea behind as an a bots might be the solution in creating a more effective vaccine for the krona virus. reporting for news news use attach a suite to r t. now in the meantime, volley on twitter at scottie, and he's used the hash tag team and be over the show and more download the portal that to be at for your apple or android device. they still watching have a great evening. ah, ah. you were told it was bad for your eyes and your posture that it would stop you from having real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they fail to mention is that you can make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video, getting a stacy from using
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a couple of them, but always wanted the solution to wesley with georgia resume with okay, much for to do stuff is no longer gonna cause to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quick with it. hang on to a little bit bigger. it's going to spike surgical intermittent thickness to live near bottom in this santa webpage bentley up in young booth, but even started yet. glove boy. well, you mo, stormy. i'm of is do it out or you mean yeah, was it neil's feel like you guy? okay. the owner, but i will that be cool. it will still be stuck with these it's odd to do. i also use the there is no pinnacle of evolution. everything's flat. a bacterium is a product to 4000000000 years of evolution in a specific environment. so a way so in that sense where we are, the few survivors are then develop a long,
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long process you. so as in to the springs at yellowstone, we will not do very well back to and will do much better. now since japan and brazil are among the latest to report on the chrome cases, making almost 2 dozen countries so far hit by the rapidly spreading code strain coming out, we speak to overall just from the center that created this, put the gay job and what to expect from this new variance or in the cases we're seeing now. everyone has a mild form. on the other hand, there's no doubt on how it can affect elderly people. walk to wait another month or so to be sure. another yeah, got sad to say they are somewhat z defective. yes they, they do irritate the eyes of the threat, but only a little bit. also a report from the scene of protests and so done with tens of thousands of marched against military rule following last month's co.


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