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tv   Documentary  RT  November 19, 2021 6:30am-7:01am EST

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ah ah ah ah ah there is no shortage of growing tensions in eastern europe. there is a growing e u. barrow stand off over illegal migration. there are western reports, russia is amassing troops within its own borders. and of course, there is the self inflicted crisis of european energy supplies. it is no
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coincidence, some recalling this hybrid war, but whose hybrid war against school with oh, i was city one day was my friend and her living room. and we had started speaking about him again, now's like while my baby gonna be 12 years. and she was like we're was that that the city buried home. again, i'm like, honestly, i really don't know. the only thing that i know is har island. i went back to the hospital where i gave birth and they were like, yeah,
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the you have to communicate with on the correctional facility. i called and does the lady that i spoke so she was like yes, that the baby was there. you have to sit there a way for police officers to actually open the gate and lead to when they actually make you sign papers before you even get on the ferry. i'm like ok, what can i do? is the department of corrections. they're gonna treat us like if we visiting on jail. but once the captain got close, so us an axe to me to any body notify you. i'm. they notify me about what and he does when he gave me the news. we can find your trial here. i'm lay,
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i just broke down right there. my daughter, my oldest daughter, she broke down crying in with legend about people. i grew up in brooklyn that were very strong stuff. very
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straightforward. and where people that have resources, my resource has always been my family. as i grew up, i went through all that a racial, discriminatory situations that the world knows up today that happened in america. i have learned the humiliation of being that man. ah, the civil war fried the slate. vietnam was my civil war. mm. the 1st place i ever felt whole as a may is the 1st place in my life that i ever met. a man
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of my opposite coat. that was true to heart and soul about life and death with his name was richard. he's gone and been gone since he was 19 years. oh, was our machine gunner he is that boy from arkansas who taught me. oh, white and black love man becomes family with may with war comradeship. we call it in during my trial of warriors ship, my wife was 17 years old. and pregnant with my 2nd
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pregnancy she gave birth, in se norman's naval. ready hospital and when i cat back to the united states of america, i had no knowledge how to handle any of this type of a business. so when it was exposed to me that it was twins, i didn't even question where the other one was when they only showed me one. now that's a paper to ploy because she's never spoken to me about that because about in maturity are guilt with the situation.
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everyone in the world notes, no one wants to bury their family or possibly who should have to go there for i think he always wanted to have some kind of relationship with kim. he didn't want to lose it, but he couldn't control himself. that he had a he had the devil in him when he was born, i guess and it was hard to find it and came always wine a closure. she always why she always said to me from, i guess 16 all the way until she is now that she said, i know i know deep down inside. i'll always talk to him. i'll always be able to tell him my piece of this story. and one day we get
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a phone call at to new york time to call us up and this woman, nina bernstein and, and nina said to me, um, do you know, are you related to bruce, anton? i said, yeah, that's my ex husband and she said, well, i have to tell you something. it was really shocking to me to discover that new york state law, a law dating back to the 19th century required the city to offer the bodies of unclaimed dead to medical schools for to section ah, i learned that there were 22 cadavers that were in cold storage at albert einstein, medical school you know basically the,
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these cadavers are just lent to the medical schools. they are supposed to then be returned to the city for what the city considers proper burial, which is a hard island trench. ah, i tried very hard to learn the names of these cadavers because i wanted to reclaim their stories. one of the last of the 20 to that day was pers hanson even though his body had been in cold storage for 3 years. it had been on lists, sent back and forth between the medical school and the medical examiner's office, the medical examiners office had not done the 1st thing in terms of trying to find someone who knew bruce hanson and would care. and it was easy,
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ah, fear job is to be the last and most important source of information about this person. they had his name, they had his name when he 1st arrived to the more they had his name when they put them on a list to offer as a cadaver for to section of medical school. when i had the name and i did the 1st basic search, it came up immediately. his ex wife in new jersey, one phone call. and i had her one phone call and i was, she was carrying the phone to her daughter. nobody called us. i never changed my last name. it's still hanson. i live in the same state as new
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jersey. nina had no problem calling me up to find out. mm. it shouldn't. it ended up in there. they shouldn't allow that in for 3 years, being in albert einstein, hospital just you know, going through their medical procedures for 3 years. putting him in a cold box bomb out cotton. them up, put in. it's awful it's, it's awful. i'm angry at how it happens. i'm angry with the medical examiner, the hospital, the people you know, that it was still won't give me information on hand. you know, it's my father. i should have a right to know how he died. i'm never going to find out.
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ah, the medical examiner's office calling to find out what, you know, the hospital not giving, giving you a hard time by getting the records. everybody's hiding something so the hospitals work in them with the medical examiner, which is working with hearts island. you know, they obviously don't want people to know most the mistakes that they made or things that they just didn't care about on thing about all those bums on the street meeting. they contacted every single person's family. they throw them probably in the island. ah oh, there's a pack of water around the try, a seal island that's in contention between canada and the united states, you know,
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where the government has suddenly become optimal for lobster. our population here is exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that's ever existed. suddenly you had made an canadian fishermen in these waters at the same time jousting for position and attention are high, violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to hold countries. border disputes don't go away. the suspects care, something's going to happen. we're seeing high levels one to keep creeping in economic life. and i think with all the way of the disruption of global supply chains with spike in the cost of energy,
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we're seeing a reappearance of inflation. and i think all of these constitute on the economy, scroll down to sign risks, which could mean that it didn't, whether it's still ahead of us despite the moderation of the severity of the crisis. a ah no, your city assures for vacation new york city is just to come and have fun in your city is not a place actually be living in
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sloughing in packaging. and so i wanted to bring in today and talk a little bit about where we are with the case in the position in arguments the cities making in the fight that i'm having with the city continues. and i told them that you and i have talked about before, like if you tell us where the baby is, don't drop the lawsuit today. that's what this is all about to. we're trying to find out, they don't believe us. we think it's about money. it's time, it's about a search with truth. one of the issues to the city here, katrina is if we establish here that they don't know, there are other cases like yours that are out there pending. and they don't want to make bad law. they don't want to make their precedent so the further they could push us back and slow us down both ladder to do things bad things will happen to the city. so they're part of their delay is to not but this case come to trial
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because there are other cases that are going to fall shortly behind. tampa. i feel that they really don't know much because all they thinking is about the money. and honestly, like i said, i'm not doing this for money. i want my son back there. say lou, what we know right now from, from the record. so we have to say a taxi was performed the body at some point was at the morg. mm. we do have some indicate and on one of the records that the body was released for transport at this point, we don't know if was transport to some type of medical facility for research. we don't know where that baby was released to. we know where the baby was supposed to be released to and that's the hard island. mm hm. any case that i'm
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involved with the city of new york is always going to take me years. mm. getting records out of the city of york requires motion after motion after motion for judge to compel them to respond. the more concerned the security issues and welfare issues and housing issues and all the things that make the city and unique in crazy place. so most likely i was no matter how much we cycle he and given that what happened is i can never guarantee that. i'm going to give you an answer that question. and i know that's the most important thing to you, and that's in the focus of my case has always been about getting you those answers . i guess we're gonna keep right in that i need answers here. why do my thoughts on this come to holly?
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she joined the union, they came for one cry to be free, equal me, period. i and i feel very emotional about it because not only of the soldiers in turn here for so is my daughter. i named her asia we kinda ourselves with many questions about our daughter. so we hoped to bring closure to our family. and to bri ana, love and respect to a soul that we haven't had the opportunity to honor
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properly for almost 50 years to this day. to lead to have touched the earth that she's buried in it. behooves me to go over there to lay the 1st wreath at her grades and pay my respects to my daughter who is buried on hot island in potters feel of the city of new york. ah, then i came into my plight to bring the honor respect and some type of fitting memorial statue over on hot allen for these soldiers of the civil war
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to have a city this modern discuss a policy and that still buries the unclaimed dad. the way jacob reese recorded in the 19th century just doesn't make sense. ah, it's archaic, it's bizarre. and yet it also represents a truth about america, about the western world, perhaps that this tremendous inequality not only still exists but
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has, has widened. bjork still house the drawer is still a named conjure with its still found a musical. no 2 people in some distant part of the world, new york is distinct. new york is always gone its own way to new york has its own bitter humor, its own kind of culture. its own kind of literacy. new york is not sentimental because the city, those not care listening is not care about you. who does is leave you trash, new york city forces monster. you have to fight you
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have to actually wrestle with the city in order to just get the very basic necessity of, of life. ah, they. so the idea of the city having something on its conscience, this is rather small blot, frankly. i mean, he, with all honor to the dead, they are dead. ah ah, i think that city is always wanted to forget about what island city is. wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potter's field, that there is a place where difficult stories are hidden.
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mm. new york city is celebrated as the place where anyone can achieve their dreams. but those dreams haven't been achieved by everyone. ah, it's true of people who are totally away. digging out the titles for subways, we're building our skyscrapers is true of people who have wound up homeless or because a society shunned them as happened during the aids epidemic. mm . those stories might not be flattering to tell even more. it might tell us things about our present, that we'd rather not face. ah, mine, we owe it to the people who have been buried there and are being buried there to
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bring their stories to light. ah, so my bill i to leave the jurisdiction of hard island. i believe that we're at a place where we can finally, the momentum is growing to make hard island a public place that is not forgotten. mm. 1000000 new yorkers who built this. she made this city the city that it is today. they should not be forgotten. they need a better space to be resting in. mm lou ah, ah ah, ah
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with, ah, i i, [000:00:00;00] i, oh
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i, [000:00:00;00] i ah, there is no shortage of growing tensions in eastern europe. there is a growing e u barrier stand off over illegal migration. there are western reports, russia is amassing troops within its own borders, and of course,
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there is the self inflicted crisis of european energy supplies. it is no coincidence, some recalling this hybrid war, but whose hybrid war against, who were empowering ourselves to be more efficient quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security at any machine. it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers with one of your friends. it's not a matter of. if it happens, it's a matter of went well, we've made our pilgrimage too big going holy land. no, salvador, we're in l. dante, better known as bitcoin, big country is really ready to go for the coin. hyper point is ation joining other
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countries around the world. the president has made big point legal center. people are using big point to buy a coffee and san salvador, and it's making a huge impact on the population. breaking news, austria poses a nationwide locked out and says, vaccination will be mandatory there from february after searching covey cases. about half a century. that's just how long american rugs watchdog now says it wants in order to release all the documents relating to its approval of pfizer cobit vaccine. it follows a freedom of information request by a group of medics and american tv news network em assembly see is bod. from the court covering the notorious homicide trial of kyle written house, who's charged with killing 2 and wounding another at


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