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tv   News  RT  November 30, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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ah, headlining this out at the origin of the new cobit straight is under question. as dutch health officials say on the chromebook detected in the netherlands before it was reported in south africa. nursing unions from 28 countries demand a suspension of cobit vaccine titans. so poor countries can legally produce them, they say jobs are being unfairly halted by wealthier nations. we will be forced to create similar sites as a reaction to those who threaten us in this way. and we can do it now because we have successfully tested a hypersonic missile that he may have heard and says rush has developed a powerful new hypertonic missile in response to the pentagon statement, ramping up tensions with moscow. and growing phase of a twit, his future is a beacon of free speech, is the online giant gets a new boss known to coming out against freedom of expression and the 1st amendment
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ah hello live am worldwide. this is auntie international from moscow. i am calling bray. welcome to wealth news this out. a developing story to stop in the origins and timing of the latest kobe very into our in question of the dutch health officials say that on the chrome was detected in the netherlands before it was reported in south africa. it's unclear so far. if the infected people had visited africa than have exactly, the new variant appeared in the netherlands, but it could also mean there are many more cases around the world. oh yeah, kevin, i haven't got the latest from all correspondence. peter oliver in europe and paul a slip in south africa. this announcement and the new information that's coming forward is every big welcome to you here in south africa, the speaker on the soft people falling in the south african variance and they will take no, it's not all fine to expert advance that they were able to get up to,
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to be honest enough to hold the world's hope and very much the feeling here in south africa for the last few days. following the tribal ban being that south africa has actually been left by the speakers. all concerning what we have is that infection here in south africa have morning. suppose in recent days, the last official figures who have also found dates when they were 2800 new cases and the complaints with 500. how are lately, basically at the hospital finishing that they expect a lot of pressure in the next 2 to 3 weeks. and they also expect moving team tunnels and you have to be in the at the same time, you still have thousands of south african international travel bands with them and say though the latest information you have is that british a way should be operate. and again, tomorrow, but now we sent that in or it has to be ration to it. south africa is it's
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a wave. and you could ration on the ground despite the discovery we have in addition to the discovery of this new screen still remains very worrying. how has europe responded to this new straight, especially because of this news that actually it could've been around a few days, maybe up to 11 days earlier. if this news is coming in this from the netherlands is to be believed anglo american. the well most likely successor all of sholtes as chancellor will be discussing with the health ministers from germany. 16 states what they're going to do for a national tactic to tackle the current outbreak of cove at 19 may well be something about when schools can be closed. also something about curfews as well. be paying close attention to it. however, some of the regional leaders in germany as saying action needs to be taken immediately to protect our healthcare system. we unfortunately have to shut down
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the whole country on uneven strips of basis. a federal emergency broke must be decided this week. one country that's already in the middle of a lockdown is austria. that's going to run through until at least the end of this week. it could well be extended until the 13th of december. and we've been finding out a little bit more from the austrian government about their proposal that they're going to him make it mandatory for people to have vaccines from the 1st of february. and anybody who doesn't go for a. busy vaccine could be eligible for a fine of just over 3000 euro or spend 4 weeks in jail. we are seeing cases, almost all over the country and all over the continent. we're looking at at present in spain, portugal check republic, italy, belgium, and the netherlands. as i mentioned, frances, looking into 2, at least 2 suspected cases there. and what we're hearing from ursula on the line, the a you commission president, is that more action needs to be taken to try and tackle this new variance here. now,
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in a race against time, the scientists and manufacture need 2 to 3 weeks to have a full picture about the quality of the mutations of this army chron variant. while staying in europe moving outside of the european union, the night in the united kingdom, england has re introduced the wearing of face masks on public transport and in shops as, as a legal requirement. it had been voluntary since the summer and ministers for health there is saying it's because of this new variant and uncertainty over how it may affect people. we're trying to get that balance and propose and, and it is difficult because it's unknown. so we need to buy some time so our scientists can work with the world's leading scientists to just basically. so think about what they're in. we know it's very transmissible by looking at that the year . but we don't know, you know, whether it work with the vaccine vaccine, whack or the other treatments,
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etc. so the scientists do need some time for that. well, that's how it looks across europe right now would be keeping a keen eye to see on what news develops, either with from the netherlands, with regards to the announcement that at this omicron very, it may have been present here for much longer. also watching what's going to come out from here in berlin, where angle america, the german chancellor meeting with regional leaders as they try to establish a new national protocol for it. when it comes to trying to tackle this covert outbreak are talking to which nations are now applying their own measures to tackle the spread of the virus australia, along with european countries suspended flight to and from south africa, and also neighboring states in the region. while others have banned everybody except their own nationals, arriving from southern africa. israel to japan, though they've got a step further, they've imposed a complete ban. b mar, japan's prime minister says it's crucial to avoid a worst case scenario. while studies continue into the new strain and many back, the government starts there was no come on. i am from
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a rural area and i am very worried. my wife is also very worried wondering what tokyo residence. so thinking about the new variant of the you know, so i feel relieved now that prime minister kasheila announced very strict border measures have to fill with that will do it. i think it was good that guess she that took the border measures there swiftly and on top of that, i wanted to prepare well for things like hospital beds and similar issues. i'm scared because ordinary people like us are a bit too relaxed. now lou criminals is for sure, it's better not to allow people who might be infected to enter japan because the situation in japan is pretty stable. now. it's initial feelings. a life south africa. now we can talk to pathogen research, a professor martinez from the wit waters round university in johannesburg. welcome to our say. it was said from the outset, wasn't it the just because south africa had categorized this particular varian doesn't mean that that's where it originated. now we've got these details from the netherlands. does it give us any better insight into the spread and the seeding of
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on the crone around the world? thank you so much for helping me. so actually, i think these news from the netherlands, i guess so. so news, so now what we need to to do is really sequence the virus that we're founding, the netherlands compared to the sequence they had to were found here in south africa. and really trying to understand, eat what comes 1st the. and if we are able to do that, so it's good deck day. well, sorry, it's good for a point of view that day. we don't know where it originated, not me, only here in south africa that he's appearing in in other countries. so i think now we really need to be very, very vigilant and do a sequence surveillance in all these countries, we have dividers, has been identified. so does that make the travel bounds that have been imposed? horridly over the past week does not make them largely fruitless than that actually would just be better off without a sanitation distance. st. mark's vaccinations. exactly. i mean is,
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i think since the beginning that it's, i think it was good in the band at least from last week. we were again, again, we were very surprised why, why was it dead happening when we do new, that strange chapel very quickly and spread and very quickly. so i think a vaccination and compulsory cast when people travel. and of course, like you said that non pharmaceutical intervention should still apply here worldwide. though, i guess kind of a crystal ball question is how long do you think it'll take before there's enough information as to what this new variant can do? because people, of course, are very impatient to know how dangerous it is, not just how quickly or easily it can spread, but how damaging it could be for them if they've been vaccinated even so. so i really think that these 2 weeks will be very, very crucial. so in south africa, we are seeing an increase in cases most of these cases are mild, casey, so we have not seen an increase,
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he not be delays ations yet. i think these next 2 weeks will be very crucial to see if we seen increasing hospitalizations. if this hospitalizations or poor outcomes compared to the previous wave and to really understand if these areas is more severe compared to the previous one. so definitely the next 2 weeks will be very, very important to understand the behavior of these new variant. and because the have been the various mutations that we'd have in particular heard about, it's only the ones that we only hear about because the w h o, then categorize them as being of particularly serious risk to everybody. that's why we seem to have leaped from delta to one micron in the greek alphabet, isn't it? so in terms of trying to keep catch up with the vaccines in tackling these mutations that we know ending a never ending cycle of this? yes so, so these particular variant, a lot of the mutations that we are seeing are actually in them in the gene that it produces the protein that is used for most vaccines. this 5 protein. however, we do not know if the vaccine does not word, especially again,
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against the meal disease in hospitalization. that's really the biggest impact that we are seeing in the, in the vaccines. so all this data that we are eager to get, we are now gathering south africa, l a guess, across the world. so very soon, we will know if the current vaccines do protect against the, against these very and, and i guess also would be easy for some of the products that are the current vaccines to be more the fight to probably protect against these variants. and at any upcoming barriers, and it's, i'm forgetting that the vaccines industry that the plight spending on this because just comparing it to how the flu vaccines worked for years. it's under, forgive me if i'm, i'm getting this wrong, but it's done on the best guess as to which strains of that disease in order to then put out which vaccine might better respond to it in terms of coed, is that what the manufacturers, the farmer companies are going to have to do, take a best guess and hope for the best and future. so we hope that, well, i, again,
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we need to to wait and see. so with influenza, we know that the virus mutates at a lower rate than it. we don't see that appears on bear l. variance, new variance squeak as we have been seen for an for colby. so sass go to the appearance on new a new variance is being weaker than we have been seeing for applying for lanes. for example, that could be that in the future either we will have that seen that will work and cross old strain. so kind of a universal vaccine that got actually trying to develop band will support for influenza. i didn't like to say that the vaccine will probably need to be updated on a regular basis. how often i think that we are still learning our week. the virus mutates . they got really appreciate your experience and insight into this professor walton known as a pathogen researcher what was rand university and johanna's by take her, has been good to tokyo. meanwhile, amidst the spread of a new covey strain, vaccine supplies are in the spotlight. nursing unions from 28 countries want to get
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rid of patents for corona virus jobs, so that they can be made legally by any qualified manufacturer of the group seeking backing from the u. n saying the poorer countries lack the shot because they're being hoarded by the wealthy countries where they're being produced and says, the vaccine imbalance could lead to even more deaths. the direct consequences of the failure to distribute vaccines and treatments equitably to the vast majority of people of low and moderate income countries could likely for the transmission of coven 19 further mass illness and large numbers of fatalities. in those countries, there should be reason enough to address the crisis of global vaccine apartheid. well, with only cross spreading, the united kingdom is back in the spotlight for its handling of the pandemic. this time, it's nurses unions in 28 different countries are accusing. richard nations of essentially costing lives worldwide and even of creating a vaccine apartheid system. now essentially what they're doing is taking their
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complaint directly to the united nations. basically, this is all about many rich countries, including the u. k and the e u. they're refusing to barge on rules, particularly regarding intellectual property rights for rich and nations. have secured 7000000000 doses of the vaccine in comparison to the low income nations, only having around 300000000 doses. now these nurses unions are really accusing rich nations of violating patients rights. instead of supporting this waiver. certain governments are protecting the prophets of big pharmaceutical companies at the expense of public health. these countries have violated our rights and the rights of our patients and cause the loss of countless lives of nurses, another caregivers, and those we have cared for. well, nurses unions in 20 different countries have now filed an appeal with the united nation, saying that the global gap between rich and poor is only does exacerbated with the
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pandemic, and is now becoming blindly obvious. not only that, what they argue is that the transmission of cov, it in developing nations, increases the risks of new variance emerging. now, a waiver on all of these provisions for vaccines would then allow them to be made more widely and then distributed more widely as well. it would improved the global distribution of the vaccines. now, even the world health organization has weighed in to this debate, saying that there needs to be a cap on how much of a country is vaccinated. no more vaccines should go to countries that have already boxing aided more than 40 percent of the population until kovacs has the vaccines. it needs to help other countries get that to well, the pandemic slogan has long been. no one is safe till everybody is safe. but really and truly it doesn't seem to be the case for many people arguing against the pharmaceutical companies that arguably operating profit before public health. and
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was there has been a global kovacs initiative. have these global initiatives really be in that successful, almost 2 years on now? from the beginning of the pandemic, and arguably, we're back in the eye of the storm. the feeling really is now that these rich countries are arguably having quite a selfish mindset and if they continue to do so well, we just go round and round in circles and go back to square one with these new variance emerging count. well, the news now for the map hooton's announced that russia's developed a powerful new hypersonic weapon in response to a pentagon statement, escalating tensions with the kremlin. his r t correspondent, roman culture of while answering questions from the participants of the russia calling economic of forum of vladimir putin. a question nato's potential weapons placement in eastern europe. and he warned of the consequences that may follow
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a russian president followed up by saying that the country will soon have mock 9 hypersonic weapons. and he did so in response to a, one of the questions about the so called red lines in ukraine and natal steps that led to the current tensions between moscow and the western military alliance. if miss al sites appear on the territory of ukraine than the flight time of missiles to moscow will be 7 to 10 minutes. and the case of hypersonic weapons 5 minutes. imagine that. and what else can we do? we will be forced to create seamless sites as a reaction to those who threaten us in this way. and we can do it now because we have successfully tested a hypersonic missile. and at the beginning of the year, we already have new c based missiles in service, which can travel at speeds to mach 9. the flight time for these missiles will also be 5 minutes. why we doing all this? creating such threats for us is the red line, but i hope it doesn't come to that. i hope that common sense and the joint responsibility for all countries and for the well community will prevail. the so
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called a russian aggression seems to be dominating the hearts and minds of western politicians and subsequently the people as well. now, media headlines claimed that ukraine is bracing for an imminent attack. well, a u. s. sends and nato officials are pushing the agenda even further saying that russia will face consequences once it's at once that facts ukraine. now this is just one of their statements. let's have a lesson on us and i have stated several times now there will be a heis, a high price to pay for russia if they once again use force against the independent sovereign nation ukraine. and also. busy over the years also increased our military presence in this region, just to make sure that's all i was, are totally the founded unprotected incident against and the russian resurrections
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. the global posture of you strengthens the combat, credible deterrent against russian aggression in europe, and enables nato forces to operate more effectively. we continue to watch with great concern movements by russian military units and near the ukraine border. i obviously can't speak to their their intentions, but we continue to believe that any escal latoria aggressive actions would be a great concern not only to the united states and but hello to our allies and partners there on the european continent. meanwhile, russian defense ministry continues to record nato forces, movements and near its borders. now those includes at entries of miss el equipped worships flights of american strategic warplanes that had become more and more frequent. recently, also large scale exercises including unscheduled ones, are being conducted. moscow also says that the united states rehearsed nuclear
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strikes against russia in november. now, the pentagon responded to that by saying that sir, very drills were announced, publicly added sime and said they all here to international protocols. meanwhile, here are the economic forum earlier and she's their russian president questions. why natal felt the need to expand in eastern europe with it's the aunt and miss. i'll assist them saying that the relationship was almost idyllic. back in the mid ninety's her just a day off her taking up his new posters, twitters c, e. o. paragraph. while it already ruffling feathers with fears of more content clamped down at the social network because of his past remarks about not prioritizing freedom of speech, but across his forces. artie correspondent egos down of i that right. so what are the worries about twitter, new ceo? well colon, the 1st thing to know about twitter is new c o. he may be new as well, the chief executive officer, but he's not a new face in the company,
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per se. this 37 year old man of well indian descent, he joined twitter all the way back in 2011 as chief technology officer. so he has already a long, long history of being an executive within the company has been involved with all the pretty much all the main strategic initiatives with twitter. so it hardly comes as a surprise that this person is whoa, he is sharing the general line behind that the twitter has been taking over the past few years that the, well, twitter is bigger than, you know, freedom of speech, the twitter has its own understanding of this term and that it's their backyard and they are, you know, they're in their right to dictate the rules his ah, a statement of from the last year that came back to haunt him. now have a listen. our own is not been bombed by man, but it has to live on the conversation to focus less on thinking about free speech
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. but thinking about how to change, hey, past comments coming back to haunt and now you know, 20 years is fail. so he's put a big cheese in silicon valley. what about for the be immortals of the user and tell us a bit more about this guy? well, absolutely. so right now we still to see his, the 1st moves that he makes because everybody's anticipating what to expect from him. and some pundits have been arguing that, well, he won't bring the will needed change to twitter needed, especially by the investors. because there are, they were growing increasingly unhappy with jed dorsey and his handling of all these candles, you know, round twitter. there's been a lot of controversy. a lot of people, of course defending twitter. a lot of people well being on the other side of the fence on the other side of the barricades. but one thing so far was one thing that we are seeing so far that there are no indications that twitter will abandon their policy of, you know, giving some people the spotlight and taking the spotlight from others and doing it at their own will. even though the company hasn't always been like this,
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i mean compare the statement of drug or wall that twitter is not about the 1st amendment and that it will not be hampered or hindered by it. with something that form, i put a ceo, for example, dick distola said, or even the statements of jack do see back from 2015, have a listen. one of our core values is respect in defend the users voice. were the free speech wing of the free speech party, we believe our purpose is to serve the public conversation and that does take a stance around freedom of expression and defending freedom of expression as a fundamental human rights. so braga wall also has experience with microsoft with a t and t. so he's no stranger to the broader, you know, silicon valley and you know, the high tech scene. so we'll have to see what he will bring to the table and whether or not the concern of an open vestos is something he will be able to deal with. a lot of people are going to be watching, at least of all the shareholders are eagle. thanks very much for that. next
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american accent. just the smallest is facing possible jail time. if he's found guilty of staging, a fake hate crime any 3 years ago. but had with his trial beginning this week, his defense attorney maintains that small. it was the victim of a real attack, corresponding kind of open reports. while opening arguments are taking place in the trial of actor justice, small lat, in chicago, he's charged with essentially making false reports to authorities alleging he was the victim of a anti gain to gay and racist hate crime. now, you recall it was 3 years ago that the 39 year old actor from the u. s. t. v. program empire. it was widely reported that he'd been attacked by 2 white masked men who'd been wearing donald trump a make america great again hats. they had a laugh thrown chemicals on him, they had put a noose around his neck. they had shouted anti gay, an hour racist slurs at him. and then as well as telling him that this was maga,
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country short for make america great. again, donald trump slogan, while shouting racist and homophobic slurs, he was then released from the hospital. ah, you know, without any serious injuries. and quickly we saw many figures in the democratic party, jumping on his narrative of the dance and using them to criticize the trump administration . let's review the reaction of democrats at the time. this happened was huffman, today's justice mallet must never be tolerated. in this country. we must stand up and demand that we no longer give this hate safe harbor that homophobia and racism have no place on our streets or in our haws. well, with you, josie, there is no such thing as racially charged. this attack was not possibly homophobic . it was a racist and homophobic attack. if you don't like what is happening to our country, then work to change it. jassy se millette. it's one of the kindest,
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most gentle human beings i now and praying for his quick recovery. this was an attempt to modern day lynching. we must confront this hate. the police began looking in to jesse's malott's case and pretty soon his story fell apart. there were 2 black brothers who worked with jesse smell at on the show, empire who came forward and said josie small at had actually paid them to stage the incident against him while wearing donald trump paraphernalia. now at this point, just the small lat is now on trial for fullness, disorderly conduct essentially charged with staging an incident and filing false. busy reports now if he's found guilty, he could spend up to a year in jail. now many wonder if jesse small at will indeed take the stand in his own defense. that question remains open. wilbert, what will become clear as the trial proceeds, but many look at the case as an example of how eager the democratic party and mainstream media was to jump on a situation and use it to make
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a political case against donald trump. many people saw their reaction as an example of jumping to conclusions. xanda jumping on anything to criticize donald trump in his supporters, but not waiting for the whole story to be revealed or with especially a case like this where as facts came to light, it seems that not everything was the way just as some allat and mainstream media initially presented it front front ring tv pundit, exema has announced his candidacy for next year's presidential election. but despite his popularity, public scandals have hurt his writings. alt he shouted to bend ski past the details . the would be bad for you. french politics has announced, tease officially running to become the next president of frogs. this is eric simile, who's a highly divisive figure here in the country, but as also in the last few months, showing that who could gain
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a substantial following and really shake up this race. now he's setting out why, who should need france a. there's no more time to reform fronts. it's time to save it. that's why i decided to run for president. saw children and grandchildren will not face barbarity. so our daughters will not be forced to wear a head job, and our sons will not be forced into submission. so we can pass to them the same fronts that we knew and that we inherited from our ancestors feeders. what. but what is that is a more has twice been convicted of inciting, racial hatred. and he's currently awaiting a verdict over a 3rd allegation. he has been clear that he believes white french people will be replaced by norm won't known. you repeat in immigrants is a more, has also spoken out against islam, saying that it threatens frances values. and to said immigrants new to assimilate
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to the values of the french republic, suggesting that names like mohammed would be banned under his leadership. now, the pun, dates, and right to has spent the last few months unofficially campaigning, as she has been promoting his latest book. his pre candidate show campaign has not been hampered by some events being canceled abroad as he tried to reach out to french ex pats his events which drew my support, particularly here in france. also draw protests about me or never to have given attention to. i don't even want to pronounce his name, who has said such outrageous things. just an acceptable, even if okay, were in a country or freedom where everyone has the right to express their opinion. but to give so much visibility to one person like that is shameful. a premier pasco, hist, we hope mr. zimmer will clean things up a bit. the problem is there is been 30 years 40 years and that the state has been
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demobilized from many issues. and we need to see clearly when we need to re launch the country. i think the others won't have the courage to do it already or something. we're today. we see that despite our differences, we all have the same problem in our daily lives. that is why we're all gathered today to say no to this divisiveness, the country, they call him a racist, but it's not true. he's no more racist than i am. i am of lebanese origin, and i'm here and i've integrated, well, yes. now many have also describes him more as bull intellectual, donald trump, and he has had a popular right in the poll so far. at one point, even before declaring his candidacy poles showed that he could make a 2nd cut to the round of voting, that will determine his president and not to shaken up many on the political.


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