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tv   News  RT  November 30, 2021 12:00am-12:30am EST

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these deadlines, this our, in our see site is rushed to adapt existing vaccines to tackle on the chrome. the new code parent is forced countries to close borders. reimpose tough restrictions. also this, our a canadian indigenous health expert loses her job, offer ancestry claims, prove to be false. we figure out how often people do lie about their race to gain benefits, that's later in the program and also to come astray li battles on line abused by adopting some of the world's toughest laws. forcing social media companies to disclose the identities of online trolls. but with critic saying, the laws are step too far. if we put the argument up for debate, the same sets of rules could be used by a state that enormously malicious mother. this is not about catania in free speech . this is about released increased bin to speech from the powers of the new media
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oligarchy. ah, i welcome. good morning. you watching out international disconnected clock k in moscow. and more countries are closing their port is over phase surrounding the new coby variant, omicron, u. k. e u and the us have all imposed travel bands on southern african countries where the mutation was 1st found. meanwhile, scientists are rushing to adapt existing vaccine, her vaccines to fight the new strain which is yet to be fully studied. although the world health organization does say, potentially, it poses a very high risk globally, we should a need another wake up court. we should all be wide awake to the threat of this
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virus. but all maker on this very emergency is another reminder that all so many of us might think we're done with corporate 9 to it's not done with us for many countries. alright, set to reimpose, tough ne restrictions, germany among them. so let's get a snapshot than what ma'am. speak to peter all over this morning. he's in bird and get a good morning. peter, on the chancellor. we here will be discussing potential new measures today. you think another lockdown is on the cards? well, just about nothing is off the table at the moment when it comes to how germany will deal with this. there has been so mentions of potential emergency breaks being pulled, but we'll get to those in just a moment. this meeting that's taking place on tuesdays between anglo merkel, the current german chancellor and the successor in waiting for that position. all are short of the social democrats. they're going to be sharing,
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gathering with the health ministers from the 16 states that make up germany. it's going to try and work out some type of national overarching plan to deal with the current state of affairs here. and it really comes down to the figures that have been really causing grave concern in germany. the 7 day indices, the number of people per 100000 population that have been infected with cove at 19 had been on a very steady rise over the last couple of weeks. in fact, on monday, its highest ever number that's 452.4. the good news if you go to look for a silver lining, is that there has been a slight reduction heading into tuesday morning. i say slight 0 point to select figured currently standing at 452.2. it is the 1st time in 3 weeks. it has gone down though, as we head in to the meeting where that emergency break will be discussed exactly
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what form it takes. we won't know until those ministers have had that meeting with a german chancellor anglo merkel, her potential successor, and seemingly certain success. all i've shown on the current cabinet, what they could see put in places that there would be mandatory school closures that there would be curfews puts in place in areas once those indices, once they speak is reach a certain number of ministers. though i've been saying ahead of this meeting that they're very concerned about, the new oma krone variant. but i nicked us as we reads that the media issue is to observe the situation very closely. especially one on the crown is here. i can only say for the moment that the situation and the intensive care units is dramatic as this wave in terms of incidence is rising up young well, it's already been a number of new measures put in place across germany. if you want to get on public
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transport or go into a workplace, you're going to need to show some variation of either a proof of vaccination certificate. a proof of recovery certificate or a negative cove at 19 test. in some areas which have been most worst affected, what we've seen is air them taking action to close christmas markets, also to bar the unvaccinated from things like bars, gems, and all leisure facilities. now the health minister yen spawn has said that the situation across germany is dire. indeed. the loft buffer fleeced the air force is currently flying patients from one hospital to another within germany. just imagine what that means for germany. i hope this is a wake up call for many people. that vaccination is a good thing does, does really perfume across the border in austria, they're currently in the middle of a national lockdown that was imposed a little while ago. there are also looking ahead to february when mandatory
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vaccination will come into play. we now know a little more about how that will be enforced. austria will find people, 3600 euros if they don't get a job for from the 1st of february. now the other option is that you spend full weeks in jail for repeat offenders. well, that fine jumps up to 7200 euro. now austria will remain in the lockdown. it's currently in until at least the end of this week, but it can be extended. it was written into the legislation that it could be extended until the 13th of december. there were large demonstrations in vienna and across the whole country. when these measures were announced a little while ago. okay, well thanks for that sub pay to that was our team peter over there reporting from berlin. one of the 1st countries to close his board is, was israel. we spoke with their former, you and i'm bassett. he says that the matches are unnecessary burden,
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as is simply not enough known about the new strike. it doesn't really, i think maybe it was too much, but it's better to be on the safe side when you deal with new variance and we don't have that data. but i hope that, you know, within 2 weeks time will be able to open our borders. you know, if you divide open everything, open stones, more events. so i think, you know, it's a precaution because we don't know exactly about the value we have cases actually. now we have 2 cases of confirmed the only one you need. well, that's why the government decided to act very, very fast and to close the borders to fall in. the allow only a very, to come in and those have to be for 3. dave, even though we vaccine the base, you know, whether we should use the technology to actually one of those that carried the very end. you know, we have the courage to follow people. that's the baited, and that will go to the supreme court. i'm sure again, so actually as we speak,
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the government decided to we initiate that policy, but only 2 people who were confirmed, we would that's valuable. now it's, you know, had a few people, i hope it will be the number, but i'm not sure the policy will state because the latter we meant that policy empowerment ending the public impossible to do, sat down on the slides more why we can do that every time the, the new variance coming out, but the yes, i think we should want you to carefully and learn how to deal with that and to expect the public to, to be patient about it and to cooperate with the guidelines. meanwhile, japan is going even further and has found all incoming travelers for one month. according to the prime minister. it's crucial to avoid the worst case scenario while studying the new strain. despite the soft measures, many though, do you believe that the move is justified? now come off, i'm from a rural area and i'm very worried. my wife is also very worried. wondering what
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tokyo residents thinking about the new very and the you know, so i feel really if now the prime minister casita announced very strict border measures. have to deal with that, but i think it was good that she that took the border measures very swiftly and on top of that, i want him to prepare well for things like hospital bed and similar issues. i'm scared because people like us are a bit to relax now. for sure. it's better not to allow people who might be infected to enter japan because of the situation in japan is pretty stable. now. it's initial feeling, you know, the news that a canadian health expert, he lied about her native american heritage and managed to become the nation's top voice on indigenous health has been suspended from work after it was discovered that her background was actually a fraud. and his ascii taylor now reports this is far from the 1st case of its kind . have you ever wanted to be someone else? someone cry for someone which is someone more successful?
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have you ever wanted it so badly that you name yourself morning stall, bear. i'm bear clan admonished, helping me cheap from treaty for territory and i went to college territory, but i'm entry 6 territory. i also want to acknowledge my ancestors her career is here with me. well, i'm not sure her ancestors appreciate the shout out. in fact, for people who emigrated from russia and poland back in the 19th century, the revelation that their descendants put on tribal regalia held a feather and claim to be indigenous. would probably be quite a surprise. yes, outed by her own system. it turns out morning stop there, a k paying old carrie, brenda is a fraud, also known as a pretend to an all a race faker. a person who steals all those heritage to get ahead without having to have suffered centuries of discrimination and abuse. because if you can bypass it,
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why not? it's colonialism and it's worst form and it's a gross form of white privilege that he can just take somebody else's identity and claim to be them. given that this year alone, more than a 1000 unmarked grades have been found in former residential schools, where indigenous children were full, simply assimilated, starved and beaten by rosters, claims, feel all the more egregious and it's a wonder she was fired. having enjoyed 15 years on to cover at the top of her field, but still the question lux, why? because if you think she's a one off example of white privilege on steroids, think again, last year, 6 people at canadian university is turned out to be carries. in fact, to left leaning academic institutions have become a bit of a haven for them, a growing trend. so alarming that the idea of penalties has been floated around jail time or a quarter of a $1000000.00. fine. and it's not just for the higher ups more. no people lowered down the chain half cottoned on to the so they found that 34 percent of white
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americans have applied to college. falsely claimed on the applications they are a racial minority. the number one reason why applicants faked minority status is to improve that chances of getting accepted. 81 percent 50 percent also lied to benefit from minority focused financial aid with universities and businesses pushing for diversity. it seems white students feel left out in the cold that trying to squeeze themselves into any quotes as they pan feathers at the reading. a home generation of kerry's ready to be caught at any moment in that nice because this is 2021 and genetic testing exists. just ask elizabeth warren, and in the middle of the debate was she proclaimed that use of indian heritage because her mother said she has high cheekbones rachel dollars. how are you, african american? i don't,
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i don't understand the question that the jury's stand out on that one. are you an african american woman? identify as black. what i client that's up identity theft, sometimes useful, increasingly trendy. oh, fun and games. until your sister turns on you. i was trying to reset turns g, some of the world's toughest anti tro legislation. that would 4 social media companies to disclose the identities of online trolls. prime minister scott morrison says he wants to put a stop to a lawless internet. i want to ensure that australians are saif online, making sure that the rules that exist in the real world must exist in the digital an online world. the online world shouldn't be on a wild whist. while the laws would set up a complaints procedure for those who feel defamed,
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bullied or attacked online platforms would be required to collect, use his personal information, likely to include their names, telephone numbers, and also email addresses. if a case goes to court, judges may require social networks to hand over the data, and it's those online companies, not the used as were owners of pages on their sites who would be held responsible for the damage in content. but there's already been a widespread backlash against the plans from users violating privacy is wrong. people already give out too much personal info to use social media and no government should force any corporation to violate their users privacy. it is 100 percent obvious that scott morrison wants to use this against his online critics. the only reason for forcing anime to become mr man is to take action against him. genuine troll the mostly fake accounts, so that will work. just morrison's mouth and brain. unusual disconnects the sooner he goes, the better government must be pleased about the framing. anti troll could've used
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a few of a labels, anonymity ending law id collection law. but it's friday is already locked horns with internet john's this year after it brought in the online safety act, which let the government commissioner demand information on abusive, anonymous accounts. facebook has hit back those saying it was impossible to monitor all comments. while twitter says that such moves put, whistle blows at risk. now we discussed the strategies new moves with talk radio hosts and called miss john gaunt and also with the digital privacy activists and tech expert. though me i can't see how if twitter gives into australia and agrees to the set of rules, how it would then be able to refuse to get into other more a draconian regimes. which seemed to suppress dissent. and to write down on whistleblowers were the same sets of
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rules could be used by a states in an enormously malicious manner. a simple bottom line is the moment they band and the president of the free world, donald trump, than facebook in particular, became a publisher just by the some newspaper of the daily mail in britain. if they're going to decide who can and cannot speak on their platforms, they're publishes, therefore, they should have the same rules apply to them when it comes to libel. defamation slandered, cetera, cetera, as newspapers to in our countries. when we get people on j. k. rowling, the harry potter author been bullied and harassed and thrown, thrown around on twitter. it has to stop. and these people to hide behind anonymous counts. so if they have the passport, the name, and the address of the individual, and remember saying only if he goes to court, they would have to give that name over. i think that's right. those authorities have a set of a court within their country. that dean, some sort of comment to be
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a lie below, so trolling in some way and demand the details of someone. then you're going to lead to people being exposed, who i believe need some form or protection. so we possibly need to have a broad brush approach where i know neighbor t is eliminated in the norm, but there may be some special application procedure. basically again with an up now bill you agree with australia, not with the saying only when he gets to court, but the very fact that he's there would stop this trolling, but it also has to be about free me. this is not about curtailing free speech. this is about releasing pre spent speech from the powers of the new media oligarchs. why, oligarchy, why indeed, should not zuckerberg be able to set the standards of taste and decency around the world? why? who gives him the god given right to do that, they've taken over the media. they've read local democracy when it comes to local
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newspapers, local tv channels, radio, charles, cuz they can do whatever they want. it is the wild west ivy sex trafficking trial of british socialite killing maxwell has begun in new york. she is accused of dreaming under age girls for convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein, who died in prison in 2019 reporting from outside the court. his john had 15 on year old and gillen maxwell has been in jail nearly 17 months since being charged with several counts of federal charges, including the sex trafficking of miners. now prosecutors including by the way, maureen, coney, who is the daughter a former f b. i director james co, me, she's among the federal prosecutors on the team. they maintain that melts maxwell essentially help recruit and groom young women some as young as the 14 years of age to essentially perform sexual acts and massages, that kind of thing on disgraced. and now deceased financier, jeffrey epstein,
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while also according to a number of the victims of via ledger victims in the case providing them tab seeing circle of wealthy and powerful friends among the names that had come out as prince andrew. the duke of york ca, former new mexico governor bill richard, also famous side defense attorney allan gershwin, all of whom have denied the allegations leveled against them. the alleged victims and other witnesses will reportedly testify under pseudonyms, but their identities will be revealed to the jury's. now, maxwell has pled not guilty to the charges against her arguing along with her defense team that she's essentially being scapegoat, and that she was being used as a pond by geoffrey epstein. i've seen, of course, was found dead in his presence in his jail cell. shortly after his arrest back in august 2019 of nam city medical examiner here, new york said died by suicide by hanging as the jury. basically, the jury has been picked and their civil questions really calling about the trial
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among them. will gillan maxwell testifying the case? that's a very risky proposition by the defense for many reasons. also will jury see and what we're hearing is that the answers yes. a pre prosecutors will bring possible evidence from the quote unquote little black book that maxwell had. and also that epstein had of all the, basically the names the numbers and contacts, including those wealthy and powerful friends. as i mention now, judge alison nathan, who has presided over many other high profile cases here. and i've also been nominated for the circuit court of appeals by president biden, which is next step, one step from the us supreme court. she's already ruled against maxwell several times in maxwell's bid for bail saying, agreeing with prosecutors that she is a possible flight risk. now, the trial is expected to last, at least 66 weeks. so that would stretch it basically through christmas. christmas here in the united states, at the same court house by the way,
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where other high profile defendants had been including my boss, john gotti and bernie made off. so this is de, one of a very followed a trial. and then, of course, a case that we've talked about this may national and international headlines countries. john honey reporting that were journalist and commentators chadwick. moore says that everyone wants to know who is in that little black book, but that information may be blocked from the public. you've got a judge who is a week before the trial begins. democrats are offering to give her a job promotion into the yeah, 2nd circuit court of appeals and, and then you have the prosecutor who is james, always daughter james, co. me who of course, the democrat, party fixer, and know that here a clinton off of the of the case with her emails. anne was a former f. b i, director. it looks like the democrats are really circling the wagons in this. so we have this decision from judge nathan that says she can basically block
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a lot of information or reaching the public. but media has been part of the court room year, which is very interesting. and the judge is made a ruling very recently that in pure and sensational information will not be released to the public. nobody really knows what the meter on impure and sensational might be. none of that really what's competence in the justice system or in this trial to begin with. and now we have other information that you know, you don't want to create more of a circus around this trial. i don't know, there's lots of trials that we schedule a time that are absolute good, weak services. so why does this get special treatment? you know, it all just kind of reach something. something seems a stink here for a lot of people. us senate republicans have broke the government's latest defense bill and cooled full the floor, a vote on amendments that among other things, stephen claimed sanctions against russia, nurturing to gas pipeline. well, that's after a document came to the attention of the media, suggesting the lean did try to pressure washington not to impose sanctions over the
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pipeline project. germany's foreign ministry has also wound the us that any sanctions could damage transatlantic unity. you cuz you don of nat explains well, germany has outright confirmed that it has reached out to some u. s. officials to some u. s. senate as in a bit to discourage them from imposing new more sanctions on the north stream to gas pipeline that runs all the way from sure and into germany. the confirmation came in a response to a question to from a journalist with ortiz, roughly video agency have a listen. this is there is a document suggesting that the german government urge members of the u. s. congress not to impose sanctions on the node stream to pipeline because this move would undermine us credibility and damage trans, atlantic alliance. unity would you confirm the german federal government's efforts to count these sanctions. i can see the departmental chiefs of both the foreign and economics and technology ministries visited washington d. c. recently,
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and conducted fruitful negotiations with representatives of the u. s. government and congress. we are continuing incense coordination of efforts with the u. s. have ministration on the implementation of a joint statement on nordstrom to we regularly exchange of views on the subject on many levels, opposition in regard to sanctions is well known where categorically against any sanctions against allies. so they should not surprise anyone to understand, while germany could become one of the main benefactors from nordstrom to gas pipeline, becoming operational. in fact, it could help the whole of the e. you deal with the energy crisis. but according to the german ambassador in ukraine, node stream to gas pipeline is still at least 6 months away from that. now the whole construction has been hampered by some fierce opposition coming from the u. s . that has been slapping sanctions on various companies involved in the construction of the pipeline and coming from ukraine as well. see a huge chunk of
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a rush as gas gets into europe through caves pipeline. so now with a new, a modern pipeline in place, kia fears that had services will become obsolete. that's despite risk repeated assurances coming from both germany and the russian president vladimir putin, that nord stream to will not be turned into an economic weapon. he county journalist is in hot water at the moment after he uploaded a video of himself firing and artillery gun of what he claimed were russian occupies one for sale. i must admit, i may have been involved in the killing of some people and on bass. but exclusively in the death of russian occupiers when the 2. so that says he posted a video on a national day of remembrance of famine that devastated the soviet union in a $900.00 thirty's. but the video is being cited as proof of ukraine violating
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a sci fi deal designed to end a years long civil war need the russian border critics of the stun took to twitter to vent that rage. on there any such journalists left and ukraine looks like cube of chase the way or those who dare to tell the truth about ukraine shilling and killing people. population and dumbass of blatantly violating minsk agreements and trying to shift the blame on russia. this video confirms not only the fact of the use of prohibited heavy weapons by the arm forces of ukraine, but also the fact that anyone who wishes can shoot to the territory of the dumbass republics in addition to the ukrainian military. if this is what journal is doing, ukraine imagined what their government and armies do in response to the backlash, the journalist updated his post so in which she partially back tracked on the original words. he now claims that the video was shot a long time ago and was not in violation of any ceasefire agreement for clarity on
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the situation. we heard from journalist brian mcdonald, he just had the russia and former soviet union desk at auto dot com for what he's basically doing. if he's created a priest, then now whereas if you are a militia man, a rebel, or if you want to call them, and in the don bask looking at that on the internet, you're thinking how many other journalists are doing that. and you're starting to think, well they're making themselves competent there. and that's the danger of it. and you know, you reboot yourself is a very radical guy. he's known for it. i mean, he said he certainly blurs the line between activism and journalism. but then again, this is a feature of ukrainian media for the last 6 or 7 years. i mean, you need to look at their twitter accounts. there's so many ukrainian journalists, you've got political statements on their twitter accounts, you know, ranging from crimea, the crane to, to support of individual political figures in ukraine. something that wouldn't really happen in russia certainly wouldn't happen in western europe. for example. you could imagine that in any normal country, unfortunately, modern ukraine is not very normal. in any normal country,
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you will be prosecuted. i mean, he's a civilian, he's not a military officer who is fired and military weapons in a war zone. i mean, in any normal country that would get your jail time, you'd imagine course, you know, see international. so that brings you up to like, do the news that say fall this morning to be back with more in 30 minutes. me. ah .
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when you allow for the bankers at the top to loot that they've been doing and their business model is to cape $0.90 with every dollar they steal, they pay a small fine that will trickle down trickle down looting. and here we are 13 years later and has become, as you say, in san francisco, really the common for gangs to loot the storms. but let's be honest. they are simply mimicking the bankers like jamie diamond and others who have made that hub, glorified looting and glorified stealing and glorified money printing. because there is no pinnacle of evolution, everything's flat. a bacteria is the product to 4000000000 years of evolution. in a specific environment, so a week. so in that sense, with
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a few survivors within to vote along a long process you. so as in to the springs yellowstone, we will not do very well. and we'll do much better in that sense from the craft all the way up to the top management. they're under a lot of pressure and stress and computer programs that follow you around all day. i mean, we know what everyone is doing good email or your boss. recall you walk and they would say, overtures back or 5 of them, or else one of the managers of post office operations was calling. the post office is tell them i told you guys no overtime this week fix it so you know they're, they're being.


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