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well, they may come with their faces, but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats tonight and states has gotten reuben. this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter, i have to be on to the people that are all american. we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in o. c, aggression them phone instead of one of your groups in your salon, you're below reading a blog. i talked on which desperate going to die e and a session was the resource from fair to not even though you know, with lovely new cuticle bothers
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me. e plus the board. sheila stock storm you produce law the law or yeah, we could do e summer. we'll talk with napoleon, you sent me a thumbs up on the possible brochures, helium seal. if you could, i shall, absolute. now. so in your redeemer there that i've been the nimble with because the yes. who remish though it, that the option finished you marry him, stella ross that not the michelin listed him to the finish corner store hotels were partition with bermuda. done some work products the minute them eel duck with them . if you know the show of look that he gave sure mm.
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blue a soco chips. and if that does show that i want them to push one more step pressure from one that that before this are copy of the plan. i don't ship a so she question with trust with that behind a mm hm. a glider. oh, sailplane is an unparalleled aircraft that maintains flight with android. dynamic lift which pushes up on the wings with airflow for a glider to achieve free flight. the small co plane is used for shuttle
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for school. wonderful. now with sure it's good enough to live here. just not to go, don't go to go somewhere or just mostly i only need to be on the car for all summer square near the only me it's just a little room this post meal. i'll call you to just share that a book exploring, flowing out because of the board of pos, are going to push up your sure the ah, even was usually you would change. it was in the insurance for the studio for ching, if they spoke with them or what the fuck gross on the some of the yesterday a phone which was a feature. so face isn't showing up on you. you wouldn't even interest the one you don't use of you could send it to showed up or shoot. don't go to fish for cut. the said you should have done more for your full social group with the bill of she insidious navina. corey. hercules, can your social for those with those half aviation clubs of the u. s. s. huh. which later became south of russia were the only opportunity. young women had to become
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full fledged sailed lane and aerobatic violets until the 2 thousands all doors, the mainstream aviation were closed because it had always been seen as a strictly male profession. as sophia fisher, the power cord, no florida even vod 6000000 i yeah. stole shifting shop for all the to ctx $52.00 became the only single engine light aircraft in the world suitable that aerobatic training at all levels from total beginner to advanced violet. ah, it was mass produced for 20 years from 1979 to 1998. ah, yes. so when the shower volunteer center, even on the some i let you know that this is jose, the super don't read that book,
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i was or what hydro shorter me on. but of interesting because, apostrophe, i wish if a daughter, single station and bush with one border with the theater, any girl diocese, and stepped on the de somewhere. oh some one that shone. then you've got down prestige in gorda rhodes. you dump it. lanier said, oh, all a bit the at the key until 2009 competitions in russia used the concept of leagues to define a level of difficulty. the russian classification is similar to international counterparts. the only exception being the yak, $52.00 competitions. most aerobatic pilots trained and still train on that exact same aircraft last only get there was an entire semester. yeah. to number was was this year it done? what had the bread syndrome you should go to best courtesy. the family rushing. yes
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. ah, a national brush. you think of what was your free week of the machine and got the rest of the were supposed to find a new one, a brush built with water and i wasn't fortunate number of them on the 2nd question is a with when performing dead loop rolls and other rare about extensive pilots can be
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subjected to as much as 5 g, meaning that body is late 5 times more than usual. they can experience black out and it becomes harder to move their arms. it can also place considerable strain on the heart. good health and physical fitness are a must for all pilots. mit michelle's from your wireless to put the gray heating grains years credits you for you so much if that was a continue to with your $10.00 a share about this coming year. though i tend to our daughter middle school is a great story near the school many engineer then you will almost if she were both
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are going up over dania. i need william hughes not in the past. so that installed the car. i need the child, but you need the bus for you press hook up with her and then you will not see without the, without the phone in, you know, she's not going to use that. the worst speller worship compared, you know, it's just a peer to him. yes. not a. was she? no good. yeah. for sure thing to put them which to with me up with my 300 me of
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those of you to the bush insurance with a look for another from one ocean. let it go. all for a little from forbush. we're william lawyer for post engineer for proof of it's are you still with them? with no idea is the quickest way to get into civil aviation is through us lying school. i sent the requested to what it says, all it is, cuz i know that there's some irish, some of the kilometers. i'm just a bit of a chance. my look good. when i send the cheaper a,
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a couple more times as a reminder to sort of bench. so what's the bottom of which has not go up and that system, this is the most produced aircraft in general aviation history. since 956 over 44000 with more than 25 modifications have been built. that of course, is a sham of sure to it or even a small your digital enough it's, i'm quote numbers with that, i'm deep look at them by john egypt amongst them. and they're just now with diamond crossed industries and rushes, or else civil aviation works signed an agreement to produce a number of models for the local market. by only 202100 d. a 42 units had been
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built in russia. the l 410 series a background is popular in more than 50 countries on 5 continents. there in the most demand in russia, africa, southeast asia, europe and south america. i need to know when he's done now with the bus number and that's basically the price, but i would be a so in which case that i was a be a contract, a similar that him thought the me like them and them back me up. i wish to put the most than you with are no with the why if you all of our parents to let them know, but at least you would have it more and i don't know diamond but the when the war a joy stick with them over. so i don't think we
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because i'm excited because i called smaller you michelle michelle? no, what the cost of it is a list of those. those are what, what the let me start could add them a little so they're going to help with almost nibble that you will need to, could he be at the trailer for your mobile, that piece from this company? mine. so unison, well, there was a, for the bill of an inch and what's the name of them? what's the, what's the patient also me personally,
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just the way in the media. the person who deals commendable up with that. i shit that was a lot of emotion. deworski with the bill of the women. yeah. which meant that he really wasn't a sophomore. would she should go down scales level? well the dish. got them go. yes, i will go. i did to them. this is a, this is the additional from goodwill industries in north viet that here with us on facebook. and if not, so you shouldn't, especially as unless you will have an order. and then i'm looking for one that i, i wouldn't be able to see to see can typically be moving in with what acting is now need to number or not. and that's and you saw a picture of the shane you got there in wanted to,
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if on yet and you can yes. now what stuff almost for the delay. i think the leticia prostate and as those are the bottom near that with another approach avenue beside picks. of i me at the, with those thoughts of molla, that's what the most, those little die neo bruno about a little boy who screw sewell is a chunk of the us government been a little bit if there's a problem. my lord, this is the most of them probably might if you guys with a problem, ah, yup. isn't as though they have been was through some of the papers they have to deal with a whole chaise. so
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ah, no one else. sure thing wrong when all 3 just don't hold any world. yes to shape out because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah ah. busy busy a fish and they have
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a boost in the course. the book of this bush not valuable which is labeled with . busy busy i'm with a with a boy you about the store. daniels, i can show chalicia post to pondering him broadly from patricia post on your board change share approval letter
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with the young flow chips. nathan's mission book delaware shock. can you still says machine and the key? silly, but you're welcome. michelle cross, country products, my local. but those are the persons platinum level number. we'll check with the channels you can reach me at 15 them or i was wanting to speak with someone else who did respond to what the ya through. she was mom my on bush. ah, wish multiples, which i know was the better for you, what the look i need to know because i'm all those through the sco you slow other a little or sim jewish going on. the great on commercials up on you. some i notice ronald boyle pro leg machine manager. insure it more washing drama. when i'm water
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polish, was east or sure on for the pretty much the bas character without see a little more to do with need. sure. somebody with a companion mother more, which with all the doors in the midst, i submit the those will meet to peach state to select the key. and the union shomberg should be up cause with our liquidated yvonne, with same from the workers. pena flushes sugar league with
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joy, a fidela ish dungeons anymore. so we just launched a family to throw a new thing more spot on one that was illegal or on the spot is going to fall more through a little moment because you even though i cooked malloy. yup. new marston jamar will teach nasal. of course when you marble dusty, i wish you wouldn't below with both of them. ah, cedar thought this thought, but you'll see to me when you bustle, don't worry political danger pitcher upon to join them. yeah, no christian booked to you. now the pilot in command of a boeing 737, maria through the nurse has worked hard to get into the profession. she sacrificed comfort basic needs and many aspects of a normal personal life. but working for
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a major airline is a lifelong dream for many girls who devoted their lives to flying disguise. on your slide yoga chill sample 12 foot a french more. when you're still there was a good answer. some bits of wood gear. you mean you eligible up to? no, no, but e somewhere off with the so we're deal. huh. yeah. or lost out. so what, what? yup. yourself, but what them are stitched didn't go the where are 40 sri a little for him to walk and we thought about them was there from min asbell at austin you it's a curb. dinged up on the watch. stroke commander. ah, no. lumiere, the bullock, my elderly woman stopped voice but there was a little program of one of my dear little private boys, the commander of the waltz. couple children, the command you the one. what awful cheer wish pity, joy clip i had
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a year which become one year of my illness just what i need you to just, you know my, their company. i see you more or what the can college from controlling build westjet void from 10. and that's what the idea. boyer just stood at the word finish . mom. if you with that there's nothing you know what that believe gun usually said, almost. i also a bruce, it's useful to sort of somebody in the garage at those up winchester snug appointees. it'll do just once i finish the machine with the bike columns, the yacht club, you can get them up. got, i mean sure. you have to keep my message. she's leeway i should share with
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you by them. just ask her outside new revision citizen by the way. yeah. i was just a therapist about them. but then will that be, had you thought there was some, i don't know, but that's the one with that, according to the federation, aeronautics international and the advanced classification is one of the most demanding categories of aerobatic maneuvers which can only be achieved with the latest performance aircraft, like the su, $31.00 border, highly maneuverable, next room single seat aerobatic aircraft designed by the supply company with a 1st in the world to sustain a 12 g load factor. they've proven to be consistent prize and award winners in many aerobatic competition. so i thought jeff fisher better for supers
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outdoor national social snowboarding portion of summer that the extra thumbs oscar eve probably accordingly somewhere up near the new mid the episode for somebody of shampoo, sat there on your by your chair and you got there shouldn't have been out, think about the, the person when you're really biased on the thing that you felt there was still, there should be a social, it's mostly with the extra airplane. was designed by both extra a german aerobatic pilot. and it's long been a leader in sporting aviation aerobatics, in particular home victim to the study just recorded. so this is q one approach from 2 other numbers, news from wonder or 2nd mission. i live in the country with richard, eager to sit in the owner on your version of the roads, shows more notice it doesn't cover him with the medicine. famously use galaxy i do please. because latania
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with whom dot over not spoken of to put a couple more. yes. wonderful. now with the very short food issue. and i also spoke to sonya and we spoke with the i guess probably a mac garson that was with me. i used to have your pick up on the conference, but i will get a better day in the morning as a tim gosh, the vin in stone. it on the complex. ah, the unknown old dog program is made up on competition day and less than 12 hours
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before the display. so contestants never get a chance to practice the sequence with all they have time for is to walk through the routine on the ground. yes, so i think i'm not sure that the one guy that placed them longer. sheena, to me, boom was spirit by open posted for themselves, or should i should have thought seems to be a crash, or even a thought about when your boy is a shit for you. yeah, she got pasco school boosted. was there a shift or question? you scare them. yeah, but the war storm yesterday, but i used to bizarre with another sales was cried. mr. clark, would you say, you know? yeah, missing a shot and nicole in the waste, yours?
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no one, you know, graffiti will not all of them was noticing that there had been stress oh, ship that you thought how somebody transferred to people that she is a norm. yeah. are you sure spending the course with concern because this year with us not once it's not that you got those to sit in there right now. you cook the doctor, choose those who thought when you bought a home or a new russian or don't want to buy books that they are because i was still working with a
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dinner for your so you simply wish mr. is here. he no good to be on what it is. i receive them. wow. is it going down more just the grad school. miss korea, to keep the pin yet the mission. they got you to bring up the question a and that's no surprise because what they do can be extremely dangerous. the pilots never used the word last, but instead talk about then latest flight. they went so on buttons or take pictures before a flight and always greet their plane by caressing its nose. all too often quite personal rituals known only to one person. the actual pilot. yeah, the siskin when you bought that there was for a deal or you could vote anywhere to them, wasn't his food not to where was he?
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has the dishes hush go to the mice. yosemite chena. good them. yes. yes, this is an open open geo. do you go to new york? you said there are more what that are? most of it are sure. i don't wanna figure out says johnson is short in little coffee, but you know, that would be the beach. but the excursion, but he's a big decision to move. i would say that that with an you know, 3, she was 712 noon a ah, ah, b u is in the process of finalizing what is being called this strategic compass for
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security and defense. this is a shorthand for what may become an e u army. this is not a new idea, and there is no guarantee that will ever come about is europe capable of defending itself in this competitive world? supposed to switch cells full, these double membrane stretches which are like sex, which capture, pushes the cytoplasm and then deliver them to water, the incinerator of the cell, the license for degradation. so that's what we'll talk with me. i saw a message from an unknown account because it had a selfie with my pulse board as its profile picture. i saw pictures of my documents . it was they also sent a credit contract. if i had just 3 days, you know, comply with their demands. if i didn't send money i, they sent out an online hate campaign that i was supposed to be very dangerous man
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. help headlines for this. how i live on, i see 3 managers of a siberian coal mine along with 2 inspectors are arrested as an explosion that killed 52 people's box, a criminal negligence prob aeronautics international. a minus widow tells us repeated warning signs were ignored with my husband came home, and every time he was saying the swans and well, riots and gulf, the capital of sudan as demonstrators denounced a military crew and demand the return of a civilian government. our senior correspondent, murat gaz. dia is right in the midst of the action, the crowd dc the 1000. we had seen many small columns, swarming in various naples before converging here and american families by
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that traditional banks.


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