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is it hard to think why as legal standards transforming the country, transforming the people, transforming the culture, transforming the region. oh, my god, ah, my can use the sound in the story. first, the in coordination with allies, the u. s. is releasing strategic all reserves to bring down petrol prices of to failed, attempts to convince opec the boost production, steve, to say what i will never accept is idiots. who under the guise we are dissatisfied . he's pure violence against people. the dutch prime minister, lashing out then it protested after nights of writing against tough, new covey restrictions, as cases surge unlocked ends of re imposed across europe. the french governments outraged by you commission is meeting with a muslim youth group, branding it though a dangerous sock puppet of islamist and in new york, a survey shows that more than half of the cities police wish they had never joined
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the force. they say we hear from an officer about the growing pressures there under when you have reworked the officials pool campaign or promises, we're going to act that we prosecute cops or what else could you possibly expect to happen? so they're going to take a step back a, this isn't going to make any one they would say, ah, ah, their life not his world news h q. moscow love. if i was kevin, i'm with you with our latest news addition and breaking news. let me tell you more about it. president biden's opened the nation strategic petroleum reserve making available some 50000000 barrels of oil through the coming once was gonna mean forever in the world of going across it with egos down of a correspondence. here we're talking just before we came on air here, 50000000 barrels sounds like a lot on the grand scheme of things. it actually isn't. is it but, and what is this gonna mean then 1st round the world and want to be done sex so?
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well, essentially what is unprecedented here is that the united states in a joint move with other nations, like for example, india, china, japan, south korea, and united and the u. k. they will be releasing part part, you know, some parts of it, sir. strategic will reserves, and they're doing it according to the presidents to help bring down the oil prices . but as you've said, $15000000.00 barrels, it sounds like a big figure, but actually for exam, and that's only the united states we're talking about. but daily, the daily consumption in the us is around 18. 19000000 barrels. that's every day. so essentially what i would, joe biden has done is said that the united states will be releasing just short of 3 days worth of oil, but gradually, over, over the past few months. this is the, the white house is, is citing this as a move as basically as pressure as them applying pressure on the opec, which is a cartel of 30 nations. and there's also opec plus, which includes other nations like, for example, russia. so it's
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a move directed against saudi arabia, russia, and other opec plus and opec members in a bid to try and convince them and push them into, you know, increasing oil production oil output to bring down the price as it, sir, but so fi it has failed to do any impact because in fact, right now as we speak or oil prices are on the rise, so it failed. so this move, it failed to phase. anybody in a, could it turn into a nasty spot with opec then? how's it going to work out? well, it could, if for the united states and its allies increase, you know, increase the output and they, you know, tap into these reserves even further. but right now, it looks like a move of desperation on behalf of the united states. because again, 15000000 barrels in 3 days, it will be, i mean, this will mean more will be consumed in the united states alone in 3 days. so they're doing this. it is, it could be a good p r stunt. but i mean, in, on the internet bill are already on, on it. and, you know,
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the internet mean brigade is in full, it's an action. so on twitter, people, they, they're saying that it is essentially their ridiculing the decision. and so, joe biden, trying to help, you know, the soaring prices and, you know, trying to put, put aside the fears of inflation with the move like this. it looks like a move of desperation because some 70 percent of americans. they view the economic situation in the country negatively. they do not do. they have no optimism here. joe biden's ratings have been plummeting. his lead, he's less popular than from have a was from, you know, when trump at its lowest. and if you compare joe by the now in trumpet, at its lowest, the approval ratings are the approval ratings of joe biden is even worse so. so it's unclear how this will, how this move will help bring down the fuel prices as the oil is on the rise. you know, give this, this is,
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this is lauren and we'll see what we actually get for the coming i was on this one, but it's quite a big move. but as you say on the ground scale of it, not that big at the bottom of but it depends what the fall is regards opec. well they get to see about it. will they as soon? i'm sure it goes general. thanks. europe's and the group of another way, the covey, with cases rising in germany in the netherlands, and the 10s of thousands was a response. tough restrictions have been re imposed across the continent, sparking a public outcry. authorities in the netherlands detained at least a 130 people as anti locked approaches to violent with the dutch prime minister, calling those responsible idiots. and so to me, as a prime minister, as a liberal, i will always defend demonstrations in this country as part of our democracy, of our rule of law. what i will never accept is idiots who under the guise of we are dissatisfied. he's pure violence against people who are working every day to keep his country safe. meanwhile, in germany,
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the number of new karone of our cases is more than doubled over the last 2 weeks with health care workers warning their big push to the limit. nothing even if they have been working here for 5 years and the situation has never been as bad as it is . now. we are completely overwhelmed with an incredible number of patients. we no longer have an intensive care unit. all this patients are waiting until bats become available. eventually, patients that need to go in ventilators will be in the emergency department. rather than in the intensive care unit. there should actually be 7 nurses on duty, but we only have 4. and sometimes 3. it is not clear how we can take care of patients adequately more on the situation and germany has europe corresponded. what is the serious debate underway in germany right now over whether the country should follow austria's leads and making vaccines? mandatory austria will make that move from the 1st of february of next year. the debate in germany is really over whether it would be legal or not under the current
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constitution. there are other measures being taken though, in some regions in germany or imposing nighttime curfews saying you can't go out of your home after 10 pm. while the city of stuttgart becomes the latest region, the latest area to cancel christmas markets for this festive period. following on from birth, the state of bavaria, the state of saxony, and a number of other cities across the country angle and merkle has described this 4th wave of covert 19 as the worst thing the country has faced. while health minister yen spawn is painted a bleak picture of the way he sees the current state of affairs for shyness with them in the teaser splinters, probably by the end of this winter as is sometimes cynically said, pretty much everyone in germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead, but it's true with the highly contagious delta. very, this is very, very likely chisel. well in austria, they are in to the 2nd day of their latest national covert locked down. it will
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last for at least 10 days could go on until the 13th of december. people there though, on people here in germany as well, have been expressing their concerns that the actions taken by the government haven't been the right one shall give up. i don't believe it. all that locked down will be over after 3 weeks. not even for us of vaccinations, but it is what it is. was too late, too late, especially the mandatory vaccination which should have been implemented earlier. not in february, as is online. when did the last few months bring vaccinations were done, tests were done. the distance was kept masks worn yet still, the numbers rise, inconvenienced my eyes and delicious. i think it's not nice because at 1st they said that it would open operable. then they built everything and then we are told that it must be close and cannot open in slovakia and the czech republic, covert cases are all so soaring. in fact, in those 2 countries from monday,
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extra restrictions have come into place barring beyond vaccinated from hotels, bars, hair, dresses, and almost all public events. as the fear is that intensive care beds will be well, they'll run out of intensive care beds due to the sheer number of people that contracted coven 19. meanwhile, they've been opposing rallies in australia. has people take to the streets, both to support and protests against coven restrictions, as authorities seek to expand their powers during the pandemic with a new bill than to allow them to re enforce locked arms and vaccine mandates after the state of emergency and next month, they had a one region saying that anybody opposing the mandates in his view is an anti back sir. you are out there in any way, shape or form campaigning against this main that you are absolutely any fax, your personal back sasha status is only irrelevant. and the accusations continue to fly around day by day. we discuss for the pamela guess where the governments of
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failing in their fight against cove. it of course, i can see why the people are strong, a protesting feel. look at the background. brianna, great world crisis since 2008 that even deeper, 2020. and that crisis that was brought forward measures against corona with which i'm not consistent paper people. but for example, in favor of big companies. and then there is a kind of a lock down, which again is more repeating the small companies, the restaurants, the small cultural industry. some of the protests that we've seen over the past week, they've been a little bit agitated, but i think by far the most ferocious has been in the netherlands with the police opening fire there. is that an appropriate response? i think it really depends on the circumstances that that police officer found themselves in if offices really genuinely did feel that i liked was threatened. and
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again, i wasn't there and we didn't see exactly what the situation was before i could be justified. it does raise questions as to why offices didn't have less lethal means to combat people, not the media, and they have deemed riotous. we know far more about this disease than we did 2 years ago for the alternative to lock downs and restrictions. so while the antibody levels go down, within 3 months, doesn't mean that the personal immunity loss, but in fact, that the rate of transmission is not altered. so then the conceptually, the idea that you, horan, teen, or restrict, in some way those who haven't been vaccinated. most of those who have doesn't have any actually impact on the spread. we've been told her that protest is our idiots there by the dutch prime minister, and that they are the 8 agents of violence. i do think a criticism of the demonstrators is misplaced, given, is really very draconian restrictions which are at any rate illogical. governments are facing record levels of mistrust, resort a survey,
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how they speak since he showed doctor the doctor. well trusted. but politicians were less trusted than any other member of the record level. the props, and we've seen a very large and people not trusting the message of the government and actually not wanted to take up medically by thanks to developing ro between paris in the a. you was outraged french politicians criticize a meeting between the equality commissioner and a group that france brands, islamists seems to bet in paris as part of an anti discrimination campaign. but paris calls the talks abnormal show davinsky, picking up the story. well, the european commission has signed itself in the dog house, with frogs, with french ministers blowing up over a meeting that was held last week between the commission and muslim youth organization. several high profile ministers here in france really blasting the
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fact that that meeting took place saying that the commission, which met with this group called famous. so was meeting with an is mr. association that has been attacking france on this did were referring to the matter to the commission in order to find a game islamist associations that are taking france and are infiltrating are very institutions. it is absurd. indeed. we are now approaching the european commission . don't let anything go. why is this great cause such as well? it's done so on several levels. it's been around for about 25 years. and in the last decade or so, it's apparent you received 3 lots of funding directly from the european commission frenchman. this is also say, has links with the muslim brotherhood, this is a group that is being designated as a terror organization by several are countries and has been banned in those countries. france says one by meeting with families. so it's given the commission
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is key for the to platform that it shouldn't have. and to, by financing it, it's financing womic extremism. but feminist has also caused some other upsets here in france, just in the last few weeks on its website. it said it was part of an anti discrimination campaign that was financed by the council of europe. that campaign focused on women wearing he jobs who were being discriminated against, which is a very sensitive topic here in france that cause such a fury. the french government actually protested against campaign on the plug was pulled on it. now at the time feminist. so was furious that, that, that happened and said that france was the country that was exporting the moose racism. we're seeing that the french state is really behind this smear campaign, the censoring of the human rights campaign, and we are seeing that family paris is currently the capital of western prejudice.
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now the commission has denied that fantasy has received any money, but all she has seen a written statement from 2015 shows that at least in 2012 the group received funding just over 70000 euros famous. so for its part didn't realize that it has any links to them, loosely brotherhood, and it says it's appointed the french minutes. this taking the time to essentially g, legitimize the work that a dove. but it does appear that frances north, back to back down on this particular topic. in fact, there is a suggestion that very soon found me, so could find itself on the list of banned organizations. here in france for souls confirmed britain will be sending troops to the poland, better was ported, a help of the migrant crisis there. but the u. k. governments accused of failing to cope with an even bigger immigration problem and home with the numbers of those trying to cross the english channel tripling since last year. let's go low to
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correspond shot it was dusty relate to say their shot. if well, pretty patel has been accused of totally losing control of the english channel, but also being accused of double standards when it comes to the united kingdom and protecting borders. all of this comes as the united kingdom has now witnessed nearly 25000 people headed towards british shoals and the last few days alone, the numbers have even supposed over a 1000. remember though, just 3 years ago, the home secretary vowed to make this an infrequent phenomenon. she said it would be a route that would be shot off entirely. and it would be on viable, obviously though the numbers a triple that of last years. so those sort of slogans those political slogans. not exactly why king now both sides of the channel, both the british and the french are somewhat blaming the other as a tit for tat war of words. going on here, the united kingdom says that the french have essentially refused to keep its word
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on a joint patrol mission, even by the way, the united kingdom full came out. 54000000 pounds after this joint mission, which now a wants to see some results being delivered. but the home secretary says, of course, this isn't a quick fix. these problem will take time to fix and that there is no silver bullet. the only solution is whole scale reform of our asylum system. so there's a home secretary saying that this is not something that is going to be dealt with over night. in comparison though, the migrant crisis escalating on the polish bella rues border. wel, that's something that the united kingdom has waged into almost immediately, as the crisis was unfolding in recent weeks, the united kingdom deployed a small team and sent additional a 100 troops to the region as well to try and reinforce the frontier. adding to this at the united kingdom has also signed an agreement with poland, putting forward its promise to send these military engineers to assist and help
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build a wall at a stop migrants getting in. now this wall is expected to cost over $1600000000.00 slaughter. that's 300000000 pounds. it will be equipped with an electronic surveillance equipment and topped with barbed wire to now that will be erected by mid 2020, to which the produce amid astray sion is welcoming british troops in aiding this mission to secure and tighten its border. our border is and will be tight, we will ensure poland, security with the support of british troops. a company of british soldiers will be deployed to serve alongside polish soldiers as soon as possible, hopefully later this month. well, both on the left and right of politics here in the united kingdom, absolutely slammed this move the right side of the british. oh, really displaying double standards. i not acting robustly enough here when it comes
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to the migrant crisis on the english channel, but yet acting immediately when it comes to that in poland. now, campaign is on the left, so they condemn the british government for sending troops in the fast pace rather than trying to help these refugees fleeing weston generated conflicts. plus they say it's a humanitarian crisis. not a military one. in beth, for british troops being deployed isn't the answer either. so what we can see here is 2 very different issues regarding asylum seekers that the united kingdom is embroiled and one here at home. and one broad one is being seen to be reacting with rhetoric rather than action. but if the reaction to the polish better ruth border has anything to go by, it could only be a matter of time until similar tactics are deployed. here in the u. k. 2, okay, got you shudder. just ashley. thank you. all right from story from a troop center story about troops out after the break, the pence, a good committed to leave iraq by the end of the year,
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but promises to keep supporting the country. nonetheless. how are they going to do that good, many fear it will be abandoned either which way like up gun and start to look what's up. story more after the break. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, with ah
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ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offensive, very dramatic development only personally and going to resist. i'll see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk ah, i get impressed. has been placed on new york police are so great these days at half, so they wish they'd never joined. that's the warning from the head of the cities largest police union. he claims new laws and tedious policies are punishing good cops, new york city police officers, a well past breaking point,
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a made diblasio and the outgoing city council is still piling on with policies that punish cops and a road public safety. the intolerable environment and our sub stand, the pay has every cop looking to get out as soon as they can. well, his fears are shared by 56 percent of the city's offices. in a recent survey, the majority said they wish they'd chosen a different career. citing public distrust and disrespect and a lot of got other worries to they said, even afraid these days of pursuing criminals for fear of being sued. this is seen sweeping police reforms in the city containing the rights of authorities to use force to restrain suspects. now, but even before the new policies, officers say they're already concerned by high levels of crime, they believe it's not going to come down soon either. let's look at the stats while i'm almost 80 percent of the respondents said that they, we don't see any improvement happening. they're center 9 percent to city safety for least the next 2 years. look at has gone up since sir august. their 15 percent increase in crimes has get worse. not better. in response,
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the m i p. d says it is taking the poll results into account as it tries to make the department more effective. we spoke with one officer there who told us that cops like him have become increasingly stigmatized in their view. every cops i speak to in the y p d. just feel that everyone is against them, from the public to the elected officials, to the mayor. even the higher ups, the y p a just feel like there's no right, they can ever do valuable crime, fighting tools like spot question frisk were taken away. you know, legal options for people who want to sue police were expanded. you know, every, every elected official. now has a platform, they want to go directly after police. this is going to be getting one safer, was going to make cops apprehensive and empower in bold in criminals. as we've seen, the poll didn't surprise me or didn't surprise while long foresman experts at all. you know, like i said, we want to have programs like defun, the police, which are directly going after cops. you have elected officials standing up and
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they should more empathy towards hard criminals than towards the police that actually when our in corporate criminals, you know, we have elected officials who campaign promises. we're going to active. we prosecute cops, or what else could you possibly expect to happen? cuts on going to when i go out there risk their future, their, their family, their, their financial will be. so they're going to take a step back and this isn't going to make anyone's, they would favorite panic is confirmed. it's bringing to an end, almost 2 decades of military presence in iraq. however, the statement leaves open the option of keeping so called consultants and undefined roll the united states will uphold the commitments had made during the july 2021 us iraq strategic dialogue, including that there will be no us forces with a combat role by the end of the year, though i tell so so pleasure to keep helping the iraqi army and government. however
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many fear a repeat of the recent african defalco when the us abruptly abandoned the country will not be addressed. and then militarily, our diplomatic and military work will continue, will continue to support the government of pakistan. we will keep providing assistance to the afghan national defences and security forces. a the us invaded iraq in 2003 on the pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction of a none of a big, fat 11 years later then president obama said more troops to fight deisel around 2 and a half 1000 pentagon. so just a still thought to be in the country. i've had the cons withdrawing at a time of particular terminal for iraq mass protests to sweat the capital baghdad
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this month, and the prime minister above the assassination attempt. well, nicholas jaz, davis, author of renown book, blood on our hands, which heavily criticizes us actions in iraq, phase the worst after the pen to can pulls out to the us forces. his presence in iraq is highly inflammatory. you know, after invading and conducting a brutal, murderous occupation of the country, not so long ago. and then, you know, bombing most still and other cities actually took the ground. if the u. s. does the same as what they did in afghanistan, which is to try to div legitimize, if they freeze $9000000000.00 of iraqi assets as they have done with the afghans foreign exchange reserves. and then, then yes, i mean,
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iraq will face to similarly humanitarian crisis. i said in the big story from yesterday, use police a confirmed that the deadly ca, roaming incident to wisconsin, was not a terror attack. and su, they plowed into a christmas parade, killing 5 and injury. more than 40 police have detained the suspect. who said to be a 39 year old man who had recently been apparently released on bail and domestic abuse case i spoke to a witness who was there, about parade, filming, at the time it's a big part of their annual thing, and people come from a different towns and stuff to do it. so it's kinda like to kick up the holiday season. there were probably, i don't know, 40000 people there. you were filming it, you kind of, so it all 1st hand before we have a talk about it. let's just show of you is just a little clip from some of what you filmed.
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oh, my god, it was crazy. we were the 1st point where he entered the parade at so we were right around the corner. so when you see that he's worked around the track, there is a road and then that's very entered at. so we were the 1st people that he made contact with. yes. and he was doing at least $35.00 or 40 miles an hour down the crowded street. it was just an absolute instant chaos. he managed to go almost the entire length of the parade. when he went through our band, he's drag 8 kids were down in the kid that i was administering 1st day to both of his feet were like ran over and his legs were broken. or some americans or the seem to link may be between the instant and the high profile case . a coll, rittenhouse, both the cause took place in the same state, wisconsin, and this considerable anger over the rittenhouse verdicts. he was recently acquitted of homicide. after shooting 2 people dead at a racial justice rally,
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however, democratic party stafford called uproar. after saying the car rummy was calmer for a wisconsin court, having acquitted rittenhouse were those common sparking. as you believe outrage among republicans, especially. i am utterly disgusted that the leader of the dupage democratic party at merrill, a man's key, would have so little compassion and decency to make light of the tragedy. and to say, wisconsin citizens, even the children in some way, deserved what happened to them. no matter your party affiliation right now, all of our thoughts and prayers need to be with those families who lost loved ones . and those who are hospitalized that they recover from their injuries. by trying to link one a sheet to this census, loss of life during christmas, pray shows how out of touch and single issued some people can be marilyn manson. he was fired to over a tweets with another democratic party official calling the post callous and reprehensible we spoke with spike co in a 2020 vice presidential candidate from the libertarian party. he says,
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the only connection between these 2 incidents is that they both happened in wisconsin. whatever point she thought she was making, it was not a point to make. it is not comparable to what happened with the cow rittenhouse situation in the 1st place. and even if it was in the midst of the massive human suffering that's happening after this attack for her to go on and try to make some snarky comment about it. i think it is disgusting for anyone to look at a tragedy like the walk has shaw, mulling truck malling that happen and try to score political points or make a snarky joke about it. i think that a underscores a underscore is a great problem with the toxic nature of the political discourse that is increasing in this country. the problem is that you have this in.


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