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i want you to live here. very good. look, i did smoke chicken, it down a big green b, y. i did chicken south h o y. i didn't know for today. and now my property, if called, or something dapper near me share, i didn't do the prayer. so others my e case been in healy and i needed them. so in a pace my food, they like i got b. o creator. oh, create it a little i got a pretty good about today over there. expect a lot of resistance from the fashion just today. i hope we're still taking a holiday. yeah, i need you to grab a, i know we have a couple of scout cars, but we got our plan. you know, we did all our, our sweeps our patrols. we got our perimeter post up. we decided to feed people
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today. i take, thank you. family. thank you. don't know. i just them, sketchy people are we keep saying over and over driving by figuring probably scouts dumb window down and everything. why guy, white beard, real big guy. there we go. oh yeah, he that be back with . this is the flag of the warsaw ghetto fighters from 1942. i want to get a message across to the other side. a job. i don't like it . i don't know what they think they're going to achieve. kids were current to the feet over here. you know, they want to around they can find out i think this
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year has really gone more to me and millison say we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government, we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves. i remember on a just day 3 of the protests over george, florida here in atlanta, cops shot rubber bullets into your guys after just one water bottle to the toilet. paper rolls were thrown, i came out there and all i wore was a t shirt over my head, and i've been made sure gas multiple times. i don't even care about your after the war and have a permanent scar from a rubber bullet. i've seen people sat on the sidewalk and beaten up, never to still vindictive people, wanting to stand up for themselves. they turned it into this basically. and then when the machine is the malicious start showing out, they didn't do anything with them. we'll see what the rest of this week running for next week with practice on the 6th. yeah.
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with the same comment that appreciate your efforts mom and dad. so what is your protest gonna consist of? can i turn i a lot of individuals and we're talking about a sod area. he would finish it because the jacob blake decision to not charge the officers who shot him and nearly killed him. it was released today. yeah. from his kid. so we're, we're planning a solidarity march tomorrow at 8, but yeah, we had talked about stop the steel if they don't show up, they show up sad, or they're not a threat to anybody from let him cry to probably it would be the only concern, but they should all be in dc. i don't like republicans, but i don't feel the need to stand up and saying no to them. they can have their conspiracy theories with i do
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not want to see our election victory stolen by emboldened radical lab democrats, which is what they're doing and stolen by the fake news media. that's what they've done and what they're doing. we will never give up. we will never again see, it doesn't happen. you don't, i, i don't know. we will not take it anymore. that's what this is all about. after this, when i walk down and i'll be there with you, we're going to walk down anyone you want. but i think right here we're going to walk down to the capital because you'll never take back our country with weight. you have to show strength and you have to be strong.
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we love you. you're very special. i know how you feel. ah, even watching the events of the day i have. it is wild. i know it was never going to be us. i knew it was going to be somebody i didn't expect for transport and everything to really show out that it was over formative for back the blue. because we all know what the performative act that they really have never been on their side and a that you know, that bed does that. yeah, he's not that really bad. so it is
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currently 5 minutes until people are supposed to show. and i don't see anyone. mm mm. justice matters to me and it's still matters to some people in this world, even though it doesn't look like it managed to a lot of people in the united states right now. jacob blake, who is shot in the back in french children. and he's now paralyzed. yeah, we're out here tonight with really unhappy about that in black lives matter. really come out. we're going to have a candlelight vigil receive shows up. and you haven't been to,
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we're definitely not going to storm any capital. i just know that if i had been a part of that group, that group had been us. do you would all of you did the general flag with the iron draw the bag of their given will of doing that you according to some videos, are partially went in by cops. they were offended by top. thompson really taken, so somebody started to do it all this done. they're not treating us to say, ah, i mean they did it because they lost a fair election on march. when you have an anarchist criticizing your except inside the election results, i mean something's going on. i've barely any respect for the authority of the state . but i do respect the democratic process because it's something that we've all
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agreed upon here. something that is part of our social contract, it's residents of this country. you blatantly ignore the results of a fair election. i don't really think that anything you do is valid whether it's storming capital or standing on a street corner and protesting piece you're a fascist. at that point, and if you allow me to thrive in a country, then that is medical to free speech. it's me medical you true freedom? i'm jewish. i have been learning about the holocaust since i was about 6 years old . my synagogue would have the 12 year olds with on presentations about the holocaust every year. so i think i know some things about recognizing that and i haven't been surprised to 2015. the only thing that you can do right now is to show them that no one's going to consult on how many of those it takes a lot of there we go today, go as like,
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mad as i am from supporters. i'm even more mad at every single liberal. who's out there sitting on the couch right now, you know what i'm saying? like, while fascist run them up? for months we've been telling people that today is becoming the fastest one today. day one. we've been to d. c. before and the dc com. soon as we walked down the street were all super aggressive trying to fight us, given our faces the to us and you know, then their buddies come and large and all of a sudden we're out. it's your gas router. oh no. they push past present to the capital, not my fault, but you don't have to figure out who the real enemies are. so who is the jurors now? yeah, i haven't burned absolutely policy. that we have a white supremacist, which absolutely are domestic carriers. storming the capital building and they have to be running from them. but then at the advisory hotel, you have projectors and i only want to say people for centuries because yes are people. but when people say that they usually and that they're not destroy property,
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and the destruction of property is not violent, destruction of life is violence. i don't know how white americans can like, look at what happened today, and i see that a is not something new. it didn't happen when george boyd was murdered. that's what this country was founded on with howard. i just want to support black lives matter. i got that. i am i a
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. 6 with . 6 aah! day with a with
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with, with, with
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a you know that this is the 400 year anniversary of the very 1st bank, steve, and think about that 400 years of thanksgiving in north america. really an incredible miles down to proceed with cells full. these double membrane stretches which i like sex, which capture, pushes the cytoplasm and then deliver them to water, the incinerator of the cell, the license for degradation. so that's what we'll talk to g m.
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i saw a message from an unknown account because it had a self re, with my pulse board as its profile picture. i saw pictures of my documents. it was they also sent a credit contract. i had just 3 days in a comply with their demands. if i didn't send money i, they sent up an online hate campaign that i was supposed to be a very dangerous man. how you work? would you work with your friends? cuz i don't remember seeing. oh, i'd like to get our guys a over here person in the capital. build it. no hands on your guys. send all bombs in
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nashville. no hes, are you guys, they attack and they attack people in the streets right here in atlanta. they'll have a walk on the south end of the handle. you're gone for us with the scary man for baker with
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the with oh a ah the what are you guys doing? we haven't done any. what are you doing?
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yeah, there's no need for go what the hell no need for what the hell you want to have any other energy for a white supremacist or above the regular to capital building. ah . c c c well the cobra read somebody doing all the country. y'all minister read somebody who y'all arrest black lives matter. people. black lot of people on the sidewalk. go wrestle. ah, if your wife to do with you have to walk around a black lives matter. all of a sudden the whole army ah
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the in the city of atlanta, if you get arrested, your property does not stay with you in whatever building that you go to. it gets taken to a separate location. so basically we have our phones and all of our other personal belongings that we need to survive in. i'm on medication central in my opinion. and so they put my medicine in evidence of property. and when i called the arresting
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officer to try and get it switched over from evidence property, he said no to ask him what happens if i die? he said, then you will need the medicine any more. i advised all of our team not to wear any of our brother here, not to bring out any of our weaponry. we just, we want it to dress down as much as possible. make it as non threatening as possible. but they, they got what they wanted. which is matter what happened a just because you know you got to yeah, sure. you got to got you got you got you got you? yeah. i came across a
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well i know. well do i have to guy? i mean, yeah, i think with that with boring day with you guys, now there's always something we're getting up now a place to defense community events even if it's a situation like that or here she was like, she would have like a lot of luck with her and then he started a oh,
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mom i was that i don't know 11, i was like a future is off of her for the record it, we trace them off your station as you need ask or someone else, you know, we say we want to find the police is because they're not using the resources that they're given adequately. they're using the resources that they're given. you know, when we say black lives matter, walk down the street, 50 cops, 50 cop cars, master s. when a black one was getting beaten up on the streets of atlanta in front of the court house in front of the jail, all of a sudden quantica. imagine that ever since the police were started, that's moments ever been. is them coming down with a hammer on the nail? had a part is my hand because they're going to meet people into submission. do what we say, or do you want to put your self where you can write and think about what you did
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because it's so bad. hm. i wouldn't say i feel vindicated, that the right wing is out of the public guys, because that's all they are. they're out of the public library, the police are looking for them. and i don't celebrate that personally because the surveillance state is bad even went against your enemies. because we know in the long run, we are still hated by the police were so hated by the government, the police lawfully coming after us the same way that they are the right way. people that took the terrorist actions, even though we haven't done anything wrong on that, we'll have to write a little right as these, we just need to get an extension for this because these are putting out way more div camco, which is now just warming my hands with i think it's a sweet thing i've seen in years i think you're doing what they say, whether they're more action than just talking. and i think if all americans were more action than just talk, this card would be
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a struggle country. and everyone in this country would be better for you with me like, you know, that has happened this week. i feel most at home standing on this corner right here, cuz i do my people like all lady. all damn. just like i might forget, this is the fault, h is 10 years old. there sat, 7 years old, just me, people, everybody got a story and they're interesting is all about like mother community and sharing with you. all honestly, how did they do? this is all dirty again on i'm dal would die. so we just got word banana on the charges were all $23.00 of us have arrested wednesday night are being drawn.
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ah, if there are active bomb threats, there's threats of armed groups coming in and here with the homeless populations or the churches reached out and asked us to go ahead and start moving them on saturday and then finishing up sunday. but somebody told you about the warning center tonight, atlanta, black lives matter, has secured a hotel for 90 people for the entire week. so some members of our group are going to be running security for that all week. you want to lots a want to center. we have no confidence whatsoever in the ability of law enforcement in the government of georgia. frank camp, the government of atlanta keys, went bottoms, who have no confidence in our ability of protecting people protect the city. so
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we've kind of had to take it upon ourselves to try to do whatever we can to prevent loss of life over here. okay. of the past few weeks, the people color involved in our group had expressed a concern with black lock and the long guns and continually saying that they are uncovered, whether they don't like it. so even though it took a while to make the adjustments, all the restaurants have been made, we're much more comfortable now. i believe, and the long runs are no longer making an appearance that is very positive change that's been made with this little corner. and we made it into the world that we want to see. so you can say whatever you want to say about, just come down here to my phrase and bring some soup. what do you, when you call a white supremacist parents violence 4 days ago, my brother in law went into a parlor and gun down 8 people i believe. and his actions,
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he justified them as a moral justice. no one has a right to take a community has been allies and likewise matter of you know, with whatever based on funding for rights, whatever goes on seeking justice. we're never gonna stop feeding people. this is what we believe in a yeah. going, we're never gonna leave. we're never going to stop
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with mm. hooker. ah, ah, oh, well, it shows the wrong one. i just don't know. i mean, you won't have to shape out this thing because the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? or are you being led to somewhere? direct what is true, what is great in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. the recent rittenhouse verdict is a cautionary tale for many in power ideology from to anything resembling justice the jury thought otherwise. unfortunately, our leads when more times than not, they were informed by their ideology and they were pursuing a revolution from the top down
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with a short don't seem an official and mr. hatch of someone at that the, from the check up, you know, with the wash, the discussion and what to do with the philosophy when you decide next line me at the whipping. now there she can usually sit almost failed. so what i'm going to look up in cities, it took us once initially, right? yes, the key moments, leeway pressure ah,
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with you on people are dead all for an overcrowded thinking cap sizes in the english channel. and there was tragedy of its kind in the coastal waters between the u. k. a huge fire breaks out to the plastics recycling factory and new york share in the u. k. costing fluids of what's fair to be toxic. smoke in the sky. locals have been evacuated from the area the coalition deal is struck in germany for a new government, samsung fella finance minister love shoals will replace anglin merkel and said tale introduce mandatory vaccination. ah.


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