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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 20, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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the ambassador to the united states from el salvador. so there is a massive reading. this is bitcoin week that we've been enduring here through the heat, right? it's hot and so is big coin and the country is really ready to go fall bitcoin. hyper burgoyne is ation joining other countries around the world. the president has made good point legal center. people are using big coin to buy a coffee in san salvador and it's making a huge impact on the population and the spirit of the people that matches the spirit of the people. i talked to a lot of folks and they asked, what is the defining characteristic of el salvador? it's all about the people there. so open hearted, they're so generous. and biglane really matches that. i think that's one of the reasons my big claim became big here. so soon is because it matches a spirit of humans to be open. they want to trade, they want to perform communities. and this is perfect. perfect, perfect, fertile soil for bitcoin to grow. right, and just see, you know, behind us,
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this is the surf. you hear this is bitcoin beach is al zante and al salvatore. this is where the hyper bitcoin ization started. and now salvatore and where it was, the surfers coming here from around the world, which brought bitcoin here. been bit point to the attention of the locals, and they are the ones that lead to this, essentially, them bitcoin becoming legal tender here and there, they're essentially the people who are responsible for that. so that's where we are sitting right now. a beautiful start behind us. right? well, surfers are at complete one with nature in order to serve. you need to completely throw away any, any pride you might have and beating the way you need to go with the waves. and the people who are becoming bitcoin millionaires and billionaires are allowing big points to take them forward and to not impose their ego on to bitcoin. remember, you don't change big coin. big point changes you. this is why somebody academic
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like the fog random murray l rubinez, they don't get it because their egos prevent them from enjoying the ride. this is why a lot of industrialism hedge fund managers are resistant. like re valeo big hedge fund guy, he still does of understand big my because his ego prevents him like a cyst on his brain. he can't see past it, but he will all will capitulate to break going because the humility is so great here. and because the connections and nature is so beautiful hair, they got it, and then we're adding the big boy wave, another set to become a big player in this region. and of course, just like bitcoin, the waves come non stop. it never stops. we count the we've comes a new lock is mind. a new block is mind every 10 minutes. and the other thing that's been so fascinating is that max night i've always been talking about that bitcoin would lead to a renaissance 2 point. oh, and you see that here, the amazing thing over the past week of being here in el salvador is that we see on
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bitcoin twitter hash tag bitcoin week. we see like mind blowing big means and big boy who are like the core devs the ones that actually like he bitcoin stable and solid insecure. and they're out there at a little bodega on the side of the road, helping these people access and figure out how to accept lighting payments and big by payments. so i'm sure most of these people, the shopkeepers have no idea who's actually helping them set up their point of sale . is this amazing to watch and go? wow. yeah, i saw the president who kelly trading about this being bitcoin wake and al salvatore is this the new woodstock? i thought it was an interesting fate because of course woodstock was the celebration of peace, love and understanding in the sixties and a way to stop war. you know, the sixty's ration did effectively stop the vietnam war. but unfortunately, within
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a few years, it became corporatized. and the leaders of the 60s movement were sucked in by wall street and madison avenue. and the movement died with big coin in the woodstock forever movement because nobody can co opted no corporation can take control of it . we saw that during the 4th quarter of 2017, they tried to take it over. they fell. we have tap route that just passed effortlessly. no push back whatsoever. so this is really the beginning of a movement of peace love and understanding that cannot be stop. this is really the age of aquarius that cannot be stop. and the once as many i've said, you understand that the price can only go up, it only goes up because all of that money, approximately $400.00 trillion dollars worth and derivatives associated with it will all be converted into big coin until such time as we achieve the big coin singularity, we are one. what's the tow?
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she and then we are much different species at that point, but it's happening very quickly. right, and just to confirm kaiser report and espanol is max of here we're here, we're driving up along the coast, arrive in this town, little town dirt roads by the side of the road. you know, way where you are in a little tiny bit of traffic near the beach and somebody from the side of the road, you know, just selling some fruits and vegetables. says is that max kaiser? yes. and he was like, i have big grain. yeah. fantastic. kaiser port on espanol is very big in el salvador, as it is a mexico all over latin america. the spanish speaking world, it's the number one business show in the world, in english or spanish. so this is why the big point me has been able to get so far so fast this through the magic of media. and i was great. the just meet up with the fall and we all have been going to come in and we're all on the boys together. i love you were saying about the way coming in crashing and nothing stops on. these
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is up blocks is a big fire block, just coming, tick tock, new block, like the way nothing can stop it is the parts of nature are just right the way. yeah, and when i mentioned renaissance, to point out the thing about lauren in the renaissance, what happens with the renaissance is they had my d g and the lauren and the warren and the hard money. and the perfect money drew in the greatest minds of the world of discovery of art, of architecture, of culture and all these great minds game there. and so when, like i said, when i was reading that point, twitter, and just like shocking me here in el salvador, helping out the people ordinary people who could not possibly know who is actually helping them. it just felt like yes, this is what is going to happen with hyper big point is ation well, bickering out the through the open source software movement and the free open source software movement and the people who i've been involved in that going back to linus torvalds and linux and other open source project,
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richard stallman the free software movement we interviewed him many years ago. they are all about altruism and putting in a little to make the network great. and this is what made the network as great as it is and you see it on the ground here. now solving are the core dev and the high tech folk federal arrived here in el salvador. this week are actually going into shop opening up the backend. if they think ring getting things upgrading, because that's the, that's the ideology. open source that my time, if i put it into the network makes my life a lot better. yeah. and it increases the value of the network. you're a big claim holder. you're fine for deb. you're going to go in there and increase the value of the network by helping out people access the network between the treasury here in el salvador. they have 1120. the point
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that's worth over $70000000.00. that's obviously increased significantly since they bought it and the president, now you both cali was buying the dip and mocking the i m f on on twitter, which was very bit quiet like of him. so, you know, he's already a big pointer. he's already a hard for big fighting maximus. yeah, we'll talk about nature. the country under the leadership of president hotel. he's going to be tapping into volcano energy, which is virtually free to mind. big buying to increase that hoard from a 1000 big coin 210040000 who knows where it's going. but it's going to be the richest country in latin america pretty soon. this is going to attract the attention of other countries and the global ashmore of the global game theory kicks in. ukraine is looking at the coin of 1st. this will attract the attention of russia and then that'll attract attention. united states or before, you know, do you have a new space race, but it's going to be vast race and who can accumulate the most big coin wins and
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the, it's inevitable. and number go up and we're living through it right now. thank you . so she and the 2nd half here are going to be interviewing carlino from events mercado, who is from guatemala, very close neighboring country. and so you're going to talk about the impact in the neighboring countries because of course, once one country hyper bitcoin ices, obviously your neighbors are going to look at that and become a little bit m b s and say, hey, we should be doing this. but in terms of what bitcoin has allowed here, not only have the greatest minds in big coin actually arrived to help the merchants and the economy of el salvador. but you also see, you know, the program that cali according to locals that have been talking to is, you know, he wants to keep the population here because that the greatest assets, any nation state has, is as people you don't want to have people flee the country something like 2030
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percent salvadorans live in america. you want those best minds, the hardest workers here in this country. so education is important and he's used el salvador president need the cali says he will use some of his country's bitcoin prophets to build 20 schools. i'll saburd or will use a few $1000000.00 of it's been fine for profits to build 20 schools president. now you kelly said last tuesday, the president spoke at an event where he lay the 1st stone of a be fine funded veterinary hospital of salvador. recently bought another $420.00 bit coin to bring his total holding to $1120.00. right, well people, that's the case. they say it's all about people. and in the 2nd half i'll be taking . speaking with colleen, y'all, he is a rising star in big coin, guatemala, and we have to be going there soon enough and take the message with us as we always do. we met 1st of bitcoin, miami, 2041, which was
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a spectacular event. get ready for big point, $22.00, which will also be in miami. so all popping off. don't go away much more coming your away. oh, there's a patch of water around the try a seal island that's in contention between canada and the united states. northern gulf and made it suddenly become optimal for lobster in our population. here it exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that's ever existed. suddenly you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters. at the same time jousting for position and attention are high. violence is bound to happen, this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could
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be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to poke countries. border dispute don't go away. it's assessed or something's going to happen. well then that makes no sense. you know, born is a case and you as a merge, we don't have with the, we don't have a vaccine. the whole world needs to take action to be ready. people are judgment. come in, crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response
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has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with we're allowing ourselves to be more efficient quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security at any machine because it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers postal plumber. the room was one girl option in law. so it's not a matter of, if it happens, it's a matter of when who
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ah fido back to the kaiser report on mac, kaiser, and we get into my interview with carlino in just a moment, but 1st, some scenery, local l. dante surfing capitol, of el salvador are gone completely. bitcoin mad. they love the guys report in espanol watch. alrighty. well, here we are now. dante, get ready for the big event. tonight, we're going to be selling these posters and proceeds go 2 daughters of the c. a group here an al dante, that is all about surfing. we've got a very special gas, australia. how long have you been surfing with 3 years and you
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serve here in else on it from b. c. i to you, have you ever seen a mermaid? no. no, no more made you didn't know. okay, well so this is obviously a. 3 attract visitors from all over the world. have you traveled to serve other another place? so no. what then my what have you ever seen the you to a video from portugal of surfing on. 3 100, do wonderful way seen, are you going to do that something really see that to read about how many people are in daughters of the ocean front of me and i come off yes. inconvenience. think 5 or 10 girls?
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my have them. okay. and you also are into a big point, correct? see brooklyn new. oh, do you think that is the coin becoming popular? seen maybe by little little by little. and when you sir. what is your favorite, lou? and when you out after my new norton, norton, florida. it looks very easy sir, i'm sure i could do it right. and i think that if you practice enough, you said earlier that you know, i grandmother you said somebody asked if i could surf and you said oh i just saw a grandmother. see. okay, i feel i feel much better now. right, well apparently i can serve like an old grandmother. oh, that sounds great. don't forget to check out the event and proceeds go through
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daughters of the see that the next time. i'll be enjoyed that i sure did things getting better and better. hey, let's get into our interview with darlene. yeah. from e backs. america. dora colleen? yeah, welcome back. pleasure to be here. mac. right. we saw you. big going 20. 21. 9 months ago. a sense that time not equal kelly made bitcoin legal tender right here in el salvador. you're right next door in guatemala. has this change was happening in guatemala. so it makes it impossible to ignore everyone in the region is much more aware of what's going on and they're letting in somehow to be the experiment that they will undoubtedly follow. right. how does the guatemalan press covering this? not so much they try to ignore it. whenever they can, but slowly, but surely, bitcoin makes its way. so not that as much as we would hope, but i'm sure more in 2020 through, you know, here. now, salvador,
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i come in contact with what a lot of people have noticed about people that live in el salvador and at the very open, they're very communicative. they're very friendly. and i think that really goes with the big claim ideology that it's open. it's open source and it, it fosters community and foster friendship is not a fair characterization of intel. i believe it's very hard decision of most people in central america. we are hard workers and we really will put better money to very good use. right. and of course, we've got the learning curve, folks here in el salvador, around the world. you know, you've got to get through the, the process of learning how to use while it's etc. like that, what, how is that going toward hiker big quantization? do you feel like, where are we at in the cycle? we need help. we need more people here to educate salvadorans and center america generally about how bitcoin works. the folks that have come to the last so far they
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are received with, with open arms. i think we're very curious and entrepreneurial culture by there is those 5 to 6000000 people in this country and it takes a while. you know, everyone needs to remember how their own own orange fil journey was. and at least for me, i know it took a while and i had the help along the way. and that's what really couldn't help us a lot right now. right. so i was thinking of the technology here, of course they have that chiva wallet. your thoughts explain what it is and your thoughts and what do you think so far? so the wallet is, i think, a miracle of a government putting together a lot of services in an incredibly short amount of time. and as those that work in technology, no, it's very difficult to pull together good software, let alone in 3 months time. so there's some issues, particularly around merchants and how to pay businesses that we've seen. but from
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the remittance aspect and caching out at the atm, the experienced is by far and away 100 times better what they get with the traditional banking sector. and so we're, we're trying to focus our efforts is in reducing the learning curve and the difficulty for merchants to be able to adopt the point right now. 20 percent of salvatore areas live outside of el salvador, particularly in the united states. that brings up the remittance market, which is the big percentage of g d, p of this country. and the production was that we're going to start to see that money low back in el salvador by using bank going there. transaction costs are 0 compared to other competing services like western union and others is that we're always seeing that. so it's starting to grow. of course, the, so the chief will $30.00 gift from the salvador in government, i believe made a great impact in allowing people to, to play with the technology, to find out how to send written via bitcoin. so we are starting to see growth
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where i am not sure what's happening in the united states is how to, how do we do more work as bit corners to make it easier for a migrant worker to turn cash in the united states into bid point. and send it for no fees, right. and to be clear, a question that pops up a lot is, has to do with custodian ship the big going with achieve while you can take it off the chico and put it onto yourself, custody while it and have complete control over your big point, correct? i believe so, and so the more people understand how to be their own custodians, the better. and that only happens with education. and with dorians, you're getting help from other big corners. right, so currently, you know, i'm sure the rest of the region noticed when president kelley trolled the map and with telling them that he was buying the debt. that is to say, getting some big point cheap on the balance sheet. and of course,
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the math has been a big player in the region with their very aggressive loan over the years as part of what they hit man, economic hit, man, john perkins described as american colonialism in the region. is this a direct slap on the face to the i m f and all the american would be lonia? well, i think it's definitely raises the stakes and makes there, whoever has those kinds of objectives a lot harder to achieve. bitcoin is the best competitor, the apex predator on the blocks, so putting them against their own, they have to provide innovative, finally is very interesting. and i look forward to see what they come up with, right, diplomatic over there. and he backs. so the inflation is a big problem and it's ravaging the world at the moment. and everyone's very
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confused where this inflation come from because it's been hidden and for so many years by various tricks, by the central planners and the central bankers. but they can't hide it anymore because the answer to the question is not going to drive adoption. i believe so. i think the camp keep the genie genie in the bottom. the more and the news recently i think is, is painfully obvious for everyday folks noticing that they can't afford to pay their bill. the major media in america is going on mainstream outlets and trying to tell people that inflation is actually good. is that your, your been your experience here in central america? i don't think so. i prefer my money going farther, you know, and for the impacts of technology having deflation to reach more and more people instead of just those of the top. right. so let's talk a little bit about back into your company. how does it differ from other exchanges
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and what's happening over there? sure. so we're no longer just a broker. we're not exchange, we're a big one, only broker offering services to got them on. and eventually the rest of the region . but now instead of a lot of, when we heard the call here, from just listening to people what their concerns were with the between la, primarily from business owners and just merchants. trying to see how are they going to be compliant with the law we developed expat space is a payment processing technology that allows you to receive payments via lightning, registering on chain address, and get big point deposited to your on chain address. while empowering everyone that works for you to comment on any cell phone or tablet or computer in your business. so as an owner, you no longer have to be there present to receive the bitcoin from the folks trying to pay what actually you can put a payment processor on everyone screen. and have anyone showing up the paying big
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point, receive that big point and have that deposited in your billing address every day. right? so the trying to make the experience a seamless as possible to what people here are used to with, for example, visa, when like kelly said, when you're a p and spend zeros with visa, the business is accepting euro's, but they're actually receiving dollars, right? so how do we achieve that same experience that people already know and are comfortable with, with big point? and that's what we've offered with exp, be allowing folks to avoid volatility if they want, but empowering big corners everywhere to be able to receive payments via lightning and have them deposited into their onto the draft, right. we all saw the video jack milers doing a lighting payment from america, chicago, the europe, instantaneously in dollars and arrive in europe. right? so it make all the for x out of it. and the reason why people go through all this to make a payment and to save and big point is because it's completely outside of all other
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systems. if there's no government in the middle, there's no cooperation in the middle, per se, and it's on sensor balls. now we can stop these transactions from taking place, which is very important today because in the us dollar, which is broad reserve currency, the america taken on a lot of censorship. and a lot of, you know, they're, they're preventing commer from taking place from various countries because they've weaponized the us dollar with big coin it. how many more months before the us dollar goes dead? it goes belly up in your opinion. i don't, i don't want to put you on the spot, but the choices are a dream on the c one year or d, depending on how you look at it, it's already dead. depending on how you look at it, i think it's already that bitcoin is the apex predator. for those of us that have had the opportunity to go through that orange pill experience. and i do think that we need to make it easier for people if, if there's
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a lot of tools out there for individuals to take control of their financial future . now it's up to entrepreneurs to make it easy, or for corporations and small time businesses. a mom and pop shop that wants to adopt a point. so if we start building those tools, then maybe it is 3 months or 6 months, but we need better tools and we need more education. it is hard, but anything worth having it's hard for sure that i love and bid good. all right, thanks man guys report. thank you. well, that's going to do it for this additional. the kaiser bar with may max guys are in stacy every one i think our special guest carleen yo from guatemala. and so next time bio in new york is really what america is about
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when our mayor took our place, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the haves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who weren't being buried on holiday. the city is always wanted to forget about how loud. so you want it to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potters field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this active burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried. where so much of new york city history is buried is documents of the inequality that has existed in the city for centuries. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess of the
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world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then i saw a message from an unknown account because it had a selfie with my passport as its profile picture. i saw pictures of my documents. it was they also sent a credit contract. if i had just 3 days comply with their demands, see if i didn't send money and they sent up an online hate campaign that i was supposed to be very dangerous. man. kaiser's financial survival guy. when customers go by, you reduce the price. now, well, reduce a lower ah, that's under cutting, but what's good for food market it back to the global economy
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with ah, protests to wrapped in the austrian capital against kobe lockdown, starting this coming monday, a mandatory inoculation in the coming months. correspondent is that by lighting the players behind it, these demonstrations coming out to say hello to the offering government policies with a neo colonial mind says thank you. k is slammed for plans to ship asylum seekers offshore, including to former african colonies with questionable human rights records. and one of the api most wanted who's accused of taking part in the capitol hill, riots turns up in fellow roast, where he is seeking asylum.


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