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and we will not do very well, and we'll do much better now since the trial of just thing next bill has begun. we're going to tell you what happened on the 1st day despite cameras and not being allowed in the courtroom. our own a john hardy with diligent and knows all the details and twitters jack is stepping down. but despite criticism from conservatives in the past summer, now warning, this could mean the social media platform could be moving a farther to the left will bring you that story. and last week, the united states had 2 major verdicts come down. however, only one it seems to be causing so much anguish amongst workers. but several large companies are offering counseling will tell you the details on sky now use in this story and more on today that news views use right here on our tea america. ah,
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well today the 1st day of the week, but my name is also day one in the trial of it gets signed maxwell, the combination of a years of allegations against her and jeffrey, upstate. and her accusers will get to face report as the trial is expected to last several weeks, or he's a john had he is actually outside the federal courthouse in lower manhattan, with the latest john 59 year old gillan maxwell has been in jail nearly 17 months since 1st being charged with several counts of solicitation of miners, now prosecutors including, by the way, maureen, coney, who's the daughter of former f. b, i director james comi maintain that match will help recruit young women some as young as 14 years of age to essentially perform sexual acts for disgrace. and now deceased findings here jeffrey epstein, while also according several of the victims in the case several of whom are here today at the courthouse, providing them to circle of wealthy and powerful friends. and some of the
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allegations have been leveled against prince andrew. did you give your also former new mexico governor bill richardson? remember epstein had a large compound outside of santa fe, new mexico, and famed defense attorney allan gershwin, among others, all of whom, by the way of denied the allegations against them. now the alleged victims and other witnesses will reportedly testify under pseudonyms, though their identities will be disclosed to the jury. however, we do know the names of several of the more prominent victims among them. virginia roberts, who fray maxwell has pled not guilty for the charges against her, saying that she basically arguing along with her defense team that she's being scapegoat it. and that she was used as a pawn by jeffrey aberdeen. now the jury will have to go through several major questions in the case, and one of the things that we're waiting to see if it's going to happen in his trials. if maxwell herself will testify in her defense also will prosecutors pull evidence or uses evidence the quote unquote little black book that
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both. 5 deal with maxwell and jeffrey epstein had listing the names, the numbers, the contacts of jeffrey epstein and gillen maxwell. now the judge in the case, allison nathan is a very prominent. she is very well respected federal judge. she's overseen other high profile cases and she was just actually nominated by president biden to serve on the 2nd court. second circuit court of appeals, which is essentially one step from the u. s. supreme court. she's already ruled against maxwell several times, and maxwells pleased to be released on bail siding with prosecutors who contend that she is a possible flight risk. now the trial is expected to last at least 6 weeks, basically stretching through the christmas holidays in the same court house by the way, that other prominent high profile defendants had appeared in trials among them. law boss, john gotti, and bernie made off. but this is a case that has been followed for years and this day,
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one of many more days to go outside federal courthouse here, lower manhattan for news. the news john honey. okay, to discuss further we bring in a very loving author of the spider inside the criminal web jeffrey i've seen and it goes right maxwell, thank you so much for joining me on this. sure, thank you. ok, so let's talk about the actual case. it's happening to bobby spent lots time researching, but the law is in federal court. no live streams will be allowed. so are you worried justice might actually be served for the victims i think justice will most certainly be served. i don't think it's a slam dunk case. in any sense for the prosecution, maxwell has more chest of the $5000000.00 to spend under defense use. bringing in top flight experts, including a, a well known psychiatrist to talk about false memory syndrome.
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that's one of the elementary of her defense. i definitely think that justice will certainly be served and a lot. ringback of victims even came out to the court house to day. this is finally their day of reckoning for the most part following jeffrey epstein. yeah. more than 2 years ago was ever since you said they all come out. you did. you saw our video video, but one question i have the main person who accused prince andrew is actually not going to be a part of this case. does that trouble you or why not? that was the prosecution's decision not to have the virginia roberts defray, testify for them. she certainly has probably is the most well known user of jeffrey epstein and william maxwell. she has, of course,
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said in civil cases against them that she was recruited, turned into a sex slave when she was 16 years old. that she was used over the course of a few years by geoffrey epstein to basically she was put out to his wealthy friends including prince andrew. there's a civil case that is presently going on between her and prince andrew. the reason why the prosecutors are not using her, however, as one of the 4 women that they're bringing forward is because there had been some consistency in some of the statements that she's made over the years pertaining to the dating relate relating to specific dates in the case how old she was and some other factors that they felt could not be
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a perfect case for the jurors. the for women that they are bringing where it, whether they do believe are there type cases and will make very credible witnesses on the understand. well, let me just ask you real quick. i, a lot of obviously people already look at this going. there is no chance this is actually going to actually be seen through considering who's all involved. it sounds like there's a max on jeffrey. i've seen who the real person on trial here, but doesn't matter actually who the judges as we've seen and passed, cases that we do get to view lot of being said that the us district judge alison nathan very well accomplished, but she was appointed $20011.00 by president brock obama, prior to that served associate white house council and special assistance to president obama. seeing this is a case which involves politicians. i'll sort of mentioned that maureen comi james coleman's daughter is the lead prosecutor. in this case. do you think it would be better to move, to assign a judge that has a little or no political ties? or does that not exist in federal court anymore, especially in this district?
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well, particularly in this case, she has been on this particular case from the beginning. she understands this case in terms of the judge here from the very beginning. i think it would have been the wrong decision to move it in the hands of another judge. i think that maxwell will get a fair trial. her defense is sticking to the line of this is a case about memory manipulation and money. they plan to attack the victim's credibility in the sense that the victims are right or have been seeking millions of dollars from the epstein compensation fund. they're going to focus on their belief that their memories could have been manipulated. but i think that the prosecutors have a strong case here. she's being charged with 6 specific counts up or 70 years behind bars,
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while she's not being specifically charged with sexual abuse. right, george the charges stem with conspiracy. transportation of, of miners for and criminal. and those are all the and those are all charges that come at a later time. we're going to get to fast case. i hope you'll join us again. barry, we've got a little bit more time. thanks for talking to. so also from the courtroom, there's 2 major case 1st prior to the thanksgiving holiday, which led to little to know in person protest following their decisions. however, that doesn't mean people weren't upset by the verdict so much so major corporations are worried or might affect mental health of their workers. levi strauss, bestbuy, or just to the corporations, 1st started offering counseling. following the quick of call, written house racial trauma. specialists have been brought in to conduct sessions following the verdict, but also to reach out to employees have been told to reach out to resources to help impact social justice equality and dr. positive change. they also want their employees to get informed and contact local officials about comments. it's gone
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laws, and that's what said to the employees of the g maker. also an employee email from the chief inclusion diversity and talent officer for best buy stated. while these events can be challenging and deeply hurtful, i hope you will take a moment to reflect on the values that you noticed as a company and the nation. i know events like these can take a toll and mental health and emotional well being. please know that best buy is here to support you. so did these companies really care about their employees mental health? or is this just a p r move to try and ward off any future accusations of racial discrimination within their own walls? let's bring an author and filmmaker at johnstone. we're living in some very interesting and challenging times. we're definitely people are being impacted by what is going on the news headlights. however, in this case, considering there wasn't really a public response except maybe on social media. i have to wonder why didn't electronics store and jeans maker take these steps. do you think it was about we
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really do worried about our employees. they're under such anguish from, from a decision of cow rittenhouse, or is it more of a front of the public are using this to push for their own agenda. more virtue, signaling, for example. it's a really good question as to why these companies felt inclined to sort of offer this kind of counseling to a verdict that i guess would only be there as shocking. if you were watching the cnn version of reality. you know, clearly there is, there is a case here that you know, you can argue whatever you want as far as you don't like that the outcome. but that, you know, the jury made a decision, i think, based on the evidence that was presented in court. and yet this is, we know cnn m s, and b c. all of these really, you can argue liberal outlets were pushing an agenda. and that's why as glen greenwell pointed out, the agenda is to make this into a racial issue. the fact that going grandma point out in other countries, the actually said that written house had killed black men, right?
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this is, this is not an accident. this is, this is intentionally trying to motivate racial discord. the idea that you know, because even though he killed white men, they were, you know, these white protesters were part of a, b, l, m, rally even though it was more like a riot at that point. so clearly if you look at the evidence, it's really clear that they're trying to push this racial narrative, this racial injustice, narrative, this idea of written houses as white extreme as white nationalists. all these things that again, if it's a certain narrative, but it to be honest, just doesn't seem to add up to what you are. you actually saw what the facts are. so i see it as virtue signaling corporations basically trying to play this card like, you know, we're, you know, we're against the, we're against the dangers of gun violence where, you know, we're all in favor of, you know, the protest, things like this. so a really, it's, it's difficult to say exactly what motivates it beyond the idea of putting into a liberal narrative of reality at this point. well, it is interesting, you bring the idea of the narrative of reality because even over i heard over the
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weekend. so and talking about diversity, and they made the kind of how the root of the word diversity is actually divide. and how sadly situations which focus on crating diversity sometimes only make people in the present more divided. and this is not just about racial lines, is about other issues, males, females, young, old, rich, poor diversity is a lot of different issues. and anybody that ever focus on usually actually creates a line and makes people identify as being different from the person standing back to them sitting next to them. do companies when they take actions and situations like this. actually sometimes divide employees who might feel pressure to comply and to choose an identity, which doesn't have anything to do with their job. but they feel like because their boss is telling them to be a part of this. they have to actually have some sort of opinion that they might not have had before. i mean, i don't know how much people respond as a surly to the that company or that corporate mentality. i mean, certainly, if i were to look at los angeles, just as an example, like hollywood,
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and how much people are scared of speaking in a way that if you, as you know is against counsel culture, for example, right. any way that questions the narrative, because you are basically in this, it's like a mano culture, it's a, it's a, it's an echo chamber of, of, of liberal thought. all right, and it's so it's like if you, if you say something that could be considered against liberal, can liberal agenda. i mean, because the honest look at what the celebrities tweeted after that britain house trial. it was all of these, you know, these celebrities basically saying this is a travesty of justice. this was, you know, it's like this notion that if he was a black man with a gun, he would have been, you hadn't found guilty. well, these are all assumptions that, you know, have nothing to do with this case. and so again, you have, you have a culture that is, he wants to push a narrative. that is divisive, as you say, as i, i believe that more we talk about race and morgan feminist. the same like the more you talk about and emphasize it, the more you actually create racism. it becomes like a natural and
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a natural phenomenon called because people are focused on it as opposed to the idea of focusing on character. because martin is a king called for, right? it's like will we stop looking at the, the race and the color? someone skin to look at the continent of character, it becomes very difficult because the culture is so focused on the idea of someone's race or their gender or their, you know, their pronouns, whatever it may be. and it makes people scared, as we know, to go against that because they can be, you know, cancelled if you're in the mainstream, mainstream news or media. or you could be, you know, ridiculed here at jobs. and we don't know exactly the pressures that are going through, look at just when it comes to vaccine pressures. there's a huge amount of pressure on people now to inform, right? another things that all those kind of comments right now and you have been saying, why would it be a major corporation do this job job justification for this person in charge of diversity? or did it actually, did they think this is going to make people want to customers come into their store? more importantly, does it now make people actually want to drive away?
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because they put their nose in someplace. they probably didn't have a place to be shot. always great to chat with you. you got it. now after the break hit the road, jack, literally, as twitter announces the departure of it, c e o. what does this mean for the future of the media platform? we'll discuss with
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legacy media continue to prepare a western audiences for a military conflict and ukraine under the war of choice. also be united states doesn't export much these days. maybe except for so called values, or those values attractive anymore. joined me every thursday on the alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess in the world. politics sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah twitter with one of the 1st of social media media giants to embrace cancel culture. and now the man behind as some of those decisions seo a jack dorsey is stepping down or to correspond natasha suite takes a look. well,
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this isn't the 1st time jen dorsey has stepped down from twitter as c. e o. dorsey co founded the social media platform back in 2006, but he exited only 2 years later after reportedly been pushed out. but dorsey came back to his role in 2015 after his replacement resigned. now an indication that dorsey won't come back a 3rd time is that market are responding positively to his departure, communicate fearlessly to build trust. twitter prides itself on being a free and safe space to talk well, many would challenge that very statement. some question of freedom on the platform will be even more restrained as jack dorsey stepped out as c. o effective. immediately in a statement, dorsey said i've decided to leave twitter because i believe the company is ready to move on from its founders. he hasn't elaborated on twitter or saying that the company remaining founder lead is severely limiting and a single point of failure. he goes on to say, this is my decision and i own it. it was a tough one for me. of course, he will also be leaving the board and may some say last year an investor wanted
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dorsey out. what about all the controversy surrounding twitter from censorship to cancel culture? many conservatives have exited the platform altogether for alternatives like parlor . on to mentioned litigation from former president donald trump after getting banned from the site. today, in conjunction with the america 1st policy institute, i'm filing as the lead place representative, a major class action lawsuit against the big tech giant, including facebook, google and twitter. as well as their ceos, mark zuckerberg, sunday her boot che, and jack dorsey 3 will, 9. this was champ dorsey, in a 2018 senate intelligence committee hearing on capitol hill. the topic was foreign influence operations on social media use. we found ourselves unprepared and ill equipped for the immensity of the problems that we've acknowledged. abuse,
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harassment troll armies, propaganda through bots and human coordination, misinformation campaigns and divisive filter bubbles. that's not a healthy public square. this town was almost apologetic, but take a listen to his change in tune 2 years later in october of 2020, after censoring the new york post twitter account. the new york post was founded by alexander hamilton. and your position is that you can sit in silicon valley and demand of the media that you can tell them what stories they can publish. and you can tell the american people what reports i can hear. is that right? no, this was a, you know, every person, every, every organization that signs up to twitter agrees to terms of service products are guar, twitter, c, t o. since 2017 has now moved into dorsey's role, se oh, his focus has been improving the platforms,
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artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. it came to twitter with internships at e t and t microsoft and yahoo. well that's dorsey has announced his exit as seo twitter shares have reportedly gone up, but shares also increased 85 percent since dorsey came back as c o in 2015. reporting for news news. hughes and hottest suites r t. discuss who bring in boom bust, co host, christie. i am ben swan. i don't think i've had this moment since. what 2020 had been stage to have both of you on the same said together time a little get is the best christmas present. i've been given yet this holiday season . it both of you on the screen and what an important issue actually talk about because right now social media has so much to do with all of our lives. and this step as is natasha mentioned happened before. but christie, lots of speculation. why do you actually feel like jack dorsey resigned and why now?
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well, according to him, he was emphasizing the limitations of this founder lead companies. and that he believed it was critical. a company can stand on its own free will of free of its founders influence or direction. so we see in his resignation letter that he emphasized that this decision come from him and him alone. but there is a lot of speculation about that and whether or not that's completely true, because the company has been under various activist scrutiny from the likes of elliot management. so again, this is the 1st time that dorsey has left as privacy. he was actually ousted from his own company by williams in 2008 williams said that dorsey could either be a dressmaker or the ceo of twitter, but not both as doors. he was supposedly leaving work early to take courses at a local fashion school. he then came back after williams quit, but then in 2020 hedge fund activists, elliot management group. and paul singer tried to force dorsey out saying that he doesn't have enough time to devote to both twitter and square. so things got heated for a minute, but dorothy managed to keep his job by making a deal with the singer that included
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a promise to evaluate the c o succession plan on. and then on monday, elliot now issued a statement, noting that it's collaboration with dorsey and twitter over the past couple of years has been productive. so there is a lot of speculation that outside pressure might have had an influence over this announcement. but it seems like dorothy was finally ready to leave as we don't hear any reports saying that he objected or put up a fight like we did in previous situations. i'm still laughing at this whole idea of fashion school because both the time you to the tech guy, just wearing jeans and white t shirts and white socks. okay. fashion school, maybe that read that might be as passion, but then a lot of other theory got his beard style. did you notice that through the various interviews it's like you could tell his emotional state based on how termed up his beard was. maybe that's a male thing, i'll let you go into that been, but you know, the social media platforms have actually spread recently and large part because they feel twitter has not created for the certain ideology fairly, you know, but how are we,
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we're finding out today this new ceo tweeted october 2010 if they're not going to make a distinction between muslim and extremists. then why should i distinguish between white people and racist pattern that twitter doesn't forget? so does it look like the platform is going to move to allowing more freedom of speech for all, including maybe letting the former president back on with this shake up? no, absolutely not. listen. so there's a tweet that you read that from 2010. he says that was actually coming from the daily show that he took a line from the naval show and he re tweeted, he has explained why he did it, but it wasn't his own original words as the claim. but this guy, rog, overall, what i would say about him is less about what he said in 2010 and more about what he said in 2020. if i can share that with you, he talked about, you know, facts. and essentially he said this that he wants twitter to focus less on what is true and untrue. and more about he says a misinformation and false it's. he says this misinformation of falsehoods are not necessarily one in the same something that is misinformation could be true,
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but it could possibly bring harm if it gets out. so what he's saying is, you view hiding the truth. that's technically mis information because we don't like the results of whatever, whatever comes about from that truth being out in the public. listen, nothing's gonna change for twitter. it's gonna continue down the same road that it's been on and it will continue to die. the death that it's dying because it is of course, a totalitarian form of social media where you cannot say anything except for what is approved by the twitter gods. which word jag dorsey and now it's for all gag or role. but it's interesting as, as natasha mentioned, the market have gone up and down up and down on this issue. so christy, how is this being received by investors in the market and will this be long term? it is interesting how this all happened. now share. so twitter rose as high as 10 percent during pre market session before then opening lower and then subsequently being halted early this morning. so shareholders are twitter. we're 1st welcome. this big news. i swear she has have under perform the market. investors are not
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happy by that. the stock was 85 percent since dorsey became ceo of twitter again in 2015. but that still child the s and p 5 hundreds of time, a 127 percent during that same period. so clearly, investors are not having it with toys these performance here. so the rollout of the subscription base twitter blue earlier this year that got a lack luster, a spot as users thought that it should be free. last year twitter also rolled out of fleets feature, which it also removed after a couple months due to lack of use. so basically there's no real way for twitter to figure out how to monetize themselves. so right now the market is taking a very well, it's optimistic that it has now a full time ceo that is more technically focused. shares pop briefly, but then we also see at closing down 2.7 percent on monday as traders quickly sold is very, very short lived pop, which is by the room or sell the news. and this news is certainly selling, because as we said, twitter is dying a slow death, just like what ben says, because they still have not managed monetize well and all. the reason why this is
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important to those people that might not be business might like you to is. this is actually the idea of the people who know the company who watch the company, how secure they feel about the company. it's obvious. they have no clue, probably like the rest people and like the dumpster fire, that i imagine is happening right now at twitter headquarters. christie been always a great time to chat with you. and that's all for today. show. thanks for watching . ah. the postal service delivers a $155000000000.00 pieces of mail every year. approximately 40 percent of the world's mail right now. the us postal service is in the fight of its life is reduction bad financial shape now facing diesel? the postal service is a cash cow when there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put into a federal budget. there was a mandate that you're bringing $100000.00,
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