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ah ah, u. s. authorities warmed the number of victims could rise after a car plowed into a christmas parade in wisconsin. 5 people were killed and officials now say at least 18 children are in hospital. off the 6 were critically and we hear from a father who witness what happened. 8 kids were were down in the kid that i was administering. first aid to both of his beat were like ran over and his legs were broken. and a full scale balanced and off over new cobit restrictions across europe. while the dutch p. m dismiss is protested as a satisfied idiot on britain's health service. he had
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a chest that breaking point with record waiting lists. as the government watched oak finds, it was ill prepared for the pandemic and failed to act on warnings on cobra. victims relative tells us why he's angry to the fact that my grandfather, who west england was taken out by a virus in china. because our government still allowed people to fly in business flights. we separated last year and especially with a good to have you with his life for moscow. this is, archie internationals world news at and with me calling bright 1st for you. does more information coming in from the on the person who allegedly drove an s u, v into a u. s. christmas parade, crowd killing 5 people. police say that the suspect is now in custody. while the
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media reporting that the man has a criminal record and may have been playing another crime scene now would have warning for there were some disturbing video coming up right now. ah. videos posted on central networks show at the moment the vehicle ran into the crowd on children's hospital in wisconsin says it's treating 18 children. 6 of them are in critical condition right now. while the 40 people were injured in an incident, which is not being investigated as a terror attack for now, kevin are in spoke to a witness at the parade. it's a big part of their annual thing and people come from different towns and stuff to do it. so it's kind of like to kick off the holiday season. they were probably, i don't know, 40000 people there. you were filming it, you kind of so it all 1st hand before we have a talk about it. let's just show a view is just a little clip from some of what you filmed. oh,
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my god, it was crazy. we were the 1st point where he entered the parade at so we were right around the corner. so when you see that he's worked around the track, there is a road and then that's very entered at. so we were there 1st people that he made contact with. yeah. and he was do, and at least $35.00 or 40 miles an hour down the crowded street. it was just an absolute instant chaos. he managed to go almost the entire length of the parade. when he went through our band, he struck 8 kids were, were down in the kid that i was administering. first aid to both of his feet were like ran over and his legs were broken. your daughter's bond was performing the pride against us while you were filming that. what went 3 ahead is literally, this must all be so unexpected and it takes you just a moment to work out what's happening around you. first thing though,
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that went through my head after i realized i couldn't stop the guy was i get the kids off the street in the safety. well, there's a lot of people who, who've never seen that i'm and unfortunately i've seen trauma before. i. so i just started getting people in groups connecting them with each other, getting them to safety. i'm trained in combat 1st aid. so i started, you know, checking the pulses, making sure the kids are bree, then, you know, not move and tell people to get some blankets out here. my family and kids are still traumatized. we were talking with the police officers until about 1 o'clock because we actually saw the driver's face and we're giving descriptions. most of my kids are are still sleeping now i. i really couldn't sleep. so britton's health secretary submitted that the national health service waiting list, which is already hit record highs, is likely to rise further. to date, the around 6000000 people waiting for scheduled hospital treatment. the chief
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executive of a group that represents health service leaders as attributed delays to on to funding, coven 19, and failures in social care. even before the pandemic started the demand for me in a chest and redcoat levels, yet the amount of money going in to support and provide services is shrinking. because you mustn't forget, you have to understand our government's handling of the pandemic on a background of a desire to privatize the any chest. and let's not forget, before we enter the pandemic, dennis was short so short of 10000 dr. $40000.00 and nurses. this government's been in power for 11 years. in 2012, they introduced a major legislative change which allison and it just provision in thousands of bags . so we end to depend they make in a very precarious situation. the problem is the any chance is being set up to fail . the government want
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a 2 tier system resembling the american system where you have skid row, public provision, and the middle cloth, private insurance, that's what's going on. and health care leaders are not selling this out to the public. so then on our side, i'm afraid molly u. k. government's been accused of not doing enough with a new report by the national audit office, criticizing it's response to code. this pandemic is exposed to vulnerability to whole system emergencies. although the government had plans for an influenza pandemic, it did not have detail plans for many non health consequences and some health consequences of a pandemic. like coven 19 there was limited oversight and assurance of plans in place. and many pre pandemic plans were not adequate. it was my grandfather who died on christmas eve. he went in for a routine or infection. i've seen nothing wrong with them. co cobra died of loss people did in this country. so the fact that my grandfather in west england was
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taken out by a virus that started in china because the government still allowed people to fly in business flights in february last year. it's pretty shocking. hancock giving away 600000 p to china. the get february. doesn't really how so this is how to improvise. it's been bags. numerous stories of how service is being let down by the life. or is johnson the very thought they didn't close? borders goes to show that they didn't understand this just this would have on, on a chess, along with the mental health about the entire time on the report. also note that despite warnings about potential shortcomings ahead of the outbreak, the government failed to act and suggested officials were to wrapped up in preparations for breaks it. however, downing street defended it response, saying the pandemic was unprecedented. we have always said there are lessons to be
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learned from the pandemic and have committed to a full public inquiry in spring. we prepare for a range of scenarios, amal, there were extensive arrangements in place. this is an unprecedented pandemic that has challenged health systems around the world. tons of things are unprecedented. walking into the road is unrest, 11 or what's gonna happen when you walk into the street. but we walk into the street, the knowledge that we have to look left and right. these people did. we don't need current kind of based buffoonery in charge. we need a meritocracy. we need the scientists, we need people actually understand what they're talking about. this whole. busy process has been done by people that don't understand science, don't take it seriously. it took 56 days to introduce masks, countries like career and china been using last years with for some reason in britain we just didn't get our government list for of money. first, they fought well, you know, we can either keep our pool is open,
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which would potentially, you know, kill a large population of british people with the economy with century 5 longer, or we can close it in economy. okay. go ahead. what they've done is i tried to do an option a, it didn't work, we've lost lots of people in the economies to not to slap women and urban communities have suffered disproportionate, socio economic effects in the pandemic that international inequality of widen. that's got into a major new global report from the red cross. coven 19 has amplified inequalities destabilized communities and reverse development gains made in the past decades. we will never truly be able to say that this pandemic is over. if the socio economic hands are not addressed, any action will be meaningless. if we do not also consider the consequences of violence, discrimination, and exclusion in an integrated way. it will continue to be a crisis that affects us all. report highlight some of the worse consequences of
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the crisis, including worsening unemployment and loss of income. there's also been an accompanying increase and food insecurity with communities globally finding it harder to feed their families. women in particular become more exposed to sexual and gender based violence, as well as bearing the brunt of subsequent mental health impacts. the red cross and red crescent president earlier this evening told me how his deeply worried about societies most vulnerable. i hope not. doors were leaving if you got condition before the crisis, and once again, this is dami gosh brewer and saw that most marginalized groups, women and children, as i said in the developing countries, but not even in the western countries. he's been betty. we are now in. ready the 15 said a new din number all the way up and it especially
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the most people enable the address to reach. so these is something that continue to happen. and unfortunately, despite all because. busy that may not on the app that you might need the community to the call to the government to, to do more to protect that most. we're going to border. fortunately so far as they are still leading the consequences of the crisis. these, i'm very broad to that all of the women in many, many societies that i created for the specific storm and as a consequences of the, of the, of the day mika plus when, when it comes to the, to the jobs in the market, the job market the women are often employed in 4 months sector, and once again, the informal effects, why not to be of the most exposed to the confinement and low balance,
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we must use the opportunity to form that project. they make it important to create a new hobby called the society to be the society around around the values and bring people that it seems we are losing. and this is something that, that for me, is a streaming extremely vital. and with a 4th wave of covert battering, you are a bright now eve state, sir, reintroducing extremely tough restrictions with blanket curfews and segregation for the unvaccinated. the dutch leader has branded those protesting against those moves as idiot, an excel alternate, as prime minister and as a liberal. i will always defend the right to demonstrate in this country. that is part of our democracy, of our rules of law. but what i will never accept is that idiots under the guise of being dissatisfied, you share violence against the people who work for you and me every day in the field to keep this country safe. whoa,
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whoa. good prime minister marketer then not pulling any punches when it comes to how he feels about those that took part in knights of violence across the netherlands over the weekend just gone. in fact, in rotterdam, 3 riots is that we had to received medical treatment for gunshot wounds. and our investigation is underway to try and establish whether those shots had been fired by the police. previous reports had said that said the police had fired warning shots as they struggled to contain with what the, the cities man has called an orgy of violence. elsewhere in the netherlands involved in dow and elementary school was set on fire also in gun again. shops was
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smashed open, there was looting that went on here in germany. we didn't see those type of scenes over the weekend. what we do have heading into this week is a lot of new measures being taken to try and stop rocketing cove at 19 figures. in fact, in parts of the state of buttons voting bog, you're going to be facing at 10 pm curfew. not allowed out your house at all as they try and get numbers down in that area. proof of vaccination recovery or a negative test you go, you need to be able to show one of those. if you want to do pretty much any in some of germany's hardest hit states, including saxony and varia, that's called the 3 g method. basically that you need to provide proof that you said how the vaccination or you've recovered, or you have a negative test. a lot of places going even further and adopting the 2 g policy that so only allowing access to certain areas if you are well vaccinated or you can
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prove that you've recovered. we've entered into the holiday period here in germany and from monday at around a lot of the country christmas markets opened up. in fact, in some places such as munich, they're not opening at all. some of the most famous markets, not opening their doors again this year because of the coven pandemic. however, here in berlin, some are going to be doing just thought you're going to need to pass that to g. system proof of vaccination or proof of recovery elsewhere though they're taking a much harder line. in fact, in hamburg, they come and do a little controversy as they've, they've erected essentially offense through the christmas market. one side being for the vaccinated. the other side being for the own, vaccinated a lot of measures being put in place. and we are expecting perhaps even more to come into play here in germany. the german health minister again spawn really not
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painting a very rosy picture of the state of affairs. right. now, but i need to get them in the diesel been to us probably by the end of this winter or sometime cynically said pretty much everyone in germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead. but it's true with a highly contagious delta. very, this is very, very likely. elsewhere in europe to belgium, so violence in the capital, brussels on sunday is unseen coven restriction demonstrations got very ugly. indeed . in austria, they begin a new national lockdown on monday. will continue for at least 10 days of could be extended through until the 13th of december, while in france, alarm bells ringing there with the country's health ministers, saying they've been shocked at how quickly case numbers have increased across that country could well be expecting to see new restrictions in france, very soon i said with a resistance building, whereas all this heading with us now is german politician, martin told sir,
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also we have security unless charles shoe bridge and n h, as consultant docked to run jeep bra. good evening to you. thanks for joining us on the program up martin. if i could turn to you 1st, do you understand some of the process? protest is frustration that over the past couple of years they've been told to do one thing than another than told it's ok than that it won't be. it's locked down than it's opened up. martin can hear me. no, i don't think martin can hear me. i'll speak to charles that instead am some of the protests that we've seen over the past week. they've been a little bit agitated, but i think by far, the most ferocious has been in the netherlands with the police opening fire. there is her an appropriate response. i think it really depends on the circumstances that that police officer found themselves in. for example. i mean, if we are here sitting our comfortably in our studios and our kitchens, in my case, and it's obviously a complete disproportionate use of force. but having said that,
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if offices really genuinely did feel that our life was threatened and, and, and again, i wasn't there, we didn't see exactly what the situation was that i'd be fire could be justified. and it does raise questions as to why offices didn't have less lethal means to a combat people not or the media. and they have deemed riotous, or whether they were, writers will protest. this is again how to judge without being that i would come back to what you just saw. stone, a colleague from germany got in respect of m, what's happening. it's not to, of course, in any way to justify condone violence on any party or illegal actual, anything like that. but again, it's hardly surprising that i think in the circumstances that are taking place in much of europe, that there is a great deal of frustration that is being invented in terms of the restrictions that are being placed on people under requirements, for example,
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to vaccinate against their will now that we don't need to have a view ready on whether those views are justified or not justified. but what i think we can say is that it was absolutely clear, especially after, as she mentioned in your question, to our chairman, colleague that off to t a. c traps didn't clear. i think you should have been to policy makers, police chiefs and others. i rick involved in security planning that there would be, and we'll continue to be, i think, a violence, a backlash from some quoted, this is, can be seen throughout history that when you have imposed or restrictions on people, you do it for long enough. there will, among some people by a violent butler shut me to say that we excuse will, can don't it. but we have to understand that from some people, i think more and more people are feeling especially some pots here at the end of their tether. martin, that fraying trust between politicians and the public where the told to do one thing, woman in something else, the next a do you have some sympathy with the public frustrations?
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yes. if you look at the background on the great world decal number, right since 2008, that even deeper 1020 and that in that crisis that was brought forward measure against corona with which i'm not prom distance and paper off the people. but for example, in favor of big companies in germany, some level of financial package of 450000000000 for big companies, which was mainly saving the stakeholders and shareholders of the companies like not status of the mentor or b, m, w, and so on. and there was only less financial packets like 50000000000, and fabre or small and middle class companies and in favor of those 2 financial privilege and the people need that. and then there is the kind of locked down, which again is more of the thing, the small companies, the rest are small culture of the industry and so on. and it's not hitting the big
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company. so income system as well. and so there is a kind of frustration that also no privilege, even more excluded and even more under privilege to the members mothers, which the government did on qu, now, doesn't matter if you look at germany, austria, another lands or belgium that most from the tendency, all the same medicine, they're in all the different, but this is a bank grow whether people get frustrated. and so of course i can see why the people who are protesting that doesn't mean that i in fable in sympathy or violence which is done right. i don't agree with that, but you have to see if you do measures like that. and if you don't bring call the measures like group state finance system or she can go back.
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seems like in china, which are really improved and the long way back to bring a kind of treasure to the people to maxine was boxing the guy by on take there's a problem i want to was dr. brower, are there any alternatives to bring him? what feel like now very blunt tools of restrictions lockdown, given we all know, not just the medical community, but as a society, we know far more about this disease than we did 2 years ago. were the alternatives to lockdown some restrictions all in thanks. i think it's a deeply flawed policy conceptually, and you don't have to be the science if it, specialist or genius logically, to, to see that we have been there been decreasing. antibody level in the blood of people who faced that have been vaccinated, vaccinated within 3 months. so if nature study was published last month, and that showed that, in fact, there was only a marginal reduction in transmission despite the personal protection conferred by
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that connection. marginal reduction in transmission against the bill to vote very from any of the vaccines other studies, including the fi, the bio taken, including as present, which of the 2 most widely he knew from britain. but 3 months later if there was no reduction. so while the antibody levels go down within 3 months, doesn't mean that the personal immunity loss, but in fact that the rate of transmission is not altered. so then the conceptually, the idea that you quarantine or restrict in some way, those who haven't been vaccinated by those who have doesn't have any actually impact on the spread of the vaccine. so it's an unsuccessful measure. then if you go beyond that, you lost your cell, whether you would like any treatment, impose on you against your will as an adult for free thinking adult in an alleged democracy. we've been told that the protest idiot there by the dutch prime minister, and that they are the 8 agents for violence. the entire concept of medical treatment
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against your will. flour entirely with the free will of the individual and the ability of each individual to decide what their risk can benefit profile. let's not forget that the vast majority of people have very low risk and probably the cause, the elderly, the frail, we know that from, from reverse they have a real risk of nation. we know that they've well protected by vaccination. and some of those to vaccination may make not improve in the vast majority that those boxes wouldn't be better spent, actually addressing vaccine inequality. so i do think a criticism of, of the, of the demonstrators isn't misplaced, given these really very draconian restrictions which are at any rate illogical. so was some of that in mind to get the thoughts of all of you on this. because when opinion polls are done, it seems that most people agree that covert measures need to be put in place to try and reduce rates of infection. then on the same token, people will say that any restrictions,
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i don't want them to infringe on my constitutional rights. basically, people seem to think, i'm quite happy with kobe restrictions so long as they don't affect me. charles are fewer in planning and government that's almost an impossible position to be in, isn't it? it's true, but of course what people think is largely guarded by the media. and i would comment that in a democracy, one of the main supposedly posted features of democracy is having access to alternative views. i mean, i have to fairly put alternative views. now we've just heard a very logical explanation from your doctor guest. i'm explaining why it came with vaccines and particularly we didn't get on to the subject of boosters, but of course that will come to your as it's now rising britain, aunt probably going to have a great effect on transmission, which is what this is about now or what these restrictions are supposed to be about now there's kind of fuse are completely missing pretty much from the mainstream media. this adds to the frustration, i think, of people who feel that in
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a normal democratic saw today would have their voice. but even when they've protested, for example, these are very large demonstrations in london and how soon the u. k. that have been wholly ignored by the media. and so i think it leads to an a concept within people that they've got them running out of options as to what i can do. now i'm saying it's not as again, we need to be clear not to encourage, not condone it, but it's understandable that some people are thinking this way. and it's surprising if planets are not thinking that way as well. and i think that needs to be, the problem is that we've got a media and government and i select small group of scientists, all of whom seem to have exactly the same message. which if you go on social media, you find not anti vax. a conspiracy theorist, i mean, your see do find another conspiracy series, so whatever that might be, but you will find lots of very well qualified surgeons and people involved in reality and sound, who do not subscribe to what is being fed down people's throats constantly dying
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and out in the mainstream media and from government officials. and as i say, the seemingly very small select bound to scientists who are on full with that narrative who get all the time and a martin given. while charles was saying there forgive me for saying this, but politicians will go with the wind wednesday, which is why do you think we're getting some countries saying, javelle di and other sag does nothing to say here. when all these countries are all facing the same medical enemy, that's not so easy to handle the scribe, because like i said, the crime which is happening in the frame of the economy worldwide crisis. and so the government in different office somehow misuse the corona measures to compensate or try to compensate. for example, the only crime is if you look at the next hour, chancello was the finance minister before he knows you scoot and economics.
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so he knew when he wants to bring the german industry forward in that crisis, you had to do measures to strengthen the big company. and he did, it was such a consistency of the people. they see that that happen from that. and in the same moment restrictions, which i'm not really consistent because like my pre most contributing, i agree, was that completely inconsistent because democratic right or decrease. meanwhile, in the same time, in the measure, financial help is more given to those who are any li, privileged, or who are just like big companies and who are in a call know, make the people see it and they won't. they won't take that without any counter argument and it's true as much as love. other
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opinions are excluded in the mass media. ok, i took them all, the people, the violence to try to bring that forward. ok till there is a dangerous policy. okay. in the final minute that we've got left dr. broad does feel like science has got an uphill battle trying to get his message across. the more we seem to know about this disease or politicians hindering that message. i think that the economic factor is the overwhelming one. i'm so seeing economic inequality with the in the chorus, within societies in dublin, across europe. and of course, nations perhaps most affected by this. and we're seeing this done to actually rectify that fundamental inequality and society simultaneously, governments are facing record levels of mistrust, resort a survey published consent to show doctor a well trusted, but politicians were less trusted than any other member of society in the record
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levels of corruption we've seen a very large factor in people, not trusting the message of the governments and actually not wanted to take up medical advice when it's off. okay, gentlemen, it's been really good to talk, i'm sorry, we're out to tom. i've had to cut you short. really appreciate your time. thank you . bye for monica. this is i'll tell you, next update in half an hour. ah in ah, i mention returns you're watching going on the ground on the birthday of the father of spin american propaganda pioneer, edward benet's coming up with the show running out of time to save humanity from extinction. we talked to the suicide squad. think be to compile the the legendary
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environmentalist actor.


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