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ah ah mm. in a time with i think what we find is hackers are playing at human emotions. they're trying to
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find the way people operate online through social media, different types of technologies, and they're using that human emotion. think about what they're trying to do today. they're trying to send emails to individuals talking about different types of activities. they need to do urgent activities, such as transferring money, or maybe even clicking on links to steal their information. users are being distracted regulate. they're getting so many notifications from their social media, from their e mails, and they're not checking in and actually validating what those requests are coming from. and playing into that human emotions gives more and more hacker attack capabilities into those users. you can implement all sorts of technology controls on the endpoints on the network. so they play to human emotions. they play to the emotions of urgency to the emotion of promising
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something so excitement they played to the emotion of less carefulness when you look at things and just clicking because you recognize a brand or an image. and they try to make users provide as much personal information as they can they try to be a lot more tailored by stealing information by researching information about you. maybe they check your pictures on facebook and they know what you like and what you don't like based on that. and then they create very targeted attacks on your profile. mm. mm.
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simple. they didn't. let's see up the top, which i said let's go to cheats. ok, oh i suppose you could, your cheese all over them related was so shaky has come to get together. i thought it might be of late. i mean that was my phone of stores. zip each other with almost no point in my boss. so the quote i get on a shop with my case, the last part of the file. yup. and it might have been yes. what is it a bill? ah, there is a bill that i quoted you. but i mean, i just wanna go to try to pick up with my, my uh, can you pick out some more when you too much? i need a little bit of i my to which one you only have
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a nice the leave the complex a little when you take it on like a city, you shut up in land a place. go go. yeah, yes, mr. west, this is michelle with more than one. yes. i'm with the wheels and the way to post the day. like why don't you so what you on with most of the government was dealing
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with them. yes. a nachos could watch a show on those lower that the store and law. i used my brochures and i mr. lee job more. i for the for my so i'm to be sold from losing, i've got to put our mark. i wish the shop which can miss bobby, it's either give me for an hour passed the law crash. the bush are possible for me to be speech this business, but i was by my what she had could of districts are, but it would have almost to do with my teacher out yesterday. but it was, in my opinion, a possible morgan law, or because book because the new market, which is just the last year that i met by me for when you come, when you move,
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i think which new didn't. it wasn't between your company and the limo, and morse to breach could've been util. usa, is it? that's why margin, if don't with what you would do. my check stub, my lad, what machine you cool doesn't like they teach. they'd say which more was learned a lot of money. they came up with them as i showed i was told that the without going to pick up within a month. so that was 90 at the model going this kind of like really not that i think the national honeywood, this isn't nice. which was we did, it was like that it easy when you minute get with them and on the net eat at them and you don't want to ship with the kid about it,
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but it wouldn't accept segment if she'll just i need a thorough that's too much i'm just searching viviane, but basically what does it annoy you show your western pharmacy. i thought i knew the payroll side what support could out. i want them to show in this finance, but i don't the critical amendment for months that are boston is with for public. what are the showings let's i should boys in 4 months we got that. i'm not sure which should have spoken of that nature. and then they get to know that the ways those 2 new 21 so i should give them yep. if what i thought of questions i did it came with the medium is more key. i left shirts of them is from wash. becca dement ship a choice to put that in that will give the will be to you that will be to high deeds, but there wasn't associates yet. somebody to talk about it. so your digital footprint is all the different sources of formation that exists about an individual or about
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a company. it could be things on the dark web, which is the part of the internet that's not accessible to the standard user. it needs special software to be able to access some of those dark web resources. it can happen at the company level or it can happen at the personal level. mm hm. customers social bullshit. i'm surprised if such ash, budgets and i don't have to get students of course should as much is tim in tanya privy to that system on the map there for the spouse nike from the village of nature. the company is catchy. the milky company got out of can you find out the trust was up last year. it was yesterday i thought cyprus, monday done. mm. you have to say is still in the fiber that it looked like. you would have to structure that or just from underneath 15 or when you put a video on it. and you start seeing my being the ones that are foreigner, but it just starts. it got a call me a strong sure use. mm
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hm. on that place thought so. gosh, though, a chill area. boykin national o. p s them, um yeah. okay. then pharmacy solutions, all lower them score. my daughter and i went to live longer than a sheet. i filled insurance with sheets because of that she looks pretty mean to look at that at things that are nice. borders ok, keep that you use it for a while. shibley's can all get what i presume in front of watson does stuff much like you're more than the was of she warm up cheney at our school, shoot the z me expedia. me. and then in this law i can do months. that is what they need quite but only what then you play it donly and what do i odd? that is what break on doc? they come with the chechen wine. yes. yes. it does release. good. reasonable man. sandy. i get the payment. it's printing. yeah. it will consider because that's if the cash it's a safer, i mean cash, it's a book when me name in the on line. let's call include chicago with
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new york more to let us go to invest that in a sheet or not. so give me a call when you a, my marcus pitts. if each now you must come up with a layer of one. so go to place. i did die. a my formula. anything else? i don't care when really, wilson, why not do you need to get enough here? why me? why my son roll neglige the sports above got daughter and what was the she did not sit down, watch them. i see a sports up stubs. why? my miss mitchell? i got you, we'll go with the way it's you got. we're kelly just was it's
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a featured angel. a mom wasn't available with just a just we actually we have a borrower that was my bravo it by. and yet she is a one with the
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a door to door i . 6 just wanted to buy a new venture. i was with just on the purchase, a way to put a building with a with
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her he very so thing they can't ride on police report is in all caps in december 2020, a group of anti fascists allowed a film crew access for 3 months. so like if people organization, if an idea that it must be a pose, that channel out the gate while they may kill their faces. but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are. in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matters have to be on to the teacher that i found there is we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't
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trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in one that makes no certainly no foreigners line to tease and you as a merge, we don't have with the we don't on the back. see the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with
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ah, was the attacker collect that information? they can then crossed more focused attacks on that user. for example, the database leak has name. it has potentially even the address of that person. it potentially also has an if you of where they've been in the last 6 months. so now if he creates a fishing attack on that individual, he can say we know you live at this address. we know you go to this work and that's building trust. if you build trust, you can expect more action from the user as part of that fishing campaign. obama? sure. what my mama, what do you feel? what the, what the genia was this? and i'm not going to some on that. yes. clear. got, no, jill dies share worship was minute. my, me what the court at the court, the wash sil indulge. that was nice to see just praise ashlock. well either shed
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them crash these last saw stock or say like the scene usually me stored a 1000000 was sama cb. i shall got machine. nick is sailing missouri was boys a nashik, vol. norman the or wants to be nick of mom. bob, bob washing dealership. sure. let the washington where it's needed. now, story club. what the club teach nice if when you mind me a pretty scared. yes. sure. so did she still didn't get bumped or what did this originally was it just by at the more obvious saw this in the lukewarm browser work . i keep the property, we have fox there on national machine executing and thought was throwing us thought number starts, law reach, theory bad. there are fact of the thought in the browser machine, you emerge. it mean you could teach, not noise him 6. the most abused sedation, personal experience i had was i grandfather had a officially attack where they knew my name. they knew where i was. and they used that to, to basically say i had been kidnapped,
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they said i was kidnapped or that i was injured or something along those lines. it's very real occasion is incredible. it's a difficult thing to ask people to be savvy enough to understand where that email came from, what domain it's associated with. because if google is not picking it up as a spam or your exchange isn't picking up their spam, you've got to have that internal knowledge to say, okay, this one suspicious. let me double check with sam and make sure that he hasn't been kidnapped with some good question. yes, nat geo, with this quote, oh, what kind you need it. would you swap dca? did not mean she seen a lease with
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the new. so can the child the political stage, a sporting mental workshop or show you she was more shorts? because a lot of hope. i mean, yet i plan a just a chief investigative lee books used to show them to this. my mom bought a
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home to do that. with 2nd, with little daughter to show you how to show our children. oh hi. could i used to work with you more? so one more internal share, my boss in leslie nielsen. but so it's if the book, norma or anything typically, so only a doorstop for my also school. good now, but if you only, but i'll let them occasionally bottom out. say them so, but i had so a done a bunch a question,
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[000:00:00;00] a both looks muted with this issue so much about norman, why did you score what you for you still use but almost any pollution from what's a serious wish? yesterday at the end the wire, now ross are back in the borders that i bought car, none of which were bloody to picking. that is so some damage in front of my city. but graham knows not the book, the more it's got a po number out. so yes it was, it was more last for somebody got could you,
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can you go ahead and sarah that don't just live with her. 8 last yes, contact. they moved the joy. shane you were born from. i spoke with total more than more just there's a somewhat thomas and sonic statement when you thought it was got the one i missed today watching tv. if you go and you do not want my new somewhere in front of my i've thought she can up, but if you got more responsibility, yes, you been with the ticket was calling for a question? yes. a bunch of bunch of my teeth limit to different religious play initially during job bridge and
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mattress suddenly suits and i wish to do the engine for the engine was to for the point in the spring, which i didn't you know, so my been online to the store or somebody tried to call the engineer i work with she, she needs to get a message for starting this most beautiful. i social engineering in simple terms as tricking someone to do some actions unwilling to trick them so that the social engineer is to trick someone that she's
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something they didn't think about. there are different ways there are different methods, depends on the capability of this last factor, and it depends on because of the actor or let me revert that. if the users publish data on the internet, the hackers will use that data, you're going to be exposed to a lot of things. it's how you think about it from a security perspective. what do you share? how should you share it? whether it's the right thing to share or not, those are things you always have to be aware of. and then how are you protecting your data from a password perspective devices, you have your devices, you have your network and what type of connectivity you have. and then you also have your data itself when you create a new social media profile, don't answer every single question, maybe only provide the information they need for you to be able to register
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with the sessions flores. and so my thing about i spot orders officially if you little bit of them clip it will be from what like someone to say thank you that the amount to back was a spanish washer proportional problems, can impact contribution exception as the rules will not come to a little discussion, but it's on so what's your blog slew visuals now? should the soft kid copy? it's another she'll the 2nd deal it this by man spend they spoke to finish basil chip or something. so complex disconnected is on discussion, which will commit as of the demo spoke when i'd be looking forward. you done that up with, with us to publish. but maybe there was hope with the video showing up in the jewish order that they used to work on land that comes up with a sort of doesn't show a sort of people in church most recent option soon and to follow up with those to put especially
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with wisdom, thompson, to forward some school nutrition, a new orbit. go home with a distorted last little hundreds. i've been wanting to keep up with the, with the principal walmart, a stick to the car parker for an upgrade or if there's any other way not for me to deal with. but i feel i'm much more a miracle ear one way calling from the from on that. yeah. and precise good instructors we are mentioned . you might be here, the reports that you called a teacher just yep. up all my
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to, to watch and walking me. i thought i should, we should be in the massage solution, but it's just beep so, but then when you're dealing with him, he consumes and used to be clear to reschedule for level the prosecution de spit up the machine as the which that you know the weight that it was a little bit more stubs, but i don't want to remember much, but if it's going to check that new, ideally, if a meal bite, anyone how skillful i'm a factor, what do much with the daughter it to come to young authority that shows a hospital score or could develop or school she would substitute teacher post of school a just a mexican,
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a bit of a kind of shift on people who needed it, who symbols national digit deal it done on the jeep and i've yet interesting. i was just my question. it was a couple 100. should i just to meet with mr. roberts, this is christy ah . ah, we're seeing high levels one certainty creeping in economic life. and i think we're all aware of the disruption of global supply chains with spike in the cost of energy. we're seeing
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a way appearance of inflation. i think all of these constitute on the economy, scroll down to sign risks, which could mean to is still ahead of us despite the moderation of the severity with new york. it's really what america is about when our mayor took our vase, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities. the house and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who weren't being buried on hard i. the city has always wanted to forget
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about how loud city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there is wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potters field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this active burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried, where so much of new york city history is buried, is documents of the inequality that has existed in the city. for centuries. harold is driven by drink, shaped by center senators with ah, in a dares
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thinks we dare to ask in awe, protest to you because you locked out, restrictions are imposed, bought, and so up to the netherlands for a 2nd not while vienna sees more class, she's a game between police and protested all the way through this, how we try to work out words or going ahead with pamela guests. my response to the politicians is where, well, you whine your case numbers was slightly high, high tire still as we get used to my new room with a new policy. something else comes out, but there was a lot of let the politicians do what they want. they didn't follow some of the


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