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ah, that's under cutting, but what's good for food market is not good for the global economy. ah, ah, protest in europe has new lockdown restrictions are imposed, violence erupt in the netherlands for a 2nd night while at brussels. the reclass is between police and demonstrators. on the weekly this, our, we try to work out where it's all heading with a panel of guests. my response to the politicians is where were you when your case number's was slightly. hi. hi. hi, i still as me get one set of new role with a new policy. something else comes out there was a lot of let the politicians do what they want. they didn't follow some of the mandates. they weren't wearing mast ah,
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the u. s. this week, riots erupt, as carl rittenhouse is found, not guilty of homicide in the killing of 2 people at a racial justice protest. last year is divided, american society is politicians and the media rushed to take sides and migrant. start to leave the bellow russian border with poland after more than a week of camping out in freezing conditions. in a desperate bid to reach the e. u. and violent clashes with polish forces to we wouldn't saying so far, the largest scale attempt at crossing the border by grants here the on backing down . and i, we can hear the approach of a military helicopter. oh, we've just been purpose sprayed. ah, either it's a weekly on artsy with me. call him bray. we're going to take you through some of the big stories we've covered here over the past 7 day. as developments in the last
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48 hours and efforts to stand, the latest surge of covert infections has seen frustrations boil over in 3 countries over the weekend. the latest unrest. you can see here in belgium this sunday afternoon where riot police fire t, a gas and water cannon and clashes with protest as a closing covey restrictions. demonstrators in the capitol, brussels through fireworks and offices until barricades to stop and getting for 35000 strong rally had started peacefully, but city center traffic became paralyzed. the streets and tunnels were blocked. the ag is mainly directed the restrictions which included requiring passes to enter public places. the belgium on rest is just a native to in europe. that europe be witnessing over the past 48 hours with some of the most ferocious protests in the netherlands as that country struggles with lockdown measures imposed a week ago. dozens of riots across the country have been arrested. the austrian capital, so clashes to as it heads to a full national lockdown starting monday. that's in just
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a few hours from now. with more reporting for us from saturdays protests in vienna or europe corresponded peter oliver. as you can see, demonstrations here as they come into the final stages, lighting the flesh behind these demonstrations coming out to say, go to the austrian government policies. when it comes to coven 19 with glimpses coming through the gate. as we head towards the historic historic policy
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here in the center, they all seem capital quite your money themes as they come through that with the as they come through the asked to try and get away from the crowd of it as they compete with that flu going for the most part, this demonstration was incredibly peaceful. however, there was some flash points between demonstrate as in place, things were thrown from the demonstrators towards law enforcement, who responded by dragging people out and taking them away into custody. there was also some incidences where i saw some teenagers starting bottles towards the place in order to try and get them to give them a chase. the reason that all of this has started is because all the actions that the austrian government is taken to try and calm down the coven, 19 problem that the country has. that was starting last monday. what was called a lockdown of the on vaccinated? i'll 3000000 people fell into that particular group. those that haven't either got
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a vaccination and can prove it, or they can prove that they've recovered from coven 19. that then escalated further on friday of this week when we well, when alexander schellenberg, the austrian chancellor, announced that from the homing monday, a national lock down will be going on. he also said that from the 1st of february, that will be well, a mandatory vaccination policy in place across austria, all should be coming the 1st country in europe to do so. that really upset a lot of people. lot of those that we spoke to a lot of people that come out here just behind me flaring those hollands very upset that all should become 1st european nation is put in place. this type of mandatory vaccine policy. i sing, it's not the question from the government. i sing, it's a question for the people. if i want it, i can hear for it. but what's with the 1000000 people's?
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they don't like this. what's with this? we have a problem with the austrian government. ah, we, we have freight to lose all a table critique. i am not happy with this sir solution because some, it's against done the wish up up, up, up people, and the, and human rights are being done on, on, on the ground already or beneath, under the ground. now, alexander schellenberg, they all say and chance to says the reason he did that was because his hand was forced because too many people in his country as he sees it a fall and fall of what he calls anti vax propaganda. and that's one of the reasons he said that a vaccine uptake in austria was so low. these people low say they just don't want the government to have so much say in what happens to them, why they take vaccines. the real statistics though are that australia is in the grip of a real biting situation. when it comes to this fault, wave of coven 90,
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particularly in the west of the country, hospitals are at creaking point. when it comes to taking severely ill people in intensive care units, they are just don't have the capacity to be able to cope. and australia vaccine rate is below the average when it comes to the rest of the european union. however, these people here say that they just don't agree with the policies and the way that alexander shalon bos gorman's is handled, they say you're in austria. all the while of course, the world health organization continues to stress that vaccines are the most effective way to prevent the spread of cov, it. but as countries continue to impose locked down so many people are asking when might these restrictions and well, earlier in the week, kevin, i talked to medical and social science experts to try and gauge where it might be heading impression. i guess it is. these are serious panic measures by the politicians. where were you when your case numbers was slightly hi. hi. hi. i still
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am going all the time to are always is early and extensively. they need to stop being i reactive and acting on impulse because that's the worst time to make decisions. and i think that's the problem that we've got since pandemic. and began there was a lot of let the politicians do what they want. they didn't follow some of the mandates. they weren't wearing masks when they were supposed to be your mouse. and then they bowed to the pressures of business and capitalism and lifted restrictions very early and polish it, or a real pressure because life has to go on, people have to earn a living. the economy has to keep taken on at some point a. suppose the politicians because they've got their reputations on the line as well. are going to say, well we, we were trying to ease up. we're trying to move forward the car. when can i? this is a failure of governance. this is a failure of the right to processes. so the scientists was saying, i early act extensively and you will controlling then the economy is trashed and they say you how people are trashing the economy. what they do not want to accept
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is the economy is trashed because you messed up. i don't think it's quite am specifically and to choose a section of the medical profession to say, you know that we should be mandatory. well, how are you? how is it mandatory when there's so much confusion going on? because a lot of people you're augusta should know because it works for the medical profession . i suppose we all know medics look to you to do the best practice to do the best possible thing. we do do the best thing for our patients, but the problem is, the guidance that we get given change is week by week is to confusion just as soon as we get you start one set of new wrong with a new policy. something else comes out which contradicts that so many things to worry about. gas prices are in up cove. it seems to be coming back for a face time. and it still getting mixed messages from the politicians. what's gonna happen is we had into a new year, maybe going to a 6th or 7th wave of this. well, i think there are 2 things that i really want us to think about here is as we try
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and push back to normal. first off, normal, wasn't that great for everybody. and so i know that all of these things we're talking about are important. we want to get on with our lives, but normal wasn't great for people experiencing homelessness, homeless. it wasn't great for people experiencing racism. these are things that are continuing to exist, so if we go back to normal we, we need to be careful not to go back to, to what with some sort of nostalgia. and i also think we need employers at universities. big, big places there bring in lots of people into cities, centers to remember that there's going to be a social return here that people are going to have some anxieties. so we need to remember 2 things. remember, nostalgia is not always a good thing. normal wasn't last night, go back to normal number one. and number 2, we need some time. americans enraged by fridays acquittal of coll, written house on homicide charges have turned out in several cities in protest. the
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teenager had brought a rifle to a racial justice rally and last year in wisconsin than shot dead to people and wounded a 3rd actions that his lawyer said to her in self defense about the ruling sparked unrest across the country. we the jury find the defendant kyle, he'd written kyle: each red house is not guilty with now that the jury handed down the verdict. it's dawn the the trials over rittenhouse not guilty on all accounts. we weren't sure where this was going. we being of course, the media and everybody else. it was day for deliberations. the journey from what we heard was, had ordered food. there was talk about maybe if there was in
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a vernon handed down, that possibly the deliberations were going to extend into the week and next week is thanksgiving. it's a holiday here in the united states. so even, even that the chief defender, that the main mark richards, who was written houses lawyer, he said that they were betting that tuesday $430.00 they, they're there more than likely would be a decision whether it was on jury, whether a verdict was handed down. that the jury would wrap up by then rest assured, this is not the end of the debate having to do with this case. it will continue to be debated both in the media, the politics surrounding it and those who, who support current house and those who are, who are opposed to the ruling today. but my stunning turn of events, absolutely dramatic. and an overall trial that's been dramatic and follow nationally and internationally. mainstream media will quit to take sides and even got some facts badly wrong with british online newspaper, the independent claiming the britain house of short 3 black mountain when in fact
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all 3 white. i'll t southgate taylor looks at the trial that split the u. s. not guilty towards that of sparked a firestorm in the us white nationalist and domestic terrorist across this country are high fiving had this person been african american or looked at a latino. he will be behind bars tonight. we've got a pattern now. we're white. men feel that they have the right to enforce the law themselves. the trial of kyle rittenhouse had america on the edge of it seat. it set up an epic clash for some. he's a lawyer in order. a hero, a real american, taking on out of control riotous for others peace. everything that's wrong with the country, a racist white vigilante, you can cute to kill no questions asked. and while the judge might think his courtroom showed the very best of american justice, the attentiveness and the cooperation that you gave to us. this justifies the
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confidence that the founders of our country placed the many divide. it proves the opposite. that justice system is rotten too. it's a very cool. we just witnessed a system built on white supremacy, validate the terroristic acts of a white supremacist. this only further validates the need to abolish our current system. white supremacy cannot be reformed. a system that legitimizes vigilante murder is deeply broken. today's verdict speaks for itself. i've spent a majority of my career working to make our criminal justice system more equitable . it's clear there's still a lot more work to do if you needed anymore. proof of how polarizing the rittenhouse case was no, no farther than twitter. minutes off to the verdict was delivered to hashtags that started trending. so you either with him or against him, that was no in between,
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especially true if he were mainstream media, they might have been short on the facts, but they shall fanned the flames of division. many outlets continued to cool. rittenhouse, a white supremacist, despite tanning up no evidence, and despite the fact that the 2 people he killed, what both white and well, everyone expected reporting around the child to be frenetic, desperation for the ultimate scoop per some to cross the line. i have instructed that no one from emission b c. news will be permitted in this building, someone who is following the jury bus. it is a very, extremely serious matter. i saw the president on who's what this all happened. well, biden's a bit confused about how he feels, having initially backed the jury, i say why, with a white boy on his way home, he clearly had a change of heart and decided he wasn't pleased at all. so he put out
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a statement expressing his anger, but at the same time he didn't want things spiraling out of control. after all, he's already got enough rating bashing bottles on his hands. i urge everyone to express their views peacefully consistent with the rule of law, violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy. not a surprise, right? we know biden's all about healing a process. he started back during his election campaign when he posted a video about white supremacists include bring a photo of written house, but the case was too divisive and the anger too much to stem people, took to the streets. ah, it, and with $500.00 national guards on stand by, that's clearly no expectation the coms on the horizon. we all knew the rittenhouse
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trial would expose deep seated divisions. but the intensity of the emotions it's triggered shows how volatile the situation really is. and how well it takes in today's america is one small strike, a match for everything to explode. with that in mind, us libertarian activist spike cohen talked to us about the reaction that america can now expect. this is absolutely going to stoke racial divides. and the reason it's going to stoke racial divides is because politicians and media figures are using it to stoke racial, divides kyle is white, and he shot 3 white people and killed 2 white filling 2 of them. so this on its face should not be racial, but it became racial because media heads and politicians who wanted to make it racial have turned it into a racial instant. and it shouldn't be. but unfortunately that's the reality we live in. is that everything, any incident that happens like this, you're going to have politicians sometimes on both sides of the argument. and we
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incorporate media figures who are going to do everything they can to stoke, treat intention to keep people divided, to keep them watching, and clicking and the key people distracted from the real swindle that's happening at the top. you without save or of sundays developments on the way, suspicions that ukraine is. planning provocations against crimea will tell you about the warnings of voice this sunday by the russian security council among our stories after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmon show. i'll be speaking to guess of the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? walk is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oh, color again after a week long stand off with polish authorities. many migrants started to leave the
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bella, rou, c u border this week with some already getting flights back home to iraq. but despite the polish government tough stones, hundreds of protest, his march through warsaw in support of the migrants on their doorstep, holding banners, calling to the authorities to welcome them into poland. ortiz egleston are reported from the border in the week where tensions were really running high. we are witnessing so far, the largest scale attempt at crossing the board at what the migrants are doing. they are throwing whatever rubbish they can find, as well as rocks at the police. and they are responding in turn by the use of by the use of purpose break, who we are trying to say, hey, that's a distance. i look over there. they are throwing rocks and they're trying to dismantle that part of the barbed wire. it's not clear what they're going to do if they breach the barbed wire fence because there's another one a much more solid. well, a people have been growing increasingly desperate here and are, we could see that the disenchantment that the, that they are very, very angry and irritated at theme. you know,
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i would basically have their predicament at the conditions that they have been left in. there was there a dangerous, dangerous throw over there, there the group of military of polish military police who are defending the border . they just moved closer. so it looks like they're maneuvering. now they have brought a water cannon. i think they, they're bringing to water can okay. we have to move out. now this was, this was the tear gas. it looks like they're adamant to use water cannon and in a weather like this, this could be very, very serious for the health of anybody who gets sprayed ah, as for the indiscriminate use of pepper spray, i mean, they are going all out. this is true because right now i can hook skews because right now i can easily we need to move out of it. yeah. i do apologize. it is. it is some, it is nasty. ah,
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this is the sound and you can see more tear gas more tear gas canisters being used against the migrants here. oh, it is making them more angry. it is making them more desperate. oh, looks like those of that there. they are. the aunt becky, down my grants here, the on backing down. and now we can hear the approach of a military helicopter. it is a polish military helicopter. this has been used a as surveillance on behalf of the polish side. so, you know, getting a birds eye view on the, you know, on the location of all the migrants and also it is used as a scare tactics indeed with part of offense. so part of offenses, almost down so. so the polish, the polish border patrol, the polish military police, they have been they have been manning that section of the fence more extensively than others. and there's also another water cannon. now helping out from over there,
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people are now pelting rocks. i can see that the arno pelting rocks at the, at the security forces guarding the check point. so now the entirety of this section of the border is a war zone. it's migrants v the military police. we are right now as close as we can get to the border checkpoint where the majority of the action is going on. right now. you can see a group of most active people pelting the military police, the polish military police, with rocks. this is what they're doing and we've just been purpose sprayed. i'm afraid o detention and tempers here. they fly over the migrants here. they have they have a smart oh yeah. and road they are going in. it looks like they're cheering. 6 1 of their rhone, that is mabel about of the fence, so they are covering it with some plastic probably to for to, to use it as
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a shield to protect themselves from tier guys. just look at that. oh my oh, that was brutal. they did not work at all. they're being sprayed relentlessly. right now, it seems that the polish that the polish side has. well enough has enough people, as enough, are personnel, military personnel here to for now, keep the migrants at bay as you probably gathered from eagles or pulled their conditions, there have been freezing. none the less thousands of migrants have been camping out in that bitter cold at the border, hoping to get into the e u. although right now, the latest this weekend is that only a few dozen remained after most, were relocated to a nearby warehouse. a coven vaccination points, also been set up, and a w. h o representative checked on people there on sunday. but despite the slightly improved conditions, some migrants have been left feeling so desperate. they say they just want to go back home again. liberal, we did a meet you and i don't have any more hope for the european union. we were sleeping
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in the forest for 10 days and they were children with us. it's very dangerous. none, none of the u countries are ready to speak about this problem and nobody accepts us in holland is using tear gas against women and children. and the you keep silence about this. i only poland is telling the media that we are dangerous if they seize as animals are, but we are not on emotion. oliver, i have failed to reach germany, and i want to go home and we've tried to get to europe 3 times. i didn't succeed. i'm upset when i saw happened at the border. i can't stay here very hard. id number, look man, the best that i am very tired. i don't want to try again. my family in iraq, her saying please come back. when i saw poland, you steer gas against women and children. i thought other european countries would be no different men. oh, good. and the blame game goes on all round. the u. n says poland responds to the crisis, does break humanitarian law and rights to asylum. or some of you states accused
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barbosa engineering events in a hybrid war against the block allegations denied by the bellow, russian president, who in turn accuses the e u, a violating bodenal's. we discussed the crisis throughout the week with a number of guests who told us the brussels needs to do more to resolve the situation. you know, it's funny, hewlett east with this thing. you know, they can only impose sanctions, but there isn't much sanction that they can impose on back roscoe's, the. the comic lanes are cut or, or there are not many, anyway. sanctions, it's just the word. it is totally inefficient that really annoyed by this problem. because as you here in germany now declare that these people should not coming, it's the exact opposite of what mrs. snorkel setting 2015 off the shot from best they can call. they are fleeing the chaos caused by the united states and europe pin allies. they are trying to escape that chaos by coming to the one corner of
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stability in the world, the european union, which is greeted with a notarized pants and police and units, it really says something about the state, the well, we are to day that we go around the world creating kayla and havoc, and yet we want to love in 34000 people met him highway educating both those architects and swan. we could the european union and the u. k. can absorb those numbers, no difficulty. moscow's warning of a significant increase in the likelihood of ukraine carrying out provocations against crimea. the deputy head of the russian security council said on sunday that there's been a spike and activity by ukrainian special services and radical groups towards the peninsula, including the illegal movement of arms ammunition and explosives. i comes after the criminal spokesperson said that there's also been a suspicious uptake in what he called, in logical military accusations from the u. s. we cannot exclude the possibility of a provocation. this hysteria is artificially inflated. we are accused of some kind of unusual military activity on our territory by those who brought their own forces
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from overseas. in other words, the united states of america, this is not very logical or decent, was to media media have recently launched a number of unsubstantiated claims of an imminent russian invasion of ukraine. u. s . officials have also alleged that russia's placed a $100000.00 troops on its border and is reading an attempt to expand its territory . meanwhile, nato's increased its exercises and reconnaissance flights in the black sea racing significant concerns in the kremlin. but earlier our tape political analytical, but doc throw told us that he thinks it all amounts to double speak from the west. so much of what we read in the, in the, the major mainstream newspapers have no connection with the way the real world real world works for how major politicians think they're coming from the think tank within the pentagon and from associate propaganda organizations. and they're not for identification charges against russian military
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provocations from nato, from united states, or they're already united states. and nato countries are very quick to tribute to russia, their own, their own activities in their own designs. and they take this as a starting point for, i suppose at western response, pinpoint a fact that there is no response from west. it is initiative of the west to which rushes typically react there. so the military threat housed by these, these visits by u. s. naval forces was, has strictly a political dimension, and mainly i believe was projected to ukraine as to a land grab a being a motive for russian activity. but i saw the nonsense knack some invaluable advice on keeping her online life safe from thieves and hackers, especially when she see just how easy it is, get your devices tracked and compromised without you noticing
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a thing like from moscow. this is our t a o.


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