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hm oh oh, it's a case of unrest and looting gripping the french caribbean territory of guadalupe. it's sort of a tough new co would restrictions. it's ultimately fueling local hostility. the authorities in paris, germany, chancellor laughed sholtes coals for compulsory covey vaccines as daily infections skyrocket to double the spring peak and politicians class with eco activists in canada. after a leading campaign of warner, that oil pipelines could be blown up if the government doesn't take action on climate change. with
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it is thursday, november the 25th just after 8 am here at moscow. and brewery sushi when naughty international. we do a start with some news now just in from siberia there's been an explosion inside a cold mind in the kemo over region, causing a large fire. a russian emergency services say at least 15 people are injured and to are in a state of a critical condition right now. the key question though is the fate of more than 30 my nose is currently unknown. now as we understand the cause of the fire is being investigated of a closely following developments. now it's just after 12 pm in kemo voting by minus 6 degrees celsius will keep you posted on this story. but for now, europe's covert death toll could hit to 1000000 by next spring. that's according to the world health organization. infection rates are surging in the region on the w. h. o chief is wanting that vaccines alone won't solve the problem. in many countries and communities with concerned about the fullest sense of security that
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vaccines have ended the fundamental and that people or vaccine aged, do not need to take any other precautions. dear to us, i just that before we arrive on the delta body and vaccines reduce transmission by about 60 percent with delta that has dropped to about 40 percent. that i have spike in case numbers has prompted countries across europe to re impose cubs. austria is back on to lockdown and plans to make coping shots, compulsory of france and greece are considering the same thing. a paris is also slapped heavier restrictions on one of us overseas territories. that of guadalupe in the caribbean is managed to cause a public outcry. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with . 2 4 6 well, the unrest and guadalupe began a week ago, prompting franz to deploy extra police to the region. none to impose a nightly curfews. but the leader of the territory says that the intervention is not helping matters. sharla do whisky now reports from paris. man, de, tree vaccination of health workers was the straw that really broke the camel's back. a legal requirement that's been in place since the middle of september across all french territories. it is one that is being resisted on the caribbean island. her graham. that is the problem,
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the health pass, obligatory vaccination. we have no more freedom here, so we have become violent. that's it. so this problem has been present for a long time. in any case, what we must take from this is that all the french colonies are places where there is a misery and violence 0 and this is going to remain like that here. level going, the document catalog. we have already been making demand wanted. we have several points discounted math orchard. it was necessary through right at this point on my lung last they were elected representatives later. but they were not able to understand what we had to say. unfortunately, again, the youth is fed up with this and i will give their listen from the day was that we would not have arrived at this point. and as you know, mid have you lost not nothing has ever been resolved through via and decided. but i also think that if there are 2 days of uprising with natalie wednesday and thursday on friday, they will decide to send in some police informants to guadalupe who haven't even been meeting with locals, the prefect, i meeting with anybody and they're ready. they are sending forces at the national,
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under marie intervention group is the $250.00 police officers and soldiers is id. where is this going on here to do so. so on the french government has already held crisis talks over the violence. it's even sent elite security forces to the islands in a bid to take back control. now that came off, the shots were fired at police officers. you cannot use the health of the french people to drive political battles. public order must be maintained. there's a situation that is very explosive, which linked to a very local context and detentions, we know of, and that a historic, as well as to certain interests that seek to use this context and anxiety. the government is mobilized, while the politicians here in paris scratching their heads to find a solution as to how to quell those protests. the president of the department of guadalupe says the issue, the problems firmly at the doorstep of the french government were asking today to
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be treated in the same way as in metropolitan france. there are things that we can resolve quickly. we've always asked for support. i've given plenty of alert, sent letters, messages, and made calls. it is unacceptable. we have not seen any minister. and in fact, the last minister of the interior that we saw was bernard cousin iv home to around 400000 people. guadalupe is no stranger to violent protests. the threat level though has been raised significantly right now. that's because there have been reports that writers managed to break into an arms depot and took rifles. and it's not just in guadalupe where the fires are burning right now. protests civ also sprayed to a neighboring martinique where officers have also been shot at and there are warnings that this could spark violence in other french overseas
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territories. to general unease with this french state isn't just apparent on the other side of the atlantic over in the pacific ocean to another island, colonized by frances waiting to cast a vote for teacher one that could seem new caledonia, choose full independence. the result of that referendum in just a few weeks time is expected to be far too close to cool with so many issues rearing their heads in frances overseas territory is all the same time. the government may be forced to focus on resolving them. and that could come at the expense of events here on the mainland. difficult decisions clearly lie ahead for president mccord. and at a time when he is pleading for a 2nd term in office, he government inability to control events in so many parts of france are only
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likely to raise questions about his ability to deliver the security. he's so often promised challenge even ski r t. paris. we spoke with our guadalupe on socialist sen as well as a member of the national riley party. they think france is playing a dangerous game with its heavy handed treatment of islanders. grandmother was she, she's owns a crisis that's flared up now. and guadalupe is not only the results of the health care crisis, but also from france stepping back from its overseas territories 1520 years ago. now the vaccination campaign door has become a spark that ignited the barrel of gunpowder on. it's all the results of abandonment is betrayal and contempt towards our compatriots. from guadalupe guadalupe suffers from a high cost of living like other overseas territories, as well as such a shameful thing as a lack of access to drinking water. all of this lead people to run out of patience angered them. violence is unacceptable and must be condemned. but it's obvious that we must fight to the root of the problem. oh,
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dude. yeah. to fix it. said the law has already been passed personally. earlier i advocated optional vaccination, and i oppose mandatory vaccination, which is now opposed by many medical workers at the same time with the threat of a possible 5th wave of code that now exists. no one knows if it will happen or not . we see the example of france where a lot of people already vaccinated, but the number of cases is still significantly increasing. it is a disturbing tendency, alyssa, 10 past the hour here in moscow, germany is chancellor and waiting. olaf. sholtes has called for mandatory cove at vaccines, echoing the outgoing governments warning that the country is now dealing with an emergency. that's as a daily case number's had a record of 74000 with the overall death toll passing a 100000. the most current, the problem is obvious, is we are heading for an emergency. the likes of which we have never seen before in this country is that also the cost is upon the me. the way out of this pandemic is
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that in institutions where especially vulnerable groups are, can't fall. vaccination is made mandatory. these are legal. but our german states and our re imposing strict cove at measures in berlin. under hamburg, people can only use public transport if they have a vaccine or q r code or a negative p c. r test. a bavaria among others has re introduced a lockdown with all christmas markets close this year. and the leader of area has joined calls for compulsory vaccinations nationwide. while according to the polls or most of the germans are in favor of that, i dear. so far around 70 percent of the population is fully vaccinated against covert. and we asked berliners what they think as is shown, i find it absolutely right. especially in the caring situation. we must be very thorough. personally, i have no issue with this as i want to have the safety when getting from a to b. c. senate us for coming all the locals coming amended the night one to get bucks a neighbor,
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but see we want to use public transport. there will have to find other ways to move . i find it in the device. it's shocking. has a are using case numbers to force us into another lockdown once mr. 0 says we are 9 and a scale of $1.00 to $10.00. popular to swear are nice, but don't relate to the quality of our politicians and not to the situation that prevails him around to zimmer or germany is a 4th covered. wave isn't, isn't our full swing, it's putting a strain on hospitals with intensive care units are running at full capacity nationwide. as we understand that the vice president of the german nursing counsel told us how stafford coping. this is fine. you can book a few weeks ago, there was discussion about making vaccination, compulsory for nurses. many employees are afraid since there are risks medical concerns that add up against taking it. but the compulsory vaccination for all
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discussion has taken root. now because the viruses, i think we're hearing about compulsory vaccination for all meaning throughout the health sector and other industry is also not unprecedented. it was a discussion a few weeks ago since it can be a fast way of containing the buyers was one, yet the situation was already damaged. before the pandemic caught the workload is high in mars, otherwise and hotter to live. it's unsurprisingly that there's opposition of health workers have to get vaccinated. but if vaccination was made compulsory for every one of hesitancy could be reduced significantly. health workers would be less singled out, and every one being in it together, it would lead to broader acceptance. this internal would create high vaccination rate and increase the chances of containing the buyers and subsequently hygiene related called the measures may finally be abolished. moreover, it's
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a chance to relieve the added pressure that health clinics and care facility staff are experiencing regardless. now as we mentioned just a bit earlier, left schoultz is about to become the job and chancellor that's after his party and 2 others agreed to form a new government nicknamed the traffic light coalition after the party colors. now it took 2 months for the social democrats, the greens and the free democrats to agree on their terms off to the federal election. the 3 parties have very different policies. their agreement is anything but simple. for europe correspondent, praetor oliver now reports the draft agreement document is quite a whopper. $177.00 ages, it goes over $61776.00 words that is slightly more than f. scott fitzgerald novel, the great gatsby. and there is some twists and turns when it comes to how this new government would approach russia. the draft document says that they would be
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looking for constructive dialogue with moscow. russia is an important international player. we understand the importance of substantial and stable relationships. and we continued to strive for them. we're ready thought constructive dialogue. we will take into account different threat perceptions and focus on a common and coherent e u policy towards russia. we've heard some speeches from leadership of the 3 parties as they addressed a press conference in berlin. and most of them seeming quite keen to emphasize that there are still points whereby they really disagree with their coalition partners. this agreement has to be put to the membership of the individual parties and they will agree upon it. it does seem like an almost nailed on thing that, that will happen low. who are we getting at the top of the pile? who's going to be the new chancellor? all af schultz is his name. he was the finance minister and vice chancellor in the last government headed out by anglo merkel when it comes to we style of leadership
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. it is pretty much more of the same from the outgoing chancellor. he is regarded as a very rational man. as a pragmatist on a number of issues, you can see that by when it comes to russia, he has been critical of russia on several issues in the past, but also has backed so supported nord stream to the gas pipeline. that takes gas from russia to germany. under the baltic sea, basically this is a little bit like if it was a restaurant, the head chef being changed, but the recipes remaining pretty much the same. however, those recipes will get a hint of green flavoring about them. that's because the green party will be entering the next government that they will be the 2nd large party in this coalition, they're going to get some pretty important ministries as well. by the looks of it, robert havoc taking on the newly created an economy and climate ministry while annually and a bare bach will take over the foreign ministry. it seems now that has been a bit of a shock for some, although the,
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the 2nd largest party and coalitions do often take over the most often take over the foreign ministry analytic burbock doesn't have much in the way of foreign policy experience. she, anne has also said some things in the past which suggest that she would be very keen to align germany exactly in lockstep with the united states. she's also being quite vocally anti russia in the past as well, keeping an eye to see if that continues over into her role as foreign minister. and when it comes to the free democrats, what the main ministry that they wanted, the deal breaker for them was that their lead a christian lin got to be the next finance minister that looks like it's where he will end up. it's also where we could see a little bit of friction because both the social democrats and the greens campaign throughout the selection saying that they would do things essentially that will cost more money. and that money would have had to have been raised through taxes. where is christian lynn and his free democratic party?
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they are vehemently anti any new taxes when it comes to saying good bye to the old leadership though. all f sholtes handed over anglo merkel of interesting present as they met for their last cabinet meeting for the chancellor, receiving a dogwood bush from olaf sholtes. now dogwood symbolizes durability. and the ability to overcome many obstacles and could say that was said, well, testament to the, the legacy that anglo merkel leaves from her time in the chancellor's job is a very different present though, that ad vladimir putin, the russian president, gave anglo merkel on their last meeting president putin opting for a probably more traditional nice big bunch of flowers. that wasn't just a dog or a tree or any bunch of flowers. have a look at this picture right here. a lovely bouquet of flowers given to angle, emma cool issues outgoing. now this was at the last session and the well, the big bouquet was given to her by the anti government. they will be pretty happy
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in that picture. well, the cd you potty however, is about to find themselves in the opposition. they've wasted no time in criticizing the coalition. this is what general secretary poll z me, i had to say different like the agreement that was present today is relatively blind and in many parts it's vague and the policy for sort of the things they've congregated during the election campaign. and we talked to philip emma, a, german law and politician. things to coalition certainly has its work cut out. it is too early for, congratulations. you're going to see it on the same day. and that was the question being delayed by a journal on the huge tech problem and then the involvement and whatnot. being on the he had to deal with bank. and the question was not, not discussed in the campaign, just
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a question whether the candidate with the political been the name to lead to form a government just because this thing i'll put it in about it is not enough in the german edition, it will be more proactive if they would phone a great coalition or, and all upon the government to deal with this. and you would really situation a canadian environmental activist has rattled politicians with his extreme warning for what could happen if governments fail to react to climate change. as a huck, so the results could prove deadly. not only will pipelines be blown up but we can be certain that worldly is will be put on trial for treason or worse, be killed. that statement was made and supportive canadian scientist and campaign at david suzuki who's been accused of inciting violence authorities in the
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countries main oil producing region. alberta have moved formally condemned suzuki suggestion the pipelines could be blown up. we're in deep, deep do do. this is what we've come to the next stage after this. they're going to be pipelines blown up. if our leaders don't pay attention to what's going on, it's absolutely an implicit or winking incitement to violence. this is totally irresponsible on the part of david suzuki. i think statements like that are not helpful in terms of climate change and climate action is government takes out very seriously. ah, that's why we have a very solid climate action plan. that's the way that we're going to address climate change. not by making statements that will alarm people off cost concern davis as okay. and 85 year old zoologist was speaking during an a, an extinction rebellion protest in the city of victoria. the rallies will follow following floods that killed
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a full people in british columbia. and were widely blamed on climate change. meanwhile, suzuki zone foundation has tried to distance itself from his comments and insisting the active speaks for himself. but the group went on to say that campaign is a frustrated a government in action. a david suzuki himself denies inciting violence, saying that he doesn't support destroying pipelines, but also it doesn't regret what he said. and we discussed the story with the old rasmussen, executive vice president of the eurasia center and kennestone from the hamilton coalition. just off the wall. when david suzuki says the result is going to be that pipelines are blown up, always saying is that canadians are frustrated by the canadas hypocrisy when it comes to the environment. and actually the man is 100 percent, correct. he did not call for illegal activity. he is merely expressing the frustration of canadians at the hypocrisy of our governments,
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while the canadian government is making these climate commitments at the same time, the canadian government bought a pipeline to extract very polluting car sans oil. the british columbia government is trying to push a pipeline through native land, the wet to wet and land, and other native lands that the people do not want. i think especially someone with his prominence and exposure saying such thing. whether there were men directly or not provide the mechanism in it and it. busy is platform a reaches many people and you've got, you've got different sectors in the environmental. there are some that are very green. you can say strong messages without navigating some type of illegal activity or some sites do not think this wrong. environmentalists will ever be satisfied
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with any about to expect everyone to jump in to green environment is unrealistic. american, a whiskey maker has told people not for by the rittenhouse ry product, if they're doing it to support team shooter, cal rittenhouse, the company heaven hill says the case is no cause for celebration. we've been disheartened to learn that some individuals and businesses have been using our written house straight, wry whisky brand to celebrate the kyle written house verdict. despite the profound loss of life from those events. the rittenhouse verdict has sent shock waves through america, dividing the country right down the middle. the 18 year old col rittenhouse was acquitted. of all charges offer is shot to white people dead during a black lives matter protest in wisconsin. the liquor firms a statement has drawn a mixed public reaction. i know a lot of whiskey drinkers. i know a lot of conservatives. i don't know anyone who toasted the actions of verdict
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under discussion. another attempt to divert our attention and divide us. why in the world would you choose to jump into politics? the big to said and they chose to side with corruption and evil. exactly. and now that everybody know sales the even going to go up more brilliant marketing this independent journalist of david lind off gave us his views on the story. i don't think the thought of causing a dis division in society crossed the minds of the marketing people at written house. i think what they were doing was figuring out a way to make some money off of a news event. and they figured probably they would sell a lot of whisky to about a lot of liberals. if they, if they said, don't buy it because it's being a, you don't want it. toast that name. you know,
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the companies are not in the business of creating political division. what they're doing is trying to, trying to make money and everybody knows that. i mean, it's a capitalist society and people understand that. so i'm just guessing that it's, it's a sort of a backwards logic that if they call for a boycott, you're going to see a lot of parties in, you know, rich liberal households where they'll probably serve rittenhouse as the drink of choice. and people will say they're drinking it because they took a stand on the written as verdict. so i did some other headlines for you and brief here, one asi, international indian trade unions are protesting against the u. s. corporate giant, amazon. accusing it of selling drugs online. off the indian police accuse staff of the regional amazon branch of a marijuana trafficking. alleged that stuff, use the online sales platform to pos, drugs off as
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a sugar substitute. long q the full may get petrol stations across pakistan. citizens rush to refuel their vehicles ahead of a nationwide strike by the petroleum dealers association. the group earlier said that around a 1000 full colds would remain closed off of the government, refused to increase that profit margin. and protesters in iraq have live buyers alti the offices of kurdish political parties. most of the protesters are university students, demanding the local government, pay that you and shouldn't allowances. student benefits have been suspended supposedly due to the cost of war against islamic state terrorists and a subsequent drop in oil revenues. i just give you a reminder about developing situation now from kemo about in siberia. at least 40 people are injured and to are in critical condition. after a coal mine explosion in the came out of a region, a russian emergency services report that more than 200 people have now been safely
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evacuated. the cause of the fire is being investigated. we are closely following developments that for you and also you can check more in that story online at ot dot com. for the meantime though, you know, thursday morning program continues at the top of the hour. ah, and i make no, no borders line to nationalities. and you guys as a merge, we don't have with the we don't have a back seat. the whole world needs to take action to be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way,
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but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with oh, well it shows the wrong one. i just don't hold any world that is to say about disdain becomes the advocate. an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground with so the double membranes structures which are like sax,
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which capture portion of the cytoplasm and then deliver them to water, the incinerator of the cell, the license for degradation. so that's what we'll talk with short, don't seem an official and mr. spiritual someone at that the soon to check up your with some dinner. wash the discussion and walk you through a group on yet the week you supposed to do this or there's a lot i'm giving you beside. bixler,
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wind me up with another ship gun usually said almost by you. so what i wanted to look up in cities, it took us on some mission lifestyle, right? yeah, the key moment sich, shes leeway thrasher. i wanted to look in very good. look, i need a big green b, y. i did chicken south h over i, i didn't know for today, but now i'm on a property called or something back or now me share. i didn't use the prayer. so others might eat, tasted in, healy and the need about. so when they pay for my food, they like a b o, crated


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