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this is a cytoplasm and then deliver them to water, the incinerator of the cell, the license for degradation. so that's what we'll talk with me in the headlines this out here on our t. europe is batted by a 4th covert wave with germany considering mandatory vaccinations. although the world health organization says jobs alone won't keep people safe. we're concerned about the fullest sense of security that vaccines have and the funding. i unrest on the looting gripping the french caribbean territory of what a loop. it's all about tough new cove. it locked down, it's fueling local austerity of the authorities and terrorists and politicians. class with eco activists and canada offer a leading campaign, awards that oil pipelines could be blown up if the government doesn't take action on climate change.
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ah, and a lot of stores to get through today on your program, on asi, international, from all of us here at moscow. very well welcome to year. europe's coven death toll could hit to 1000000 by next spring. that's according to the world health organization. infection rates, a surging in the region, and the w h o chief is wanting that vaccines alone won't keep you safe. in many countries and communities with concerned about the fullest sense of security that vaccines have ended the fundamental and that people are vaccinated. do not need to take any other precautions. data i just that before the arrival of the delta body and vaccines reduce transmission by about 60 percent with delta that has dropped to about 40 percent. the latest spike in case numbers has
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prompted countries across europe to reimpose cubs, italy grease, and the czech republic of bod, on vaccine are people from restaurants and entertainment. venues. sweden and france are considering mandatory booster jobs for anyone over 40 and spanish regions including catalonia limiting movement for the unvaccinated. well, in germany, chancellor, in waiting, olaf shoals has called from man to magistrate covert shots with daily case number's hitting the record of 74000 to the death toll passing, 800000 the governments describing the situation as an emergency. well, let's learn more now. crossing life to berlin. ne peter, all of a good morning. you, peter. what's the reaction so far from the german leadership to all of this? was deep concern at the moment and it's particularly when you look at those figures over the last 24 hours. the number of covert cases that have been reported to the robert cock institute, passing 75000 for the 1st time. also, germany reaching
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a sod milestone as 100000 all over 100000. people have now died from covey. 19 in the country. we are in a period of governmental transition here in germany at the moment, says angular merkel. step down and follow up. schoultz looks likely to be the man that will be replacing her. now both governments have set the alarm bells ringing really when it comes to this latest wave of coven. 19 the problem is obvious. we are heading for an emergency. the likes of which we have never seen before in this country. is that also because these upon the, me, the way out of this pandemic, is that in institutions where especially vulnerable groups are cared for. vaccination is made mandatory support while i'm sure they're talking about the idea of introducing mandatory vaccinations in
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certain situations. now, it is a big question here, found elsewhere about why vaccine uptake is not being as f as prevalent as in german speaking country. so basically germany and austria were looking around 69 percent 68 percent, whereas you look elsewhere that haven't had mandatory vaccinations. i'm talking about spain, italy, portugal well over 80 percent in portugal, 98 percent. so the big question is, why haven't people in germany, austria come forward to take up these jobs now in australia, they've said that they're going to introduce mandatory vaccination for everybody from february of next year. now, polls being taken of people here in germany suggests that that would be reasonably a popular idea. the idea that vaccinations were made mandatory. the thing is, is that there's a really bleak picture being painted for those that don't get a job is the outgoing health minister and spawn chinese. and the pieces been to us,
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probably by the end of this winter or sometime cynically said pretty much everyone in germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead. but it's true with the highly contagious delta. very, this is very, very likely. while the federal government here in berlin can set an overarching coven policy, the individual 16 states that make up germany, they have the powers to be able to implement things as they see fit on the ground. and what that seen is a, a patchwork of, of methods that are being employed. if you're in states like bavaria, north, ryan, west farley, abandon borden berg, the rhineland palatinate and others. then you're pretty much barred from public spaces if you've not been vaccinated, can't prove that you've got a valid vaccination all that you've recovered from coven 19 in the last 6 months. elsewhere, like in the cities of hamburg, and here in berlin. then you can get on public transport without being able to prove that you are vaccinated, recovered, or that you have
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a valid p c r test. now we gauged the opinion of some people here in the german capital of what they make of the measures employed. as is shown, i find it absolutely right. especially in the current situation, we must be very thorough. personally, i have no issues with this. as i want to have safety when getting from a to b c, it's similar. so if it's difficult for me, when did the night once again vaccinated, but still when to use public transport, they will have to find other ways to move. i find it in the device. yeah. it's shocking. has a are using case numbers to force us into another lockdown. don't miss deserters? said we are 9 on the scale of one to 10 at the apocalypse. we are at 9 to her, but that relates to the quality of our politicians and not to the situation that prevails in the ground zimmer. well, we have a new government on the way and they are going to be facing huge challenges,
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whichever way you slice it, when it comes to this latest wave of the coven pandemic. now there is news coming out on thursday that the outgoing chancellor angle america had wanted to put the country into a 2 week lockdown that would have started from well thursday. today. however, it said be reported in those german tabloids that the incoming government led by all our shots. they have blocks, they said that's not the way they want to go. so it's not going to be locked downs . there is this huge problem with the 4th wave of code 19 in germany. we're going to have to look to see what their plan is to tackle it. all right, peter, thank you. so as peter was saying, germany is 4th covered way, but apparently in full swing is putting a strain on hospitals with intensive care units running a full capacity. nationwide. the vice president of the german nursing council told us how the staff, a coping this is for an involvement a few weeks ago. there was discussion about making vaccination,
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compulsory foreign nurses. many employees are afraid since there are risks medical concerns that, that up against taking it. but the compulsory vaccination for all discussion has taken root. now because the virus spreading, hearing about compulsory vaccination for all meaning throughout the health sector and other industries is also not unprecedented. it was discussed a few weeks ago since it can be a fast way of containing the virus. the situation was already tense. before the pandemic. the workload is high in nursing homes and hospitals. it's not surprising that there's opposition of health workers have to get vaccinated by the but vaccination was made compulsory for every one hesitancy could be reduced significantly. health workers would be less single doubt. and every one being in that together would lead to broader acceptance. all this in turn would create high vaccination rate and increase the chances of containing the virus and subsequently
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hygiene related cove measures may finally be abolished. moreover, it's a chance to relieve the added pressure that health clinics and care facility staff are experiencing. as we mentioned out of schoultz is about to become the german chancellor. as after his party and 2 others agree to form a new government nicknamed at the traffic light coalition after the parties, cullen. now it took 2 months for the social democrats, the greens and the free democrats to agree on that terms. of course, often the federal election, the cd you party, which leads the out going government has wasted no time in criticizing the new coalition. different loc, the, the agreement that was presented today is relatively blunt. and in many parts, it's vague and the parties fall short of the things they propagated during the election campaign wouldn't. despite the differences between the 2 main parties, olaf sholtes his stance on foreign policy is seen as very close to that of anglo merkel. and judging by the new coalition government relations with russia,
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unlikely to see any drastic change. russia is an important international player. we understand the importance of substantial and stable relationships, and we continue to strive for them. we're ready thought constructive dialogue. we will take into account different threat perceptions and focus on a common and coherent you policy towards russia. we talked to, i believe, emma, a german lawyer and politician who thinks this new coalition certainly has its work cut out. it is too early. you're seeing it on the same day and there was the question being delayed by not turning on the huge tech problem in the last year. then the involvement of what not being on the he was bank. and the question was no, not in the campaign, just
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a question whether the candidate will survive in political in the next to lead to form of government just because the thing about it is not enough in the german edition, it would be more proactive if they weren't phone, a great coalition on all upon the government to deal with this. and you would really situation nicely. curfew has been extended in the french territory of guadalupe and submit unrest of a coven restrictions as citizens. though say the intervention has not helped matters. opening an issue of a well pull french management, perhaps it's colonies. all the french colonies are places where there is misery and violence, and this is going to remain like that a little bit. unfortunately, it was necessary to arrive at this point, none the less,
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they were elected representatives who listened, but they were not able to understand what we had to say. i haven't even been meeting with locals, the prefect, a meeting with anybody, him ready? they are sending forces at the national, under murray intervention group, the 250 police officers and soldiers. where is this going honestly and this also on the french government has already held crisis talks over the violence. it's even sent elite security forces to the islands in a bid to take back control. now that came off, the shots were fired at police officers. you cannot use the health of the french people to drive political battles. public order must be maintained. there's a situation that is very explosive, which is linked to a very local context into tensions we know of, and that a historic, as well as to certain interests that seek to use this context and anxiety. the government is mobilized, while the politicians here in paris scratching their heads to find
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a solution as to how to quell those protests. the president of the department of guadalupe says the issue, the problems are firmly at the doorstep of the french government. we're asking today to be treated in the same way as in metropolitan france. there are things that we can resolve quickly. we've always asked for support. i've given plenty of alert, sent letters, messages, and made calls. it is unacceptable. we've not seen any minister. and in fact, the last minister of the interior that we saw was bernard kaz nerve damage was usually don't, the crisis that's flared up now in guadalupe is not only the results of the health care crisis, but also from france stepping back from its overseas territories 15 to 20 years ago now, the vaccination campaign has become spark. that's ignited a barrel of gunpowder. it's all the results of abandonment, its betrayal, and contempt towards our compatriots. from guadalupe guadalupe suffers from a high cost of living like other overseas territories as well as such
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a shameful thing as a lack of access to drinking water. all of this lead people to run out of patience and give them violence is unacceptable and must be condemned. but it's obvious that we must fight to the roots of the problem. general unease with this french state isn't just a parent on the other side of the atlantic over in the pacific ocean to another island, colonized by francis waiting to cast a boat for teacher. one could see new caledonia choose full independence. the result of that referendum in just a few weeks time is expected to be far too close to cool with so many issues rearing their heads in frances overseas territories. all at the same time, the government may be forced to focus on resolving then, and back could come at the expensive events here on the mainland. difficult decisions clearly lie ahead for president mccord. and at
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a time when he is pleading for a 2nd term in office, his government, inability to control events in so many parts of france, so only likely to raise questions about his ability to deliver the security. he's so often promised challenge even ski r t, paris or a quarter property out here in moscow. plenty of all still to come in this program including canadian, an eco warriors at loggerheads with the government that some warning of drastic action. if politicians fail to address a climate crisis, that story and many more we are back just lou. ah, oh is your media a reflection of reality?
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ah, in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection, whole community. are you going the right way? where are you being led somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths. will remain in the shallows. did you know that this is the 400 year anniversary of the very 1st thanksgiving? think about that 400 years of thanksgiving in north america. really an incredible miles down
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ah, it's good to be with us today for this program that the canadian government has a fight on his hands with environmental groups warning of extreme action if the country fails to cut its carbon emissions as spokesman for extinction, rebellion set the consequences in canada and elsewhere could prove deadly. not only will pipelines be blown up, but we can be certain that worldly is will be put on trial for treason or worse. be killed on that statement was made in support of canadian scientist on campaign. and david suzuki, who's been accused of inciting violence authorities in the countries main oil producing region. alberta have moved to formally condemn suzuki suggestion the pipelines could be blown up. we're in deep, deep do do. this is what we've come to the next stage after this. they're going to be pipelines blown up. if our leaders don't pay attention to what's going on,
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it's absolutely an implicit or winking incitement to violence. this is totally irresponsible on the part of david suzuki. i think statements like that are not helpful in terms of climate change. and climate action is government takes out very seriously. ah, that's why we have a very solid climate action plan. that's the way that we're going to address climate change. not by making statements that will alarm people off cost concern. david suzuki, an 85 year old zoologist, was speaking during an extinction rebellion protest in the city of victoria. the rallies followed floods that killed full people in british columbia and were widely blamed on climate change. meanwhile suzuki, his own foundation, has tried to distance itself from his comments and insisting the activist speaks for himself. but the group went on to say that campaign is frustrated at government inaction. david suzuki himself denies inciting violence,
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saying he doesn't support destroying pipelines, but also doesn't regret his words. but we discussed the story with a pair of guests. when david suzuki says the result is going to be that pipelines are blown up. always saying is that canadians are frustrated by the candidates hypocrisy when it comes to the environment. and actually the man is 100 percent correct. he did not call for illegal activity. he is merely expressing the frustration of canadians at the hypocrisy of our governments. while the canadian government is making these climate commitments at the same time, the canadian government bought a pipeline to extract very polluting tar sands oil. the british columbia government is trying to push a pipeline through native land, the wet to wet and land, and other native lands that the people do not want. i think actually someone with
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his prominence and exposure saying such thing whether there were men se directly or not provide the mechanism in it and it's. busy just platform a reaches many people and you've got, you've got different sectors and the environmental. there are some that are very green. you can say strong messages without navigating some type of illegal activity or some sites do not think this wrong. environmentalists will ever be satisfied with any about to expect everyone to jump in to green environment is unrealistic. 20 pos here at moscow, an american whiskey maker has told people not to buy their written house wry if they're doing it to support team shooter call written the house, the company having hill. so the case is no cause for celebration. we've been dis
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austin, to learn that some individuals and businesses have been using our written house straight, wry whisky brand to celebrate the kyle written house verdict. despite the profound loss of life from those events. the rittenhouse verdict, st. shockwave through america, a 18 year old coll rip mouse was acquitted on all charges after he fatally shot to white people during a black lives matter protest in wisconsin. the liquor farms statement, though, has drawn and mixed public reaction. i know a lot of whiskey drinkers. i know a lot of conservatives, i don't know any one who toasted the actions of verdict under discussion. another attempt to divert our attention and divide us. why in the world would you choose to jump into politics? the big to said, and they chose to said with corruption and evil. exactly. and now that everybody knows sales or even going to go up more brilliant marketing this independent journalist, a dave linda, gave us his view on the story. i don't think the thought of causing it does
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division in society crossed the minds of the marketing people at written house. i think what they were doing was figuring out a way to make some money off of a news event. and they figured probably they would sell a lot of whisky to about a lot of liberals. if they, if they said, don't buy it because it's being it, you don't want it to stick that name. you know, the companies are not in the business of creating political division. what they're doing is trying to, trying to make money. and everybody knows that. i mean, it's a capitalist society and people understand that. so i'm just guessing that it's, it's a sort of a backwards logic that if they call for a boycott, you're going to see a lot of parties in, you know, rich liberal households where they'll probably serve written house as the drink of
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choice. and people will say they're drinking it because they took a stand on the written in house verdict. i. so my, let's, i took out some of the global headlines for you in brief as i, india, and a trade unions are protesting against us. corporate giant, amazon, accusing it of selling drugs online. us off the indian police charge, stop at a regional amazon branch of trafficking marijuana by passing drugs off as a sugar substitute. that was on india has denied all the allegation so far. and long q is a full mega petrol stations all across pakistan. citizens rush to refuel their vehicles ahead of a nationwide strike by the petroleum dealers association group. i said that around $8000.00 facilities would remain closed off the government. refuse to increase that profit margin to iraq, where processors have lit fires outside the offices of courage. political parties and most of the activists, the university students demanding the local government pay their allowances. as we
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understand that the student benefits have been suspended supposedly due to the cost of the war against islamic state, and a subsequent drop in oil revenue. and finally, a coal mine explosion in rushes came out of a region, has killed at least 9 people and left dozens injured. it's feared the death toll could rise with $49.00 minus still unaccounted for. a several over those brought to the surface are in a critical condition. the cause of the disaster has not yet quite been established . a criminal probe, however, has been launched and you can get the latest updates, all those stories online. just a few clicks away on our website r t dot com. thanks for joining us for the post a program we are back at the top of the ah, it really is no thing. they can't ride on police report it to december 2020
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a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so like if people organization, if an idea that it must be a pose a channel out the gate while they may kill their faces. but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to united states has gotten reuben, this is a chance to see who on t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter have to be on to the teacher, that's all american. we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on a very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical of time. time to sit down and talk in short, don't seem an official, mr. hatch or someone at that the, from the tech up here with some dinner, washed them with a new beside that. so i me at the what the membership i usually said almost failed. so what i'm going to look up in video. it took the test once initially yes, the key moments she leeway she had to
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push this with. so school, the double membranes stretches which i like sacks, which capture pushes aside, applies them and then deliver them to all the incinerator of the cell. the license for degradation, so that's what we'll talk with with the room, but the one business show you care to coordinate the branch board. and i'm rachel blevins in washington coming after bother us continue to grapple with skyrocketing
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inflation and supply chain shortages. president vida has reiterated the need for the autonomy of the federal reserve. we'll discuss. what is the new era for germany as a nation? is that to inaugurate a new chancellor for the 1st time and yearly 2 decades, will bring you the latest on the ground in berlin. and later the i m f is once again pushing back against el salvador. this is the you'd bitcoin as legal, tender. we'll talk about it, but the majority of american thing, they are now feeling the impact of inflation as the holiday season begins, the pressure is on for the federal reserve to combat rising prices and to take more action now that president joe biden confirms he will read in a j pow and in addition to the political divide, feeling like it is growing more than ever at times, divide between the poor who are struggling to survive. and the rich who are watching their wealth multiply continue to have an effect on the nation. but while
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americans get back to work and weekly jobless claims hit their lowest point in 50 years, workers are entering a world where they are forced to comply with the vaccine mandates in order to survive. yet, even with the roll out of cobra vaccines, the u. s. has actually lost more lives to the virus and 2021 than it did in all of 2020. as it becomes clear that cove it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. and americans are now being told that they need booster shots. all of this as the pharmaceutical companies behind those shots are making unprecedented profits with pfizer by on tech and maturing making can mind $1000.00 per 2nd off of their vaccines. joining us now to discuss it all, it's richard will posted economic update, and peter shift chief economist at euro pacific capital. it's great to have you both on the show today, professor wolf. let's start with you. what do you make of the current political divide as the average american is being forced to pay more for just about everything they already couldn't afford, while the riches companies in the country are profiting more than ever?
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well, it's an amazing thing to do to the american people put you through 3 crashes in the 1st 21 years of this century. put you through the worst public health disaster, probably in american history, but at least in the last century, you come struggling through that with all the pain and all the suffering that so many of us had gone through. and then you hit us just as we thought may be, we were coming out of it. you hit us with inflation in which the prices arise, a faster than the wages. this was already a problem. this will drive people into even more debt. busy if you're able, in fact, to run it up a bit more, so it's an economic disaster, it's a sign of an economic system to be blunt. that really isn't working very well. and that now mr. biden latins did.


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