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tv   News  RT  November 20, 2021 3:00am-3:30am EST

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yes, what has a report? ah, ah, please, by warning, shelter, covey protests in the netherlands, which have left at least 7 people injured. meanwhile, austria becomes the 1st european country to make vaccinations mandatory. the foresight to come this asked kyle, each read the house is not guilty. been united states emotional reactions from both sides of the political defied his car. written house is found not guilty of homicide and the killing of 2 people at a racial justice protest in wisconsin. and one of the f. b i's most wanted to key to taking part in the capitol hill rides, turns up in bella roofs where he is seeking asylum. we hear the full story from
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every newman himself. it was brought to my attention that i might be on that list and i looked and it appeared to be me and it said a sofa federal officer, and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer. ah, i welcome just gone 11 o'clock this saturday morning here in moscow. you watching arte international. now at least 7 people, a reported injured after night of filing class. she's in the netherlands and mid protests against government plans for tougher covey restrictions. angry cried said police vehicles to blaze and left to trade of destruction on the streets. the poor city of rotterdam ah
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the in the aftermath of the right streets has been left to in the blood and rhythmic shattered glass post the site. the dutch are narrowly support caving pass is given to those 40 vaccinated or recently recovered from the virus that has left politicians divided under his furious that the possible introduction of a system that would see many bod from public places. i will swear in europe. countries are imposing tough restrictions to an effort to contain a recent surge of casey's house. she has become the 1st european state to make vaccinations mandatory nationwide, and that will come into force from february. meanwhile, from monday, the country will go into another full lockdown reporting from vienna. his peter olive,
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vienna's bracing itself full potentially thousands of people to demonstrate on saturday, against the austrian government's handling of the coven 19 pandemic. if a week is a long time in politics, it's an even longer period when it comes to cove, it policy in austria, it would seem on monday, vienna brought in a lock down of the unvaccinated in the country. by friday that it turned into a national lockdown. for everyone, starting from monday and mandatory vaccination, which will come in to force from the beginning of february next year, long. it's hard for us political for a long time. the political consensus was that we don't want to vaccine mandate in this country, but we'll have to look reality the i for a long time, maybe too long me and others thought that it must be possible to convince people in austria to convince them to get vaccinated voluntarily ahead of south today's protest, we gauged austrians opinions on the new measures the survive. i says, wow,
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it is so bad that we now have a new lockdown. you don't have to have it. it's unnecessary. aysa can say this is not a good idea. why do we need to lock down both to vaccinate an indian vaccinated? can in fact, how the people write it were in favor. but oh, so everyone should gets their opinion and sir. oh, so the freedom germany is also being busted by this 4th wave of coven 19, which is currently hits in europe health officials. they're concerned that the policy by which those that have been vaccinated or can prove that they've recovered from coven 19 have extra freedoms, which is known as to g. just isn't cutting it. in this current crisis asked if berlin would be following vienna's lead. when it came to lock downs, the german health minister said everything over the no, it's to influence, we now have to close the floodgates. the to j rule is important, but is no longer enough in the current situation. we also need to massively reduce
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contact to slow down the spread of the virus situation in europe is bond with more and more countries being added to the list that the posting, their highest covert figures since the pandemic started. but we're expecting to see here in the austrian capital later on today, there is still loud opposition to policies being brought in. an attempt to stifle this latest wave of the virus, peter all over all the vienna or professor the rudolph in higher foundation hospital in vienna. to say that these emergency measures the stem from a failure of political decisions look down to see i'm the human and our natures are being locked down for considering the fact that we have an incidence of 900 or 100000 population and roughly new new infection in 24 hours, there is nothing else we can do. emergency break realty is clearly
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a failure politics. politics will need decisions to aid and be in listen to the doctors. you know, we haven't really very actual medical care system, actual and experts in every field. our medical pushing so many new things. i said we listen to them in politics, to politics and not to madison. the result. now in america to have been emotional reactions from both sides of the political defied after a teenager who shot dead to man at a racial justice protest was cleared of murder. col. rittenhouse, who's now 18, had pleaded self defense in the shootings last year. in the city of can osha in wisconsin as to the information gauge? first we the jury find that a valid highly written kyle needs read the house not guilty. i feel like in this case,
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it feels like the victims lives don't matter. i am heartbroken or written house was cleared of all charges including the attempted murder of a 3rd man. the deadly incident happened during demonstrations triggered after a black man. jacob blake was injured by white police officer just stays earlier. as the 3rd explore, read out, written house, broke down in tears. now so far the public response on the streets has been passionate, but mostly peaceful parties. john hardy was outside. b, kaneesha courthouse as the bird. it was an act. now that the jury handed down the verdict, it's done the trials over written how's not guilty on all counts? we weren't sure where this was going. we being of course,
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the media and everybody else. it was day for deliberations. the journey from what we heard was ordered food there was talk about maybe if there was a burden handed down, got possibly the deliberations were going to extend into the weekend next week is thanksgiving holiday here in the united states. so in an even the chief defender that the main mark richard, who was written house his lawyer, he said that they were betting that tuesday $430.00 they, they're there more than likely would be a decision whether it was on jury, whether a verdict was handed down that the jury would wrap up by then, so it was surprising that. 7 the verdict did come down today and, you know, and after it was of course a very dramatic trial. there was a fight, an altercation that happened here earlier in the wake. and there been doing protesters as i described. people for right now, people against right now. so what happens now, however, here on the streets, you can ship that remains to be seen. the governor of wisconsin has called up on
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standby 500 national guard troops to assist local law enforcement in the event of widespread demonstrations or protests. i've been talking to people, residents of consortia, who failed. that's probably not going to happen. that number one, the police, the national guard, are going to put a stop to anything that they're going. they're prepared for any possible escalation and or any fall out from this. but more than likely, it's not going to happen that things are going to remain peaceful. there will be a dispute. there will be arguments more than likely how's emotions continue throughout the course of the day? and i think most people here that i've been talking to anyway in the city, hope everything's peaceful. you know that their businesses don't burn out there. there isn't the lie. the writing and the violence that this city saw back in august 2020. but rest assured this is not the end of the debate having to do with this case. it will continue to be debated both in the media,
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the politics surrounding it and those who support con rittenhouse and those who are, who are opposed to the ruling today. but my stunning turn of events, absolutely dramatic. and it overall trial that's been dramatic and fall nationally and internationally. me well joe biden is waiting on the decision there after initially coring for people to stand by the jury. he later expressed his anger, the verdict. i said, why was a jury, as you concluded, the jury system works. you have to abide by well, the verdict and condition will leave many americans feeling angry and concern, myself included. we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken well also in the statement, biden did urge people to express views peacefully and avoid committing acts of violence and also destruction. last year, during his presidential campaign biden tweeted though a video about white supremacists in the us,
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which included an image of written hives. we spoke more about this with spike co in the u. s. libertarian party, and also we've done mcadams from the rom pull piece institute. the president himself is a disappointment. it was a year ago that he claimed this young man was a white supremacist with 0 evidence that that was the case. and the present should be sued by him, just as if every news outlet in the us, they called him a white supremacist, should also be soon, mainstream media coverage of this trial has been abysmal. they outright lied for a year about this case. they presented incorrect information and they led people to believe things that simply weren't true about the case. there never should have been a trial. it was very obvious from beginning with the video footage that there was no trial. there was no case you can threaten out, the prosecutors knew there was no case and that's why they did such an awful job of that mirror of this kids life was ruined. but at least at the end, the right verdict was read out. this is actually going to stoke racial divides and
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the reason it's going to stoke racial divides is because politicians and media figures are using it to stoke racial, divides kyle is white, and he shot 3 white people and killed 2 white filling 2 of them. so this on its face should not be racial, but it became racial because media heads and politicians who wanted to make it racial have turned it into a racial instant. and it shouldn't be. but unfortunately, that's the reality we live in, is that everything, you know, any incident that happens like this, you're going to have politicians sometimes on both sides of the argument in corporate media figures who are going to do everything they can to stoke, treat intention to keep people divided to keep them watching and clicking and the key people distracted from the real swindle that's happening at the top. i can read more about the controversial rittenhouse case at our website at darcy dot com with the towns there to about how the trial has left. many americans divide it along political lines and how many do you see the u. s. justice system is being heavily influenced by personal beliefs that said auntie delta and
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american wanted by the f b i for taking part in the capitol hill right. it is nice seeking asylum in bella. reese, evan, human faces charges of trespassing and assaulting a law enforcement officer during the january 6th protest. however, while he doesn't deny being there that day, he does claim that the accusations against him unfounded a lap. nice lady with a 15 minute interview with f. newman, he tells us how he ended up in batteries. ah, the police were very aggressive of where i was not, not everywhere. i've seen video afterwards. that was very controlled and quickly escalated. i was at the front there were or, or facing the, the mall,
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and a man further down the line, pulled the barricades away. and as he did that, the, the police told me to back off, but i didn't want the barricade pulled away. and so i, i braced the barricade with my knee, but the people down the line pulled so hard that i fell backwards in as that happened. they were hitting me with a baton and i got a big of my hand was all swollen next day. and, and bloody in the if they sprayed me with the red pepper spray or whatever that is. and that's very effective. couldn't see anything. i couldn't really hear anything. and so i walked around, i walked away and then walked slowly to the other side. as i was recovering from this, so i don't know the details of the initial breach of the capital. when
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i came to the capital, there was one barrier on the steps of the capitol. there warn't like broken fences or something. it was. you just walked cleanly up to the capital steps and the of the barrier did not seem to be against the protest. it seemed to be protecting the scaffolding for the inauguration that was put up. so it, it, it appeared to be the that the police had made no preparations for, for a protest, even though they knew for for weeks or maybe even a month there had been calls for this protest out the capital. i think there was even a permit. and yet there seemed to be no preparations i will say that i was near where an entry was made and there was a man who came up in the beginning when i, when i got there, and he broke
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a window with a hammer. but then he walked away and down down the steps and away to somewhere else. and then he came back about 15 minutes later and broke away all the glass so that it was a clean way to enter and then gestured to us to enter. i can't say who he was or or what, what organization he was with whether who is with the government or the usa, mtv o b, l m for or some other group i dont know, but i know that based on his actions, he probably was not with the protest and where i was a, again i, i have a video that i took of that and you can see the man in front of me. gesturing his head like he didn't approve of what was what was happening and, and nobody approached him nor entered that window. when people did enter there, the door was opened from within and people were invited in and told to be respectful. and to not heard anything and not hurt anybody.
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i can only say what i saw ah, when, as the people started to enter the capital of 2 young men came running out with blood on them, saying they just shot a girl in the face. and that did not deter the, the line of people that i saw going in. they continued walking slowly forward into what there was good evidence was people being shot in the face. i don't do social media. i'm scared would be the word of google, twitter, facebook. i, i don't, i've worked in this that's, i've written code for these things and,
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and it's these things shouldn't be allowed. google. what they do is, is they know more about you than nude know about yourself. and that's, that's the truth. um and i don't, i don't so i, i don't touch those things. i don't use google as a search engine. i don't use google maps. i don't use google translate. it's, it's untrustworthy. no, there had been a b l. m protests all year where they had fire bombed court houses and burned down buildings and taken over police stations and entire districts of cities. and very few charges were levied. and in fact, most of the charges that were brought were dropped by the district attorneys. and so no, i don't think that there appeared to be anarchy in the usa, and the rule of law had, had ceased to, to exist. so, no, i don't,
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i don't think it was. i don't think most of those people. there were some people who were oh, throwing things up, police may seem police i i, i heard of or bare spray or something like that. but i think those people expected to be charged. good lord, i regret things. i regret, number one, being rude. well, number one, i promised somebody that i would stand back in the crowd and i didn't hold that promise. that's the 1st thing that i regret. i regret being rude to the police. and then there's one other thing, but i won't say it because i, i need to invoke my right to silence on that. they released a wanted of a list of
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a very long list of pictures of people that were wanted. and it was brought to my attention that i might be on that list. and i looked and it appeared to be me and it said a sofa federal officer. and i knew that i had not assaulted a federal officer. i realized that i didn't have enough money to defend myself because this is a very expensive thing and my manufacturer was in italy, so i planned a business trip. i was interviewed by the f b i and let go at the airport. they knew what i was doing. they let me go. oh, that's you can't, that can't be charged with clean than europe was in lockdown when i got there. or it was. they were rolling out locked downs. and i found a another business opportunity in ukraine. and so i went there
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while i was there, there was a series of events that happened that led to my location being discovered. and i assume the f, b, i the standard procedure for extra guiding a wanted criminal is to use a letter rogatories or an m let treaty request. those are a bureaucratic request and they take at least several months. and sometimes a year or more, it was only about 2 weeks. and that tells me that that is a political situation that, that's not a, there was no legal there. it's unreasonable to say that that they followed legal conventions to investigate me in,
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in ukraine. and so that's what really, and, and the upcoming biden's lensky. some i did it the algebra came to, to show that i needed to that i was being sought for political reasons. and i knew about the both the, the, a solitary confinement of the other accused in, in the uprising and the beatings that were occurring. i was on edge looking out for that. and it came to my attention that the some police from key of although it, it's, i, again, i presume it was the s b u, but i don't know we're looking for me. and so i plan to just go to another city. but then when i went to enter the car, there were people following me. and so i went on his soccer to his route.
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and in fact i was being followed. and so i went on with my day and then i just walked away. literally just on foot with nothing but what i had on, i only had a certain amount it could or would protect me from the united states of america. so i knew that i couldn't cross the border through the normal border guards because i would be arrested and delivered to the americans as a, as a gift for the upcoming summit. so i looked on a map to see where the best place to cross was because i'm not a smuggler. i don't know. i have no knowledge of how to do something like this. and i found a national forest on the map and borders are not. they don't google for very understandable reasons does not give high resolution images of borders. so i didn't really know
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what it looked like. it was a national forest. i'm capable in national forest, at least in america. i trust the outdoor, i trust nature, much more than i trust people. i understand nature. you can almost use math to, to figure nature out. when i got there, it was a swamp. not a, not a forest. i'd envisioned a forest with pine trees, maybe some cliffs here and there, you know, but i could scramble over. but it was a swamp with with snakes and wild boars and more spiders than you can imagine. and a quicksand. i fell in quicksand at one point and, and had to i, i've never even encountered quicksand before. i didn't. yeah. it was, it was, i assume it was quicksand. again, i'm not an, you know, i've never encountered it, but you put one foot in. and you started to sink and so i put my other foot to try to pull that foot out. and that foot sank instead of lifting the other. so you started to just think think, think, and i crossed there and,
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and it was more adventurous than i anticipated. i gave myself it for the 1st 2 days. i was in a detention center which is proper when somebody across the border illegally. i and then they took several interviews and again, as they should, i mean an american that that, that has to put up some red flags, right? but eventually after, like i said, after a few days, they took my request and moved me to this to the, to where we are now. and i am now on a i don't know the process. exactly. i don't understand bella russian long um.
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but i believe i am on some kind of a trial period or, or paperwork, processing, period, or something, something of that nature. i'm a registered democrat, i'm not a republican. although, were i to register again. i might register republican this time in the weeks leading up to the election. there was a wall of hate against trump, saying that he was insane saying that he was crazy saying, all these things and i disapprove of that so much. but i voted for trump in 2016 more as a protest against the, the, the press and the actors and the politicians. and everybody was this uniformly against trump. and it didn't seem to be justified. he's a rational person in america. he's been well known since the 19 eighties and my 2nd vote in 2020 was genuine because trumpet started. he was the 1st present since
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jimmy carter to not start a foreign war. there was the russian collusion accusation. it was just made up by a group of people and then it was pushed by the person to day. most democrats still believe it was true. and all these things are well known to not be true. they were, they were, lies, were lies that were made up. i don't understand why russia's our enemy today, as, as far as being similar in culture and in our government systems, certainly they're much closer than saudi arabia. for instance, the trump supporters in california don't the ones that i knew, i don't really congregate and end of you. everybody's on the down low about it. you know, every now and then somebody comes to me secretly quietly and tells me that they
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don't understand what's going on either. yeah, everything has to be secretive. otherwise you're socially ostracized. some people agree with me, but are quiet because he can't say that in california, but i'm politically incorrect. i don't like political correctness and i'll say loudly and proudly what i believe even if it's outside of the overton window. so. but and that generated a lot of hate. i was not invited to dinner parties anymore. boil for almost any parties. ah ah
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ah. oh managed kaiser. this is the kaiser report. well, we've made our pilgrimage to vic going holy land. el salvador. we're in l. zante better known as bitcoin beach, i'm just reading the latest episode of mid coin magazine, which is dedicated to el salvador. yes, i have a comment here called overdose stacy. what's happening? hey, well, it is amazing to be here in el salvador. we're in l. dante, we are gringos, which means we started filming at like noon. so it's like a $130.00 degrees. all the locals are hiding away from the sun. we are out here,
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blistering hot filming like crazy people. but you know, we've had an amazing journey from the airport arrival at the airport. a was quite interesting because we saw like big cleaners were being welcomed with open arms by the entire state. we were tweeted out by the president tweeted out by the ambassador to the united states from el salvador. so there is a massive reading. this is bitcoin week that we've been enduring here through the heat, right? it's hot and so is big coin. and the country is really ready to go fall bitcoin hyper. brooklyn is asian joining other countries around the world. the president has made bitcoin legal center. people are using bitcoin to buy a coffee in san salvador and it's making a huge impact.


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