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anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in 5 dead and more than 40 injured after a vehicle, plans into a christmas parade in the united states. police say they have detained a person of interest or say this at thousands. takes the streets across europe, protesting against the code with restrictions, often has just gone into a lockdown and plans to make vaccinations mandatory. and a report finds that the u. k. was prepared for the pandemic and failed to act on stern warnings even ahead of the outbreak. we speak with the k with victims relative and get by the government's response to the father. my grand but rural
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west. england was taken out by a virus, started china because our government still allowed people to fly business flights. we had that breeze last year. it's pretty shocking. and a harrowing humanitarian crisis, amid food short, he is in afghanistan, the un, warren's half the population, could face starvation as to when to set sin. that despite us promise is to send millions of dollars in aid. not to see the crisis good. the worse and some dramatically just spread across a whole country. smelly is just what he needed because the likelihood collapse in front of his cold fall. then we'll see real catastrophe in this country. ah. good afternoon. well, can you watch naughty international? now? police say that 5 people were killed when an s u. v. drive into a christmas parade in
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a suburb of milwaukee in the state of wisconsin. another 40 people were injured including several children. a word of warning, he may find the following footage, disturbing me videos posted on social networks to show the motor vehicle rammed into the crowd, the police chief in the town of harker. sure. but the incident happened said that a person of interest is now in custody. with more detailed kilowatt, as well as we understand there have been several gaps, as well as a number of very serious injury. they've taken place. this was at a christmas parade and walk ashore, which is a suburb of milwaukee in the u. s. state of wisconsin. now the video that's going around social media shows a red sport utility vehicle plowing into the crowd. the injured are understood to have been members of a dance troops and the marching band,
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some of whom were children. now we understand there are 11 adults and 12 children were taken to nearby hospitals in the town of oca, shaw. now, according to the police department, at this point, there are 3 people in critical condition or people that are in serious condition. the police say they don't know whether or not this is terrorism related. here's some of what we've heard from the police is unknown at this time when the incident in excess of terrorism, the vehicle struck more than 20 individuals. some of the individuals were children, and there are some fatalities. as a result of this incident, we will not be releasing information on kelly's at this time while we are working on notifying the family members of the deceased. not the sci. 8 on the scene and is cooperating, the local law enforcement to get to the bottom of this. we also understand the white house is monitoring the situation very closely. now the police chief of woke a shaw says that a probe into the incident he is going on on that they do have
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a suspect vehicle that has been taken and is in police hands at this point. there's also a person of interest with in police custody. now the mayor has brought condolence to the relatives of those who have been killed and those who are currently in the hospital, in serious condition. at this point, the public schools and woke ashore had been closed tomorrow and lighted the incident that just took place. officials on the scene or urging everyone to stay away from the area which this happened, roads are going to remain closed overnight. the situation is being described as very tragic and very chaotic. are we expect to hear more details from law enforcement as this case develops as the investigation continues caliber from there, we'll let we spoke of political and legal analysts, jennifer braden, he does fear that this sort of incident is becoming more common. we haven't had something like that in the united states as much importantly more at least weapons
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related violence. but i mean, having like this, obviously you can always look very break in the united states, especially there are so many local parades. there's so many things that happen, whether it's for local communities, i mean walk the local a local christmas break that happened therapy and unfortunately had to become more acclimated to this american. this is going to be a new thing. whoever was involved with this. if this was intentional and whoever was involved, i mean, now there's reports that they had a gun out the window as well, but maximum damage. i wonder why people choose these events, the happy events, christmas parade where we could just gone to church. i just wanted to celebrate their religious beliefs of their faith and now there are just enjoying something with their families on a sunday afternoon, right after a packer came in. and why, why did what happened here? i needed to create maximum pain, maximum separate. and so that is where this comes in with a full wave of kelvin hitting europe at the moment he use state,
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saw reintroducing tough restrictions. however, the measures have sparked widespread protests, some of which have turned violent. ah, we mod austria has gone into full locked animals soon, make vaccinations mandatory measures day that incited a massive protest in vienna. the weekend. the quarantine is planned to last at least 10 days and could be extended. that's after the number of you infections tripled in recent weeks with hospitals warning that intensive care units and i
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reaching their limits with more from vienna. his picture, oliver, as a 4th wave of the pandemic, ravages the continent. we've seen more demonstrations across europe against covert measures. hm. there were also protests in croatia as well as denmark and several of the e u. countries with people venting anger against tightened covey restrictions, such as passes for entering restaurants, sports events, and even christmas markets. many people a simply fed up with the meshes, or you have an old people make day choice. i'm not against the vaccine. i'm here
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for freedom of choice. this is not a demonstration against the green pass. it's for freedom and against dictatorship. the freedom of choice and freedom of expression because this is died in italy, not even young. we maintain that this is a violation of the constitution. it is not possible to participate in social life. overt when green certificate is mandatory. that's not freedom. that's not where we live in west europe, and we just want to be free like a word before it. lisa ruth, the government is implying is getting out of hand that people who are vaccinated cannot enter some buildings because they only had 11 vaccinate vaccine. i dis, just the main reason to hear, you know, people get discriminated here in vienna. the protest on saturday came after it was announced that austria would be going into a full national lockdown from monday. austrian chancellor alexander schellenberg, has said that from lisa december 22, 22 vaccines will become mandatory in austria. a move which the world health
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organization had said should only be taken as a last resort. covered 19 has become once again the number one cause of my child. see in our region. we know what needs to be done. legal and societal debate is very timely. mandatory jeff's i last resort before that. there are other means like that covered best remain in lockdown for at least the next 10 days with the option to extend to december. the 13th should case figures not have come down sufficiently. however, as the numbers that came out over the weekend show, the more measures that have put in place to try and stop the spread of coven 19, the more people are prepared to resist those restrictions, potentially creating an environment that will allow the virus to spread even further, peter, all of her, off the vienna. meanwhile, the u. k. government has been accused of not doing enough with a new report by the national audit office criticizing it's response to the pandemic
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. this pandemic is exposed to vulnerability to host system emergencies. although the government had plans for an influenza pandemic, it did not have detail plans for many non health consequences and some health consequences of a pandemic. like coven 19 there was limited oversight and assurance of plans in place. and many pre pandemic plans were not adequate. it was my grandfather who died on christmas eve. he when in for a routine or infection, i've seen nothing wrong with him. co cobra died as a lot of people did in this country. so the father, my grandfathered girl west england was taken out by a virus that started in china because our government still allowed people to fly in from business flights. we had it in february last year. i'm just very shocking. my hancock giving away 600000 new p to china or is it get to february? does a really how so our nurses are the important bin bags. yeah. this,
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there's numerous stories of how services being led down by life or, or is johnson the very thought they didn't close. borders goes to show that they didn't understand just this would have on, on a chest, along with the mental health and not since it is it's entire time. when the report does claim to that, despite warnings about potential shortcomings ahead of the outbreak, the government failed to act and suggested that officials were to wrapped up in preparations for breaks it. however, tanning street is defended, it's respond saying that the pandemic was unprecedented. we've only said there are lessons to be learned from the pandemic and have committed to a full public inquiry in spring. we prepare for a range of scenarios, amal, there were extensive arrangements in place. this is an unprecedented pandemic that has challenged health systems around the world. that is tustin again, they does say that the unprecedented nature of the pandemic can't be used as an
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excuse. tons of things are unprecedented. walking into the road. is that what's gonna happen when you walk into the street? we walk into the street with the knowledge that we have left to right. these people did. we don't need to kind of base the food in charge. we need meritocracy. we need to scientists, we need to talk about the whole process has been done by people that don't understand science. don't take it seriously. it's $56.00 days to introduce masks, countries like career in china. i've been using it for some reason. in britain, we just didn't get the government for money 1st. they fought well, you know, we can keep all this open, which would potentially kill a large population of people. but the economy would countries 5 on the or we can close it and economy will take a hit. well, they've done this,
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i tried to do option a, it didn't work. we've lost most people in the economies to not to do slot. united nations is raise the alarm over the growing humanitarian crisis in afghanistan, where half of its population could face starve ation as the winter sets in. ah, to see the cash usage, the prices change dramatically in just spread across a hard country, frantically and challenging a huge amount of hours with a 1000000 more than a 1000000 facing full prospects with immediate. ah, just because it's collapsed that was kind of fall and we'll see real catastrophe in this country. a submarine with suspension or was amounts or
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with him to be the foundation of somebody basic services for jobs as well. but the health, education, wine sector, agriculture, absolutely key, and those who suspended class hundreds of thousands of people. messrs hours from me just say that many calls will be written particular is the documentation, but to rely on the read i was or myself was being ready for pastures this year with dr. right from the start was start at the end of the year. it's projected that 9 out of 10 of the largest organize the cities and towns about kind of started with acute food insecurity, hunger on a daily basis. mm. mm . well the u. s. s claim it has allocated more than
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$470000000.00 for humanitarian aid to the afghan people this year, including a $144000000.00 back in october. and various monetary organizations have been distributing vital goods to the country. but ban does say that the us sanctions are crippling. the country preventing people from guessing the supplies they need parties, husky, taylor has more. the more might be over, but for afghans life is still a battle, as they stand by the roadside selling that possessions in exchange for a scrap of bread. that probably asking where all the western leaders who promised to stand by us, we will remain at the sight of afghan women and men again, doing our duty to protect those we can protect defeat of working with the taliban. oh it of course if necessary. we'll, we'll go on and our commitment to afghanistan is lost. there are very good reasons
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for continuing to stand by the people that, again, to stay after the withdrawal of the troops, at least in the context of developing assistance. we must do every thing to avert the real risk that is out. there are the major famine and a humanitarian disaster. we will continue to support the afghan people. we will lead with our diplomacy or international influence on our humanitarian aid. well, all those lead us embarrass still by the failure to impose democracy on others by force turned to another favorite tactic, economic suffocation. that's right. they've shot the 8 bank a not all foreign assistance has be hosted, but that's not all. one, washington and it's nato allies fled. they took all afghanistan's cash. the u. s. has for is an 9 and a half $1000000000.00 worth of assets belonging to the afghans central bank. so even those lucky few who do have savings can't take anything out. because
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washington says so little one to the town of bonds, asking congress to give it all back. the freezing of us, it's an economic sanctions, can home health education of a civil services from which the general public benefit damage to these building blocks will serve as the worst memory ingrained and afghans at the hands of america . but following a 2 decades long pattern of pacing little value on afghan life, the u. s. is not backing down. now. u. s. officials made clear to the taliban for years that if they pursued a military takeover rather than a negotiated settlement with fellow afghans than critical non humanitarian aid provided by the international community in economy enormously dependent on aid, including for basic services would oh, but cease that is what occurred so washington wants to see reform before handing over any aid. that's fine and not have people would agree,
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but they're ignoring one on can truth. it's not going to affect the government. what it does is affect the people are always and so that's the case and syria and that's the case. and so many different other countries as well. um, so they, the people suffer for the policy of international sanctions, not government or the west. they sell this to their own population. the u. s. will sell to its own pumps, constituents and so forth. as this is a better option than going to war, we're going to put maximum pressure on. we're going to put sanctions on is seen almost like the, the moral away of waging war when, in fact, economic sanctions or is as devastating if, if not more devastating than military intervention really to, to the people in those countries. and that's the point. it's all people on the f, b i's most wanted list, he'll get punished. it's the average man on the street. the one he's already spent 20 years looking down the barrel of an american gun. and what drones strike off to
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drone strike blow apart his country. the taliban officials, the u. s. refuses to recognize, will get their monthly checks that doctors are now walking unpaid in hospitals with holes in their roofs, operating theatres, the shutting because there's no electricity teachers can't afford to travel to school. keeping with tradition, washington is punishing the very people who don't deserve it. this is probably the worst possible approach. and it says to me that it's the only conclusion you can draw from this is that the u. s. is trying to strangle that. the country of afghan in order to create some level of strife or instability that might provide the pre conditions, or for perhaps a either regime change, which would be ideal for washington, maybe, or a civil war, or where the, the west or an international peacekeeping force would need to come in again to
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restore order and so forth. so we can see another cycle possibly beginning now or through this current situation. no man left behind, that's the proud slogan of the us armed fall says, and yet here we are not one, but tens of millions left behind and hunger in poverty and in despair. saki tele reporting our liberty shall position, says that the country's home secretary as be miss handling and immigration crisis, record numbers of asylum sake as did crush cross the english channel last week to try to get to the k and critique steve blaine. pretty patel for not securing an affective day with french authorities. home secretary is comprehensively failing in this policy area and hurting competence on this issue is dangerous. would have been an estimated $24000.00 illegal crossing of the english channel so far this year. that's about 3 times more than the previous year. and as despite
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warnings about the dangers of the root, with at least 2 migrants dying in recent weeks. but following talks with the k, frances taken some steps including evicting about 1500 migrants from a camp near the harbor of dawn. kirk and offering to to protest or asylum requests in the country. but many refused and set up another camp nearby and do remain resolute about reaching v k. we spoke with the local volunteer. hey, believe the situation is i me got the correct you have some people who sleep there. not many a few, but maybe they are in the woods one here, one there. but for them it's so the moment very, very sad because the only plays you can relax is when you know out in your thumbs and you can speak with your family. but for the moment, they don't know where to go. well, you k migration center representative to tell us that both french and british
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officials are to blame for the crisis. i think the major removal of the migrants from the camp was one that was to try and offer a sense of helping the british. however, almost immediately 2 instances showed the shallowness of the french offer. the french police were seen to be assisting migrants, raise their tents in a field, and secondly, videotapes showed the police almost 20 of them standing by as migrants were mounting on to boats going to prison. this shows that the french are not really attempting to stop the modern crisis because they don't want to take responsibility . the number is johnson, the prime minister, has said that he to needs to do something about the migrant crisis. these hollow were very shallow. there is no political will to the poor people. secondly,
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there is a whole factor of our society determined never to allow anybody who's deemed illegal or criminal to be deported from britain, bilateral relationships to france and britain is severely damaged. and it will take many years to recover. don't forget, result pennies, stories for you at our website. see you there at the moment. a massive looting of stores in san francisco in mid criticism that the cities liberal government has gone soft on crime met. and the police chief have to take action. and american media outlets claim that russia is preparing to invade and bring the crying despite adamant denials by the kremlin that is west and officials of the keys. russia conducting a military build up near the border. we can read more about that at asking dot com . protests have again shaken sedans capital after the countries military reinstate to the prime minister. it had i stayed just 2 months ago. i
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cried could be seen running from tear gas canisters and then throwing them back. it police protests is, have rejected any government deal involving military forces and or anger t by the death of dozens of people in the chaos. following last month's power transition, an exclusive interview, a member of the countries news, reinstated in trim, government told our sister channel party arabic, that an investigation into those death seats now underway. the little meg is that asked the state, the country is reached in the sense of economic collapse and in fighting between ruling parties, this is what led to it's all with in by law of the match. his role is to maintain security and stability in the country with the government has reached the point of collapse. so a correction of the revolutionary course should have taken place, whatever. so what happened in saddam is not a coup, but correction of the revolutionary course designed to maintain civil society and
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democracy and key constitutional order. unfortunately, some march is turned violence against police has main roles to protect demonstrators. now we have an investigative committee, which is a supreme committee to investigate the killings of protested. i could assure you that any one complicit will get punished. this committee has already started work. it's a neutral committee. and in its reports, the committee confirmed that the police did not open fire affordable to him. and that brings you up to date, though an exact say far too they here are not international. could have company just commit to 1 30 pm in moscow, are back again at the top of the ah, i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful
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about artificial intelligence. at the point, obviously is to create trust rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk
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and he really is no thing. they can't ride on police report. it's an all cash in december 2020 a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so if people are organization, if an idea that is a must be opposed, channel out the gate while they may kill their faces. but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to united states has gotten reuben, this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matters have to be on to the teachers that have hallmark is we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone soccer cells to protect ourselves noon i
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with i'm action return senior watching, going underground on the birthday of the father of spin american propaganda pioneer, edward benet's coming up with a show running out of time to save humanity from extinction. we talked to the suicide squad thinker, pita capacity, the legendary environmentalist actor, whose role is malcolm tucker, personified, tony blair's iraq warriors spin and arguably war on the cods. again, nearly 30 years after nature destruction of socialist yugoslavia, we speak to the man who implemented the 995 new liberal, dayton agreement that divided bostonians from serbs and croats as one of the poorest countries to want to join the e. u was via faces, another hard winter,
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all of them all coming up in today's going underground. but for us, today's the birthday of edward benet's credited with creating modern public relations critics of a bar, a strong and government here of seeing plans for new oil, gas and coal exploration after cop $26.00. believe that spin is winning the war of information, and one actor who has experience playing spin doctors is pita capacity, the environmentalist, known for roles in the thick of it, linked via armando, he a new cheat of iep and succession, has also played dr. who and the thinker in the suicide squad, he joins me now from la pita. welcome to going under ground. i don't know whether it is something from lea, a cynicism in some of the or the pieces you being and obviously the think of it comes to mind that amongst the cop 26, a great speeches that were her and the coverage of the summer done. the environment as a little a little known fact about an oil and gas field being explored in shetland that you
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are concerned about that. yes, i think called 26, you know, and did many remarkable things. but amanda felt it was a bit of a discipline and a little bit of a p r opportunity for an awful lot of governments to say that they were doing the right thing. and i think there's a great danger. but just claiming to be on the side of i being aware of climate change is not the same as actually, you know, creating general policy that makes a difference. so i think we have to be very careful to keep the pressure up. i'm so sorry, peter, but we had a lot. the been on who i think we both know is john gama, from decades ago, who is on the main climate group advising the government, who immediately said this is not an issue. the boards, johnson or the government to get involved in we have democracy here. that's why


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