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being off here, the country's a time to think why as legal tanner's transforming the country, transforming the paypal, transforming the culture, transforming the original. michael ah, historic fust and coordination with allies. the u. s. is we're leasing strategic oil reserves to bring down petrol prices off the failed attempts to convince opec to boost production. what i will never accept. it's tedious. who of the guys we suck despite the user fuel violence against people. the dutch prime minister lashes on to protest is often nights of rioting against tuscany cove restrictions as cases and looked out the re imposed across here on workman's government is sending troops to the poland developers border to assist with the refugees situation. get back home is facing accusations of failing to cope with an even bigger crisis.
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ah, very welcome to you. you're watching aussie international with media top story this now joe biden has opened america strategic petroleum reserve making available some 50000000 bows through the coming months. but despite the unprecedented move, which political rivals claim smacks of desperation and struggling economy, the president made this rather astonishing boast were experienced the strongest economic recovery in the world. even after accounting for inflation, our economy is bigger. and our found is that more money in their pockets than they did before. the pandemic or u. s. correspondent caleb open explains how the decision to open up all reserves came about. the decision was made in coordination with other major energy consumers, such as india, japan,
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and south korea in response to the fact that oil exporting countries have not made the decision to ramp up the oil supply. as the biden administration has repeatedly requested. now, many of looked on and seen this is potentially a p r, move on the part of the biden administration to show that they are concerned about the economy and the rising oil prices. but as you can see on social media, it's kind of have the opposite effect. we see many voices speaking up and calling the move out and rages bite and releasing 3 days worth of oil. that taxpayers already paid for joe biden would rather dip into a strategic oil reserved and put americans to work in the energy industry bite and gave away our biggest bargaining chip when he shut down domestic oil production. what incentive would opec caps negotiate when they know we have no or else to go? the price gouging is just beginning. this comes as 70 percent of the us public says they think the economy is moving in a bad direction. the approval ratings of the biden administration are not good by
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didn't ministration has attributed the, the rise in gas prices and to the global oil supply, essentially not keeping pace with the world economy that is now recovering from the pandemic. now they've blamed other countries for holding back oil supplies, as well as energy companies for not passing along the decreases to the consumer. the by did ministration, has repeatedly called on the opec plus countries, led by saudi arabia and russia, and said that they should pump more oil in the hopes of getting the price down. opec countries that represent roughly 77 percent of the world's crude oil reserves . they have declined to do that essentially, and they're sticking to their plan for only modest increases. you know, you have to remember oil consumption in the good stages, roughly 18 to 19000000 barrels per day. so biden is essentially releasing about 3 days worth of oil. very gradually, over the course of the next 3 months. so at this point that we're failing to see
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any real impact on the oil prices, ex, austria, and foreign minister can kenesaw, say, is america's move goes against consumers, wishes. i really don't understand this moves by bristling by them by the white house in general because of what they're doing is they're bringing more ruge to the u. s. market, but the u. s. consumer actually is asking for cheaper oil products such as gasoline such as heating oil as so what would it refineries to now with the old at groups oil of 3 days at it just adds 2 more uncertainty and it's incomplete contradiction . oh, with free market economy it's, it's about manipulating the price. actually really incomplete contradiction was the legislative basis for the strategic petroleum reserve. i don't think that this kind of moves, which is a very short time thing. and it's, we have seen the reaction by the markets at the prices didn't go down. actually,
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it was also my to moving up. so it's, it's domestic politics for, for, for a few days, but nothing more than that. europe is in the grip of another wave of cove. it with case is rising in germany and the netherlands in the 10s of thousands on tuesday. the w h o said it's the continent number one cause of death. so now tough restrictions are being re imposed in several countries, sparking a public outcry in the netherlands at least $130.00 people were detained as anti locked down. protests turned violence with the prime minister that calling those responsible idiots. and he showed all to me as a prime minister, as a liberal, i will always defend demonstrations in this country as parts of all democracy of all rule of law. what i will never accept is idiots who, under the guise of we are dissatisfied use pure violence against people who are working every day to keep this country safe in neighboring germany. daily new
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corona virus cases have more than doubled over the last 2 weeks with health care workers warning that being pushed to the limit nothing even the push there have been working here for 5 years. and the situation has never been as bad as it is. now. we are completely overwhelmed with an incredible number of patients. we no longer have an intensive care unit. all this patients are waiting until that's become available. eventually, patients that need to go and ventilators will be in the emergency department, rather than in the intensive care unit. there should actually be 7 nurses on duty, but we only have 4. and sometimes 3. it is not clear how we can take care of patients adequately with one situation in germany has all europe correspondent, what is the serious debate sounds away in germany right now? well, the, whether the country should follow australia is lead and making vaccine. mandatory austria will make that move from the 1st of february of next year. the debate in
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germany is really over whether it would be legal or not under the current constitution. there are other measures being taken though, in some regions in germany or imposing nighttime curfews saying you can't go out of your home after 10 pm. while this, if you've stood god, becomes the latest region, the latest area to cancel christmas markets for the festive period. following on from the state of bavaria, the states of saxony and a number of other cities across the country angle, a miracle has described the 4th wave of covert 19 as the worst thing the country has faced, while health minister and spawn is painted a bleak picture of the way he sees the current state of affairs, the shiny ended, these has been to us probably by the end of this winter as it sometimes cynically said, pretty much everyone in germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead. but it's true with the highly contagious delta. very. this is very, very likely. well, in australia they are into the 2nd day of the latest national coven locked down. it
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will last for at least 10 days. could go on until the 13th of december. people there though, and people here in germany as well, have been expressing their concerns that the actions taken by the government. haven't been the right one off because i don't believe it. all. the locked down will be over after 3 weeks. not even for us vaccinations, but it is what it is. too late too late. especially the mandatory vaccination which should have been implemented earlier. not in february. if we thought, what did the last few months bring vaccinations were done, tests were done and the distance was capital math floor and yet still the numbers rise in my position. i think it's not nice because at 1st they said that it would opens up, but then they built everything and then we are told that it must be close and cannot open in slovakia and the czech republic, covert cases are all so soaring. in fact, in those 2 countries from monday,
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extra restrictions have come into place barring the on vaccinated from hotels, bars, hair, dresses, and almost all public events. as the fear is that intensive care beds will be well, they'll run out of intensive care beds due to the sheer number of people the contracted coven. 19 lawyer hines, may i say, the issue of mandatory inoculation is legally complicated. yeah, i lose the ocean for fall, some silly reason. all austrian lawyers specializing in constitutional law unanimously hold the opinion. that's common. mandatory vaccination is permissible when the situation requires it. it means that mandatory vaccination is a suitable means to prevent serious threats to human health looking at the current situation and what viral did you say about it? this is exactly the case. therefore, here, only when mandatory vaccination is formulated at the level of law. can we say whether or not it's possible, but in general,
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it is permissible or been opposing rallies in australia as people that turn out to support and protest covered restrictions. the authority, the trying to expand their pandemic powers with a new bill to allow them to reinforce locked downs and vaccine mandates. once the state of emergency ends next month ahead of one wheaton stays at anybody opposing the mandates. that isn't anti vac, sir. you are out there in any way, shape or form campaigning against this man, that you are absolutely any fax, your personal taxation status is only irrelevant. alley we discussed whether government or failing in their fight against cave it with a panel of guest. of course, i can see why the people actress, drama, protesting the feel. look at the background reality, great world crisis since 2008. that even deeper, 2020 in that crisis that was brought forward measures against corona with which are not consistent in favor of the people. but for example,
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in favor of big companies. and then there is a kind of a lock down, which again is more hitting the small companies, the restaurants, the small casual industry. some of the protests that we've seen over the past week, they've been a little bit agitated, but i think by far the most ferocious has been in the netherlands with the police opening fire there. is that an appropriate response? i think it really depends on the circumstances that that police officer found themselves in if offices really genuinely did feel that their life was threatened. and again, i wasn't there and we didn't see exactly what the situation was that out the fire could be justified. it does raise questions as to why offices didn't have less lethal means to combat people that are the media. and they have deemed riotous. we know far more about this disease than we did 2 years ago for the alternative to locked down some restrictions. so while the antibody levels go down,
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within 3 months, doesn't mean that the personal immunity is lost, but in fact, that the rate of transmission is not altered. so then the, conceptually, the idea that you, horan, teen, or restrict, in some way those who haven't been vaccinated versus those who have doesn't have any actual impact on the spread. we've been told that her, the protest is our idiots there by the dutch prime minister. and that they are the 8 agents of violence. i do think a criticism of the demonstrators is misplaced, given these really very draconian restrictions which are at any rate illogical. governments are facing recalled levels of mistrust resort. a survey, how they speak since he showed doctor the doctor, the next move, well trusted, but politicians were less trusted than any other member of the record levels of production. we've seen a very large fact that people not trusting the message of the government and actually not wanted to take up medically when it was so has confirmed
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britain will be sending troops to the poland bella bruce border to help with the migrant crisis. that but the u. k. government accused of failing to cope with an even big immigration problem at home with the numbers that those trying to cross the english channel traveling since last year, reporting from westminster, his charter dusty, well pretty fertile. the home secretary is being accused of totally losing control of the current crisis on the english channel class. she's being accused of double standards when it comes to how the united kingdom protects borders. you remember 3 years ago pre to patel said that she would make crossings on the english channel, an infrequent phenomenon. then later on more recently, she said she would shut off the route entirely, making it on viable. but what we've seen this year is up to 25000 people of cross english channel headed to the british shoals. in the last few weeks, numerous occasions over a 1000 people have made that perilous journey. and very sadly, in recent weeks,
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around 10 people have lost their lives, making that journey too well. both sides of the english channel is simply blaming each other. what we're seeing is a slight tit for tat, coming from the british and the french basically a wall of words. 8 but the united kingdom, as says that the french are refusing to keep its word on a joint patrol mission even though the u. k. has forked out around 54000000 pounds a to try and help with this operation. but the french simply say, this is a british problem, and now the home secretary is almost back tracking on what she said, that this isn't a quick fix solution. this problem will take time to fix and that there is no silver bullet. the only solution is whole scale reform of our silence system. so that the home secretary is saying that this isn't something that can be dealt with over night in comparison though, to the migrant crisis on the polish baton rouge border. while the united kingdom got involved in that, almost immediately as the crisis i was developing some weeks ago,
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the united kingdom deployed a small team to assist in the operations on the polish side. what we're seeing more recently as an additional 100 troops will now help to reinforce the frontier and adding to one of this. the u. k. has now signed an agreement with potent missing to even help build a wall to stop migrants from getting in. now this wall is expected to cost $1.00, billions locked out. that's around 300000000 pounds. it will be equipped with electronic surveillance equipment and topped with barbed wire to now that will be erected in mid 2022. now the punish administration are thanking and welcoming the british forces to help tighten. insecurity, border border is and will be tight. we will insure poland security with the support of british troops. a company of british soldiers will be deployed to serve alongside polish soldiers as soon as possible, hopefully later this month. well, both campaign is on the left and right of politics here in the united kingdom are
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far from happy in slamming this move on the right. they say that the british government is essentially showing a double standards because it's not really dealing with the crisis on the english channel, but almost immediately is trying to alleviate the crisis on the polish border, plus campaign is on the left, will they to are condemning the government, they say the british government shouldn't be sending troops to deal with a humanitarian crisis. it's not a military one. so why send the troops and particularly pay attention to the fact that these people are helpless. refugees fleeing west in it generated conflicts? so 2 issues here, very different issues regarding asylum seekers at the united kingdom is a broiled in one here at home and one abroad, one though, we're seeing more rhetoric rather than action to try and deal with it. but then if we look over to the polish border, very, very different tactics being used by the united kingdom. some say though,
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a slippery slope that those tactics could then be deployed here in the united kingdom to still ahead frog is having a run in with the e. u. also a met with a muslim youth group. was how you, why among our stories coming up to the great ah ah, ah ah
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herman by dreamer shaped bankers out of those with there's sinks, we dare to ask oh, welcome back. as a been a pin rab between at paris on the e. u, as outraged french politicians criticize a meeting between the e u, a quality commissioner and the group in france, bronze islamist, they met in brussels as part of an anti discrimination campaign. but paris calls
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the talks abnormal more on that next from charlotte davinsky. well, the european commission has found itself in the dog house with fraud, with french ministers blowing up over a meeting that was held last week between the commission and a muslim youth organization. several high profile ministers here were in france really blasting the fact that that meeting took place saying that the commission, which met with this group called famous so was meeting with an islamist association that has been attacking france. this did we're referring to the matter to the commission in order to find against this islamist associations that are attacking france and are infiltrating are very institution. it is absurd. indeed. we are now approaching the european commission. don't let anything go. why is this great cause such as well? it's done so on several levels. it's been around for about 25 years. and in the
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last decade or so, it's apparent you receive 3 lots of funding directly from the european commission frenchman. this is also say has links with the muslim brotherhood. this is a group that is been designated as a terror organization by several our countries and has been banned in those countries. 6 front says one by meeting with families. so it's given the commission is key for the platform that it shouldn't have. and to, by financing it, it's financing womic extremism, but feminist has also caused some other upsets here in france, just in the last few weeks on its website. it said it was part of an anti discrimination campaign that was financed by the council of europe. now that campaign focused on women wearing he jobs who were being discriminated against, which is a very sensitive topic here in france that caused such a theory. the french government actually protested against that campaign on the
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plug was pulled on it now at the time frame. so was furious, the thought that happened and said that france was the country that was exporting the moose racism. we're seeing that the french state is really behind. this is mary campaign, the censoring of the human rights campaign. and we are seeing that family paris is currently the capital of western prejudice. now the commission has denied that fantasy has received any money, but all she has seen a written statement from 2015 shows that at least in 2012 the group receive funding just over 70000 euros famous. so for it's part didn't realize that it has any links to the muslim brotherhood, and it says it's appointed the frenchman. this is all taking the time to essentially de, legitimize the work that a dove. but it does appear that frances north, back to back down on this particular topic. in fact, there is
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a suggestion that very soon found me, so could find itself on the list of banned organizations. hearing from pfizer bon tag said his cobit vaccine is 100 percent effective for children over 12, according to its late stage trials. the phase 3 trials, the last stage before getting approval for public use in the united states, us down to the food and drug administration, which is said, vaccinate and children is a vital step in fighting the pandemic. vaccinating younger children against coven 19 will bring us closer to returning to a sense of normalcy. the f. d. a. the approval process is though have attracted suspicion from scientists, calling themselves public health and medical professionals for transparency. they filed a freedom of information lawsuit to force the agency to reveal its decision making . but the f. d a says it will only release a fraction of the documents every month so that they can be redacted. it's been
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calculated that will mean the full troy would be released for another 55 years. it battles now being forced out in court with the scientists pouring school on the f. d. a is excuses the if the premise of transparency is a pile of illusions while it can conduct that intense review of 5 documents in a $108.00 days in the us for over $20000.00 days to make these documents available to the public. federal government shields by the from liability, gives us billions of dollars makes americans take its product, but won't let you see that data supporting the product, safety, and efficacy. who does the government work for? as up to from the group that far the lawsuit told us, the lack of transparency at the f. d, a decrease is public trust. this is a major breach of public health ethics. and will, will only further undermine the trust of the public in the regulatory process and
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in the vetting process for these vaccines. they gave a sort of pretense that i don't know, it's going to take a long time to make photocopies and to review the pages. but the f d a was able to move very, very quickly in dealing with all of this documentation. when it came to deciding whether the vaccine should receive full approval or not, they continue to drag their feed. one has to wonder what it is in that data that they may not want independent researchers or the general public to have access to. i don't know why, why the company wouldn't want to be as transparent as possible in order to increase the trust. trust of a general public in the product that they have developed. and i certainly don't know why the f da would cooperate in, in a project like that of keeping very relevant information from,
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from the view of the, of the public. so we'll have to see and wait. we'll have to wait and see what it shows. but the fact that they are so reluctant to release, it's just to me that there may be interesting findings. once we get that information from the defense chief, as warned of a massive increase in u. s. strategic bomber activity around russia's borders, including particularly disturbing drills, testing nuclear weapons use. so, okay, sugary mates. the revelation that talks with his chinese counts part, of course, the story is art is don't quarter, it looks like both russia and china are ready for deeper cooperation when it comes to mutual defense. and that's because the united states, as posturing itself as a military full of both powers. i mean, it's no secret that china isn't happy about american naval operations in the south china sea, or washington's claim that taiwan is separate from the mainland. as for russia,
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it looks like the u. s. is taking a more nuclear approach. let's take a listen to what the russian ministry of defense had to say. what they were due this month during the u. s. global thunder. strategic forces exercises 10 u. s. air for strategic bombers practice options of nuclear weapons use against russia almost simultaneously from western and eastern directions. based on what was spoken about at this meeting, it looks like the u. s. military aggression is actually bringing us, is actually bringing russia and china closer together. the chinese defense minister at the meeting said that the u. s. is using the same aggressive military actions against his country as it is against his russian counterpart. we did hear from the russian defense minister again, who outlined what some of those actions entailed admissions this year. lucia records a significant increase in the activity of us strategic bama ation. in the past month, around 30 flights to the borders of the russian federation have been made, which is 2 and a half times more than in the same period last year. it's likely
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a joining of these 2 eastern powers wasn't exactly what washington expected to result from. it's increased the nuclear posturing either one of them is a serious force to be reckoned with for washington. but both of them together, that could be a major obstacle for u. s. foreign policy. from a pentagon analyst, michael leaf also suspects the u. s. didn't see russia and china's move coming. when you consider that since the disastrous pull out of afghanistan, the united states is once again been trying to agitate oath on the, on the western front, with, with nato and in the black sea area. and now in the, in the pacific, somehow to try and rectify it's abysmal failure. and after 20 years and a half canister. and i'm afraid that the united states is beginning to overreact and, and you cannot blame russia and china now to decide to band together. and deal with
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this constant irritant. i think that it is, it is a surprise, somewhat to washington, that the 2 have united and all that they're doing really is looking back on the good old days of the cold war when soviet union and, and china even though they were aligned with one another somewhat, there was an ability to play one off against the other. that's not going to happen today. and they record corona virus death in russia in the last week, scientists at moscow gun malay institute and now testing a new nasal spray to combat the disease. the deputy head of the institute, which is also behind the ve cova job, told us why all mean for needed in the drive to achieve hide immunity. eligible when people gain immunity, either after vaccination or illness, or even a mild form of the illness. after a job, there is heard immunity and it'll surely play its role. as soon as the population
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becomes immune will 1st and foremost overcome the viruses. lethality, even though it's more difficult to overcome transmissions. a typical problem for acute respiratory viral infections to not get sick is necessary to constantly condition the immune system. as we do with the flow. of course, there may be problems with transmissions, but the most important goal for humanity now is to acquire collect of immunity and reduce mortality, and therefore reduce the burden on the health care sector. by lowering number of hospitalizations, the doctors combat the coat and provide care. so the length of infection is reduced . ah, independent of china is coping very well with the issue population density. there is so high yet. there is no cove. it. i don't represent any regulator. i'm a vaccine developer, but if you ask me, i will said it's necessary to impose a general lockdown is not that inoculated people can't transmit the virus, but that they are tens, hundreds of times less likely to do so. if you introduce
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a locked down, there is no need to segregate society. ha, but you want to share a lot of talking heads that have no knowledge in medicine of virology where they have large audiences and a captivate people with devious ideas which at the same time, the voice of those professionals who work in the red zone, who really see how hard it is, how many people are dying. a vaccination helps assembly heard to a much lesser extent to my mind. it could popularize any vaccination process with any vaccines. we have no experience in mass vaccination of the adult population. we always vaccinating and protecting the child population. in the majority of cases, we happily vaccinate children, but we do not go to get the job ourselves. therefore it's naive to expect that the population will go to get vaccinated all at the same time. it's rather long and hard road where you need to explain show by example. we need specialists to speak. ah, sure, every person perceives lives through the prism of their own consciousness. and it's very difficult to tell them that somewhere out there everything is statistically
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good yet. anyway, there is no other way rather than to study a pre.


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