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a a new cove it strain in southern africa, sparks global panic prompting countries to shut down air travel with the region. the variant is already spreading globally with the u. k. the latest nation to confirm cases and develop as a footnote via preparing to test the russian shots again for the mutation. we also hear from the hungarian foreign minister about his own country is vaccine policy and the need to put lives a above politics. there are too many countries i posted during the issues with political ability. you know, it's about lives a little bit to protest as i killed in almost 20 injured by the french military in asia, according to the countries governments off to
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a french military convoy runs into a violent launch account demonstration on route to molly. ah, very well welcome. you're watching r t international with me, nicky. erin, how he's where i will close is borders to all foreign a starting from monday after the discovery of what's being described as a highly infectious new cove. it's drain, which was 1st detected in south africa. this comes of the u. k. the us and canada joined the e. u, and halting flights from 6 southern african nations and johannesburg. the new restrictions have left our passengers scrambling to get out. coupled with countries banning flights, airlines have cancelled departure from south africa to the u. k. ahead of the approaching deadline. they've flights to some other western nations including the usaa continuing until monday policy lia has gauged the opinions in south africa,
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maine international airport. now it's right the going back to sign on this is flows everything. the station to this time is people know very good calling to the find. honda said no on site from cutting off every plane coming from south africa with me yet. it's an immediate effect and then we checked on france and the flight wasn't cancelled. we should have been back to paris yesterday evening and to the west can. so i'm not kidding. 10 minutes before to get in the plane. we met a young girl the know she was 20 and she was promoted from trulia and she was crying. she didn't know where to go. you know? and she had nobody to help her chaos and diety and confusion. following the discovery of a new coven variant called emmy crohn, at his turn, the world upside down. people are rushing to the a port in
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a pace for the attempt to get on any remaining flight. and in fact, the queue of people are lining up in front of a ticket sales counter. they're hoping it will open and there might be a few things that they can still get on. many of them a person, because the united kingdom was the 1st to read list 6, southern african countries. and in that any trap is coming from them would have to go into quarantine for 10 days at a government facility. since then, the united states, canada, and the european union and other major destinations have followed prices for flights and rapid pci, skyrocketing kim cur, who is the founder and lead volunteer of community circle home south africa ads for the last year. been hoping travelers in south africa navigate the regulation. she's been inundated with calls apart from people running out of money. yeah. funds that they had that they had thought that was going to cost them to be medical aids usually only cover you for a certain amount of time abroad. travel,
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medical cover only covers you a certain amount of time that's going to run out. people have to get back to jobs. schools are going to open soon, and the people trying to get the children home. the sense of loss is going to be felt because people are feeling like they are really trapped. and they're becoming more and more frustrated and see more and more tis what i'm hoping is that government can put measures in place that not just citizens, but family of citizens. if you can show just show proof of some ty to that country, that those people will be allowed entry. even if it means extra p c r testing. or it means a little bit of quarantine with retesting in that country. that people have to understand that these are human beings. these are people who have got a need to travel, not a one. it is not clear where the army con, very 1st emerged. scientists from south africa were the 1st to alert the world
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health organization. the south african government has criticized international community for rushing to ban travel before the variance is properly assessed and is concerned about the damage the bad will do to both travel and business for now, the fate of people stranded f. s. a pulls is unclear as a volt struggles to build with the new 300 south africa. me well concerns amounting in europe as a u. k. germany and italy are the latest to find on the chrome variant infections and check and so forth. he's on ruling out that some koby positive passengers who have a live trump slip an african countries might be infected with the new strain. ortiz solid events. he has more on europe. response to the situation. will this super mutant strain of covey it has been described as being more transmissible than delta? and that has really ramped up fears. it's been reported that it's already been found on the european continent in belgium, that is from
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a sample that was taken from a young woman who said to have not been anywhere near the south of the african continent. she had indeed been to egypt and to turkey, and it's also said that she was unvaccinated key. i'm at norco. we have one confirmed case of this variant is someone who came from abroad. this person was tested on november 22nd. he was not vaccinated and had no prior infection, so this case has been observed and confirmed. but i want to repeat that it is a suspicious fair and we don't know if it's a very dangerous one. as a result of this new countries on out scrambling to close their air space to a number of countries in the south of africa. that's because the super mutant strain has been found in several countries there. but it could already be too late, as that case in belgium shows now not much is known about this particular mutation,
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but experts are really sounding the alarm over what they say the potential properties of it could be. and it's the fact that it's such a heavy mutation just give you an example. experts in the u. k. have describe this as being so mutated that it is barely recognizable when it compared to the original strain of covey. 19. and as a result of that, we have seen devastation across the world over the last 18 months or so. the european commission president is urging other countries to take heed and to also close their space. the european commission has today proposed to member states to activate the emergency brake on travel from countries and southern african and other countries affected to limit the spread of the new variant. now the u. k was one of the countries that 1st decided to put that ban in place of flights coming at
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to and from those 6 countries in africa are. but it has said that that list could be expanded in the next few days with more and more countries being put back on that the read less than that could cause so many fears that yet again, travel plans as we head into the holy c season will be thwarted, just as they were back in 2020. now this also comes at a time when there is a 5th wave of the pandemic hitting the european continent so much so that countries are putting new restrictions back in place. we've already seen partial lock downs and la downs in some countries, like in austria and in the netherlands. and even here in france earlier this week, the french health minister saying that from the middle of january, people will have to have a 3rd jab for cove at 19 of vaccine. if they don't, then their health passed to allow them access to every day. things like cafes and restaurants will no longer be valid. but the real concern here is if those
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experts are right that this mutation is so far removed from the original covert 19 variant will the vaccines that have already been creative, be enough? will they even be effective, or as many fear will they just be totally ineffective against this strain? if that's the case, it's going to leave the politicians scratching their heads again and scientists having to go back to the drawing board. but the question many of us are now asking when will vis and saying with cove it germany is continuing to see a surgeon infections with a new daily record of 76000 cases. and the situations being compounded by the army kron variance, according to a government minister, one likely case has already been detected within its borders. several mutations super go of amok ron were found last night and a traveler from south africa. so there is a high level of suspicion and the person has been isolated at home. we're still
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waiting for the complete sequencing covered hospitals in germany, already overwhelmed with the air force being called in to help transfer covey patients so far to military jets have been set aside to assist. we spoke to a disease specialist that he believes the new strain means all options are on the table when the volume, if this new variance spreads quickly and the vaccines we have now stopped working there worried about situation. people who already are not clay, it may not be protected, but we have to wait and see if that worst case scenario becomes the case. maybe we'll be lucky on the vaccines. we'll also work against this mutation at the moment . we don't know enough about it. there isn't a p c r test for yet, but we have to be cautious. a sort of the virus is changing all the time. and several mutations have occurred. viruses multiplying a few 1000 times a day. errors occur in the replication. under new virus emerges, it's not unusual and going up in every day. so there's still plenty of uncertainty
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over the course variance and whether the panic is warranted. on our website, we've got an explain it taking you through everything from spike protein to the stock market. sell off at was he dot com for that vaccine produces all scrambling to determine if there drugs will work against the i'm a crohn variance in russia, the institute behind the sputnik v job phase testing will start as soon as they obtain a sample of the new drain south africa as it will make samples available to other nations. and in hungary, studies found that sputnik v office high efficacy against all earlier coded variance research to say it's more successful preventing hospitalization and death than any other vaccine. budapest is now hoping local production of sputnik v. we'll start next year over the drug is still awaiting approval from the regulator, the hungarian forum and as the p to c also sat down with autism on a boy coat to speak about the need to de politicize the issue. i
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really don't find the verse to describe how i feel about the fact that there are few, many countries considering the issues of vaccination as if it had a political or, or ideological nature. you know, it's about the lives of the people. we knew the lives of the people. what is it for them? 5 year old political, it's mother of political and ideological debate. i'm very frustrated about that. to be honest. and i tell you why europe, your regulation speaks very clearly about hallway vaccine, can be approved on the territory of 2 ways. first, by the european madison agency, which is a normal, let's say business of usual way of approving a vacuum. but a european regulation says that in case of the state of emergency, this one, the national regulators, are allowed to approve of axioms. also on a temporary basis before we started to use both splitting casino far from china,
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the national regulator of ours has approved the use of both. which means that the use of scrutiny in hungary is being based on a european regulation. and that's why, to be honest, we don't understand why it is not being respected by the by the other member states . whenever i talk to western european colleagues on my vest, or you can call us of mine between 4 i, they always tell me that they know that the russian scientific performance can be spoken about all in very highly. and i said, look, it 1st the best, of course it works well. hungary and experts have approve that. and regardless of the fact that privately, they all say that when it goes to public, they act totally differently. i have the luxury to be in this position for more than 7 years now. so i clearly remember who said was 56 years ago. and i
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remember the way we were really, really attacked. and we were considering very, very hostile way, very rude expressions were used on us, and those who treated us in a very rude way. they are now giving, basically a standing ovation to those who act similarly as we acted back in 2015. what do you think has changed in europe on that issue over the last 5 years? you know, i think there's a big hypocrisy. there might be some commons which, which sound to be different compared to what has been said since 2015 by the essence. by the essence of the european migration policy remained unchanged unfortunately. and if you look at the document or the statement or the founding document of the, of the new german government coalition, you will see that this extremely pro migration extreme to protest is being killed in almost 20 injured by the french army in nisha,
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according to the african countries minutes, interior minister as offer military convoy on route to molly was blocked by a large scout demonstration that turned violence. the convoy of the french volcano force, escorted by the national gent armory, was blocked by very violent protesters in sarah, in the talbot re region where it had spent the night in its attempt to break free use force. leading to the death of 2 people and 18 wounded. well, we have it from official accounts authorities in niger which say that off to the french convoy had passed from booking a facet into niger about 30 kilometers in a huge crowd about a 1000 demonstrators tried to stop the convoy this, this french convoy fred check presence in the area has been unpopular with many people with some at felicity's. they believe all manner of stories about french fruits and their relations with various rebel groups in the area. but they tried to
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stop this. convoy and french troops reportedly began firing what they describe as warning, so as well as tier gas, it is unclear how warning shots could have injured 18. people killed 2, but apparently french troops as well as an is jerry and troops began firing a warning shots. again, as they say at these crowds details the still somewhat scarcely expect to find out more. but the convoy has moved on off to this incident again, a very ill fated and hung boy because it landed in the ivory coast to support the french opperation in the area is seen, snaked its way up towards the north, towards molly and on the way it has said capital matter of incidence and book at a facet, there will multiple attempts, but by crowds in the thousands who stopped these cottonwood, voss called was made up of more than
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a 1000 vehicles. and then also they had the flood warning shots as well as tier gas in an effort to disperse the crowds. also number of people injured. as we've heard . busy but again, this tom boy is now on its way through niger, intimately, where french bases and french troops, stations, thousands of them. in this decade long flight, the bronze was waged against terrorists. it cools them as well as religious extremists. in the region. we have all the finest defense ministry to comment on the incidence. and we'll let you know what they say earlier french army spokesperson said the soldiers fight warning shots after a violent group to try to take over the convoy trucks. rush in court has reminded 5 suspects in custody for a period of 2 months following thursday. deadly coal mine blast the men. 3 villages and 2 inspectors have been charged with via violating safety protocols. all have
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denied wrong doing, leading up to the underground me for an explosion in the camera of a region which claimed the lives of 51 people. that of the mines section where the blast occurred insist, see, had received no prior complaints from stuff. the death toll was early revised downwards after a rescue who had been presumed dead managed to get out of the mind. his survival was described as a miracle by the emergency services chief working at the side. local miners, though, have lost hope of finding any more survivors were struggling for the last chance to get out was with the rescuers survived. don't wait for the rest. got going to go in and said nobody could have survived as long as this, especially because oxygen is now gradually being replaced by me thing. i have no idea how one man managed to survive. how can one predict such a blast? there's no mining with our gas, only more ventilation and more checks will help. oh yeah, the rubies for no cold, no money. every one is trying to fulfill the plan and earn something if the
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ventilation services are responsible for chicken, the guest levels in the mines. 18 years ago when i witnessed the mind, thus the shaft was poorly ventilated. a specialist has to come and check all that needs to be checked by me, but that time worked started straight away. meanwhile, the bodies of 5 dead miners had been retrieved from under the rubble. the rescue operation resumed after being halted due to phase of further explosions. a camera of a governor says caution is the priority. where the cancer stood, we desperately want to get everyone out on the surface. we are doing all we can, but without risking the lives of our rescuers, we have no right to have more men dead. when the 1st group of rescuers rushed into the mind right after the blast, it was justified. now it's not. so everything we do must be 1st of all safe autumn . the miners job is one of the most dangerous in the world. but if a rescuer has to go in, the danger is multiplied earlier while rescue was were unable to access the mind.
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desperate families were left waiting for news at the entrance. holding on to any glimmer of hope you have got. my son is down there in the mine. as his mother, i feel that he is alive without some hope. when one man was found alive, you see if that man spent a day down there and survived, it means it's possible to survive. but we are tall. people die in 2 or 3 hours due to lack of air. miners, her aunt at the rabble. they are already counted his dad just like that man has survived. well, it's been 3 days since the explosion here at the list version a coal mine in canada and efforts are still going on throughout the day to stabilize the situation in the mind. now at this point, nitrogen has been injected into the mind to neutralize the build up of methane gas . but that means that virtually at this point, there's no chance that anybody who is still trapped down dead have survived. now a criminal investigation into this tragedy is already ongoing. 5 people have been
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detained. that's on the head of the mining company, his deputy, and the person in charge of the mine itself. now also there were 2 safety inspectors who were detained on suspicion of faking a safety inspection in this exact mine just a week before this horrific tragedy. now the mine deputies, they denied the charges made against them. and also, one of the inspectors also says that he did not do anything wrong. however, all 5 of these people have been detained for 2 months of pending the investigation as it continues to find out what was wrong with mine and what led up to this situation. and in fact, it's been told, we've seen reports that there were a lot of known issues in this mine and that miners knew about them and reported them to the higher ups. here's what one of the relatives of the miners has said on the matter. one rosco's, honestly, i remember my brother in law telling me about a methane program in the mine, and the instances of
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a gas builder. anton told me that when the level of methane went off the scale and all work ground to a halt. but sometimes despite this, there was a forbidden level of methane, and even though it wasn't that high, the mine is still at work. they even had to resort to various methods to decrease the level indicators in order to get work done. he occasionally let his former head know about the situation. he wondered how he could work in such circumstances. the minds management was aware of what was going on. well, now the investigative committee has said that it will do its utmost to get to the bottom of this to find out who could have been responsible for this blatant violation of safety procedures, honor hazardous production facility. and this is what they have said in their statement. because it is not by doubling, it is commonly known that tragedies of a similar nature have occurred in mines in the camera of a region and in other regions to the cost of these mistakes is invariably people's lives. the investigative committee intends to look into the circumstances of the
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situation and address the deeper causes that lead to serious consequences and provoked the tragedy listening to me right now, there are still many grieving relatives who have been devastated by this tragedy. and these a man answers and hopefully with the criminal investigation going on, are soon they could receive them. and instagram influence their from tennis ear has been slammed after posting content of what is allegedly her secret. crossing to italy on a boat with migrants ah ah, during a clandestine crossing on an irregular boat to museum influence publishes instagram stories and photos. joyful and smiling. i leave the comments to you. we cannot allow easily its laws and its borders to be marked in this way. according
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to italian press, the social media creator has arrived to the island of lamb, producer. she reportedly se severe social conditions, antonio air force her to seek asylum in italy and describe the conditions on the boat heading to europe as terrible. meanwhile, italian, conservative politician eager golardo slammed the passenger over the voyage. yeah, me or my? yeah, i love it. it's a real shame on people arriving in italy who do not need to come people who are not hungry coming. they're coming to us to italy because they want a better life. but in fact, they're not bad off economically, like this. unity and blogger, those who are really poor, remained in africa and dying of hunger. it is in africa and that we should try to help them and not via these n jose and via what amounts to illegal immigration from europe must help us to stop these landings. they arrive in sicily too many migrants arrive in europe, is not helping us. a big show is made after these crossings. in addition, in italy,
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there are many people who think they are being good and say they want to welcome mike or and, but in reality, they do not realize how many difficulties there are for italians. and for us, the syrians who are experiencing a really difficult period, it really is one of a number of european countries experiencing a 3rd and asylum claims. u. k. from relations took a new turn for the worst after the french president and monument chronic keith, boris johnson. of failures and finding a solution to the cross channel migrant crisis. on the by the worries, poland border remains tense, prompting the bell of russian leader to visit one of the migrant census. the matter of love with due to a europe ought to have a refill called migration. so, so, so closely, the solution is easy. europe cannot delegate the task of welcoming migraines to certain states. europe must assume its responsibilities more should be done, but the question is, what is you not want to tackle the issue of migration? there is no strategy to keep migrant away. it doesn't exist because margaret's
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would bypass the obstacle and was still come to italy, even pussy, it was to control, boulders would be useless. there are laws and documents that should be respected and that europe itself does not respect. there is no end to all this. the situation is always the same, nothing has changed. here in lamp induced, there are no places to welcome every one. we have more than 300 under aged children who we do not know where to send our reception, sensory suffering. there are too many people. the politicians are not thinking about it right now. we are collapsing, we can't go on like this. from the you. we have received only indifference and from the italian government also indifference money. thanks for joining us here in asi international. we're back at the top of down with the latest headlines. ah
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you as dollars water, they're currently in the days are numbered. now they're those even the big klein community that held on hope that somehow the us dollar well remain on the world stage. but as hillary clinton herself points out, the coin is essentially undermining or destroying the u. s. dollar. because the u. s. dollar can't hold its purchasing power because it's via money and healthy money over the past 300 years as amorous gave trading to 0. join me every 1st day on the alex salmon show, but i'll be speaking the guess from the world of politics spoke. business, i'm show business. i'll see you then i
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hello and welcome to redacted the night v i p. m li. camp to day, we dig into a breaking news story that you certainly won't get from your mainstream corporate owned media. the people in talk liberation have done extensive research into a graphing and surveillance software called node excel. and they've found that it is largely been used to track and target supporters of julian sands and wiki leagues. but that's not all. it is also been used to track those who are anti weapons contractors or other large corporations. likely those who are critical of israel, et cetera. the people tract include jimmy door, max blumenthal, gram, our would glam greenwald, and even me, mid one. what could they? well, in may, i've never been critical of anyone ever. but also yes, the kids targeting us are sociopath. what?
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so not then i suppose that so to get to the bottom of the story, i talked with cybersecurity, expert, shawna, o'briant. he's the founder of the privacy lab at yale law school and the chief cybersecurity officer of pan quake, the exciting new anti censorship, radical transparency social media platform, also on this episode to day job for con will be here with a mind blowing old news. and we got much more, but 1st here's my interview with shawna o'briant. hey sean, thanks for joining me. like to be here? yeah, thanks for joining me from the pan quake void. where are you where you live? i can tell you and talk liberation, which is part of the upcoming social media platform pan. like have come out with a really interesting investigative report and i'm hoping we can break it down in the next 15 minutes. we'll see how well we do it is fairly confusing, but i guess we should start with what exactly know to excel is and how you found
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out that it was being used to target certain people such as those who support wiki leaks in juliana on. sure, so as you mentioned, you know, as part of our talk liberation dot com, investigate series, we're covering something called w l dragnet. and we received a document with list of names of people who had been talking about trillion assigned on social media. this was in the 5 days previous to him being expelled from the ecuadorian embassy. and the report was actually run a few minutes after that event, which was very curious to us. so we looked at this report and this report was really detailed. it had a lot of information that you would have to know tons about wiki leaks a lot about the assigned case a lot about the activists around wiki leaks and joanna sons and supporting him to basically run these reports. these reports are social networking graphs. so this
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social network analysis software that you mentioned, note excel.


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