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ah, oh well, it shows the wrong one. i just don't know any world. yes to shape out. disdain becomes the attitude and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. legacy media continued to prepare a western audiences for a military conflict in ukraine under the war of choice. also be united states doesn't export much these days, maybe except for so called values, or those values attractive anymore. from the craft all the way up to the top management, they're under
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a lot of pressure and stress and computer programs that follow you around all day. i mean, we know what everyone is doing. they will get an email or your boss will call you up. and they would say get pictures back or 5 or 4 else. one of the managers of post office operations was calling the post office. tell them i told you guys no over time this week. fix it so you know they're, they're being told, collide cheat and still it's tough not to break some kind of rule of war or law or something in a year when you're managing the post office because they just don't give you what you need to operate and i had gotten curious about why some of my pe, my over time wasn't paid to me. i would go in in the morning, i was swipe my badge. i would go case my route and i would work that way until i
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went home and i swipe off what they were doing. they were going in and actually deleted my bag. swipe down with the carriers time, change it to a core core a. something's going on. are you doing something to me that you shouldn't be doing? i'm going to check into it. i'm going to read it. i'm gonna look to the contract. i'm going to like the employer manual. i'm going to see a bar. i'm not stopping with this right here because this is, this is, this is not right. and they said that steve didn't clock on on tuesday, the day that he died. notice that they came in here own 6 to you
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see this is all management generated. busy on 62, they came in here on 63, and deleted the clot ring. why did you have to go on there that day and delete something on the same day steve died unless they've clocked in? can you answer that question? i know whether to keep them having to pay wanda because they was on the clock because of his there on the clock. cuz they don't postal time. yeah. i think that in and manage all of them together on the night. they drive a wedge to stay even i think that they last they fill in lucky just had nothing had nothing else to do and no other way out. and i, they,
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they come close to put in the me, we speak out. we speak out to congressman, we speak out to all kinds of people are politicians, you can't get it by address it. it's almost like the politicians and the postal services together. i mean, it is, it's almost like it's all quite all in this one corruption. god say we had to stand up. what was right. and this is right. what we're talking about is right. this is a corruption. this got to stop. and we have to stand up for what is right, we have to a most people anywhere who are in business today use the mail, whether it's part of their marketing program, part of their communication capabilities. from our perspective as account managers, sales specialist, you say, well my goal is to is to increase revenue. how can i do that?
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i went into the marketing department. it was a different in the change of pace and better pay. one of the things the postal service does is they measure everything because they can measure mail. you know, how many letters they do per 2nd per machine. cocora, that mindset came over into the sales department for the full service, bought a program called customer 1st, and they can manage and manipulate numbers for everything. you're going through all sorts of computer systems scouring for money them and helpful service already made and already got. and then get it associated with your account and all they cared about was the end, big number it was a lot of work and many, many more hours than we gotta pay for your salary employee. but they expect you to work your 40 anyway, plus another 20 easy and many times it was an 80 hour work week. there was
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a mandate that you bring in $100000.00, new revenue every month. many of my colleagues were reporting under 150-070-0008 $1000000.00 sales. they started to create this. you know, the favoritism better geographic territories, the better customers. all of the things that would make your job easier if you played the game and then what all the numbers came out. they said, well, how can new york stakes look at the rest of the country? look what they're doing, what are they doing? they're making up numbers, it's not real. and a lot of people made lots of money based on what that criteria was. a lot of people like real, i'll say old post office, kind of like, when i call myself old post office, we're going, this is ridiculous. what is almost not as little as wasted activity will some people didn't look at it that way. all they saw was a formula for them to get paid, and they immediately jumped in there,
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started doing that. we didn't bring in the numbers. your manager didn't get paid either, so your manager had a vested interest in getting you to write down what you needed to write down. i started getting in trouble for the 1st time in my personal career, started getting in trouble for not producing what they wanted. and it took me awhile to pick up the tricks, how you were able to get the numbers that they expected. and little by little i, i caught on. but after a while i just felt wrong. and every time i talked about it, it's almost like i was growing enemies within. they didn't like the fact that i was bringing up stuff. it was dangerous. and so some people just outright avoid talking to me because they didn't want to be seen to get in trouble because they would be quizzed or they would have extra duty, wr, cocora, the vice president sales came to new york because we were like falling in to why, you know, i just went for it i out. i called a lot of the side. i said sir, i know for a fact that there are places where portfolios are being adjusted and manipulated.
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so people become stars and other people are become losers and are under contract because i never promised you failing. i'm writing all these people and kind of 80 percent of our u. s. p as in count was being manipulated error. and yeah, these are actually, i just take these out of the house here and they need to be filed, that they're just papers and documentation sales that were fabricated at work. i have got so much more than that. and then different files here. i mean, it works. i have a huge file cabinets. there's no way i would want to keep it all or cuz you never know if something would happen and then some people, you know, they get walked out for very unusual, strange reasons. and so you wanna definitely have it it's, i mean,
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i don't think it's being paranoid is being realistic that you're going against a really huge organization and you're trying to make them understand how they're really wrong. so many people victoria, i'm putting you out on administrative leave and did an investigation into wrong doing and she had 2 policemen with her, so i looked at her and she just walked away. and i asked them, how long, what do i do it? he says, get your personal belongings. how long will it take you to ask me? i said, probably 20 minutes. i've got everything in the office. and they shouted at me now lady, now i should have, i should have realized that i was being set up. it took me a long time because i couldn't believe it. i grew up in the postal service. there are rules and regulations. i couldn't believe that my, my colleagues would be so afraid. you shouldn't be afraid. i used to tell them because the systems protect you and what i learned is they, they don't, we can't walk around the corner worrying about that. you know,
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they're coming after you for some reason. somehow looking for excuses to find you doing something wrong and then punishing you for and bringing you up on progressive disciplinary action with a view towards removing your from full service. this is how can anybody focus on their job? mm. mm. it's almost like assassination. and the manager, so anyway, we always want 3 weeks. so white, 4 day scheduled out. yet, the people that were in favor didn't have to have that they were sort of, you know, missing on their calendars. and i believe that that contributed to my current health state that i could have been a lot better shape had i addressed my health issue that i was not allowed to because if you go, if you go out on a medical or you, you take,
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they sick you have to make up those visits. so now the 4 visits you didn't make that they, you got to make them up that way. i have never used any sick leave and i never take any time off as you can see from our conversation. so i have enough leave to cover me the pressures who was under proved deadly. by the time she saw it treatment, her cancer had taken over. looking back, would you have done anything differently? yeah, i would have started complaining earlier and then more forceful about ah ah, we've got some raspberry bushes that were transplanted if we can get enough berries, we'll make some jam. the biggest complaint that i have is that people can't get a, a grievance filed, it sounds to me like they're not even filing them. show me the grievance. you know,
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and that's, and that's what i was doing it. the last you you made. i was show me the grievance and so the next thing, you know, someone in the back starts holland for the sergeant arms like they need to grab me and, and throw me out of the union meeting because i won't stop complaining that i'm being lied to. right. now, our union is afraid of management. our union should not be afraid of management. they should not. i hope, by the time that this is over, that our union is afraid of its members. the force is around nixon said make the post office stand on its own 2 feet and only operate within its own revenues. and so they pulled it out of the post office department, which was a cabinet level department and put it into a public corporation. they called themselves the citizens committee on postal reform. they were standard oil, bank of america, boeing coca cola and
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a host of giant corporations. their goal was to take the post office out of the hands of congress and the president to have it run by a board of governors. meet up of corporate insiders in 1970, with workers satisfied by higher pay. they got their wish. and the postal reorganization act became law. the 1st chairman of the new u. s. postal service was fred compel? former 18. t. c. lou ah no. the new law begins with the founder's vision for a postal service operated as a basic and fundamental service to bind the nation together. compels vision of a corporation with leaders not accountable to the people as proven stronger with
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when you allow for the bankers at the top to loot that they've been doing and their business model is the cape 90 cents of every dollar they steal. they pay a small fine, that will trickle down trickle down looting. and here we are 13 years later and has become, as you say, in san francisco. really common for gangs to loot the storms.
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but let's be honest. they are simply mimicking the bankers like jamie diamond and others who have made that hub, glorified looting and glorified stealing and glorified money printing. there is no pinnacle of evolution. everything's flat. a bacterium is the product to 4000000000 years, reduce it in a specific environment. so a week, so in that sense, when we on the last few survivors with indigo along a long process, you so as in to the springs yellowstone, we will not do very well back to do much better in that sense. hello, thanks for joining me today. i appreciate the opportunity to speak to you about the situation we find ourselves in today, in regards to the postal service at our tar business. the bottom line is this. we
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have got a cost looked at. we can do to cut the expenses and attempt to track revenue going forward and people say, well, this is a service business. we shouldn't have to worry about that. we are a business, you work in a business. you know, we are no different than any other business out there, as always. thank you for the great job you every day. and i'll talk to you next to the nature of privatization in the us postal service is very much hidden from public view. it's privatization from the inside out. so you still see the us postal service letter carrier delivering the mail to your door. but all the people involved from getting it from the business in chicago to your local postal center may not have been postal employees because that whole segment of the u. s. mail stream may have been privatized with the us postal service provides. could eggs, new p s is what they call the last mile, which is expensive if they had to go to the last mile to the destination to deliver
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a parcels. you purchase the item on the internet, you think that you're going through the federal express. cuz i, so we offer a post office that we do is they can go and charge someone $10.00 or $15.00, whatever. then they go to the post office and get a delivery for $3.00. they're all these other companies that are also processing parts of the mail and delivering parts of the mailing creating the machines and help them do the sorting. whole services spent billions of dollars in investment on the equipment that now is under utilized. much of that work has been contracted out and so what has been privatized is everything up to that last mile delivery. because that's where
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private enterprise can make the biggest profit. they take the profit, and then they leave the costliest aspect public. the postal service was founded based on premise to providing the service to all american people, no matter where they live, universal service, it can't discriminate. it can't say, i don't want to go into the bad parts of the city because no money, their business doesn't do. it can't do that because it's not profitable. despite their costly responsibility of delivering to over a $100000000.00 addresses nearly every day by 2006, the postal service was making a $1000000000.00 a year and supporting a trillion dollar mail industry. but it wasn't enough. right now the us postal service is in a fight of its life to say that is really bad financial shape that it may have to shut down there in the winter. and it's now facing default on those involved about
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the future of the west postal service. a title, the postal service is a cash cow and there was a way to pull money out of the postal service to put in the federal federal budget . the postal accountability and enhancement act was signed into law by president george w bush in 2006 under the law. the postal service must prepay pension funds in 10 annual installments of over 5 and a half $1000000000.00. no other company though with president bush, he said he would only sign the bill if postal service recognize that they have a liability for the health care costs, other pensioners now going forward, entity agreed to funded over 10 years. well, most employees have not even recognize that it's a liability, but in order to get him to sign the legislation and we had to agree to that. think when the president signed the bill in 2007,
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that everything's fine. talk to you dory and a year later were in this terrible economic message, the country. ah, i actually think there was some malice among some individuals involved that wanted to see bob, the united states postal service as a union environment. go away and just privatize the whole thing. i think there was some of that in the mix. ladies and gentlemen, a 3rd quarter and you're down by 25 points. and if tom brady doesn't come in, the fact is you're bankrupt your beyond bankrupt. deferred maintenance is about $9000000000.00. those vehicles and things i just have to be restored sooner. the wheels literally will fall off. that tells us as a business man, that no matter what they say, they have more than a strong cash flow problem. 80 percent of their costs are human beings. and if you've got too many human beings, you're building an efficiency. you use labor, poorly done in like decades of lavish spending, defeated by new technology,
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booming last century. it's bleeding money today. it banks for government. that was a way to make the books of the post office look like they were losing money. so you could portray the postal system as inefficiently unprofitable, and therefore make the comparison to fedex and u. p. s. she, they are profitable, but that's only because you didn't make them do what you made the post office to. it's hustling, the public. it's shameful. saddled with a $56000000000.00 demand by the federal government combined with the biggest financial collapse since the great depression, the stage was said for the hustle, the half truth that would justify the largest downsizing in us. history for 1st class mail is declining in a rapid pace because people are mailing information age of emails,
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tweets and text messages. what we affectionately called snail mail seems somewhat impractical to post on as essentially, technologically. we all have a post office and we must, in the load law streamlined operational and they called it network rationalization. it would break apart the infrastructure, have to mail back affordable and reliable for we consolidate. plants will be moving people from one place to another. in some case, all the employees from one job to another. sorry, there weren't dow accessed the whole building access this, get rid of all of our i don't care. and it's not me, move them out and tell them we'll be lucky. they got a job for demonstrations, sprung up across the country in 2011 and 12 like that. we don't know.
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are you in the country at their club? me now the killing. i wanna hear in our valley in manhattan. mm hm. wow. honestly, outstanding, local mail, a 100 miles this way or a 100 miles that way when you've got the facilities in the equipment and the people right here. but that they would take our mail, ship it off to albany, let them work it, bring it back, and then the trucks would arrive to deliver the mail is just a delay of mail service a. i'm not going to talk about the fact that this should get you in your system. the fact that it has a $1.00 with your lease, the fact that it fits in stored airport. the fact that it's on the cross road to
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the northeast on to major highways. i'm here tonight of the taxpayer, small business owner, and a person who spends thousands of dollars at the post office. you're going to ship completely, all of those people that we deliver to and that we processed their mail. they will get it overnight. first class with the postal service proposal is change that overnight service to a $2.00 to $3.00 day service. the things that were really concern with are the elderly, the poor are those that are dependent on their medicine. you know, they're out there and they're depending on that male to be delivered by their carrier as far as being letter carriers very personally because i believe it's an erotic grow up as a mail carrier. i. i deal with these people every day and i don't want to see to service get caught form. i hate to see what the postal service most of our customers illustrate, illustrator customers like they don't count. and that's what we're fighting for. we do thing that, you know, you have to pay your bills, you want,
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you will get there on time. you don't want to count on waiting a week and a half or 2 weeks or whatever the heck is going to take. that's not, that's not right. and not everybody on the computer, not everybody wants to do their mail over the internet. not everybody wants to do their banking over the internet. you look at the hacking that's going on, my lie on the post, the service business they're being told. busy there's no job within 50 miles. might be jobs within a 100 miles. and then if you don't jog within a 100 miles to talk to maybe up to 20300 miles, they own homes where you live in condo, they got kids in school. busy kids in college, they can't afford just to pack their bag and move out. we're going to take over great neighbors level a dental 223 plants had operations moved elsewhere. the postal service is
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a human organization with postal managers, promising a $1600000000.00 savings in 2 years after 2 years and all the disruption they saved about $91000000.00 or 5 and a half percent of their imagined goal. the loss of jobs is typical in, in all industries as they're going to automation. the only way to be more efficient is to embrace technology and automation. today, i guarantee that for so much mail it blank, and i and i got a truck full already. and what does that mean? that meant less jobs. but if you look at some of the things amazon is talking about drones in the like, i think they're looking for a way to cut the middleman out on delivery drones, robots, all technological changes on now,
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revolutionizing most of the industries in our economy. so this is a general problem. one solution is, you 50 your fight, gone, go on welfare, become a good leave. the country is a 2nd away. everybody works half time. nobody loses a job. and guess what? nobody loses any pay either a half the work time of everybody available. 100 people is now available for their families for their own development, for their relationships, for the community. and that's a benefit for the majority. we don't do that. we do the opposite. we fire 50 of them because that makes profit because the money you don't have to pay those $50.00, you fired, you the employer get to keep for so we
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allow the profit motive to shape the way technology is instituted in our businesses, public and private technology really needs to be used just for the betterment of our lives and not just for you know, cutting corners, putting people out of work. i mean, i do the math and i say, well okay, you can keep eliminating jobs because you have now machine that can do it. but if you take it all the way to the extreme and you just have a couple people work in and a whole country would just machines who's going to pile the stuff? how can that work? people need to be able to make a living. if delivering mail is not necessary, hey, let's not deliver mail. let's do something necessary. do we need houses? do we need food? ah,
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you were told that was that your eyes and your post? yeah. that it would stop you from having real friends and finding a girlfriend. but what they fail to mention is that you can make thousands of dollars every weekend by simply playing video game. a gina station will be using a couple of them for is always wanted the solution to was so good. so this is a little under kathy or georgia resume because interesting it okay much. what we do is no sooner course to make video games a high paying job. you have to be gifted and quick witted, and john to open up with the nickname, fitness to live near bottom. and miss thompson with webpage. but here from young's booth but even started yet, glove voice. when you mouse told me i was doing, i don't you mean that was it neil's good guy of the owner. but that would that be cool? it will still be stuck with these odd to do i also use with
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our top sure is this our alma crime that the new colored strain discovered in south africa presents a high risk globally to the w. h. o says as it spreads around the world with nations now counseling flights and even keeping the fully vaccinated in isolation, elite to document suggesting germany tried to pressure the us not to slap sanctions on north stream to as berlin warns that washington shouldn't sanction allies and shoplifting and vandalism, as the festive season begins, flash mobs and smash and grab robberies. put us authorities to the test. ah.


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