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ah, ah ah, what i will never accept is that it is under the guy of being dissatisfied you, she of middleton. he's the people that arch premier hits out vide, and protest is angry at tough new code, which measures his case. his search in new york. dan's being imposed across europe while in the fight against covey, russian scientists claim their new nasal spray vaccine may effectively prevent the transmission of code which we spoke with the developers, deputy director, and also the sour in new york. a survey reveals that more than half of the city police officers say they should never have joined the force. we hear from an active officer about be increasing. precious lay face. we have the
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official who campaign promises. we're going to be active. we prosecute cars are in the what else could you possibly expect to have? so they're going to take a step back in. this isn't going to make any ones they won't say. ah hi, good morning. well, can be watching artie international. just gone 8 o'clock here in the russian capital. now, europe is in the grip of another wave of covey. 2 cases rising in germany and the netherlands in the 10s of thousands as the response tough restrictions are being re imposed across the continent. sparking a public outcry. authorities in the netherlands detained, at least a $130.00 people as anti locked down, protest turned violent after several nights of rioting. the dutch prime minister, called the demonstrators, idiots. now meanwhile, in australia,
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people have taken to the streets, both in favor and against co, with vaccines and restrictions that is authorities there seek to expand their powers during the pandemic and in the countries or northern territory, the chief minister 2 said any body opposing vaccine mandates is an anti vac, sir, regardless if they had the job voluntarily. you are out there in any way, shape or form campaigning against this man that you are absolutely any fax, your personal taxation status is only irrelevant. but as we mentioned in the you, authorities are struggling with opposition with the opposition to reinforce coded restrictions and made large scale protests and recent days in several members, state such as the netherlands where police fired rubber bullets to disperse, aggressive crowds. or we spoke with a panel of guests who all agreed that sir governments to have failed to properly deal with the pandemic. of course, i can see why the people have strong protesting,
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feel, look at the background. briana great world crisis since 2008. that even deepen 2020, that crisis that was brought forward measure against corona with which i'm not consistence and table of people. but for example in favor of big companies . and then there is a kind of a lock down, which again is more hitting the small companies, the restaurants, the small cultural industry. some of the protests that we've seen over the past week, they've been a little bit agitated, but i think by far the most ferocious has been in the netherlands with the police opening fire there. is that an appropriate response? i think it really depends on the circumstances that that police officer found themselves in if offices really genuinely did feel that i liked it. and again, i wasn't there and we didn't see exactly what the situation was. they don't, the fire could be justified. it does raise questions as to why offices didn't have
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less lethal means to combat people, not the media, and they have deemed riotous. we know far more about this disease than we did 2 years ago or the alternative to lockdown some restrictions. so while the antibody levels go down within 3 months, doesn't mean that the personal immunity last, but in fact, that the rate of transmission is not altered. so then the conceptually, the idea that you quarantine or restrict in some way, those who haven't been vaccinated versus those who have doesn't have any actually impact on the spread we've been told her, the protest is our idiots there by the dutch prime minister. and that they are the 8 agents of violence. i do think a criticism of the demonstrators is misplaced, given these really very draconian restrictions which are at any rate illogical. governments are facing record levels of mistrust resort. a survey published since he showed doctor the doctor, the next move, well trusted,
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but politicians were less trusted than any other member of the record level. the props and we've seen a very large back, and people not trusting the message of the government and actually not wanted to take up medically by what we already mentioned. europe in the grip is another way to cope with cases rising in germany and the netherlands in the 10s of thousands. as a response, tough restrictions of being re imposed across the continent, sparking a public outcry and authorities in the netherlands have detained at least $130.00 papers. anti lock time protests have turned violent. after several nights of rioting, the dutch prime minister, called the demonstrators. idiots and excel to me as prime minister and as a liberal, i will always defend the rank to demonstrate in this country that is part of our democracy about the law. but what they will never accept is that it is under the guy of being dissatisfied. you ship violence against the people who are you and
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meet every day in the field to keep this country safe. okay, well let's talk about this now. go to peter oliver, who's in the berlin 1st this morning. good morning peter. we've seen the dutch leader cooling for com met, but there's a lot of tang hai, isn't there across the continent, rising cases in many places and many new tough restrictions being imposed. well here in germany, we haven't seen the type of violence we saw in the netherlands or in belgium over the weekend. what we do have is serious problems when it comes to the number of covert cases that we're seeing. the robert cock institutes, the the medical authority here in germany has said that in the last 2 weeks, the number of covey cases has doubled. and in the last 24 hours, we've seen another day in which over 45000 new cases have been recorded in germany . what we are seeing is health care systems being pushed to their very limits
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across germany. and as r t found out speaking to a nurse, it's not just the health care system, but health care professionals that have being pushed to breaking point. nissan is who should have been working here for 5 years. and the situation has never been as bad as it is. now. we are completely overwhelmed with an incredible number. we no longer have an carry unit, why all the patients are waiting until that's become available. eventually, patients that need to go and ventilators will be in the emergency department, rather than in the intensive care unit. there should actually be nurses and we only have 4 and sometimes a 3. and it is not clear how we can take care of adequately extend that to unpleasant. well, a big discussion amongst politicians in germany right now is whether the country can follow austria's lead and impose mandatory vaccination in austria. that will start from the 1st of february, next year. politicians here in germany though discussing whether that would even be
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legal under the german constitution. chancellor, anglo merkel has said that she wants to see tougher restrictions put in place to challenge what she sees as the 4th wave, which is worse than anything that we've seen before. meanwhile, health minister yen spawn is painted a bleak picture of the way he sees the state of affairs. the shiny, 3 of them ended. these are splinters probably by the end of this winter. as you sometimes cynically said, pretty much everyone in germany will be vaccinated, recovered it, but it's true with the highly contagious delta. very, this is very, very likely to chisel. while i mentioned austria earlier, they are into day 2 on tuesday of the latest covert lockdown. that's been put in place across the country. it's set to last for at least 10 days can be extended until the 13th of december. here. okay, here in germany and in austria though,
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what we're seeing is people unhappy with the measures that governments have taken calvin off because i don't believe at all, that locked down will be over after 3 weeks. not even for us of vaccinations, but it is what it is. it was too late too late. 3, especially the mandatory vaccination compton, which should have been implemented earlier. not in february as is over. and when did the last 3 months? brain vaccinations were dinah tests were di, money, distance with cat masks. warn you yet still the numbers rise, inconvenienced my eyes and polish transition. i think it's not like she was like is at 1st and they said that it would all kinds of global then they built everything down. we are told that it must be close and cannot open often do i think it's not good? well then, while some regions in germany and austria have put in place nighttime curfews to try and curb the rising figures of coven 19 and the city of stood guards has become the latest area in germany, along with the faith of facts, any in bavaria,
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to say that there will be no christmas market for the 20. 21. 2022. festive period . ok, thanks peter. that was artes. peter oliver reporting from berlin this morning. now the world health organization does maintain that vaccination is the most effective way to tackle cove it in the mid alarmingly high rates. the virus haven russia preparations are under way to introduce a k with vaccine in a rather more convenient form. a nasal spray we spoke with the produces deputy director mr. mc stiffness says that we want to create not only system and mean, but also mean it's in places where the infection i was looking to create a barrier on the miller's membrane to ensure that the infection does not have an advantage over the mean. just we will get to stero organism, but this is not an innovation. there is a scene against holiest unit. it's administered twice. last and it seems then
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a lot of middle at the life, faxing and juices mucosal marion unity excites method, has already been tested in the world. this is what we are going to reproduce. but not come polio code for the challenge is to me and i think people who are not to me and then the unionized and then recovered lockton though, but a lot of them would be exact 222. since this is not going to expect to recruit people for risa, timing always depends on the recruitment team will be introduced shortly for charles can approximately in january and we'll take several months business sort of that in the next 3 to 5 months. if all of the present time receipts of commission in the regulator, recruitment to volunteers, this study will be completed and we want to make it in the near future. it will be possible to see the main points of the internet. sure,
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it is in your musical. you, i then put it in order to avoid getting sick, if necessary, constantly the mean vacation of the most important goal that humanity must achieve now is to obtain heard immunity and reduce mortality, and thus reduce the burden on the measure that will really protect the population is re fax nation with the introduction of read the nation in russia and abroad. the incidents rate is not just decreasing. it's now even lower than it was during primary vaccination. therefore, remax, the nation is just that. it works not only in russia also abroad. this is. busy kimmy, this is not a precious being placed on new york police forces so great many officers wish that they had never joined the warning from the head of the city's largest, please union. and he claims new laws and tedious policies of punishing good cops.
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new york city police officers a well passed, a breaking point, amended blasio and the outgoing city council. a still piling on with policies that punish cops and a road public safety. the intolerable environment and are substandard pay. has every cop looking to get out as soon as they can, when his fears are shared by more than half of the cities police officers who said in a recently published survey, they wouldn't have joined the force if they could return to that point in their careers as many of them side, public distrust and disrespect. while 80 percent of the respondents said that they are afraid to pursue criminals to, to face being sued. this year has seen sweeping police reform in the city to detailing the rights of authorities to use force to restrain suspects. but even before the reforms offices in this city were already far from optimistic saying that they believed high crime rates were here to stay. what almost 4 fifths of
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corpse did say that they did not believe the city would become any safer in the next 2 years to the crime rates up nearly 15 percent since august. it has has some in the n y p d concerns such as officer ark and he says that cops like him have become increasingly stigmatized. every cops i speak to in the y p v just feels that everyone is against them from the public to the elected officials, to the mayor, even the higher ups b, y p and just feel like there's no right they can ever do valuable crime fighting tools like stop question frisk were taken away, you know, legal options for people when assume the police were expanded. you know, every, every elected official now has a platform. they want to go directly after police. this is going to be getting when safety was going to make cost apprehensive and empower emboldened criminals. as we've seen, the poll didn't surprise me or didn't surprise me. expert at all. you're like i said, we want to have programs like di, from the police,
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which are directly going after hops. we have elected officials standing up and they should more empathy towards hard and criminals then towards the police that actually when our in corporate criminals, you know, we have elected officials who campaign promises. we're going to actively prosecute cops, or what else could you possibly expect to happen? cops on going when i got the risk, their future, their, their family, their, their financial will be. so they're going to take a step back and this isn't going to make anyone's, they would say for now it's been almost 60 years since the assassination of the us president john f. kennedy. but still washington has been boning the release of information about the case. but enough, he's going underground after retents, he discusses the tragic incident and the reasons behind the further delay in the releasing of the documents with guest oliver stone and film director, who made adult commentary on the subject. what his part of the interview, which,
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which you can see him full later today, if, if the papers that biden says he is gonna release on december the 15th, somehow they're on redacted and are the papers that prove the c, i killed kennedy. what does that mean rule as others as nations in the sixty's that the world remembers much under the king junior malcolm x. and so many others, why was unity? you just ask yourself, i mean, it's a big deal. i mean, you have the roosevelt administration, which is very liberal and compared to the conservative ones of eisenhower and then truman that our cold could become cold war administration. if you bring back jack kennedy who's, who has a vision to see a peaceful world of coexistence with the soviet union, he signed a nuclear piece piece and isn't aware, caspian training if he saw a world that could possibly moved away from this tension strategic tension that the united states had created after world war 2, and on top of that, didn't want to go to vietnam, was, was rowing quietly from vietnam, but did issue
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a statement issue, and sam didn't want it. he won't have a day tom, if you've any side. the nuclear, the nuclear treaty was russia for christ's sake, no president, he could have changed american war with those just both action. joe biden has this memo. i got the memo here from the white house, about the release of papers that were supposed to happen in october, mr. trump or broke all the rules illegally. he added a step. he said that the next time the national archives had to be also consulted. it was, it was originally a decision made by congress that the president was the last one to say anything to stop it. and but now the, the law has been changed on now as you say, it was supposed to come out this today or yesterday, or whatever. and by and pushed it. ah, yes, police have confirmed the deadly hit him run. incident in wisconsin is not a terror attack yesterday after nesting. v drive into a christmas parade,
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killing at least 5 people and injuring more than 40 a 39 year old man has been taken into custody. correspondent kevin, i spoke to witness if the harrowing event it's a big part of their annual thing and people come from a different towns and stuff to do it. so it's kinda like to kick up the holiday season. there were probably, i don't know, 40000 people there. you were filming it. you kind of saw it all 1st hand before we have a talk about it. let's just show of you is just a little clip from some of what you filmed. oh my god, it was crazy. we were the 1st point where he entered the parade at so we were right around the corner. so when you see that he's worked around the track, there is a road and then that's very entered at. so we were there 1st people that he made
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contact with. yeah. and he was do and at least $35.00 or 40 miles an hour down the crowded street. um it was just an absolute instant chaos. he managed to go almost the entire length of the parade when he went through our band. he's rocca, 8 kids were, were down in the kid that i was administering 1st day to both of his feet were like ran over and his legs were broken. or some americans had thrown parallels between the instant and the high profile case of car. written haste was recently acquitted on homicide charges after he shot 2 people dead at a racial justice rally. the verdict incited a wave of protests. well, a democratic party staffer has course, a pro se now after the recent s, she, the incident by using a series of contentious twitter post to sarcastically equates, if with written house is a critical, it was probably just self defense. she said, employing the same terminology,
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used in the written house case. the comments evoked at cry though, from the republicans, i am utterly disgusted that the leader of the dupage democratic barley, maryland lansky, would have so little compassion and decency to make light of the tragedy. and to say, wisconsin citizens, even the children in some way, deserved what happened to them, no matter your party affiliation. right now, all of our thoughts and prayers need to be with those families who lost loved ones . and those who are hospitalized that they recover from their injuries, by trying to link one a sheet to this sense. his loss of life during christmas parade shows how out of touch and single issued some people can be were married, dimansky was fired after you. her after superiors became aware of the tweet with another democratic party official calling the post careless and reprehensible we spoke. we spite cohen a 2020 vice presidential candidate for the libertarian party. he says that the only connection between these 2 incidents is that they both happened in wisconsin.
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whatever point she thought she was making. it was not a point to make. it is not comparable to what happened with the cow rittenhouse situation in the birthplace. and even if it was in the midst of the massive human suffering that's happening after this attack for her to go on and try to make some snarky comment about it. i think it is disgusting for anyone to look at a tragedy like the walk of shaw, mulling truck malling that happen and try to score political points or make a snarky joke about it. i think that it underscores a underscore is a great problem with the toxic nature of the political discourse that is increasing in this country. the problem is that you have this increasing division in the country and possibly even worldwide. right now we're anytime something happens, whether it's good or bad. people immediately try to figure out how to dissect it and make some kind of comment. usually
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a sarcastic comment to try to dunk on the other side. there shouldn't be an other side on this. now the us state department is calling on the to boost it's military autonomy by raising defense spending we want a strong europe. it's in america's interests for europe to be more capable militarily. it's important to get out to the theoretical realm, the think tank realm, strategical ptolemy, and to talk about pragmatic, practical solutions. the official added that european defense ministers have long pledged to spend more on weapons, but so far they've always been blocked when they go back to their parliaments and governments retrieval. he also offered washington's expertise. and what kind of capabilities member states should focus on. but the political analysts told us that washington's main interest in wanting all of this is to sell more american weapons to allies, a lot of cracks within the nato alliance. and we could mentioned when you transfer
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to go out recently about with the u. s. d by stabbing france in the back and taking over a 50, doing euro budget. a france to people in france are saying we're, we're a major arms. we've got a big arms industry today. we want to sell arms. why would be by american if we can build our own arms, and we see that this big difference between the strategies of the nation, some of what snapped of nation states in europe and the u. s. the biggest problem, the u. s. is facing, is having a collective strategy. there's inviting within, within nato, and there's nothing more than the u. s. can bring today to spend more money and buying my weapon. this is definitely not something which is going to weigh your country, the needle countries into strengthening their size within the washington. it's going to have to find something much more delicate and more strategic than that. i fun, you know,
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spell can protect you from cancel code for it seems even the magical world of harry potter can't help her with the j. k rattling says that transgender activists are attempting to intimidate her by uploading photos of her u. k. address to social media. this is just the latest incident and a standoff between riling and the transgender community. oh, thorough. the harry potter universe won't join her wizards for the 20th anniversary . special. choose to. ah, that invitation . lost in the chamber of secrets. owl post failed to deliver or the ministry of magic with her on the list of undesirable dress. however, you please who yourself whatever you like, sleep with any consenting adult will have you live. you'll best life in peace and
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security, but forced to women out of that jobs for stating that sex is real. people who menstruate, i'm sure i used to be what for those people? someone out me out. one been women, women, i know and love trans people, but a waving, the concept of sex, removes the ability of many to meaning few discuss the lives. it isn't hate to speak the truth. that's spelled trouble with the cat, from gender women, all women, eddie statement to the contrary. it raises the identity and dignity of transgender people and goes against all advice given by professional healthcare associations. trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives. with that being constantly question de towed beyond who they say the trans women are women. john's men are men. we should all be entitled to live with love and without judgment. she who created he who must not be named,
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turned into she who must not speak out, watch harry potter, and the cancelled on their on january 1st 2022 pm. think twice before each week. ministry of magic woke ism never rests watching out international thanks. the company this morning, but back again at the top of the blue with join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking to guess with the world politics sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. me
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show him washing up and we are going, opening the sticker was more sport to later. so as we used to company new new printer, which this time human and upset can inside, i think it's a new life for them to finish it. most of the most was and i know you posted it has been a pretty much the post critical definitely done. that was a problem with bus transportation. you to show me cuz i mean it wasn't angel snap benefits from getting financing. like i said, when you pull that up so the cuts short the deal, boosting co valencia, and convincing me also that shouldn't be
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in school. so i'm wondering if it is a level one with the last one was from japan, new job stress gym or to my sister and all that transition from this particular which i think it's a little more. i mean, you know too much that the parents of the mindset and going to just going to which people trying to keep coming up on this promotion offers the promotion for months and you just put the money on wrapper throughout. last year. yes. special school rules on with her luggage coach bill. recall congress junior. ronald pulls up those blue sheets to
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a garage ski charity worth years to cobra telephonic throne reduced equally up nature. you use of the always control to where to read and suckle jose personal to give to you for them to go to a funeral. it was going to be if you feel there were just, were dorian roles worker issued with a flu in there with a primary of justice and pick materials and abuses. no one would. provo comes a, she sure moves through as a new job. so those are showing you the movie other than the marble. great year with us was health group, joy. you know, some de la cruz to propose a change the she to the secret only liberals, lamar, the loosely made somebody not took the shapell. you just go spoke to girls one more time, said mr. morris, you brushes your, your creative warrior, did he of in your life? could she sat so you still tried in academic approach?
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that's called career and i've gotten smaller number results of which louis shasky will appear over alphabetically. alisha was his passport. ne, done. the annuals are which given to the net, minuscule of ins, hogue, and i'm with miss jan on no spice off switch political or do dish computer much that was going to be through discussion again. self, his passport them. but that actually school is dania it out of there. and nor will i probably in the latest that i knew the star notated that i know the sure. the tomatoes, freeman. yeah. you but i'm with inside cut the initial deposit by last. the blue bird would la mortgage cra, which you more than more sta passport parabola. so his passport, don't know if a company committee will just damaged, you won't be there. you'd like me glue motion. you can remember that was the width, teasley of mancha e at grove. i live at am short blue charlie or change. could you please put the barnowski short to live shut by turns tamika park. that would be those to plug an idea by which only a pistol can put you on prison. take 2 machines. as human experiments got english that they were at, the cwa usa will goblin look, i said in which
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a quiet and found watts at gunmetal i was up. i said.


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