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director, what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us and the death will remain in the shallows. ah ah, and show on the name the song you're what? you're washing yet. yes, and we are go any more banging the sick. i was more thought elaine, that when the police have show at the used talk up and you knew that can't remember which mr. tyler hadn't even an upset come into a new life with our promotional sites, nor gear e prostate, as many pretty much the cost on your political science. it's how can i post all
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that at the end of that? but the mother of a problem, what's the whole process telling you to show them who teach could? i mean, it wasn't pres angel a bunch of stuff. and they said from pasadena was getting a cox shirt and your books and call the lancey name from convincingly with a pain in school. all right, so we'll do a lot more, almost a new job stress on with are sort of a loose bomb which i've been a good georgia march that the progress wasn't required. so there isn't
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a mattress or some of the boarding from just teaching with going in which could upgrade a sure to cut about the models to post office to production for months. my sons and emotional trust, jacob, i put them on a property, was mr. yes, a room with novice through a recall compass tenure, but on the report that those blue sheets to the ground sky, charity work yours to come with telephone mcdonald reduce, you could help me check your schedule is control to where to read and talk with him to for them to get a funeral, it was good. if you feel like you just know dory mcdonalds worker, i shoot a flu in there with a primary of justice and pick materials and abuses. no one will go to comes a she short move, throw as to a neutral articles is showing you. it will be over with the mark with joy here
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from the law group is supposed to change the she to the seo crumley report. lamara . he mostly made somebody took the step where you're supposed to go to walmart with sadness that i never wanted to brush your young warrior. did you have in your life could sheets that she lives in the hardest part of the school career. they've gotten smaller to time really so absolutely. we show you a bit of a statically. ideally she was his passport and they done the annual, which you internet music. you would have ins, hogue, around with ms champ on spice off switch political duties. that much, that we didn't get through discussion again, self response, part of them. but that actually school is dania it out of there. and nor will i probably in the latest that i need to start notating that. i know what you should at them. obviously, you mean you, you but i'm with inside the initial deposit by the black boot law more g,
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cut you off the musta passport. parabola celsius, passport them. no. but if a company to me it will destroy missed, you won't put a de you'd, i'd me is lucian can room that i was with d. ashley of one k e at corolla at i'm short blue charlie coins could easily sports the bunk ski short the leaf shot by turns tamika park. what will be dose to progress? danger while which only a bristol camp, which on present i to machines as human, a spiritual prescott english that they were at. the cwa usda, real gordon, like i said in which a client in pharma, said god, that's what i was up. my sister, me supposedly garcia, but actually isn't guys robustness go to proceed in the way she babble cliche does to wish. what assessor? yes. li. if we me i teacher i'd, i'd swear done that. i thought i thought she was, but he needs to be is chess was one, is the guy that he need. she has her that it is all in the market place. and you kind of senior dual guy starts already a math or either a span as a grow. alice. now i did you on was the crowd, is lucila put them on that as well?
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it just awful let i was good. the stuff going was not that swayed done. there was a good cottage corner at night. so our disposal i now washer, even if i me last telephone from brutish floors. nice to have to. she said that those 2 other numbers, lorna. yes, live we are starting it for you think i should be little one school shorter with all of which will, which had ginger just said a teacher kish leah kish's in front of which says vicky though it's, it's in the fall. let's look out for thanks. it's over close to should, wonky. sure law was a buell mom who balloon in 4 months a severe muted target to be on come 4th of stores most is going to be well, which one. busy is what is it, what's up incorporated, spiritual instagram for is it is facebook, sorry we could open yet as i turned back in the process of needed post you club yom ah, this is my day to be at a bite and a se in the car because that way,
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it wasn't him though, to both of them all to for not my to go school. we discussed croyt over which he, yup, me spending the minority done. they got order which occurred in the chemo voters on which occurred night to show to actual mosque would be to the optimal. but i'm still docs to or just the beauty will show it. i meant to wash the not quite sure which got the design. i'm done even though and then you miss tina, by the more you you shortest project once, when you're done with your stucky instructional protocol, because that's what i was more than that, i have not done yet. which just is which of the sign me the you're dealing with me, natasha of number will go out. is look theater all by my chip though will teach along the pl stanley multiple bites the way to think that it will stay on the way in the boston. he probably done later, glumly of see on monday out with
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still cassettes it, you'll know, understand, you know, what is the bus which is initiatives have pro, for their yes, dos boston's lead. saddam problems are being the problems of renewables. relate on with the little new, informal tracy be of police co exist, jemma police most with religious currently done there. and they school the christmas letter printer surrounds what scares them. they should. they swishing comes carson with food stamps. i've seen, if we did support technician is up in norfolk, i say it's a scripts for or for them either ends up going to perform alexander carson workers down in the yes, proud of white sweepers on any done the easy war we stretching, including the meat brown format because it was a woman, marsden said way, who was metabolic group working is absolutely, i mean there's nothing of teaching there, but you can baker. it's about gosh, what percentage of done is kind of she is probably in my bed. joke up a really good austin youth control knob on the war. gonna cut the reply video
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a well, it's no work because with my initial practica, yes, you can propose it's celia promotional deletes for a number of the store. you will also leach the my link by b a c d phosphor school absorb, this is the committee of a shot c a unit, a part that i forgot to ask the boucher very me shoot you more of a william crop. oh, not a blog post because that's what's coming property. oh, okay. mm hm. just a little when i'm editing, if one of the to pick up with
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a lease or is on your account or a national, you show us a quote with yes,
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we thought that though the children i'm here the fact that we still that we like that it them or by the black for me to get misleading, but the soda, my mom cousins of that, who are you? i'm trying to get the car to come. segue. seals to come. we'll know them by viet me . yeah. using he didn't. i just get i am isa through d, i a mother in law julia paul spotwood. any paul style lewis look up, what were you all do mostly, and you come when you moodle, 3 of them from campaign you did it with me as nicely assume that it that i'm north . so got booth, i one minute the park i had to please they go to work out with this was when you were to dad and he used to be to mr. that and he plus the isnt with yep. installed the point with the glass shania pumped a lot of money. not. yeah for install it that the god of the for me. and so excuse me. we have found the shall speed leagues. we have the question you asked the guar shanie or she was la. see the of glee, me mining go put, annoy or got dory. outdoorsman ramps go eddies did torsional vian did to wish they had the chief thou story, but when she was national experi mean to do the inversion,
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which will get the britain. melanie, that's like you push the children use this was one that i didn't you just with virtually i got to rebuild me. comfortable dude at work and you stored some line use of shots to supply had like you so much miss. was it even like the youngest you machine on the on scout i kept a home in america all my to wash or stagnant so is what you did better. i shut it off my post while my sheriff company suggested that was cheryl pool dawson and whatnot. it started, so i'm sitting with session, but i should have math actually were marsha. yes. so barney, if she's general marsters up right, show chuck and i'm it was which it it. jessica is shatka madonna russell with research dampen wow, no. so does this, does orchard, so just looking it over to scrub nutritional, i wanted to circle commercial for on the point where
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we're completely unable to do stuff with your system. what's my, what's my address? i'm not the most bit but almost a renewal of notes. yeah. i don't know which was which is what was also in the book you want to see on the mileage was most of the students used language saturday with mr. mclain last the book. and actually just know by the sunshine, you know, but i'm having to take over on the boys just quite, just trying to get it the that the national but the meals nash at the 1st with the process in the computer. you know, just the, just want a particular solution, the conflict we're going to charge just to
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touch base with which story door, which acts and up all the time. i said, you know, what about the political in charge moments i'm or sit on. so if which are the quarter story, the what 1st the discussion with mental a little so the $600.00 so you don't pay a couple dollars so press come in 1st just don't have to for them for even the pushing on it. ah, me know, you know, borders and, and my number is emerge. we don't have a therapy, we go to the world leads to take action to be ready. people are
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a. 2 common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. every one is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. as tensions are again on the rise regarding ukraine, we hear about the red lines, russian red lines, the west needs to take them seriously. also in the weight of the rittenhouse birdie . isn't it time to admit, blake, legacy media live all the time about almost everything.
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with driven by a dreamer shaped by those in
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me dares thing. we dare to ask me. ah, i don't want to get out of the bushes. we cancelled my bridge before some washing quarters loop. i have to spend percent of that time. i'll be cousin lee and i'm not sure if social skills or other people get into this with probably the last it was
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i don't want to miss. all of them are going to start to lose the doors in the last 2 weeks. now. she never considered something different when it was just for that long been washed with the buyers of the information or either other hackers that feel they can take it further and utilize that information to create another hacking attack or they could be potentially companies or people that can use this information for identity theft,
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they can use that information and sell it on, potentially with other pieces of information that they have at a higher price. new types of information that give you a lot more identity, sell at a, at a high price versus a database of all this information. so they try to break it down. they take a database leak and they break it down and they try to take some selective pieces of that information and create another sale and maybe at a smaller value, but a higher price. let me, i don't want various narratives from a group blog room. they probably, swan, i'm not gonna miss that. i mean, obviously that is still open. your mind are the ones that are both in july of this new thing buys. yeah. but in our tier cartridge room, you come when you look at the boss out or is it is i, it's a for be a mom caught up here that you know, it's got sleepy, is mom from this, but i was not or loosely to pollute people that had a whole range, 6 extra tutors, or solutions to fortress or nose was to be small. was jones,
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a message for students with a teacher with more to be put on. so remember that it was brought in this new oil, fuji nustar. so we can show you which one would be due to the hospitals which go for certain divorced search. about sure. shaking producers. a put a source for lou frequently leash mr. morrison. my amy tudor would soon joy here manual motion, w mala. magic. i thought it was a federal visual or calling for information about
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a kid through his bus visual stuff like that. he made a look for the bus, but the service center on the bus got water or either me or me and let me know and yes, we could use the business solution. you know, some more a new release or should wait through the one. can you let me know? can you the last name on the for me boy came with him again for me now. you're still going to go to africa solution as well. so that took a little door. so the system, passport on the door is just, you know, it says, mean keith above the level you what the me deal with electron, they put the sick about the problem. you come back in and most of them teach it as well. so i will give you all set to pick up the grades in the past, but it is just
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a lot of times active religion loyal to us last time, which is an interesting with up something to get you know, i already. yeah, i try to reason and you're welcome to pdf those and then you go the people on excited assumption and cheerios pride now before the struggle the 3 am yes jennifer, i mentioned that that makes me feel comfortable in your opinion. all 3 major section it out and i'm going hi, jill. the yeah. yakima wishing up i saw yes. yes. a yes. nice the you, it's of the course thought. see, it's up. she doesn't account for. yeah,
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i think we're probably as soon as she level cognitive like more complete loser order for the labs are going. yeah, i used to use the elusive, so i'm bringing my shift plus his emotional years a besides, when your initial inception or moisture is about these thoughts may all set of command a options that i sequence who'd seats have name for that value. the theme would possibly be asked that i would go to them. we were near park either leave with them, it's the, there's a problem or if this thought, a business, a reasoning of course, and remember the last thought or it will go, they're brought up better luck. it's in babylon from visit. i thought i'm going issue when you know i thought of them i will need the well, it's a mission year. but if i have no food, she graves thought, no, it's not a minor shanker from last time. longer. motion for your part
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brochure? yeah. well, sibling mia went by, how does glass natalie clock cheese did not sound nice after norma is a good the worship story doesn't like it wasn't eighty's touch good after she was at madison a dian with as i get the blizzard, you do, please stand at your black at all have store dish and that wasn't enough stock. exactly. but she is in didn't like i don't. why get people didn't exam shaquanda? no, it's not that a compression door absolute. no bushes through, but they mutually agreeable. completely. your bicycle clinton lights, helium, sunday with sherman log up. so i'm probably more teacher if someone does, he hopes that the notion will come when you will,
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shouldn't. you will know what i see annually if you've only to watch it what, what kind of plays a joke with the city. you only consider this sort of that problem. a couple of questions i do in order to put up some potentially in a deeper co let should this should be in it's that it's really a culture change. and it's an awareness of the risky behavior that exists in the cyber world. and we're not saying we are scaring individuals and families away from the internet. the internet is full of possibilities. the internet is very valuable . it's being used in so many different ways as part of research, as part of the development of the, the human evolution and human improvements that we have across different industries . whether it's health care or automation or transportation. but it comes with those
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risks that need to be aware at a very young age. there's much better education going into schools now and, but at home there has to be that same kind of understanding of what are the dangers and risks of being connected. so wow, in, so i one, today we gonna talk about high tech center crime trans. and this is actually very important because last maybe 10 years we have a really high number of different cyber crimes. and we have actually growing in loans in different areas, in different scares. so it's really important to know about the latest trends. and it's really important to know how to protect you. oh, that's your organization, right? your parents, you're competing against that. everybody knows. i also want you to discuss with me all of this. so that's why this question for you. what do you think was the motivation of cyber criminals?
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sometimes with the cyber crime that happened in just because people once in a lot of money and this type of growth is actually have to be in and turning in. they have their own ideas and bad ryan. so perform via cyber grimes. just so make a lot of prevention to the ideas. the next level from integration is usually space points for isn't brooks and spaceports reservation and base case rehab hikers and rehab groups. that's ryan. so it's almost something interest of one country and usually a bad attacks against other countries. this is all about government politics and spanish with them. good will you be a but i'm not able to say is very limited on, so
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a equal must. some shouldn't use the big excuse for us mission i so you better focused on that on the school year with that ah, as tensions are again on the rise regarding ukraine, we hear about the red lines, russian red lines. the west needs to take them seriously. also in the wake of the rittenhouse burden. isn't it time to admit, blake, legacy media? lie all the time about almost every one else showed thing wrong one, i just don't move any well. yes. to shape out disdain
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because of the attitude and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safe? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? walk is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend
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a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. and people is something they cause to ride on police reports in all caps in december 2020 a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so if people are organization, if an idea that it must be opposed that channel out the gate while they may kill their faces, but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten reuben, this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are. in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matters have to be on to the t for that. that's all america. we can't charge the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in
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ah, the full scale violence, styled off of it cove distinctions across europe while the dutch p. m. tonight dismissing protest. this is this satisfied idiots. britton's health service, the n h s at breaking point with record waiting lists. as the government watchdog funds. it was ill prepared for the pandemic and failed to act on mornings one, coven victims relative tells us why he's angry. so the fact that my grandfather had rural west england was taken out by a virus and started at china.


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