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but i hope tuesday is going good to stand by for our next programs in your part of the world. ah, hello, this is in a. theres things we dare to ask in a cash ride on police report in
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december 2020 a group of anti fascist, allowed a film crew access for 3 months. so like if people organization, if an idea that it must be a general out the gate, they may kill that. but he says that they can see what they believe and we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten reuben, this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter have to be on to the teacher that i found it, we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in with, [000:00:00;00]
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in showing a what the total length of so if you took up a new one, which this one and then it said community newsletter, let them finish it out for most was nice. you know, pretty much the critical thing done. that was a problem with the whole bus trans telling you to show me cuz i mean it wasn't angel function and then they said, sometimes you know, it's getting 3 mean to get them printed up. so the cuts
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shirts and boosting called the late fee. can we look at me the ultimate shipment on the sample? and i'm wondering if that because if it is a level one with one that was from underneath the premier job stuff to be out of the gym or to my sister if you get up or sorry about that transition from the public or which i think it's a little more, i mean, you know, much about the mindset and going from just teaching with going to which crime which i'm sure about them on a promotional office. the progression from i've seen a bunch of just pretty much pretty
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much. yes. that was another call from last year around that was that was blue sky charity. he took a telephonic throne. we do just to clear up mich up yesterday. deal is going to show to her to read and took a job to look into for them. because i feel it was very p the order chest of drawers must have holes worker or sheet or fooling. it will take the primary justice and pick materials would be useless. no one would put about you to come to the shore mills throwers too. on some new trucks, articles assuring you, you won't be other than the marble. great year with us must have caricature. you know, some de la cruz to propose a change the she to the apartment, sir. currently, le puzzles lamara de mostly made somebody look this up where you just go spoke the girl walmart with mister an emergency brushes. sure you get to horror you leo. did he of y'all after she'd sat so just in time,
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the hardest part of the school career and i've gotten smarter to tamara elizabeth's, of which louis chateau appear over authentically delish was his passport. ne, done the annual which given from it miss cuter ins. hogue, and i'm with miss jan on no spice off switch political world with dish computer much there was that he needs to reschedule aiden again. self. his passport them, but i could actually schools dania it out of there. and nor will i probably in the latest that i now just i noticed that nobody showed up or screaming you buttonwood . inside the cut, the initial deposit by last year blue bird would villamore. jessica, which you more than more sta passport brower celsius passport them? no, it, it come pick them, it will just don't waste your part of their youth agonies. lucian could remember there was the width d ashley of one k e at corolla at them. short blue charlie got quench creek. the lease board is the bank sky shore to live shot by doris tamika park. lat dose. the plan idea by which in the bristol, which are presented to machines,
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is human. a spiritual prescott in the house that that were at the core. usda real, corbin oak, i said in which a quiet and found myself gather till i was up, wastes me supposedly garcia would actually think i'd love rosco. christina, we should be able, cliche does to wish, what assessor yesterday. if we miss her teacher there might sway done there at that deluxe you was principally. yes. just as one is the guy that seen each it is a that it is all in the market place. nicholson. yes, dog, i start. sorry, man. i either the plan as a good a wireless. now i did you on the co honestly, zillow, but that one's like as well. it just awful let. there was because of the stuff gone was not that swayed down. there was a good cottage go on at night, so i just put a line. yeah. washer. even if i me rush, telephone, mom, brutish floors. nice little after you said that though of shorter than with lauren . yes. live we are starting at the you think are really among school shorter. what else? which, which i didn't get just
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say to teach kish leah kish's internet, which says wiki though it's, it's in the fall. let's account for thanks. it's always a good way to should, wonky, sure law as a buell mom balloon. in 4 months, a severe looted father to be on conform those more to deal with is what is it spots up incorporated spiritual. instagram portability sch for his book, sam, recruitment years. i til dogma, prost of needed to scrub yom. ah, she didn't work. i knew she's mad, it's a b at a bite and a se in the car because by weight. and it wasn't him though to both look similar to the foreigner, my to go score. we discuss math criteria, dive, watching you on. yup. miss stanley moore, pete manon didn't make a thorough check out any, even that the chemo motors on which occurred as night to shoot actual mosquito adoptable. but i'm sold off to a nor just a pity will show it. went to washington i'm which is which graphic design. i'm dumb
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when i need them cut off. and then you miss tina by them or cutting you shortest project worshipping and doing with their stroke. a kid come instructional protocol . what? saddam, whereas more strung to diagnose done manip. but just is lucia flu. sign me what the you're dealing? sure. what me natasha of number will dogma. ah, ah, well, by my teacher. that wasn't my way to think that it would be on the way to the youth dominated comley. c o r g. let's say, you know, and then you know, what use your bus is supposed to lead for the problem was, i mean that's problems. adrena relates on delivery. moving for months is to be general most to the little squiggly done nice with this for later projects or sales. what
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scars them they should they store, she comes guys and i've seen if we need support, tread mentioned up in the north took us at the stops a throw for them and they're going to perform a book. and then, you know, yes, probably what 3 person i need only isn't always touching you doing the meet problem at the conflict this woman and force them that way along with ms. bond working up. so i need those in the teaching. it's sort of what your particular question or something that done this can she is probably my bed jack. i thought it was a good austin, you control and i was going to try video just recently in the, in from up north. because with my initial proc sicker, yes it was, it's celia wasn't on the list for a number of the store. you know, it's my leach might be in it. but for some dogwood saying i did get phosphor school absorb, this is the committee of nothing. but i shall see you later, but that i forget the boucher for the new suit wasn't. i didn't know when i got to
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another book because that's the what's going on. property of like oh, i just need much money. i'm that you might or demco that on the phone the so she will if she gave a me a barely what's like len lies lewin american. if one of this of any of the with over and they see in there as a shane in the actual, by order by the was here is a, stella, when you're there is a glass that lays or is on your account of satanic. douglas, a person finance with the check authority will blow national. are you sure?
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it's like less of when you get quite a bit quicker, but i wish the place for the food that i'm here like active briefly about them. we'd like that. i let them up. i love that for me to get with that. who are you? i'm sure to get the car to come celestials to come with a little by the may using he didn't. i just get, i am keith at rudy. my mother in law trip was quite willing to pa style moore's book. a coil do mostly and you come when you moodle preem company,
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it's me nationally soon and more. so cuts are both our money in the pocket. the please. i go to work out. this was when you were 2 energy st. mr. that and you post a lot of my yeah. pushed out of the god of the who me answer a question. you asked the glass shady wishing wise la seek dove? glad me mine and go. but our annoy or got dory, w m m go at ease torsional read in the wish that the chief thou store, you will chew, it's no national. expedia mean to do the inversion, which will get the britain melanie, that's like fish, that sure the response was warmer. ship after and you just with virtually i cut that, he'd be able to make a lot of alluded and you stored some minus a chance to say thank you so much that we didn't like the density and i set it on the on scout. i kept talking about all my specials. i get so is what you did better. i shut it than the oppose one might shift compact
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southwestern that was she had a poor bush and whatnot. it started. so i'm sitting with session, i shed it, matt, thank you. mazda, yes sir, my name is jim marsters, but i show checking on it. what does what it does shatka me on a place for us to look precise dumps a massage or is this bus orchard, a scrubber, nutritional with . busy don't go where did you need this borrower to company? lord don't want to be able to just sort of your system. of course, my office manager us from alcohol must be the only that, most of the institutional self modes. we up to one more moment to potential attention to future was origin suitable for for personal but also for mcmurry, my principal put
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a video on an emergency during the nurse to bonnie premier there's there's no mileage unit. no. was morrison was to use that his lamb was saturday, was we missed you or you can explain just at the click finish, please just know by cnc router by noon yet. do you happen to still go to caldwell? we're on the authorities just got quite unison printed it. the that the national button feels nash at the boston when it's processed. like i'm put, you know, just the, just wanted a push and knowing him a message, you know, come back to perform church for months on research, real problem. so the ball people to quarter story, the only more is there somewhere along as of what we're looking at 1st it's donors discussion with
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a pc. a single person 1st just don't have that order to complete with a l. look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point obviously is too great truck rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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oh, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation for i you going the right way? where are you being led? somewhere direct. what is true war? his faith in the world corrupted. you need to descend her join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess when
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the world of politics spoke. business i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah, with to got i was the boy shippable police might say check samplers, catherine barbershop with bushy quarter. we'll do it by now for servicing at the real deal. spent process with our models are these were i was because we are fortunate to so it's just we're still a good little mcwilliam where we send it with a new role with emotional starts or even
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a she boards with a little religious will that the one that was also in each one of the only for sure with the myers of those information are either other hackers that feel they can take it further and utilize that information to create another hacking attack. or they could be potentially companies or people that can use this information for identity theft. they can use that information and sell it on, potentially with other pieces of information that they have at a higher price. new types of information that give you a lot more identity, sell at a, at a high price versus
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a database of all this information. so they try to break it down. they take a database leak and they break it down and they try to take some selective pieces of that information and create another sale. and maybe at a smaller volume, but a higher price me, i don't know dish from getting enrolled at each year . so when you, why there's that are more than 15 by yet. now, my dear, can you come with us at the bar that are going to be in the i don't actually be the money from dish with all those extra tutors wanted a solution and was, was listed this one was the only managed to use it on
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my system and see which one is sort of completed on what's on the ball on getting messages and stuff for the moment. we can show you what we would normally do to get more information for release. mr. moore, it's you manual motion w tamala from. i think i totally use local channels. federalist visual. supp. chanel noobie. calling for information about a kid. so his main passport visual, i graduated with him for the bus, but the service that i eat healthy was got water or the need to go to
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the line. you could give me a call or for me and let me know can use the business function. yes. yes. you know, so a new release portion where the obamacare can use anywhere in the middle can use up doors name on the for me here. boy came with him was in for me now just the wrench, whatever the collision is my goal. so they took a little dar, so the system, passport on the door just wasn't to deal with them. and i mean keith above the level, it's worth what you want me to deal with electron. they put this in the 1st year, we will probably new contact and also teach it as well. so would you find yourself difficult to get in their 1st name, dot net or system or the transact believe lloyd to swapped almost, specially as an interesting what up something to get. you know,
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i love that all 40. yeah, i try to reason and you're welcome to present those over them who's 10 years old or the people on excited assumption and she has 5 now before the struggle the 3 m. yes, much not that much or to meet me there was for all the stuff she section that out and i'm really hard you yakima wishing up on salvage senior level law. yeah. just you know, it's of course thoughts. yeah. towards up shooting as douglas account for you. i think we're probably in the hugh level cognitive market. please lose a cup older or just shoot. he's elusive. so i'm bringing my process emotional years professional, besides musician inception,
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or more sure about the thoughts or set of command a valid concern with prosper. yes, that is correct. no, we've been good. it's somebody we're in new york, either a shedding is the, there's a problem with his thoughts of a guy that was to fish last a lot of miles or this is lena. there was a reasoning, of course, i'm remember the last thought or will go there, brought up that my love. it's in babylon from an visit that i'm finishing. one is now the boat off them well near the well, it's a mission year. but for them school, she, british thought north, i'm on a shanker mustang, i'm longer motion for your price. dawn was showing him. 07 me.
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well, how does the glass not only club cheese did not sound nas after norma is a good to worship boy doesn't. he's not got wasn't 8 east which good after school. is it not anymore? that's my kid. the blizzard you do, please stand at your black at the store dish and the owner will still come back. she's in middleton dish, and like i said, why get people didn't exam shaquanda? no, it's not that a compression store absolute no bushes through, but they mutually agreeable. blue eyed eastern blackbird, clinton, italian, sunday, live with me, which i'm a little gaps was dam problem. we'll teach if selena done. he hops at the end. the notion will come when you know sitting, you will know what i see angela. it's evil north of up. ship it what, what kind of plays a do with the city? you only consider the senate problem, a couple of questions that do you know, start up front of my city in yet. what about that and just think nashville took a deeper
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a much of this via it's with it's really a culture change. and it's an awareness of the risky behavior that exists in the cyber world. and we're not saying we are scaring individuals and families away from the internet. the internet is full of possibilities. the internet is very valuable . it's being used in so many different ways as part of research, as part of the development of the, the human evolution in the human improvements that we have across different industries. whether it's health care or automation or transportation. but it comes with those risks that need to be aware at a very young age is much better education going into schools now. and but at home there has to be that same kind of understanding of what are the dangers and risks of being connected so well,
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i'm in, so i one, today we're gonna talk about high tech center crime trans. and this is actually a very important because last maybe 10 years we have really high number of different cyber grimes and we have actually growing in loans in different areas and you can scarce. so it's really important to know about the latest trends. and it's really important to know how to protect yourself and protect your organizations, your future companies against the sandra green knows. i also want you to discuss with me all of this. so that's why this question for you. what do you think was the motivation of cyber criminals? it's not sometimes a consideration is missing the cyber crime that happened. and just because people wants to earn a lot of money. and the 2nd group is actually active using attorneys,
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and they have their own ideas. and then trying to perform via cyber crime, i just saw a lot of financial the ideas. the next robles motivation is usually space points are in the works and spaceports, earth innovation and best case rehab hikers and rehab works better. it's ryan. so it's all something interest of one country and usually a bad attacks against other countries. this is all about government politics and spanish with what is some global ubiquitous thrown. so blew up a but i'm not able to say is very limited on so that i'm here to freeze him to week was must some short needs to finish each mission. i saw you bit of douglas, but on but on these glare, what the at the moment was i use leave. she has the ability to change from humans. ah.
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mm. oh, a sure don't even official mr. hatch or someone at that. just wanted to check with some demolish the discussion and what you see with your phone. yeah, i think you supposed to put your thumb when you're beside sex,
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line me at the whipping and i should. she usually should almost by you. so what i'm going to look up in cities, it took us from michigan. all right? yes, the key moments she leeway where she shared the world is driven by trainers shaped banks. concur some of those with there's sinks, we dare to ask oh yeah, we're still an el salvador now or in san salvador. it's not all popping off here.
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the countries are that the big why as legal, tanner is transforming the country, transforming the bayport, transforming the culture and transforming the region. oh, my god. ah reckon, use the sour in the story. first in coordination with allies, the u. s. is releasing strategic all reserves to bring down petrol prices of to failed, attempts to convince opec to boost productions. did the say what i will never accept is idiots. who under the guise we are dissatisfied. he's pure violence against people. the dutch prime minister, lashing out then a protested after nights of writing against tough, new covey destruction as cases surge and locked tons of re imposed across europe. the french governments outraged by it each commission is meeting with a muslim youth group, branding it though a dangerous sock puppet of islamists. and in new york,
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a survey shows that more than half of the cities police wish they had never joined


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