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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 19, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah hello and welcome to cross stock were all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . there is no shortage of growing tensions in eastern europe. there is a growing e. u. bear who stands off over illegal migration. there are western reports. russia is amassing troops within its own borders, and of course, there is the self inflicted crisis of european energy supplies. it is no coincidence some recalling this hybrid war, but who's hybrid war against whom? i are sucking rising tensions. i'm joined by my guess,
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peter cosmic in washington. he's professor of history and director of the nucular studies institute at american university as well as co author with oliver stone of the untold history of the united states. also in washington. we have rural west mason. he's the executive vice president of the ration center and in lake jackson. we cross today, daniel mcadams. he is the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity. hi gentlemen. crosstalk rules that affect, that means you can jump in any time you want. i always appreciate when you do, danny, let me go to you 1st year. i mean, as i said in my introduction, is a lot of things going on right now. we have this growing tension with a poland and berries over immigration, a lot of finger pointing. i must say a lot of a very exaggerated name calling out there doesn't help us understand what's going on. also we seem to have kind of a revisiting of what happened with what was going on in ukraine in spring of this year of this year. there's encouragement of the care of government. there are, there's caution, there's arms coming in. there's back slapping, i and we have,
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we had a germ and the u. k. and france come out recently upholding the new the borders and security in the sanctity of ukraine. again, can change of, of tone from the spring. we also we have the energy situation, the nor to stream to pipeline has been put on praise again here. i mean, are all these things connected or just chaos theory out there. go ahead, daniel. well, you know, peter, i'm into tories conspiracy theorists. of course, it all seems connected to me. obviously, obviously turning up the dial in ukraine, which is a very convenient thing for the west to do now. especially with zelinski and surprise, surprise, still more trouble. he lost control of the night in their parliament. he's desperate to stay relevant. of course, the western countries are desperate to keep things going. we saw in the garage of
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rockets into dawn bass yesterday. i think it was recently, of course, and we see of it. we see the migrant ward, which i think it's certainly a hybrid war in on the border of polen bells entirely. the fault indirectly certainly of the e u and you have the u. s. of course the mount whitney in the black sea. so this is sort of an encircling hybrid war against russia, and it just goes to show the blinking is no better than previous secretaries of state the by the administration is asleep at the wheel. okay, well peterson, let's agree. these are all connected here and i think they are. that's why i posted here. i mean, what does washington hoped to achieve? what is brussels hoped to achieve by this? because this is really upping the spanks on the stakes on a variety of issues here. and none of them good, i mean they can be resolved, but i don't see that there's any interest in resolving them. actually just the reverse rising tension serves that purpose is go ahead peter. a peter, i'd actually like to broaden it
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a little bit because the other crisis that's developing is the one over taiwan. so we've got the potential for the outbreak of violence, both in ukraine and in taiwan. so they're very, very dangerous moment right now, in the aftermath of the bungled pull out from afghanistan, dep biden has been desperate compounded by this little plummeting approval ratings in the united states is really been looking for foreign policy when and he's gotten himself. busy involved in 2 situations that could both backfire and, and are, are both very, very dangerous right now in the, i'm approaching it less from the standpoint of where the blame lies. and from the standpoint of what we have to do to defuse these crises. both of which can unravel
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very quickly. people draw the analogy to world. busy war one, where we managed to get involved in war that nobody wanted, because of the various alliances and various things that happened that were out of people's control. but i see the same thing happening in this situation. so, yes, as a lensky is in a weakened position. yes, the right wingers in ukraine. i have been much more aggressive. and now with the bay back tar drones, from a turkey that was so effective in as a by johns defeat of armenia and using them now in ukraine. they feel like they're in a bolster position, and they seem to be much more aggressively going after the don bass. and so how does putin respond to that? and to other provocations, like the black see, i'm putting more troops at the border. and nobody really wants to war there. and if there is a war, much like with taiwan, with taiwan,
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the pentagon has run 18 war games. if the united states and china go to war over taiwan, and china has one all 18. similarly with the situation ukraine, russia is much more powerful. i don't think there's any chance that ukraine is going to withstand a military confrontation with russia. so, but these situations have got to be diffused before they get to that point. so i think we're playing a very dangerous game in the united states in heightening intensifying and up in the stakes there. and the tension pressure in both of those situations. i'm really glad you know, i'm really glad that you brought it out. i'm glad you mentioned taiwan. here, earl, and me go to you. i mean, this is high risk, this is high stake stuff here because, you know, this is not a rock. this is not afghanistan, not even syria, because since peter brought in china and let's included here, china and russia can fight back, and they've made it very clear. they're read lines here. this is very different
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than fighting these ridiculous wars in the middle east here. russia, china have read lines, they've made them very clear and public here. nonetheless, we get all of these provocations. i mean, i, there's, there's no rational explanation, ford, other than what peter said. the biden ministration is desperate for apollo foreign policy. when i mean how you define winning here i, i mean, that's a scary thought. go ahead, earl. know, peter, you're, i mean everyone, you're exactly right. and so hearing and daniel are on their perspectives on the me with state the the domestic agenda, the complete right here. and they need the popularity rating for or binder or, or down. i mean, considerably popularity rating for the vice president. tamala, harris is historically low. it's the lowest rated by further ever. so they need some wins and era. you know, i mean, you've got,
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you've got your order challenge from mexico with almost 200000 illegal aliens crossing a month. not 2 to 5000. i wonder if, when it will start to point the finger at death for or collaborating with next school or something, but yeah, they, they need to do it. they need to divert attention away. so they're looking for foreign policy one. but if you look at it, every foreign policy approach they've done, everything has been a failure with china, with russia, relations, or even the office deal has irritated france, one of our historically longest allies in the u. and it's just, they're looking for something and actually i think it away. part of this is to contain russia and china. i do think they're all interconnected. real. if you look at the root cause of every one of the issues, the energy crisis,
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the don bath issues in ukraine, the migrants in the, in bell root, they all go back to foreign policy failures for mistake or missteps. whether that's invading the middle east, whether that's changing how, you know, spot market energy contracts, whether supporting my don all be back in some mistakes that were the root cause from from western western countries, mainly led by the us get. yeah, they're absolutely trying to look for something, even if, even if russia comes in and, and or, or china takes taiwan, russia, it comes in and crushes ukraine. then they can point, oh, you know, they'll look for a political women. ok, that does, that's exactly where i want to go. because daniel went, what do we mean by a win here? because it might be
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a quote unquote diplomatic political wind. but i mean, it depends. you know, what, the situation is a wind over ukraine scenes. ukraine crushed and thousands and thousands of people. that is, that's a win. i mean, if that is a win that then, then, you know, then we live in a very pathetic world here because that would, the way i look at is all these things. is the u. s looks at the bike administration, looks at it is low cost. ok, but the outcomes could be catastrophic. go ahead, daniel. you know, i've always, i've often thought about the irrationality of us one policy. and i've also often thought of it in terms of mistakes, but i really no longer think that way. i think these mistakes are all very well plans, and i think it has to do with very, very powerful vested interest in the united states that depend on continuing conflict in the rest of the world to justify massive, massive military budgets to justify the us military industrial complex, think tank complex media complex. all of these things are built on
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a house of sand. they rely on conte looking for about 20 years. it was the war on terror and that sustained what i think that was more of a bridging maneuver and now we're back into territory where they feel more comfortable cold war 2 point. oh, and this time we have a new a costar, which is china with the old bad boy, russia. so i think i'm beginning to think these things are all very well planned to keep these people working. whereas we would probably say they deserve to be out of work, but i think these mistakes are well planned. i think the us once a conflict, but not necessarily a war, and that's why it is so dangerous. they want to see how far they can push the conflict and assume that russia and china won't go all in when you assume in that situation, that's not a lot of room for maneuver. i don't think. yeah. liter that's like putting it's like bedding your entire fortune on a day trader. that's an american cor policy that day trade or daniel. just explain it. okay. i'll get you a bus 230 seconds before we go to the ready. go ahead peter,
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we can comment on that. danny's right. as the united states is pushing these confrontations and conflicts up to a point and thinks they could control them. what i'd like to talk about when we come back is how the abide is foreign policy has really been a continuation of trumps foreign policy for the most part. and that this is creating these stabilizing situations and much of the world right now. okay, but we're gonna go to a break here. i mean, peter is just tease this with a overarching theory and it has all connected with donald trump and we're going to explore that after a break. so we'll continue our discussion on rising tension state with our t ah, ah
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ah, ah, we the seeing high levels one city creeping in, dicky can only life. and i think with all the way of the disruption of global supply chains was seen. spike in the cost of energy, the single reappearance of inflation. i think all of these constitute economists cool down to sign risks, which could mean it is still ahead of us. despite the moderation of the severity of the gaming crisis. we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient for quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security in any machine and
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it's an extension of traditional time. ah, the defenders have always been one step behind the attacker's permit. when one comes option in your saying, it's not a matter of if it happens, it's a matter of went oh, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community, are you going the right way or are you being that some with direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend
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a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, welcome back to cross stock where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing rising tensions. ah, okay, let's go back to peter in washington. i mean, considering the by been ministration bends over backwards to do the very opposite of donald trump on almost everything except for foreign policy. you teased it in the end of the 1st block there. tell us what you think. go ahead. peter foreign policy in the united states has been frustrating, elite bipartisan for a long time, and bite and ran as the anti trump in terms of competence care as a compassion in terms of being a peacemaker rather than
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a war maker. but the reality has been very, very frustrating in many ways. what biden represents toward trump is what obama represented to our. busy bush, a more sophisticated approach that legitimized be confrontational policies of the previous administration. as so when ari fleischer said that, well, bomb is 2nd term is really george bush's 4th term. he was on to something there. and in many ways, biden is doubling down on trump's foreign policy, especially visa v china, but also visit the russia and, and iran as well. so what we've gotten out with, we saw with the bush administration when they brought in all the people from the project for a new american century and how they were the neocons. and they were the hawks. and i brought us afghanistan that brought us iraq and, and libya and then our,
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when we give biden's obama some credit for olivia to and sit and syria. now what you see with the biden administration is they brought in 16 top people from the center for new american security. and these are the hawks who are doubling down on so many of trump's policies at this point. and so instead of peeling back in, there was the june summit in geneva between potent and biden. and then there was some easing of tensions after that. the problem in the united states is that you've got a bipartisan right wing pressure on biden, to be hawkish toward china, to be hawkish toward russia. and so now with this situation developing in ukraine, it is not a lot of room for maneuver for biden. so and, and the situation as, as danny was saying, is really, we were pushing these, these crises because we need to support
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a frightened population to support vast expenditure on arm cells, which is the heart of the military industrial complex and has been for decades. but this is creating a very dangerous conflict that can easily spiral out of control in both the pacific and in ukraine. right now. yeah, been earl, i mean, if we, if we look at i'm, and i'm a completely agreeing with peter. but i mean, if we're, we're looking just at the law in this century, the last 20 years, i mean the road record of quote unquote success. and they're applying their expertise. now the difference is, like i said, in the 1st part of the program, we're not dealing with afghanistan and iraq. we're dealing with russia and china. ok. and by definition, these 2 countries have the ability to say, no, i mean, that's not a very interesting negotiating pattern here. and i would, i look at it this way, is it washington? and it's always do not want to negotiate. they want surrender, which is not going to happen. and that's why we're making this program here. go
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ahead. earl. now, peter, you're absolutely right. the, what we've got in a way, it's a policy of containment. they think they can push, push right up to the edge. and ideally, they would like to be a reading change in china, and russia is not going to the also, they're kind of kind of thinking that china and russia are bluffing, but, but try to rush, you're been very clear on the red line. and they, i do not think they're bluffing. and so they kind of the conflicts that the u. s. think they can maneuver man in multiple things. i'm going to say the high grid. you've got the energy and i'm excited you got the conflict naval present long. the ukraine as well. it's all wrapped together, but it's so easy,
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so easy to explode and get out of hand. and then also it's dangerous, as you, as also now is open, at least discussions of the use of tactical nuclear weapons. right. keep dory. i'm sorry, you're not going to container. use that for me. it's going to blow up. strategic. yeah. and either way, ukraine ah, the re, jerome, taiwan, ukraine in europe will be the ones that will pay the most. and no matter how the, how the situation, by, by definition i meant i was aghast. that you know, for a tactical nuclear weapons 1st you saw that were, were, i thought we were retired these things. but apparently not here, daniel, just as a geography questionnaire and united states has not border the black sea, but it acts like it's a black sea power. i mean, can you, can you explain that to our viewers? because you know that the, the of the amount of interest and an interest that's being expressed by the u. s.
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navy, in the black sea. obviously the can in this cannot be any more than a provocation. rush is show known aggression to romania, bulgaria at all. okay. but not all of a sudden it said tension point here is that's it. that's intentional. go ahead, daniel. well, how about this? oh, my gosh, russian troops are massing in russia. this is what we get in what passes for a free press in the united states. and you know, that is key. the other key we've talking a little bit about china and taiwan. the other key is when the u. s. continuously runs warships through the south china sea, key word being china. you know, the u. s. is still fighting world war 2, a world war one. this idea of territorial warfare is gone. nobody has it. china isn't taking over places. russia isn't taking over places. they're actually doing business overseas, especially the chinese in africa and elsewhere in latin america and elsewhere. he
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was still obsessed with this idea of taking territory. it's so antiquated. nobody does it any war any more. and again, you have to look back to why it's what we call the deep state is what we call washington. i mean, as much as i'd hate and who here war will be nice to see washington media relevant again and revert to the swamp from whence it came. well, a men on that. peter, you mentioned august 1914 and a perfect historical parallel. but i think as we look at ukraine right now, august of 2008 seems very appropriate. given the, you know, you have this demetrius yarborough's, a fanatic nazi like figure. all he wants is a conflict in the dom bass. he wants to kill people, he's recently been brought back into the highest level to the cleaning. that cannot be an accident here. ok. i worry that we have a wag the dog situation here and all of the ingredients are being set up for that happening. go ahead. peter zalinski is in
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a weakened position there. they haven't been able to deal with the corruption. the economy is very, very shaky. politically, the right wing in ukraine has been gaining more power. although the more pro russian faction had been sent than for a while, but they're trying to attempt down on that. and so, and they've gotten more, they're encouraged by the use of these drones. so effectively, a lot of things have happened to change the situation in the last couple of years. so landscape i had come to power in part of overwhelmingly of when the victory based on saying he was gonna bring peace with russia, has now gone the opposite direction. and the talks. busy are broken that we know what the solution is. there is some version of the minsky to agreement, we can solve that problem. but soleski has backed off of that and the united states
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is not putting any pressure on him to come to the table. that was an agreement that was signed between ukraine, russia, france, and germany. and this can be resolved that situation. the situation in taiwan also has been heated up unnecessarily. that with the status quo, there was very, very calm for a long time till the united states began meddling there as well. so we're, we're in a precarious situation. you, you talked about august of 1914, and i are always talking about red lines where you have to remember that william burns to you. now c, i, a director, was the former us ambassador to russia. and in 2008, when the united states started talking about george bush talking about ukraine and georgia, joining nato. it was burns. we sent back the memo to washington titled the yet means in the yet don't there across russia's red lines when it comes to ukraine. joining. busy nato,
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and that now he recently went over to moscow to try to talk to them as has other top officials from this administration. and we're getting nowhere in terms of actually resolving these things to this. united states want to resolve them. is part of the question, while we're, as we were saying, is he and i say simply want russia and china to accept you as a gemini, u. s. domination, you asked you to polarity and come in as junior partners and help us solve climate crisis. and other things like that. well, china and russia are not willing to play that role anymore. as a chinese foreign minister and the top foreign policy official made clear to blanket and sullivan in anchorage, you can't talk to us for a position of strength anymore. and rush is showing the same thing. and so we're, it's, that's why we're at this attention point. now we're, we're all worried that it's good to unravel with his entangling alliances. u. s. is not officially have responsibility to come to ukraine's military defense. they're
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not part of nato united states as not have responsibility to come to tie one's military defense. we are position is strategic ambiguity, yet we're saying bite is making statements on both fronts, to indicate that we will. and that's even more provocative and more dangerous in earl, i mean at the end of the day it's very, very simple as a biden ministration, like the previous administrations days, demanding that the world accept american hegemony. and that is eroding very, very quickly on all across the world. we saw it happened in the middle east. we saw without anason. and now we're seeing it now here. and there are countries like russia, tyner saying, no, that is the dilemma. here it is, the us that has to accept its new strategic position, not russia and china. last 30 seconds. go to you url, go ahead. i think you're right in a way we're, we're definitely we're still thinking of what's doctrine as far as us supremacy and
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do whatever it but i think there's conflicting things going on within the administration as well. you recently heard, i think the defense department mentioned that there's try try, great power competition going on and, and we're moving on multi polar war world. that's where we're moving to in the us needs to. if they don't accept that, if they try to fight like a, like a rabid dog to maintain their superiority, the world is going to be in a very critical, dangerous situation. well, we're, we're ending on a very depressing no, but like, i like how we started here, but that's all the time we have. i want to thank my guests in washington and, and like jackson, and i want to thank our viewers for watching us here at r t c a next time. and remember, across centrals ah, ah, there is a patch of water around the try,
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a seal island that's in contention between canada and the united states, where the government may suddenly become optimal for lobster. our populations here is exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that ever existed. suddenly you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters at the same time jousting for position and tensions or high violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to quote countries. border disputes don't go away. they discussed or something's going to happen. join me every posting on the alex salmon. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in
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the world politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. and he really is so thing the cause right on police report is in all caps in december 2020. a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so like if people, organization, if an idea that fascism must be opposed, that you can't allow the gate while they may come with that. but he says, but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. yeah, we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are. in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter, i have to be on to the teeth that, that, that's all american. we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in
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a ah, with breaking news this. our streets are ablaze, and police have fired warning shots in rotterdam as the dutch government malls, tightening coated pass the criteria elsewhere. austria takes things further with a full lockdown on the way, becoming the 1st european nation to impose vaccinations for everyone. also this our as to the account of the information gauge price we the jury find the defendant. kyle, a written child needs written health not guilty in the u. s. teenager kyle rittenhouse, whose case has divided the u. s. a mad massive media coverage is found not guilty


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