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the ah israel. 8 becomes the 1st country to close it, borders to all for a national, teach when you cope with strayed on the corner, i ran to the ready spreading globally with a trailer on italy among the latest to detect capers. also ahead. my son is down there in the mine. as his mother, i feel that he is alive. among the stories that shapes the weak scenes of heartbreak, our family is more than the loss of 51 people and aside beer in coal mine explosion . several managers and officials have been arrested over 30 days since all stuffed them and to per test is all killed condo, doesn't injured by the french military in this, according to the local authorities, off to an army convoy on the way to molly was confronted by vices
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i hello and welcome to international. this is the weekly where we take a look at the biggest stories and headlines of the past 7 days. good to have your company. we're jumping right in in raleigh is closing. it's bought as 2 or 4 nationals for 2 weeks. as global panic spreads over new covert, a variant dozens of countries have halted flights from southern africa. whether on the chrome strain was foss detectives, and $200.00, restrictions have left passengers scrambling to get out for many of them. it's already too late, though. the last pains to europe in north america have already departed ahead of travel deadlines imposed by governments, while flights to major connection hub such as dough, hard to buy and singapore have been suspended policy i spoke with travelers in south africa was the biggest airport because nothing nothing i can do coming as
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a poll, not getting anything dead. faint. and i don't know when, when i can, i can fly to. we've checked on the front and the flight wasn't consult. i think you can. you hear i'm, i'm tentative. why the way they do everything. so when you buy a new ticket, so it's chaos, anxiety and confusion. following the discovery of a new coven variant called emmy crohn. at his turn, the world upside down. people are rushing to the a port in a base for the attempt to get on any remaining flight. and in fact, the queue of people are lining up in front of a close the ticket sales counter. they're hoping it will open and they might be a few things that they can still get on menu button. because the united kingdom was the 1st to read list 6, southern african countries. and in that any travel is coming from them would have to go into calling team 14 days at a government affinity. since then,
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the united states, canada, and the european union and other major destination have followed prices for flights and rapid pcl taste of sky rocketing kim kirk, who is the founder and lead volunteer of community circle home south africa. as for the last year, been hoping, traveling in an south africa, navigate the regulation. she's been inundated with calls apart from people running out of money. yeah. funds that they had that they had thought that was going to cost them to be here. medical aids usually only cover you for a certain amount of time abroad. travel, medical cover only covers you a certain amount of time that's going to run out. people have to get back to jobs. schools are going to open soon and the people trying to get their children home. the sense of loss is going to be felt because people are feeling like they are really trapped. and they're becoming more and more frustrated and see more and more
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tis what i'm hoping is that governments can put measures in place that not just citizens, but family of citizens. if you can show just show proof of some ty to that country, that those people will be allowed entry. even if it means extra p c r testing. or it means a little bit of quarantine with retesting in that country. but people have to understand that these are human beings. these are people who have got a need to travel, not a one. it is not clear where the army con, very 1st emerged that scientists from south africa were the 1st to alert the world health organization. the south african government has criticized international community for rushing to ban travel before the variance is properly assessed and is concerned about the damage the bad will do to both travel and business. for now, the fate of people stranded at this april is unclear as a bold struggles to build with a new 300 foot south africa,
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one across live now 2 children of a direct of the chronic metabolic on red diseases systems bodies initiative in the george mason university, i think it says one possibly you can tell us what's going on. it is you out, your very welcome to program. the 1st thing i want to ask you is, i mean it's been, let's say 2 years since covert fast emerged on the scene. we bought, he spent those 2 years learning about it. you'd think we'd be in a stronger position now with this knowledge with vaccines. so why is it that scientists are so concerned about this new variant? well, just a full d ah, your root. yeah, i've learned a lot. so here using this luna tree tree at quite a before in the one of the 2. it's now one to so this we're actually the out extend so fast because we want a lot from 0 to us, the bungee mixer, when it came in 2020 the nose at the winds of rental. this kind is so in opera
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is a lot of new patients which echoes an evasion exempt they borges blood. it is the able to spread the fuss, the eye and imminent danger of sprint. and this new way it works upon genex throughout the world. and that's why all governments i cause and what, but so fast, you know, to go to, to chicka, one, all the possible yield branches of this virus which you would have you grow in into it sheer particular confident. so is it insulin is correct, and that is the end of this. the thornhill is a light that the end of it because they do have flux, since that's a great use, no ols of excellence, principles that work. and he knows that to be can change his and jim resumes of accent to the gym, frozen youth train. and that would be done real fast because if it is, sin is already in place. second is in new drugs which have been developed recently . those ducks of wouldn't have worked on angus train. what them,
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or if his last frame ordered this new train? it is not that brings up willing, you wireless, if there's an old wireless. and also all of the things which we figured at the bones of wireless about how it spreads through it, was that it's 8 board and ordered goes on as a sort of his oldest stands as well. so there is no ghost will find you. but that is a reason for class 3 exams. i do want to, you talked out about medication and vaccines on the vaccine issue. i mean, 5 through has already said it could produce and ship an updated version of its vaccine within a 100 days if needed. um, does this really mean that we're going to be constantly in this never ending cycle of new variant? need to tackle new vaccine get a booster than we can live life normally again, look necessarily. it was a little, you know, a previous case. just those are what? oh, it by the next ritual north 30. the same as now,
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but the dose by then mix some cold fried that the rate you wouldn't before, but since you're in rent that it's a m. m for answer. when jim makes a long time ago, was on chic by rook since, and it's faded the rate. so the cut on the wireless also kept channels to be region korea. that great question to solve right now for sand just is, was that a particular we're, we're in those the viruses of final with him or to dissuade and couldn't beat by nature to lucian, loves that vital stewart is on the will up in 2 more extreme. even thought of that away from our original blueprint. this is the same as your question, which we'll be sold to is in the next 2 weeks. those if dorsey approximation. so you would know co, my cia immunity for all of that current. look since feed when that meets the new russian of grown, the white was the one that grown. and then in about 4 months, me, will it begin now? logical dave to, which would be very precise and then about 6 to 8 months,
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you know, if it isn't about a but eulogy, august new york on looks like her on the wires. so i things it to be on the stage of course to figure out, and so react correctly. now i think a lot of people listening would maybe be a bit scattered by the idea of this time, not, you know, 2 weeks and then 8 weeks and then 6 months will have a good understanding. because obviously you're not in about 6 months, let's say they might not be able to travel as much as they want to. they might not be able to the family again and like you said, that could well be another variance. do you think that this is the reality of post covered life, but this is the way it's always going to be. there's always going to be another variant where we're going to have to deal with restrictions. we're always going to have to deal with the threat of a lockdown and booster shots. well, this little closet to that you require it just important. whatever particular go to school or not of the travel, not to travel,
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is glad to be here in 2 weeks. so i think that the national governments which booked exactly during the quarter and gene are short because we didn't go order the tools, correct? the timeline into extra you know what a lot in particular, you know, was the mission of the wireless. it was a campus which already got the wire spread and like fail june. so i think you have the down to this granular understanding. you'll be in about 2 weeks. what i was booking about thing bynum, which required observations from you ation and require you to experiment that will come a little bit later in the same way. i also want to ask, going back to you, idea of faxing, what's your opinion on the latest russian developments in regard to codes that protection we had president putin saying that he was a volunteer in the experimental nasal vaccine. do you think the calls may be at
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least from the south? as it seems less invasive, more people would be willing to sign up for something like that? i think that the most important part of hugh is not being lazy for lot and louisiana if to speak and same difficulty agreeing. thanks here because the hubs of wireless, mr. spencer, through it is very 30 plus recently, but he seems a wireless, but our on by would to so for dig a little vaccines air would come to zoom out of blood. so that is dying which is busted. when's a virus is multiplying and not on our oral cavity? and the only after sometimes by does go in ian and then that this for to buy out him unity. they need some kind. ringback of protection on outer nasal cavity in ins and knows ins it oral cavity that is a place that's a frontier, right? so then these lockson's is not something which has been invented the just to be as ego this, that for when you, when you, when you different don't, this is before, but the kind,
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the never came to chicago. somebody needs to develop through missile auction for population because simply that are so minute is that a 3 wireless. and if you will do exam for each of them, give you a bit ridiculous look some each and every month or so. so it was not the really feasible in burke of possible. so now when the one major enemy is stopped working, is this enemy killing this particular enemy on the surfaces? the mucus also was a sofa outer organism. is this me the looks you. so the principal is exactly good st. dish. it principal. the idea here is that the view b c and doubled protection because the foot shot, those of oxen still goes that angular re. the 2nd shot of exhibit just is different to victor, goes into a mucus chauffeur's and both altogether to lay out wakened w arrows of protection. so i think of, you'll wait till the results of the clinical trials. you'll have to show up in
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you'll see how woods of protection is and from center with judge was the 2 good to go through a door. ah, throws us lot, but also support and population use the for. but it just, you know, the president in clinical study, i shall say that there is no downside to it. so it may look, since i'm not more dangerous or something you would put in your frontier. so it's totally my defense, especially for george and people to do that. i do want to ask you specifically about neck report came out of hungry this week. that showed that sputnik was one of the most infect effective vaccines. not only when it came to minimizing death, but also in controlling infection and spread with regards to a micron. best seems to be an indication that sputnik v is similarly very strongly affect effective when it comes to this new variant. it's not something that you've
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heard about you agree with? does that any evidence? it seems to suggest that up so all the sous spark nick junior girl and also utter me looks wiser in my bed in the all room where she miller. i'm jim jim. it doesn't matter how you do, we will then but, and to jim is the same. we came from, i did, you know, we're in the white house. so if you have the coming from twice as far as a bonus to was to get them to us like them, these would be able to find the show would be available to all of the look feels as well, including what i should say. there was one thing rich given recall for spike need to look similar particular that does because i've been the book since produce a little bit more weight. put it in the unit. it's not just gorgeous, but a little bit more or if you fill it is forms and you saw it is,
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is not sensitive to the new mutation wireless because the sputnik is the strongest out to for i've done, the vital looks to me here. i'm so can only boat johnson johnson in the us and fight you can put in those 3 out of those cities. this is the strongest one. because that also have a stronger prevention limits. if you fill a range, you might have more the lips don't control the amount of boy just needed the perfection that does a whole. and i don't think this would be a huge difference, but even they need to do, firms would be a huge blas. i want to ask you from a scientific perspective, the w t. o has recently urged countries to have a quite healthy debate about compulsory coven jobs. now we obviously talk about it
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from a social perspective, a political perspective, but i want to get your sort of medical opinion on this. do you think that such a mattea would effectively reduce the number of cases in death? and what about how about works with people's liberties? well, my go stick to philip medical perspective, but biological perspective from scientists love to show you. sure, ma'am, i can understand that physicians come careful some additional consideration. some of this met and also my year as usual, mess up pure to sudden my, the defeat from my position as a scientist. so as the scientist, i firmly believe that you need to give for a rec, seemed to all the people and shows that we serve at least some protection on those of people. and that will help us to fight. that is a way arrows of course, right now is a conditional for what a radiant warning grown we need to update all shorts. probably you for that 1 o'clock will spread big unions to crowd for update to talk soon for them. but the,
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i think, cuz at the last 4 of explanation of people, we can ask adult people to work so late. white social limits, income by yet. but it was canceled, governmental, misery, concrete conditions and views, in which conditions people who the but if you're to be work sleep, if it's it's it, this is a vaccination under gus 3, so to speak. it's not a vaccination, riches. absolutely. men that they buy that this vaccination under constraint, but they believes that in that kind of situation, we should not ask as a feminist to walk so made seal children under the constrain specifically. and things of his should not be quite a feminist of 2 books and they children or as they can not go to school. because in this situation, children suffer a lot from now to the school system. i think right now, great belittle racial society, both fans and children, a muscle sense if you're going to have to give people who want to work. so maybe
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the children, for example, my child wants to make a course, saw people who are wanting to work from the children in the rational that i both took or send those people for jim to pools. and the in united states a little bit more lift, let those play out of box for the children. then you press shore, and then everybody doesn't want to work from the children. or she's the example which will be that may have been their very best friend or something like this. and that will help to alleviate tensions about this. well, we really appreciate you coming on and giving us your professional insight into this. i know it's something that you've obviously very close to thank you very, very much coming on to the person that was on to brian about from george mason university. could see thank you. moving on site teams are working to retrieve bodies from a siberian coal mine where an explosion on thursday led to the death of 51. people
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including 5 rescuers emergency crews have to stop that was several times due to high nathan concentrations and fears for the cloth or the bodies of 5 minus have been found at various stages since saturday afternoon on 300 metres under ground. that had been a moment of genuine hope. i want to rescue a who had been presumed dead managed to get out hits. the bible has been described as a miracle. he's now in a stable condition, hospital and described to us what happened. i feel better now that i'm getting all the necessary treatments inside the mine. i was lucky to find a place where the fresh air was flowing in. so that gave me time to lie down and get my strength back. i had all the life saving equipment with me. later i stood up and got out following the stream of fresh air and finally my the local rescuers team for which i'm thankful. now efforts to stabilize the mine of the going round, the clock in nitrogen has been used to clear out the dangerous method that is built
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up inside the mind and poses a risk of explosion. now at this point, there are literally no chances that anybody has survived was trapped inside. however, the destroyed family members are still hoping that there could be some miracle and that their loved ones could still be alive. yeah, got my yes, my son is down there in the mine. as his mother, i failed that he is alive without some hope. when one man was found alive, he see if that man spent a day down there and survived. it means it's possible to survive. but we are tall, people die in 2 or 3 hours due to lack of air minus her aunt at the ramble. they are already counted. his dad dislike that matt has survived. now it's hard breaking to watch those scenes. there are still many family members who haven't lost hope and their hope was only bolstered by a miraculous recovery of a rescue worker who was presumed dead on friday. having spent almost an entire day trapped inside the mind, the 51 year old alexander's the govern,
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ashan somehow managed to get out of that mine. his condition right now is stable, although critical, but it's expected that he will make a full recovery and make it back to his wife and son. but unfortunately, the same can't be said for the others who are trapped inside the mind. 51 people ultimately died and people are now wondering how this happened and what led up to this. a criminal investigation has been launched, and 5 people have been detained and arrested. the director of the coal mine, his deputy, and a person in charge of this exact mine have all been detained and also 2 safety inspectors who are accused of faking a safety inspection just a week before this tragic explosion. now all these people have denied their guilt, but nevertheless they have been arrested for 2 months, pending further investigation. but one thing that has become clear is that this mind has been plagued by safety issues. apparently, most of the miners knew about these issues and the reported them to the higher ups
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from the one rosco's. honestly, i remember my brother in law telling me about a methane program in the mine, the even that's resorts to various methods, to decrease the level indicators in order to get work done. he occasionally let his former head know about the situation. he wondered how he could work in such circumstances. the mines management was aware of what was going on. he thought my husband came home and every time he was saying this won't and well, all the sensors were beeping down there. he sat, that's the conditions our minus half to working at the moment. now, all of these reports will be taken into account by the investigation, which is trying to get the to the bottom of what happened, how it happened, what led up to it, what were the underlying causes? and ultimately, how to prevent such things from happening again. but while that investigation goes on and rescue services continue working on securing the mind and recovering the bodies. relatives are still distraught and demanding more answers. dimitri power r t camera. while among the survivors of thursday's explosion,
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dozens are injured and list of their names is on display. at the entrance to the mine medic say they're making strong recovery and are all in a stable condition. well next up, let's take a quick look back how the tragedy actually unfolded. a. 6 50 dead out. they horrific mon explosion inside barium. 8 30 am november the 25th. the mind with 285 people inside filled with smoke. after a methane explosion. a with 9 am november 25th accusation and rescue work starts. reports of 1st casualties. authorities and now there is no contact with at least 37 people with 5 pm november
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the 25th rescue operation suspended amid fears if possible. explosion with over 30 minute still missing. rescue say there's not much hope left because it's minus have only 4 hours of oxygen supply. 10 pm november, the 25th group of rescue workers fails to come up after the threat of explosion. latent 3 of them were found today. oh, not on friday, 8 am familiar with 3 15 pm, november the 26th. a presumed dead rescue work came out on his own raising hope among desperate families of mine is. it is not the 1st deadly accident in this mine with another me said explosion, claiming 13 lives in 2004. i you suddenly just
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yesterday, a list you good for you was a fine if this how a to protest as have been killed and close to 20 injured by the french army in the share. that's according to local officials. it occurred after a military convoy on route to another african nation. molly was blocked by a large scale demonstration. the convoy of the french volcano force, escorted by the national gent armory, was blocked by very violent protesters in sarah, in the talbot re region where it had spent the night in its attempt to break free use force leading to the death of 2 people and 18 wounded, well we have it from official accounts authorities in nyja which say that after the french convoy had passed from burkina faso into niger about 30 kilometers in
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a huge crowd about a 1000 demonstrators tried to stop the convoy this this. busy french convoy friendship presents in the area has been unpopular with many people with some ethnicities. they believe all manner of stories about french troops and their relations with various rebel groups in the area. but they tried to stop this. convoy and french troops reportedly began firing. what they describe as warning shots, as well as tier gas, it is unclear how warning shots could have injured 18. people killed 2, but apparently french troops as well as an is jerry and troops began firing a warning shots. again, as they say at these crowds details, the still somewhat scares me expect to find out more. but the convoy has moved on off to this incident again, a very ill fated convoy because it landed in the ivory coast to support the french
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operation in the area it is seen snaked its way up towards the north, towards molly and on the way it has said capital matter of incidents and broken, a facet level multiple attempts, but by crowds in the thousands who stop these cottonwood, voskus void made up of more than a 1000 vehicles and then also they had the. busy flood warning shots as well as see a gas in an effort to disperse the crowds. also birth people injured. as we've heard. busy but again, this convoy is now on its way through niger, intimately where friendship bases and fridge groups are station thousands of them. in the decade long flight that frances waged against terrorists. it cools them as well as religious extremists in the region where we have asked the french defense ministry to comment on the incident. when of course, let you know what they say. what we do know though, as an earlier,
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a french army spokesperson said that soldiers fight warning shots of drake wrote violent group tried to take over the convoy trucks. well, that is our it from us senate from this to year for the saw coming away though a very rag glimpse into one organization that spits people down the line that's on teeth. we'll find out what it's really like. so back, enjoy blue i saw a message from an unknown account because it had a selfie with my passport as its profile page. i saw pictures of my documents. it was they also sent a credit contract. i had just 3 days comply with their demands. if i didn't send money i, they sent out an online hate campaign that i was supposed to be a very dangerous man.
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with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk in short, don't seem an official and mr. staff at your someone at that the from to check up with some demolished discussion with
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a new beside pick. so i me up with another she usually said almost by you. so what i'm going to look up in cities. it took us mission lifestyle, right? yes. the key moment sich, she's leeway and she shared with oh, baby i want to live here with a big green b, y. i did chicken south h over i didn't know for today. and now i'm on a property called see or something a share. i didn't use a free or.


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