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do very well about it will do much better since scientists rush to adapt k with vaccines to tackle the latest strain of the virus with the micron. very enforcing countries to re impose tuft restrictions. many of us might think we're done. ms. corbett, named it's not done with us as backlash in australia over the countries, new social media laws that could see user data handed over to the authorities. although some do say it's a clamp time on their privacy. the same sets of rules could be used by a state enormously malicious myra. this is not about curtailing free speech. this is about releasing free spin speech from the powers of the new media oligarchs and fake it tele, make it a top health official for indigenous people in canada loses her job after lying
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about her heritage and sparks another debates about white privilege. ah, hello, good afternoon, welcome. you're watching artie international. i'm all countries are closing, their board is a the phase surrounding thing. you cobra varied, omicron, u k. d and the us have all imposed travel bands on southern african countries where the mutation miss 1st found. meanwhile, scientists are rushing to adapt existing vaccines to fight the new strain which has yet to be fully studied. although the world health organization does say that potentially it poses a very high risk globally. we shouldn't need another wake up court. we should all be wide awake to the threat of this virus. but ami chrome is very emergency is another reminder that all so many of us might think
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we're done with corbett. 9 to it's not done with us, new covariance. how big is the threat? put november 24th when we constrain 1st reported from south africa, where the number of infection cases is synergy, which is already spread to at least 3 european countries. praising fears of unusually false transmission. in all was at the window. william took this time. so enough of his, a lot of patients with jeff evasion of santa fe boy just plus is the able to spread the plus, the eyes in danger of sprinting. you will to punch in to alter wolf november 26th w 8 june names on the front of variance. and soon given the unusually high number of mutations and higher re infection risk. many countries started
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imposing travel bands, canceling flights from south africa and both while it was at 1 o'clock unit. so crow for other folks to be. and she said, jim, this is of samples of jim was a new strain. and that's what we've done real fast. it was, it was already placed, patients experienced extreme weakness and suffer from headaches. so far, no other unusual symptoms have been reported, but it will take time to determine how severe than you bear with the next 2 weeks. there was an approximation. so people know how might share in unity ricardo since faith with russian of corona virus. this is a simple question which you me thought there is no holes for fine, but that is a piece of plastics. while many nations are applying their own new measures in
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order to tackle the spread of the virus, some european countries and astray leah have suspended flights to and from africa and neighboring states, while others have banned every body except their road nationals. from arriving from that region, however, japan and israel have gone a step further and imposed a complete ban. we spoke with israel's former un ambassador. he says that the measures are unnecessary. burden is simply not enough known about the new stray it definitely. i think maybe it was too much, but it's better to be on the safe side when you deal with new variance and we don't have the data. but i hope that, you know, within 2 weeks time we'll be able to open our borders, you know, divide, open everything up and stones more events. so i think, you know, it's a precaution because we don't know exactly about the value. we have k through actually. now we have 2 cases of confirmed the only quan variant you need, well that's why the government decided to act and very,
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very fast and to close the borders to the allow only ladies to come in and talk to them for 3 days. even though we vaccine debate whether we should use the technology to actually one of those that carried the very end, you know, we have it, there should be 2 people that debated and that will go to the supreme court. i'm sure again, so actually as we speak, the government decided to we initiate that policy, but only 2 people were confirmed. we would that by now it's a, you know, had a few people. i hope you would be the those numbers. but i'm not sure the policy would be because the latter we meant that policy and elements and in the public, you know, it even possible to do, sat down or the flight was why we can do that every time the, the no variance coming out. but the yes, i think we should want you to carefully and learn how to deal with that and we should expect the public to be patient about it to cooperate with
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a guideline. meanwhile, japan's prime minister says it's crucial to avoid a worst case scenario while studies continue into the new strain. many of the public to back that stance, the more i am from a rural area and i'm very worried. my wife is also very worried. wondering what tokyo residents a thinking about the new very and the you know, so i feel relief now. the prime minister casita announced very strict border measures. have to deal with think it was good. that is sheila took the border measures. they're swiftly and on top of that, i want him to prepare well for things like hospital beds and similar issues. i'm scared because all her people like us are a bit too relaxed. now, lou criminals is for sure, is better not to allow people who might be infected to enter japan, because the situation in japan is pretty stable now. it's initial feeling. well up next, our correspondent pietro oliver, explains how european countries, in particular, austria and germany are coping with the possibility of
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a new cave. its search, chancellor angler, merkel and heard successor in waiting for that job. olaf schultz chairing a meeting of the health ministers of the 16 states that make up germany, the reason that they're doing that is because they need to have an overarching national plan, in their opinion. how to tackle not only the new variant, but the, the cases of coven 19 that have been going through the roof in this country. if we look at the figures for a little bit on monday we saw a new record when it comes to the 7 day indices that see the number of cases per 100000 of the population. a hit 452.4 for the 1st time during this pandemic. now, health ministers heading into this meeting, i've been saying that they're incredibly concerned about the oma cron variant of others. i. li i nicked us as we all agreed that the media issue is to observe the situation very closely, especially one on the chrome is here. um,
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i can only say for the moment that the situation and the intensive care units is dramatic as this wave in terms of incidence is rising. well, it's already been a number of new measures put in place across germany. if you want to get on public transport or go into a workplace, you going to need to show some variation of either a proof of vaccination certificate. a proof of recovery certificate or a negative cove at 19 test. in some areas which have been most worst affected, what we've seen is our them taking action to close christmas markets, also to bar the unvaccinated from things like bars, gyms, and all leisure facilities. now the health minister yen spawn has said that the situation across germany is dire. indeed, the lost buffer fleece gear force is currently flying patients from one hospital to another within germany. just imagine what that means for germany. i hope this is a wake up call for many people. that vaccination is a good thing across the border in austria, they are currently in the middle of
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a national lockdown that is imposed a little while ago. there are also looking ahead to february when mandatory vaccination will come into play. we now know a little more about how that will be enforced. austria will find people, 3600 euros if they don't get a job for from or the 1st of february. now the other option is that you spend 4 weeks in jail for repeat offenders. well, that fine jumps up to 7200 euro. now austria will remain in the lockdown. it's currently in until the, at least the end of this week. but it can be extended, it was written into the legislation that it could be extended until the 13th of december. there were large demonstrations in vienna and across the whole country. when these measures were announced a little while ago. nursing unions from 28 countries want to get rid of patterns for caveat vaccine,
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so they can be legally made by any qualified manufacturer. the group is seeking backing from the un saying that poorer countries still lacked the jobs because they are being hoarded by the wealthy countries where they are purchased. i came, let's get more nissan go to our correspondence. sherry edwards, dash the new k 1st one of the countries accused of holding those vaccines. good afternoon, chatty. i'm just go through then some of these are concerns that these nursing unions half well, with on the cons, spreading, the u. k. handling of the pandemic has back again in the spotlight, not just in terms of those on the frontline here in britain, but now those on the front line nation wide and globally even as well. so what we're hearing now is now says in $28.00 different countries, nurses union, several hitting out richer nations, accusing its actions of costing lives, and even creating a vaccine apartheid now taking their complaint to the united nation. so basically,
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what this is all about is there are many rich countries, including the u. k and other european countries. they're refusing to budge on particular rules in terms of intellectual property rights for vaccines. remember at the beginning of the pandemic, many different nations were role racing to try and get the job 1st and then thinking mostly about protecting bez and then looking further afield. well, this is still very much an issue and what we're seeing now is that richer nations have secured 7000000000 doses of the co, the vaccine in comparison to low income countries with just 300000000. and now these nurses unions, they're accusing these rich nations of violating patients rights. instead of supporting this waiver, certain governments are protecting the profits of big pharmaceutical companies at the expense of public health. these countries have violated our rights and their rights of our patients and cause the loss of conflicts lives, of nurses and other caregivers. and those we have cared for. well,
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nurses unions in 20 different countries have now filed an appeal with the united nation, saying that the global gap between rich and pull is only exacerbated with the pandemic and is now becoming blindly obvious. not only that, what they argue is that the transmission of cov, it in developing nations increases the risks of new variance. imagine like we've just seen with on the chrome developing and 1st being identified in south africa. now, a waiver on all of these provisions for vaccines would then allow them to be made more widely in the distributed more widely as well. it would improve the global distribution of the vaccines. now, even the world health organization has waited to this debate, saying that there needs to be a cap on how much of a country is vaccinated. no more vaccines should go to countries that have already vaccine needed more than 40 percent of their population. until kovacs has the vaccines, it needs to help other countries get to that
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a to no more booster. this should be understood except to immunocompromised people . most countries with high vaccine coverage continued to ignore old call for a global moratorium on boosters. well here in the united kingdom it all fill scarily reminiscent of 2 years ago and we heard of cases popping up in various pockets around the country. we've now got the toll of 14 cases of on the chrome identified here in the united kingdom. it feels as though it's almost a race to trace the cases. it's now back on like it was at the heights of the pandemic. but of course, this isn't just a u. k issue. absolutely. a global issue right now in many richer countries are now being accused of arguably going back into that somewhat selfish mindset. and unless the u. k. are not the countries get out of it. we might all ready go back to square one with other variance emerging. sure. okay, thanks shouty. that was
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a shadow edwards. dash he reporting that from the cat or stray to reset to energy some of the world's toughest anti troll legislation. that would 4 social media companies to disclose the identities of online troll was prime minister scott morrison says he wants to put a stop to a lawless internet. i want to ensure that a strident sites online making sure that the rules that exist in the real world must exist in the digital and online world. the online world shouldn't be a wild west. the laws would set up her complaints procedure for those who feel the faint, bullied, or attacked online, and platforms would be required to collect, use as person information like to include their names, telephone numbers, and email addresses. now if the case goes to court, judges may require social networks to handle that data. and it's those online
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companies, not the uses or owners of pages on their sides. he would be held responsible for the damage in content. but there's already been a widespread backlash against the plans from users violating privacy is wrong. people already give out too much personal info to use social media and no government should force any corporation to violate their users privacy . it is 100 percent obvious that scott morrison wants to use this against his online critics. the only reason for forcing and on to become mr. man is to take action against the genuine troll of the mostly fake account. so that will work just morrison's mouth and brain. unusual disconnects the sooner he goes, the better government must be pleased about the framing. anti troll could've used a few of a labels, anonymity ending law id collection law and astray, has already locked horns with internet giant. this year after brought in the online safety act, which that's the government commissioner demand information on abusive,
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anonymous accounts, facebook, those bank saying it was impossible to monitor or comments. while twitter does say that such moose whistleblowers risk, we discuss destroys new move with talk. radio hosts and con, this john gordon also with the digital privacy activist and tech expert, they'll make i can't see how if twitter gives into australia and agrees to this set of rules, how it would then be able to refuse to get into other more a draconian regimes which seemed to suppress dissent and to write down on whistleblowers, where the same set to rules could be used by a states in an enormously malicious manner. simple, bottom line is the moment they band and the president of the free world, donald trump, than facebook in particular, became a publisher just like the sun newspaper on the daily mail in britain. if they're
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going to decide who can and cannot speak on their platforms, they're publishes, therefore they should have the same rules apply to them when it comes to live, who defamation, slander, cetera, sentra as newspapers to you know, countries when we get people on j. k. rowling, the harry potter author being bullied and harassed and thrown, thrown around on twitter, it has to stop. and these people, the hide behind, anonymous counts. so if they had the passport, the name and the address of the individual, and remember saying only if it goes to court, they would have to give that name over. i think that's right. those authorities have a set of courts within their country. that dean, some sort of comment to be a lie below, so trolling in some way and demand the details of someone. then you're going to lead to people being exposed, who i believe need some form or protection. so we possibly need to have a broad brush approach where i know neighbor t is eliminated in the norm,
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but there may be some special application procedure. basically in with a not. now, bill, you agree with australia, not with the saying only when he gets to court, but the very fact that he's there would stop the strolling, but it also has to be about free speech. this is not about detailing free speech. this is about releasing free spent speech from the powers of the new media. oligarchs. why ali got wind. deed should not zuckerberg be able to set the standards, the taste and decency around the world. why? who gives him the god given right to do that. they've taken over the media, they've read local democracy when it comes to local newspapers, local tv channels, radio channels, because they can do whatever they want. it is the wild west. the top health official for indigenous people in canada has lost her job after lying
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about her heritage and opened up a whole debate to about race faking to get ahead. taking a closer look at what happened he. saskia taylor, have you ever wanted to be someone else? someone? claire for someone which is someone more successful? have you ever wanted it so badly that you name yourself morning? stop there. i'm there clan ammunition helping me chief from treaty for territory. and i want to acknowledge that territory, but i'm into the 6 territory. i also want to acknowledge my ancestors her career here with me. well, i'm not sure her ancestors appreciate the shout out. in fact, for people who emigrated from russia and poland back in the 19th century, the revelation that their descendants put on tribe regalia held a feather and claim to be indigenous. would probably be quite a surprise. yes, outed by her own system. it turns out morning stop beth, a k paying old carrie bourassa is a fraud, also known as a pretend in all
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a race faker. a person who steals all this heritage to get ahead without having to have suffered centuries of discrimination and abuse. because if you can bypass it, why not? it's colonialism and it's worst form and it's a gross form of white privilege that you can just take somebody else's identity and claim to be them. given that this year alone, more than a 1000 on mark greys have been found in former residential schools where indigenous children were forcibly assimilated, starved, and beaten buses claims, feel all the more egregious and it's a wonder she was fired. having enjoyed 15 years on to cover at the top of her field, but still the question lux, why? because if you think she's a one example of white privilege on steroids, think again, last year, 6 people at canadian university is turned out to be carries. in fact, and left leaning academic institutions have become a bit of a haven for them, a growing trend. so alarming that the idea of penalties has been floated around
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jail time or a quarter of a $1000000.00 fine. and it's not just for the higher ups, more notes, people lowered down the chain have cottoned on to the so they found that 34 percent of white americans who applied to college falsely claimed on the applications they are a racial minority. the number one reason why applicants faked minority status is to improve the chances of getting accepted. 81 percent 50 percent also lied to benefit from minority focused financial aid. with universities and businesses pushing for diversity. it seems white students feel left out in the cold that trying to squeeze themselves into any quotes as they pan feathers at the ready home generation of kerry's ready to be caught at any moment in that nice because this is 2021 and genetic testing exists just ask elizabeth warren, i'm going to get orders a little kiss. and in the middle of the bay was you proclaims that use of indian
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heritage because her mother said she has high chief bugs. rachel dollars, how are you? african american? i don't, i don't understand. the question that the jury is still out on that one. are you an african american woman? identify as black. what i clad that's up, identity theft, sometimes useful, increasingly trendy. oh, fun and games. until your sister turns on you are talking thinking it was a trial that said, gripping the u. s. at the moment you evidence has come to light. in the case of actor jesse smaller, he's accused of staging a racist attack against himself. you can read about that at r t dot com. thanks trafficking trial of british socialite is i maxwell has begun to new york her. she's accused of dreaming under age girls for convicted sex offender. jeffrey epstein,
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who died in prison back in 2019 reporting from outside the court. his artes john hud, 59 year old. and given maxwell has been a jail nearly 17 months since being charged with several counts of federal charges, including the sex trafficking of miners. now prosecutors including, by the way, maureen, coney, who is the daughter a former f b, i director james comi. she's among the federal prosecutors on the team. they maintain that melts maxwell essentially help recruit and groom young women some as young as the 14 years of age to essentially perform sexual acts and massages, that kind of thing on disgraced and now deceased financier, jeffrey epstein, while also according to a number of the alleged victims in the case providing them tab seeing circle of wealthy and powerful friends among the names that had come out as prince andrew, the duke of your car, former new mexico governor, bill richard, also famous side defense attorney ollander shall it's all of whom of denied the
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allegations leveled against them, the alleged victims and other witnesses will reportedly testify under pseudonyms, but their identities will be revealed to the jury's. now, maxwell has pled not guilty to the charges against her arguing along with her defense team that she's essentially being scapegoat it. and that she was being used as a pond by jeffrey epstein. epstein was found dead in his prison in his jail cell. shortly after his arrest back in august 2019 of nam city medical examiner here, new york said, died by suicide by hanging as the jury basically, the jury's been picked and their civil questions really calling about the trial among them will gillan maxwell testifying the case that's a very risky proposition by the defense for many reasons. also will jury see, and what we're hearing is that the answers, yes, prosecutors will bring possible evidence from the quote unquote little black book that maxwell had. and also that actually had of all the, basically the names,
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the numbers and contacts, including those wealthy and powerful friends. as i mentioned now, judge alison nathan, who has pres headed over many other high profile cases here. and i've also been nominated for the circuit court of appeals by president biden, which is next step, one step from the u. s. supreme court. she's already ruled against maxwell several times in maxwell's bid for bail saying, agreeing with prosecutors that she is a possible flight risk. now, the trial is expected to last, at least 66 weeks. so that would stretch it basically through christmas, here in the united states. at the same court house, by the way, where other high profile defendants had been including my boss, john gotti and bernie made off. so this is de, one of a very followed a trial. and then, of course, a case that we've talked about, the national and international headlines that was asked, he said, john hoodie, that will journalist and commentary to change. whitmore does say that everybody wants to know who is in that little black book, but expects that information to be kept from the public. you've got a judge who is
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a week before the trial begins. democrats are offering to give her a job promotion into the 2nd circuit court of appeals and and then you have the prosecutor who is james colby's daughter, james co, me who of course of the democrat, party fixer, and let harry clinton off of the of the case with her e mails and was a former f b i, director, it looks like the democrats are really circling the wagons in this. so we have this decision from judge nathan that says she can basically block a lot of information from reaching the public. the media has been barred from the court room year, which is very interesting. and the judges made a ruling very recently that in pure and sensational information will not be released to the public. nobody really knows what the meter on impure and sensational might be. none of that really are what's competence in the justice system or in this trial to begin with. and now we have other information that you
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know, you don't want to create more of a circus around this trial. i don't know, there's lots of trials that we schedule a time that are absolute good, weak services. so why does this mean get special treatment? you know, it all just kind of reach something. something seems a stink here for a lot of people that will stay in america because a candidate for new york city governor has been accused of double standards off to opting to live in a secure ami baseball campaigning ting t from the police, which he monet. williams making arguments like this and i was arrested marching in the parade demonstrated the human impact of discriminatory police. and we marched on 5th avenue that demonstrated our commitment and has 247 security water view and pays $1800.00 less per month. and similar dicks outside the base, typical receiving all the benefits. well, hair on fire, screaming justice, pathetic. do as i say. and not as i do. how can any serious person vote for
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him or williams is that representative? however, to say that the reason for such a choice is costas thea based is off a relatively cheap housing claim. say that his policies on public safety have stood for decades and did not change with his new address. however, he is being called, act fil, wanting army level security, while making new york streets less safe. sometimes you can't make these things up here. you have a man who swears that the problem in america and in particular in new york is that there's too much law enforcement. it's too easy in his mind in order to, to get protected. and yet, as he is advocated, nearly a $1000000000.00 was taken out of the in white pd budget, while crime steadily increased,
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an increase and escalated to now, it has, along with the pandemic, driven a substantial number of the population out of the city for safety. because why they can't go and live on a military base and be protected. it is the height of hypocrisy for him to live on a military base in comfort and security, not just for him, but also his family, and then advocate for everyone else not to have any kind of public protection. shame on this guy. that is your news updates at this hour. that's how things are looking. and i say good abby company, we're back again confessing. mm ah
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