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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 20, 2021 10:30am-11:00am EST

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i the, we don't know how to get this through to the well for his in taipei, but this is very serious, very serious indeed. so i think this was, it climb down immediately afterwards. then because the bind was reported the saying, look, there's no way that the u. s. a. is imminently about to recognize a taiwan like 50 another, arguable us proxy nations do. oh that's, i mean, you know, they actually have been speaking with 2 phases on this. the president keeps saying, of course, one china policy. we're not changing the one china policy, but then again, you have jake sullivan, the us security advisor in an interview on cnn with korea, was saying very clearly listen, what we mean by managing this competition is if you, night states for the possible future sets the parameters of
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its own and its allies interest. we set the parameters and then when exactly he said yeah, but what have you actually agree during this time? what? what did you negotiate with china? what's come up with us? and sullivan said, just very blank. pay him wrong question. donna asked me that question wrong metric that was that was the tone of the the, the sullivan interview and fame equally. you know, not only always going to fit the people order for the guy for the board of the framework for the global order in our interests. but it's also going to support free liberal mark everywhere. in other words, if we're going to be, if you like,
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if you like it was going to be a criteria or a framework for the lease or financial leads to continue to invest and explore capital. where they choose more of a way to china was expected to, to manage with this except the global order for this coming period. and then to perhaps to be a, to cooperate as bite and said to them. and as jake fellow them said, and within the framework within this new global, no doubt. so our interest then there may be areas where we can cooperate, trump put sanctions, whereas biden is sending war ships along with verse johnson's warship, elizabeth grove, carrie plus these sorts of threats and saying, cooperating economically. that's exactly. i mean, every,
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every week there is a new move on taiwan, a sort of incremental chop, chop chop. if it moves closer and closer. of course, on the one hand, america says that it still supports the one china policy, and they agree mm month subsequently. but every so often there is a new element. the type pay off is a cultural office is going to be designated instead of taiwan represented. this, there are more visits by sea, mary. can the fishers to taiwan ships go through regularly, the taiwan straits to sort of, to emphasize the freedom of failing. and people come like the australian prime minister come to taiwan and say. busy well, of course i can see it would be possible either for australia or american not just
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for taiwan. should china attack it or invaded ok. well similar, similar, this was causing them the chinese, this great anxiety about similar tenuously. while that's happening in the south china sea or the into pacific as we now call it the all because we'll the pull out of get this done. i mean the obviously the we dare easton took his turn. is that make the movement has been taken off the u. s. terrorist list and you, china is putting $2000000.00 of burn leave investment to have this done one f b i whistle blow, sybil edmund sydney to seize. jin chang is the next day. one is actually happening simultaneously. is that credible that? no, it's a little bit. i think this is very credible because me and part of sullivan's talk, he said part of setting the part of setting this new global order. in the c n n
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interview. he said, well, he said also it would be based on enshrining the text of the declaration, the universal declaration of human rights into every international institution as well as into the border. and i think it's very clear that it was us weaponized asian along with climate change is a weapon is asia of china. and yet i think that precisely this process, what do i call it? i would call it the cost of isolation of taiwan. and you, craig, and also probably seen jane, province, justice, kosovo, was the started or was getting full diplomatic support saying we support if you like, kosovo internationally, allies. and then it moves to the next stages of asking that they should be
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going in every part of the international community. and it's just introduced a statement which he says exactly that. he said, there's no reason why taiwan shouldn't be in all those committees and institutions of the united nations. they should be there on the civil a, a trade in every institution. and we support their inclusion in a substantial way in the united nations at every level. of course, he says, you know, they can't be representative of china. but they must be included in, or this is the cost of or playbook being repeated if like for taiwan. and ultimately i suspect it hasn't done it yet, but it, changing problems will be, will follow probably from, from bad. so yes, i think that is
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a correct assessment. i mean, i want to get back actually to that causation phrase, you're using the quick sidebar for some of you is watching. when you use phrases like weapon is ation of human rights or weapon zation of or what if the city, i mean what, what does the weapon is? ation of human rights mean to those who are watching circle, mainstream media, of course, genocide, engine jang, let alone anywhere in the world where nato opposes. oh, there are. i mean, a question of human rights. chinese would say very clearly how we charge human rights isn't the amount of for us and how we deal with it. just like every country has its own human rights problems. the west is not immune from having human rights problems. we only have to look back at the things such as rendition
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that took place in the middle east, where the west would kidnap take hosted people and then render them for torture in foreign princes, i think that would be testified as a human rights abuse. so the problem with the is essentially, is that, is it being used to sort of target a particular country and a particular in a particular way? is it looking for human rights abuse in order then to hold china accountable and then put sanctions? that's the process we're talking about, more sanction being put on china, more isolation on china, trying to push it out to be international order and into isolation of human rights. and of course, you know, although human rights declaration, i'm sure it's a very fine document. but different countries, different civilizations have different view. china has to part social
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cohesion, the community as it's human rights, i mean the rights of communities, the rights of the people as a whole. we in the west tended to price the individual human rights, individual identity rights, gender right. well. busy if you, i mean, now we have so many more of these identity issues coming up, all of them can be used to put sanctions or penalize or indeed other forms of the right punishment from a state. that's what, what can i say sion of human rights, which i mean, i think i support support all of them. but i suppose the point is it's a of the beholder and it goes guantanamo is, is open as a group. i'll stop you there more from the former advisor to the european union. hi representative, the common forum and security policy after this break. ah
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ah ah, ah ah, ah, ah, a ah. i saw a message from an unknown account because it has a selfie with my passport as its profile page 4 pages of my documents,
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it will say also sent a credit contract. i had just 3 days comply with their demands. if i didn't send money and they sent out an online hate campaign that i was supposed to be a very dangerous man. for new york, it's really what america is about. ah, when our mayor took our vase, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the halves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who wind up being buried on hard i. the city is always wanted to forget about hold island. city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget
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about the fact that there is a potter's field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this active burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried, where so much of new york city history is buried, is documents of the inequality that has existed in the city for centuries. ah, harold is driven by drink shaped by thinkers, some of those with dares sinks. ah, we dare to ask me.
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ah, ah ah, welcome back. i'm still here with former british diplomat. allister correct. why do you think the bible administration does not understand that if you are empower certain groups that aren't necessarily pro washington's values, it can blow back after all the failures in recent decades. i mean column pals, x chief of staff, larry wilkerson saying 0 afghan is don. very aware, the see i was very aware of the week as being able to, we used to destabilize beijing, direct me, these guys know the dangers of supporting is the mist extremism for some notional idea of a geopolitical supremacy. i'm not sure. i mean post for,
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i think they're all great day, very much stuff in your christ, taiwan. and then other places that are all great danger to that this can get out of control. it's very hard to manage the things when they stop, particularly ukraine, because the government there is not in control. the administration is not really who has control of the country. but what i'm really trying to fit you is that i think what we're seeing is mckennan by certainly parts of elements in washington to create the fence that america back, americans on paul. so, and to do that, they want to be quite aggressive and forceful. and so they put to these issues such as ukraine bell arose with russia and they're doing that, the key,
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russia on the back foot off balance to keep china off balance, but also particularly to try and give the vitamin ministration a success foreign policy. even if for foreign policy success, it's a strategic blog. i mean it's a losing the wall to gain the political advantage to come back and say this was a great success. and this is really some of what's been happening in a way the night is paid. is strategically way, but sometimes they can go back domestically and say, well, you know, we really gave the iranians. what for in the last talk we ready. did we tell china we cochise or buy one attack me and we goes and it's genocide and it's not acceptable. and that's very important in the domestic context of united states. does it help you? does it how the united states strategically probably the office is actually seen
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over this period because that sort of process started during the clinton administration. and actually americans got weak if you're in spirit, as from gods congress. look at the middle east. look at the whole of the coming together. i think it was even 20 years ago. people want that the sort of short term success. it's all it would do would be to turn china and russia against the united states and even possibly could have been working together against us. that's what's happened. and when it comes to the conservation that you were mentioning earlier, this time around, obviously, i mean, china will remember, it's embassy being destroyed, as nato broke up your lover. and that, that time in the ninety's and poochie. and i think roy's remembers that russia should never have abstained on that. you end security council resolution on libya. so it's a bit different this time then major in moscow, up,
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up to the tricks that washington my play and room will react differently. i mean, this is what china said to, to, to bring them to, to support sullivan. you know, we're not doing this ala carte foreign policy where you just pick, we don't like to cooperate with us. but on the other issues, it's a open warfare. we'll just go for you on human rights on trade, on whatever us stealing our secrets, we will, we will proceed. and they said, sorry, thank you. we don't do that. i don't, we put all the issues and we have a discussion. and we do not accept neither russian, china, except the right of the united states to determine the global or rules based order that the united states does not have the right to determine the rules for a global order is not going to be acceptable to either of those state and they
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rejected very clearly. this is a big change because they say this very, very, very clearly when they sent envoys when, when the showman goes to china with a tour and newland, they say, look, here's our interest. when are prepared to, to talk to about this, if you want to talk about taiwan, you want to be talk about these other issues. there are private or internal masses, hong kong, in turn, by, by victoria and be very tough, be begin, look at her, a leak phone call about the european union on line. i suppose i don't know about the refugee crisis there, but i mean, here the english channel enormous numbers of people fleeing well from the was started by tony blair and, and george w bush all that time ago. but actually, the news here is not mean about the refugees across the english channel. i'll give you far more coming for front. it's about of course, as you mentioned earlier, the better roost. poland border is putin responsible for hybrid warfare,
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as we're being told every day. here is a vanguard of this kind of opposition to washington's research and imperial policies. no, i mean, obviously dissolved from me, something of a standalone diplomatic stand or taking place between bella ruth and the european union. but when it started all pewter, we were told to have 4000 refugees on the other side of the fence to poland. now it turns out that there are only 2 cars that let's put this into context. is this going to be this hybrid war that's going to bring down the or can union britain you would know better than me, but as a pain, experiencing one of the refugees arriving in a day? not over this period. i think the rhetoric you think is funny being deescalate
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you know, wiley. busy refugees going that if not someone is recruiters of the refugees have in mind. there are certain countries that up, you know, you get to open germany. obviously one britain united states from the thought. so erection, can you try and find whatever route sake and get and they will start off the refugee sitting on the roof side of the border made a very clear that destination is no poem is some of the last few mission is me quite germany and maybe pull him in the way we get the we got the idea on our tv screen. this is putins monster plan. it's not a, it's not, i mean, you know, to have some retro, jeez, i mean, germany's let in a 1000000. i mean, it's not. and anyway, it won't happen because they're slowly re penetrating them and put in
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shanker to the high representative of your sources are less manager. we need some help and we'll do it. and we'll, we'll manage this, i think actually trying to sanction the airlines is actually going to the europe shooting itself in the foot. because if they do that, then not only belarus but russia will probably, um, cut off the space to your piano minds. if that is what is done to them, and then are, all those british airlines trying to fly to asia will have 5 hours extra flying time. whereas emirates of the other asian airlines will be flying direct. the or appearance will have a big loss on tourism and on passengers flying to asia. i mean, i know i mentioned my 6 earlier. i know you got to talk with my 6, but do you think the fact that journalists report about all these things about
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b ging about moscow in these ways are because they are influenced by hollywood ideas of james bond. is it this idea of the evil bond villain that goes to journalists heads, it is, let alone politicians ads. it is a problem. i do think there's an extraordinary sense where you have been sort of me taken up these narrative and they go, or even when there's no real basis of it, we've just seen one just now. for example, you've all seen, you know, russian troops on ukraine, border masses of troops on the border. i mean, the reality is the truth that there are 200 kilometers away from the board. no, putin is not intending to take over the ukraine. what he's wired to fight, and what he's concerned about is whether in a desperate attempt to get nato and european support from imploding authority and is going to try and use the storm buff as the tube
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in which to extract further support. nate has already said it also remember that defensive defense preset that to about 3 weeks ago in europe has been filling the more weapons merican for promising the more weapons to try and reunite really great bass to craig and put in has no desire to go and take on, you know, the mass ukraine, unless there was a real fear that forces back by the west, we're going to overrun the dom bus. and then it's, you know, it's the old story that you saw in britain with the falkland islands. it's about case and k, k, most of these people, many, if you go to moscow, most russians have got a cousin or relative said, listen, don't boss. i mean, it's
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a russian speaking area totally, russian speaking, these russian currency and they're all closely related. so it's very difficult for, for putting would be to, nor carry on the invasion of the don bus very difficult and that, and that low intensity now battling is continued. now, 4 years of is a britain arming ukraine. some optimism, perhaps here the world is finances aren't just from the military. industrial complex obviously, could change come from multinational corporations lobbying nato governments, one k street in washington over here in london saying look good, we're starting to lose money on the considerations of ever more sanctions against aging. and moscow and iran even could it be multi nationals rather than it seems democratic populations, pressuring politicians,
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it to some kind of determined. i think the most important thing actually happened in the, in the outcome of the american departure. they bought cargo because what we saw on that afterwards was something quite striking. the shanghai cooperation organized, they merged with the east asian european economic community, which merge with here. so that is the security organization comprises much of what was he stood southern south asian, a soviet union into a single unit that embraces something like 53 percent of the global population. and 25 more. the center g, d p, a fast growing area. iran has but um, i believe it, pakistan is a member of it. and then saudi arabia has to be a dialogue part. egypt to us to be a dial up. i think what we're seeing is
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a potential potential, perhaps for new security architecture to emerge embracing parts perhaps of the middle east too. and that's quite striking that that could be a like the mechanism that could reduce some of the tensions to be used in this way . and it's clearly going to change the prospect for country like iraq. they'll be a pipeline, i'm sure going across from iran through afghanistan, long border kennestone and china, north i klein, or east west corridor. all of these things are ongoing. i mean, that is an area where, you know, development is, is going to move very very rapidly. rusher is just agreed to invest, shoot me an oil side in the rain. in
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fact, the caspian sea, huge amount money. so i think we're going to see a big change from this discovery. is it going to be, i think this is why it is so much more confidence in russia and china just say to america, know, and united states increasingly are just doing the same. i'm sorry, but we don't accept that you set the the roadmap, you on setting the global rules for, for, for the world. because there are other states who equally powerful and also because the strategic balance of power as shifted. america has a few right, is behind in the military sense, as well as in the technology and in the assay. correct. thank you. thank you very much. indeed. i mean, that's over the show will be back on monday, 58 years to the day when cold war president john f. kennedy was assassinated in
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mysterious circumstances in dallas, texas, until then he would talk to our social media and let us know if you think the country you live in should give it to me. jing or washington? no, neither. ah, it's no thing. the college right on police report, it's an all cash in december 2020, a group of anti fascist, fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so if people are organization, if an idea that it must be opposed that channel out the gate while they may kill that but he says, but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter have to be on to the teacher to. that's
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all america. we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in ah, we're seeing high levels, one certainty creeping in economic life. and i think we're all aware of the disruption of global supply chains with spike in the cost of energy. we're seeing a reappearance of inflation. i think all of these constitute the economy, scroll down to sign risks, which could mean that it is still ahead of us, despite the moderation of the severity of the making. ah, ah ah!
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in the headlines, this protests are up to the austrian capital against the coven lockdown, starting monday and mandatory inoculation. in the coming months. a correspondence of the safe lighting the flames behind it. these demonstrations coming out to say no to the offering governments policies when it comes to cobra. 19 with a glimpse of a neo colonial mindset. the u. k. slant for plans to ship asylum seekers off shore, including a former african colonies with questionable human rights records. and pressure builds on the white house to deal with a record. immigration crisis has thousands more migrant settle from southern.


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