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tv   News  RT  November 20, 2021 6:00am-6:31am EST

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ah ah, police in the netherlands, fire warning shots and coves protests that leave at least 7 people injured. meantime, austria becomes the 1st european country to make vaccinations mandatory. trouble taken off there potentially to will that would be across it also this our kyle h rate health not guilty in the us emotional reactions from both sides of the political dividers. kyle rittenhouse is found not guilty of homicide and the killing of 2 people at a racial justice protest in the state of wisconsin. and fully effie i most wanted who's accused of taking part in the capitol hill. right turns up in better us where
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he's seeking asylum. we talk direct to hear his full story ever. newman talks to us, it was brought to my attention that i might be on that list. and i looked and it appeared to be me and it said a sofa federal officer. and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer. ah, oh, hello. they watching out international live the weekend with me, kevin o' in here for the next 30 minutes with our latest. and 1st, as you've heard, the protest is a gathering in austria is capital. after the government declared that vaccinations become mandatory nationwide in the coming months in the course installed in just on monday, the country set to go to another full locked lot of unhappy people about that as cross life to the ag capital there. now, peter, all of his there in australia, in vienna, paid lot of people out on the streets. how's it going down this news in vienna?
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full thankfully, the protests we're seeing in vienna are far more peaceful than any of the scenes we've seen in rotterdam over the night from friday in to saturday. good. few 1000 people here have just taken part in a march from the hull 3rd palace where i am in central vienna, around the, the museum quarter. they're shouting that they don't want dictatorship, they want freedom. and they're very much against the covert measures that alexander schellenberg, the austrian chancellor, has put in place. now this demonstration had been planned for quite a while. it initially was going to be against the the lockdown of the own vaccinated, which was announced would be brought in to play. did actually come into play on monday, just gone. well, that all changed again on friday of this week, where by the austrian government announced that it would be going further than locking down 3000000 or so. adults who haven't come forward for
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a cobit vaccine. and that form this coming monday. everybody in the country would be on the locked down for at least 10 days are locked down. that could be extended through until the 13th of december. they're gonna review it after those initial 10 days of happened. he also said, and this is one of the things that has not gone down wealth with the people that have come out here, is that from the 1st of february of 2020 to austria will become the 1st country in europe to have a mandatory vaccinations for all adults, and that's something next, the austrian chance of saying he was forced into doing because his country has some of the lowest vaccine uptake in all of europe. he said people had fallen to fall of anti vax propaganda. and there was too many people who are ideologically opposed to taking a vaccine in any form. and that's like his 100 being forced the think. don't agree that his hand was false, they're going to be here for a good few hours yet. i would imagine telling him exactly that or i pay will capers
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updated for the i see of thing kicks off therapy is taking a lot of noise in the background. thanks for now. so as peter mentioned there in the netherlands overnight, at least 7 people reported engine of for night, a violent clashes in the fall city. rotterdam, amid protests against government plans for tougher code restrictions to angry crowds set police vehicles ablaze and left a trail of destruction on the city streets. in the aftermath of the ride streets had been stained with blood and written with shattered glass. hol say right now the dutch only narrowly support coven pass is given to those fully vaccinate to the recently recovered from the virus. is that
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politicians really divided to him how to handle it and the others furious, the possible introduction of a system that would see many people banned from public places next, not the big story this weekend to tell you about protests in the us after teenager, coll rittenhouse has been cleared of homicide charges. he shot dead to man at a racial justice protest last year in wisconsin. in reaction to the acquittal rallies in the city of portland, turned violent with a group of around to under protest is beginning hurling objects had police officers and a damaging buildings in the process to as to the town. the information gauge far as price we the jury find that a valid kyle, hey, kyle needs read health not guilty. ah ah, ah, ah,
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ah, the earl. so protest in several of the major cities, including new york, with several demonstrators were detained, written as was cleared of all charges including the attempted murder of a 3rd man. deadly incident happened during demonstrations triggered after a black man. jacob white was injured by a white police officer days earlier as the verdicts for read out written house broke down in tears was so father, public response on the streets has been passionate, but mostly peaceful that set out is john hardy. next, outside the commercial courthouse, as the verdict was announced. now that the jury is handed down the verdict. it's done. the trials over written house not guilty on all counts. we weren't sure where this was going. we being of course, the media and everybody else. it was day for deliberations the jury from what we heard was ordered food there was talk about maybe if there was in vernon handed down. possibly the deliberations were going to extend into the weekend next week is
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thanksgiving holiday here in the united states. so in an even the chief defender, the main mark, richard, who was written houses lawyer, he said there, they were betting that tuesday $430.00 they, they're, they're more than likely would be a decision whether it was on jury, whether a verdict was handed down, that the jury would wrap up by then show it was surprising that the verdict did come down today and, you know, and after it was of course, a very dramatic trial. there was a fight, an altercation that happened here earlier in the wake. and there been doing protesters as i described, people for right now, people against right now. what happens now, however, here on the streets of chef that remains to be seen. the governor of wisconsin has called up on standby 500 national guard troops to assist local law enforcement in the event of widespread demonstrations or protests. i've been talking to people, residents of consortia,
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who failed. that's probably not going to happen. that number one, the police, the national guard, are going to put a stop to any think that they're going, they're prepared for any possible escalation and, or any fall out from this. but more than likely, it's not going to happen that things are going to remain peaceful. there will be disputes. there will be arguments more than likely has emotions continue throughout the course of the day. and i think most people here that i've been talking to anyway in the city, hope everything's peaceful. you know that their businesses don't burn out there. there isn't a life writing and the violence that this city saw back in august 2020 by rest assured this is not the end of the day having to do with this case. it will continue to be debated both in the media, the politics surrounding it, and those who, who support current house and those who are, who are opposed to the ruling today. but a stunning turn of events. absolutely dramatic, and it over all trial,
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that's been dramatic. and follow nationally and internationally showed how to revolting. meantime, joe biden waited on the decision after initially calling for people to stand by the jury. he later expressed his anger at the verdict. i stand by with the jury. as with the jury system, worse you have to abide by while the verdict in kenosha will leave many americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included. we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken. also the statement by merge people who express fused peacefully and avoid committing acts of violence destruction last year during his presidential campaign. biden treated a video about white supremacists in the u. s, which included an image of rittenhouse who he spoke to says some more about this with spike cohen of the u. s. libertarian party, and also daniel mcadams. from the wrong poll pace institute. the president himself is a disappointment. it was a year ago that he claimed this young man was
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a white supremacist with 0 evidence that that was the case. and the present should be sued by him. just as if every news outlet in the us, they called him a white supremacist, should also be sued. mainstream media coverage of this trial has been abysmal. they outright lied for a year about this case. they presented incorrect information and they led people to believe think that simply weren't true about the case. there never should have been a trial. it was very obvious from beginning with the video footage that there was no trial. there was no, casey can threaten out. the prosecutors knew there was no case and that's why they did such an awful job of that lear of this kid's life was ruined. but at least at the end the right verdict was read out. this is actually going to stoke racial divides. and the reason it's going to stoke racial divides is because politicians and media figures are using it to stoke racial, divides kyle is white, and he shot 3 white people and killed 2 white filling 2 of them. so this on its face should not be racial, but it became racial because media heads and politicians who wanted to make it
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racial have turned it into a racial instant. and it shouldn't be. but unfortunately, that's the reality we live in, is that everything, you know, any incident that happens like this, you're going to have politicians sometimes on both sides of the argument and, and we incorporate figures who are going to do everything they can to. so he treat intention to keep people divided to keep them watching and clicking and the key people distracted from the real swindle that's happening at the top. just let you know you can read more by the controversial rittenhouse case on our side. are tito comb with details about how the trial slept. many americans were divided along political lines and how many see the u. s. justice systems being heavily influenced by personal beliefs? check it out. sort of the you k. now the k, just as secretaries confirmed, the government is considering to pull take migrant to facilities abroad while the paperwork's being processed. but he declined to specify where those locations would be shouted,
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which dash the looks at the plans on the controversy they've raised the u. k. is reviving pans to send asylum seekers abroad for processing and remote australian style offshore centers. in the past 12 months, almost every corner of the globe has been considered from europe to the essential islands and africa, basically anywhere but his. this is something that we have proven to just the idea . we will do everything we can to resolve the problem. we make no apology for at least trying to look at that. which in the eyes of the united nation, has long been assigned a colonial mindset to see the united kingdom looking at the same ideas as australia, as a matter of deep concern to the united nations high commissioner for refugees. because we say it is almost a neo colonial approach. he puts it off to african countries and you wash your hands with it. you might pay a lot of money. but nonetheless, the shift, the burden and that way without the safe guards is a problem. campaign is also say the new move may rick pop asylum writes,
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moving asylum seekers to countries that might not have the same human rights protections would basically on. but in the british government. but the u. k says it's time to change calls following years of what it claims to be a broken system. the british public have had enough of seen people die in the channel while ruthless criminal gangs profit from their misery, or new plan for immigration provides the only long term solution to fix the broken system. and it's right, we keep all options on the table. it comes as the united kingdom has seen nearly $24000.00 asylum seekers make the power this journey in small boats across the english channel just this year alone. and only 5 of those refugees have been sent back to europe this year. the u. k. government hopes its plans will also act as a deterrent but to some it's more of a case of out of sight, out of mind. the changes which are being proposed more political than practical. if you've got a vote and if you are determined to come to the u. k,
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you'll get the com day right night. you'll just get to the u. k. i think that many of the changes, more about voters, about migrants and what i think the u. k. needs to do is to recognize that at this point, we have to be a little bit more rational, responsible grown up about the fact that the case of retracted destination. we wanted to leave the european union. this, except the consequences is to make sure that we have who may approach to think time, similar kind of story different place. some of the ongoing migration crisis in the us, joe biden is host to talks with leaders of mexico and canada. it was the 1st trilateral summit between the leaders of those countries in 5 years, but he didn't really produce any major breakthroughs. we time a caravan of her and 3000 migrants, mostly from central america and haiti,
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and set off from southern mexico is heading towards the u. s. border. that while mexican authorities say they found more than $400.00 people secretly traveling into laurie trailers thought to be heading to america. all this of course, putting more pressure than on the white house and its handling of the crisis calla moped reports on it, biden. and his team say they're on top of the immigration issue, working with other countries to find a solution that's not enough for sheriffs in 17 states calling to fire the homeland security secretary. after witnessing this disaster over the past several months and listening to the continued rhetoric and intellectual dishonesty from secretary my orcus, the western state sheriff's association and its membership must emphatically state our position of having no confidence in the ability of the secretary, my arcus, and his leadership within the department of homeland security to effect any positive outcome on this matter. they say that the real issue is that the united
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states can't control its borders and that officials are out of touch with the real crisis on the ground. the homeland security chief, even admits he doesn't have key data on migrant crossings. how about this, how many deaths? how many illegal aliens have died crossing a legally under the united states? under jo biden's administration, i don't have that data migrant crossings continue to happen with n g o z, providing aid to those crossing the border, making the process white easier. the actual numbers are not known, but many speculate the situation is quite serious. i managed to get in the gates, i demanded entry once and was refused. i talked to guard into letting me in, on another occasion. and when i was in there, i saw buses pulling up, probably about $100.00 migrants over an hour got off of these bosses many say it looks like the biden administration is shirking responsibility. refusing to admit it, let the crisis get out of control. how many children have been in the biden cages and calendar year 20? $21.00. a senator. i respectfully disagree with your use of the term
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cages. oh, by the way, here's a photograph of the biden cages that as a center that is precisely why articulated children gaming on floors crash in upon each other. when i took this photograph, the cove at a rate rate of cobit positivity was over 10 percent. has joe biden been down to see this facility of yes or no, biden, and the democrats say they are addressing the crisis. but many of their critics say their actions are both insufficient and far too late. i don't know what data is, is lacking. if he's lacking data, he had to get on a plane and vice president harris ought to get on a plane and they ought to go to the border. and the, you know, need a lot more than go into the border and saying what's happening with the thousands of people are there. i mean, you can get, you can get the data with, with your own eyes. the end of the day, it's president biden, and vice president kamala harris,
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who make the policy. and they're responsible. one of the major jobs of the president is to protect the integrity of the border of the united states. and he has not done that. he has not shown a water resolve so far. well then, joe biden's approval ratings have permitted for an all time low with only 36 percent of americans viewing his presidency favorably at this point in time. the drops because of widespread disapproval of his handling of such key issues as the migrant crisis. but also the coven, pandemic climate change, the economy, foreign policy, the list goes on. so the white house has now decided and the burden won't hold a previously planned press conference evoking speculation in the media that he's attempting to hide from scrutiny of re made controversial statements about the independence of taiwan and america's participation. that next is winter olympic games and beijing can you vow to
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protect taiwan? yes and yes. oh, i don't want to cold war china is one right. trying to understand that we are not going to step back. we are not going to change any of our abuse. so you're saying that the united states would come to taiwan defense. it has no tact. yes, we have a commitment lunch meeting. she has a 5 day. i was not us and we are not occurred. it's better to let them make up their mind hers. thank you. you're going to freeze. i. 6 on the delegation on that ellen sorry confirm. again that were expecting to have with i have not. i know i said that last week i have not been pedals constantly changing. so let me just take another fresh look at it and we will confirm many details really briefly a few minutes
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ago. oh, what you said just 2 minutes ago? concerns about the president's health are valid and we have, you know, he's an, an older gentleman and he's displayed on in interviews and, and, and appearances he's displayed a cognitive decline as well as physical decline. i think his poll numbers are, are where they are right now. based upon the status of our economy and his administration's failures to secure the border of the inflation that we're suffering right now. the loss of, of, of confidence a, in terms of national and foreign policy after what happened with afghanistan. and america wants by the f. b, i for taking part of the capitol hill riots, no seeking asylum in belarus. we boys will restore yesterday more of it today. avenue more than faced charges of trespassing assaulting a law enforcement officer during the january 6 protests. but while he doesn't deny
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being there that day, he claims that the accusations against him up unfounded. he told us how he saw the events unfold. when i came to the capital, there was one barrier on the steps of the capital. so it, it appeared to be that the police had made no preparations for, for protest, even though they knew for for weeks or maybe even a month there had been calls for this protest out the capital. i think there was even a permit. and yet there seemed to be no preparations. the police were very aggressive and where i was not everywhere. i've seen video afterwards that was very controlled and quickly escalated. as the people started to enter the capital of 2 young men came running out with blood on them saying they just shot
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a girl in the face. and that did not deter the line of people that i saw going in. they continued walking slowly forward. good lord, i regret things. i regret, number one, being route. well, number one, i promise somebody that i would stand back in the crowd and i didn't hold that promise. that's the 1st thing that i regret. i regret being rude to the police. they released a wanted of a list of a very long list of pictures of people that were wanted. and it was brought to my attention that i might be on that list. and i looked, and it appeared to be me and, and it said a sofa federal officer, and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer. i realized that i didn't have enough money to defend myself
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because this is a very expensive thing. i was interviewed by the f b i and let go at the airport. they knew what i was doing. they let me go. that's you can't, that can't be charged with clean or of his story line if on check it out blood. so snapshot of what we're talking about so far as i talked about online lot more from us said alto coleman, have a social of your say that to for now the reporting from moscow. kevin, now in the great team with me today as usual, i can even for watching this weekend. we are t international live from brush. ah
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oh, driven by dreamer shapes bankers, those with
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dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, new york, it's really what america is about when our mayor took our place, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the haves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who wind up being buried on hard. i. the city is always wanted to forget about hold island. city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potter's field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this act as burial site,
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where 1000000 souls are buried. where so much of new york city history is buried is document of the quality that exists in the city for centuries. with, ah, i'm absent, it's an senior watching, going underground this week. so a meeting that could have designed the future of our species on planet earth, the virtual meeting between economic superpowers of the 20th and 21st century, the u. s. and china, as the contours of this century become clear between shanghai cooperation,
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organization, nations, and nato. join now from rome by the former adviser to the european union's i representative for common foreign and security policy and accept my 6 official alice to croak galaxy. thanks so much for coming back on, you know, biden's, the national security adviser said america is not seeking to contain china. it's not a new cold war, simultaneously briefings to journalists for me. anonymous senior us officials at the aim of the virtual meeting was not to ease tensions school, but what that means was your day on the virtual meeting, but she didn't bring in joe, but i don't think it went well and i don't think very much was agree pena thing on the meeting, and i followed a very ted, she telephone call between brings and the chinese foreign minister on the 13th a few days for to prepare for prepare for the meeting. and then there's been some
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fairly harsh words coming out of china in the way of the meeting. so essentially, the, the, the chinese, certainly the foreign minister was saying, very clearly to bring her listen, you're not going to have a good relationship with us. you're not going to have the sort of relationship competition if you like. well, no competition. while the explosive issue of taiwan continues in the subsequent pos, they made it very clear that what they felt was in an editorial in the global times . they describe as this was hypocritical, what he said was nonsense underlined. the fact that this is a very serious issue, that the confrontation could come with the united states over the straits of
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taiwan. but if america, who goes on supporting secession isn't in taiwan, if it goes on encouraging this attitude, then we have long prepared for war. and i do, we don't know how to get through to the well type pay, but this is very parents, very harris indeed. so i think that was it a climb down immediately afterwards, then because the bide was reported the saying, look, there's no way that the u. s. a. is imminently about to recognize a tie? one like 50 another, arguable us broccoli nations do. well that's, i mean, you know, they actually have been speaking with 2 phases on this. the president keep saying, of course one china policy exist. we're not changing the one china policy. but then again, you have jake sullivan, the us security advisor in an interview on cnn,
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with that korea was paying very clearly listen, what we mean by managing this competition? is that the, you know, the status for the foreseeable future? fess the parameters of its own and its allies interest. we set the parameters and then when exactly they said, yeah, but what have you actually agreed during this time? what, what did you negotiations with china? what's come up with us and sullivan said, just very blank. pay him wrong question. donna asked me that question. wrong metric that was that was the tone of the the, the sullivan interview and fame equally, you know, not only always going to affect the people order.


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