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oh, we start with the arbor case, where 3 white man accused of killing a black man jogging through a georgia neighborhood, has been convicted of murder, count, one malice, murder. we the jury find the defendant, travis mc michael. guilty. oh, even asked, whoever just made it out 1st, be removed from the court account to felony merck. we the jury find the defendant, travis mc michael guilty. now, the victims family called the shooting of 25 year old aman aubrey a modern day lynching. now claire was, you know, i'm as a mom, i know him is quiz. yeah. he will now read about now today are buried. father said the lynch mob was a conquered,
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even as one of the defendants declares he will appeal the conviction or to contribute my birth. has it more on the reaction to the very high profile case? my thanks for joining me on this. hi scottie. okay, so were all the defendants actually convicted of the same charges is a little confusing there for a little bit. it is a little confusing. they all 3 faith, 9 different charges including malice, murder forecasts, felony murder, to cast ready to saul, one kind of false imprisonment, one kind of criminal attempt to commit a felony. travis was the one that was convicted on all of them. his dad was convicted on all that malice, murder and brian, the neighbor. he was found not guilty of malice, murder, and 2 other charges, but the driver travis been, michael says he is absolutely going to appeal this verdict. so it is not over now. this trial lasted for about 2 weeks and during that time that if it actually portrayed the defendant as men who were just protecting their neighborhood was any
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evidence actually presented that ari was a threat or behaving suspiciously? nothing that was convincing to the jury. it was same, although that was definitely what the defense was trying to do with trying to pay these man is people that were concerned, they're going to series and break in. there was a house under construction. they claim they thought him raising past as if he were running away from doing something wrong if you will. and so they went after him, travis grabbed shot gun and the neighbor joined in the chase. he's the one that ended up getting the video that made this such a headline making case when they saw actually what happened in the video. and so when he refused to job, travis said that there was a scuffle crowd. michael felt fear for his life. and that's when he shot shot 3 times twice. he hit our bery and that's what killed them. and they claim that they were in fear for their life. but the jury just did not buy that argument. there was no reason the kid was unarmed 25 years old. he was jogging, it was an avid jogger. he didn't want to stop. and in that case, the prosecutors were saying that that's why they centrally killed him is because he
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refused to stop and let them detain him in their attempt to make a citizen's arrest. and jury did not buy their fearing for their life arguments. you know what to hear? it was interesting about molly, very rarely, if i ever heard a citizens arrest, especially a modern day, actually working actually being a true citizen, the rest. i mean that's, that's what's interesting that they claimed this was their defense is the reason why they were stopping off. there's one thing about neighborhood watches. there's another thing when you take it to the extent. but you know, this case had another element in, and it's been described as racially charge, but no evidence concerning racial bias was actually presented during this trial. so why is there this reasonably that race played a role of the jury decision? is it just simply based off the color of the skin of both the defendants as well as the victim? is that where that's coming from? yes, i think so. i think you made some great points earlier today when we were talking about this when the verdict 1st came down. obviously what's been in the headlines with the public been hearing about the family of the victim stepping forward and
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saying there's just been bias all along the fact that it took so long for these men to be charged for it become public and it and they had questions about even the da's office and there was a number of reasons that they felt that way. but i think it's because it's been in the headlines. it's so much coming on the heels of the written house burdick. and then we've had a number of incidents including george floyd at the time that this happened as well . so i think because it had been in the headlines so much whether or not this was racially motivated in the video. you can hear the defendant making racial path. now, a federal court is going to hear these charges on hate crimes next year against all 3 meant that that's and you're going to hear evident the racial animal perhaps being a motive for this trial. or for these men to commit murder, but in the case they did not present any evidence about racial animal. it was strictly based on the evidence. did they fear for their lives? did they have reason to change and go after the unarmed demand while they themselves were armed and the jury just didn't buy it? they didn't, based on race. they based on the what the legal evidence that was presented for them and their instructions were to determine if these guys were guilty of murder.
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and they said yes, absolutely. they are. and ultimately, a lot of the makeup. in fact, a few days ago, there was actually a make up to the jury that was coming under question grant. this is a county in an area that's very south of george almost close to the florida line. in fact, one of our other per site florida, georgia line, 27 percent of that county is actually made up of african americans. and yet in this case, with 12 caucasians and one african american made up this jury. so maybe that was a part of the prosecution there, their whole theory not to make it ranges based on the actions that could potentially backfire within a make up of a county like this. absolutely. and they did have one black juror, and the rest of them were white. so there was no potential if you will, leave the race later. all right, and, you know, unlike the rittenhouse that we talked about earlier to, you know, when you had a jury that was predominately white even though you have a higher population of black there. but it's an entirely separate case. but i think
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because in the media and in the public, it is being discussed and raised in such a hot topic these days. there is reason to think that perhaps it was on the mind of the jury when they made their decision. but at the same time, you're not covered enough trials to know juries are given very specific information to whatever you're considering, what they're not to consider. and i would say 3 quarters of the time that they really do take those instruction very seriously. and they try to abide by the law. well, and on this note, especially going into it, it's been peaceful. let's hope it stays that way. probably just because the answer was exactly what was needed in this case, justice was served. wish that the families though, could actually enjoy the time with their loved ones. molly, thanks for joining us on this thanksgiving. normally on the show, i try to avoid covering rumors or conspiracy theory. hence, while we have said more time covering the actual actions of jeffrey epstein as well as seeking justice post mortem. but we really have not talked about the reason of his death, which is officially in rule to suicide. however, the phrase epstein didn't kill himself as grown
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a cult following. and now we are finding could have some medical proof, possibly to back it up to discuss you bringing legal media analysts line all line on thank you so much for joining me on this. well, thank you. ok, what is this new proof this come out? well it seems to be almost like a psychological review. they're saying that before he died other people. ringback are suggesting that he said i would ever tell all the said that's in order to, to sweep people, we would look the other way that you appreciate the fact that people don't want to get into conspiracy theory, which is a way of saying a quote he gave me was 10 but there are 5
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types of accidents more besides and who you can get better than in terms of somebody who is no indication that they saw both inside or part of the piece. you know, that was think was in thank you by ending with this, isn't the conspiracy, what about me, are we only remember the guy that old got into a fight with him? no mention. i don't know where this guy said oh no, no, he committed suicide. that's the end of the shut up. don't ask the question, and if you know you were married, you're, you are part of the, we're going to let me go do this again. the evidence. evidence from day one.
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this was not reliable and you make it, like i said, conspiracy theory is a bad thing. i think after the last 2 years of what we've lived through so many of these conspiracy or is being proven true, i think there's a new connotation to conspiracy theory. as we're finding out that more and more a lot of things that people use to just rumor about or cues of have come pretty much true. so don't take my mike, my saying conspiracy theories being totally negative. definitely the different meeting today than 2 years ago. but now with this new piece of evidence, because this is actually an evidence that was a part of a psychological review, is this enough to spark another investigation to the events surrounding as soon as death, even if the other one was how was done really in a rush, i don't think there's anything i think is somebody who said this is what we saw. he said this is his, here wasn't article report. wasn't that what we're seeing there now saying it was a psychological report that was done 2 weeks before the apparent suicide. why,
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but they were saying that he was indicating that there's no way he would have done it, which later on could have been used or interpreted as how clever he was to get people not to look at him or to be or to be suspicious. i bridge. ringback this case, if you really want to do it and nobody media, it's right. have it right away. the only people who were ever going to bill for the most only interest was the fire. really going to let this happen again? anybody read? look what you said back did the body if you there were, i don't know why. why don't even seeing this term. i mean, you're not yes, but this is not well, well let me just point out that this is the exact opposite of what you normally
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stand, suicides, when you see a suicide note, and people getting lots of red flags leading up to it. in this case, it's the exact opposite. he was saying he wouldn't. so add that to your list of reasons why you might not just go with exactly what the corner is. but in the $1000000.00 question kit is who actually wanted to kill jeffrey epstein. and that will have to answer later on. i know everybody wanted. okay, we'll answer that question later. thanks for joining me, vinyl so much to talk about. but after the break, we're continue on another subject. you've heard of killer bees. but how about what is the word vampire be? oh my gosh, is this to have nightmares? are made of and we will bring you why this changes happening in a region, sadly, not too far from the united states. oh i know when i would show the wrong, oh,
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just don't hold any new world that is yet to save out. disdain becomes the advocate . an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. with you know that this is the 400 year anniversary of the very 1st bank, steve, and think about that 400 years of thanksgiving in north america. really an incredible miles down
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to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk good. is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? or are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. i saw a message from an unknown account because it had a selfie with my passport as its profile page. i saw pictures of my documents. it will say also send a credit contract if i had just 3 days comply with their demands. if i didn't send money and they sent up an online hate cam, i was supposed to be very dangerous man. the global shortage of semi conductors has caused problems for multiple products, arranging from getting your household electronics to automobiles. and one south korean company just made
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a major announcement regarding its biggest ever us investment. however, this comes with the same time as bitcoin. minors are actually flocking to the same state, which would seem like a good thing for economic development. however, grid operators weren't the current power grid, potentially could fail and cost future blackouts. so what state are we talking about? well, joining us is it boom bus co host, an native accent. rachel blevins, all thing texas. i have to call you in on rachel and just helps you also host the economics show together perfectly. let's talk about this announcement. who are we talking about and what are they planning? right, so samsung says that they are going to build a $17000000000.00. so my conductor chip factory about 40 miles outside of austin, texas. now this is a big deal because i know we've all been talking about this chip shortage over the last few years. how it keeps getting worse. hard demand for chips has skyrocketed because we're using them and everything from your phones, laptops, cars, they are very much needed right now. so samsung is looking at building this factory
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and they chose this area specifically because they see it as a place where not only can they get tax breaks on their property taxes, but they also said that the infrastructure was up to date and it looks like they will create nearly 2000 jobs. so the hope is that this is going to be good for everyone and also provide us with some much needed chip. okay, so they're not the only ones that made it is now it's because now you're seeing big coins also looking at to be quite facilities are coming to texas home by the end of about 20 percent of the world's bitcoin network by the end of next year. once again, what so attractive about texas because of texas. but also you got governor greg avenue saying he wants taxes to be the crypto capital of the world. you really wants to go big or go home here. and this is incredibly notable because you have countries around the world that are very skeptical of bitcoin, a bit coin mining. you have countries that are handing down band saying you can't mind here as a texas is kind of coming along and saying, now we're going to look at this technology. we're going to see how it can be useful . we believe that crypto is going to be included in our future in
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a number of ways. and so they are really opening the door and at the same time providing cheap energy, great business proposals, trying to make their state a place where crypto miners want to go in the spring off. and yet there are still some challenges. so what are the concerns concerning the state electrical grid, right? we saw that massive storm last winter that left millions of people without power and it literally was the perfect storm. and it came on the heels of locked down that led to important safety measures not being taken. and so as a result of that, now the texas legislature, they say that they have passed new proposals, making it so that everything will be winterized. there still are, of course some concerns, especially when it comes to those natural gas suppliers. and the biggest thing is going to be the state paying attention, taking those measures beforehand and then responding a lot faster than they did a lot. okay, so that's the past, but now it's, you know, this is coming. is there anything being done to help remedy right now currently, as they know, this is also going to be in the future. well,
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they say that they are. i know greg craig, ivan has said that the state is going to be ready and they really have taken more steps. you try to winterized everything. but at the same time, there really is a lot of focus on the natural gas suppliers because they fall under a different authority. and there's some mornings being raised about those. but also we have to look at the fact that it is november. so maybe those warnings will pay off and the hope is just that they can get through another winter and certainly learn from what happened. well, we're also looking at a year going into the governor's election. the last thing that any governor sitting there who wants to run for a 3rd term is the same sort of buckle that happened last winter. people will not vote for someone that did not get their lights turned on and their key even in texas it gets cold. it does, it does. i mean, last year we saw the entire state of texas go below freezing and that was just unheard of. ok, well maybe it will this time, but congratulations on your new business. and you know, like i said, hopefully with the semiconductor is out because everything is on back order and is the big part of it. rachel, thanks for joining us. thank you. okay,
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so as i mentioned, energy is actually going to be a big part of the governor's campaign in it, texas. they can keep the lights on. now as the various candidates, including the governor and the current one start on the trail. however, this makes sense, considering election day for the governor, race is actually less than a year away and only a few months until the primary. but what about declaring your intentions to run for office 3 years away, especially when you are currently in the office. you are wanting to seek, well present job. i have competed having a job he's doing for america and less than a year that he went on and declared his hopes of keeping to be able to do it until 2028. but did the president do this because of the work he is doing? or is it a curve support of a potential prospect? so it's got to bring in like a conservative coming from lake. thank you so much for joining me on this. he's got a pretty thanksgiving, i will pre thanksgiving you too, on this one, you know, nothing better than you know. a thing around thanksgiving dinner. turkey did thanksgiving dinner, turkey and talking about turkey's in d. c. and politicians are usually a good choice for that. joe biden. yes,
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they went on and declared his intentions to run again. so clearly in lake y. and so i added because he had to, i would be probably in as a strategist myself. i wouldn't advise any client to actually for a task that they're not running this early because we're not even in midterms yet, but no one really expected jo bye to writing. i think job. i didn't even during the campaign himself, joe biden was forecasting that he would. okay, i'm safe to actually vote for because i'm only going to serve warren term. so i don't think anyone actually expects them to. and if you look at the number of people who support joe biden, or don't support joe biden, they're not a big have a good discussion about abided 2024. well, and that's a thing, has a low approval numbers are actually lower than i think even is on t and thought he would get. so is now the right time to actually analysis. and let
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me just remind you, president trump kind of did the same thing during his 1st year, but it not also make you say, okay, so then for the next 3 years, are we just going to be on the campaign trail and getting pandering after pandering like a politician does yeah, so i think for the last thing that you said is actually true. ready i think if i didn't know that expectation is that, you know, politicians will just, they just run perpetual campaigns. and so i think biden does actually have that in mind because there are things that he wants to do as president of the united states . but the thing is, is that there is no energy forget what joe biden himself said, because if you listen to joe biden, at least those support him who supported him in 2020. what a lot of them are saying now is let's go branded. so obviously thera momentum for joe biden is not clear as it was in 2020, but joe biden has to say now that he's and he will run again even though as we're saying in the party establishment, people don't want not only joe biden,
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to run their now looking at campbell harrison saying, okay, well, what is it that we've gotten ourselves into for? because you've actually watched comma harris over the years, she and joe biden himself, with his 49 years of 40 plus 9 years. i want you to an experience. we're not talking about on job wide. well, it's interesting that you should bring in the republic an idea i want to bring in d dock and tag hagler. actually to give us the full perspective, a democrat perspective on this. and you heard the let's go brand and out of the lake abdul saying that the the dominant chant right now president by didn't know. however, there's a lot of rumors going around about his vice president. and should he be concerned right now about her popularity in compared to his in that could that be behind his announcement? i should go thanks so, but i know meliss cuz i was going to say something that i'm going to disagree with . so scotty, let me just tell you all this. we are excited about the by presidency. i know he is
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that 36 percent right now, but that number is going to rise. we have to give credit to the fact that we just came out of a global pandemic. and so people are a little upset supply chambers by moving the way that it should. but given the fact that he did what he did yesterday on moody st or from the reserves, we know that things are going to change or so he shouldn't be worried about on the harris run for president. he should be concerned that kind of her does get the attention that she does because that only makes his pregnancy look better than bad right now. so we're very excited about both of them. and so it's only going to be better and greater baby. well the, and i know you've had a busy day, so i thank you for joining us in the last 2 minutes. and let me just also remind people that both brock obama and bill clinton, both were very low approval numbers. a last at the mid terms, and yet they had successful reelections. i normally is probably going to do everything you can to make sure that doesn't happen a 3rd time. thank you both for joining me. okay, so when you think of bees buzzing around,
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beautiful flowers usually come to mind. but a new study found a different species of bees that are more like vultures or to correspondent natasha suite. explain more humans may have quite a variety when it comes to dietary choices. who knew that some bees preferred raw meat over nectar? it may sound bizarre, but researchers say the diet and dead animal has enabled this species of bees to survive. researchers have to go over to the significance of got bacteria over the years. supplements like probiotics have skyrocketed as a healthy god has been linked to better health. when you study looks into the gun health of bees after fighting a species that dines solely on raw meat instead of nectar. a team of entomologists from the university of riverside went to costa rica to study this group of bees that in fact survives off of consuming raw meat. the findings have recently been published in the journal of the american society microbiology, referred to as vulture bees, according to one of the researchers. these are the only bees in the world that have evolved to use food sources not produced by plants. this uni finding has led
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researchers to look at the microbes within the vulture bees. while some bees in the area being survey consume pollen and nectar, the vulture bees, a carry on the flush of dead animals. in this case, ron chicken said he revealed that these vulture bees lost some ancestral microbes while pertaining others. they also found a bacteria in their gut associated with actual vultures and other animals who consume carrion. lacto bacillus was also present in the vulture bees, which is found in human, fermented food, some be experts are amazed at the adaptations these beats have acquired. this includes their hind legs, not having paul and baskets as other bees, much like alligators or crocodiles in a way. when they tear the flesh from the animal away, they turn it into a slurry hold it in their honey crop that supports up beneath their tongue. they take it back to the nest and they store it in
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a wax pot and they tend to rise like crocodiles. now the researcher from you see where we're science says unlike humans whose guts change with every mill. most be species have retained these same bacteria over roughly 80000000 years of evolution . researchers also discovered these vulture bees don't steam but can produce a blistering causing secretions that might cause painful source. and despite their unusual diet workers to say the honey from these vulture, bees is still very sweet and tasty reporting for his hughes and hottest sweets r t. i honestly don't know how to follow that segment except to say, i'm thankful for my viewers watching the show every single night. and i went also thankful for the conversation that we can have. so please. oh me on twitter at scotty unused disgust. the vampires flash vulture b, as was all the hot topics of the day. he's the hash tag team and b and for this show and more and are continuing coverage. make sure that you download the portal
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to the app where you can watch live. it's free on your apple or android device and thank you for watching with did you know that this is the 400 year anniversary of the very 1st bank, steve, and think about that 400 years of thanksgiving in north america. really an incredible miles down. it really is no thing the cars, right on police report. it's an all cash in december 2020. a group of anti finishes . fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so like if people organization, if an idea that it must be opposed that channel out the gate while they may kill
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with that. but he says, but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who on t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matters have to be on to the teacher. that's how america. we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in suppose this was so school is double membranes stretches which i like sacks, which capture pushes aside, applies them and then deliver them to all the incinerator of the cell. the lies isn't for degradation. so that's what we'll talk to you blue. ah
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sure. i don't think the visual mr. spiritual, someone at that. the furniture here with some gender walsh, the discussion and what is your group on? yeah, i think you supposed to do this or there's a lot them when you're beside bexla me at the women, i bet you can usually should almost by your so what i'm wanting to look up in cities, it took us on submission lifestyle. right? yeah. the key moment sich, shes leeway, thrasher, shared with
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ah, teens of rioting and looting gripping the french caribbean territory of guadalupe. it's over ta from you covey rules. while the world health organization defense tough restrictions worldwide saying vaccines alone won't keep people safe. we're concerned about the fullest sense of security that vaccines have ended the fund and your havanese. next chancellor, olaf shoulds calls for mandatory coverage on a daily infection of skyrocket to double the spring peak and politicians class where the eco activists in canada, after a leading campaign, a warner, that oil pipelines could be blown up. if the government doesn't take action on climate change ah.


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