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on your door, it will be handled live to us, find thousands of miles away in the most remote corner of the united states is really great. i mean, i don't live in the world. that's wonderful, right? there takes 3 or 4 of those to get my normal cup of coffee. if you get this letter anywhere in the world and you trust it's going to go, that postal service delivers a $155000000000.00 pieces of mail every year. approximately 40 percent of the world's name. you can actually see the people that you're touching and i'm a people person, so it gives me a good feeling. we come here for the news. we come here for our mail for the kids to play. i mean,
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this is just kind of our social point of them. it's a post office and you know, the postmaster, if there are clerks there, you know them, you know, they're there to serve you, they feed job and they get to talk about things that are happening and what they need to get involved in town. we can be all it takes, it can be a bond issue. it can be that if there's a forest fire 2 miles down the road coming year away, each place is composed of different people on every. everybody's got a story to tell. the post office is kind of a window on the world. to look forward to it. it's a nice interval. hi jack. how are things a little bit of information about the neighborhood and the community? take that picture. a real life spice then they can.
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oh, the 1st thing i learned when i came for the policy for service was free work the sanctity of the male j. and this is my dad right now where our front a maple crush station in maplewood, new jersey. my job boys, box, car, window fire and i spent many wonderful years here taking care of beautiful customers . he always had a lot to say about his job at the post office and i felt a feeling of accomplishment every day i came home from work. a lot of the added to those that work here get very hard, they give you did advice like to get it. i like to help people and i care about them and i want to give them the best service and most knowledgeable service that i couldn't after hearing the stories for 27 years and watching what he
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went through, keep his job. i set out to uncover if what happened to him was happening everywhere . mm. i love my job. when i went to work post office, it was a tough job. a lot of the jobs for play and out around here at tampa. i worked in the text to land district and the meal i was working at was closing. dia when i started at the post office, i was 27 years old with 2 children. and i had 3 jobs working at the mall. they were all minimum wage jobs and there's no way i could support my children. i couldn't find about a job. you know, money was great hours. oh, it was just
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a great place to work. but as time window a i had never been messed with in my whole career that are 50 war with so many years, almost like they've had a usefulness out of me and it was time for me to go don't talk to nobody deliver to mail. you can cut the lawns, climb over, somebody bush's they would, they actually call you that. they're trying to get used, but you didn't mandate anytime. get you to break safety measures with, pardon, a pumping in my head was about to a mutual distress. you know, the poor, you don't trust the supervisor, the manager, the manager,
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don't trust the workers. a wars on your, on one side or on the other. the system right now is suppose to service operates. it's counterproductive in many places it's. it's a day to day battle. i was call by several host masters and supervisors throughout my career. i will follow you till i catch you. do something wrong in this cultural culture. you're the enemy. if you speak up, we'll find a way to get at you opening new amount in i worry about someone going postal. this is not an option for me, but what about someone that is put their life into the post office? what if they find themselves in brian's crosshairs? see nowhere out, no way out, and decide to fire back. what if i'm up work that day and get caught in the crossfire? i warned them, i put it in writing and i send it to the
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e. o investigator, and i know i know that somebody took notice because the e o investigator sent it to charlotte who sent the guy down to interview me for an hour to make sure that to make sure that i wasn't contemplating something. that the district manager was having a job with the town hall meeting. i told him, i said we're giving you this paper, this petition. because we don't want to sit around and watch tv at the 11 o'clock news. and something crazy happens in the post office. and we look at the tv and see you guys on there saying we didn't know anything was wrong. mm. so we'll put you on notice if we have a problem. and then of course we have this disaster tuesday morning where steve spencer,
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i'm committed suicide in the bathroom of the annex. i was totally shock. we had no one we. we didn't have anybody to talk to the carrier. we sent 2 people to the hospital after that it's just a tragedy that they had to work through that. mm. or stay with this happy face. he was just happy face that you'd see in the morning this friendly guy. he didn't have any problems. not on the outside, stay was straight up fella. he always willing to take lead and all the things that the union and, and the postal service needed for the community. a was a timeless worker.
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me. this was the management supervisors that when they coming out and following steve me at 1st it was just every once in a while, but in the last 3 months he was alive. it had to be 3 or 4 times here. take your lunch break usually and pass by or pull end of the place. you stop and look and look at their watch. get out. check sleeping vehicles loc, locating no one all the time that you're watching and they move on. and that's to me that's for asthma me. i believe they were following him to
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shake steve up. hopefully i would find him doing something like the listing for that like that they can never do that. i think that's why and i followed him for so i will be the kind of he will been the kind of guy that would be a sacrificial lamb to make things right for everybody else. he was just good. how are you steve spencer was my secretary when i was present. the thing that i was shocked about is why steve didn't come to somebody for help
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because everybody used to go to steve for help be real honest, which if it was a steve a lot of days, i probably could that role to people, even the president of the union would come to him for advice because they knew, well, everyone knew the post to management knew of the union members old any new that he has so much knowledge. and i think that's where part of the problem came in and they were truly afraid of being me. he was the one that they were determined to see blame the puzzle server. mm.
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i wasn't surprised at what happened last week cuz i've seen it come and there's, there's going to be a lot more come and to if, if they don't stop doing the stress level walking into the building. i think people feel like their jobs are on the line. i think they feel like that if they say something that they're going to be after, don't find things to go after them for that. i'll find things to try to get them out when we were voicing our opinions about what this guy's saying and doing. the problem. interviewed 6 people. all 6 people said i feel my blood pressure coming up when i see this manager, the hair on my arm stands up. i get nervous. busy i get tense. i said what your definition of going postal. and when i said that to majid, he threw himself back into the computer. the girl was taking notes,
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dropped her pen and he says, we don't like to talk about going postal. i said, okay, well then let's change the word. you tell me what the word is that we use instead of going postal. he says, you know, i don't want to talk about going postal. they don't want to about that. ah, financing, when a guy goes to work, go buy you reduce the price now. well, reduce the lower that undergrad ink, but what's good for food market that get to the global economy with
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join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics. small business, i'm show business. i'll see you then a pinnacle of evolution. everything's a bacteria. is a product to 4000000000 years resolution in a specific environment. so a week. so in that sense we have, we, we, on the left, you survive as with indigo along a long process. you. so as in severe springs at yellowstone, we will not do very well. bacteria will do much better in that sense. or where are you at?
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on august 18th, 1983 perry smith carried a 12 gauge shotgun to the post office where he worked for 25 years. he chased the postmaster to a nearby store and killed him shooting to former co workers in the process. less than 4 months later, it happened again in alabama than georgia in new york city. for more than 2 decades and kept happening. postal employees came to work aiming for their bosses, leaving a week of collateral damage as dozens of postal workers were killed or injured. a millimeter visit, they started a mock clear in new jersey. there were 2 coastal employees killed, 2 people from the general public and one main for life. i went and sat outside
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that office that night and had tears in my eyes because i wonder if i should go back to work because of the fact that this could happen to me. but it could happen to anybody in any walk a life. and i had so much to give up to leave the pulse with every incident of post office violence back then i was involved in i was called in dr. mike, man, tell an expert in dealing with mass trauma arrived today. i remember talking about how quickly they cleaned up the blood of the bullet holes and how some of the post office workers said there's still some bull holes in the wall. and it turns our stomach and it turns twists or mines in it affects us deeply. and it was just get back to work. don't worry about it, get over it. don't just take a file cabinet and move it over to cover a bullet hole cleaned it up. i've seen
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a lot of people there waiting to explode in to lay those at the labor management relations delayed out those drafts. i just don't think is, is legitimate. i'm in michigan, i don't have a shooting rebates or getting supervisor in came in at about 8 o'clock and had his gun under his coat. he sat, chris carlyle and the head 5 times came out to other supervisors and went upstairs and i guess he shot some people who were injury count. somebody jumped out of a window incredibly every wanted more. you knew it was coming and most knew the gunman by name macklevain was their main target. they went after the guy for everything. they went after him because his shorts weren't the right length.
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that he went to the bathroom too many times. the day that he was actually fired and it duck 3 management people got in a car and followed him out to his route. they were following like within inches of his bumper. and that then he flowed down to, you know, 10 or 15 miles an hour. they said that he tried to hit them with you know, slam on the brakes and make them hit him. what it came down to was that he would not submit to them. and so when i came to san francisco, i was just shocked that the manager there was the same kind of manager that i had seen in royal oak. you know, barking at everybody screaming at them, you know, scream from across the room for you to come to her desk. so she could yell at you and for everybody in the, in the place is frightening to me,
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to be in there and the times that i went to the postmaster in san francisco and personally asked, what can we do because the morale is so bad that i can see how another royal oak will happen here. and the response always was to me. well, g is audrey. you seem to have some kind of personal problems. have you thought about seeing a psychiatrist about the supervisory appears to have been killed by a coworker later turned the gun on himself. postal employees were told not to comment, specifics to discipline already. that information were either relieved. both of these employees are very well, like they don't have any idea. no one could possibly know why he did it. how can that be, that you just have the same situation so many times over and over?
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how can i possibly be? it has to be the mentality of the post office a . 7 0, do showing a union person in the local post office that takes care of any problems with management and any of the other employees, just the part of my make up. that i cannot see another human being being really,
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really harass 30 organizing any or shot of me without me getting up and try to assist them in just to see the injustice. and you said, you know what, i'm either going to go nuts or i'm going to go do something about it. that's one of the things that made me a steward. invariably, you'll find that the stewards or people that grew up standing in between a bully and somebody who either couldn't or wouldn't defend himself. i am not an individual that likes to fight. i like to sit down and negotiate. but if i'm back into the corner, knock on that swing or both arms because i believe in human rights, and i believe you're an issue. and i believe or morality. there's always some type of retaliation. whenever you get a really good settlement, whenever you, as, as i would say, just nail once they want to come back and get you, but it's just business. it's not supposed to get personal. as a shop steward,
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my dad had an adversarial relationship with many of the bosses around the dinner table. i hear stories like this one day after he had lost a large arbitration to grievance with me and he took me outside, got my 40 birthday without it, without any near shot of anyone else and say, i may fire you for no reason at all and will be on the outside looking every 6 months the year. so you get some arbitration in 1097 local management, postpone inspectors following me and filming me on a daily basis. they accuse me of stealing $500.00 over 10 year period and put me out of work. this time i understand. bob is suspended without pay,
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pending the outcome of a criminal investigation regarding mileage expense report. it was the spring of my senior year and the future was suddenly uncertain in the federal sector. and especially in the postal service, they have incredible mays of how to resolve problems. it's totally designed to take as long as possible israel, my mileage vouchers for 10 years, which route only came to 2 miles a day, 7 miles. wherever i went, that they had asked me to go plus the letters, hundreds and hundreds of letters from customers that i service over the years. and i've never had a financial shortage. never took anything from the postal service. with us workplaces your presumed guilty until proven innocent workers are routinely fired, suspended, held out, starved, and it is
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a disciplining tool on the part of management. most working class people can't sustain, you know, a single paycheck much less several months of waiting for a grievance case. to be heard by an arbitrator or through a grievance panel. ah, there's always a fear. you're not going to get the job back in many people give up and take the punishment as i've known, single mothers and single fathers that had to feed their families and took the deal and made it look like they were guilty of something they never did. what they get that are they can find with trying to figure out now that you will get your job back with a trying to start
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with. yeah, i had one manager many offices in some way. the best way to, to take care your employees, the by your best employee and find something he's doing wrong and get my water away . and i would say to myself, why in a world what i want to do that? well, they figured that if you wrote up your best employee, the other 4 employees were for line thinking. well, that is the best guy in the office for some minor little detail. they want to intimidate everybody. ah, the working environment in the postal service is combative now we're getting warning letters with checks out there in one is largely a fear in a day because we're very getting. however,
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when you do that, so you feel you feel you feel the answer to everything is different from your voice or you just because there's no reason why people are phrasing world well with my neck with they always say one thing to promote somebody who does the opposite, when you say i've had particular managers who i've received hundreds of complaints on. i've had to go out to the post office. i've had a shit down and have a come to jesus meeting with that manager about what their responsibility is and how they should be treating their workers and united states congress and washing or post office and, and reams out the manager. you get a response. i mean, that's,
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it's unfortunate that bad has to happen, but, you know, sometimes that has to happen. and if you have a disagreeable, the bar you might be suspended. you might be called in for an investigative interview. you will see audit team's miraculously showing up at your door or 5 o'clock in the morning to look for your records. you didn't mitchell one little block, the 47 blocks. also, you're being disciplined. i was told to lay off back off. you don't want something to happen to you. if you go to a post office and they have 60 routes, they'll probably have enough personnel to operate 46 routes. they'll probably ab enough vehicles for 43 routes and they'll be short on everything they need to run that office in that respect. it's hostile, it's own, every little delivery number you are answerable for
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every single day in your post office, like say on any given day on the street. it's not the same day to different 24 hours management doesn't allow for that because they're so focused on the binary code off the, off the numbers with
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when you allow for the bankers at the time to loot and that they've been doing and their business model is the cape $0.90 of every dollar they steal? they pay a small fine. that will trickle down trickle down, losing an area or 13 years later and has become, as you say, in san francisco. really a common for gangs to loot storms. but let's be honest, they are simply mimicking the bankers like jamie diamond and others who have made that hub, glorified looting and glorified stealing and glorified money printing. you
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a tool that was bad for your eyes and your post. yeah. that it would stop you from having real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they fail to mention is that you can make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video games. a couple of them with georgia resume because much personnel can watch what we do except there's no sooner course to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quick with it in june to open up with us to live near bottom. and miss thompson with buck even started yet. glove boy, but you most told me i was dealing with a guy of the owner. but i would that be cool with odd?
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do i use like 5 for moscow? this is alex hale, top store, the origin of the new coven straight. all micron is now on the question today is dutch health officials say it was detected the netherlands before it was reported in south africa, or the covey developments to, to tell you about nursing unions for 28 countries to bother suspension of covert vaccine paint since so poor countries can legally produce them. they say such jobs have been unfairly ordered by wealthier nation. we will be forced to create similar sites as a reaction to those who threaten us in this way. and we can do it now because we have successfully tested a hypersonic missile blood, the more potent today saying rushes developed of powerful new hypersonic miss saw. this is new in this out in response to append to can statement ramp.


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