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ah back either finance is alive. no, they say me, the girl answered with central pack support. i'm gonna call them right now and say stop to madness. ah, tragedy has drunk in wisconsin at a christmas break, where a man with a long criminal rap sheet was out on bond, decided to power dest tv directly, and to martyr will bring you the latest. and sally, the debts hold continues to rise and we try and learn more about what actually motivated the driver. and we do know the motivation. however, i had a high end crime spree in san francisco, making the chief of police a question. there are no prosecution for minor theft policy, and some sort of the cyber rain are really close to what it does with our law
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enforcement panel as other cities around the country are seeing a rise and organized a retail crime bird. and the design maxwell trial began last week. however, her lawyer this week are actually asking for access to the files from the jeffrey etc victim. but why? well, line on those, and we'll share with one pole out of tech that has this hollywood clarity, turn fall professor, saying, all right, all right, all right, well, little bit different of a tone in regards to his hope of possibly running for governor. we will discuss it, hollywood actors can actually be good at servants of the people i'm sky now. hughes, and we're going to give you the $360.00 view of the story. the more on today that news is huge, right here on our t america. ah, thanks for joining us. you know, at least 5 people are dead and forget injured,
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including a 2 children are in critical condition after an s u. v. plowed into a christmas parade. and while kesha wisconsin over the weekend, now please say those killed were for women between ages of 52 and 79. and an 81 year old man assessed because now charged with intentional homicide. in the case, our dig into remote burrows has the latest the red s u be busted through the cities barricades and raised along the parade route between performers and onlookers. the driver narrowly missing some before hitting and injuring more than 40 people. video the crash was captured on cellphones and the city able caches live stream camera. witnesses on the scene, say the speeding su, beat and hit a group of young dancers, leading pom poms shoes and spilled hot chocolate on the street beside purple bodies . please say 2 children are hospitalized in critical condition. another group of
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performers, the milwaukee dancing grannies posted on social media that some members of their troop also suffered injuries and loss of life. quote, doing what they loved. witnesses reported hearing gunshots. police say one officer fired at the s u, v as it zoomed past, but no shots were fired from inside the vehicle and also did this for his weapon at the public vehicle. the pride of thought, the vehicle. nobody's been for entered of revolt of the weapon to start police and identified the driver as 39 year old darrell e brooks junior of akasha and charged him with 5 counts of intentional homicide. with the potential for more charges pending the investigation. police say he was playing the scene of a domestic disturbance when he ploughed through the parade. brooks as a la rap sheet was out on bond at the time of the crash on charges, including reckless endangerment battery and domestic abuse during a press conference today, police chief dan thompson thanked all the citizens, the 1st responders who worked together to say lives all day this is her,
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i responded to the scene. what i saw tragedy was cyril's purpose partners is coming together and working together. and again, they are currently working hard for me getting the spectrum still. hospital condolences are flooring into the community from across the country, including from the white house and the green bay packers, while many and la kasha are just asking for prayers for r t. i. molly barrows? now also, over the weekend, a large retail crime spree happened in san francisco shoplifters, where hoodies and masks jumped out of cars and ran into high into retailers grabbing as much a lute as possible for before jumping back into their cars and racing off all of this it caught on film, neiman marcus, nordstrom,
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lou baton and y s l were just the most recent incidence. that's very brazen acts, but it's not just the big boxes, but also smaller good stores like cbs and walgreens, who say shoplifting in the bay area, outpace is the test at all of their other stores. and the crowns are causing the retailers to limit their hours be the security measures, and even close their stores completely, all over the rise and theft. but san francisco is not alone is organized. crime stories are happening in many major cities, including seattle, or more than 50 arrest have been made linked to 9 at large retail in grocery stores . in albuquerque, new mexico. the problem is so bad. crime has risen so much police a big box stores have even take the next step, informed an actual unique partnership to combat. so let's talk to the experts about why this is happening and how local government and law enforcement might be. part of the blame we bring in rob, man, it's better and it has to be rob me to show and dominic ego, former police officer and chicago. thanks for joining me gentlemen. thank you. like
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travis, ok, it's obviously that time the, we understand crime goes up around the holidays. obviously a lot of people are more concerned about shopping than they are necessarily security. but rob, i want to start with you because you talk about this on your show. i imagine a lot right now the economic environment that we are in right now. does this rise in crime actually surprise? you know, there's a surprise me at all the, the colonel policies in places like san francisco and other liberal cities that clearly said that you can go in and steal and rob. we've seen it for months and cbs is targets and those kinds of things. and, and you know what though scotty, the worst part about it is with the rising inflation, which is hitting middle class and lower middle class families. the hardest is that those folks are losing their targets, they're losing their cbs is, they're losing their middle class stores where they buy their goods and get their
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medications. because they're, the companies are closing them down. and it's all based on these weak criminal justice policies. with district attorneys like this show been guy out in san francisco. well, and dominic, when i think of organized crime, i think of mob, i think of mob bosses i think of in the past, all of the different things that happened and you know, than i did prohibition, those sorts of things. but now we're seeing these retail crime rings. is this something new and will private security firms be the only way that stores can effectively protective self as police continue to to be reduced in major areas? no, this is nothing new. this has been going on for decades when i 1st got a law enforcement we used to have uh, madams used to send kids teenagers into auto stores and shop up and then they would resolve on ebay eggs. it's just more, it's brazen now because you have states and district attorneys who are all for political purposes. they're not prosecuting. when i 1st got on the job was cop,
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it was a felony, was $300.00 for retail stuff. and what made it even worse is your policy loss prevention. they can't, they're not allowed to make any contact or even stop and offender, as god forbid, if that person flees from the place and gets an accident, it's going to be the best policy of the or the liability. the store cops are showing up doing their jobs are screening it past the states attorney states attorney is go is looking for convictions so that they, when they run for reelection, they can say, hey, look how much crime we have down in the city. so this is, this is a, a horrible, horrible district and states attorney issue and they are the absolute ones to blame for this. and yet we're seeing that happen in the real city like san francisco, seattle, and other cities. but like it, like rob was pointing out, this is actually her in the community as stores like walgreens are having to close up targets, reducing their hours in that, you know, in this new policy of that for the value either 9 or 50 only concern misty, a misdemeanor, i therefore, what kind of effect do you believe the dad's having on that someone give this to rob? it's absolutely haven't effect that,
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you know, or i guess just said they're not prosecuting these crimes and it's by policy, these criminals and become so brazen. now we saw the nordstrom issue that you showed in your clipper. the reports were that 80 criminals and 25 vehicles showed up and rated the place as if it was a military operation. that tells you that they're organized. there's going to be more of it and they're going to grow and there's going to be more organizations grow out of this. and it's going to spread across the country, especially these blue cities, where the district attorneys and state attorney generals are not prosecuting the crime. ok, but let's talk about the prosecution goes dominic, we talk about this criminal justice reform there calling for and how many are in jail over petty theft includes that including small, small thievery and yet here's a good good example of petty theft. one person adding up with the potential for
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danger, because like i said, a couple people might get involved in this. there has to be set possibly some weapon that's involved in 30 people or 80 people showing up at nordstrom. so what is the solution? do we just completely ignore petty crime and like what they're saying, one is to do or do we actually prosecute them but put a tough percentage hoping that it would deter future. you have to get the, the victims which are the stores are i start getting in gear and actually saying disease surgeries, you know what, what is your deal? we're opening up in good faith in your communities and you're not prosecuted as these these, these kids, these teens twenties, you are committing these crimes. there's most likely no weapons of all they know they're not going to get arrested. this has been going on. i'm from illinois. we have seen this for years where states attorneys refused to do their jobs. they just kicked these, you know, criminals back out on the, in the street again. it's done again and again and again. so there's no incentive for them to have any type of weapon on him because then there's a charge are not going to risk that. but if they're going to go in, they're gonna still 1000 hours of the merchandise. no, this, nothing's gonna happen. now everyone's wearing masks,
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it's going to be harder to sit there and identify and prosecute until that the targets in the wal mart's in a normal human marcus. everybody else step up and say, you've had enough. this is not going to go anywhere. but dominique and i with us rob, if they do that, that could also be sort of, they could be probably criticize as possible, being racial profiling, or even profiling, a different group, different genders, they age discrimination. there's all sorts of things that they can show that in it's politically correct. woke society that we're living in. so they try to fairway from that. meanwhile, the stores are moving out of these high crime areas that actually need that sort of retail. so how do retailers when it seems like right now, the system is built against them? broadwell scottish retailers are going to have to, they're going to have to suck it up and ignore the woke. he's out there and i ignore this cultural attacks on them and hire private security and start round the nice folks up when they come in. zip tie and put them on their knees and
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call the police. that's what they need to do. and if we don't do that, if they don't do that, just like you just mentioned that i've said many times the stores are leaving the communities, but they're going to have to get some courage and fight against this cultural attitude. and just do the job that needs to be done if thought the people of these neighborhoods and communities unfortunately are going to be out of luck. they're not going to have any stores that they can go to locally to buy. and a lot of them don't have transportation because, or at poverty or near poverty and working poor. and we're not even talking about the consumers because you could imagine you're actually in shopping where the stores in 80 of these people came running in after you, you yourself might not want to visit that store for a very long time. dominic rob, always great to chat with you. now we've seen at firefighters, police officers and health care workers that go through mandatory corona virus
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vaccine mandate. and now the department defense says workers should have a job by november 22nd. our g course touches suite has more on what lies ahead for these employees. november 22nd mark the deadline for the department of defense employees to be fully vaccinated. now, according to government officials, this includes the 2 week waiting period after being inoculated. there's a sense of urgency as you've heard a say, the white house continues to push back the mandate for companies with 100 or more employees. this comes out of the department of defense follow suit enforcing the mandate for all d o d employees and final member 22nd. today i am humble to be one of the 1st of many of the members. see the vaccine. this was christopher miller, the u. s. secretary of defense under the truck administration last december received one of the earliest shots of the crown of irish vaccine. and now all d o d employees are expected to be fully vaccinated by november 22nd. however, religious or medical exemptions are granted to those who qualify,
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they will reportedly have to get tested on a regular basis. now this mandate applies to all d o d workers, whether they work in an actual d o d office or elsewhere. visitors and contractors on site will also have to abide by the guidelines. earlier this month, more than 2 dozen republican lead states filed lawsuits challenging president biden's vaccine requirement for private companies. but the white house argues that department of labor has a responsibility to keep worker safe. this comes as the occupational safety and health administration, or requiring their workers to be fully vaccinated by january, 4th, or provide a weekly test. the new emergency temporary standard is when well within osha's authority under the law, and consistent with osha's requirements to protect workers from health and safety hazards, including infectious disease. now vaccine protests continue to emerge all across the globe. here in california, parents rallied against a school vaccine mandate, australia, rome, austria, the netherlands, and brussels all help protest over the weekend against those vaccine mandates.
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reporting for news is huge and how to sweet our team. now after the break, after 15 months on remand at design, maxwell finally goes on file. they're all mostly outlets seem to feel the case doesn't deserve coverage. our team does in line or joined us with a defensive latest request regarding editing 5 ah, i saw a message from an unknown account that had a self re with my passport as its profile page. i saw pictures of my documents. it will say also send a credit contract. i had just 3 days comply with their demands. if i didn't send money i, they sent up an online. i was supposed to be very dangerous man. what happened? i make no, no borders line to tease. and
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you farish as a merge, we don't have a terribly, we don't have a vaccine. the whole world needs to take action and to be ready, people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great to the response has been mess. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with the
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show don't seem to fit your someone that the some gender of the discussion with the most people. and yet you supposed to follow them giving you, besides the slimy, it would be another should the gun usually should almost failed. so what i'm wanting to pick up in the lines. yes. the key moment switch shift leeway share the news, the the american watching almost every minute of the trial was called written house last week for the same time and other high profile child
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was just getting underway. and yeah, and no one can even seem to get a live picture of the defendant design maxwell, the long time business partner and accuse recruiter for jeffrey epstein is finally seeing her day in court to bring up on speed on what is happening in the court room said sadly, i think it's wrong, but the public is not allowed legally to watch her with her own eyes as we go. and media analyst line. now line thanks for joining me. thank you. ok. my grievance about this not being allowed to be televised. it's not necessarily in anybody's hands except for except it's actually law, correct. federal courts don't allow it. they don't want it to happen. a lot of courts don't, don't allow it. juvenile court divorces, equity chords. and if i had my way after the rittenhouse case this week, you'd never see another camera ever in a court room ever again. but that's for another discussion. but see here this is the com and i have on this an angel is like macros. i need names,
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we're not seeing names. transparency has been a big problem with epstein. so could you imagine the information that we might be able to put pieces together if we could see who is being talked about in that courtroom and line? oh, do you think if the names are mentioned that eventually leak out to the public? well, you've been a very interesting point, scotty and the and the issue is this. for whom do we have these trials? when we have the 6th amendment, the right to a speedy and a public trial, is that for you and me in the public and for fans of court, or is it to ensure that the defendant isn't carter to way is i'm star chamber. and so it's a very interesting point, but remember years ago, during the god forbid the o j case, judge ito actually let the public here mark firm and dreaded n word testimony, because he said, i feel the public has a right to know legal scholars blow up. they said, this isn't, this isn't
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a press conference, this is the court. this is a trial between the state of california in that case and the defendant. we have this idea that somehow we're entitled to know who's behind this and what's going on . so much of what happens in criminal court in particular with confidential informant and national security. we don't know anything, but to very good point. you bring up your line. oh, you're correct. i agree that it would be in my best interest, mainly just because i'm so fresh. and i think the general public is frustrated because we don't know who jeffrey epstein was tied to him were and this would be the best chance get, but you're right. that is not what is best for the law. that's the best for the press, not the law. we obviously want this to be legally bass, so it won't get thrown out. so when it comes down to it though, what it does lanes at best defense as to why she was involved in the different actions that she was a part of we're seeing right now by virtue of this very aggressive look at wanting
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to cross examine the victims prior confidentiality agreement, settlement agreement, and now we learn later on today that the court has allowed her to call a false memory witness. so what it seems to me is that she glaze maxwell and her defense counsel planned to go full, bore full frontal, wrong turn, perhaps, but full attack on the victims on the people. now this can be catastrophic because if she tries this, if she dares to say and how much did they buy, and what did you do? all this does is allow of potential the jury actually to hear how this woman is brow beating and attacking an actual, legitimate victim of sexual abuse. so i don't know where this is going and between you and me, why it's gone to this level. why the government didn't say this,
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maxwell, we don't want you. we want you to give up mr. big or the mr. bigs out there. this is an international trafficking circle. you are a part of it. and in return for this will make it worth your while. i don't know if anybody's even made her a deal be and also let me also to talk about petty. she might be the only person in the history of american criminal justice who's being charged criminally with lying on this civil deposition. if we charge people for lying, a deposition, we need a separate court that ran 24 hours a day just to handle that. so this is case is bizarre. and you mentioned, where is she? i have received a picture. where is a booking photo? when john gotti rush, lemme anybody, anybody who's arrested tom delay, you name it. there is a phone photo and actual photo is where is it? where is it?
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i can understand the court room, but this is, this whole thing is just bizarre. and by the way, let me store one thing. one day, she says, i live in a rat infested hell hole in this jail. next day she shows up quaffed looking elegant, resplendent in or out could tour. this doesn't make any sense, you just blow your arguments as to how you're being ravaged by these, these, these horrible condition, this squash you're living. and i mean this is, this is like, like, skin saw and why i one, i don't get me wrong and you get that. you understand, you know, i understand we went over the big fishes. well, why do we have to wait on her test for now? you would think there be a paperwork and a paper trail that we would know who those big fish are, but unfortunately we're reliant on her. why not? i know you are to continue to follow this as much as you can. indeed, thank ok. so i knew survey in the dallas morning noon, found that texans were almost twice as likely to vote for oscar winning actor matthew mcconaughey, then top texas democrat beto rourke. meanwhile,
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pulling from september, found the film star beating, and covenant republican governor greg abbott. in a 2 way race. now mcconaughey has been here about a gubernatorial campaign, but stopped short of announcing his attention to run. so just because we welcome back, our favorite hollywood is our author and filmmaker sean stone. ok, i promise you, i did not bring up this segment. this was not my idea. my producer came to me for it cuz i might be a little bit of a fan of matthew mcconaughey. so i got to ask you that he's not declared intention to run and he were partly using, haven't chosen a party affiliation, which i think could work for him in this case. but texans apparently favoring him over career politician. doesn't that speak well for him, and do voters actually care about who had loyalties are or do they care more about, you know, maybe magic mike and how well he dances. what was it was the last famous celebrity governor that ran independent wasn't but just even sure. am i
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worked most the time? actually i think we've, they've had more success transitioning from acting to, to politics, to the republicans party, surprisingly right. with reagan and schwartzenegger being the prime example, i can't think of a major democrat in the major state, you know, becoming going from acting to politics. so let's see what the con a does if he does indeed throw in. certainly the polls are showing that he would be beta rourke, and i think that speaks more to betas, lack popularity in texas, and it does to connie. but overall, you know, con, hey, as a christmas, he has a career as an actor. he's, you know, he has what people i think relate to as far as the believe there's an authenticity to him which, you know, it's hard, it's hard to get that right. i mean, there are a lot of movie stars. huge think i don't want it. i can imagine tom presenting for president, right? it's like you're a great, you know, your great what you do, but to the out of politics, people, i think trust me become a hand away that we will see how it plays out. obviously he does run and what he
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ultimately, what kind of issues you know, he takes up as his, as his cause. but it's, you know, it's really too early to call, you know, which direction this could shape you know, which direction this race will take next year. and so we just saw caitlin gen are going through that campaign the governor's campaign. now granted, it was kind of an uphill battle from the very beginning. they did to the republican party needed better ideas and better candidates. just a g o p needed to embrace diversity. remember how he had a site set out in the california governor's race. you know, when you're looking at, even though caitlin failed miserably is this kind of the expansion that republican parties actually needing someone that says, you know, i don't really care about political party lines. here's where i play. even if people don't necessarily know they'd rather take the unknown than what they know at this point. i mean, kayla, i think would be great for the publican party because as a transgender, male, it's essentially saying that you doesn't, you know, we're not only going on christian values. essentially, you can have, you can be a conservative when it comes to economics and you know, many values,
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but you can still be more progressive when it comes to g, q issues, right? so i think she, you know, she do wonderful. addition, publicans, you know, they had larry elder, a black man running in the, in the governor race. i mean, i don't know why that's, that was so ignored in this media narrative, the media that loves to portray race whenever i can, you know, it was really trying to disguise the fact that larry elder read a very decent campaign. i didn't get nearly the attention. i think he deserved because of his politics. right. but i think that the point is that you do see black republican candace owens and types like this that i think should get more involved . and honestly, i think that there is a, you know, again, there's a lot of black christian middle middle class and working latin americans that can, that can resonate with republican values. so i don't know that it's necessarily the fact that public and lack the diversity, it's more that i think the media has portrayed things in a way that is very skewed. well, it'll be really interesting to see some of back or can i pass the movie,
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develop how be accountable? that is, that's his voting record is the movies and the different projects you accountable for, or people like i said, they voted trumping to office and he came back with a business background. but obviously some leverage status will see what matthew mcconaughey or if he just keeps to teaching. always going to talk with shawn. well i want to keep talking with use of all me on twitter at scottie and use use the hash tag, tim team and b h m for this shown more dello, the portable that to the app for apple or android device. thank you for watching dr . say ah no one else seemed wrong when oh please just don't hold any you oh yes to shape out disdain becomes the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds
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apart, we choose to look so common ground. ah ah ah
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ah, in a historic 1st and coordination with allies, the united states is releasing strategic oil reserves to bring down petrol prices up. the failed attempt to convince opec to boost production. what i will never accept is media to under the guys we at the sun despite he's a fuel violence against people. with prime minister lashes out to protest is off the knights of rioting against tough new coban restrictions, as cases surge unlocked down. so re imposed across europe. and the link to new york police survey shows that more than half of the cities offices, which they had never joined the force. we hear about the growing precious. when you have elected officials, boot campaign or promises, we're going to actively prosecute cops or what else could you possibly expect to happen? so they're going to take a step back and this isn't going to make.


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