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tv   News  RT  November 25, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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yes, ma'am, in st. louis a share. ah ah, tragedy in siberia, where made your report say that $52.00 people have died including risky workers off an explosion at a mine is conflicts. the last official statement though, that the fate of many of the mine is, is unclear. historian, conversation about mandatory vaccines with the public, not the controversial advice of the world health organization to countries and maybe europe wide protests against the production of compulsory jobs for certain goods and in the cities. capital theory over the recent military crew is not letting us pass. demonstrators demand the return of the ousted civilian government, senior correspondent, bar jazzy, of reports from the protest. they all want the power to be handed over by the
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military foisy of guzman, properly, they saw without any exceptions, they bought the military step down. ah, welcome to all things and asked long for moscow. i'm daniel wilkins. wherever you are this evening. thanks for joining us. on the program. now we start with a tragedy in the central russian region of camera where an explosion has ripped through a local court of mine. the latest media reports now suggest as many as 52 people have died, including 6 rescue workers. officials haven't confirmed these figures though, and their most recent statements conflict with that number of casualties. so let's get some clarity on this from our team. subtle. corta don, thanks for staying across the story. just where are the media getting their numbers from? what do we know for sure? so far without speculating while dan, like you said,
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some media reports are now saying that the camera of mine explosion has taken the lives of 52 people. although the official statistics still say that 3 emergency workers and 35 minors are, you know, their fates are unknown, they could be still alive. although it is, however, unlikely that anyone who has been down there for that long is, as has survived at this point, given that any protective equipments that would have allowed them to breathe, those toxic mining conditions would have long expired already. now to go back to the beginning, we 1st on thursday received reports that an incident had taken place in the central russian city of tamara, of other located in siberia. we learned that there was an explosion in a mine shaft. there was 250 meters underground and at the time of the blast there were 300 people there. luckily, most of the people were able to get out of there in time, but unfortunately, 11 people were confirmed, killed, and another 51 were injured. they were taken to the hospital and unfortunately
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a lot of them are in critical condition, their main, mainly being treated for smoke poisoning. now all communication was lost with the people in the mines, pretty much right after the blast to place and emergency service services arrived quickly. they spent most of the day battling the poisonous smoke and a bit later search and rescue operations actually had to be put on hold because the authorities were worried about the potential for a 2nd explosion. and it actually became quickly apparent that there really was a problem because after the search and rescue teams that were already in the mind were supposed to surface, they actually did not. and then there, of course, it eventually became known that 3 rescue workers were killed and another 3 are their fates are still on no. now, communication with them was also lost shortly after that world. and the authorities are still looking at the possibility of another explosion because of extraordinarily levels of methane in the mine at the moment. now,
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as for what exactly cause this explosion, we don't know there is a criminal probe that has been opened to look into what exactly happened. 3 administrators of the mine have already been detained by the police for the process of investigation. but the preliminary findings have, have suggested that whole dust actually in the ventilation shafts of the mine caught fire and that could have spread it to other parts of the mine as well. so this is a really tragic situation for the families of those miners and rescue workers who were killed in this situation. and a really uncertain situation for those relatives of the the rescue workers and miners were still on accounted for. all right, don, thanks for that updates or thoughts and prayers obviously with those affected and the families will get back to you with more details as they come in later. the world health organization is searching countries to start
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a conversation about what it cools. the very delicate matter of mandatory vaccinations comes a day after the storm warning that europe with death so could hit to 1000000 by next spring. there are lessons of history here when mandates have come to the expensive trust and social inclusion. so it's very delicate. we think it's time to have that conversation both from an individual and a population base perspective. this marks clear you turn by the w sharp earlier this year. it said it did not support making jobs, compulsory starting, stating it was best to focus on informing people and making that seems readily available. the latest spark, in case numbers from countries across europe to re impose curves, is lee grease anisette republic of bod, vaccinated people from restaurants on the time menus. sweden is considering mandatory booth jobs. so people over 40 frances set to make booster shots available for all adults, which will be needed for health pulses and spanish regions including catalonia limiting movement for vaccine. hesitant citizens and gemini, chancellor,
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in waiting all our sholtes as called for mandatory code with shots as well as the case numbers have hit a record of 74000 with a death toll passing 100000. the governments describe the situation as an emergency or your correspondence pre to oliver reports from button was deep concern at the moment, and it's particularly when you look at those figures over the last 24 hours. the number of covert cases that have been reported to the robert coffins that you're passing 75000 for the 1st time. also germany reaching a sod milestone as 100000 all over 100000. people have now died from cove at 19 in the country. we are in a period of governmental transition here in germany at the moment, says angle americans steps down and all are schoultz looks likely to be the man that will be replacing her. now both governments have set the alarm bells ringing
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really when it comes to this latest wave of covert 19 because the problem is obvious. we are heading for an emergency. the likes of which we have never seen before in this country is that also the way out of this pandemic is that in institutions where especially vulnerable groups are cared for. the vaccination is made mandatory. all i've shown they're talking about the idea of introducing mandatory vaccinations in certain situations. now it is a big question here, found elsewhere about why vaccine uptake has not been as, as prevalent as in german speaking country. so basically germany and austria were looking around 69 percent 68 percent, whereas you look elsewhere that haven't part mandatory vaccinations. i'm talking about spain, italy, portugal well over 80 percent in portugal, 98 percent. so the big question is, why haven't people in germany, austria come forward to take up these jobs now in australia,
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they've said that they're going to introduce mandatory vaccination for everybody from february of next year. now polls being taken of people here in germany suggests that that would be reasonably a popular idea. the idea that vaccinations were made mandatory. the thing is is that there's a really bleak picture being painted for those that don't. a jump is the outgoing health minister yan spawn shyness. weird and probably by the end of this winter, as is sometimes cynically said, pretty much everyone in germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead. but it's true with the highly contagious delta. very, this is very, very likely. while the federal government here in berlin can sets an overarching covered policy, the individual 16 states that make up germany, they have the powers to be able to implement things as they see fit on the ground. and what that seen is a, a patchwork of, of methods that are being employed. if you're in states like bavaria, north, ryan, west, farley, abadan, born by the rhineland palatinate and others. then you're pretty much barred from
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public spaces if you've not been vaccinated. can't prove that you've got a valid vaccination or that you've recovered from cove at 19, in the last 6 months. elsewhere like in the cities of hamburg and here in berlin, then you can get on public transport without being able to prove that you are vaccinated, recovered, or that you have a valid p, c artists. now we gauge the opinion of some people here in the german capital of what they make of the measures employed. i find it absolutely right, especially in the current situation, we must be very thorough. personally, i have no issues with this. as i want to have safety when getting from a to b. c, it's a little, it's difficult for many when they did not want to get vaccinated, but still when to use public transport, it will have to find other ways to move around. i find it a big divisive yeah, it's shocking how they are using case numbers to force us into another lockdown or
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mr. sanders said we are 9 on the scale of $1.00 to $10.00 at the apocalypse. we are at 9, but that relates to the quality of our politicians and not to the situation that prevails on the ground. or we have a new government on the way and they are going to be facing huge challenges, whichever way you slice it, when it comes to this latest are of the coven pandemic. now there is news coming out on thursday that the outgoing chancellor angle america had wanted to put the country into a 2 week lockdown that would have started from well thursday. today. however, it said be reported in those german tabloids that the incoming government led by all our shots. they have blocked, they said that's not the way they want to go. so it's not going to be locked downs . there is this huge problem with the 4th wave of coven 19 in germany. we're going to have to look to see what their plan is to tackle it. we spoke earlier to bob giovanna, professor of urology and your logic surgery at the university of vienna. it says
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europe should have rolled out mandatory vaccinations as soon as they became available. if you really listen to physicians to experts, all of them agreed that this vaccines and vaccinations are the solution. and fortunately, because this was driven by politician and i cannot repeat it, often enough of input politics comes to make medical decision is like a politician telling you if you need an up index to me or not, we need mandatory vaccination. we should have done it much earlier, and the reason why people are so unhappy is because nobody was speaking clearly to them, explaining them the fact. it was more political. you don't important people adequately . you don't spend time time money and resources to basically explain to people what's really going on. explained the vaccination process. the safety of this, this vaccination, as long as social media is driven by the big news in all parts of the world,
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you will have people doubting about the tickets of these kind of activities. and night time taffy's when extended in the french territory of god, the new permit unrest over co restrictions rights also spread to another caribbean island martinique it recognizes longstanding hostility against the authorities in paris protest breakout. so the covet measures rocking frances overseas territory called burnt road block shops, looting i, there was a law. unfortunately it had to come to this. we elected representatives, but they couldn't stand with to say the youth is fed up with this parent said, special forces to bring down tension testers, ready against mandatory vaccination health work and health policies. pain to stop the spread of code that we have no more freedom here. we have become violent. that's it. or to africa. now we're in sudan furio. the recent military crew
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is not letting up the spot, the army reinstating the ousted prime minister on sunday that had been more protests and unrest. illustrations last week on von, it was at least 16 people killed on wednesday alone on his senior correspondence more ghastly of reports from the sudanese capital. well, these are the traditional thursday demonstrations here. so darn in that cartoon, the crowd, these schindler thousands. we had seen many small columns warming in various neighborhoods before converging here and what they all want these for power to be handed over by the military to a civilian government. properly this time, without any acceptance, they bought the military. the step down many people here feel betrayed by prime minister ham dock, who signed an agreement with the military, giving up a lot of civilian bower to the military weed. if you,
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with this agreement between hum dog and moran, and this give legitimacy and legal situation for the court will, if you'll decide we want, comp will not complete civil society and complete civil government tear gas out. or something of the sort had been applied here, though we haven't seen any police there also ties burning are on the road. that is also in a traditional part of these products. where but brutus, to set them a lighted major intersections, they, they lay barricades made up of weeks of stones to stop traffic. that is civil disobedience, but the crowd disease, very diverse. there are elderly, here there are women, there are children. there also men, all sorts of people from all walks of life, of these crowds are much smaller than what organizes at poor poor. they're also much smaller than what we had seen earlier. many people had given up many people no longer see the point in these demonstrations. they don't believe that any good
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change, positive change will come of these demonstrations after after 2 years of them. so the crowds are much thinner than org. and i said, hope they had called for a 1000000 people that come out the streets of had gone to condemned last month to i q by the military, and also get them the civilian, the, the prime minister ham dodson deal with the military power sharing deal, which they see as the betrayal of the revolution an american whiskey maker has to all people not to buy their written house, right. they're doing it to support the teens to, to crawl, which will help the company haven't hill says the case and verdict is no cause for celebration. we've been disheartened to learn that some individuals and businesses have been using our written how straight wry whisky brand to celebrate the kyle written house verdict, despite the profound loss of life from those events. 18 year old carl rittenhouse
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was last week, acquitted of all charges after fatal shooting to white people during a black lives matter protests in wisconsin, which had descended until riot. which now said the act of his self defense with footage of the incident appearing to support those claims is some of the online reaction has been to the liquor firm statement. i know a lot of whiskey drinkers. i know a lot of conservatives, i don't know any one who toasted the actions or verdict under discussion. another attempt to divert our attention and divide us. why in the world would you choose to jump into politics? the big to said, and they chose to said with corruption and evil. exactly. and now that everybody knows sales are even going to go up more brilliant marketing this independent journalist dave lind off believes the drinks firm is deploying some reverse psychology in a bid to boost its profits. i don't think the thought of closing it does
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do vision in society crossed the minds of the marketing people at written house. i think what they were doing was figuring out a way to make some money off of a news event. and they figured probably they would sell a lot of whisky to about a lot of liberals. if they, if they said, don't buy it because it's being a, you don't want it to stick that name. you know, the companies are not in the business of creating political division. what they're doing is trying to, trying to make money. and everybody knows that. i mean, it's a capitalist society and people understand that. so i'm just guessing that it's, it's a sort of a backwards logic that if they call for a boycott, you're going to see a lot of parties in, you know, rich liberal households where they'll probably serve rittenhouse as the drink of
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choice. and people will say they're drinking it because they took a stand on the written in house verdict. french police have arrested 5 people in a cracked on human trafficking, gangs ultra, at least 27 migrants died, trying to reach the u. k. in an inflatable dingey on wednesday, the tragedies also led to london and paris trading accusations. i've a wear responsibilities like you get home secretary, pretty patel told the house of commons this thursday that she'd outlined her proposals to france on how to resolve the trust. i once again reached down from made my offer very clear to firms in terms of joint france and g k corporation, joint patrols, prevent these dangerous journey from taking place. the missiles and madam deputy speaker, no quick fix. 27 people drowned and the english channel near calais off that boat capsized, which marks the biggest loss of life in the bless channel 5 women,
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and even a young girl and a pregnant women were all among those gentle front since 1500 smugglers have been arrested under around 44 smuggler networks, dismantled, but that's simply not good enough. considering the latest statistics of nearly 26000 people reaching british shows just this year alone, which is triple that of 2020. now both sides of the channel are essentially blaming each other. we've long had a tit for tat war. was between boris johnson's government on and dave emanuel microns as well. and now the french authorities are flat out, refusing to join in with the promise of a joint patrol mission on the shores, which by the way, the united kingdom put forward 54000000 pounds for that mission. so they're all questions like, where is that money going and in any case, can you really store money after situation like this, a humanitarian crisis now? well, the french say that they've been working day and night to stop these crossing.
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however, just yesterday morning, a group of more than 40 asylum seekers were pictured carrying a dingey towards the waters in that photograph. french police appeared to be standing by and simply doing nothing. there are 2 the questions for the u. k. government as well because whatever the government has been doing, it's not good enough either simply isn't working. we've heard over the last few years, pretty much mt. platitudes and almost aggressive slogans coming from the government . particularly from the home secretary, pre to patel who had around 3 years ago, said she would make these crossings an infrequent phenomenon. and more recently, she vowed to shut off the route entirely, making them on viable. well, despite this tragedy just yesterday afternoon, and indeed this morning, we've seen more boats attempting to cross the english channel. the terrible weather expected in the next few days potentially is why many people are risking lives across the english channel because they feel this is almost their last opportunity
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for a while. but we've heard from the head of the port in cali and he said, this is something we were sure i could happen. and even those on the rescue mission just yesterday said, i had just how many more people must lose their lives before the government actually intervene. to stop this, to the giovanni, to release his real group assassination. and then the situation we experienced today, we have been dreading it for a long time. we have been sounding the alarm for a long time despite the similar terry and crisis now. well, the government actually do anything after years and now years of a worsening situation. alan scared ameritas, professor of international history at the l. a. c says the french have and i have an ax to grind and are using the migration crisis to do so. i think the need there, the real change must happen in france because after all, the french government is legally and internationally, league lose walsall for speeches and for who moves around on these beaches and who
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lizzie's beaches. and so far, all we've seen is either incompetence, lack of will, or even complicity a mean there's a suspicion in england, a macro on eyes soon sense of brick suit, that he wants to punish the british for bricks. it in one way of doing this is to encourage migrants to cross from france to britain. legally these migrants should register for asylum and france, and there should be made to do so by the french authorities. why the french authorities are incapable of placing their own beeches is a matter of a mystery to nearly everybody in england over the seem to be incompetent. china is furious after the u. s. invited taiwan, but not by ging to a summit. dedicated to democracy, says the snob shows washington is playing games. what the u. s. did proves that the
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so called democracy is just a pretext and tool for it to pursue geopolitical goals, suppress other countries, divide the world, serve its own interest, and maintain, is hedge. many in the world are america's position on taiwan as unclear, their uber and chinese presidents recently held an online meeting during which stroke widen, said washington was committed to the one china principal, which says taiwan belongs to the mainland. early though he said the ireland was independent and should make its own decisions. professor benjamin charl told us that this inconsistent approach to taiwan reveals the u. s. foreign policy lacks credibility. whether it's time for us to make the will save by extruding countries like china and russia. more people could eventually be eyes. how you were critic american policies and aura by to be iterated that the u. s. does not seek to change china system and the u. s has no intention to have
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conflict with china and also by don't be affirmed the us government's support of the one china policy. but at the same time, it looks like bite and it's ready to do anything up to the point of supporting pie was independence. especially now that there seems to be a growing consensus that the us china relationship will not be as good as before. and the u. s is treating china at least as a competitor, as we all know, to us, has retreated from up congress time this year, along with its decision to withdraw from sophie united to 5. and she attended kurdish fighters in syria in 2019. so at the side, examples of the lack of strategic credibility, the american foreign policy, the u. s. has felt many also is allies. so in the november 16 meeting, didn't the 2 presidents agreed at the meeting? is candid, constructive, substantial, sits, and also productive. both precedents agreed that there are differences and they
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agree to work more closely in areas where the interest align. for example, things that correspond to global challenges such as to cope it. pandemic and also climate change corpse of hoping across the us as the country marks thanksgiving day, but celebrations needed somewhat and because of the highest inflation rates in 30 years. in the traditional turkey dinner is estimated to be almost 15 percent more expensive than last year. the inflation rate is saying, well, it's being tightened and generate in general this holiday season. don't fret them. we've got a short survival guide to get you through. it has given dinner, serving a paltry costs, $1.42
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a. so been base dinner costs $0.66 and provide almost twice as much problem with those the headlines for this. our stacy, for the kaiser report to just a few its time. we were turned in half an hour or the latest headlines. join us again that lou ah
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join me every thursday on the alex silent, sure. but i'll be speaking to guess when the world politics, small business, i'm show business. i'll see you then suppose this was so full. double membranes stretches which i like sacks, which capture? push the cytoplasm and then deliver them to all the incinerator of the cell. the
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lies is i'm for degradation. so that's what we'll talk with me. the patty, this is because the report i'm mags kaiser. did you know that this is the 400 year anniversary of the very 1st thanksgiving? think about the 400 years of thanksgiving in north america. really incredible milestone stacy right. well the very 1st thanksgiving was in 1621 and plymouth, massachusetts. modern a plymouth, massachusetts. and it wasn't called thanksgiving, then it wasn't. and i'm going to focus on the
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h word. i'm going to focus on hyper inflation. hyper hardship and hyper bitcoin is ation. they all goes together. so let's 1st i guess, talk about the hyper inflation because that was the big h word of 2021. it started, i guess with michael burry he before he made a whole bunch of disastrous bets shorting bit coin, shorting tesla. he sorted a bunch of things that he shouldn't have, but he did call it right in terms of hyper inflation. he said that we were in like the 7th or 8th year of the vine mar inflation that then turn to hyper inflation suddenly. so he said that early in like march or april of 2021. and then lo and behold, a few months later jack dorsey did call it. and i think this honesty this open this, this truth that everybody is able to hear when they, when they are told and warned about die probation. i think it's, you know, it's
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a reckoning with not only our pass going back to the 1st thanksgiving, but with the same sort of crimes committed against the indians that were committed against the people ongoing of plunder through inflation. interesting. michael barry was right about hyperinflation and then may make it a bad or solid short stuff that would go up in a hyper inflation. so he, he had a good idea there, but his bets that he made, based on that idea, were completely opposite to what you would do in a hyper inflation. so, and he took himself off twitter, you know, gratefully. and i think he's got a lot of gratitude and he's, thanks thinking full. he's thankful this year they no longer on twitter. they're making a public spectacle of himself. but also the thanksgiving dinner this year in america is getting new all time high.


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