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of course, it's a terrible thing to subject the child to a 1000 mile journey in the hands of criminals heart tells. and that's exactly who is bringing these people to the border and helping them across it. and along the way, subject to abuses of which we can only imagine with horror, how many women have been brought across the border that were sexually repeatedly abused and sold into sexual slavery and have disappeared. how many children have been sold into pedophile rings and disappeared? how many children have had the virus? how many adults have the virus? are you testing any? what? all these questions have answers that are numbers, not just the yes or no answers that tells me they don't keep those statistics because they don't want the public knowing what those numbers are. my opinion that joe biden is not at all worried about what is happening at the border that he is confident in his own mind. that the people who work with them and for him are handling that smartly and with goals in mind. and they will achieve their goals,
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and i don't think joe biden, thanks much about the border at all. exact. he said he will met his past the hour. that's the way. yes. some of the stories looked in the headlines who brought you over the last 7 days here in moscow reporting for auto international? it's been kevin, i'll be with you. delighted to have your company this weekend. oh, join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm . ah. ah, my 2 sons. i know my oldest one. he definitely was in
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law. you can run this, wrap up the booth and like to see him go to college and take a trade so you can add something to fall back on because the way this is look in, i just don't know what is going to be here for future down the road, it's getting to the point now where it's becoming way more dangerous because the canadian government will come out here in the fisheries will start grabbing, hold the balloons, dot yank and on the road. yank, and on you stop me. i've lost hundreds of traps. the ones will call them up, it is kind of, you know, the hands are tied well, you know, it's a, it's a, you know, you got to be careful what we say. it'd be careful what you do. know, you don't, you know, this is america. that's american grounds. another story that happened one of my friends, they will haul and inside the line always. and come the dia, old will be billed, come pulled up beside him and all the guns out and said, you know, don't move, you're an arrest. efficient in canadian was this one option canadian,
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one of these 2 guys scan that man. they had the guns out harassment with canadian government. yeah. in the grades on where it's very congested, it's much more challenging. it's a lot more time consuming, very much, you know, a lot slower by time you have to tow your own line and make sure you don't get on top of the next person to try your best to get on the ria that there is more, the more and more can you come over and disagree zone is obviously the more trap you put it into a small area like we have the more tangles the more chance for somebody to give them a sense. aah, 1070. and i got a call on the radio, one of the canadians, especially beside me and said that in another canadian roles that was tangled together, be entangled is not good. it is very, very dangerous. that's one of the complex that you have when you have 2 different
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cell officials, especially with each other. they don't fix the same way. you know, if it's the same direction, you know, that kind of stuff going to happen when i got them slide died. so i grabbed my trolls out holding it up. when my phone came up it didn't have a new fence just hanging everywhere. so was i'm deal that i wasn't really paying attention all. i was more, you know, trying to make sure that nobody got her telling the guys what to do. grab this trap will cut it off and it keeps getting lighter and lighter and lighter than you can deal with the matter. so i've, i've got like 8 or 10 of my traps off, and then all of a sudden it popped all or when it did, my ams was in, it was gonna stop it and there was no man just showed you how much force there is. when that decides to go, the whole me all the water my i'm off so i mean i've raised it in, you know, once it went to the bank when i fell backwards. set up real quick and i looked in
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my glove. it was, my time was gone, it was just, there was nothing left to just cut the rope. we got, we got to go, we gotta go to somebody's gonna get hurt. somebody's gonna get killed, but i'm still alive and i'm still doing what i love to do. i'm not doing it as good as i used to, but you know, i definitely dealt with angle still be a lot like i say everyday is the same. nobody's ever made any off the or 4 times just off. take it over me. we're should be off becky, coffee, american land or is the canadian disputed land or canadians and like i say we,
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we man it and we fire flag. because we're here suited profit a show i really i would say canada because we're here. we've been here a while. so quite a while. so i'd say it's probably candidates. you remember burning all i remember? oh yes. here's to bring the flag, fly. that 4th july, i think it was hard for americans that he liked to try to establish a claim. always. they've told a few checks on it before and i'll paint all the flags. can use legs on the law for the 1st july and he got back there was a couple months later of all the flags are white and said they all surrendered me. i missed the ban of the commander. he was the 1st defender, much i so and besides, paul, barney b u, my name is holly davis and i was john norton scott,
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nor that would have been bonus son. they did send the ownership that island because the canadians kept trying to steal it. that's what they'd say the me, but it's their island, me being the 1st born son of tal barely. he was given much. i a see you live and he was very staunch in his claim to me, which i see you island banner, thought to day he died to maintain which i see you island in all fishing ground in american possession in this is the f. this was the both at bon ever took out too much. i a seal island and he took say he's got passengers right on there that day. he was just entrepreneur. there ever was. one. is the puffins where they are? that's a puffing colony. he charged $50.00 a person and people started going and it became very, very, very,
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very popular. which i assure you, i want to try a seal island that was his business. you see this seaweed? this is what we used to have to land on. they went out there because they had to plant the flag on the 4th of july on american soil. that proved right there that who owns the area in the united states. that way, if united states claimed that bottom of the fishing ground would be open to the fishermen from george bush as well as the fisherman from the copper every how many individuals would do that and often did by defending over 40 years, going to a gosh. what's going on? washington c. o. yeah, maintain, not only did he on the island, but the island boys, america state show and it is the united states soil to this day. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with like bryan said, sometimes you hear drifts away. even though it's got anger on it, burning gay had too much brain. a good man. look, we had to cut the money that i'm missing a trap. so going to cost $200.00 a piece to buy all new and it's just another day in the grocer. might be
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pushing it probably, but both countries have mandate to make 9 megabytes per cubic picket. it wouldn't be popular, but it would address the mandate of both countries and you measured so that you didn't have to worry about whether there's any whirling gas numbers to point about . because nobody be doing it, it's a way to resolve it. without the budget. if you want a resolution, do not. we just keep pushing it one diane, when i founded the lobster conservancy, to how better understand lobsters today? here we are in friendship, maine, on friendship long island, where i live with the lobsters and study them on a daily basis. the fishery can't work without the fish. so understanding that animal, how it moves,
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what it needs to reproduce. keep going. is really important. oh sh. it's low tide right now. the habitat changes over time. for how many lamps they're lobsters can live for many, many decades. and those big animals do something that the little animals don't see . the big ones move. they've been through a lot before they've been through storms. they've been through warm years and cold years. you've had them a long time. you make sure those survivors are in the population and we have some here still, but i think not enough. half stand with gravel or show in. certainly, warming is having an impact. the entire lobsters can't regulate their own body temperature, their cold water animal. if the water doesn't get sufficiently cold in the winter
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months, they don't produce enough eggs in sperm and no, no eggs, no sperm. lesson for decades. the main lobster landings were about 20000000 pounds. then they went up to 406070 people asked, are you worried or you are and i was like, no i the little lobsters are going up to those babies on the beats, they're gone. and so i, i think this is okay, but now they're up over a 100000000 pounds. i don't think this is okay. just like this wave of increase in landing started in southern new england. we're seeing now in the southwest decline . i mean real crashes long island sounds. it's over southern new england. they, they're still lobsters, but not in the numbers you need to make a living. and so in all probability looking at the past, if it's repeating that same wave, the downward wave is following the same path. so if we get to
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a point where the lobsters can't find the deep, cold water, whatever cold water they need, they can't get to the cold water. so they're really and truly do ah, 5 years old. so why they're most of us? and i think the survey is survey general purpose of keeping this industry alive ah, to live in a different way, a throwback and that's why we're out here and try to see how many do show up in love with the dog. the entire north
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american law for 5 female to clause or recording information about whether it's a getting laws, whether it's more for these guys the law because it will affect the rules that are placed on them with oh, we're seeing high levels, one certain sheet creeping in economic life and i think with all the way of the disruption of global supply chains, we see spike in the cost of energy. we're seeing a way appearance of inflation. i think all of these constitute of the economists.
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cool down the sign risks. it could mean a is still ahead of us despite the moderation of the severity of the making arrests. so driven by a drink shaped bank for some of those with there's sinks, we dare to ask an
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area. what we believe is the population in raising up there is no much is because the bottom more stable down here when they 1st fed all they want to grow and eat as long as they can get big and strong before they go out in the world on the grave own staying at that mom during that period when they 1st battle is i try to get a lot of questions there. yeah, i guess i am concerned. i think everybody is concerned. the settlement surveys the most consorting because we see 3 years of settlers. so does that mean we're, they're settling somewhere else somewhere, a different color. we're not seeing them. hopefully, that's what it means. or does it mean that we've also got issues with the plankton population? are they not getting enough to eat? or if is, is it a die off? is it a, a lack of juvenile?
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there's more we don't know them. we do know ah. 6 6 6
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what i say there was in the great, the motor 115 or 20 bad little over i found a trap in london. anyway, you got to see the canadian side. we didn't have all any secrets we've already started them to the ca. you've already had the navy got your number. yeah. i think they had it long before you come along with oh, here we're here. they're going to that's more likely to be entering if there's any higher quality that they can ship overseas. besides that, you'll buy it in
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a grocery store in the can or bank froze on me. okay . and we do have a shipment tomorrow. this is where we storm long term. that rate there has about a $180.00 pound to lobsters in it. we call them condos. that's what make this work is temperature. we're making them hibernate, like a barrier in a controlled environment. we can keep a lot more of this so that it actually makes it to the table instead of wait. let's take a little walk to little bit loud in here, but this is the engine room. this is where all the air pumps, water pump heat, exchanger, chiller barrels, everything we need to make it up and this is the incoming water temperature from the ocean. this is what mother nature started at right air for this time of year. that's not a normal water temperature. it's increased over the years. this here normally
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should be reading about 4849 degree. they say a degree temperature change can be devastating for them. these here are grays on lobsters. it's summer, the water temperatures up, they're going through their moltin. the shell soft can't storm long term. that wouldn't make an air flight overseas. where a lot of the market is nowadays. for 5 years ago, the grays on lobster was a better quality than what they catch today. global warming, israel, i mean the ocean temperatures. we study it daily here. i mean, they don't catch lobsters down below new york no more, and they used to get slob series like we do here. it's over the change, the water temperature is going to keep increasing and these animals are not designed to live that way. their medford older water with
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the biggest issue for me has been worrying about his sake. but god has taught me over the years to not worry about things that haven't happens. one thing i've always been proud of and told him that he's made a good living for us and we've never gone without that. you know, i pray for him every day and i pray, i mean i have 2 sons that are doing it and i have to pray for their safety and nothing to guarantee. you know, i said 43 years later here. yeah. it's almost 11 with me here through the end of the season. we're one of the biggest geological events in new england's geological history
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thought, well is pretty much one of the mill brushed rock from the quarry, but it's all about the sizes and the spaces between them. that make for great shelters for little officers. name is richard wally. i'm a research professor in the school in marine sciences at the university of maine. now what we're trying to do with our lobster research is to try to develop forecasting tools for trends in the fishery, and also try to come to a better understanding of how climate change is influencing the distribution and abundance of lobsters throughout its geographic range. one always we're trying to do is to monitor the pulse, the baby lobsters that settled to the sea bed every year. i see these project as almost a canary in the coal mine where it gives us a sense, 678 years out. whether or not we're going to see a sun decline and landings. unfortunately, with our standard diver based sampling,
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we're really limited as to how deep we can go. we're trying to extend our reach into deep water and now we're using the bio collectors that are deployed from, from fishing boats. so basically they're, they're wire mesh boxes lined with finer mesh that keeps the baby lobsters and crabs and other animals in covered with one and a half inch for the final coding wire. mesh top. and they have bridles, and then we bring them up more or less like a lobster trap. and we get not only lobsters that are, you know, as long as your thumbnail to override a different marine animals. and we put them on the bottom over a range of depth crossing a dramatic thermal gradient as, as we do that, to see how deep we see lots of settlement occurring. one of the things that we've been seeing is these dramatic declines in southern new england. at the same time, we've seen this tremendous search and in the gulf main,
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and especially in eastern gulf of maine, toward the bay of fundy. as a result of a change in climate, and as force the population and nursery habitats to recede from shore into the deeper environment. the main lobster harvest comprises about 80 percent of the u. s . lapse or harvest. and currently the lobster harvest in the us is the most valuable fishery in the nation right now. and that's true for canada as well. ah, these guys don't have any other option. they don't have another fishery to move to as they did back and say the 1900 sixty's and said these when ground fish were more abundant, we're perilously dependent on this single fishery. ah ah,
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in um i owe the total loss or 987. we fish in the eastern long island town. when i 1st last it was like a mini gold rush. it was crazy. the time the guys doing it, tons of guys make money. tons of guys buy a new boat and at one time i thought like how, how could this go on? how can this fishery sustain that type of pressure?
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and it didn't, in the end, it didn't. oh, the people that you know did all right and some that didn't presently i'm a college. so since i wasn't able to commercial fish and i don't catch them anymore, i sculpt them and they don't go away. hopefully, with the warming of the waters it's progressively gotten worse. we didn't have to think it's going to end. history repeats itself and is a good chance that locks the fishery as it goes from connecticut to the north. that'll also come crashing down. eventually there's not merely transport a man who's trapped to see carries him in some degree where all men want to go,
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or the destination that gives illusions of security and strike the boat as a living prop to the spirit of the man that's really rumble of the exhaust is the music that he knows, the thing that he understands. i smashed the coast, take the pool, or whether the fishing is good or bad. the belongs to all the me or i me. oh,
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i i oh, i oh, i ah, a
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ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on a very dramatic and development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient, quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security attack. any machine can be here, it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers, both permit when one comes option in the offering. it's not
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a matter of, if it happens, it's a matter of when i look through testing, europe has new restrictions are imposed, violence are up to the netherlands and for a 2nd while vienna sees clashes between police and protest as well, all the way through this. so we try to work out where is whole heading with a panel, i guess my response to the politicians. well you, when your case numbers was slightly high pie as still as we get used one new with a new policy. something else comes out there was a lot of let the politicians do what they want. they didn't follow some of the


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