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tv   News  RT  November 24, 2021 3:00am-3:31am EST

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now, well, reduce the lower ah, best under cutting, but what's good for food market is not good for the global economy. ah, we're experiencing the strongest economic recovery in the world. president biden praises the u. s. economy while the oil price source, despite his order to release millions of barrels from strategic reserves, it's all adding to mass public anger of a spiraling inflation. inflation is, is rising and we might not be seeing as much progress as fast as we would like based on the promises that he may be pushing a pupil. he blockers on children, a health care whistleblower in the u. k. claims of state funded clinic is treating girls who don't like. pink ribbons, old dulls to be gender. confused for in the program, we speak to a former transgender who sees the practice as abuse to actually child abuse with
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tavistock is doing really should be shut down on or it should be against the law. and that allowed to happen to young children, especially on facebook, delays the introduction of end to end encrypted messages under pressure from governments like the u. k. but it is angering privacy advocates. ah, well, it's a big mix of stories for your went there program here that i went out to you international. i'm rural, re sushi. i live in moscow. the oil price has served by more than 3 percent of just the past 24 hours. is certainly raising inflationary fairs across much of the world . that price has been closely watched in america, where inflation is already at a 3 decade high. it's certainly piling the pressure on various households. although the president u. s. president joe biden, he's adamant the country's finances are actually thriving. we're experiencing the
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strong or 2nd. i'm rec, recovery in the world, even after county, for inflation, our economy is bigger. and our found is that more money in their pockets, than they did before. the pandemic. the rising oil price comes to spider biden's decision to release millions of barrels of oil from u. s. strategic reserves over the coming months. ality correspondent in new york. caleb moffatt now assesses whether the move could save biden's plummeting ratings. jo biden's claim is that the u. s. economy is recovering better than literally anywhere else on the planet. now this comes after the commander in chief announced he was going to open up the country, strategic petroleum reserve and put $50000000.00 extra barrels of oil onto the market. incoming months. many have dismissed this move is simply a publicity stunt not in the least because it only covers no more than a few days supply. biden releasing 3 days worth of oil, that tax pays already paid for. joe biden would rather dip into us to teach it oil
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reserves and puts americans to work in the energy industry bite and gave well biggest bargaining chip. when he shut down domestic oil production was incentive. would opec have to negotiate? when they know we have no or else to go? the price gouging is just beginning. biden is hoping to tackle inflation and restoring gas prices at a time where he and his policies are quite unpopular. 70 percent of americans see the economic situation as poor biden's approval ratings are dropping. we decided to ask people on the street what they think the inflation is a higher now, saw them that the economy is ongoing. feshona's actually going slow. people are buying things, the stock market seems good. but on the other hand, inflation is, is rising. we might not be seeing as much progress as fast as we would like, based on the promises that he made. he has blamed the rise in oil prices on global supply, not keeping up with demand. at this point,
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the white house is blaming other countries and energy companies for holding up deliveries. every day the united states consumes roughly 18 to 19000000 barrels of oil. biden's only releasing $2.00 to $3.00 days supply over the course of the next few months. the impact isn't likely to be very much the white house is trying to put pressure on opec, and it has repeatedly called on opec plus countries like russia and saudi arabia to pump more oil and drive the price down. remember, opec represents 77 percent of the world's crude oil reserves. so tapping strategic reserves may continue to have less of an impact than many would like. caleb martin, r t new york. we spoke with economist our jeffrey tucker. he sees biden's oil intervention as a temporary fix for a worsening problem. this looks to me like a foreshadowing of something really terrible. you have at least an acknowledgment on the part of the by administration that inflation is becoming a problem,
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especially in oil prices. but he's focusing on this because gas prices are going way up, and people are really upset. now driving down his poll numbers. so he wants to be seen as doing something. so to release the reserve is purely a cosmetic attempt to a to give to please people, but it's not going to make any difference and, and prices over long term. if anything is going to have the opposite effect of causing people to realize that the really, that's not an illusion, that we got major problems. and we could see as result in an increase of demand towards hoarding and panic buying. so i think the, my prediction is that this is going to drive the problems to become even worse than they were already. we also heard from the former austrian foreign minister, karen can i so she thinks there's a contradiction in biden's pledge to ditch fossil fuels while promising all the
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while cheaper fuel for consumers. yes, administration was already in a while maya in summer, being torn apart between on the one hand, getting out of oil, a stopping oil kind of life dro checks was in the united states. and on the other hand, assuring the u. s. customer people i can tell by austin effect as of the last. so to bring in people, i mean, this is a tied to rural war that doesn't function. i don't think that this kind of moves which is a very short time thing. and we have seen the reaction by the markets at the prices didn't go down the actually, it was also a fight and moving out. and so it's, it's domestic politics for, for, for a few days. but nothing more than that. no, i still to come here on the program on our t as europe contends with skyrocketing energy bills, the president of serbia says low cost russian gas is more crucial than ever opening
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it up stories just a bit later. but for now, the program a whistle blowing psychiatrist has slammed the only children's gender service in the u. k. for encouraging youngsters to transition if they don't fit into a richard gender stereotypes. the recruitment of staff with very low levels of clinical knowledge and skill. many of those stuff that had little, oh, no previous exposure to complex who is as old as in childhood. many young people who are unwilling or unable to conform to gender stereotypes. for example, go wishing to be more masculine. ah, nat mis understood as being transgender here. medical intervention supports not fluidity, but have rigid binary construction of gender that has a characteristic quality a does if you don't like, you know, pink ribbons and doorways, you know, really
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a go. doctor david bell is also describe the type of stock trust as a gateway. for puberty blockers, he claims that nearly all teenagers seen by the service of old gong to take cross sex hormones. earlier we spoke with a former transgender also won't hire who thinks the clinic is guilty of child abuse, and they should have been shut down and not allowed to treat children. that's really what should be happening. so this is a real serious problem because it's actually child abuse. probably very few of those children even qualify accurately qualified to receive puberty blacking drugs. keep in mind the puberty blockers were never ever designed for kids who are struggling with their identity. that puberty blockers were designed for kids whose puberty was advancing too fast, and they would slow it down with these drugs. so they're miss using the drugs. they
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were never intended to be used to harm children in this way. and they are harmful to them. when tavistock is using them in this way and, and even more harmful when almost every one that they see, they're going to be administering these hormone therapy is to last year, the trust was mired in controversy after former patient care, a bell took him to the high court a cara took puberty blockers of the age of 16 with the aim of transitioning to a male of an out 24 year old regrets that says she wasn't warned of the lossing side effects that drugs would have on her lottie colonist. i damian wilson, things doctors are unable to make rational decisions on transgender issues, simply due to intense social pressure. i think the people who with are under tremendous pressure the trans lobby is hugely powerful being co transfer because, you know, for seen by many unbearable social slow people to troll to bit j. k. rowling. look,
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kathleen stock, the universe, the suffix professor just being held out of her job. and this is just an incredible social disease that's, that's really going through the particular academia and the medical world at the moment. in america, that's not unusual to have children under the age of 10 going through through agenda counseling. what if a kid turns up at the, at the, the clinic and says he wants to be a dog? what are they doing? fading biscuits and letting run around the yard on all fours. that's just crazy. it seems to be that the adults have left the room and any crazy idea is on the table. so i just think that we, maybe we just need to grow up about the conversation, accept our responsibility, and don't let our kids down by bowing to any when that's the current medical fashion. facebook is delaying the introduction of encrypted messages on all of its platforms. but it's being resisted by government, including the u. k. the home secretary claims that police need to be able to read
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people's messages on social media. on correspondent shoddy. it was daft, built into the ongoing everlasting, perpetual standoff between governments and big tech. it's been 5 years since whatsapp rolled out end to end encryption. it was hailed for allowing people all over the world to communicate securely and freely. but in tandem with some top western officials, whatsapp, instagram on facebook own a matter as dragging its feet. we're taking our time to get this ride and we don't plan to finish the global rollout of end to end encryption by default, across all our messaging services until sometime in 2023. we believe people shouldn't have to choose between privacy and safety, which is why we're engaging with privacy and safety experts, civil society and governments to make sure we get this right. technical as encryption can be, it's really about the very core of how we live our lives today. safe in the knowledge that what you tell your friend stays with your friend or does it. while preaching that competence is potentially painful, according to the government,
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it's a price we're paying for safety on line end to end encryption billings. further risks, indeed in my view, jeopardize is the good work that has gone before. message is already encrypted, a standard, but end to end encryption. when either the platform operator nor law enforcement can see the content jeopardizes much of that work in the new technological era. more conversations than not are on line, and if nothing is protected, then no conversation is private. so either we communicate face to face, or we surrender to the expectation as a 3rd person in your conversation. ease of staying in touch must not come at the expense of people's data protection and privacy rights. even what is that public? it goes against its own a matter saying that one shouldn't sacrifice privacy if the government demands it, whatever the reasoning, governments demanding companies build a special key to access private messages. but wants the key to your messages as
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created. can you guarantee it won't be copied? are you confident that a hacker or a foreign spy won't steal it? or that your government won't lose it? once that key opens a back door, how do you know a criminal one sneak inside? and even if a government keeps the key safe, should we trust them not to miss handle. the messages we send, considering our phones are so often glue to our hands. it's a 4 inch key all into our entire lives. so understandably, people aren't exactly ecstatic about their messages being read by others. privacy is a big, big thing in this country. in this world, everyone's entitled to their own privacy, and i think private messages are part of that private and it's private support themselves and think they've smearing prime if they've got suspicions, i guess so, but i don't think they should be able to read on every text message, so facebook may have changed its name, but deep public worries over its platforms. lack of privacy,
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aren't going anywhere. we heard from journalist uncommitted, i try to make more. he think this governments are using safety fears as a pretext to snoop on your communications. the question comes up is facebook figuring out a work around for the government to be able to spy on your end and messages? or what is this hold up. the company says that they just want to roll it out perfectly and make sure everything's in line, but they've had about 3 years down to work on this. and they're not delaying it even further. the excuse that they need to intrude on your privacy in order to protect human life and your safety just as, as transparent and weak as current privacy rules are, it doesn't seem like they're being completely honest. it's just reach them using this excuse for safety scare. everyone, they have to read your private messages and access to the phone, or else terrorists are going to take over america. that's essentially their argument or whatever western countries, you know, we have trillions of joy dollars in the pentagon and in our surveillance,
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the other thing. and they're making the argument that if they can't snoop in and read your private messages, if you have encrypted data, then the terrorists are going to come in and kill everyone. it doesn't make a lot of sense and it just seems like they want more control and more power and more knowledge and information about their own citizens. with eyes are still uncovered. other serious diseases have been neglected for the better part of 2 years. the 1st time in more than a decade, global deaths from tuberculosis have increased r t downtown cross off ski, spoke to those who survived the disease. you can watch the program at ortiz youtube channel. me after this, while the doctor called me close and whispered that had tuberculosis. he asked not to tell anyone else in the world. he said, you know what kind of people we have here, they wouldn't understand. so you've been told that you've got to butcher losses. no, i've been told that my lungs are decomposing. are you taking 9 pills a day? no. clifton bill set a time. tuberculosis as perceive to be bout abnormal people,
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prison inmates outcasts, homeless folks, but not about ordinary people like us. many people are abandoned not only by their friends, but by their families too, even as spouses leave them the body of another unpleasant thing about cove. it is that tobac closest death rates of skyrocketed again should work on rebels. lord, hello, hello, hello, for more than 2 years now, mankind has been fighting cove it. amid this horrifying disease, it appears we forgot about many others, including tuberculosis, 1500000 people die from tuberculosis every year. and these numbers are rising, since hospitals are overwhelmed and the whole health care system is in lockdown to sheila soon we may see tuberculosis casually coming into our lives as well as it already did in the 19th century. grandmother of well wishers in america have raised $200000.00 for a police officer who was fired for donating to the kyle rittenhouse defense fund. it was last year, the teenager fatally shot 2 men at
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a black lives matter protest in wisconsin. he claimed self defense and was cleared of homicide charges and a very high profile trial last week. and now in the wake of that not guilty verdict, lieutenant william kelly from virginia wants to get back on the force x ha, who was fired for supporting rittenhouse. now wants his job back. i watched the video of the shooting and i thought it painted it pretty clear picture that mr. written out but very strong claim. self defense. kelly made an anonymous donation, but his identity was revealed by hackers. he lost the job just 10 months away from retirement. now that greenhouse is officially innocent, kelly wants to get back to work. this is america. you can agree with your neighbors and other people in your community. and you can disagree with them just because someone has a different opinion, doesn't mean you should destroy their life, take the job away. you can simply lose your job for expressing your opinion
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anonymous. but can you get it back? this is america a, if he had gone to a political rally or if he had been involved in act of campaigning, i'll let you see if somebody was running against the current mayor. and that specific officer was actively campaigning for the other candidate. then i could see some kind of conflict of interest in serving the community, but in this specific instance, the officer wasn't even in the same state. so no there's, it's just it, there's no question that he should be allowed. those political views, certain i agencies have our department policies or general orders and in those general orders, which are written by the chief of police, the chief of police basically can say, you know, if he doesn't want you wearing white socks to work that day, you can be so faced disciplinary action. 4th, unfortunately helping a more police officer step up to the plate, realised that their, their job is to uphold the constitution. and they work for the people. they don't work for the mayor and they don't work for the agency. they work for the people, the united states is more divided in my life time. i've never seen this bad. i've
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never seen such a culture of ones former speeches. okay. the other for a former speeches, villa is vilified. this is the, the single worst time in my life from i've ever seen an attack. i'm speech and free . been in i think, 20 pos down here at moscow roughly half way through the program here. one, aussie international. plenty more still to come, including that of the russian defense minister, mr. shaw ago. he's wanting but u. s. strategic bombers have radically increased flights up and down rushes borders . well, that's in the mix of your wednesday stores where back in just a moment. ah . so driven by dreamers shaped by concur, some of those with
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dares sinks we dare to ask oh well it shows the wrong one. 03. just don't move any world. yes. to see proud disdain becomes the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground. ah ah,
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you wednesday program here one arts he or the u. s. has imposed a new round of sanctions on the nord stream to gas pipeline between russia and germany at the metro talk at a russian linked farm and 2 vessels. and while the europe is withholding final approval for the project, not everyone's bowing to sanctions pressure. as the serbian president explained to the russian media, goss, i'm proud of this size, and i want people in russia to know this and that serbia firmly resisted pressure. and we never caused any problems for south stream, or turk stream, or balkan stream, as we call it today we, we've built 400 kilometers of the pipeline across our country together with gas prom me today. we already have gas flowing through this pipeline. we're the only country in europe that's never imposed any sanctions, any measures with any decisions against russia's interests. we pursued the european path on, but we never do anything that would damage our relations with the russian federation . we need an agreement about
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a larger amount of gas with the fastest growing economy in europe excited in the leave me, we're growing faster than all the other countries in europe. so we need gas go. so the price is the volume. and 3rd, we need flexibility for quote, our russian counterparts know about this. when consumption peaks during the winter, when we want to be able to import more gas without having to pay a much higher price l h. as in global affairs, you don't just choose an easier way. you don't just please those who is stronger than you will. serbia has its own political and economic interests. without russia, there be no pipe. plainly, there be no gasoline. i'd be paying $800.00 to $900.00 euro for gas to day. economically, serbia can't handle it. the way the russian defense minister has warned of a massive increase in u. s. strategic bomber activity all around russia's borders, including military drills aimed at repelling a nuclear strike. a defense minister sergei shaw, who made the announcement of talks with his chinese counterpart artes. donald
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caught her picks up the story. it looks like both russia and china are ready for deeper cooperation when it comes to mutual defense. and that's because the united states, as posturing itself as a military full of both power. i mean, it's no secret that china isn't happy about american naval operations in the south china sea, or washington's claim that taiwan is separate from the mainland. as for russia, it looks like the u. s. is taking a more nuclear approach. let's take a listen to what the russian ministry of defense had to say. whether this is, were due this month during the us global thunder. strategic forces exercises tend us for strategic form as practiced options of nuclear weapons use against russia almost simultaneously from western and eastern directions. based on what was spoken about at this meeting. it looks like the u. s. military aggression is actually bringing us, is actually bringing russia and china closer together. the chinese defense minister at the meeting said that the u. s. is using the same aggressive military actions
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against his country as it is against his russian counterpart. we did hear from the russian defense minister again, who outlined what some of those actions entailed admissions this year. lucia records a significant increase in the activity of us strategic bombing ation. in the past month, around 30 flights to the borders of the russian federation have been made, which is 2 and a half times more than in the same period last year. so it's likely a joining of these 2 eastern powers wasn't exactly what washington expected to result from. it's increased the nuclear posturing. either one of them is the serious is a force to be reckoned with for washington. but both of them together that could be a major obstacle for u. s. foreign policy. we spoke with a former pentagon analyst of michael maneuver, who thinks the aggressive us actions in the pacific are actually proving counter productive. when you consider that since the disastrous pull out of afghanistan,
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the united states has once again been trying to agitate on the, on the western front with, with nato and, and am in the black sea area. and now with the indo pacific, somehow to try and rectify its abysmal failure in after 20 years in afghan to stand . and i'm afraid that the united states was beginning to overreact and, and you cannot blame russia and china now to decide to band together and deal with this constant irritant. i think that it is, it is a surprise, somewhat to washington, that the 2 have united and all that they're doing really is looking back on the good old days of the cold war when the soviet union and china. and even though they were aligned with one of the other somewhat, there was an ability to play one off against the other. that's not going to happen today. or just about the headlines it free for you here on the program. protest has
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been sweeping turkey off of the national currency tank. on tuesday, people hit the streets calling on the ruling party and the president out of the one to stand down. so he's lira nosedive, 15 percent on tuesday, one of the worst days ever about currency. and to argentina where firefighters are battling to contain ablaze in a national park near bonus, audis, it's been a rating since monday afternoon, and authorities are investigating now that if possible, awesome. the nature reserve is home to several unique species, including various bugs and marsh. dia, u. s president joe biden has invited 110 countries to join a democracy summit next month to share a common values and fight authoritarianism. however, washington has enough of its own issues to contend with. if you have a look at this,
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meets the surprising newcomer in the list of backsliding democracy in the united states. a historic turning point came in 202021. when former president donald trump question the legitimacy of the 2020 election results in the united states seems like the trump, the arrangement syndrome is still going strong, but the us definitely has more problems, even though performance has improved tracing in 2020. however, the declines in civil liberties and checks and government indicate that there are serious problems with the fundamentals of democracy. whether it's biden's america is bracky or trumps. make america great again. it's time to acknowledge america. you do have a problem. so i just a few clicks away at auto dot com right now, low of orbit is an increasingly dangerous place to be for the high velocity space
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junk littering the sky. and right now, at this moment of fragment from the space, ex fulton 9 rocket launched by 11 mosques, company in 2019. as we understand, is hurtling towards the international space station. we'll let you know if they have to do any evasive maneuvers. you cannot follow the story right now at auto dot com. well that just about wraps up the news cost for this iowa. appreciate your spending a time with us here at moscow. we are back in about half an hour's time with more of your wednesday stores. ah ah ah, i saw a message from an unknown account because it had a selfie with my passport as its profile picture. i saw pictures of my documents. it was they also sent a credit contract. le, if i had just 3 days in a, comply with their demands, se didn't send money and they set up an online hate campaign. i was supposed to be
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very dangerous man. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led? to direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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ah sure don't seem an official mister spiritual someone at that the from the check up to have those with the some did wash them for discussion and want to see that the phone yet think you supposed to in this i was asked to follow them giving you besides that, so i me at the whipping and i bet she usually should almost by you. so what i'm going to look up in cities. it took us on some mission lifestyle, right? yes. the key moments which she's leeway and she shared.


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