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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 27, 2021 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this in order to make the left look good, or to exert more power for a left wing ideas and therefore they've been stead decided to just bury it completely. at this point, it's almost a cliche to ask people, can you imagine if the roles were reversed? but if the washer driver had, in fact, been white and he had injured 60 some black people and killed 6 of them, this would be international news. it would be news for months. it would be talk to powers news, coffee is exactly half past the hour here on the russian capital. we return at the top of the out ah oh, hungarian proverb says you can put everything under one hat. it means that the same rules can't be applied to every one. and yet this is what beauty passed, signed up to when it entered the european union in 2004,
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today hungry is accused of all possible sins against democracy. now does the or bank government feel about its future and place in the european family? ah i sure don't seem an official unless they are catch of someone at that the for the jack copy of those with the sunday, the wash them for discussion and want to see with your phone yet you supposed to do this or there's a lot on giving you besides that, so i me at the whipping and i bet you can usually should almost by you. so what i'm going to look up in denise, it took us on some mission lifestyle, right?
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yeah. the key moment sich, shes leeway as she shared ah, i am max kaiser. this is the kaiser report. we are in els sanjay el salvador, a huge surfing community that has become known as big coin beach. the president of el salvador has made big point legal, tender. this is ground 0 for a global monetary revolution. and the moral we stay, the more we like stacy? exactly, we have been here for a over a week now, and we're still reporting to you from el salvador,
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where hyper bitcoin ization has happened. the head of state here president, my kelly is totally hyper bitcoin eyes and he's been re tweeting us any bitcoin are in the country. and thus getting us thousands of followers from el salvador is been extraordinary. we are right now at a kind of surfing hostile, so you might see surfers walked by, you might hear dog's barking. that's all just part of the see the rate. oh yeah, fantastic atmosphere and put big coin into the mix and you've got a lot of hope, a lot of surfing and a lot of sats being spent back and forth, rejuvenating juvenile being empowering a local economy. and as you point out, the president of kelly has taken to this like a duck to water or like a surfer to away where it's all about bitcoin 247. i think he's gone bitcoin mad, which is fantastic because he is now at the center of this global revolution. yes,
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and i do want you to understand max mentioned that we're spending sats. we have spend many, many bitcoin here in l. zante in san salvador, l zante, which is where bitcoin beaches is, of course, way more hyper bitcoin eyes than in san salvador. there's wide use bit point here in this region. everybody except sets it along the beach here. we also did raise like 2 and a half $1000.00, close to 2 and half $1000.00 for the daughters of the c max. interviewed her when we 1st arrived here. so that was really exciting. but in the meantime, so while we've been here where we're witnessing the future right now, here in el salvador, over in the legacy fi out system, run on the us dollar rails. while things are starting to fall apart. and a little bit too late for them to realize that the game is over. and this extraordinary event happened while we were here on stage at la bic. com,
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in san salvador. what we saw is that, you know, here was the positivity and relentless optimism over in the united states at the bloomberg conference of the fi out legacy system. we saw this headline, hillary clinton at bloomberg's, new economy forum issues, a warning on crypto currency quote. what looks like a very interesting and exotic effort has the potential for undermining currencies for undermining the role of the dollars as reserve currencies for destabilizing nations. so it's, it's bitcoin, which is d, stabilizing nations, is big coin wishes destabilizing the dollar, which has been weaponized and sanctioned at all sorts of nations around the world, from you, in accessing that rails of that system is bitcoin that did that, not the us dollar. you know, authorities. yeah, i think hillary clinton is right. big claim is essentially undermining the us
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dollar and us dollars rolled reserve currency. the days are numbered. there are those, even in the big calling community that held out hope that somehow the us dollar will remain on the world stage. but as hillary clinton herself points out big coin is essentially undermining or destroy buying the us dollar because the us dollar tamp, hold its purchasing power because it's fee up money and no fee of money over the past 300 years as ever escape trading to 0 and the us dollar is going to do exactly the same thing. gold was great for a while, but now gold is being replaced by bitcoin. and what this means to the u. s. dollar . and those who are part of the us dollar global empire of debt, while i mean, if they don't buy bitcoin, they're going to find themselves, i think, in a very dire circumstances. and i would love to say that i feel bad for them. but you know, some,
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some have to perish so that others can survive. and if you're holding dollars, it's a hostile away go. ah, stella v, thank indeed. but, you know, the thing is that she kind of goes on in a way which suggests like these are the commanding controllers want to continue their command and control over the economy. the global monetary system and banking system that has, as we know, had been destabilized at least says 20082009. when kai is report started amidst the financial collapse, member bitcoin was not yet been born. but how did that happen if it, why weren't, or how did all of that global financial crisis happen, although the fraudulent debts that collapse, so the banking system, all that quantitative easing needed since then. well, that was what they were, what big coin responded to. and this is how they're responding to bitcoin, which is essentially the c, b, b, c, right?
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she says there's a whole new layer of activity that could be extremely d, stabilizing, or in the wrong hands, or in alliances with the wrong people, could be direct threats to many of our nation states. and certainly to the global currency markets. she said, look, the number one threat for nation staves to day. and for currencies sovereign currencies around the world to day is inflation. that is to say, the collapse of purchasing power brought on by themselves because printing money and using that money to let's say, start a war or continued a war or award voters by votes. remember in 20162028 was all about buying votes by printing money. well that money stays in the system and now we have the predictable inflation and it's causing genuine, probably try to fix the money system by printing. more money is like trying to mail
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jello to the wall. it just doesn't work. it just doesn't work. so a continuation of that theat system where they decay the corruption, the entropy setting in this is all case report has been covering for all these years. we see the economist magazine was recently while we've been here, tweeting that like a economists were shocked about this inflation. they had no idea this was totally unexpected. paul krug men also had said that, like, oh my god, i had no idea this was possible. of course we've been telling you, we been warning you hear. so everybody in our audience has already inflation protected because they thought what was coming. now, here's another story of that decaying corruption and entropy of our system, which is remark, bruno matches the portuguese. he's a former diplomat from portugal and writes extensively now at an on twitter all the time. but he pointed out something really interesting that's going on with their biden administration and versus china. ah, read this description, he says,
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and feel like the twilight zone. the president's son hunter biden was part owner of a venture involved in the $3800000000.00 purchase by a chinese conglomerate, of one of the world's largest cobalt deposits. the metal is the key ingredients and batteries for electric vehicles. got to his next tweet about this. quote, the biden administration warned this year that china might use his growing dominance of cobalt to disrupt america's re tooling of its auto industry to make electric vehicles. so the president, son is the one involved in this deal that the president, he is warning about this very deal. that is d, stabilizing again, the united states. right? so this is corruption, and you have an oligarchy, and you have all these protests on the street, all over america and all over the world. and it doesn't really matter what these
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protests are about. they take different forms and different names. but the reaction by the oligarchs and the clap, the cross, whether it's joe biden or his son, or hillary clinton or the clinton mom, is to start to look at the people as dissidents. so where do we have dissidence? we have dissidence in cuba, we have dissidence in central america. we have dissidence in various other countries. now we have dissidence in america. any one is on the street, protesting is now considered by the club to craft the oligarchs, the corrupt, the biden's, the hunter biden's. as enemies of their wealth, and of course to get out of it, they print more money. and the escape patch of course is bitcoin. they will lose. and again, i would like to say that i would, i am regretfully, don't feel sorry for hillary and her group of club to crabs. and when they are gone from the stage, i will not be shedding a tear. so again, here's to have minds. we covered hillary clinton warning that it was bitcoin,
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which caused the destabilization of the us dollar currency grad. and then here is joe biden. warning that caught you right is deal is d, stabilizing the u. s. electric vehicle market, which, you know, there's trillions of dollars. now, going into these electric vehicles, coincidentally, that is benefiting hunter bite and about this. so we have a, you know, the, these are the late stage. ah, you know, end of empire sorta roman empire falling apart when they also lost their minds and it was obvious, you know, of the, the basically political insanity that was to that they were point to get others out when it was them point pointing in the mirror with america's become the land of the peasant, the neal peasant, the cyber present, in the med averse. and now we've got a pass of uprising and my money is on the peasants. you know, because we've got big coin and they've only got money that they print by the
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trillion that's losing purchasing power every single day. we've seen this story before. bitcoin rocks. and i do wanna also point out to people that, you know, i feel like it's a lot of propaganda against a country like our salvador is that it's, it's, it's beautiful here. and the people are so warm, they're so amazing. there's beauty all around you. it's quite hot, as you can see, after a few minutes out, even in the shade, it's like extremely warm up. the surf is very strong. this surf is very powerful. it is a surfer paradise for a long time. it's been a destination for surfers, for decades. but now everybody's here for the big queen renaissance renaissance to point now, and this is our experience here. hopefully in the 2nd half, we're hoping to interview the president who kelly. hopefully we're going to be there with the president in the 2nd half. yeah, that be great. i will hopefully get a few words at least. yeah, he will be joining
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a group of big cleaners in els on day and hopefully get a few a few words from him and then we'll, we'll see what happens. don't go away. stay right there much more coming bure way. ah, ah ha ha! driven by drink shaped banks. concur some of those with theirs sinks, we dare to ask for what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy,
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even foundation, let it be an arms race is on of very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time to sit down and talk ah, welcome back to the kaiser reports stella l. zante el salvador. as we promised scenes from the big party thrown by president kelley, let's go to that right now with
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a, a, b, b o, a . ah, with you remember i sent the video to girlfriends in miami,
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a, w 9. those over here they have a good a well, so it was like june, july, august, september, it was like 4 months the orange bill, everybody. i really thought in this new me wow. oh, you know was thinking we haven't really been to the people. i was thinking we should do a great announcement, right? yes, we already have been a little better. so would it be
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a be something that i was thinking? what do we do the way that we see here? what do we do right now? so you know, when i look under the grade was conquering the world a standard, a standard. they were very small pieces of land with things. he said that time, the stablish 20 other centers all over the empire. and the idea was these other characters not to cover the territory with us are actually very small. but the idea behind it was these are the beacons of hope for the rest of the world that all of the world to be a divided, you know, you know, the rest of the story. but that was it. so i thought, you know,
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if you want to spread all over the world, we should build some other sandra. right? so, well, we should build the person that sandra here in october. so we were thinking of building between city louis louis of the land. so people saw that you have that in berlin and then and right next to well close to there. you have the power plant. hello. so there you have the both going for the sake of the 2nd goal. so why do we build the city or there? in the for a 2nd goal. so actually what i was going to present to you is the building
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. oh, not build a city with a deal, but you would actually be a legal municipality with mayor and everything is going to be live in the 2nd go and it's going to include everything, residential areas, commercial area, services, museums, entertainment, bars, restaurants. oh so that it will be a circle that really goes and you go k. no, it's not a new book. it okay, no, it's not the same. okay? no, that's bar in mine. it's another one. so at the beginning of the city where the old apartment, but that will build a new one right next to the city. and a book
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a no power the whole city and will also power the mining to this is going to be totally circle with the, you know, and the middle, you have a huge plaza which is would be from the air you look at is a bit going fine, now we were talking about this boons fully, you know, in the system and not the normal bunch of the issue in new york. so with my friends, i'm so worthy i o n a we are going or not i maybe so we're going to start
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with a small issue is to test the waters. i'm going to get 2 minutes or so you can explain. you are going to do right now before issuing anything. so please bear with. okay, i'm going to start there. so this is a very historic moment. we're going to be issuing between barnes like barnes. and these ones are amazing. it's only the 1st one is going to be a $1000000000.00 bond. and what makes it of a coin bond is because it's backed by point half of the $1000000000.00 will go into buying that point. so the resin is going to market by $500000000.00. oh.
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with the other half will go towards infrastructure, specifically building energy infrastructure and mining. so this is why it's going to be called the volcano bond and this is going to be a series. so this 1st bond is called the b b one or, or the coin bond one. but there will be more, there's also a special coin dividend. so on that $500000000.00 that the resident buys after a 5 year lock up, but it will start filling some of that coin, give an additional an additional coupon to all the investors in the bond. or if you think the coin is going to go up and we model that out. so it's something we were working on for months actually because of the only thing that's important. 35 percent year over year is conservative. but at the end of the 10 years,
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or in the 10th year of the bond here, if you will be 146 percent coupon is 6.5 percent for the 1st 5 years. and then it starts getting a good point boost. i think this product is going to be incredibly attractive, not only to the going to holler is investors. people that have stable coins by just normal people as well. like even from the traditional financial industry or bankers . because there's no instrument like this on the market. this bond will be issued on the liquid network, i bitcoin side chain. and to make that happen, there needs to be a few things that are done. so 1st of all, the government is working on a security law. so law for digital securities, modern digital securities laws, and they will be issuing the 1st license operate securities exchange here and i'll salvador to follow an excellent team
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this is going to make a little rental center of the world of more america. and if the u. s. can you can yeah, the big 1st and you know what they think they have a lot of whales. so i don't see a problem billing. a $1000000000.00 bond is a 5 year lock up on the bond. so that's half a $1000000000.00 of a coin taken off the market 5 years. now, if you do 9 more bonds, that's 10 bonds as 5000000000 in bitcoin, taken off the market for 10 years. and if you get 10 more countries to do the a mortgage right there. oh, within theory on, on these big when barnes is insane, the 1st country to do it, which will be all salvador. we'll have
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a mastery vantage point at the 5 year mark reaches $1000000.00, which i think it will be who will still be quite into quarters and recruit that $500000000.00 in 3 and a half quarters. they can get enough money to pay back the entire bond. i think that's pretty good. yeah. sounds good to me. so the 1st countries do this will have a master advantage. this is the beginning of a nation, states the coin follow you like that? oh, no. you don't wanna invest yourself, or this is the easiest way to do it. you must be tied to citizenship too. so if you're investing in bonds or anything else, from a residence, shopping to citizenship. so you might want to make one look, you know, how can i do it? how do i start? this makes it super easy by the bond picture of itself for
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the, for the junk mail, or we're here to change the world. we're hearing about it or to change the world. and we're ready to die on the hill. all of us, you know, guy. oh, good. good here. you know. right now the volcano bond idea that we talked about. i guys report 06 months ago. made real. oh my god, we did it again. not only that, but i have learned how to be a very poor surfer jack. this is a service like to leave. you just know there's almost always that you need to have about surfing. i'm with steve a. this is for in the process of where you would find out all harder you sometimes. so the other thing that is really important, i call sort of businesses are basically be
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a strong enough in your body to go out there with a real voice break. and caution, so from practice, right? but so finish something that's really hard to get it to practice another day. and the only way that you get to get on the bottom. obviously the goal is just get there, but you can skip the calls about the process that takes you all their safety. so when i do a lesson now, so like, normally i can take like 5 minutes just to pop up and because they're written every time they do a lesson, they hold, you keep going. so that's why these moment this brand new 30 need is that i just like everything that you do it because the prostate by practice or this is like to do mistakes over there. and you don't know what you say become and then they have it is later on when you are real ways, does it show the only way to improve any level that you are sort of
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a mistake? i mean, you can learn from, right, well that's going to do it for this edition. i've got a report coming to you from l. zante el salvador in till next time bio news in i saw a message from an unknown account because it has a selfie with my passport as its profile picture. show pictures of my documents. it will say also sent a credit contract. i had just 3 days comply with their demands to see if i didn't send money and they sent out an online hate campaign. i was supposed to be very dangerous man. with the headlines or whatnot
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international, a new cobit strain in southern africa. it's prompting alarm. bells, it's quoting nations to shut down air travel with the region cases already spreading though apparently being detected. and israel and belgium the developers of sputnik be prepared to test the russian shot against the new mutation in the program. we hear from the hungarian foreign minister about his own country's vaccine policy and the need to put lives above politics. there are many countries. i'm considering the issues of vaccination as if you had a political over or ideological nature. you know, it's about liable to people with, well i didn't do anything special. i simply battled for my life. every person in my situation would have done the same.


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