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the, the news me so on and you know what? you're watching and we are going, opening the sticker was more sports or if so if you took up a new program on which distance and then they said come inside, pick up a new life for them to finish it out for most of those like, you know, pretty much the clinical postal thing done. mother barb limits for restaurants, telling you to show me cuz i mean it wasn't angel
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snap benefits from getting into it. and when you pull that up over, cuts off certain job. boosting kovalevsky. nathan can look at me of michigan and on the sample and stuff like that and his level. so that was from the new job stuff. jim or to my sister. sorry about transition from this particular creep on, which i think it's a little more. i mean, i can judge too much about linda mindset and going from just teaching that going to try to keep all which about the
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most close notice to pull those from austin, you mustn't unable to trust missouri by putting warner robins for you. i've missed you yesterday, i just bought a room with her mother bill recall from last year. but on the report that was blue sheet to a girl, sky, charity worth years to come with telephone mcdonald redo to see could help me chuck e 0 is going to show to her to read and talk with him to to follow the funeral. it was good news for you. so the award you just know dory, mcdonald's worker, she flew in there with department of justice and pick materials and abuses. no one would put about comes the she sure knew through as a new job circles are showing you. here will be other than the marble, great year with us, mostly group joy. here now from the law group is to propose a change the she to of i'm currently live puzzles lamar, the loosely made somebody not look this up, or you just go stoker to go to wal mart.
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with semester i noticed you brush your young warrior did hear from you all after she'd sat. so i just you know, i start a process called career and i didn't smarter to them really. so absolutely. we shall you appear over alphabetically. alisha was his passport. ne, done the annual, which given to that miss cuter info graham with miss champ on no special solution. but at the corridor dish that much there was that he needs to reschedule. aiden again. self, his passport, but that would actually school is dania it out of there. and nor will i probably in the latest that i need to start notating that. i know what you should have them up for. you mean you, you put them both inside the cut, the initial deposit bombastic, blue bird would low mortgage cra, which you move them or step by spot parabola self. his passport them? no, it, it completely me, it will just don't waste. you won't be there. you'd like me glue. motioning carol gimlet, i was the red, t ashley of mancha e,
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and i laugh at them. short little charlie go quench, could easily sports the bunk ski short the live shot. but on a stomach of practical dose, the pregnant genia, while watching the a pretty spoken which on present i to machines as human, a spiritual prescott in rush that there were at the core usda was o copeland. gosh, i didn't go which a quiet in pharma said, god, that's what i was up. my sister miss portillo garcia would actually think it's rob ross now school season. we should be able cliche, just wish professor. yes. yeah. if we miss her teacher at the right, so i had done that. i thought she was in cbs. chest was one is the place that he need should as her that it is all in the market place. and you kind of senior dog, i start, sorry. am i either a span as a could alice? now i did you on was a co, honestly silly, but that was like as well it just awful let that was the because the stuff going was not that swayed done man. was it because i got to school, i'm listening at night, so i just put a line in while she, even if i me rush telephone, i'm brutish floors in as little as 2 sets of those 2 other numbers. florida. yes,
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live we're starting, it for you think on it should be a little blanks, blue shorter, but all of which bleach had ginger just jaded each cubic inches and foot length of which system will give it to the form that i took out. so thanks, it's always a good way to should, wonky sure law as a buell more balloon in 4 months. a severe widget bother to buell, come forth. stores more to deal with maybe. well, which one is what is it spot? something supported? spinning meter. okay. and standard and poors. it is facebook, sorry we could open and years. i til dogma. prost of nita dos you cub. mm hm. ah, cedric walker, i noonish mid 8th, would be at the bite and a se in the curb or driveway symposium though to boston. so mo, telephone on my to gosh, court, oh, we discuss math croyt over at dive, watching you on. yup. miss minion, minority done. they go to chicago,
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even look like, you know, what would you like to show as a mosque would be to them? but i'm still don't know, just the beauty lucia with me on the worst on them, which it's, which could sign them done when they need them. and then you need to cut you short specifically when you don't want to keep structurally protocol because it wasn't strong. so that, i mean you wish to solution was time. you don't want me in the number ah, by my teacher. that wasn't, might have been that it was the on the way you put a youth dominated comley, c o r g. let's say, you know, and then you know, we divide the bus which is an interesting profile with us with the problem
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with that problems. abrinay relates on the belief removed from our c, b, jim rings most to the latest woodenly dung. they're nice with the christmas letter potential for sales scholars. them this store, she comes guys and what i've seen is we need support treadmill should not be up in norfolk i said, just to throw for them. i think we're going to perform because we'll get it done. in the yes, probably white 3 percent down me is a new boy. we switched it to me. meet problem at the conflict. so women and most and that way alone was metabolic committee, working it up. so i need to change that or what you need. it's about a question or something about this. can she is probably my paycheck. i thought it was good. austin, you control and i was going to try view the streets in the in the format so well it's a normal cut because with my initial approx aker. yes. it was, it's celia wasn't on the list for a number of the store, even though it's my leech mining could. bye bye. some dogwood. i didn't write c t
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phosphor school absorb, this is the committee of a shot or you need to put that i forget as the bush, very near future mores that will provide you with some crap with another blog post because i had to work on the property oh okay, mm hm. just a william or jump of that on his own good to. so if, so give me a barely what's like len lies or when i'm editing, if one of this so then you have to pick up with a,
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with a glass that lays on your account of the time you see douglas, a jacket or a will blow national you show us a call with us with a bad and we'd like to let them, let me check with you. i'm sure to get the car to come celestials to come with a little bit me. yeah. using you didn't. i just did i m t sat through
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d. my mother in law to re up was why wouldn't you boss style lewis look like? oh yahoo mostly and you come when you look at them from campaign you did it the re smith nicely assume that it's that i'm north. so casa booth, i want my mom to pick. i had to please, i go to work with you when you were, she didn't need to be didn't mr. that you post. if somebody is going to install the one with the glass, shania pumped a lot of money. not. yeah, but it's dollars of the god of the for me and so yes, we have found it just be league. be out of the question you asked the guar shanie or she knew bars muh, see dr. glenmarie me mining go put our annoy or got dory 1000000 go eddies. did torsional vian this to wish that the but she thought wow story. but would she was national. looks pretty mean to do the invasion once you got the him on. that's the way he'll push that. sure that you spoke with you just with virtually i cut that we'd be able to make a lot of alluded to work and you stored some not a chance to suffer. i thank you so much. this is it in the
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youngsters machete them? i just kept, i kept on no matter what my social's finance is, what you did if i shut it off my post all my shit of compact southwestern. that was, she had a poor bush and whatnot, but it started on 2nd session, but she had it math. thank you, mazda. yes. hello. my name is jim marsters, up, but i showed shut them down there. what is, what is it it just going to the south? madonna plugs bruster with credential gumption. i know san jose is supposed to watch, introduced a mobile through scrub nutritional one with wanted to borrow 2 companies listed to sort of your system for my office manager. somehow promote that. i'm of ins, renewal soap mo, notes we have
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a a was or attention before or course number also for tomorrow's. a form of nerds to run the premium is low mileage. a saturday was the missed you or you can explain this app. you can actually use just by cnc yep, i didn't have enough stuff that i call hold on please just, quite just and change it the that the national button knows nash at the cost of what it is up wish process in the computer. you know, just the, just wanted a push the company and then when you go to the full church, a message you know, from bob to point to point church, almost certain research usual problem. so the ball people to quarter story,
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the only more is there somewhere along there as of what it was like versus the discussion with a $103.00 door 3 of the city a 0 circuit 1st just to confirm it with well, the fund i make no certain you know, board is just a moment please and you as emerge, we don't have authority, we don't to the vaccine, whole world needs to take action to be ready. people are just come in with, we can do better,
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we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been mess. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together with ah ah
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herman died rumor shaped bankers are those with theirs. sinks. we dare to ask in a still thing they cause right on police report in december 2020 a group of anti fascists allowed a film through access for 3 months. so like if people organization, if an idea that it must be opposed that channel out the gate while they may kill
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their faces. but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten reuben, this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are in order for me that my 1st amendment right and say that my life matters have to be on to the teeth that, that's all american rejects from the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves protect ourselves noon with enough to get out of the boy's shippable british. a chandler's catherine barbershop wouldn't be good for shake order associate to really do is to print awesome to both of you guys. that are my rules are be square because only are what you choose.
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a system of stairs or put a little mcwilliam where we send it with a, with her or even a she boards with a need for you to be on within our school with the buyers of those information are either other hackers that feel they can take it
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further and utilize that information to create another hacking attack, or they could be potentially companies or people that can use this information for identity theft. they can use that information and sell it on, potentially with other pieces of information that they have at a higher price. new types of information that give you a lot more identity, sell at a high price versus a database of all this information. so they try to break it down. they take a database leak and they break it down and they try to take some selective pieces of that information and create another sale. and maybe at a smaller volume, but a higher price premium from getting enrolled at each run down the committee that i've been out of here. so when you are some that are more than your life, if you, by yet now, my dear, can you come when you tell us at the by that or is it is i it would be and i'm actually be in mind from dish
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actually wanted a solution before was, wasn't always going to use the system anymore or what's going on with it. and then we can show you how much more it's gonna have to do with the release. unless you want me to. it's you manual motion w mala in front of your local
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channels. federalist like a visual assumption. yeah. what about a kid brew? so his visual stuff like that, he made a look for the bus, but at the start on his bus or to go to or what i mean. yeah. and yes we can. he's busy in it. yes. yes. kimberly, you know, so, and you really should or should wait with the obamacare can you can use up last name on the for me if you're born. yeah. came with him. was in for me now or whatever it releases my goal. so that took a little dar, so the system passport on the door just wasn't to deal with me and keep the
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boss what you want me to deal with that electron. they put about the 1st year we will probably you can text and also teach it as well. so would you, but you also have to pick up in their system or the student transact save by their religion. lloyd swapped almost as much because an interesting went up something to get, you know, i already. yeah, i try to reason and you're welcome to pdf. those are correct over the past. any reason for the people on the side of assumption and cheerios pride now before the struggle that the human junior mission avenue. yeah. i mean there was still capital reception, you know really just touching it out of them. are you? yeah. yeah. wishing up on that so
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yeah, just go there and you know it's of course thoughts and towards up shooting as account for you. i think we're probably in the hugh level cognitive market please lose a computer or just shoot. he's elusive. so i'm bringing my, your slow season more than yours. besides, when you're searching for more sure about these thoughts, it's me also the command a options that i was sick with seats have name for lack of alex will possibly be asked that i was pregnant with the go to somebody or near park either see a risk shedding is to, there's a problem or if his thoughts a bit less than a lot of my older selena, there was a reasoning, of course, i remember the last go away, bull go there, brought up bed that my love, it's about bla, from infinity. i'm finishing one is now
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a b. believe their mission year for them to school, she british thought north bottom line in the shanika mustang them longer motion for the new price dawn was showing here. oh, shoveling. mia went by. how does the glass 9 o'clock cheese does not sound noise after? norma is a good to worship boy doesn't. he's not got more than dates. east deutsche. get off the wizard. nuts. daniel dads, by kid of the blizzard. you do, please stand at your black at all have thought different wonderful songs that got back to them and didn't like i said, why get people didn't exam shaquanda? no, it's not that a compression store absolute no bushes through, but they mutually agreeable. blue eyed eastern blackbird, clinton, les gillian,
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sunday, unable to print, which i'm a little gaps was damn problem, which is selina done. he hops was that the i didn't know she will. so come when you know, sitting, you know what i see angela. if you've only of option it would. what kind of plays a job with the city you only consider the senate problem. a couple of questions from is that, do you know up front of my city and what about that? just taking a look at the a this with it's really a culture change. and it's an awareness of the risky behavior that exists in the cyber world. and we're not saying we are scaring individuals and families away from the internet. the internet is full of possibilities. the internet is very valuable . it's being used in so many different ways as part of research,
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as part of the development of the human evolution in the human improvements that we have across different industries, whether it's health care or automation or transportation. but it comes with those risks that need to be aware at a very young age is much better education going into schools now. but it's home, there has to be that same kind of understanding of what are the dangers and risks of being connected. so wow, in, so i one, today we're gonna talk about high tech center crime threats. and this is actually a very important because last maybe 10 years we have a really high number of different cyber grimes. and we have actually growing in loans in different areas, in different chairs. so it's really important to know about the latest trends. and it's really important to know how to protect yourself and protect your nation. your
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future competence against this evergreen knows. i also want you to discuss with me on these topics. that's why this question for you. what do you think was the motivation of cyber criminals? it's sometimes one considerations. most of the cyber crime. no. they're happening just because people wants to earn a lot of money. and the 2nd group is actually an active union and tony is and they have the oh and thats ryan. so perform the cyber crime stud. just so make a lot of attention to the ideas. the next level of motivation is now usually space points are in the books and spaceports innovation and best case rehab hikers and rehab walks. that's right. so it's all something interest of one country and usually a bad attacks against other countries. this is all about government politics and spanish with
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what use them google to put students to up a media council. donya sees him doing christmas some short names of the sky vision mission. i saw you bit of focused on that on the school year with sure you from cisco unions. ah ah. oh yeah, we're still in el salvador and our in san salvador. it's all popping off here. the country's into the big y as legal tanner is transforming the country, transforming the people, transforming the culture and transforming the region. oh my god.
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oh is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? direct. what is true worth is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah
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sure, i don't see him in the fish. i'm with the spiritual someone at that the, from the jack copy of those with the some did wash them for discussion and want to hear the phone yet a lot them when you decide next the line me at the and they should usually should almost by you so what i'm going to look up in cities, mission life, right? yes, the key moments which she's leeway and she shared ah ah
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ah, the historic fuss in coordination with allies, the u. s. is we're leasing strategic oil reserves to bring down petrol prices off the found attempts to convince the opec to boost to production what i will never accept it under the guise. we have the satisfied fuel pilots to get to people. the dutch prime minister lashes out that protest is off the night, the rioting against tough new cubic restriction. as cases 3rd to unlock downs or re imposed. of course, your britons government is sending troops to the opponent valley were supported to assist with the refugee situation that is facing accusations of failing to cope with an even bigger crisis.


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