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tv   News  RT  November 22, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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ah ah, it said the number of victims could rise off for a car plowed into a christmas parade of wisconsin and the u. s. 5 were killed and at least 18 children are in the hospital. 6th critic, leo, we hear from a father who witness will have 8 kids were down in the kid that i was administering . first aid to both of his b were like bran over in lakes were broken. her full scale violence stand off over new coded restrictions across europe. while the dutch prime minister dismissed his protest as, as dissatisfied idiots on britain's health service. the n h s at breaking point with record waiting lists. as the governor watched old finds, it was ill prepared for the pandemic and failed to act on warnings. one cobit
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victims, relative tells us why he's angry. so the father, my grandfather, broo west england was taken out by virus side china because our government still allowed to fly in business rights. we separated last year and it's pretty shocking . ah, that's just turned midnight here in moscow. now tuesday, the 23rd of november i'm calling bryan now t h q. with the news this, our 1st developments in wisconsin to tell you about 1st police of named a 39 year old man under arrest after an s u. v was driven into a christmas parade crowd in wisconsin, killing 5 people. it's been confirmed that old victims were aged between 52 and 81 . darrow brooks junior faces 5 counts of intentional homicide. now word of warning that there is some disturbing video coming up right now. oh. but he has posted on social
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network, show the bowman, the vehicle rammed into the crowd. childrens hospital in wisconsin says its treating 18 youngsters. 6 of them are in critical condition. we'll have 40 people were injured, kevin o' in spoke to a witness at the parade. it's a big part of their annual thing and people come from different towns and stuff to do it. so it's kind of like to kick up the holiday season. they were probably, i don't know, 40000 people there. you were filming it. you kind of. so it all 1st hand. before we have a talk about it. let's just show a view is just a little clip from some of what you filmed. oh my god, it was crazy. we were the 1st point where he entered the parade at so we were right around the corner. so when you see that he's worked around the track, there is
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a road and then that's very entered at. so we were there 1st people that he made contact with. yeah. and he was doing at least $35.00 or 40 miles an hour down the crowded street. um it was just an absolute instant chaos. he managed to go almost the entire length of the parade. when he went through our band, he struck a 8 kids were, were down in the kid that i was administering. first aid to both of his feet were like ran over and his legs were broken. you're told his band was performing the pray to guest less while you were filming that. what went 3 ahead is literally, this must all be so unexpected and it takes you just a moment to work out what's happening around you. first thing though, there went through my head after i realized i couldn't stop the guy was i get the kids off the street in the safety. and there's a lot of people who, who've never seen that i'm and unfortunately i've seen trauma before. ah. so i just
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started getting people in groups connecting them with each other, getting under safety. i'm trained in combat 1st aid. so i started, you know, checking the pulses, making sure the kids are bree, then, you know, not mover and tell on people that get some blankets out here. my family and kids are still traumatized. we were talking with the police officers until about 1 o'clock because we actually saw the driver's face and we're giving descriptions. most of my kids are, are still sleeping now i, i really couldn't sleep. so the 4th wave of covert battering europe. you states a, reintroducing extremely tough restrictions with blanket curfews and segregation for the unvaccinated. the dutch lee that has branded those protesting against the moose as idiots and external as prime minister and as a liberal. i will always defend the right to demonstrate in this country. that is part of our democracy, of our rule of law. but what i will never accept is that it is under the guise of
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being dissatisfied. you share violence against the people who work for you and me every day in the field to keep this country safe. the ah the prime minister margarita then not pulling any punches when it comes to how he feels about those that took part in knights of violence across the netherlands over the weekend. just gone in facts in rotterdam, 3 raw uses that we had received medical treatment for gunshot wound and i would investigation is underway to try and establish whether those shots being fired by the police. previous reports had said that the police had by a warning shot as they struggled to contain with what the,
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the cities man has called an old chief of violence. elsewhere in the netherlands involved in an elementary school was set on fire, also inclining good shops with smashed open. there was a new thing that went on. he read germany, we didn't see those type of scenes over the weekend. but what we do have heading into this week is a lot of new measures being taken to try and stop rocketing covered 19 figures. in fact, in parts of the state to vote, and both you're going to be facing at 10 pm. if you are not allowed out your house at all, if they try and get numbers down in that area, proof of vaccination recovery or a negative test, you go, you need to be able to show one of those. if you want to do pretty much anything in some of germany's hardest hit states, including facts, any varia i've called the 3 g method basically that you need to provide proof that you've said, how did vaccination all you've recovered or you have a negative test,
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a lot of places going even further and adopting the 2 g policy that so only allowing access to certain area if you are well vaccinated or you can prove that you've recovered. we've entered into the holiday period here in germany and from monday at around a lot of the country christmas markets opened up. in fact, in some places such as munich, there are no opening at all. some of the most famous markets not opening their doors again. this year because of the covert pandemic. however, here in berlin, some are going to be doing just thought you're going to need to pass not to g system proof of vaccination or proof of recovery elsewhere though they're taking a much hard line. in fact, in hamburg, they come and do a little controversy as they've, they've erected essentially offense through the christmas market, one side being for the vaccinated, the other side being for the own, vaccinated a lot of measures being put in place. and we are expecting perhaps even more to
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come into play here in germany. the german health minister yen spahn, really painting a very rosy picture of the state of affairs. right now. i need to get them in the diesel been to us probably by the end of this winter or the sometime cynically said, pretty much everyone in germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead. but it's true with the highly contagious delta. very, this is very, very likely. elsewhere in europe, belgium saw violence in the capital. brussels on sunday is unsee covey. restriction demonstrations got very ugly indeed. in austria, they begin a new national lockdown on monday. will continue for at least 10 days, but could be extended through until the 13th of december. while in france, alarm bells ringing there with the countries health ministers saying they've been shocked at how quickly case numbers have increased across that country could well be expecting to see new restrictions in france. very soon. britton's health
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secretary submitted that the national health service waiting lists to which is already hit record highs is likely to rise further to date there around 6000000 people waiting for scheduled hospital treatment. the chief executive of a group that represents health service leaders has attributed delays to under funding cobit 19 and failures in social care. even before the pandemic started the demands on the chest or at redcoat levels, yet the amount of money going into support and provide a service is shrinking because we mustn't forget you have to understand our government's handling of the panoramic on a background of a desire to privatize the chest and let's not forget, before we enter the condemning. again, it was short, short of 10040000 nurses. this government's been in power for 11 years in 2012 to introduce a major legislative change, which alas,
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off. and it can provision in our bags. so we entered depend demik in a very curious situation. the problem is, the chance is being set up to fail. the government wants to do them with ambling the american system where you have skid row, public provision, and the middle class out for private insurance. that's what's going on. and health care leaders are not filling this out to the public. so then on our side, i'm afraid. meantime the british government's been accused of not doing enough with a new report by the national audit of his criticizing it's response to cov, it. this pandemic is exposed to vulnerability to host system emergencies. although the government had plans for an influenza pandemic, it did not have detail plans for many non health consequences and some health consequences of a pandemic. like coven 19 there was limited oversight and assurance of plans in place. and many pre pandemic plans were not adequate. it was my grandfather who
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died on christmas eve. he went in for a routine or inspection. i've seen nothing wrong with them. co cobra died of loss people did in this country. so the fact that my grandfather, rural west, england was taken out by a virus that started in china because our government still allow people to fly in business flights. in february last year. it's pretty shocking. hancock giving away 600000 p p to china. february doesn't really how so our nurses had to improvise. it's been bags. yeah. this, there's numerous stories of health services being led down by the life or johnson, the very thought they didn't close. borders goes to show that they didn't understand the stress this would have on, on a chess, along with the mental health the entire time of the report. also note that
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despite warnings about potential shortcomings ahead of the outbreak, the government failed to act and suggested officials with to wrapped up in preparations for breakfast. however, downing street defended it, respond, saying the pandemic was unprecedented. we have always said there are lessons to be learned from the pandemic and have committed to a full public inquiry in spring. we prepare for a range of scenarios, and while there were extensive arrangements in place, this is an unprecedented pandemic that has challenged health systems around the world. tons of things are unprecedented. walking into the road is unrest 11 or what's gonna happen when you walk into the street. but we walk into the street with the knowledge that we have to look left and right. these people did it. we don't need current to kind of based buffoonery in charge. we need a meritocracy. we need the scientists, we need to understand what they're talking about. this whole. busy process has been done by people that don't understand science don't take it seriously. it took
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$56.00 days. when did use masks crunches like career and china been using last years with some reason in britain we just didn't get our government list for of money 1st. they fought well, you know, we can either keep our ball is open, which would potentially, you know, kill a large population of british people with the economy with such as 5 longer or we can close it, an economy. okay. go ahead. what they've done is i tried to do an option a, it didn't work, we've lost lots of people in the economies to not to slap women and urban communities have suffered disproportionate, socio economic effects in the pandemic. and international inequality is very widened according to a major new global report from the red cross cove at 19 has amplified inequalities destabilized communities and reverse development gains made in the past decades. we will never truly be able to say that this pandemic is over. if the socio economic
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harms are not addressed, any action will be meaningless. if we do not also consider the consequences of violence, discrimination, and exclusion in an integrated way. it will continue to be a crisis that affects us all. on the report highlight some of the worst consequences of the crisis, including worsening unemployment. and loss of income has also been an accompanying increase in food insecurity with communities globally finding it harder to feed their families. women in particular become more exposed to sexual and gender based violence, as well as bearing the brunt of subsequent mental health impacts. earlier on r t, the red cross and red crescent president told me how he's deeply worried about society's most vulnerable. i did not doors were leaving in if you got condition before the crisis and once again, these ideas on dami got approved and saw that most marginalized groups.
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we men and she them, as i said in the, especially in the developing countries. but not all, even in the western counties. he's been betty betty basically are now in the. ready in the 15 said a new and these are the number all the way up and especially the most difficult enable the add this to reach. so these is something that continue to happen. and unfortunately, despite all the calls. busy that we meet on the ask that you might need on community to the call to the government, to, to do more, to protect the most about it. and so far as they are still leading the consequences of the crisis, these unfair approach to all of the women in many, many societies that are created for the specific storm. and as a consequences of the, of the, of the day mika plus when, when it comes to the,
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to the jobs in the market over the job market. the women i often employed in for my sector. and once again the informal effects. why not be of the most exposed to the confinement and low balance? we must use i. d 's opportunity to form that project. they make it important to create a new hobby comedy society to be the society around around values and bring people that it seems we are losing. and this is something that, that for me it's really extremely by the united nations is racy alarm over the humanitarian catastrophe. unfolding in afghanistan, where half the population faces starvation as the winter sets in. ah, she speech the parsons change dramatically and just spread across a hard country,
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frantically and challenging severely, acutely malnourished with a ww facing for prospects with immediate. ah, just with his class that was kind of fall and we'll see real catastrophe in this country. a suspension or with the foundation of 70 basic services jobs as well. but the health education, i'm sick to agriculture. absolutely. key. and those who suspended hundreds of thousands of people with
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authorization to rely on the rain or something being ready for pastures this year with dr. right from the start was start of the year. but after the year, it's projected that 9 out of 10 of the largest organize the cities and towns about kind of started with cute food and security hunger on a daily basis. mm. mm no us claims it's allocated more than $470000000.00 for humanitarian aid to the afghan people this year, including a $144000000.00 back in october and various humanitarian organizations have been distributing vital goods for the country too. but the taliban says that us sanctions wolf the aid its given, the crippling the country preventing people from getting the supplies they need or t. saskia. taylor explains. the war might be over, but the afghans life is still
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a battle as they stand by the roadside selling that possessions in exchange for a scrap of bread. that probably asking where all the western leaders who promised to stand by us. we will remain at the sight of afghan women and men doing our duty to protect those. we can protect the defeat of working with the taliban. oh, of course if necessary will, will go on and our commitment to afghanistan is lost. there are very good reasons for continuing to stand by the people of afghanistan after the withdrawal of the troops, at least in the context of developing assistance. we must do everything to avert the real risk that is out there of a major famine and humanitarian disaster. we will continue to support the afghan people will lead with our diplomacy or international influence and our humanitarian aid. well, all those lead us embarrass still by the failure to impose democracy on others by
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force turned to another favorite tactic, economic suffocation. that's right. they've shot the 8 bank. not all foreign assistance has been halted, but that's not all. washington and it's nato allies fled. they took all afghanistan's cash. the u. s. has frozen 9 and a half $1000000000.00 worth of acids belonging to the afghans central bank. so even those lucky few who do have savings can't take anything out. because washington says so little wonder the taliban is asking congress to give it all back. the freezing of us, it's an economic sanctions. can home health education of a civil services from which the general public benefit damage to these building blocks will serve as the worst memory ingrained enough gums at the hands of america . but following a 2 decades long pattern of pacing little value on afghan life, the u. s. is not backing down. now. u. s. officials made clear to the taliban for
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years that if they pursued a military takeover rather than a negotiated settlement with fellow afghans than critical non humanitarian aid provided by the international community, in economy enormously dependent on aid, including for basic services, would all but cease that is what occurred so washington wants to see reform before handing over any aid. that's fine and not have people would agree, but they're ignoring one on can truth. it's not going to affect the government. what it does is affect the people are always and so that's the case in syria, and that's the case in so many different other countries as well. and so they, the people suffer a for the policy of international sanctions, not government or the west. they sell this to their own population, the u. s. will sell to its own partners constituents and so forth. as this is a better option than going to war. we're going to put maximum pressure on. we're going to put sanctions on is seen almost like the,
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the moral away of waging war when in fact economic sanctions are, oh, is as devastating if, if not more devastating than military intervention really to, to the people in those countries. and that's the point. it's not people on the f, b i's most wanted, lest he'll get punished. it's the average man on the street. the one he's already spent 20 years looking down the barrel of an american gun. and what drones strike off to drone strike blow apart his country. the taliban officials, the u. s. refuses to recognize, will get their monthly checks that doctors are now working unpaid in hospitals with holes in the roof operating theatres, the shutting because there's no electricity teachers can't afford to travel to school. keeping with tradition, washington is punishing the very people who don't deserve it. this is probably the worst possible approach. and it says to me that it's the only conclusion you can
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draw from this is that the u. s. is trying to strangle the, the country of afghan in order to create some level of strife or instability that might provide the pre conditions or for perhaps, um, either regime change which would be ideal for washington, maybe or a civil war or where the, the west or an international peacekeeping force would need to come in again to restore order and so forth. so we can see another cycle, possibly a beginning. now, a through this current situation, no man left behind, that's the proud slogan of the us armed forces. and yet, here we are not one, but tens of millions left behind and hunger in poverty. and in despair. us they department called on the e. u to boost its military autonomy by raising defend spending state bomb. a counsellor derek, shall. i says, the said sim, washington's own interest,
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we want to stronger europe. it's in america's interest for europe to be more capable, militarily. it's important to get out to the theoretical realm, the think tank realm, strategical ptolemy, and to talk about pragmatic, practical solutions. kelly added that european defense ministers have long plenty to spend more on weapons, but that so far they've always been blocked when they go back to their parliament, governments for approval. they also often washington's expertise on what kind of capabilities meant the state should focus on. but a political analyst held us a little earlier that it's made interesting wanting all this is to sell more american weapons to allies. a lot of cracks within the nato alliance and we can mentioned we're ticket in france with the glock recently about with the u. s. did by stabbing france in the back and taking over a 50000000000 euro budget. a france to people in france are saying, but we're a major arms and we've got a big arms industry today. we want to sell our arms. why would be by american,
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if we can build our own arms and we should this big difference between the strategies of the nation, some of what snapped of nation states in your and, and the u. s. the biggest problem, the u. s. is facing, is having a collective strategy there is in fighting within the within nato. and there's nothing more than the u. s. can bring today to say, spend more money and buying my weapons. this is nick, definitely not something which is going to persuade european countries. nato countries into a strengthening their ties within the alliance. they're washington is going to have to find something much more delicate and more strategic than that. russian gas company gas problem could suspend supplies to moldova, within 48 hours south to the small eastern european nation, failed to settle, walk out from cold current payment company spokesperson says that despite that new deal being on moldova terms and the 2 sides, agreeing to continue talk so more than $700000000.00 accrued in debt. as danny
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armstrong reports act, though this is the deal between mold over and russia's state energy provider. a deal was signed and from began resupply in the country with gas supplies from the 1st of november, another deal with an extension of an old deal in turned into a new 5 year deal. when it was concluded on one condition, the condition was the mult, overpaid for those deliveries. now it might sound simple enough, but here we are 3 weeks later on the deadline for those payments, the 22nd of november and it still hasn't been paid. now gas palm has said that it's with great disappointment, but the going to have to stop those deliveries in the next 48 hours. now it does seem strange, given that that deal was concluded on decent terms for moldova. he may have given the difficult economic can financial situation of moldova, the desire to preserve the possibility of paying none that obligations to guess from, from all the guest from has decided to sign
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a contract as per moldova conditions. but there was one significant point. well there we should pay 100 percent of its current payments in a timely manner. the deadline was today and there is still no payment. guess from is extremely disappointed by moldova, the failure to fulfill is contractual obligations. so it seems that the inc, because only just tried on this deal and already moved over, haven't kept this side of the bargain, as you heard the guys from saying it comes with great disappointment and a little bit of shock. of course, especially given that this was a good deal from old over they asked for preferential pricing. guys from long negotiated on the deal. met them at a compromise which makes it all the more strange. it would have been the 3000000000 cubic meters of gas across those pipelines across ukraine and into mold over winter is cooling, the temperature is expected to drop below minus in the coming daisies seems very, very odd. that mulch over would have turned and those are such
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a good deal sleet given the crisis across europe, this deal did pull moldova out of its own crisis, its own national emergency, due to those dwindling gas supplies and rocketing prices for consumers. and perhaps the most change, think of all it's that, moldova says they haven't had any notification from gas, from a toll. so o'clock, very much ticking. and those are just some of the stores we're covering here at our tea from moscow. get more on our website, or indeed on our youtube channel. so i'm calling bray. i'll be back here to update you again in just over half an hour and see that, ah ah, yeah, we're still in el salvador and our in san salvador. it's not all popping off here. the country, the big one is legal. tanner's transformative country, transforming the people, transforming the culture, transforming the region,
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all micah with me . so on anyway, so we are going, opening the sticker, was more sustained here with sport elaine. so we used to company to new orleans. i can't remember which one of them said come inside a think it's a new life for them to finish it out. the most was last year post has been pretty much the post on your critical thinking that that was
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a problem with bus transportation. you to me because i mean it wasn't angel snap benefits from getting into the company to pick them up. so the cuts off certain job boosting called the lansing from can we look at me so that shouldn't be on the on the level. so what was their new job stress on a gym or to my sister and i personally and all that from thousands upon which i did my own in.


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