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ah, well the headlines, an rti, germany becomes the latest d u country to calm down on the unvaccinated, making certain public places off limits. also this hour over half a century. that's how long america's drugs watchdog wants in order to release all the documents relating to its approval of fi zip code with faxing. it follows a freedom of information request by a group of medics and american tv use network. m s m b. c is banned from the controversial u. s. a trial of col rittenhouse, after one of their employees is accused of tailing the jury vac. ah
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hello, welcome. just call me day, hey, re moscow you watching asi international. now, mid the latest way, with calibri cases hitting europe, a number of countries have placed more restrictions on those who are not vaccinated . germany's the latest after seeing a record 65000 ye cases in the last 24 hours and angle a merkel is calling for action. loggins' hope from others. the situation is very serious. judging by the current dynamic, we're answering the very, very difficult situation, especially for all the people who work in hospitals and especially those an intensive care unit. but we need to take action quickly. well, the reason that they're doing not is simply down to the number of people who are being contracting cove at 19, in countries like austria and in germany in germany. it would have seemed on thinkable that daily case numbers would have been over 50000 just a few weeks ago. well, in the last few days, we've seen them go over 60000 and
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a new record of 65370 wanted a 24 hour period. that is really set. alarm bells ringing. what it has seen is the build the stock, the german parliament, pushed through new measures targeting those that are on vaccinated, essentially powering knows that con, show proof of vaccination, or proof that they've recovered from coven 1900. within the last 6 months, from big public events, this is things like sports stadiums and cultural centers like museums and galleries, cinemas, theaters, those type areas. you're not going to be able to get into in germany unless you can prove that you're either vaccinated or you've recovered from covert. there's also going to be mandatory vaccinations for those that work in health care centers as well as those that work in care homes, particularly those who are going to be working close with old people, which has been an area where there has been a large outbreak of serious covert cases in those places that look after the
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elderly. now these measures do seem to be popular with the public at the beginning of this week. polls showed around 60 percent of those who were asked that they would support these measures. however, senior medical experts you've spoken to r t say they all show that this is the way forward. i looked on, i think the law down is another unnecessary measure. nearly see 1000000 people are vaccinated, which means 3 quarters the population can no longer get seriously ill. the main problem at the hospitals isn't the shortage of beds, but the shortage of staff staff called in sick and there aren't enough nurses to work in intensive care units. there were empty promises from the government. the nursing staff would get a pay rise. i see eunice is or underpaid as it is. it's a struggle for those working to cope. and patients are dying in large numbers. or germany isn't alone here in austria where i'm speaking to you from. they've also brought in tranche of measures. in fact, they were the, the 1st to introduce what was called a lockdown of the on vaccinated that came into play on monday. affected around
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3000000 people saying that they wouldn't be allowed to leave their homes if they hadn't had a job unless they were going to buy food. they were going for exercise in their local area or they were going to receive medical treatment. and it's, it's an effecting a number of countries this 4th wave of cove at 19 this germany and austria that we've spoken about there. but also the, we're looking at slovakia, the czech republic and greece, you've all either already imposed restrictions on the unvaccinated. all are set to do so here in austria, in fact they're set to go even further. and from monday there's going to be a full lockdown in the western areas of the country and upper austria in the south burg region. this is after just the she a number of cases of coven 19 in those areas. what it's done is it's put a real strain on the number of intensive care beds that are available. but despite
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these measures coming into play, and despite the severity of the situation here in austria, we are seeing a mixed bag of opinions when it comes to the, the tactics that have been employed by the austrian government asap. okay, this is not a good idea. why do we need to lock down both to vaccinate an indian vaccinated? can in fact are the people, right? i'm just saying this is my opinion. you favor but oh, so everyone should gets their opinion then sir. oh, so the freedom, the, again, the thought both and if i don't go to work, i don't need a vaccination. i don't want to get vaccinated every 6 months is as a survivor as well. it is so bad that we now have a new lockdown. you don't have to have it, it's unnecessary. everyone has been vaccinated anyway or not. i saw where we are a fight. going to see a large demonstration. at least we're expecting a large demonstration here in vienna on saturday, against the measures that the austrian government has brought in. we bring you all
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of the latest from that as it happens here on our t. h roll over there. now, europeans, not the only one trailing over the copays restrictions and, and cry in the united states has put the brakes on j biden's mandates to increase vaccination rates. there is initial idea concern businesses with over $100.00 employees with a possible fine of more than $100000.00. if workers were left on jabbed, but emer states of launched a legal battle against those measures. now the world health organization has repeatedly stood up for vaccines is an effective form of protection against the virus. we discussed the issue with a panel of guests. think there's a couple of really important things are number one, the fact that you're going to have a huge backlash across here, right? because people are already frustrated with this idea of green passes vaccine passports. but there's a bigger issue here. and i think the bigger issue is the fact that yes, cases are rising right now. but there is no evidence so far that the cases are writing because of people who are on vaccinate. remember,
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we know the data shows an x, things don't prevent the spread of the back of the virus, nor do they prevent the contraction of the virus. how many of these new cases are actually the result of people who are vaccinated as opposed to unvaccinated? and if that is the case, then it makes no sense to create 2 classes of people and locked down the unvaccinated and let the vaccinated continue to infect each other. well, in speaking of this, you classes of people, i mean, and it looks like that's kind of what it's coming to culturally. you have to vaccinated who are allowed to now do whatever they want. and then you had the unvaccinated, we're facing increasing restrictions. what are your long term impacts that especially in a region where we've seen protests over it over the last year, it was mostly the government's telling people to lockdown and giving them instructions in the last 6 months in america, they've been using the businesses to say we're going to mandate something, it's caused a different kind of attention from say, the real impacts. lots of people, including backside people are saying we don't trust what's coming from the government by demonstration, backed off on their december 8th mandate, their be they realize the public's against them. the real question is gonna be,
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is what happens in the local communities in california, where they do have those rules in florida where they don't, you know, we're going to see this kind of tension rising, but it's not any k v, this triggering neil ends new data is being put under restrictions g. c. heavy air pollution. but later in the program will discuss further than you normal being told to stay in our homes over 50 years. that's how long americans drugs watched. oak wants to politically release all documents relating to its approval of the pfizer. caveat faxing on a group of metix have a city in under the freedom of information act and pointed out say that the f d i need to just dive 100 days before you think the jap, the go ahead. this $100.00 a day period is the same amount of time. it took the f d a to review the responsive documents for the far more intricate task of licensing fighters cove at 1900 vaccine. it is difficult to imagine
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a greater need for transparency than immediate disclosure of the documents relied upon by the f d. a to license a product that is now being mandated over 100000000 americans. we have a situation here where, because there has been a freedom of information act request filed for the information about how the vaccines were approved. we have the us food and drug administration stepping forward and proposing to release $500.00 pages per month of the remaining $329000.00 pages. that would take roughly 55 years 55 years for this information to be made available. now the organization that filed the, the request public health and medical professionals for transparency says that if that pace of 500 pages per month proceeds that makes the freedom of information, act almost meaningless. and it discredits the food and drug administration's promise to be transparent. the f d,
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a knew the intense public interest in that data and information. it should have been preparing to release of civil tenuously with the licensure. instead, it has done the opposite. this case is not about vaccine mandates, where the fines that can be held liable. this is a fire case where the only relevant issue at this stage in the litigation is setting a reasonable processing shadow. now it's important to note that one of the companies that was involved in the trial of the pfizer vaccine has recently faced a little bit of a scandal brought to light by a whistleblower. this article was published in the medical british medical journal . now, the report from last month in which we had a former clinical trial auditor for the pfizer coded vaccine raising deep concerns about patient safety and about data integrity. during the process, however, a spokesperson for vin tavia stepped up and discredited some of the other allegations that were published in the british medical journal. and this concern seems to have been discredited. so at the moment we have the lawsuit that was filed
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and we have these medical professionals saying they want this information. we expect us to be in court for some time, but at the moment the f. d a is offering to release 500 pages a month of the remaining 329000 pages. and that would take 55 years over half a century. open and now the u. s. t v. news network m s m b c has been banned from the court. hearing the polarizing case of con rittenhouse, it does follow allegations that a freelance producer attempt to influence the ongoing trial by following the van that was carrying the jury. ne john, how do you report now from outside the court in wisconsin? according to the canal police and also the judge overseeing this case. bruce schrader, a, a possibly a freelance producer with m. s. n. b c. was pulled over in the vicinity of the jury van after it left the court house here last night. after day 2 of the deliberations
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ended, the jury generally goes to an undisclosed location, a hotel, you know, other location for the night. and this person was pulled over suspected of following the jury van and even possibly taking pictures. and when i taught, when confronted by police told police that they were an m s. n b c, producer under instructions from new york to follow this jury van now nbc is distancing itself at least a statement saying it was a freelancer and was never, you know, given an assignment to do that. but bottom line here is that the judge is taking it very seriously and has bad now. and m s n b c from further covering in the court the, the ongoing proceedings as media. there are rules and regulations. we have to follow covering trials and cases in here in the united states. i'm sure overseas as well. but, you know, here in the united states you never take pictures of the jury that's, that's rule number one and it's her there. the jury safety and also to protect the integrity crowd the trial. so if it be embassy, nbc, freelance, producer,
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producer or whatever was following the jury that that is, that's a really bad move and it looks, it makes all of us look bad frankly. so whether that affects the overall proceedings results in a mis trial, probably not. again, it doesn't look like any pictures were posted online or went out of the jury, but it's a serious matter. it's being taken seriously. obviously, as you heard the judge say that said we're in day 3 of the deliberations in the car, written house homicide trial. he's facing 5 charges and for the most serious charge, homicide murder, in other states that would basically, if again convicted, you would spend the rest of his life in prison. the jury asked to see very important drone video, which is at the center of the defense teams motion for a mistrial offense saying that they did not receive the same type of high resolution video that the prosecution had. it's unlikely the judge will declare a mistrial based upon that, but it's the 2nd motion for a miss trial. the defense team has filed in the last week in regards to the case, a case that has really polarized many americans are those who support our it now
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say he was a hero, defending the property of businesses and homeowners during the riots here in protest in kenosha, wisconsin back in august 2020. and those who say now reacted recklessly. he was a vigilante. he should and never been here. when a god, he was already adding to a volatile situation that ultimately turned deadly with him. shooting and killing few people and badly wounding a 3rd the evidence parties. john hardy, nice still had see the sal, a gas prices in the you continue to so as germany suspends it to approval for the north for the north stream. ting pipeline from russia. we'll have a look at the reasons for that. just off the brake. pump. antique really is something that cause right on police report. it's in all caps in december 2020. a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so if people organization, if an idea that is
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a must be opposed, that channel out the gate while they may come with their faces. but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter. i have to be on to the teacher to that hallmark is we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves with ah, hello again. i blame and meddling. that's the reaction among russian politicians after us, congressmen threatened to no longer recognize flat mutiny presidency if he's re
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elected in 2024. let's get more details now and speak with our correspondent danny armstrong. the joins meshida. danny, as we say this is early in the process, it would have to get approved by congress before you know something about this could be achieved. but normally some just talk is through what these congressmen proposing. because yes, this is the proposed resolution from us congress to congressman, in particular, joe wilson and steve cohen, who's released a press release today as a proposed resolution to not recognize vladimir putin as president of russia. should he stand for reelection in 2024. and should he be re elected? they're citing the amendments made to the motion constitution in april, which effectively reset presidential terms and meant the president putin could ruin for a further to turn to sick. she attended the 1st in 2024,
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and the 2nd of those in 2050 units exacting that that has upset the us. now, despite the amendments being voted for by 70 subset rushes population, the u. s. has called them or the u. s. wilson and cohen, i should say, have called them a violation of the laws of the russian federation and going against everything that russia should stand full on the international arena. the 2020 amendments to the russian constitution were enacted in violation of the laws and international commitments of the russian federation. the waiver of the presidential term limit resulting from those amendments is illegitimate. any attempt by vladimir putin to remain in office beyond the end of his current and final term shall warn non recognition on the part of the united states. now of course, as you can imagine, this is precipitated a swift reaction from moscow who say the amendments are legal and now constitutional. one politician is warned, it could lead to a full breakdown in communications between russia and the u. s. but this of course
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depends on a lot of things. it depends on whether vladimir putin should so wish to stand for re election in 2024. if he gets reelected. and then the question of whether the resolution becomes accepted on the us side. and then it would lead to this full breakdown as it were in the communications between the 2 countries. and to give us a little bit of look into that moscow reaction, we can hear the words of constantine such of the russians, the senate, deputy speaker, it's rather early that the americans started to interfere in the russian presidential elections. although the rest is nothing new and nothing is expected, fewer interference in our internal affairs and the provocation to disrupt the normalization of our bullets. we'll relations. so of course, it is early days in its early doors. in these err talk, sir. as it were, the proposition for the resolution has only been released to day and then this reaction from moscow. so it does depend on a lot of things, of course,
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for the blood, mi putin, though, so wish to ruin be reelected them, whether it's accepted on us side. but of course there could be repercussions. but it's something that sir, is still in the embryonic stages. yeah. sure, and we'll be keeping a close eye on it. see. thank sir danny, that was artes. danny armstrong now with winter on its way, europe's energy crisis shows no sign of letting up because gas prices have bounced back to the highs that we saw in october. and an a 5 times higher than they were just a year ago. the increase came right after germany suspended certification of the nord stream to gas pipeline from russia were germany. the energy regulator does insist that the pipelines operator has to be registered as a german entity, while the nor string to companies company based in switzerland. we discussed the situation of class ernst. he's a member of the german parliament. and he says that the people that will suffer or the public does exhibit the only for our lives in to the of the which this is unfortunate because the german as well as european customers,
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will eventually pay for such delays into it is necessary indeed that the pipeline opening is expedited as soon as possible for the gas to start flowing and fill out the storage facilities after. so i lost the federal government. if the current gas price increase has something to do with russia not fulfilling its contractual obligations, i have received confirmation. the russia has fulfilled all its contracts, and there is no information proving otherwise. this notion rather shows that here we have politically biased people who blame russia for anything that goes wrong. greg, we do have other pipelines that operationalize, we still have nor stream one and several other pipelines that allow us to obtain russian gas. however, because the netherlands in norway planning to cope gas production, i see that nodes trained to will be vital to increase the gas supply, bringing i can only worn not to further politicize. the issue of europe's energy supply. germany alone has made plenty of mistakes and it will be very wrong to drive to the extreme. it is not that russia does not want to supply, rather it's
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a problem with those countries of transit that can abuse these circumstances. and so i would like to warn you not to mix politics and not to take advantage of this situation around by the roost, as it may once again, eventually lead to a discussion about the fight of this pipeline was who conflict. so energy prices are also surging in the us, and j biden. usa, calling from investigation and to weather illegal conduct on the market says to blame me while the us is held a major auction for leasing or production. although that is just days after biden did pledge to cast emissions and limit fossil fuels during the un climate summit. in scotland, the option generated more than $190000000.00 the highest in the past 2 years. although a top trade association does say that the measures won't lead to significantly lower prices and blames the biden administration for the drastic inflation. this is
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a distraction from the fundamental market share that has taken place and the ill advised government decisions that exacerbate in this challenging situation. economics professor jack ross moose told us that despite biden's environmental promises, the focus is still on oil and gas. well, i certainly not a favorable to green energy because what it needs is that focuses or is increasingly am still on fossil fuels. green energy is a for the future, it appears it's going to take several years for any of the spending. and of course, we don't know how much the u. s. will spend, because most of that is in the legislation call the reconciliation girl. that doesn't look like it's going to pass. we've got price gouging, going on everywhere in the u. s. economy right now. as companies attempt by raising prices to recoup the losses from 2020 revenue during the worst impact of the
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shutdowns, or they're trying to make up the ground. and they're raising their prices everywhere . cloak libraries were just exported anyway, so it probably wouldn't work. he's got to take much stronger action, but you know, he's not the kind of president that box the big corporations or take strong action . he's always looking for a compromise somewhere. and no one he dinners looking for a compromise. the situation is going to get much worse than you delisa considering any locked ann, but not because if caveat is actually because a toxic appellation with the authorities in the indian capital i waiting for court approval for the measure, pollution has been linked to the deaths of more than a 1000000 indians each year with new deli notoriously cold, the world's most politic capital. amid the crisis, col, burning plants and construction sites have been closed, and children and workers have been told to stay at home. my colleague, dan hawkins,
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discussed the matches with the panel guests in the short term. no, i mean doesn't. let's come down to human rights and people deciding what risks they want to take and how they want to live their lives. i mean, if people are formed, for example, that there is a high beta small pollution that can say at home or where mosque. so choose safety motions. but surely, you know, putting these, these math measures in place for businesses, for schools, for construction sites. is this too much of a what some people call money sake? i think if we had a government messaging, whether it's kind of a climate change or anything else, we'd be in addition to the emergency. when, when you, when you're talking about things, you have to take measures and then you don't need lockdown, like, let's not get locked down or failure. last ditch attempts went down and how know the solution is extremely popular. and i don't want to do when you've got an emergency situation where there's a massive peach in toxic pollution like half
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a moment at the local government have to take or isn't action to resist the sources of pollution. often people can still use public transport. they can walk, they can still cycle, but actually what they're actually talking about in terms of locked down, it's not locking down people, it's locking down vehicles. if you're walking out for environmental reasons, it's very debatable because it will cause a huge amount of disruption or media. and it's a long plan to deal with. what is a compromise that can be reached between protecting people's health and respecting people's human rights and desire to live freely normally will compromise is true or she should be one of the big problems with the government's u. k. is actually refugees that are the issues, the alternatives. what if anything is shocked out and this isn't just for the national level, it sort of reiko will receive government sought survives and praise fates and stop
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giving basically gun or that the is the chain. or we can decide what is the best or action or try a locked out of whack, locked down is supposed to be used as a last resort when all the other policies that it might be potentially affected short term, but it shouldn't be used as a medium to long term solution, what we really need is a solution solution in general, i don't merge the measure is all the way forward because you disrupt the population and the economy say march. so it's better to take a long shot plan once you won't each chair of each, sissy nation use rappa for they say that. so i think looking and r t say for this
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friday will be back again. just type a half. mm ah ah, what happened? i mean, no shit, you know, borders applied to nationalities and you parish as a merge, we don't have authority. we don't have a vaccine. the whole world leads to take action to be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great,
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the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with oh, there's a patch of water around the try, a seal island in contention between canada and the united states northern gulf and made me suddenly become optimal for lobster. our populations here is exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that's ever existed. suddenly you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters. at the same time jousting for position and attention are high, violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to post countries. border dispute don't go away. it's assessed or something's going to happen.
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it is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way? where are you being led? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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ah with ah hello and welcome to cross stock where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle. there is no shortage of growing tensions in eastern europe. there is a growing e, u. bear who stands off over illegal migration. there are western reports. russia is amassing troops within its own borders. and of course, there is the self inflicted crisis of european energy supplies. it is no coincidence some recalling this hybrid war, but whose hybrid war against whom i crossed sucking, rising tensions. i'm joined by my guess, peter cosmic in washington. he's professor of history and director of the nucular
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studies institute at american university as well as co author with oliver stone.


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