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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 22, 2021 6:30am-7:00am EST

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are you and you can read these things, but no one in the west seems to be typically bothered. go ahead. oh, the problem is that they do general factory for the people responsible for that for the united states. they will not be $540.00 relations with all the experience and the consequences or relations and we wanted maybe devastate. i mean the reason why the lighter problem or the border between all of them are the reason why it is so cute. both cannot talk to them or they cannot talk to they won't they, they, they, they don't want to talk to a lot of the few voters publications with what's going on. they roll that we have like children, you know, the grown ups, you know, like mrs. murphy was talking to, the ceiling doesn't fall down, you know, the least try to resolve the problem. and we are facing this problem and we can
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talk to you when you, you know, the same story with russia for any kind of dialogue with russia. no, i'm not speaking about concessions. any kind of dialogue is viewed as a huge, huge weakness. you know, we should be taken to russia if we can see the crimea ukrainian territory, even though you know, i did the crimea 10 times in my childhood, in my youngest, i never want green spoken there, but you do like the state consider crimea. great. it means that us warships and british waters, well be no russian. it's $3020.00 was at their own burial. you know, the world may go down, but they will be doing that. and the people behind it, boys, johnson, all american. but just they know they're not going to be held responsible. you something that will kind of, they will when it's all in russia and these continuous. i mean,
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just this week we saw this new responsible staff. congressman suggested, look really nice and we'll just victory if you're around since 2024. so this is, as you saw seem to me know, i'm not sure whether or not, but these people are, they have already placed and will even happens. we may lose want it and then was, you know, so the, it is the same dangerous sports, you know, with russia or with anyone in the west disagree with. well, george, this is like playing in a fantasy world that doesn't exist. i mean, this is a, a foreign policy in the mind. ok. it's completely divorced with, from reality on the ground. i mean that the russians are obviously very perturbed with nato's posture in any country would be. i mean, it calls itself a defensive alliance, but it looks pretty offensive. you're sitting in moscow here and, and all the, much more. so to have dialogue. i mean,
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basically they're saying if we want to avoid the worst, and i think we all want to, we have to at least talk to each other. i mean, i'm glad you brought this up. this issue about the, the migrant crisis on the be a rule of polish border. it's not really a crisis. i mean, it gets a lot of media coverage, but i mean, in the scheme of things with the migration problem in europe, it's really quite small potatoes. but this is a cultural here and it, the consequences could be dire and i don't think it's the, i see a western policy makers, edema said no one gets fired for, i mean they, their sleep walking into a disaster. go ahead. sure. yes, yes. but the problem is also that even when there is dialogue rushes, western partners which is very politely, be deceptive. and i think that's something that in the grow a repeated over and over again, which is a, we go to the french, would talk to the germans. and they tell us that they support the cause. and yet
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they do nothing at all to further them is because they know exactly what's in them . is that what is available online? and they say what it is, is that agreement signed between the all star isn't here in the or it is in the doc . and there are certain that this is compelled to me and then he steps here as not may, which is changing its constitution, granting a special status to the dentist and the amnesty and then not done it. and not only are they not done in france and germany, i'm not doing anything at all to push them to want it. on the contrary, they keep encouraging a curacy and will seriously nato keep encouraging here by telling them this is a conflict between russia and ukraine and that ukraine is the victim of russian aggression. and this goes on year off the year of the year. i mean, you know, it's already now in the 7 years since the signing of the midst of was russians are
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getting very pretty, very upset about this. because essentially the west is, is lying to them with no interest at all in resolving this problem in the country. they are trying to strengthening ukraine and encouraging them to try to resolve this by force. and that's why who says red lines, this is a red line. we're not going to tolerate. you're trying to resolve this by force, but everything which is doing is advancing towards that end. i mean, bar is johnston signs, a strategic partnership agreement with you. great. and as does blinking, then what else the russians could close. that basically is that all of the key major partners are encouraging you crate to try to resolve this by force. and that is definitely a red line. deem i mean this is how it plays out encouraging zalinski regime and to be more robust in its attempts to regain control of,
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of the dumbass. there is a, a military operation, large or small. it doesn't really matter, enforces a russian reaction because the russians have made it clear that these 2 provinces will not be ethnically cleanse. we have to remind our viewers that up to 14000 people in the done about they've been killed by the government. and so they want to, for thrushes that and then they'll say, think they were aggressive. that's how they want to play the stuff you know, dealing with the biggest loser in all of this is ukraine. go ahead. i think the biggest loser is already on the family to each in both russia and brain. it has been possible to reach your brain during the last 2 years and then explain are all in this, but also there. if you know all that you bring into elements so basically you know. 1 there's no rush to just to give it in there for free, you know? and they said no, because this is a scene probing. this is
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a receiver. imagine they seem, it was, it was made and rush, thousands of your brains die. and this is no reason to get to day for free ration, but seem the same story a bit better with all of the the 3 years made them know this. the know so, you know, for the russians, it's like their 2nd life st. petersburg for russia. there was the south, there was you don't seem to not be having a ship was basically a single entity and inside rushing fire, we should go to the thank you so more than eastern fall and be and people in the future for the day, you know, they and now that the wall will 200 minus 100 miles. yes, that is a drag while the walk you wish to do and why do,
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why the as far as i know, 800 microns and to read them every day. so he's basically the same amount that is a, this is an invention problem that the claim is, i mean, in georgia and i have talked about this on the goggle eyed nazi. i'm, is that, you know, this is a problem. this is a, be a ruse. poland problem that only the russians can resolve. again. i mean again, this is a ploy. ok. they, they won't talk to, you know, they won't talk to them about this, but they and they really don't want to talk to pollutant, but they really wanted to resolve it. are you crazy or if you have all that, this is what we should go for several days. now look into question because she's not right now talking to you because she's an evil as the right. so they don't want to go anywhere and they just expect, you know, and they're just let me know back to georgia, they're talking among themselves,
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thinking and they're going to resolve the problem like being among themselves and talking on the cell because the migrant crisis, as the great crisis is something that nato power is one to use as a propaganda weapon against russia. they seize on this, they made no attempt to resolve this over to them, but humanities and so they show no manager. it is not so they still, oh great, we're going to use this as a propaganda with the most actually right. the people coming across the channel illegally from, from france to the u. k. every day. and the people on the bank is not a huge problem. maurice johnson isn't right. me wrong. i don't know. you know, the terrifying sanctions war or anything. and yet, this is supposed to be a crisis, and despite the fact that the centrally inhumane maintenance being used on the
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michael by the photo florida, again, a hi, mila g 70 issued a statement, say we stand solidly with poland. so where is all the humanitarianism? this is something is very useful, is just something to mobilize. the troops mobilize the west. so you're, you're saying ga, the french and the british, they're squabbling about the channel. but then they come out with a g 7 or incomplete solidarity on immigration. it's really quite whimsical. i've done it before, we finish up here in the news reports here that and then he has an $8500.00 troops to the, to the be a russian border. i mean, what should be a diplomatic political, even economic solution. again, we have these powers relying upon military to solve a humanitarian problem. i mean, again, it seems quite contrived to me last 30 seconds. go to go ahead. well, i think it's also a lesson because he was friendly with russian brain regime in it's orange. it's
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you on a ridge. so it also shows show the west why location is against russia. there is no problem with that. but he is friends with them. he got to dictate that. then i'm going to take a single wire. i jumped in here, but it seems you know it through the whole history of cross our. we have to $31.00 flavors of lucas jenko, who would have thought a gentleman. i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a short break and that's about your breaks or can you continue our discussion on some real new stay with our team. ah, ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality?
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ah, in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths. will remain in the shallows. imac guys are more of my guide to financial survival. this is a hedge fund. it's a device used by professional galle wags to earn money. that's right. these hedge funds are completely not accountable and we're just adding more more to them. totally. the stabilize a global economy,
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you need to protect yourself and get inform. watch guys with a wrong one. i just don't hold any. you have to shape out. the scene becomes the advocate. an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. ah, welcome to cross tucker, all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle. this is the home addition to remind you were discussing some real news. ah
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let's go back to george in budapest. i'm the written house of verdict is in and of course the it within american lead circles, you know, did, did the system work? it was their justice, you know, you know, they can chase their tail all they want about that. okay, that's fine. but one of the things i guess for me kind of being a bit of a far away is, this is still another contrived story that falls has fallen slight on its face. weapons of mass destruction. russia gave bounty page. uh huh hunter biden. we can go on and on for hours and hours, and this one, this one really was an ultimate fail because i think you, all of us would agree. russia gave was important to some people in it and it had elements. but this is something that so internal, the left is racialized,
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everything divided people by race. and now you look at the mainstream meeting, the, that the broad sheets look at the liberal a stations and they completely got it wrong. when are people going to finally turn them off? george? go ahead. yes, it is quite shocking because this is a real patton. it's a, it's something that's ongoing. it's all like where you got this all that story wrong, but generally you get everything else, right? is this is systematic. i mean, here was this the case in which every single thing that the mainstream media mainstream politicians talked about was there was wrong. i mean, every, all the stories about he was a white supremacist a. he got a gone carried across state like a straight line state line or if it and so and everything that he went a was a vigilante. every single thing was wrong. ok. you know, if there was
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a recent case, the treyvon martin case with george settlement again, every single thing was wrong and deliberately so. and then it was, you mentioned rush again. i mean, russian date is of and hopefully i'll say stories and it wasn't just the students here. oh, we got that right. so it was also the story about we lease a lease about the trump town meeting like george and alex on the down. and it was on, on and then you know, you mentioned all the other cases. so there is a systematic pattern here. and what is really punishes is that they are also the guardians, the watch dog, the mainstreaming of the watchdogs, of what is the said. so you know, anything, the holes, you know, they will, they deem to be fake news of the ban. so we just know that we have the case of the
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cove. it, i mean, how many stories have been put out about cove and was immediately a, you know, this is untrue. so this must be bad. imagine how many people will ban for saying that a facebook twitter. now it's admitted, you know, yes, i mean that i think may or may be 60 percent effective. yes, the vaccines may only be good for full mouth, but that's a new story. and then again, will the stories about the home to buy the laptop. so these are people who a use also the li, guardians of what is the mr. to say of them. so going to the lease of the inflammation space edema and this, this is right in your, in your will house here is that this is the ultimate ideology. trumps from justice
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drums reality, i mean these are all, it's all, this is ideologically driven towards po for the sake of political goals. me news. i mean, once that it's irrelevant, i mean, particularly in the, in this some rittenhouse story. i mean, it comes into complete focus here. we're damn the facts. ok. and, and the, and we're, we're basically told don't believe you're lying eyes. i mean, don't watch those videos. i mean, it's so patently obvious that this trial should have never gone to trial because it was ideologically driven, and there were political goals at stake. i mean, that's what the prosecution was such a good phone going. well, basically there is a rule in the relationship where you haven't both, don't why? the base owner with the western media right now is that for every small company, they're not, they're not narrowing the wage now widely, like ok,
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there was the stage with a house. he was defending himself deep caspar should also be in that. no, he's a white supremacist. no, we should make it a matter of nation wide discussion. or we, you know, the same story with foreign reports like the whole gradient trade. you just started from a very small issue. should you great, having a station agreement with you either have those 2013 or maybe 6 months late, not as young approach. and what did they do? oh, we last have a read is in support of that association? oh, no worries used. you sticks to disperse, the grow. oh, that means we should use or these people are in the used lot. there are a few. you know, he's agreement. oh, he might be overthrown. even though he wasn't act legally. oh,
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some people did not agree with his or what role use walrus against the tense. he's allowed, you know, he states that was a, well we use our guys use tanks and. 2 planes, that's fine. so although a small issue, they all us grow and huge, huge problem and now the world may die. you know, in the back seat we have a real danger or you clinical. why? because you couldn't stand the fact that young boys asked them, asked them to wait for 6 months in 2013 same story where they can or should i be ology has no patience, as we all know here. and also george, when it is interesting, is that years ago you would have to say, well, the jury is spoken. ok, good outcome, bad outcome, but they have spoken. but that's not the case anymore,
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because not only do many people condemn the verdict, they condemned the process in which the verdict was i decided to fancy that's, that's what so that's what shifted here. and obviously, if you did, if you are for the verdict that, that tells the left the people in power, everything they need. if need to know about you, you don't have a name, you don't have an age, you don't know and you don't have origin, you're a certain type of bad person. i mean, when everything gets to still down to the simplest denominator. now that is extremely unhealthy for a vibrant society, george. well, that's right, because whether the media of a is of, is the desired narrative, the desired narrative is that the ha, maybe even more than half of the american public are worthless. i mean, they are deplorable. they are the vaccinate that they are racist. k support,
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that's the narrative they want. so when they, when they come to a case such as a case and down in florida, oh, the this case in kenosha, they want to use this is this of this kid. he was 17 years old. he's a stand in full races, white america. so that's the story. you know, he's become this little kid. something becomes the vessel, but all media hatred for the great on war. it becomes direct that and the result that same collection with russia gave them russia and the great on war. somehow they live one of the same. and then, you know, and we just spent the last 56 years trying to link the right with russia that somehow put in is the man, you know, not only did he give us a trauma, but he's behind all the rightly populous moves. everywhere that we don't like where
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they are available. so know how to do behind the so the, the, any, any situation arises. they're always looking for the russian angle here. you know, they're going to show the single russia is really behind all of this. and that's why a, when you mentioned some of those cases, when the 100 by the story came up in the election, immediately without any evidence of all we have, you know, 50 intelligence officials wrong, open letter. so all this the smack. so russian, this information, again, no, it is a list of the mainstream media. when this goes well, this is baffled by who wants to make things a me, i'm actually surprised that the that hasn't been a full 2 car written house collection yet, but i'm only for it. i think that's coming today. sure. george is inevitably having to do what is, what's really important to point out here is if we compare russia,
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gate the hoax, and this is and campaign against this at the time a 17 year old across state lines. i really that really goes over the top. it doesn't matter if they, if the, if the powers that be the liberal establishment gets it wrong because they always to fall back. but our cause is a higher cause it doesn't matter. and this is what so pernicious about it. and because you know, they all, no rush again was a hoax, but it served a purpose and that the cow rittenhouse trial serve to purpose. it doesn't. who cares about him? ok, and this isn't country we all know, but we need an ideological victory. that's what they're only concerned with. they they, they're, they're, they're not even ashamed when they're exposed for being the liars that they are going. well, i think us wants to say that this was not important. i mean,
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i know we think he's very out here, but i'm, what i'm saying is that she was just a yeah, well, a with your spouse never wired the based on. never say this is what you always do. this is how you, you know, so the problem stay with their matter. and this is exactly the american media. exactly the opposite. you know, i think i already know how that went through. if you read the initial stages or the press power to rush again. thank you. russia, we're both support can be a lam radius. why? my facebook, you know, somehow we rolled something that made, you know, am after this more, i think that was most likely because this is not, but it doesn't matter to me because it's post exist somewhere on facebook. oh, oh i did. they, they will be mind forever. in perpetuity,
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last time i can see my finish up. yeah. so i think that the, you know, when we criticize the need yeah. we don't criticize dollars in precise. we criticize what is behind it. well, these are no just need a mistakes. a strong might be the need is just a reflection or a bigger problem, which is dangerous. all walk on the excellent point. it's all the time we have gentlemen who want to take my guess. anybody best. and i want to thank you for watching us here to see you next time. remember ah, ah, ah, is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe?
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isolation, community? are you going the right way? or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend, have join us in the depths. will remain in the shallows. i saw a message from an unknown account. it had a selfie with my passport as its profile page. i saw pictures of my it was they also sent a credit contract law if i had just 3 days, you know, comply with their demands. if i didn't send money i, they sent up an online hate campaign that i was supposed to be
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a very dangerous man. who was driven by a dreamer shaped by frontier some of those with theirs sinks. we dare to ask oh, well, it shows the wrong one. i just don't hold any you have to say proud disdain because of the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look for common ground and people is something they can't ride on police report. it's an all cash in december 2020, a group of anti fascist, sell out a film crew access for 3 months. so if people are organization, if an idea that there must be a pose that channel out the gate while they may kill their faces. but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that our fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right. and say that my life matter, i have to be on to the teacher that that's how america we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect
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ourselves in ah, 5 dead more than 40 injured up for vehicle plows into a christmas parade in the united states. police say they've detained a person of interest. why does it take to the streets across europe, protesting against new cobit restrictions, austria, today's just gone into full lockdown plans to make vaccinations mandatory early in the new year report funds that the u. k. main time was ill prepared for the pandemic had failed to act on stern warnings even ahead of the outbreak. coming up, we speak with.


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