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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 30, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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special thanks to max kaiser for inspiring volcano, bonds that was from name. but kelly, the president of our salvador, we had just been to the party the night before where they were announced. so i yeah, that was pretty special. right, so on this show we've talked about pay these volcano bonds, they could just have basically future big coin mining in a backed bonds, up floated by the country with like a nice coupon. and they could pay off the i m f, loan. you know, this was in response to the i m f, and now hillary clinton, you know, wagging their ugly, which like finger. oh, you bam. and so, so then when we were up the event at the end of bitcoin week and i'll salvador nay, but kelly, the president, had his presentation and then on to this dave sampson now for bloodstream. turns out they were actually cooking something up all this time. and they presented volcano bonds, and they went with the samsung plan, essentially, which as it's
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a half big coin. and then a half backed by an infrastructure, plays a 16 percent dividend. and after a 5 year lock up period, investors start to get those bitcoin back to them. it's a 10 year bond. i think this is going to be the best performing bond anywhere in the world over the next 10 years by a long, long shot. and it really is gonna be a chance for, i'll salvador, to get rid entirely of all their debt, all their staff, they're going to get rid of using these bonds. right. and of course, the kelly has said over and over that his inspiration is singapore. they want to be like sang a pork as singapore, of course, had been a very poor country. tropical, very hot, steamy, swampy. and they turned it into a financial power house. and that is what you also saw. i saw a clip just the other day of night because a meeting with a singapore investor who's
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a big investor. and now salvador and his 1st floor is we're like, this is beyond meeting just the president. i am meeting in a you are making the future. you're making the fisher, you're making history. i thought i was pretty amazing. but you know, we lefts this relentless optimism that you saw everywhere and i'll, salvador returned to the united states. first. we stopped in miami, where we interviewed alex spets. he for the 2nd half on the beach, it was very windy. so we had to hide behind a, you know, some sort of a cabin on the beach. but the headlines here in this all fi out, we're all that the decaying empire, the entropy setting in, as you mentioned, hillary clinton was on the news banging on about, you know, bitcoin and how evil it is and all that sort of stuff. but i want to remind you of a headline that we say all the time. we talked about all the time here on this show, and that is from frederick boss diaz, who is a, you know, a well known economist from french history. and he had said, when plunder becomes
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a way of life, or group of men in a society over the course of time they create for themselves, a legal system that authorizes a and a moral code that glorifies it. so i want to use that to turn to this 1st headline of what was in the news, right when we're boarding our plane returning here, home to the home studio. experts caution the use of looting and describing rash, bay area smash and grabs. don't use the word looting, remember, this is, plunder has become the way of life, and they create a moral code that justifies it. so you can't use the word looting for these huge, organized masks, smash and grabs, right? well, as we been saying on the show now for 13 years when you allow for the bankers at the top to loot that they've been doing and their business model is to cave $0.90 of every dollar, they steal the fast ball. fine. that will trickle down trickle down, looting an area 13 years later, and it's become, as you say,
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in san francisco. really the common for gangs to loot stores. but let's be honest. they are simply mimicking the bankers like jamie diamond and others who have made that now hub, glorified looting and glorified stealing and glorified money printing. so ah, this is totally predictable and going forward. i don't see how you reverse this. the only way to reverse it would then to be go after the bankers and impose some moral order. but as long as jamie diamond and goldman sachs, those folks are in the and the bank of england and the federal reserve bank are allowed to commit fraud with impunity then don't expect anyone in society to behave within the legal system. while this is kind of within the legal system of california, which is their justifying this limiting through their moral code and their legal
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code. in that if you still under a $1000.00 worth of goods, they're not going to prosecute you. so of course it invites that to happen. but the other interesting thing is that, you know, in the united states as, as hyper partisanship that has emerged, you could see how this benefits the california incorporations. this situation. because it's driving out c, v s, it's driving out retailers like best buy from those states who is benefiting as the likes of amazon. huge online silicon valley retail giants like ebay. so it's actually benefiting san francisco based tech giant. best buy shares, plunge on margin pressures organized, retail crime, a look at the organized resolve crime in the u. s. and how e commerce turned it into a big business. stolen goods get sold to law abiding americans by 3rd party vendors
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on big e commerce sites that profit from legislation to control. it struggles shares of, of, of best buy, plunged by 12 and a half percent. and one day last week, because it was a, they announced that they had so much inventory theft from these organized gangs that it actually started to hit their bottom line. but what happens with all the stolen goods is, you know, we've always had stolen goods. retail outlets have always had people come in and steal their goods and then they'd have to try to find a place outside somewhere to sell them on the street. well, these people are setting up shop on amazon or e bay and just selling them to people who think it's just, you know, they're buying that luxury good on amazon and it gets delivered. that's how they're making their money. and as some legislature legislators have been trying to introduce some way of, of forcing amazon, for example, to check where all these goods are coming from, from the 3rd party sellers. and they've of course, fought it. so in a way this,
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this legal code of california is benefiting some of the biggest tech giants of california. amazon itself is not in us silicon valley necessarily. but that whole the ecosystem of e commerce is there, it is actually legal to steal up to a $1000.00. and that way pointing out there is that these goods end up being sold by 3rd party sellers on amazon. and so amazon is benefiting from the moral ethical and legal collapse in california made possible by fear money. because, of course, when you print loss of fear money and it goes to the hands of a, say, a jeff bezos who runs amazon, he's got political influence. so i just again, in america, um, i think i really do believe if you put a chart and you made a chart of the, the cost of buying a politician around the world. i think america's the cheapest. i think you can buy
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a nancy pelosi or somebody like that for a few 100 bucks. whereas in other countries, it actually costs a lot more in europe and these other countries. i wish american, ah, politicians demanded a little bit more money for their influence. nevertheless, here we have this ongoing story of plunder and looting happening across a california. and one thing that it basically you're seeing is that a lot of the staff at the shops are being traumatized because they're witness thing . first hand, these gangs of people coming in some with baseball bats and other weapons in our, terrorized and taking everything in, in a, a huge gang. so if there's a 100 people in this gang, then of course it, sir, it's kind of scary and there's nothing you can really do about it. and the other point make is that this legal and moral system in california is
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kind of exactly white. the walk sort of legislators and thinkers and think tanks and philosophers had said would happen with libertarianism. remember what they said was that if we have libertarianism of small government, what you're going to a face be faced with is fending for yourself because there will be no carved. so be no roads who will build the roads, who will do this stuff? well, the stories and all of these articles that you can read even from the woke press out in california, local california press and san francisco, los angeles. we see is that you have a lot of home invasions happening. a lot of these shops being looted some of the employees at the shops being harmed physically. and what they're being told is that they should get some sort of form of defense that there's not really much they could do it even if they arrest on this person. they're just going to be released and things like that. so they're being told to fend for themselves. and you see
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article after article of these families out in silicon valley, having to like fortify their homes and assorted it because it is the neo fuel system, right? if at the, the fortifications of the neo feudal era are here. right, right. the bigger government is the problem, big government, and this is what the left, the progress of draws advocating for bigger government, more money printing. and this is exactly what happens. you have a sense of entitlement, so the people that are stealing all this money, they feel they are entitled to it because the politicians are stealing a lot of money. the big government is doing a lot of money. you know, another trick that amazon uses, of course, to, to sub there. bottom line is that they do white label. brands are private label brands where they compete, quote unquote, with other companies, by introducing amazon labeled merchandise like amazon batteries, et cetera. so in this case, the looters that are plundering the stores, they've got the amazon bat, and the amazon hoodie. you say it's amazon branded looting and they only hit you on
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the head with the bat you get, and i amazon had 2 on your forehead. that's branding. jeff pays us here the master . well and quickly. the other, sorry. we saw as we were flying back on thanksgiving. wondering why your thanksgiving groceries cost more this year is because greedy corporations are charging americans extra just to keep their stock prices high. this is outrageous. that's sen, elizabeth warren, getting it all wrong. we talk about the can't tell an effect all the time. we talk about inflation. we talked about money printing. that is what is causing it. we're going to talk more about that in the next episode of guys a port though. yeah. well, is that or is certifiably camera? i'm going to take a break and when we come back, much more coming here. wet ah. back breaking toil. forced labor
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stress. mm hm. industrial injury corporal punishment. mm hm. oh no. words with which we're all familiar with the world. you live in abolish slavery long ago with
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ah ah hi, welcome back to the kaiser report, i max kaiser. we are in miami beach, florida. and were with the inevitable alex kosicki, who of the amber app, even on before your vin shell, welcome back. thank you max. i didn't know the inevitable. inevitable, inevitable, inevitable as like big coin. oh, you know what's, what's the guy from the marvel comics?
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yeah, yeah. that then a superman, yet he come to your tv screen and educate people about bitcoin all over the world. number one, orange feller in the world for 25 years straight. all right, so alex, let's get down to business here. i mentioned you are at the amber app, something people can look up at the on ramp for bitcoin. now, we were both in el salvador recently. you, you had a, you had a 1st time look at it. it might be quantization your thoughts. i mean, it's not hyper the quantization there at the moment. it's hypo chiva is ation. at the moment i thought we were in gauging a bit of hyperbole. yes. you, i set the tone indeed work with me. honest. okay. okay, we're getting there. and it's obviously rushed. i don't think many people know what the hell's going on yet, but hey, it's, it's a process. i mean i orange filled the taxi driver, not the taxi driver. the. the. what's the other company dba?
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yeah, yeah. so, so look, i mean it's a step in the right direction. as soon as the big city thing was announced, that was waiting for all of the big, the big win twitter stuff to go crazy. and obviously some people are like, it's a trap in are going on a bit more because city there was a big announcement. what was the now? so the announcement is the idea that i guess it's going to be kind of like a free economic zone in salvador. where they're going to attempt to build a city and the funding for the city is going to come from the issuance of a big quin bond which will happen on the liquid network. right. and from what i can tell, it's a $1000000000.00 and half of it's going to go towards when they, when it's going to go towards building city. right. it's like a free enterprise down. there's no capital gains, tax income tax, payroll tax property tax. and it's going to be funded by 10 percent, the value added tax year, and that's going to fund the coupon or the interest rate on the bond, the new volcano, bonds, they're called half the money goes into bitcoin, buying that coin is going to take the coin off the market, going to have
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a 5 year lock up. the other half is going into infrastructure and presumably some big coin mining as well. but you have some reservations perhaps. i mean, look, i'm personally just waiting because it's always funny or saying this to one of my team members yesterday about like how libertarians always like we need to sit though we need to privacy. do we need this? we need that. and then someone actually makes the step in that direction and the like, it's trying, we're all going to die. it's a honey pot, you know, they're trying to lower us. and so it's like, what are the there's no other way to actually move forward with this. this on my mind, i actually think it's really good. i think it's apparently the location of it is quite contentious because somebody has some issues with 100 and a quarter. malo something on it or i was sorry at the, at that border which will be kind of interesting, but i think this is actually a good way to get skinning the game from people outside of the country to demarcate . aren't the neighboring country, or the orange killing them, or at least demarcated with their sovereign territory is as well,
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which is an interesting geopolitical play because they've got to do that. they've actually from what i heard, they've actually lost 10 percent of the land from encroachment from, from this country. so i, i personally think me, if i was in that role, i think, you know, people form a dictator. this is not whatever, but i actually think it's very much a step in the right direction. and if i was running a country, i'd be doing the same thing. so people call george washington a dictator. and he did what he had to do to declare freedom from the empire. now here the math is the empire mostly funded by the united states. they go around the world with their debt next floating debt bombs, as john perkins says, chronicled in his book, concessions 70 can. i'm a kid, man. somebody on a stand up to the i m f in the us and say no more. we're going to be a sovereign onto ourselves with big coin. you know, the thing, i don't get to talk to anybody in the big coin space object to somebody helping his
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7000000 population to become individuals sovereign. that seems to be the opposite of the dictator. yes and no, like i take the stance of i don't think he's doing in any way, shape or form to help his people. i think he is doing it for his own ends. but the beauty of doing it for his own ends on a big coincidence, through the coin will end up becoming sovereign. because of the incentive model built under the protocol, should he be exempt from what everyone else is experiencing you? me and every other, because another bitcoin that's it so. so the way i kind of explain it to people is i'm, i'm in bitcoin because i believe in individual and personal sovereignty. and for me, because it is my best path toward that and, and so it is for any company, for an individual. and for anybody who wants to run whether it's a kingdom, i mean a dictatorship, whatever you want to run. but it, it, structures you so that even if you are a dictator, you have to be
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a commercially intelligent dictator who doesn't go about killing his customers. who actually would like wealthy customers so that they can come and purchase from him. so the way i was like, i actually think the pseudo model in the libertarian utopia is actually many to tell a terry in many states that are all competing with each other, to offer the best product and services. right? so accountable. exactly. okay. now if the kelly is a dictator, then every single corner in the world is dictated. absolutely. and so none are dictators. let's. let's move on to a topic that you've been writing about, extensively, the remnant just very poetic sounding scott, a long biblical history. yes. and tell us more, what can i say more other than i'm almost finished writing part 2. so part 2 is going to be called the remnant the parasite and the masses. and it's going to be more of a psychological exploration of those 3 archetypes because i didn't do that in the
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1st one. in the 1st one. it was really taking the inspiration from albert knox piece, who he actually inspired my rough bod. never like that. like a big part of libertarian australia con movement. but i only focused on this idea of selective adoption really. and the idea that big quinn is all the remnant of these, this archetype of person. that is, that is the one percent that makes the difference. and in this new one, i'm actually going to explore the, the psyche of the remnant and the masters, but also this 3rd archetype, which i call the, the parasite, which most people call elite. and i'm sick and tired of giving the parasites that designation over uncles and beliefs like to be late implies that you're actually exceptional something and you know, look god and you know, problem couple of years ago we came up the term can tell him they're controlling ok exactly, so they go, so parasites complete, that's a much better term and calling them elite because they don't deserve that designation. and in their, my,
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my argument is going to be that the parasite archetype is basically a failed remnant, or a jealous member of the masses. so what they want to do is they want to sabotage those who add value and they weaponized the sheeple to extract value from them. and then they kind of sit in the middle and they promised the remnant protection from the masses. and they promised the masses that though feed them by extracting from the room and so it's like on the remnant are by nature, outside of the state. you did your characters and they are the produces. exactly right then is the invention of the parasite to and the producers in the remnant are very aligned with bitcoin because bitcoin on like money called proof of stake were instead of just having, i'm sorry, proof of work instead of just printing money to fund the ferry fans of the state
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and the actors in the state. you've got proof of work. you've got bitcoin and you have to actually create something worth trading for. but it getting back to what's happening in el salvador is that this is the tension of themes between what's called bitcoin maximum. and what's happening in el salvador because they're very non trusting of any state at all on face value. and it seems like this is where this time soon is. but my, but my question is, it doesn't the big coin protocol, as i always say, you don't change it, it changes you. it's going to change the president of a country, whether it creates a feedback loop or consequence to policies that i guess move his actions to being more actions of a free market capitalist. i think that's what that might change. look at michael taylor, for example. he could have borrowed money, bought practice on stock,
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give him sell stock options and made billions of dollars the way bill gave us. but his day he decided to borrow lots of money and buy bitcoin and effectively go to war with the money printers. so big coin changed him initially. he didn't like that going back and i think it was 2013. he said this as much 6 didn't give it any, any feature at all. many it was jamestone. so ok, here's the president of a come of a country, $38000000000.00 economy. should we not anticipate something similar happening? well, again, against a economic reality. and i've, i've said in the past and i don't know if i share it with you guys or someone else, but i think that quinn's most important impact on human society and humanity will be the reintroduction of economic consequence. and that, that doesn't sound like a nice thing, but what it means is that at the moment, every we, as human beings are action oriented beings, we do stuff and to, to move in a particular direction. but what we need to, to make good actions,
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is we need to be able to make value judgments in the way we make value judgments is by having feedback. and all feedback is economic in nature. it tells you if you're doing the right thing or the wrong thing in terms of your allocation of energy, time and resources, right? so, in the absence of good feedback, we make poor judgments and then we make poor actions. and that, that is really what the quick fix is at that level. it starts to realign us towards something more moral. actually there's, there's a, there's a piece that i started writing which will finish next year. sometime i call it home a bit clinic us an idea of that that quinn will actually transform out dna over generations in a way such that we behave more majestically in a way that we actually start. 1 to bake morality into humanity because to date we have not been able to do so because we're unable to extract wealth by stealing or
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beating other people over the head with stuff or creating proof of stake, machinations to, to steal from people. so yeah, maybe that's a long way of saying i do agree with you. i don't know if it's going to happen in one generation, but will definitely change behavior. and then maybe it'll bacon into us too long since, right what you call a feedback or feedback mechanism. economics finance, we would call the price signal, right? so markets create prices. those prices then loop back in to the decisions being made about future actions in the marketing points, generate future prices. yeah. and the prime, what's the out money is that the signals we get are not telling us enough to make intelligent choices. yes. when i'm making stupid choices, which then becomes part of the market, which in fact compounds itself. so stupidity is compound to her at war price signals. and as such, we live in a world where the economy seems to be going absolutely insane by
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for the examples are so numerous, i'm, you know, what, you're flooded by it. but in the bond market, for example, with negative interest rates, i put people buying bonds. they're guaranteed to lose money, for example, which leads to a whole collapse of pension funds and people's well being simply because the true price signal was not allowed to occur correct yet. like, and the thing is it will. it also creates a situation where we're not actually solving meaningful problems like that is starvation, as homelessness does all this sort of stuff which are real problems that can produce real value when we sold them. and instead, where's the money going into bonds that lose money? it's like it's mindless, it's a compound on itself, and really a great writer outs $50.00 has many great essays available on line is an amber app, which is a great ap. thanks. bring on kaiser report. thank you. max could see and, and that's what i do for this, this of the guys report with re max kaiser and stacy ever thanks the outs 15. so
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next time bio ah, the postal service delivers a $155000000000.00 pieces of mail every year. approximately 40 percent of the world's mail right now the us postal service is in the flight of its life facilities, reduction, bad financial shape. now face default, the postal service is a cash cow. and there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put into a federal budget. there was a mandate that you bring in a $100000.00, new revenue every month. the nature of privatization in the us postal service is very much hidden from public view. it's privatization from the inside out. that's a
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big move in money. it's not about the public giving them a service that they deserve. it's not about quality train work there with you a tool that was bad, your eyes and your post. yeah. that it would stop you from having real friends and
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funding and go friend. but what they fail to mention is that you can make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video games with stacy people using a couple of them for the with georgia resume with much more to do. so please don't, don't of course to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quick witted in june to a little bit, but it's going to spike a chicken intermittent thickness to live near bottom. and miss thompson with webpage bentley up in the booth, but even started yet gala boy, when you mo, storm you mothers deal with out. oh, you mean? yeah. was it mules? good guy. okay. the owner. but i will, that be careful with will still be stuck with these odd to do. i also use a
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high school shooting in michigan. 3 students are dead and 8 people are injured. a 15 year old is under arrest. questions over the new covered strains origin. as dutch health officials say palmer crohn was detected in the netherlands before it was reported in south africa. we speak it to a w h. o representative in russia about how dangerous this new strain could be. we don't have a logical knowledge. it's telling us at the manner that this is a more deadly virus. there is no place for panic, but there is place for preparedness, proportion, and action. we will be forced to create similar sites as a reaction to those who threaten us in this way and we can do it.


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