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tv   News  RT  November 30, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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a headline news from our t a high school shooting in michigan, 3 students a dead. and 6 people are injured. a 15 year olds under arrest at the latest, from all corresponded in just a moment. questions over the new cove, it strange origin has got health officials say on the chromebook, detected in the netherlands before a with reported in south africa. we speak to a w h. o representative in russia about how dangerous this new strain could they not happy them. yeah, largest, they're not a huge. it's telling us exit manor. this is a more deadly virus. there is no place for planning, but there is place for preparedness, propulsion, and action. we will be forced to create similar sites as a reaction to those who threaten us in this way. and we can do it now because we have successfully tested a hypersonic missile. president putin says rush has developed
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a powerful new hypersonic massage in response to a pentagon statement, ramping up tensions with moscow. and growing face over towards his future as a beacon of free speech. as the online giant gets a new boss known for coming out against freedom of expression and the 1st amendment ah oh, hello to assume 1 in the morning here in moscow. it's now wednesday, the 1st of december. i'm calling bravery to will use this out. welcome to the program. first 3 students have been killed in a school shooting in the us state of michigan. it happened just before 1 pm local time at the oxford high school in a village north of detroit, his ortiz caleb moping. according to police, on the scene, 3 students are dead, 6 others are injured. 5 of those others are students, and one of the others is
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a teacher. student, a 15 year old student appears to have opened fire before then being apprehended. at this point, the shooter is in custody, his weapon has been apprehended. the sheriff's department of oxford county is on the scene and at this point, we're also seeing the school on lockdown. we're seeing local police as well as federal police and others assembling in the area. a medical helicopter was flown to the school to fly. those had been wounded to get the medical attention that they needed. very serious situation right now. it appears to be under control. despite that the school is locked down, a lot of questions are being raised. the identity of the 15 year old shooter has not yet been revealed. there's not any, any known motive yet at this point. but the sheriff's department of oxford county has apprehended the shooter around 1251. today, we received a 911 call of an active shooter. at the high school,
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a deputies immediately responded and we received our a 109. $11.00 calls into our dispatch and over $100.00 the deputies took a suspect into custody within 5 minutes. that original 911 call. this is no longer an active situation. 3 dad, at this high school, that is in a suburb of detroit, its a rather large high school oxford township oxford county oxford high school, 3 dad, 6 injured among those 6 injured. we have one teacher and 5 students live now to american news, anchor commentator john du master, welcome to r t a. the police have said that the entire, in the only lasted 5 minutes between being alerted and branding alone suspect. what do you think of the police handling of this? i think that we have to give a police department, the law enforcement, a lot of private, you know, there are so many calls me united states and more so you know, maybe a year ago,
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especially after the situation in minnesota to be found the place they wanted was police officers and one of the areas that i cover is part of california and they went and got rid of the police in their, in their schools and other trying to bring it back because they're having more problems in the schools. i appreciate the response, you know, it's, it takes a very special person to be able to run towards tragedy in a terrifying situation as everybody else is running away. their heroes. a privacy can enlighten us because certainly from beyond america shows every time we hear another school shooting, usually a deadly school shooting. we say, oh no, not again. questions will be asked, debates will be had but even now will it come to anything? access to weapons, especially for minors that that is the question and i know it's, it's more of a heart thing and a person thing that it is, you know, a weapons thing. and you start to think about what's going on in the last year. we've all completely changed our lives because this has been demick. there's new
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variance coming out. gas prices have gone up. the president, shutting down oil pipelines, you know, gas is costing more people are working like they used to my local law enforcement. they said that there's definitely been an uptick in, in suicide rates. and homeless rates. people are hurting and struggling not to say that that's a collaboration, but people are trying to figure out and deal with this. and then you add in the holiday season. it's tough. you know, the holidays can be, can be greater, they can, they can cause a lot of extra stress and, and already stressful situation. going surely those things that you've listed there, bound to have an impact on overall crime figures. but when it comes to schools, that's where parents should think that youngsters are going to be the safest in yet . as you and i both know this isn't going to be the last school shooting. we're going to hear about anytime soon. why such seeming inertia in the united states to really get tough on this?
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i don't know that anybody has the definite answer. you know, you, you start to think about back when, when we went to school, they didn't have metal detectors, didn't have happened. the things that they have now, and even with all these precautions, somehow things will happen. you know, how to, how do they get them in the 1st place that somebody help them? those are all the questions that law enforcement that police are asking. right now . we want your answers for, you know, a few days. i'm sure, maybe a week it, it depends how quickly they can put it all together. but how do you completely stop something like this? and then when you take away weapons, you take away guns, you run the danger of how do you protect yourself? and if somebody does get ahold of one chances are they, they don't have them legally. how do you protect yourself? do you run the risk of taking, taking weapons away completely, and can you ever really get rid of them? and in terms of securing schools, because again, if i was a parent or even just one of the students, i'd rather be learning maybe or just spending time with my friends rather than
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practicing going into a safe room in case an alarm goes off because it's an active shooter in my classroom, especially after a year of, you know, many of our students, the united states, they were learning online. they were steering at laptops all day, and they watched, you know, that can radi with their friends. they want to be back in school, believe it or not, even my kids. i have 4 kids and all for him so that they prefer to be in the classroom. it's something again that you and i, when we were in school, we never even thought about things like that. we had tornado, you know, we practice tornadoes drills and you know, severe weather and never anything like this. i can't imagine having to walk through that and think through that you know, and how to our kids, even process that and know where to go on what to do while it doesn't happen. and truly are all full time at the bottom of that community. north of detroit, john demoss to thanks for joining us. story in some circumstances, but i appreciate your time tonight. absolutely. on to another
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headline, news now and the origins and timing of this latest covey. very entering question after dutch health officials say that alma crohn was detected in the netherlands before it was reported in south africa. i. it's unclear so far. if the infected people visited africa ran, how exactly the new variant appeared in the netherlands, but it could also mean there are many more cases around the world earlier on our tea, kevin. oh, and the latest from our correspondence, peter oliver in europe, and pulled a slayer in south africa. this announcement, and this new information that's coming forward is every big welcome to authorities here in south africa. sh. this is because from the start people falling in the african variance and they would say, no, it's not, it's not as a companion all scientists and i, experts are so far in advance that they were able to pick it up, detected, be honestly not reported to the world health organization and very much the feeding here in south africa for the last few days following these travel bands has been that south africa has actually been blacklisted. but well, i think is all concerning. what we have seen is that infections here in south
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africa have morning suppose in recent days, last official thing is we have awful sundays when they were 2800 new cases. and the campaigns were just 500 hello. later days earlier, the hospitals are seeing that they expect a lot of pressure in the next 2 to 3 weeks. and they also expect holding 10000 new cases by the end of this, at the same time, you still have thousands of south africans move to the international driver bands of 70. although the latest information you have is that british arrays should be operating again from tomorrow. but now we've heard that immigrants has sustained a full size. so beef situation is when he threw it south africa is in its ways and the situation on the ground, despite the discovery or perhaps in addition to the discovery of this new strain, still the names, very boring. how has your i'm responding to this new stroke,
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especially culture, this news of actually could have been around a few days, maybe up to 11 days earlier. if this news is coming in this from the netherlands is to be believed anglo merkel on the other. well, her most likely successor or left sholtes as chancellor will be discussing with the health ministers from germany. 16 states what they're going to do for a national tactic to tackle the current outbreak of coven 19 that i may well be something about when school's can be closed, also something about curfews as well. be paying close attention to it. however, some of the regional leaders in germany, a saying action needs to be taken immediately to protect our healthcare system. we unfortunately have to shut down the whole country on an even strict basis. a federal emergency break must be decided this week for one country that's already in the middle of a lockdown is austria. that's going to run through until at least the end of this week. it could well be extended until the 13th of december. and we've been finding
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out a little bit more from the austrian government about their proposal that they're going to him, make it mandatory for people to have vaccines from the 1st of february. and anybody who doesn't go for a vaccine could be eligible for a fine of just over 3000 euro, or spend 4 weeks in jail. we are seeing cases, almost all over the country, all over the continent. we're looking at at present in spain, portugal check republic, italy, belgium, and the netherlands. as i mentioned, frances, looking into 2, at least 2 suspected cases there. and what we're hearing from ursula on the line, the a you commission president, is that more action needs to be taken to try and tackle this new variance here. now, in a race against time, the scientists and manufacture need 2 to 3 weeks to have a full picture about the quality of the mutations of this ami chron variant. while
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staying in europe moving outside of the european union. the night in the united kingdom, england has re introduced the wearing of face masks on public transport and in shops as, as a legal requirement. it had been voluntary since the summer ministers for health there is saying it's because of this new variant and uncertainty over how it may affect people. we're trying to get that balance in proportion and, and it is difficult because it's unknown. so we need to buy some time so our scientists can work with the world's leading scientists to just basically. so think about what they know. it's very transmissible by looking at that the year. but we don't know, you know, whether it work with the vaccine vaccine, whack or the other treatments, etc. so the scientists do need some time for that. well, that's how it looks across europe right now would be keeping a keen eye to see on what news develops, either with from the netherlands, with regards to the announcement that at this omicron very, it may have been present here for much longer. also watching what's going to come
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out from here in berlin, where angle america, the german chancellor meeting with regional leaders as they try to establish a new national protocol for it. when it comes to trying to tackle this covert outbreak or expanding on some of that nations are now applying their own new measures to tackle the spread of the virus australia and some european countries of suspended flight to him from south africa, neighboring states. while others of band everybody except their own nationals arriving from southern africa. however, israel under paddock on a step further and imposed a complete ban, the japanese prime minister says it's crucial to avoid a worst case scenario while studies continue into the new strain. and it seems that he's got the people's back at home to they want to see and i'll come off and i'm from a rural area. and i am very worried. and my wife is also very worried. wondering what tokyo residents are thinking about the new variant or the you know, so i feel relieved now that prime minister kasheila announced very strict border measures, have to feel it. i think it was good that she, that took the border measures there swiftly and on top of that,
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i wanted to prepare well for things like hospital beds and similar issues. i'm scared because all her people like us are a bit too relaxed. now, lou criminals is for sure, it's better not to allow people who might be infected to enter japan, because the situation in japan is pretty stable. now. it's initial feeling. well right now, scientists to rushing to adapt existing vaccines to fight the dude strain which has yet to be fully studied of kills. and the pressures on as the world health organization says on the chrome potentially poses a very high risk globally at w h o representative in russia says that progress is being made on understanding the strain, but there's much more work to be done. well, a mutation shows a number of i would say changes a number of mutations that we can relate to something either to previous knowledge . for example, the buyer at the very end has mutations. many more mutations on the spike brought a, it is actually use the needle that the virus is using to getting to the salad to make
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us infected. to actually cool infections is spread further. and this is why because it has many more than other y versus other variance, it has immediately come into concert. so i think it is acknowledged, but we don't have a logical noise. it's telling us at the manner that this is a more deadly virus. what we know from south africa is that mainly young people and this is where the cluster was detected. and we do know that callie's been young. people is lighter. we do not have reports at the moment that it is causing more severe disease or that it is more lee. so this is not something that we should speculate off. we really need a bit more time. and this is why we have said that there is no place for panic, but there is place for preparedness, proportion, and action. as a new cobit strain causes alarm globally vaccine supplies. so back in the spotlight,
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nursing units from 28 countries want to get rid of patents for corona virus jobs. so they can legally be made by any qualified manufacturer of the groups looking for you and backing to saying that poorer countries lack the shot because they're being hoarded by wealthy countries where they're produced, it says the vaccine and balances could lead to even more depth. the direct consequences of the failure to distribute vaccines and treatments equitably to the vast majority of people of low and moderate income countries could likely for the transmission of coven 19 further mass illness and large numbers of fatalities. in those countries. they should be reason enough to address the crisis of global vaccine apartheid. well, with all the crowns spreading, the united kingdom is back in the spotlight for its handling of the pandemic. this time, it's nurses unions in 28 different countries are accusing. richard nations of essentially costing lives worldwide and even of creating a vaccine apartheid system. now essentially what they're doing is taking their
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complaint directly to the united nations. basically, this is all about many rich countries, including the u. k and the e u. they're refusing to barge on rules, particularly regarding intellectual property rights for rich and nations. have secured 7000000000 doses of the vaccine in comparison to the low income nations, only having around 300000000 doses. now these nurses unions are really accusing rich nations of violating patients rights. instead of supporting this waiver. certain governments are protecting the prophets of big pharmaceutical companies at the expense of public health. these countries have violated our rights and the rights of our patients and cause the loss of countless lives of nurses, another caregivers, and those we have cared for. well, nurses unions in 20 different countries have now filed an appeal with the united nation, saying that the global gap between rich and poor is only just exacerbated with the
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pandemic, and is now becoming blindly obvious. not only that, what they argue is that the transmission of cov, it in developing nations, increases the risks of new variance emerging. now, a waiver on all of these provisions for vaccines would then allow them to be made more widely and then distributed more widely as well. it would improved the global distribution of the vaccines. now, even the world health organization has weighed in to this debate, saying that there needs to be a cap on how much of a country is vaccinated. no more vaccines should go to countries that have already boxed unaided. more than 40 percent of their population until kovacs has the vaccines, it needs to help other countries get that to. well, the pandemic slogan has long been. no one is safe till everybody is safe. but really and truly it doesn't seem to be the case for many people arguing against the pharmaceutical companies that arguably operating profit for public health. and
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while there has been a global kovacs initiative, have these global initiatives really be in that successful, almost 2 years on now? from the beginning of the pandemic, and arguably, we're back in the eye of the storm. the feeling really is now that these rich countries are arguably having quite a selfish mindset and if they continue to do so well, we just go round and round in circles and go back to square one with these new variance emerging that amy opponents announced that russia's develops a powerful new hypersonic weapons in response to an antigen statement, escalating tensions with the criminal. his r t correspondent, romance author of while answering questions from the participants of the russia calling economic of forum. vladimir putin a question. nato's potential weapons placement in eastern europe and he warned of the consequences that may follow a russian president followed up by saying that the country will soon have mocked 9
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hypersonic weapons. and he did so in response to a, one of the questions about the so called red lines in ukraine and natal steps that led to the current tensions between moscow and the western military alliance. i if miss al sites appear on the territory of ukraine than the flight time of missiles to moscow will be 7 to 10 minutes. and the case of hypersonic weapons 5 minutes. imagine that. and what else can we do? we will be forced to create seamless sites as a reaction to those who threaten us in this way. and we can do it now because we have successfully tested a hypersonic missile. and at the beginning of the year, we already have new c based missiles in service, which can travel, it speeds up to mach 9. the flight time for these missiles will also be 5 minutes. why are we doing all this? creating such threats for us is the red light, but i hope it doesn't come to that. i hope that common sense and the joint responsibility for all countries and for the well community will prevail,
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will go water. the so called a russian aggression seems to be dominating the hearts and minds of western politicians and subsequently the people as well. now, media headlines claimed that ukraine is bracing for an imminent had sac. well, a u. s. sense and nato officials are pushing the agenda even further saying that russia will face consequences once it's at wanted to fax ukraine. now this is just a, one of their statements less heavily on us. and i have stated several times now there will be a high rise, a high price to pay for russia if that once again use force again in the funds. so renovation ukraine and also. busy the over the years also increased our military presence in this region, just to make sure that all our laws are totally defended, unprotected the instant against the russian resurrections. the global posture of
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you strengthens the combat, credible deterrent against russian aggression in europe, and enables nato forces to operate more effectively. we continue to watch with great concern movements by russian military units near the ukraine border. i obviously can't speak to their but their intentions, but we continue to believe that any escal latoria aggressive actions would be a great concern not only to the united states and on, but hello to our allies and partners there on the european continent. meanwhile, russian defense ministry continues to record nato forces, movements and near its borders. now those includes at entries of michelle equipped worships flights of americans, strategic warplanes that have become more and more frequent. recently, also large scale exercises including unscheduled ones, are being conducted. moscow also says that the united states rehearsed nuclear strikes against russia in november. now,
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the pentagon responded to that by saying that very drills were announced publicly at the time, and that they all are here to international protocols. meanwhile, here are the economic forum earlier and she's there, russian president questioned why nato felt the need to expand in eastern europe with its anti missile, assist them saying that their relationship was almost idyllic. back in the mid nineties, a lost our former un weapons inspectors called reta told me he thinks nato's playing a very dangerous game. there's nothing about what nato is doing right now. that makes any sense whatsoever. at the end of the day, they're only playing to russian strengths. it's a very dangerous game because as president buddhist said, of russia has read lines in that these red lines aren't just figurative. they're real, and there will be real consequences if these red lines are continue to be violated,
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as far as anybody can tell, is not prepared to invade ukraine unprovoked. if you train attacks or otherwise provokes russia, russia will respond. but the notion of russia just starting a war of aggression against ukraine, out of the blue, is ludicrous and nato knows us. we need to put this in the perspective of where nato in the u. s. is right now under the trump administration, the relationship between the united states, nato, was a very strained war, and it didn't get any better under biden. and nato right now is looking for relevance and looking to reassemble a semblance of, of substance. they can pick the only target they have right now, which is russia, there's nothing nato can do to stand up to it. so why is natal provoking russia? it simply doesn't make any sense. i just that diane, to his new job as twitter, as a ceo and paragraph while is already ruffling feathers with theater. mo content clamped down to the social network. well, because of his past remarks about not prioritizing freedom of speech,
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he goes on of talk me through the consent being flagged up the 1st thing to know about what his new c o, he may be new as well, the chief executive officer, but his not a new face in the company, per se, this 37 year old man of well indian descent, he joined twitter all the way back in 2011 as chief technology officer. so he has already a long, long history of being an executive within the company has been involved with all the pretty much all the main strategic initiatives with twitter. so it hardly comes as a surprise that this person is well, he is sharing the general line behind that the twitter has been taking over the past few years that the, well, twitter is bigger than, you know, freedom of speech that twitter has its own understanding of this term and that it's their backyard and they are, you know, they're in their right to dictate the rules his or a statement of from the last year that came back to haunt him. now have a listen. oh is not too big, but when, when, but i would roll it, sir,
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we'll have to leave all the conversation to focus less on thinking about each but thinking about how the dance of change. so right now we are still to see his, the 1st moves that he makes because everybody's anticipating what to expect from him. and some pundits have been arguing or that well he won't bring the will needed change to twitter needed, especially by the investors. because there are, they were growing increasingly unhappy with jack doors. he and his handling of all the scandals, you know, around twitter. there's been a lot of controversy. a lot of people, of course defending twitter. a lot of people well being on the other side of the fence on the other side of the barricades. but one thing a so far, oh, well, one thing that we are seeing so far that there are no indications that twitter will abandon their policy of, you know, giving some people the spotlight and taking the spotlight from others and doing it at their own will even though the company hasn't always been like this,
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i mean compare the statement of frog or wall that twitter was not about the 1st amendment, and that it will not be hampden o hindered by it with something that former twitter seo, for example, on decker castillo said to one of our core values is respect and defend the users voice, and we're the free speech wing of the free speech party. we believe our purpose is to serve the public conversation and that does take a status, sir. i'm freedom of expression and defending freedom of expression as a fundamental human rights. so prague, a wall also has experience of with microsoft with a t and t. so he is no stranger to the brewer day, you know, silicon valley on, you know, the high tech scene. so we'll have to see what he will bring to the table. and whether or not the can says of an open vestos is something he will be able to deal with. i. that's it for now. max estates, you're up next to demystify the money. had line south which shone thomas will be here to update you on the developing stories. we're across here at arte from okay.
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mm ah, you were told it was that your eyes and your post yet that it would stop you from having real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they fail to mention is that you can make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video games with stacy been a couple of them because i always wanted the solution to wesley with georgia resume with multiple to do stuff is no longer going of course to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quick with it. hang on to a spike, so typically the nickname, fitness to listen. you brought them in. miss thompson, with webpage bentley up amongst produce park even established yet glove boy. well,
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you most stormy, i'm of is do it out or you mean yeah, was it neil's feel? are you guy of the order? but i will, that be careful with will be able to be se odd to do i also use ah, i am ash kaiser. this is the kaiser report. wow. what a moment for me. and stacy there we were on the runway in san salvador. ready to exit from the country when? yes, we were in the plane on the runway and i checked my twitter one last time. and lo and behold, i saw special thanks to max kaiser for inspiring volcano, bonds that was her name. but kelly, the president of our salvador,
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we had just been to the party the night before where they were announced. so i yeah, that was pretty special. right. so on this show we've talked about pay these volcano bonds, they could just have basically future big coin mining in back bonds floated by the country with like a nice coupon. and they could pay off the i m f, loan. you know, this was in response to the i m f, and now hillary clinton, you know, wagging their ugly, which like finger. oh you bam. and then when we were up the event at the end of big coin week and i'll salvador naive. but kelly, the president, had his presentation and then on to this dave sampson now for bloodstream, turns out they were actually cooking something up all this time and they presented volcano bomb.


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