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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 22, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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we can't trust the police, we can't trust a government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in it is feared, the number of victims could rise after a car plows into a christmas parade in wisconsin and the u. s. 5 people were killed and at least 18 children are in the hospital. 6 are critically ill. we hear from a father who witness what happened. 8 kids were were down in the kid that i was administering 1st aid do. both of his feet were like ran over it and his legs were broken. in full scale violence turned off over new coven restrictions across europe. while the duchess pm dismisses protesters as it does satisfy the idiots and written health service. the n h s at breaking point with record waiting list.
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that's as the government watchdog find, it was ill prepared for the pandemic and failed to act on one of those your headlines. i will be back in just under an hour with another look. stay with us, national oh, hello, welcome to the guys are a part. i'm a max kaiser. yeah, we're still in el salvador and our in san salvador. it's all popping off here. the country is it not that big one is legal to energy transforming the country, transforming the people, transforming the culture, transforming the region. oh, my gosh. so we are still here in el salvador where we are witnessing hyper bitcoin ization happen in real life. we are here hanging out with the people about salvador happy everywhere you look. busy hanging out with the president, with ministers cabinet ministers there down here with the party happening for
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bitcoin celebration at little bit, cough and out in the other world, the fear world out there while we've been here. well, the interesting headlines out there are of all despair. essentially. inflation is good for you. they say, and so is jamie diamond. so here's the headline. inflation is good for you and this comes from the intercept and i say don't panic over milk prices. inflation is bad for the one percent, but helps out almost everyone else. and what's happening is this says, the intercept, the inflation freak out, is all about class conflict. in fact, it may be the fundamental class conflict that between creditors and debtors. a fight has been going on since the foundation of the united states, that because inflation is often good for most of us, but is terrible for the kinds of people who own corporate news outlets or say, founded cold firms. and a panic about inflation usually creates the conditions to weaken the power of
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working people. so says the intercept allegedly a very progressive media outlet, right? as we've been saying, as i've been saying, as inflation takes all the major media and alternative media the way they describe and fly, and they whether describe economic, forget increasingly more abstract and unhinged. so they go on to say in this piece that inflation is running 6.2 percent, but the author claims that, well, wages are up 5.8 percent. so clearly, immediately, that's one. signifier that mathematics is not the author's strong suit. a 6.2 is clearly more than 5.8. so wages are not keeping up with inflation quite simply. now that doesn't take into consideration that 90 percent of all stocks are owned by the top 10 percent in the country. and with that 6.2 percent inflation, that's being reported. stock markets are up more than 30 percent this year. so the 10 percent that own stock market are getting that huge 203040 percent gains in some
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cases that's not being enjoyed by the under a class as being described. was that 6 point to top line numbers, understated by 10 points? it's actually, inflation is running 15 to 16 percent, and we see that happening in stores. we see that happening in the energy markets because this is the number that they carry through a lot of adjustments to make it look like the federal reserve needs to keep interest rates as low as possible and who benefits from low interest rates. those people who are borrowing very cheaply and buying assets and again making 102030 percent a year, while the average working stiff with a 5.8 percent increase in wages is going to take a net loss after inflation as the interest point that they're losing money against inflation, number one, they're not, they don't own any assets. number 2, and the wealth and income divide simply gap some wider number 3. so this guy is wrong, wrong and wrong. yes, well, so the argument is that, you know,
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poor people are debtors and sir, they do have a negative net worth because of all the debt. but in terms of the enormity of debt, the enormity of debt is all owed by the derivatives and the leverage in the banking system. whereby if that goes horribly wrong, they get failed out by rest of everybody. that's why we have such high inflation. it also encourages this notion that sure, there is no fix for our mess up economy, where all the manufacturing has been shipped overseas. thanks to various tax policies and you know, benefits that big corporations own sending your jobs overseas. but just, you know, become live a precarious life, live in debt, where you know, who likes being in debt and having to stress out about whether or not you can meet your monthly payments. it's just like this is the trickle down of the united states itself. it's a debtor nation, relies on the kindness of strangers. so that's what they're telling the ordinary person be like your, you know,
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your boss be beholden to everybody else. gold is the currency of kings. silver is the currency of merchants. debt is the currency of slaves. so what they're encouraging therefore, is a slave class. debt is the currency of slaves and they were there at the intercept . they can, they equate progressiveness them. progressive ism with slavery, which i think is not, not the correct equation to make. you know, we are in a developing nation where by remember we do have the, can tell you in effect, within the united states, a, those who received the money 1st, the new debt that the government that the central banks issue, they get it for 0 percent by the time it trickles down to the bottom. it's 13. 14 percent. of course they didn't mentioned interest rates, right. ok. as you point out, their incomes are only up 5.8 percent this past year. inflation is 6.2 percent. but what interest are they paying on that? that right? because if the interest on there that is like 13 percent, they're still losing money, maybe
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a little bit less more if the whole the underlying value, the principal is the subject. right. so progressives think that all that is equal, they don't seem to point out the fact that if you are in the top 110th of one percent, the cost of your debt is 0. and in some cases under 0, it's getting paid to borrow. if you're in the lower classes, you're getting a 5.8 percent increase in wages. but you're paying 13 to 16 to 18 percent on credit card debt or pay day loans. bank talk 2003000 annualized rates of debt on that interest alike. all interest rate apartheid in america really has become in apartheid state. let's not be shy about it when the apartheid wall is all about interest rates. if you're a friend of wall street and you get to borrow money and 0, if you're not afraid of wall street, you live in the band, tucson of 18 to 45 percent interest rates, and it shows in the numbers. well, let's look at some more numbers to see. you would think if inflation is so good for the bottom, 99 percent. let's look at some data ad of the united states alone. okay. let's see
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how people feel. let's see, you would think that they would be relentlessly optimistic that they would be feeling good and not filled with despair. and yet the death of despair number drug overdose death in the united states surpassed 100812 month period for the 1st time. cdc says that's a center for disease control. so, despite these booming inflation rate, it seems, despair is up. perhaps these people need to read the intercept to realize how good they have it, that this inflation is supposed to be good for them. right? a 100000 deaths. and if you, compared to last year, 70000 deaths, that this year is honored 1000 deaths. that's an incredible rate, more than $5.00 or 6.2 percent. that's an enormous double digit rate of death of despair. and if you put the rate of overdose drug overdose deaths and american,
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you map it over the money printing. it's almost exactly the same, the amount of depths of despair in america and the em to money supply is increasing at about the same rate as it shows you direct correlation for all the money being printed by the money printers. they are literally sticking needles and people's arms and murdering them while they are certainly filled with despair. and despite what the media keeps on trying to tell them that this is the best they've ever had . it, certainly it is the best. it's been for some people now in terms of inflation, the united states, we have 6.2 percent at the highest and 31 years. we have inflation running a hot as well in canada, u. k, and other countries. but we're going to look at a place where it is even worse, and that is in turkey. we don't deserve this as a nation. one market stand owner says of how high turkeys prices have risen. people are struggling to buy food as inflation has soared, nearly 50 percent,
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an independent group says, in comparison, us prices are up about 6 percent, so we don't deserve this as a nation. again, the difference between an elite who believe inflation is good and the ordinary person on the street experiencing a much higher rate of inflation than we are in the united states. but nevertheless, if this continues to go higher, these are the sort of circumstances we'll find ourselves n o people leave, understand that the central bank in turkey in the central bank in europe, d. c, b, the federal reserve bank, the bank of england and the bank of japan are also actually one big bank. and they are printing money by the truckload by the trillions. and the catastrophic impacts are impacting countries in different ways. and the policy makers, those countries are reacting in different ways in turkey, the leadership at the side is actually lower interest rates, which was exacerbates the toll taken by all the money printing seemingly almost
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it's such a stupid thing to do it's. it's almost as if the leadership is trying to wipe out their population, which i, they haven't had made that their stated case, but this is one of the stupidest things i've ever seen. so they are certainly wiping out the savings and that's supposed to be good, apparently for the bottom 99 percent because debt gets wiped away. so they're saying just go into debt. you don't need savings here in el salvador, where we have been, it's all been all about the opposite. what you see here has been genuinely relentless optimism. you see it all along the streets as you're driving around up the coast, across the mountain, up the mountain down the volcanoes over overhead, like where we look. you see people smiling and you see them really excited about this becoming a hyper bit client, ice economy and kicking out the banker is in a way because they're creating their own financial system. and i want to show you the legacy u. s. dollar theater system. what that has achieved, what,
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what the oligarchy in that system, and the can tell you in effect in that system here is a headline while we've been here. and now salvatore, that just a pit demise is all that al salvador is moving away from just in this is from bloomberg news, hong kong leader, kerry lam says j. p. morgan ceo, jamie diamond, was allowed to skip $21.00 day hotel quarantine because it involves a very huge bank and his trip carried totally manageable risk. here's a guy who takes risks and when they go, bossed, gets bailed out by the taxpayer. and not only did they get bailed up, but they get rewarded. so for every dollar jamie diamond steals the taxpayer, gives them an additional 10. and if he goes to hong kong on a junket, any breaks loss, and he makes a clown of himself, and he didn't denigrate. everyone in hong kong has been denigrated by jamie diamond . the world press applaud him and things aren't going great over there. i wonder
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why, but nevertheless, because you look around the world and you see the impact of all of this flagrant money printing compared to el salvador. here in el salvador, the sun always comes up. the volcanoes always erupt. the waves always come in and now their money is tied to unimpeachable mathematical certainty, brick coin, it fits in el salvador like a hand in glove because i recognize the name of the building of nature, bitcoin as nature. and they're going to benefit strongly by it. and the current theory is really booming. everything is a consensus algorithm. essentially we, we are governed by consensus. and that's democracy. that's a republic. that's our global monetary system. and this is what you have an unfair system, theat where it by they have special privileges. above and beyond science. the ordinary peasant is told, trust the science trust the science. you have to be locked down,
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you have to lose your job. you have to, you know, pay all the costs, the risk of what's happening in the economy. whereas in the hyper bitcoin i's world, if you have once a toshi, like many people here might have only once a tow she or you have thousands and tens of thousands of bitcoin. like michael sailor, you have equal say, in the governance model of bit coin, and i think that's what you're going to see. relentless optimizon booming and an economy and a country like el salvador. right? but guys a mirror. if you look in the mirror and you see the devil, the devil will visit you. so kerry lamb keep that in mind. if you look in the mary nancy coin, jamie diamond shows up here and even worse, trouble than you already are already. we're going to take a break and when we come back, much more coming your way with
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i saw a message from an unknown account because it had a self re with my passport as its profile page. i saw pictures of my documents. it will say also send a credit contract. if i had just 3 days, you know, comply with their demands. if i didn't send money i, they sent up an online hate campaign. i was supposed to be very dangerous man. ah, welcome back to the kaiser report. i am at kaiser time at a turn to romance martinez. here i'm a bit claim beach in al zante el salvador romance. welcome. welcome. look and to beat. going be to welcome to san there. we'll go to saddler. so happy to have you
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here and that you can leave, you can leave in the eco system buying, paying everything with right, the ecosystem of big client, they circular economy of a client here in al zante, it all started with one pep who was to stand and and a couple of surfers kicked the whole thing off. is that so now how that went down? yeah, between beach is a theme of michael pete. their song are here in sri. la impala, me a now or team have been growing. and when beacon came here to our community, we were doing social initiative, we're running $21.00 social in giving for pillars, education, recreation, spiritual and empowerment. so, and we have an english class is computer class is, is color chip for the university transportation that bring the kids through the schools every day. so be, go, was that so that we, we,
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we were waiting for, you know, right, so a lot of this was happening already and you have these 4 pillars and you are pursuing education and trying to bring some kind of holistic approach to education and culture. and then into this fertile soil dropped bitcoin. gra. yes . and he's so amazing and so interesting what's happening because we were working in the same social initiatives before beat them. come here. when did our i something change and something and that thing is financially the piece shown like no one are under word teacher. what's moonies, how fee and money works, you know, but we make transactions everyday with they, with dollars every day. and until dad we connecting war, the proven da or pines had, you know, before us. and when people came here,
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when beat can came here is like we start to seen people saving for the 1st time. people buying an acid for the 1st time. this more merchant transacting digitally for the 1st time in their life. you should be to can also someone who tardiness were to receive and send payments, you know, and after that you connecting to my parents, for example, that they never have access to the bank account. so they spend everything, what they get in the moms, they spending in a month because we hear for saving money. you need to bring in the bank by so the 4 pillars, tommy, the 4 pillars again, education, air, recreation, spiritual and empowerment. and none of those 4 pillars talked about money. no, really. all those 4 pillars sit on top of money. exactly my right. exactly. tell me why coming out a. because is that if you seen the way that we have been growing right?
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like we grew up and we the examples that we seen, there's community a were lie or some to have been always like a fisherman town like a people working in fishing and fishing or crated aiding like growing bass to bulls corner feel and all the stuff you know, but really, really, really no one will come here and say a luke exist these. and what we have been learning is like if you want to help someone, you want to help one family teach, then above commercial. it doesn't matter how. like how much money you have, or, you know, it can be ladies or big, but the people know about financial in they are conscience about what is happening . that they need to safe more need that now it sees these digital assets that he's free and he's there and everyone can benefit from, from there. you know,
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what's interesting is that any united states or i come from there, of course, there is well established monetary system, the u. s. dollars via money. quite right. now, people in el salvador are enjoying a privilege that most, if not virtually all in america, do not enjoy. and that is just this to following in america. most people can engage in a financial transaction without being spied upon by their government. and so in el salvador, that's not true because the big white transactions are completely outside of the system to in america, people cannot save money without the threat of the government confiscating their while they've done it before. they've done it with gold, they've done with the money here in el salvador. people who have on campus gable, bitcoin can save without the threat of the government seizing their property and they're well. so al salvadorans are enjoying a level of financial freedom here as a country, as a percentage of the population of the country,
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which is in the 2030 percent level as soon to be 100 percent in america is barely even one percent. this is the leader in the revolution as, as you point out, you can't have the 4 pillars of society that unless you have that foundation pillar of sound on campus cable incorruptible money. so what will happen in the region rama is this going to spread to other countries tardy. and you're bring something that people need to know about. people don't represent in different things for different people, right? i for the majority of the people, beacons just like an asset and you need to pay capital taxes in the usa because the please couldn't see the rating like an asset. right. but big green social currency . no father and became so so like i'm when the attorney network that he's there, they do say mom, when turning that were like i was there junior, someone turn edler leave to the some one italian edler the like or country was
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paying like $400.00 millions dollars and fees from money that are people, sand from the united states, all sober and remittance in that. now all those money can go directly to their family is right for $100000000.00, which is the economy. i believe last. i checked, you to pay was approximately 70000000000, so that's a significant percentage of the g d p. that immediately boost immediately going into the pockets of people here and not being paid to the intermediaries like western union countries also interested in getting into mining or using volcano energy. whites is projected to add a $1000000000.00 worth of big clients to the countries balance sheet that would give it another huge boost. what's the, what's the status on the president's initiative for bitcoin mining? using volcano energy rama. you know, that's kind of really exciting and what's happening and if we have that energy and sadler can benefit from that is beautiful. you know,
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and that's for that big case is, is few months ago, it was like a big discussion about the energy that how did have been mining of b. p. 's juicy. like a lot of fall where a lot of energy and, and wouldn't car really from the take power i, i don't know really like how everything works. but what i see that is beautiful, that the countries benefit in every angle and taking data pertaining to that are there. and if we can mining beat, going with the energy that came from that will k. now that's beautiful. that's beautiful. up to kelly a president kelley tweeted just today at something to the effect that big coin is beautiful and he seems to be a renaissance man. is that a fair characterization? the great beautiful man. it please is, is haul, please fly these. these will total sympathetic to and empathetic,
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and in, in line with the sentiments of the president. for me, people need to give, like a lot of credit to, to, to present that take that decision, you know, that may be from a legal tender maybe like a dream con. true. a big dream for many people are on the were. and that one person in the st. paul were men. there are people by putting these new technology and their societies. you know what's gonna happen? look, i mean, you'd have to convince re i come from the united states where we'd signed the declaration of independence. we needed to break free from the colonial english empire take on the world and become a huge entrepreneurial country. now my question is, as follows, some people, a question whether the roll out of big coin had to happen as quick as it did. this
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seemed to happen suddenly, but there's an argument to be made that this was the only way you could do it and escape the really the prying eyes of the, the i m f and these other organizations that have done more damage than good over the years what, what, how do you see that? that was a project here between beach projects. it came for more than almost 3 years in a half that we were empowerment or community here in santa right. and we see what beacon was giving to the local people here, keeping access to the things that we talked before access to by like and that's it for the 1st time us is to so inside digitally asked is to safe morning us is access to sending and receive payment. so if old font they sunk
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a chill to the word, the one community can change using the technology using bit crime. so for us it was nothing like new. we don't, we don't go to see like, okay, if, well, if it was working here and something it were working in a country. but he is kind of took more time in the patient to change the education with people trying to have the people that never had been exposed to the new technology. we grabbed here here and that the new technology is coming. but he had been testing in europe in united stay in brazil, but aster, we'll come to our country now. she studies were making history here. and how i say, what did indeed she is like, the countries have like a lot of people de months, brain smarter guys working to build the scene. frank structure there will help our country that will help entire war. the humanity working on us in our
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country. why? because how that goes on between 9, this is what became east going the chance that every effort does somewhere to what would you do? it's not for you is for everyone. i willing to diana. so i'm ready for alma martinez right here from dallas. aunt de bitcoin beach el salvador. thanks so much being on kaiser fort 9. thank you for being here. i knew 100 percent sure. you're going to have finding our country. thanks for visiting bitcoin beach. thanks for visiting our controls. hob other and it's a big team between beach is a big team behind. i issue come in the span and need some boosters with us. right. you know, i will, i probably get here anyway. that's going to do if it is additional the kaiser bar with may max kaiser and stacy herbert was like our gas from at martinez until next time. i l. a
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. as tensions are again on the rise regarding ukraine, we hear about the red lines. russian red lines, the west needs to take them seriously. also in the wake of the rittenhouse burden. isn't it time to admit blake, legacy media live all the time about almost everything? mm sure don't seem an official, mr. official. someone at that the from to check up here with some dinner wash of the discussion. ah, and what is your people and yet you're supposed to learn this. there's actually
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a lot on your, beside back. so i me at the what the membership is listed almost by you. so what i'm going to look up in cities booklets, excellence, mission, lifestyle, right? you have the key moments. it's just the way i show no one else showed the wrong one. i just don't hold any world that you have to fill out. this thing becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. the fragile, he had drunk in wisconsin at
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a christmas break, where a man with a long criminal rap sheet was out on bond, decided to pa, sep, directly into martyr will bring you the latest. and sadly, the debts whole continues to rise and we try and learn more about what actually motivated the drives. and we do know the motivation. however, behind a high end crime spree in san francisco, making the chief of police a question. there are no prosecution for minors that policy and some sort of decide to arrange permanently to discuss with our law enforcement panel as other cities around the country are seeing a rise and organized a retail crime. and it just, maxwell trial began last week. however, her lawyers this week are actually asking for access to the files from the jeffrey scene victim. but why? well, line on those and we'll share with the one whole out of text it has this hollywood celebrity turned college professor saying, all right, all right. all right. well,
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little bit different of a tone in regards to his hope of possibly.


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