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ah, breaking news, austria imposes a nationwide lockdown and says vaccination will be mandatory from february, following a surgeon covert cases. over half a century. that's how long america's drugs watchdog once in order to release all the documents relating to its approval of phases covert vaccine. it follows the freedom of information request by group of medics. and coming up to this, our american tv news network, i'm a sent b. c, as bob from the court covering the notorious homicide trial of kyle written house is charged with killing to wounding another at a racial justice protest. last year the judge banned the news out loud after one of its employees allegedly tried to chase or follow the jury van, possibly undermining their anonymity. ah,
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oh, just turn to pier moscow time life, marty's world, his age q, this friday 19th of november. it's kevin, over here in service for the next half hour. we'll welcome to the program. we'll take you through our top story 1st. as you heard big news in from the heart of europe. that, that developing story following a surgeon new covey cases there. austria's chance was announced a nationwide lockdown for at least 10 days, starting on monday as well as a looming vaccination mandate in february, becoming the 1st european country demanding mandatory vaccinations they bring. germany is also considering civil emissions to esco alive to respond. peter oliver and austria. hey pate. just a couple of hours ago, we were talking about this and we were talking about a lockdown film, vaccinated bow wow. this has changed over the last couple of hours. it's alexander shannon, berkeley, austria and chancellor saying that the whole country will be going into
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a new lockdown for a monday. it will last at least 10 days. it could well last and the 13th of december, after that period of 10 days initially has expired. it can be extended for further 10 days. after that 6 ended though only the own vaccinated will remain in the lock down. what it means though, is that unless you are going to school because education will remain open or you're taking somebody to school, then you are going to have to remain in your home unless you're going out to get food, your seeking medical assistance, all you're going for some exercise in your local area. what we've also seen announced by the austrian chancellor on friday, is that from the 1st of february, austria will become the 1st year a p and country to make vaccination mandatory. those people don't fit into a criteria either being pregnant or having a legitimate medical reason for not getting a vaccine. we'll have to get what he said that it wasn't something he wanted to
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announce. but the fact is, there's just not being the vaccine take up in the country to this point. them to many political forces in this country have campaigned against vaccination or see the consequences of this are overfilled, intensive care units and enormous human suffering for this decision. does not come easily to us. donovan enjoys bringing in meshes that put limits on freedom. this decision was necessary because many a mongers have acted without solidarity. where the austria and health care system has been pushed to the limits by the 4th wave of coven 19, which is currently ravaging year of health intensive care beds, a very short supply, in some regions, particularly in the west of the country. there's also concerns about the health care system in germany just over the border. we heard on friday from the president of the robert cock institute,
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that's germany. public health authority saying that to g isn't working at the me now to g is the system by which only if you've got a, a proof of vaccination, or you've got proof that you've recovered from coven in the last 6 months, that you can have access to things like bars, restaurants, public life basically, they say that is in particularly working at the moment and it's something more needs to be done. he didn't say lockdown that was noticeably missing from the, the press conference that was given. but looking at what's happened here in austria, it does seem like that maybe the direction germany is heading. particularly when you take into account what spun the health minister in berlin has to say, said the country is currently facing a national emergency. we are international emergency vaccination will be enough at this point to stop the spread of covered 19 the covered 900 situation is more serious than last week. vaccinations wont be enough controls and needed to stop the
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rice and curve in 1900 cases where the situation is increasingly bonds in some parts of germany. if we look in the state of bavaria in germany, south we're seeing intensive care. busy beds they're really streaming short supply . in fact, some patients are already being taken in by hospitals in italy that have more capacity. right now, medical chiefs in that state as saying that in the next 3 weeks or so, the number of patients they expect to see seeking, intensive care beds could well double a situation that is developing and it's not developing in the right way or certainly not in the way we would like to see at the moment across germany or for that matter here in australia where i'm speaking to you from. yeah, winter approaching and talk to you come in as well by the looks of it. thanks for bring this up to speed and what's happening there. an ostrich may be germany as well. come back to light, a pate, your correspondent, and we told to to a virus expert,
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he says the jim politicians haven't handled the code situation well enough, so foreigner lockdown isn't necessary there. this was one of these offices in the really good. we have enough beds and hospitals, we have fewer staff there either a lot of people who have called in sick or who are no longer available as nurses in intensive care units. in other words, they gave up. there were empty promises from the government, the nursing staff would get more money, intensive care nurses, or underpaid. anyway, it is a stressful job. at the end of the day, many of them can hardly cope with the situation where a relatively large number of patients are dying. i think the locked down is completely unnecessary. we have almost 70000000 vaccinated people. they can no longer get seriously ill. why should it be worse now than last year? come on. i don't understand where people are thinking. if it were ologist claims, that there will be a $100000.00 deaths. there is no scientific evidence for this. nothing points to it . we see that the vast majority of people who get sick are on vaccinated, those who have been cured, also have immunity and no longer fall ill. only the unvaccinated are left alone
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vaccination is important. i suspect that to a considerable extent, the election campaign in germany has contributed to the 4th wave. it was very quiet up to the federal election. people were talking about other things. and last side of the pandemic will then all of a sudden the discussion is now only about the corona virus. politicians should make sure that the measures are observed last year. this worked out badly, fully, to lol, the europeans on the any one's railing of a code, restrictions and outcry in the u. s. has put the brakes on jo biden's mandate to increase vaccination rates. his initial idea consent businesses with over a 100 employees didn't it with a possible fine of more than a $100000.00 if work is were left on jabbed. but emer states of launched a legal battle against the measures. as we've been reporting the world health organization, of course is repeatedly stood up for vaccines as an effective form of protection against the virus. we discussed it with a panel of guests. think there's a couple of really important things here. number one, the fact that you're going to have a huge backlash across europe, right?
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because people are already frustrated with this idea of green passes vaccine passports. but there's a bigger issue here. and i think the bigger issue is the fact that yes, cases are rising right now. but there is no evidence so far that the cases are writing because of people who are on vaccinate to remember, we know the data shows a vaccines, don't prevent the spread of the virus, nor do they prevent the contraction of the virus. how many of these new cases are actually the result of people who are vaccinated as opposed to unvaccinated? and if that is the case, that it makes no sense to create 2 classes of people and locked down the unvaccinated and let the vaccinated continue to infect each other. well, in speaking of this, you classes of people, i mean, and it looks like that's kind of what it's coming to culturally. you have the vaccinated who are allowed to now do whatever they want, and then you have the unvaccinated, we're facing increasing restrictions. what are your long term impacts that especially in a region where we've seen protests over it over the last year, it was mostly the government's telling people to lockdown and giving them instructions. in the last 6 months in america, they've been using the businesses to say,
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we're going to mandate something. it's caused a different kind of attention, but say the real impacts. lots of people including vaccinated people are saying we don't trust what's coming from the government by demonstration, backed off on their december 8th mandate, their view, they realize the public's against them. the real question is gonna be, is what happens in the local communities in california, where they do have those rules in florida where they don't, you know, we're going to see this kind of tension rising. but it's not because it's triggering you looked at, it's checked this new delhi that place massive conservation moving towards that very same measure, but not have a coven because of the air pollution. but later in the show would discuss some more of that. and the more of the new normal people being told to stay in our homes these days it's coming up over 50 years, is how long america's drugs watched oak wants before it publicly released his old documents related to its approval of the pfizer covey vaccine group of medics have asked for the info under the freedom of information act and pointed out that the f
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d needed only just over a 100 days before giving the job the go ahead. this $100.00 a day period is the same amount of time. it took the f d a to review the responsive documents for the far more intricate task of licensing finances cove. in 1900 vaccine. it is difficult to imagine a greater need for transparency than immediate disclosure of the documents relied upon by the f d. a to license a product that is now being mandated over 100000000 americans. we have a situation here where, because there has been a freedom of information act request filed for the information about how the vaccines were approved. we have the us food and drug administration stepping forward and proposing to release $500.00 pages per month of the remaining $329000.00 pages. that would take roughly 55 years 55 years for this information to be made available. now the organization that filed
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the, the request public health and medical professionals for transparency says that if that pace of 500 pages per month proceed, that makes the freedom of information act almost meaningless. and it discredits the food and drug administration's promise to be transparent. the f d, a knew the intense public interest in that data and information. it should have been preparing to release of civil tenuously with the licensure. instead, it has done the opposite. this case is not about the vaccine mandate, where the files that can be held liable. this is a fire case where the only relevant issue at this stage in the litigation is setting a reasonable processing shadow. now it's important to note that one of the companies that was involved in the trial of the pfizer vaccine has recently faced a little bit of a scandal brought to light by a whistleblower. this article was published in the medical british medical journal . now the report from last month in which we had a former clinical trial auditor for the pfizer coded vaccine raising deep concerns
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about patient safety and about data integrity. during the process, however, a spokesperson for van tavia stepped up and discredit some of the other allegations that were published in the british medical journal. and this concern seems to have been discredited. so at the moment, or we have the law suit i that was filed and we have these medical professionals saying they want this information or we expect us to be in court for some time. but at the moment the fda is offering to release $500.00 pages a month of the remaining $329000.00 pages, and that would take 55 years over half a century. the u. s. judge overseeing the high profile homicide trial of col. rittenhouse is described media coverage of the polarizing cases are responsible and even scary. the defendants charged them with killing 2 people and wounding another at a racial justice protest. last year, judge says that you tube, certain media or antics,
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you'll reconsider allowing journalists into future cases. when i talked about am problems with the media. when this trial started we're there in part not full, but in part because of grossly irresponsible handling of what comes out of this trial want to see what's being done is really quite frightening. i'm going to think long and hard about a live television, the trial. the judge has already bard you as t v news network. i miss and be see from the court room on allegations that a freelance producer working for the outlet attempted to influence the ongoing trial by trailing a van carrying the jury. and it's against the law to undermine the jury's anonymity . ortiz john had the next and reporting from the courthouse in wisconsin, boarding to canal police and also the judge, overseeing this case. bruce schrader, a, a possibly, a freelance producer with m. s. n. b. c was pulled over in the vicinity of the jury
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van after it left, the court house here last night. after day 2 of the deliberations ended, the jury generally goes to an undisclosed location, a hotel, you know, other location for the night. and this person was pulled over suspected of following the jury van and even possibly taking pictures. and when i taught, when confronted by police told police that they were an m s. n b c, producer under instructions from new york to follow this jury van now nbc is distancing itself, released a statement saying it was a freelancer was never, you know, given an assignment to do that. but bottom line here is that the judge is taking it very seriously and has bad now. and emma said we see from further covering in the court the, the ongoing proceedings as media. there are rules and regulations. we have to follow covering trials and cases in here in the united states. i'm sure overseas as well. but, you know, here in the united states you never take pictures of the jury that's, that's rule number one and it's for the jury safety and also to protect the integrity of the trial. so if it, the embassy, nbc, freelance, producer,
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a producer, whatever was following the jury that, that is, that's a really bad move and it looks, it makes all of us look bad, frankly. so whether that affects the overall proceedings results in a mis trial, probably not. again, it doesn't look like any pictures were posted online or went out of the jury, but it's a serious matter. it's being taken seriously. obviously, as you heard the judge say that said we're in day 3 of the deliberations in the car . rittenhouse homicide trial. he's facing fire charges into the most serious charge, homicide murder, in other states that would basically if again convicted, he would spend the rest of his life in prison. a jury asked to see very important drone video, which is at the center of the defense teams motion for a mistrial defense saying that they did not receive the same type of high resolution video that the prosecution had. it's unlikely the judge will declare a mistrial based upon that, but it's the 2nd motion for a mistrial. the defense team has filed in the last week in regards to the case,
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a case that has really polarized many americans, those who support how written now say he was a hero, defending the property of businesses and homeowners. during the riots here in protest in kenosha, wisconsin, back in august 2020. and then does you say now he acted recklessly? he was a vigilante. you should never been here with a gun. he was already adding to a volatile situation that ultimately turned deadly with him, shooting and killing 2 people and badly wounding a 3rd. the evidence. this is all tend to national, the global root cause to from russia. thank you for checking in. kevin owen, he is still to come gas prices in the u. continue. the sol, families are worried about making ends meet now this winter coming up as germany to suspended its approval for the old stream to pipeline from russia. where is the sense and now we'll look at the reasons behind it as a job, he sees it after the break. ah
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oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection community. are you going the right way, or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess what the world of politics, sport business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. oh, again, blake, to meddling. that's the reaction them from russia off to us. congressman threatened to no longer recognize, let him approach his presidency. if he's re elected in 2024 is a correspond danny armstrong with morning. so this is the proposed resolution from u. s. congress to us congressman, in particular as steve cohen and joe wilson, one democrat, and one republican who say they won't recognize vladimir putin as russian president . should he run for office and be re elected in 2024. they have cited the amendments made to the russian constitution back in april at the effectively reset
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the previous presidential terms and gave putin a green light to run for office in 2024. of course he's serving currently that 2nd 6 year term it would allow him to run in 2024 and then in 2020 at the end of his 1st 6 year tim, theoretically, but it's exactly that which has upset the u. s. now, despite the amendments being voted for by 77 percent of the russian population, the u. s. is called a violation of the laws of the russian federation and going against completely everything that russia should stand for on the international arena. the 2020 amendments to the russian constitution were enacted in violation of the laws and international commitments of the russian federation. the waiver of the presidential term limit resulting from those amendments is illegitimate. any attempt by vladimir putin to remain in office beyond the end of his current and final term shall warn non recognition on the part of the united states. now, of course, as you can imagine, this has precipitated a swift reaction from moscow who say the amendments are legal and now
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constitutional. one politician has warned it could lead to a full breakdown in communications between russia and the u. s. but this of course depends on a lot of things. it depends on whether vladimir putin should so wish it's a stand for election in 2024. if he gets reelected and then the question of whether the resolution or becomes accepted on the us side. and then it would lead to this full breakdown as it were, in their communications between the 2 countries, mutually dealer, we saw the proposed resolution every time we think we couldn't hear something more absurd, more aggressive unfriendly, and because from across the ocean and every time we are mistaken we do here is we can seriously see yet another perfect demonstration of how the u. s. officially medals in other countries, domestic affairs, which of course is early days and he certainly door in these talks as it were. the proposition for the resolution has only been released today and then this reaction from moscow. so it depends on a lot of things, of course, for the blog,
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putin to so wish to ruin be reelected and whether we accepted on the us side. but of course, it could be repercussions for something that is still in the embryonic stages with winter on its way, europe's energy crazy shows no sign of letting up gas prices or bounce back to the high ceiling, october and the 5 times hard. and they were just a year ago, the increase came right off to germany suspended certification of the north stream to gas pipeline. russia, germany tendency regulator insisting that the pipelines operate has to be registered as a german entity. while the old string 2 companies actually based in switzerland, we discuss it with close to member of each of in parliament who told us that the public is going to suffer. does exhibit the only file it's into the of the which this is unfortunate because the german as well as european customers, will eventually pay for such delays into it is necessary indeed that the pipeline opening is expedited as soon as possible for the gas to stop flowing and fill out
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the storage facilities, that facade off the federal government. if the current gas price increase has something to do with russia not fulfilling its contractual obligation to lock, i have received confirmation to the russia has fulfilled all its contracts. and there is no information proving otherwise, this notion raw the shows like that. here we have politically biased people who blame brush for anything that goes wrong. that haig, we do have other pipelines that are operational fees, that we still have north stream one and several other. my blonds that allow us to obtain russian gas. however, because the netherlands in norway planning to cope gas production, i see that note trained to will be vital to increase the gases supply and bringing i can only worn not to further politicize. the issue of europe's energy supply. germany alone has made plenty of mistakes and it will be very wrong to drive to the extreme. it is not that russia does not want to supply, rather it's a problem with those countries of transit that can abuse the circumstances in july
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. so i would like to warn you not to mix politics and not to take advantage of this situation around by the roost, as it may once again, eventually lead to a discussion about the fight. all this pipeline was who configure would mean time energy prices are also surging in the u. s. and joe biden's calling for an investigation into whether illegal conduct to the markets is to blame for it. as the u. s. has held a major auction for leasing all production areas, excuse me. ironically that coming only a few days after joe biden pledge to cut submissions and limit fossil fuels during the un climate summit in scotland, yorkshire generated more than $190000000.00 the highest in the past 2 years. but a top trade association says it won't mean significantly lower oil prices and blames divided ministration for the drastic inflation. this is a distraction from the fundamental market share that has taken place and the ill advised government decision that exists the begun, the challenge and situation economics. professor jack ross was told us that despite
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by the environmental promises the focus is still on oil and gas. well, i certainly not a favorable to green energy because what it means is that the to focuses or is increasingly and still on fossil fuels. a green energy is a for the future, it appears it's going to take several years for any of the spending. and of course, we don't know how much the u. s. will spend, because most of it is in the legislation. call the reconciliation girl. that doesn't look like it's going to pass. we've got price gouging, going on everywhere in the u. s. economy right now. as companies attempt by raising prices to recruit the losses from 2020 revenue during the worst impact to the shut downs, or they're trying to make up the ground. and they're raising their prices everywhere. closer companies were just exported anyway, so it probably wouldn't work. he's got to take much stronger action, but you know,
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he's not the kind of president that box the big corporations or take strong action . he's always looking for a compromise somewhere and no one he did. there's looking for a compromise. the situation is going to get much worse. right. next news that new delhi is considering a new lockdown, but not because a covert is actually because of toxic air pollution with authorities in that huge indian capital. now waiting for a court approval for the measure. the pollution is been linked to the deaths of more than a 1000000 indians every year, with new deli notoriously labeled, the world's most polluted capital. amid the crisis poll burning plants and construction sites of enclosed and school children and workers told her stay home. a colleague, daniel hawkins discussed it, sir with a handler, guests in the short, on the, i mean, doesn't this come down to human rights and people deciding what risks they want to take and how they want to live their lives? i mean, people are formed, for example, that there is
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a high bite of smog of pollution. they can stay at home or wear masks. so choose safety measures. but sure. you know, putting, you know, these are these mass measures in place for businesses, for schools, for construction sites. is this too much of a what some people call money sake? i think if we had a government messaging, whether it's kind of a climate change or anything else, we'd be in addition to the emergency. when you, when you, when you're talking about things, you have to take my job and then you don't need locked down. like, let's not get locked down or failure last ditch attempt. when governments have no other solution is extremely popular and they don't want to do well when you've got an emergency situation where there's a massive peach in toxic pollution like half a moment that the local government have to take or isn't action to resist the sources of pollution also people can still use public transport, they can walk,
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they can still cycle, but actually what they're actually talking about in terms of lockdown, it's not locking down people, it's locking down vehicles. if you're walking out for environmental reasons, it's very device rule because it will cause a huge amount of disruption or immediate. it's a lower plan to deal with this. what is a compromise that can be reached between protecting people's health and respecting people of human rights and desire to live freely normally will compromise is true for the opportunity to be one of the big problems with the government's u. k. is clearly refugees that the, by the issues, the alternatives, what if anything is shocked down and this isn't just the national level. it's really cool or receive government starts around some states and stop giving basically, or that the error is the chain a week and a half and decide what is the best world action or try a lockdown,
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see not rock down as is supposed to be used as a last resort when all the other policies that it might be potentially affected short term, but it shouldn't be used as a medium to long term solution. what we really need is a solution to solution. in general, i don't merge the measures forward because they do disrupt population and the economy say march. so it's better to take a long shot plan and watch it won't h trail each, sissy. oh, we're talking about i'm to stay at home. stay up to day was all the other news that of austria today that we started the program with tough. you locked out, it's been announced. country wind. my name is kevin owen. thanks for watching this news addition. you with all the international live from russian. mm
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hm. ah ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. i robot must obey the orders given by human beings accept. where's that short or is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point obviously is to place trust rather than fear. a very job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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a with there is no shortage of growing tensions in eastern europe. there is a growing e u barriers stand off over illegal migration. there are western reports. russia is amassing troops with.


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